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File: 1411323665865.jpg (118.98 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1397502473977.jpg)


Game thread.
Please post link, the /d/ thread died.


Here's the spanking sim:
The Haruhi mod:
And here's the last version of the remake by the new coder:


Heya Guys,
had a family-celebration this weekend so I didn't had much time to work on the rework of the sim. When I'm done with my Analysis test today, I'll continiue to work on the girls. If you've got Ideas/Oinions concerning the Sim,just post it either here or at 4chan, I'll read through both but I'll try to use this as main thread for my development.


What are you doing next? The spanking parts, right?


As for today, I finished the Girl-Import and done the initial clothing distributation. I'll upload the changes later on github. But somehow nobody wears shirts, tested the distribution a lot and most of the time the girl only weared bras. The preferences don't seem to work either right now, I also noticed that pyjama/yogapants are the bees knees right now… When I've fixed that, I'll add some interactions (take off this, put on that, go to Room x) and maybe do the holding stuff, before I do the spanking and in that contained message-pooling (which will defenetly take some time).

Yeah thoose are my plans right now. But it's posibly that they change by tomorrow, let's see ;)


Since it's the game thread, I'd like to know if the VN is still updated.
I know the original guy stopped, but apparently another anon wanted the source files, so is there a sequel being worked on?


Not worked on as far as I know. Here's the links from /d/ anyway. The VN:
And the source files:

People interested in making their own VN's should also look up Ren'Py.


i can't get the haruhi mod to work. am i just a top tier scrub or am i missing something here?


The mod isn't compatible with the newer spanking sim. You need an old one.


where can i find that?


No wonder you can't get it to work, the XML was malformed. Use this:


Hey code guy, are you still alive? It's been a while.


I'm still there. Had a lot of birthdays to celebrate but got some work done. Posted the changes at the other board, but for all those who don't want to return I'll paste them over:

Update-wise, some things have changed so far, I adding the mod able dragging messages right now, but I decided to cut down the XML quit a bit because girls will be static (for now). I'm facing small problems here and there but I need to optimize one particular import part before I can do the last and most important piece or else I'll be puking over my monitor every time I see that area.

I'm still working on it, slower than I wold like but thats another story


Well, it seems that I don't have to drop out of college now, seeing as C#'s already got quite a bit done.


Extracted from the fading 4chan thread:
Finally got another update for you guys sadly without spanking containing message pooling and modable holding. I also added a better exception handling, which simplifys the bug reports. I also kicked out some stuff from the XML, mostly dynamic girl stuff, because girls will be static for now. I also updated the "possible features" list.
With all this stuff done, the spanking part only contains the imports and the action-creation with my Framework.
Link will be posted when I'm home.

Ps: I'm still looking for a fancy Icon. Taking suggestions and oc.


Yeah got some stuff done but it's still somewhat shitty. Need to refactir and optimize some stuff


File: 1413543013721.png (1.12 KB, 48x48, 1:1, spanksim.png)

Pretty much the opposite of fancy, but maybe go with something reflective of the sim's no graphic quality?


Here is the promised release (sadly still without the spanking):
SpankingSim version 0.8: "Wedgie-Simulator" edition

A short overview about the main changes in this version:
+ Message(pooling)
+ Modable Holding
+ An error message for simple bug reporting
~ Changed the xml quite a bit

As always please report any bugs (ideally with a screenshot of the error message, yes I know about the "bing"-thing) and feel free to leave feedback/suggestions!

PS: Nex release will be version 1.0, containing the spanking


I'd like to help with this in some way but I must admit I do not like how the code / xml are set up at the moment. There doesn't seem to be any actual long-term goals and the protagonist does nothing.

At this point I'd like to start my own project but I realize that would only serve to fragment this microsmall community, so in the worst case scenario I'll just fork the existing CSharpGuy's code.


You're right, I didn't really had any other long term goal than recreating the game so far. For now I just keep as close as possible to what was already there. As for now, I wished I started a bit more free. My goal so far are the recreation of the original game and adding a scripting api to add an event system.
Feel free to fork, I'm not defending my code with my life. If your willing to contribute, I'm more than happy to accept greater changes


Hey, so if you guys want to take this beyond a text adventure, I'd be willing to do some sort of art/animation for this. We could use any engine really.


Personally I like the 3d stuff, but I think it somehow conflicts with one of the games key features, the moddability.

For now I'd like to give users the oppurtunity to write their own settings.Therefore adding optinal visuals would be ok, but requiring would limit the actual user group to people who can deliver visuals.

I was planning to add visaul options to the featurelist and I'll come back to your offering when I'm on it, but if your into creating 3d pictures I'd suggest to take a look at the alredy existing VN and maybe start your own one. If your not into writing, just look for someone. I'm writing some Touhou stories recently so maybe I could help out


Just to be clear, I wasn't >implying that your code is bad, just that the game itself seems to not have any long-term ingame goals.

I will definitely drop in with some code help at the very least.


When you mention art and animation, did you do any low-poly work? I am fairly proficient with Unity3D. Now I haven't worked with its new character animation tools but it's supposed to be quite easy to import and control a biped, if bones are properly set up.

With decent characer models (especially if properly skinned) I could definitely make an interactive prototype. This can be a proof of concept, later we can decide whether to integrate it with the existing game or what.


I tried to make a low-poly character on Blender not long ago, but I found the joints were difficult. In spanking poses especially, there's a lot of bending so the sharp angles created just won't do. I'd be interested in seeing someone more skilled give it a go.



I've done both low poly and high poly models/rigging. (150 poly-35k) So I can do just about whatever is needed.

If you're character is moving correctly with your joints, you need to edit the weight map. Weight mapping is by far the hardest part of rigging and takes the most time… but it leads to realistic deformations. That and adding a muscle system works wonders.


What happened to these games? Dug around for the archive thread and most download links expired. Heard nothing more from the spanking sim.



Here's the list from /d/: https://gist.github.com/thingywhat/6a47593b849dbccb987e

The spanking sim was abandoned, the two guys who said they'd make a new one vanished as well.



SMACS is beautiful.

If you don't want to injure your wrist prematurely, the first number in the save file is the authority value. It accepts scientific notation, too. Try setting it to 9999999.06285221882e+19 for ==UNLIMITED POWER!==



did they ever make male sprites for it?



No, although zae's mod adds an awful puffy vulva that looks like balls.

Link if you want it (you really don't): http://www.mediafire.com/download/u6rr9epxn6m2var/smacs-1.3c-zaemod.zip


Once, a while ago (Probably a year now) I ran into a game (not free unfortunately, I think it was $10) that was centered around you playing a headmaster at a school and giving out punishments. It was a lot like SMACS, but I think more focused on males, which didn't particularly appeal to me. Unfortunately, I lost the link and have never been able to find it.

However, in this day and age of such slim pickings when it comes to spanking games, I would be more than happy to find it again, if anyone knows where it might be found.


Also, should some enterprising person (me) be interested in making a spanking game, would it be appropriate to make a thread here that would ask for people's input for things like situations and such?



Go for it man, as you can see space is hardly limited.



That sounds like an awesome idea!!!



Roger that…


Glad you think so!

Just to be clear, I haven't even begun working on it yet, but after seeing how little was available, and being interested in game creation, I have been entertaining the idea.

I would probably try something more text based at first, (with one of the text game engines), such as 'Free Cities'. Though I am interested in seeing how feasible a 3D spanking game would be (Created in something like Unreal Engine or Unity.)



Roger that…


Glad you think so!

Just to be clear, I haven't even begun working on it yet, but after seeing how little was available, and being interested in game creation, I have been entertaining the idea.

I would probably try something more text based at first, (with one of the text game engines), such as 'Free Cities'. Though I am interested in seeing how feasible a 3D spanking game would be (Created in something like Unreal Engine or Unity.)


Any updates?



Then it's about time I started working on my version, I suppose.

I was the guy who offered to make a Java version of the spanksim in the original threads

My problem right now is that I'm in college and have little time to make projects like this, but I will try to keep you guys updated when I get started



Have you reconsidered dropping out of college and writing lewd spanking games for a living?



I know I have.



not going to happen. I can't live on campus if I drop out and my parents sure as hell won't take me in, especially if I drop out


animeotk seems to have made a section for spanking games now. Few using RPG maker in case anyone is interested.





Wasn't there a whole bunch of these?






Would it be wise to remake this thread considering how outdated all these posts are?



If you would like to. In a scenario like this where everything is broken it’s fine to just scrap it and start again. If all the old/broken stuff honestly doesn’t bother you then it’s not a requirement per se, but especially with all of the old threads carrying over from the days of the old owner you can pretty much use your own discretion on what you feel is appropriate.


File: af95ef9f6495176⋯.png (102.92 KB, 821x630, 821:630, 11.PNG)

Here's one that just got released. Pic from game.




Supposedly a lot of stuff is coming to patreon.



Animeotk releases some good stuff.




I felt that the quality of games declined rapidly once they started pushing patron games there. Progress also slowed considerably. I am all for giving money for good stuff but I feel a lot of the devs there have started to take the piss.


Anyone know any good games worth paying attention to?

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