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File: ca3257297f5d51e⋯.jpg (58.77 KB, 500x445, 100:89, large.jpg)

b739de  No.2406

I just want to find someone I can whole heartedly relate to without having to lie to myself or anyone else. I hate having to pretend to be interested in people around me. I just want to be myself. It's selfish I know,but I'm tired of all these roasties and normalfags. I can at times be a downer but I legitimately try not to be I just get annoyed easily. Lets talk sometime I guess. Dont care what gender you are, just looking for a friend that I can relate to.

inb4 "nerds" hmu when the only "nerdy" thing about them is that they like anime and starwars. Fags.

also halfchan soc is full of horny nigger music listening normalfags, literally faggots, a good 90% of soc is comparable to grindr, and camwhore pastrami pussy roasties.

tldr: if you have aspergers message me

Discord: MH#2315

kik: cptairc

a7d283  No.2415

Same anon same halfchan /soc/ is kinda worse than regular sites

64aa16  No.2418

You're hilarious!

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