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File: 1411500200189.png (333.44 KB, 1100x986, 550:493, 28001_20120126_buki.png)


Okay, so the board didn't immediately die, and I really hope the site sheds the technical difficulties too. In the meantime, I'd like to ask for some feedback: specifically, how should I go on moderating the board; what sort of rules, if any, do you want.

Some feedback I've already seen:
>It's shit anyway, filled with inbred morons wanting to be spoonfed.
Right. The board's been up for five days, so the time is ripe to decide its userbase is shit. Sarcasm aside, I'd like to hear what the handful of people who found their way here expect from the board, and how to make it work out.
For example, I think it's common courtesy to start off your own threads with something relevant yourself. I'd be ready to make that a rule.
The /d/ threads had more than their fair share of pointless Internet fights, so let's not have too many of those either.

Let me know what you think on those points or anything else.


Well you're only advertising this place to the people in the /d/ thread so I'd expect the same shitty attitude if I were you

I like the idea behind this place, but it's gonna need more people than the /d/ thread ever had to make it interesting. And there needs to be enough decent people around to outweigh the assholes who scare people off.

If we can really get rid of the internet fights and make it possible to mention places like deviantart, animeotk and other artist hubs without being buried in shit, then I can totally see the idea in having a western spank-oriented board.

SO, I propose that moderation try and keep the peace. Allow shitty art from deviantart and tripfags from aotk if only to make an environment where actual new blood might want to spend time. We don't have to all share the same thread here, so tolerating shit like that will be much easier.

If there's gotta be rules, I propose simple things like no excessive derailing, no posting 3d in a 2d thread and so on. if you want to moderate content, maybe just ban the stuff that absolutely everybody despises, though I think that's a tough call to make and it doesn't really bother me either way. I don't care if there's a furry spanking thread for example. I'll just ignore it.


File: 1411509826510.png (1.73 MB, 1403x1273, 1403:1273, 1408480354300.png)

I propose the following :

>replies must stay on topic, no 3D picture in a 2D thread, and no anime in a vydia thread

>no advertisement, no "hey check my gallery on deviantart", no "hey come join aotk, we're assholes but the place is real nice", no "hey i made that youtube video, come on, thumbs up and subscribe". People should just post picture and not expect everyone to lick their asses. If they want recognizition, they should just go the fuck out to some shitty attention whore website like DA.

>limit the threads for easy search.

>no name/trip unless you gained it (by making a game or helping or fulfilling requests), in order to avoid having some faggot from another shitty place pretending he's a big shit because he sucked the local admin's dick

>no special treatment to mods/admins, either insulting is tolerated, or it's not allowed at all, but insulting normal members and getting away with it while insulting a mod gets you banned is incredibly stupid and retarded. Everyone is a worthless piece of shit, no special treatment

>no real pictures featuring kids. That one's legal.

>no name dropping, nobody care if that anon is a member on another website, is notoriously a troll or not, only things that matter are the one taking place in that board. If you want a shoulder to cry on, don't give any name at all, or assume the consequences. But elsewhere.

>limit the blogging. It's nearly unavoidable due to "I can't update that this week, my cat died", but we shouldn't let that board turn into a support group, or we'll soon we dealing with shitty artists whining that their shit arts doesn't get the recognizition it deserves

>ideally, don't bring foreigner drama. Nobody care if Weird is a faggot or not, he's on his own website.

>ideallier, don't bring drama at all.

>idealliest, don't talk. Just post pictures.

>all off-topic pictures are to be erased. No exception.

>in fact, if I were admin, I would deactivate the name field. No name, no grudges, no dramas.

This is how I would be a risk-free board. No retarded crap, no nonsense, just spanking pictures/stories/games everywhere and limited faggotry/foreigns raids.


How can I become mod?
Do you even plan on getting moderators, or do you think you can moderate it by yourself?


File: 1411528391144.jpg (481.16 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1403028359436.jpg)

I think we should just have some "barrier rules" to not post certain content out of certain threads, and just allow anything not illegal past that.

If there is a topic that is particularly drama-filled, we can talk about it, but only in certain places. That way the rest of us can just hide the thread, and not have it appear in every other thread.

That way people have equal standing; no one is special. Mods don't have a moral high-ground, and only exist to stop one thread from leaking into another if they are part of the "don't cross-post list" and to stop illegal stuff.

These are just opinions of course, so pick and choose if you like anything in particular.


Sounds good to me. We can have a drawthread if people want to post their own shit. There's even an oekaki option. I'll have to see what that does.
Keeping threads on topic is a given. My preference is having only common sense rules like that, and containing "despised" stuff in their own threads.

Those are mostly board culture things that I'd really rather not have as rules unless drama really becomes a major problem. I don't agree with the "no talking" thing either. If you just want a collection of images, you browse pixiv tags, aotk galleries or handprints. Discussion isn't bad, especially now that there's a whole board that can be separated into picture dumps and maybe threads with no pictures at all.
This is a good point:
>limit the threads for easy search.
No need to spam threads if there's a fitting one already.

This board is tiny. There won't be any need for other mods.

That's pretty much my vision too. I want to go democratically about this, so if more people want strict rules akin to >>101, we can have them, but right now it seems to be 3-1 for relaxed rules.


Oh right, and I haven't advertised this board anywhere besides mentioning it on /d/. If you want to advertise it, use a bit of caution as to whom. You know what I mean.


But it's impossible to hide threads (or if it's possible, I haven't found how, the hide button only works on the picture).

>No need to spam threads if there's a fitting one already.
Tell that to the guy who made a thread just to beg for some spoonfeeding.
And yeah, the rules I suggest are stricts, but I always expect the worst, so these rules are designed to deal with the worst situation.


File: 1411547747382.jpg (46 KB, 463x297, 463:297, here_nigga.jpg)

See picture.

He made that thread before this one was up. I'll remove begging threads in the future. Like I said, rules can always be made stricter if problems occur. I'd rather not act before the fact.


Delete off-topic pictures. Nobody wants to see Wilford Brimley when they're trying to jack it.

No furfag/anthro shit, there's already a place for that. It's called HELL.


>Delete off-topic pictures. Nobody wants to see Wilford Brimley when they're trying to jack it.
That's another good common sense rule. You can report blatantly off-topic pictures to make things easier.

>No furfag/anthro shit, there's already a place for that. It's called HELL.

Haven't seen any of that here yet. I wouldn't mind it if it stayed in its own thread, but I wouldn't mind seeing it gone either if there's major opposition.


Noted. It'll be easier to stand that board if I can hide RL pictures.

Hell yeah, yiff in hell furfags.


>no fur
It seems really misguided to remove threads based on what secondary fetishes they might include to try and keep a "clean" board.

I don't like fur. I don't like diapers or bondage either, but I'm not about to make a huge amount of spankos feel unwelcome on the /spank/ board out of shear pettiness.

If /vg/ can have both a LoLgeneral and a dota general and /co/ has room for normal movie-discussion and twincest fanfic threads, then this place should have room for kinks that deviate slightly from mainstream appeal as long as they also have to do with spanking.


Except we're not in 4chan, so any comparaison is stupid and uncalled for.
If furfags want a board, they can make one themselves and keep their fursonas for them.


I agree in principle, but furry is sort of an exceptional fetish because there's an age-old observation that with furry comes drama. I'm not sure if that still holds. The whole furry thing seems to have quieted down when people moved on to ponies.


So regarding that butthurt thread, should we have a thread (obviously only one) dedicated for jokes and off-topic, or should we be strictly no fun allowed?


People keep crying about how this place will turn into edgemaster central and ruin the spirit of 4chan. I was just trying to point out that freedom of content is one of the reasons we liked 4chan to begin with. If you want a site restricted to - m/f, otk, no visible anus, final destination - then there's a million other places to find it.

I understand where you're coming from with this, but it's a slippery slope and I don't want for this to turn into a place where you can't post anything without people whining and complaining. There are going to be threads with fur in them, threads with fucking palcomix in them and threads with all sorts of other shit that lots of people will want removed. But removing content won't make for a better board, just a smaller one.

I do support the idea of containment threads, IE keeping all furry art in the same thread, all the child pornography palcomix art in the same thread and so on. Otherwise we might end up with 20 futa threads at the same time or something …


File: 1411559335244.png (800.62 KB, 1024x1523, 1024:1523, PantyStocking.png)

I agree with this. Allow whatever, just don't post it in my threads.


Nice strawmanning.


In the OP of a thread, only post one picture for easier scrolling.


I went ahead and updated the rule page with some of the things discussed here. But now I see the page isn't even linked anywhere, so I'll post here what I wrote:

1. Check for existing threads before making a new one.
2. When creating a new thread, make the first post informative, with one representative picture. No request threads.
3. Keep on topic. Especially do not troll, flame, advertise or otherwise derail threads.
4. Photographs, lolicon and furry should not be posted outside of their designated threads.

I hope that sounds reasonable. Discuss, and if there are no complaints, let's go with that for now.


>allowing namefags and tripfags
>allowing self-advertisement
Well, here comes Armaggedon. Board will be spammed once THAT WEBSITE learns about it.


Thanks for the doomsaying. I don't want forced anonymity "just in case", because names can have legitimate uses in the game thread for example. Once more: if something horrible starts happening, the rules can be changed fast.
And it already says not to "troll, flame or advertise".


You are going to die anyway. And then the Sun will inflate, and turn Earth into a scorched planet. And then the Universe will collapse on itself, and everything you know will disappear into nothingness.

Have a nice day, dead man.


Deleted a few posts that were not meta & rules. If you want a shitstorm thread about aotk, I'm not going to stop you; but this isn't the thread.


>mistaking aotk and DA
I know they're similar, but…


I'm pretty sure "that website" refers to aotk. And now, can we stay on topic? If there aren't more additions, I'll soon make a sticky with the above rules, and add one to avoid names when not necessary because that seems to be a pet peeve of some.


And yet he was talking about DA. Too bad you erased the posts before reading them.


They were talking about both of them. Do you have an actual point?


I had, but you erased it, dooming any possible discussion and ensuring yourself that you were right, even through that shithole wasn't even named.

It coulda been hentai-foundry as well, but you decided it was aotk.


Fine, whatever, then make your point again and I won't delete it. I guarantee the deleted posts had nothing to do with /spank/ and its rules - it was about DA and "that website". But this thread has mostly served its purpose now so it can as well evolve to be a general discussion thread.


>I guarantee the deleted posts had nothing to do with /spank/ and its rules
I only have your words for that, and you might be lying. After all, you cannot prove that you didn't erased them out of spite. And it wouldn't be the first time an admin lies.
>But this thread has mostly served its purpose
Than lock it or whatever. We can recycle the butthurt or the Lee Warner one into a discussion thread.

You shouldn't have deleted them at all.


Speaking of that, I'm not sure I understand your motivation behind the Lee Warner thread : it was a picture dump thread, and you erased all the pictures, but you kept the thread.
I don't understand why.


So that people can see it and respond to it with their views on the matter. So far, I haven't deleted any thread because the rules were still under discussion. From now on, I'll handle off-topic threads as agreed. I hope there won't be many.


Why not join it with the butthurt thread? That one can barely be considered on-topic.


I don't have the ability to join thread. Instead, those threads autosage so they won't clutter and obscure the on-topic threads.

By the way, the guy you're arguing with on /d/ isn't me.


But you can erase one of them. That'll forcefully move the discussion toward the other one.
Also, I chose 5 pictures to upload, and 8chan only uploaded 2 and then one of them. What with that?


Removing the thread would also remove what's already said there. The butthurt thread can soon go, it was a joke thread to begin with and no one showed support for it.

I've had problems with uploading multiple images too. Nothing I can do but hope they fix the technical side of things. Also, the catalog, which finally works, doesn't allow hiding threads. That'll be a problem if the board grows any bigger.


I wouldn't bet on that : remember that pure spanking is a very minor fetish.
Unless we get a bunch of drooling retards from some shithole, everything will stay under control.
Beside, if 8chan leeps copying 4chan, then all threads reaching page 11 will be deleted automatically.


>ideally, don't bring foreigner drama. Nobody care if Weird is a faggot or not, he's on his own website.
>ideallier, don't bring drama at all.
>idealliest, don't talk. Just post pictures.

You know, I just went through the posts here, and I'm seeing someone bring a whole lot of drama in a number of threads. Care to guess who that is? After asking to become a mod (dear God), 95% of what you've posted has been off-topic arguing, complaining and shitposting. You clearly don't like it here, and you vocally annouce that on /d/ too. So why are you staying? Just leave, or otherwise enforce this one on yourself:
>idealliest, don't talk. Just post pictures.


Yeah, because there's only one person on /d/, I think we all remember your statement that 4chan is made of three people.

And just because you don't like me, doesn't mean I'll change anything to what I'm doing, because I do the right thing. Can you say the same?


It's you. Within two minutes of discovering that I deleted your post among other derailment, you went to /d/ with this lie:
>Badmouthing either DA or aotk is now a bannable offense.
Soon after, you came back here and accused me of lying about the content of the deleted posts.

Well, you know what. You win. I thought a simple porn board wouldn't need moderation. After all, porn isn't serious business, right? We're all mature adults who can moderate themselves, right? Wrong. I was wrong about that. I'm also sick and tired of all the bitching and pointless arguing that went on in the /d/ threads, and after watching the discussion on this board, I'm now certain that too was you.

So you win. You lying, shitposting, two-faced son of a bitch have the honour of being the first, and likely only person to ever get banned from this board. Good riddance.


What about ponies? There's a pony spanking thread on another board that is looking for a new home.

We would stay in one containment general if granted this privilege.
I usually post as anon but if someone is posting OC a name is good. Only ban it if it becomes a problem. Even if someone is linking to their DA, if they're posting OC I don't care if they namefag.


I wouldn't bet on anyone else caring about ponies but if you want to post it, it won't harm anyone.


File: 1427665567905.png (46.59 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner01.png)

I was bored so I made a banner out of one of Shibata's pics. Make more and better if you'd like.



How far this board has gone. Single threads for furshit, ponyshit, pokeshit suddenly not allowed. Not like /spank/ is active enough that these threads drown out good content.



You can claim the board if you want. The owner seems to be gone.



Dead Board



Don't think anyone wants it.


I think I might revive this board once I stop being lazy and setup an e-mail for it.


Hello all, I’m the new Board Owner. I’m hoping to shoot some life back into this place, time allowing.

PSA: Assume all rules not currently outlined in the sticky are no longer applicable. We’re going to take it one step at a time and see how things go.



Interesting. /spank/ is alive?


Thoughts on using old threads or making new ones?



Whatever floats your boat. You can always bump old threads, no reason not to. That being said, if you want to just start the conversation fresh or want to steer it into a bit of a different path (for example, I have a schoolgirl thread but if you wanted to do schoolgirl caning specifically or were looking for a type of uniform or something more specific you can always make a new thread) the only time I’d say not to make another thread would be if it was literally the exact same topic, but I’m honestly pretty lax. I’m not going to jump down your throat about something stupid.



So you still alive daddy?



You know if you type ## Board Owner into name field in mod mode that's how your BO tags appear?



Yeah - sorry was on vacation. Thought I’d have more free time but didn’t want to miss out on actually doing the stuff I planned on doing.

I’m hoping to hit this thing with some activity.


Yeah, I figured that out recently. I think I like the Tripcode better now that I’m used to it though.


I really need to hurry my ass up with my spanking images. I have a lot to dump but I have it completely unsorted.


* Forced Anonymous has been removed

*Country flags have been enabled (would like to do custom flags if I ever get around to that. Feel free to post some if you wanna be creative)

*Twemoji enabled, whatever that is lol

*Full activity log enabled



>*Twemoji enabled, whatever that is lol


thot finna on fleek af fam 😂😂😂💯💯💯👌👌👌


So how should we advertise /spank/?



I’m not 100% sure lol, long time Chan user but I’m just kind of flying blind here. I guess just post it wherever appropriate? If you see spanking threads elsewhere link here, if you’re on Tumblr or Discord or whatever else you use drop a link.

We could maybe do some kind of viral campaign where we edit a bunch of spanking pictures to have /spank/ or 8ch.net/spank.html in the corner of something like that if anyone wanted to go through the trouble

Anyone have suggestions?


Usually a thread on /b/ reminds /spank/ is around.


Who do we spank to get activity round here?



Yeah, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do. I guess image dumps, but anyone have any other ideas to shoot some life into this place?



There's a load of /spank/ fags across the site. Problem is they never use /spank/ Name drop board I guess if it comes up in conversation.



Should setup spank gangs to spank anons to /spank/



That’s a good idea lol

We’ll start spamming boards

Whenever someone is being being dumb, respond with: “You should be /spank/ed.”



>Whenever someone is being dumb

I think our hands will get sore very quickly on this site.


You know, making new threads that have no content and don't really deserve their own answer is not the way to go if you want to draw anons back to this board.






Oh, no. Nevermind that. I don’t have a qualm about his art, seeing as how it’s based on adult models with manipulated proportions.

Obviously pay attention to the global rules and don’t post actual, illegal images, but Lee Warner and art like his are perfectly acceptable.

We’ll have a “don’t like, don’t look at it” policy in regards to content, this includes furry and any other polarizing subject matter.

My only rule is don’t flood the board in an attempt to overtake it with a particular subject when one thread will suffice. (e.g. Don’t make a Fox Spankee only thread, a lion spanker only thread, ad nauseum when one Furry thread for all the images would work just as well.) This is a flexible rule, so if a particular subject proves itself popular among the user base that type of posting will be allowed when we come across them.)

A good example of this is the two Patreon threads, one of which I deleted. In this case it was the same person who made both threads, and I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they just found a better image after making the first and didn’t know/think to edit or add it to their first, but we would want to have one thread for that where multiple people could post their accounts or recommend other artists they’re aware of.

Hope this provides clarification.



If thats the case then can ya allow tor users? Won't let me comment



More specifically, can't reply with images


File: 3b22e893451341d⋯.png (7.62 KB, 861x58, 861:58, Tor Allowed.png)



I'm definitly not trying to prevent Tor users from posting pictures, as far as I'm aware I've been allowing that since I took over the board. Pic related is the only option it gives me in the Board Settings menu unless I'm just a complete brainlet and am missing something.

It might be a user-specific error or just something the site as a whole has implemented. Can you post images on other boards? If so, do you possibly know what I might be doing wrong that's causing you to not be able to post?



Hmm, doesn't work on /tor/ or /test/ either. Wonder what's wrong…



I’ve never screwed with it myself but I’ve heard a lot of people say something with the site tries to discourage it (the reason being either to combat flooding/shitposting or data mining depending on who you ask)

I’ve heard Opera has some kind of built in VPN if that would work for you?

I assume you’re not wanting to post without some kind of proxy present?


File: cd7b2e6f1123b1c⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1423x1000, 1423:1000, ClipboardImage.png)


Tried 'some kind of VPN' earlier, testing again…



And it seems to work…

Now there's a question of if using a VPN is better or worse than not using one…





because you are retarded and TOR have NEVER been able to post images on 8chan.

Something due to not wanting CP all over the place.

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