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File: 5e4fb3b85c4f816⋯.jpg (166.5 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Aq9ioqSAPGQ.jpg)

8e811d  No.2214

sup /soc/, im 19 lvl tyan.

I have a difficult life situation, so I selling my nude pics, videos, and doing requests

kik: PussyKitty99

telegram: dezades

2fdf8a  No.2215


2fdf8a  No.2216


7357c4  No.2218

What state do you live in?

63c160  No.2239

How much are you charging? Do you have any limits, and are you willing to tell us a bit about what you're into?

Try making a video or something telling us why we should pay money for you, give us a bit of a sample. Or get a real job. McDonalds is always hiring.

0df13d  No.2250



63c160  No.2251


Sad that she makes so many of these, but never bothers to check back on it.

0df13d  No.2253


Honestly I'd be a lot more willing to be a cashcow if these kik whores could type literately and gave any information past just their kik name. I don't even care about a sample, just telling me the rates without having to contact them would be enough, but they never even manage that.

63c160  No.2254


Rates and a bit about themselves would make it much more worth while, I agree. If she was in a difficult life situation, she should be checking back and actively trying to win us "customers" over, via asking what we're into/want and giving more info.

58bb9b  No.2255


would this actually work? how much would you pay?

0df13d  No.2256


$0 for just pre-taken nudes

$10 to like $50 for stillframe request

$25-$150 for video request depending on nature of request, attractiveness and video length

73a1e6  No.2383

Why do you keep posting pics from over a year ago?

73a1e6  No.2384

HMU Skype Devon.Phoenix

Girls welcome too

I won’t do anything but watch

Unless ur Amos

Then I might show my balls

a498a3  No.2391

File: e2acd00ca364025⋯.jpg (24.34 KB, 510x332, 255:166, 51360181_2114415155248066_….jpg)

Here's a better tier trap, loves autistic chan stuff.

Skype: Yung Trap


a47ee9  No.2394


Trap in Ireland??

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