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The Rules

1. Check for existing threads before making a new one.

2. Keep on topic. Especially do not troll, flame, advertise or otherwise derail threads.

3. Furry is no longer banned.

Rule changes and/or suggestions can be put forth in the meta thread for review and consideration: >>93

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3dpd (X/F)

With an entire board for us, we don't need to stick to just chinese cartoons, so time to post some 3dpd pictures. Keep this thread X/F only.

(incidentally, picture related shows what Tumblr is for)
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This is so hot

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My work

I thought I could share some of my work.

18, 22, 25 and 19 yrs. old girls spanked.

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Thought I'd share some tags for pixiv cause it is a site with a nice treasure trove of artwork.

All these are related to spanking:



尻叩き For whatever reason is treated as it's own tag





Now on top of this there are a few other tags that may include spanking in it but not always.

Corporal Punishment








You will need an account to use pixiv so I suggest using a burner e-mail.

https://www.guerrillamail.com/ for example I think can still be used.

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Game thread.
Please post link, the /d/ thread died.
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Spanking Resources

So I know about the https://spankingart.org, but are there any other resource pages we should know about? Do we have a Booru? Should we make one?

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Role reversal F/F Spanking

Any role reversal F/F spanking like Student spanking Teacher or Daughter spanking Mother or Boss/Empolyee

Videos/Art/Pics any thing ;)

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Implied Spankings

What you can't see hurts more.

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Where do you all actually go?

Like what sites do you actually go to to find new videos and artwork? Lately I've felt like xhamster has been a better fix for me than spankingtube has.

Once in a blue moon I find something decent on animeotk/pixiv/danbooru/halfchan.
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spanking as a punishment

Whats your opinion on spanking being used as a punishment rather than foreplay? if your kids misbehaved would you spank them or would just the thought of it make you feel like a pervert?

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/spank/ meta & rules

Okay, so the board didn't immediately die, and I really hope the site sheds the technical difficulties too. In the meantime, I'd like to ask for some feedback: specifically, how should I go on moderating the board; what sort of rules, if any, do you want.

Some feedback I've already seen:
>It's shit anyway, filled with inbred morons wanting to be spoonfed.
Right. The board's been up for five days, so the time is ripe to decide its userbase is shit. Sarcasm aside, I'd like to hear what the handful of people who found their way here expect from the board, and how to make it work out.
For example, I think it's common courtesy to start off your own threads with something relevant yourself. I'd be ready to make that a rule.
The /d/ threads had more than their fair share of pointless Internet fights, so let's not have too many of those either.

Let me know what you think on those points or anything else.
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Animated gifs

anime and x/f or GTFO
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Couple Spanking

why is it so hard to find videos like this?


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what's /spank/'s opinion on blood and tears?

like them, hate them or are indifferent, I personally kind of like them

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spanked brats

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PoV spankee inserting

Post art, photos and videos for spankee inserting. Kind of a niche subcategory of the fetish but there is certainly material. MASTER is the only artist I can think of who has a significant category of this in terms of drawings, but there are some videos that I've come across that are nice.
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Recommend an Artist

Post your work and link your account or just recommend someone you like that you think others might enjoy.

This thread was originally made by hollowah673 whose original post is copied below:

> “ subscribe I draw all things , ahegao , spank , etc.. much more

> And I do commission”

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Spanking squirts!

I'm looking for vids for spanking that leads to the spankee spontaneously becoming wet, and dripping. It's a niche category that I come by very rarely.

Decades ago, I saw a vid named "something ~bloom~ something", in which a spankee starts dripping, without rubbing, after receiving some sound swats with a training shoe.

Anyone has nice vids, or know where to find similar ones?

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Spanking and Fucking

A (surprisingly) rare fetish?

I'm looking for good sources of spanking followed by fucking.

I'm talking about videos featuring:

- a real disciplinary spanking, making up a good 50% of the video (not just a couple of playful slaps, like in most mainstream hardcore content)

- the sub, still a hot mess/crying, submissively offering her holes for the dom to empty his balls

In short, fucking as a natural continuation of the punishment and as a way to re-assert dominance.

Spanking Studios is the only good source I've found but would be grateful for recommendations


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Spanking Vidya

Been meaning to do this for the longest time. The idea is to use this thread for spanking games or spanking in games although I am going to try and focus heavily on spanking focusing games.

Here is the /d/ list of spanking vidya for starters.


Animeotk in recent years has sort of exploded with spanking vidya albeit most of them being your typical RPG Maker game some are at least gaining quality and actually having relatively consistent updates. Really worth going through the catalog here.


I also recently came across this which while focused on bondage does contain a hefty amount of spanking scenes in the Bondage College game.


Harem DarkRPG is another that while isn't exactly focused on spanking does contain a fair amount of it.


There's a few more that I remember but I would rather find download links for them first than post them.

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Real Life Experiences

Anyone have any real life spanking experience? Mine is limited, but I'll start.

>First girl I was ever with

>I was 2, she was 18

>Used to meet-up and fuck a lot, nothing else really

>First time we did it I tried to get her to call me "Sir" and "Daddy" but she wasn't going for it.

>Would normally take her doggystyle and slap her ass while doing so.

>One time I was really drunk and couldn't get it up and she kept throwing a fit about it.

>Pushed her down, and pinned her there and started smacking her ass. Alternated it with kissing her a bit at first, but then it quickly turned into me just staring at her ass, grabbing and squeezing it and spanking it really hard to see how much of a yelp I could get out of her.

>Kept it up for about 10-15 minutes dissolving into a pretty much non-stop barrage on her ass, had to hold her still so she didn't squirm away.

>Afterwords get behind her again and rub my cock over her now bright red cheeks that are just radiating heat and get diamonds.

>Shove it in and fuck her crazy

Afterwords she was looking at her ass in the mirror and surprised about how red it was. Seemed kind of mad but didn't make a big deal out of it. Tried to pull her over my knee once but she didn't go for it.

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spanking models male thead

kyler moss
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Taking a dump

So I gave up fucking around with my folders so decided to just dump my shit.

Enjoy faggots.

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going to start a thread ive been hesitant about but finally just decided to fuck it

this place is obviously not an optimum format for this topic but the several times i've been involved with spanking oriented online roleplay i've enjoyed it a lot.

is there really no haven for this kind of thing or am i just not looking hard enough? because i've never found a legitimate community or anything and ive looked as long as i can remember.
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Hard to find stuff

Posting some monsp, an artist from aotk who I actually like very much, but whose art got deleted and is now hard to find. Sorry to say, I only saved non-M/m stuff as per personal preference.

This thread is for stuff deleted from aotk (pretty much the only archive for this shit), or otherwise hard to find stuff.
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The perennial touhou spanking thread

Lets post some touhous
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Banner Thread

Anyone want to help make some new banners? Apparently we can have up to 300 to cycle through.

Restrictions are: “File size must be lower than 500 KB and dimensions are 300x100 exactly.“

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Your favorite position for a spanking? and also with what instrument?

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3D Punishment

Family Fun

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Uniforms. Structure. Discipline.

Post girls that are forever learning, and in need of correction.

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Help finding an old video

I have been into spanking for a long time. I'm trying to find a video I had probably 10 years ago called:

Caned by Aunt Camila

It featured a girl dressed in a school girl outfit being spanked by her Aunt. She started with a hand, a small OTK paddle, and then finally the cane.

I have been looking forever and have been unable to ever locate it again. If any of you have it or know where I can at least watch it, I would really appreciate the help.

Pic for Attention.

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Giving and Receiving

Characters spanking and being spanked at the same time, whether they're fighting or just having fun.

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Multiple Spankees

When one butt is just not enough.
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404 threads

most of the threads in the catalog have 404'd. If the owner of the board or anyone who can fix it sees this, can you please do so? There are some pics in the old threads I can't find anywhere.

Pictures unrelated.

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Western art

How do you guys feel about Western spanking art? I mainly go for Japanese but I hoard Western too.
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can we get an f/m thread going on

this is the only pic i have
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Does anybody know any good m/F pairing stories or art?

Something about young men dominating and punishing older women just seems pretty nice.

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i don't see a lot of x/mf or a boy and girl spanked together. i don't see a lot but let's see what you have. no brony or furry. 3dpd is great too

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Have you been behaving anons?

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2D Thread

Just noticed there actually isn't one. No wonder this place died

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Games that let you spank

List of games that let you spank or have spanking in them? I struggle to find any that actually say yes or no.

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Non touhou vydia games.
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Palcomix Spanking Art

These guys produced a lot of great stuff back in the day.
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Spank big butts!


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avaUK, the Best Bum in Berks

Naughty girl avaUK from britishspanking.com, known as the Best Bum in Berks, famous for her big round bottom.

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Same person?

Is the same lady in these videos?

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QR9I1HGSVc (or any vids of her, only need her voice)

2. http://www.spankingtube.com/video/57878/aussie-ann-part-one (Note the dialogue and description confirming that the video was filmed in Austin, TX, and her "control" problem, which would make sense if she is indeed a business executive. Also note the day that it was posted; just before the event in Austin {https://muru-d.com/events/details/cracking-enterprise-market-startups/}.

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Flash games
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Teddy bear spanking

Girls who look like they are getting spanked by teddy bears

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unexplainable spanking weirdness

that's what this thread is about, oh yeah
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Old Comics

X/f only. No furries, anthro or ponies.
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Non-Traditional Butt Beatings

Unique ways to punish a bad girl's bottom, not involving the standard spanking implements.
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this whole entire board is completely sketchy. just sayin
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Spanking Models

Post photos and videos of your favorite spanking models. I for one really love Annabelle Lee, she's a beautiful petite redhead (jackpot!) and the noises she makes while being spanked are just wonderful.
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Anime suggestions

Anyone have an anime with lots of spanking in it, or at least a lot of spanking art for it?

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Twitter loot

Since the 4/d/ thread just got the usual 4chan hotpocket treatment, I guess it's time to invigorate this board a little.

ITT: Cool things found on Twitter, a site which recently became a main base of operation for a bulk of Japanese spanking artists.

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Response images

Found these on my old hard drive.
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Kagami's Spanking by Sccssc123

An artist by the name of Sccssc123 did a Lucky Star spanking comic that can be found over on AnimeOTK.

The only problem is that over there his artwork isn't organized at all, and his English is pretty bad.

So I took the time to clean up his Lucky Star comic and redo the translation and typesetting.


Here's the full archive if you'd like it.

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public spanking thread, defined by at least one witness and up to a public crowd, all variations welcome f/m, m/f etc etc
R: 12 / I: 26 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Role Reversal

Older girls getting punished by young spankers.
R: 2 / I: 6 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

One Spankee, Multiple Spankers

When multiple people are involved in the punishment process.
R: 10 / I: 22 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Plain ol' spankings...

Is there a separate thread for just M/f spanking drawings? Doesn't look like it so I'm just posting these. Hope I didn't miss the right place to put'em…
R: 19 / I: 1 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]
does anybody want to share some of their experiences with spanking? just a broad topic for something more discussion oriented rather than art sharing oriented, ill post some of mine later
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movie spanking

there are lists for this stuff? i hope so. i can't watch every movie. tvtropes's list is too small.

timestamps are from memory
8 1/2 (halfway through) - the threat of a spanking from a mother
f for fake (40 minutes in) (elmir playfully slaps another as they walk up some stairs)
jour de fete (original black and white version only - the color version uses an alternate take. 32 minutes in.) (a mother hits near their child's rear-end. she does it twice because the child was trying to run outside.
spring breakers (right at the beginning you have a girl on girl playful spanking tunnel)
monsters university (much more obvious than the others. M/M as part of fraternity initiation.)

>pixar will never have F/F or F/M spanking in their movies

it hurts to live
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Let's get a Pokemon thread rolling..!

Pokemon, trainers, anything do do with the series is allowed.
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Spanking Machines

Anyone have any experience with machines? I have a Robospanker and it's pretty good, 8/10, but there are other options out there. Has anyone on /spank/ tried one of those?

How about home-made machines? Has anyone built their own spanker?
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Pseudo-factual depictions of spanking

In addition to all the standard fare, I like reading Wikipedia for spanking topics. Most of the current versions of the articles are neutral, but older revisions were clearly written by someone interested in spanking who was trying to sound impartial. Without any citations that's hard. Here are some examples.
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Just another...

R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]
Not sure if you've guys seen this but I find it interesting considering that they claim that there are actors in this promo that are really mother and daughter and it was her first time giving her a spanking. Whether or not they are bullshitting its still a pretty audacious claim. I'm curious if there is any precedent to this that anyone might know of, being two blood relatives making a spanking video, and to broaden the topic what are the best roleplays you've seen?

R: 16 / I: 23 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]
Translated & edited pictures.
R: 29 / I: 30 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]
R: 46 / I: 43 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

The GM thread

Gifs and drawings by the most hated person in the online spanking community.
R: 13 / I: 5 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Classic Screencaps

Post screencaps from the golden age of animation. F/f, M/f only, no furry, brony, anthro or F/m M/m.

May be Japanese or Western.