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File: 1434562287910.jpg (84.81 KB, 500x717, 500:717, otkff.jpg)


Whats your opinion on spanking being used as a punishment rather than foreplay? if your kids misbehaved would you spank them or would just the thought of it make you feel like a pervert?


It's not an effective punishment and has the possibility of causing your child lasting harm. This shit has been researched for decades but what do you know - people trust anecdotal evidence more than experts.

I think part of the reason why it's so hard to convince people to quit spanking is that people are very unconfident about admitting their parents might have raised them "wrong". You look at the reasonings of spanking proponents and one thing always repeats: I was spanked and it didn't do me any harm. That's an incredible defensive comment when you think about it, and very telling.


I definitely wouldn't because as said prior, it causes lasting harm. I would also feel really pervy too :/


Yes I would definitely spank them if I felt it was required.


nah, parents should explain why kids shouldn't do certain things instead of just beating them for it

spanking your gf/wife as a punishment is fine though


I would give them a wet willie.



Are you really serious about that?



Yes, actually.

I'm a NEET though so kids are not in my foreseeable future.








Needs to be used more often, even for adults.



Research is hypothetical, not scientific because ethics again get in the way. So people don't and shouldn't trust any kind of research that only enables you to form a hypothesis.



Just because controlled experiments aren't possible doesn't make a field unscientific. For instance, the whole of astrophysics is built on purely observational evidence. It's quite easy to do those kinds of purely observational experiments because lots of parents do spank their children. A large sample size in both groups is possible, allowing valid conclusions to be drawn.

What is missing is a bottom-up (excuse the pun) theoretical explanation for why spanking causes harm. Unfortunately our understanding of neuroscience will have to advance a lot further before we can begin to explain human psychology from first principles.




It was a mindfuck for me because I loved it but was suppost to be punishment


I get the stigma against it, but honestly I think it’s pretty easy to distinguish the two simply due to the biological “cold shower” effect most people have that kills any sexual thought or impulse when they’re interacting with their family members. Obviously if you’re having trouble with it you should be refraining from it, but that’s kind of the same as if you were having any kind of inappropriate thoughts about your family, for whatever reason.

I honestly used to be very against spanking as an actual punishment outside of a consensual domestic discipline relationship between two adults, but I’ve seen it’s positive effects in my personal life.

My girlfriend was spanked growing up, and she’s a very responsible and successful individual. Likewise most people Inknow that weren’t tend to falter more towards the “loser burnout” end of the scale. That’s just a general trend and not the case in every scenario, but it is something that does happen.

That being said, spanking as we tend to think of it is completely different from what anyone would actually use in regards to “corporal punishment of a minor”. That would typically be a light smack on the back of a clothed behind and a stern finger waiving while telling them to behave rather than the whole fantasy of long drawn out lectures filled with erotic trigger words and extended otk sessions spent smacking a bared bottom.

That type of thing should really be reserved for adult relationships.

The best analogy for it that Incan think of would be corner time discipline, or a time out. Most people wouldn’t refrain from using that on their kids just because they’ve participated in ageplay. The same goes for spanking.

Just to reiterate, though. There is definitly a difference between real world application of discipline, especially with a child, and the exaggerated things you see in erotic fantasies.





Anyone who thinks spanking as punishment is okay, shouldn't reproduce.



>I honestly used to be very against spanking as an actual punishment outside of a consensual domestic discipline relationship between two adults, but I’ve seen it’s positive effects in my personal life.

My girlfriend was spanked growing up, and she’s a very responsible and successful individual.

This is backwards priorities comparable to "Hitler made the trains run on time".



Hey, I'm not saying I encourage it, but I don't think the people who do it are terrible anymore. Really, the only people I see that are super against it are people who aren't parents themselves.

I won't know if it's something I'd actually use until I have kids of my own. If i had to guess, I'd say no, but I admit being a childless relatively young adult I probably may be assuming I'm more informed on the opinion than I actually am.



I feel like women need spanked.


Shit topic, I can't fap to this.


You're thinking of Mussolini. Hitler was the one that did literally nothing wrong.


I would not spank my children, but I would spank my wife if it was legal to do it. And not as a role play but as an actual punishment that she doesn't enjoy.



What about anons?



Then go back to reddit. Sage is not a downvote.



Just get her to agree to consent to being punished if she deserves it



Is consent really needed?






Meh. If you come to a general agreement ahead of time (she lets you spank her whenever she does something wrong from that time onward) then it should work well.



Should show her who is in charge here tbh.



Then declare that you decide if she's in the wrong. If she's submissive enough then she'll agree and you're good to go.


I would spank my girlfriend/wife and children. Always bare bottom unless a single warning smack.



"people trust anecdotal evidence more than experts"

The problem is trusting it more than research, not more than experts. Experts can be wrong.

The research has problems. Primarily, it's correlative so if aggressive parents (or parents who yell, or whatever else) are more likely to spank, and aggressive parenting (etc) causes the results, then it will appear as if spanking causes the result.


There is no evidence that it causes lasting harm at all.


Good luck, by that logic we should get rid of all forms of punishment




There are ~sorta~ ways to get around the ethics issues. Some might be alright with teaching a bunch of parents to spank, and a bunch of parents not too, but to have identical parenting in other aspects, although others might not be fine with it.


There are plenty of things that are likely to cause harm that are correlated with spanking (for example, authoritarian parenting). The problem with spanking research in particular (rather than psychology or correlative research in general) is that there are tons of likely confounding factors.


>That would typically be a light smack on the back of a clothed behind and a stern finger

In a lot of cases this is true, but there are many where it's not. Spankings over bare/underwear and/or with implements are still very prevalent.



if it's correlative than it also can be that there are right and wrong ways to spank or that other things combined with spanking makes bad but alone it does nothing, etc


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