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RIP Bounceme. Welcome.

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Art that reminds you of Cracky

Since >>60 looks like it's dedicated to art of Cracky herself now, post art that reminds you of her.

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Would you let Cracky smash your prostate?

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Would you say that Oxford is a holy city?

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what interests do you share with cracky?

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Real Cracky music:


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Imagine enjoying a sour beer and find this in your bed!

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fave pics, go

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Actual Cracky music:


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She lives in an eternal autumn.

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Post a rear.

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Once I was going through .71 after years trying to ignore her and I saw a post addressed to me. “Chatting here and there, and her funny little posts. I know some people hated her, but i think she was sweet in her own sad, strange way. She still pops up in my dreams occasionally, too. No one ever stops loving Cracky, so I suspect we’ll see her again some day, if she isn’t silently reading this already. in any case, i hope she’s happy”. Today again I was going through someone's Cracky lookalikes folder and found at least five of me. I was more pleased than frightened. I used to be terrified of being in anyone's memory but the years have calmed me.

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Have you ever bought something out of love for Cracky? Beyond ears and lipstick. I used to own a seifuku although that's long gone. I've bought other clothes simply to pay tribute though. I've arranged to buy a doll similar to hers on Friday, and I think tonight I'm going to commission a Raw patch for my green hoodie. I'd like (pic related) but I'm running on very little money.

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sup /skyqueen/

I often hear voices instead of sound e.g. when I shower and the sounds from the shower vary, I hear words that fit the sound. If I spray water with the shower lid twice in a row then two words or a word with two syllables like "ro-bin" or "bat-man" are formed, so it will be Robin in the sound of the shower so it sounds like the shower is talking and not a person. Is here someone who understands this? Can anyone give me any suggestions? How to get rid of the shit without medicine?

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how else can i express my love for her?

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Cracky Music

>Here I stand in this room

>Caged and trapped inside

>Seems I'm damned to live a lie

Unaware of what's outside

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Is this her?

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ITT other people's photography which reminds you of Cracky or her art.

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Bulwarks Alley (off New Road)

The traditional link of the Oxford Jews with Oxford Castle is evidenced in the Jew’s Mount which was at the castle site. The Jews’ Mount was apparently a long artificial mound, though Tovey, a famous Oxford historian of the Jews who had first hand knowledge of it, also describes it ‘as a small tract of rising ground’. It was also linked or continuous with another artificial mound called Mount Pelham. H. E. Salter, the Oxford topographer, also adds that the term ‘mount’ actually meant ‘mound’ and that it was a mound of earth thrown up during the construction of the medieval castle ditch and, further, that by the 17th and 18th century all the leases relating to the Jews’ Mount, used the word ‘mound’ to mean ‘fence’ or ‘boundary’, rather than a heap of earth, and they relate that the Jews’ Mount was mounded (ie bounded) on the north side and was ditched at the south. The Jews’ Mount is cited to have been north east of the Castle Hill, in line with the City Wall.

Wood, the Oxford historian, held that it had been made by the local Jews in 1141, under the compulsion of King Stephen. Tovey, however, relates another local tradition that it is named after a number of converted Jews who were burnt to death for reverting to Judaism. There is no clear historical evidence for the accuracy of these traditions, though it is now surmised that both mounts were raised during sieges of the castle, which does link to the King Stephen tradition. Tovey thought that the name arose out of the Juis or pit at the foot of the mount that was used for local ordeals by water. Cecil Roth thought that there may have been a special fortification for the Jews at the site, as was the case at other castles – this is an entirely plausible explanation. Evidence of other local Jewish place name traditions across the country have frequently proved surprisingly accurate, but not infallible. Therefore it is possible that the site of the Jews’ Mount is an important link with Oxford’s Jewish heritage.

The Jews’ Mount has been supposed by historians to have been destroyed in 1790 to make way for the new canal and its termination at the canal basin next to the Castle site in Oxford. Nuffield College is built on the site of the former canal basin. However, the site is still easily identifiable.

Part of the Jews’ Mount was leased as part of the canal wharf in 1796 and it appears, as far as can be gleaned from the leases, that some three properties were on Jews’ Mount by the early 19th century. This is proven in a 19th century history of Oxford which states that the Jews’ Mount, ‘were afterwards built upon; and the houses in Bullock’s Lane, so called from a person of that name who built there in 1588, together with the canal office, stand on part of them.’ The 1923 schedule of the property of the Mayor, Aldermen and Citizens of Oxford, places everything on a completely certain footing, when it records as one of its entries that the Offices of the Oxford Canal Navigation was at ‘The Jews’ Mount, part of site of Offices and House – Bulwarks Alley’. This makes it simple to place, as ‘Canal House’ still exists and is now the Master’s Lodgings of St Peter’s College. Its back door still opens into Bulwarks Alley. The Conservative Club also occupies part of the site.

An examination of the actual site of the Jews’ Mount suggests that a possible section of the mount might be preserved under the path of Bulwarks Alley. This is because there is a distinct climb or ramp up to Canal House and then a slight incline down to the steep steps of Bulwark’s Alley which then takes one down to street level. The change in level is seen in the fact that the back door of Canal House is actually on first floor level and that the path of Bulwark’s Alley is contained behind a very high retaining wall on the castle side. It is more likely that this odd topography preserves a historic right of way, rather than being constructed in this fashion for Canal House.

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ITT poetry etc.

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I luv faux <3<3<3

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What would it be like to live with her?

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Other people of interest

Nevada-tan, Faux, anyone else who interests you. Discussion welcome.

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Faux thread

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Dear autumn nights.

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What happened to bounceme

Why is /wish/ still inaccessible

So many questions

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ITT: Cracky imitators

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Films with a Cracky feel please

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I want to cum on this girl's chest.

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If she were to come back with a different style/appearance,

would you still love her?

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Cracky is only noteworthy because she was 4chins first girl. If she had showed up a year later nobody would've cared, and for sure nobody would still be making boards about her.

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we're not worthy

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I wish I could've saved her.

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Is it true that she was very tall, around 178cm (5'10" for amerimutts)?

If not, where did those rumors originate then? The ice skating photo seems a bit misleading. Asking for a friend.

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/b/ am I ugly?

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Wounds that heal.

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Cracky art thread

Artwork of the queen herself or artwork that reminds you of her.

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Interesting links

Interesting links thread, especially archived old sites.

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Cracky music projects/bands

Since we already have a Cracky related music thread, I was wondering if anyone here started or have already made any music projects or bands based on Cracky herself.

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If a hypothetical temple, shrine or just place of worship (of the sky queen herself) were to physically exist, what would you imagine it to look like? 🤔

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how incredible it is to me sometimes, how much i can love. how much of my marrow i can give.

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How many times do you pray to Cracky everyday?

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So how did you find her?

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I miss her.

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and my life withers.

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>The pictures are all I can feel.

I think I cut myself on that edge…