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File: 1426225588079.gif (1.81 MB, 499x258, 499:258, skirt spank.gif)


Like what sites do you actually go to to find new videos and artwork? Lately I've felt like xhamster has been a better fix for me than spankingtube has.

Once in a blue moon I find something decent on animeotk/pixiv/danbooru/halfchan.


>For pro 3d:
http://extreme-board.com/forumdisplay.php?f=37 (registration required to view) Most of it is old or reposts.

>For homemade 3d:

tumblr if you have a high tolerance for gay shit

>For stories:

http://www.experienceproject.com http://www.misterpoll.com
or one of the many voy boards.
are still semi-active, and there's probably more.

There's also a scene at Yahoo Groups and Raising Girls (http://www.raising-girls.com/ForumRG) but I don't keep track of them anymore as I got tired of pretending to be a girl a very long time ago.

It's funny, I used to be heavy into collecting but now I just switch between the same half-dozen Realspankings videos.


For stories I lurk

It has many of the same problems that any small spanking based community has. Namely shit-tier administration, wonky-as-fuck website design, and some roflsbad content. But… there's also a lot of good stories buried underneath the nonsense, each story has meta data telling you the orientation (M/F, M/f, F/m, f/f, etc.) and provides a brief description of the story itself, and you can search by that meta data.





my hard drive

my memories

a few local clubs


I have quite a bit I've downloaded from spankingtube, because videos there have a nasty habit of disappearing.

For discussion, I generally read the stuff that pops up on spankingneeds, Fetlife, and halfchan. There are also a few spanking groups on Google Plus that are pretty alright. (They are often more active than the spanking subreddit, though most are discussion-light and picture-heavy.)

For stories, I keep track of the ones that pop up on pastebin from halfchan, or sometimes look through the collection on AnimeOTK. I generally put them in Google Docs so I can read them later on my phone in a private tab.

For pictures, I follow a few artists on Pixiv, and DeviantArt that often draw spanking stuff. I also keep up with the threads here and in halfchan, as there is sometimes awesome art that I can SauceNAO to it's artist. (So I can follow them as well.) I also keep track of a number of booru-like sites, and sometimes search Furaffinity when I've run low on options.


So I feel this thread needs an update considering it's been 3 years.









I follow over 500 tumblrs and at least 100 are female spanking only blogs. If Inhave time I’ll try to get a master list going.


File: de76625526a2f55⋯.png (170.99 KB, 540x304, 135:76, pout.png)




Rather shove nigger dick up my ass than sign up to view that shit.



There’s a lot of good stuff on there, man



I am aware. Just refuse to use it out of principle.



Then don't sign up. There are a few ways to view tumblr sites without signing up.

Uh, be sure to have a good adblock ready though.



Tumblr is pretty useless now, though.

bdsmblr and twitter seem to be the main alternatives. I haven’t checked out cumblr and pillowfort is still pay to play and in beta. Some people like Mastadon apparently but I haven’t really looked into it yet and a lot of feedback seems to say it’s confusing to operate.



you have to sign up for bdsmblr to see anything outside 1 page though. i'm not a fan.




Any stories you'd like to share?

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