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File: ddbaec7ff3be3de⋯.png (4.9 KB, 640x640, 1:1, -.png)


somebody got a call

File: fd7b6685db91462⋯.jpg (54.99 KB, 529x800, 529:800, Ross.Ferrow.77.jpg)


Things related to tasks at hand





next i'm gonnna chillax and just work on some animation sttuff

File: 8e31c1045b0331e⋯.png (251.01 KB, 398x477, 398:477, soon (2).png)


First Post because the website is about to launch


unlike most blockchain projects that post a reddit. we post 8chan

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Been doing a lot more work and thinking.

The card game is a good use case proof of concept. and since that was promised, and can be delivered. it's relatively simple and likely profitable. a good stepping stone.

The axiom in the center of all this PoWH stuff has become more clear to me. So I will be presenting that as the main focus.

I'm sure that will involve some type of interface. I'm not sure how much that will involve. but with all this exponential tech stuff, you know how certain things become light as a feather when you're at the very center of it.

There's something i'd still like to work out related to connectivity between pyramids.

There's some things I can play with, but I'm not sure if any of them really stand at the "center" of meaning anything universally or contextually scalable.

I guess there is one thing. We'll see. Gonna work this out.

The interface related to that will be simple too. well. for the most part.


So with this new information. i'm rethinking a lot of things.

what's important? what makes sense?

What's tangible.

The card game is good because it's relatively tangible. it's also not as complex as it may seem.

there's something good. really good.

i think that i need to some how arrange the pyramids within each other. or something.

any maybe have other types of links? idk.

I think the card game is still necessary, as random as i feel it is now. because people need something tangible to begin to understand the capacity of the system. on top of that it's a lot of data mining. there are other things I can show case eventually too.

I can make pokemonfaceoff.com work with this smart contract.

i just need to …

figure out if I need to nest these things or link them because right now, some front end miracles are actually making the whole process a lot smoother.

i was thinking about a pyramid inside of a pyramid. but that seems kind of exponential for no reason. what would qualify?


gonna pre-mine some more fud.

I'm gutting the card game UX demo and replacing it with the axiom demo.

card game is still possible . system is so robust. it'll be in the pyramid roadmap as a good test case.


okay. so … apparently now we're gonna try to defeat the Illuminati.

yes, the card game still exist, but it's a supporting project.


the real contract will be released soon. i just wanted to give people something to chew on for a little bit until the good shit comes out

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