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File: c5ea1846e97a7fe⋯.jpg (66.62 KB, 900x900, 1:1, handyman-repairman-spanner….jpg)

7f718f No.11[Reply]

This thread for questions/suggestions that users may have. Post them here and I'll look into it.

Banners for the board can also be made here. It needs to be in a 300px x 100px format

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341356 No.90


>What is this randia

Does that word trigger you that much, pajeet? Also you can get banned there for calling others pajeets or any slur for that matter. They are as much a pussy as you are.

At least make it 'Anonymous' instead of being such a tryhard le ebin fagget XDDDD nigger.

File: 1c44e1d4ce3354c⋯.jpg (48.16 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 190790_4.jpg)

07be71 No.1[Reply]

Welcome to /speakingtree/

A free space for all discussions about the Indian right wing, the current political climate, Hindu/Indian history and Hindu philosophy

A few rules before we get started :

1. No porn images, nudes, troll posts allowed

2. No anti Hindu spam will be tolerated, users will be banned and their posts deleted. Learn to be civil even if you disagree

3. Users are free to discuss topics in Hindi and English, posts made in other languages will be deleted

4.Flame bait and off topic threads will be deleted

5. If you find indecent images, underage porn images, gore or offensive contents. Report the images/posts and move on, the moderators will handle the rest.

6. Enjoy your stay. Lets have some thoughtful discussions, let's teach and learn.

Post last edited at

File: f86a578241c875e⋯.gif (6.19 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 10-12-15-axeswithnames.gif)

73f8a1 No.91[Reply]

Where do you stand on the political Compass?


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047015 No.103

File: 4bb840177a9a357⋯.png (3 MB, 1500x1633, 1500:1633, 1526720526791.png)

967472 No.106

File: a859a0070f96083⋯.png (152.46 KB, 372x960, 31:80, 30184505_479694069112035_1….png)

File: 33acc30f7ca62a3⋯.png (145.11 KB, 476x619, 476:619, 30007659_479694769111965_5….png)


insufferable fgt trying too hard to fit in.


Pretty fucking retarded in general, the "center" it presupposes and from where it access other positions changes every few years. It's just another normative MCQ garbage that anglos made up to turn politics into stupid personality quiz.

Pics related is what i am talking about, these 2 were taken within a span of a week. This in fact one of the better ones out there.

7f067e No.107


>This in fact one of the better ones out there.

Link me

967472 No.108

8c2308 No.111


yea no one's trying to fit in

File: 6273c5b7ccf90d7⋯.jpeg (59.1 KB, 739x415, 739:415, images(25).jpeg)

97c7c2 No.49[Reply]

Can anyone here give me insight on poltical scenario developing in karnataka right now?

What will be the outcome of Assembly elections?

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e3b51b No.96


Forgot to take your meds or something?

40fce7 No.104

So result is out finally. Cong-JDS are now going to form government.

Bjp did performed good but still was not enough.

So what kanndiga here thinks about this.

40fce7 No.105

*it was not enough

4e73d4 No.109


I feel really bad anna.

Yeddyurappa was like a father to me :(

b16a04 No.110


Hmmm..I see.

Well all we can do is wait and watch. lets see how this coalition last long.

I don't know Kannada. Can you tell me how was BSY resignation speech and which part of state are you from?

File: 139c4790b768e96⋯.jpg (140.62 KB, 1024x669, 1024:669, 1024px-2013_Hindustan_Amba….jpg)

2d650b No.50[Reply]

Gas the Modern-Car Jew. Put this back into production and make it the mandatory Taxi / Politician's car. And start a partly state-funded racing series.

31978b No.52


Agree with electrical versions, this was a classic car

31978b No.53

File: cb162d964114c47⋯.jpg (23.2 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Also love what DC did with the designs

d6fd9f No.102


what is this, a neat look german redeisgn?

File: c67f9d0cf8dd7cd⋯.jpg (67.13 KB, 800x1440, 5:9, Kshatriya Summit 2017.jpg)

1990a0 No.82[Reply]

What do you guys think about jati-varna system? I have seen some right wingers vehemently against it and some other who are very pro about it.

Personally I think its what holds this country together and should be maintained. Although I don't believe in the strict varna system that is characteristic of it. People should be free to chose their varna however they should keep their traditions, customs, etc… live near like minded castes and also marry within their castes.

96ede6 No.101


>Personally I think its what holds this country together

I think caste politics holds the country back

File: 823d14d91a2f2f2⋯.jpg (52.57 KB, 600x400, 3:2, The-Vedas-are-Vedic-Hindu-….jpg)

52784c No.9[Reply]

Discuss philosophical schools of thoughts prevalent in India.. which parts do you like? What books are you reading right now? What aspects fascinate you

ef32b3 No.60


Thank god for posting this. I started seriously 2months back and have been trying to read through Indian philosophy and Hinduism on my own, which i will admit i am lacking terribly. Worst of all it's lonely to get through the Vedanta on my own. I already found a home in Sankara's Advaita monism, i will post my sources as soon i reach my home.

ef32b3 No.61


Pls don't shy away from posting recommendation. Thanks

5a9ce3 No.62


Hey man I saw your post just right now but I'm trying to catch a flight. Will reply to your post tomorrow when I get home

Tripfagging so trolls won't steal my identity

1ac4d4 No.100


OP i hope it is going well for you. I was and am busy with my studies these days making me to reply so late. Anyway i have got hold of 3 (Upanishads,BhagavadGita and a source book of indian philosophy) books, from my cousin, the thing is all of them are from S. Radhakrishnan. What i have been seeing thus far is his translation are very much for an western audience, there's a shitons of allusion to the German idealism and though it is easier for me to get into the texts from this approach, But i was still wondering how faithful his translations actually are?

File: 57ac9506e518a82⋯.jpg (170.06 KB, 800x640, 5:4, 1456129021344.jpg)

5eeb9a No.3[Reply]

Is this shit beneficial in long term. Correct me if I m wrong but free market means no fucking intervention from government.

So it's okay to sell your (strategic assets) ports to some other countries. (Let say chinks doing this in Greece)

China for all its benefits it got from free market, Never allow forginer companies to do business in china independently. For companies to operate they first need Chinese partnership (ties to ccp).

>pic unrelated

20 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

10e764 No.74


>if you first answer me what do you think a contemporary RWinger means when he utters "Right Wing" ?

Well I m more of right leaning person

here is thing I want


> repealing of majority discriminatory law like RTE, freeing hindu temples etc

> upholding traditional family structure

> capitalists economic policy with some control sort of like china

> complete ban on blatant minority appeasement

f91e01 No.80

File: 73730c598b0bf61⋯.png (284.88 KB, 497x678, 497:678, NeolibGlobalist((RW)).png)


>Upholding Traditional family



To our demise not only you uttered the exact platitudes that i expected but went even further, now the "Right" and "Left" is at best an umbrella term serving as a scale to map politics in relation to a normative cultural discourse. The only issue here is that the popular discourse in the era of "Information Bomb" is largely that of sensationalism, obscuring the distinction between culture & white noise, here politics have been reduced to making demands right off that discursive bulletin board, this is why your reply was so predictable. You probably even follow those "Right Wing" fb group that is run by politically oblivious bhagora "libertarian" NRIs. I will even go on to make a guess of you previously been a part of the Skeptic™ community.

Now moving away from guesswork, what you actually are is a rootless neoliberal possessed by the specter of Thatcher, your lip service to "tradition" mimics the lip service paid to """minorities""" by your rootless neoliberal counterparts larping as "LW". You'd have been sucking off singapore and The "Basedxd" Lee kuan yew instead of China, if you were actually aware of em.

In fact, link related and it's crypto antihindu bhima-bhosra is the spokeperson for this "RW" meme you fell hard for, you absolute stupid fgt.


9f7163 No.87


What is wrong with UCC? That's the only way you can keep maluvi in check.

And what is wrong with china economic policy?

They are successful.

Ok forget all that and Tell me your proposal.

cf8f47 No.98

File: 2afd0cd468074c2⋯.jpg (99.38 KB, 910x910, 1:1, Hinduism = Dalited.jpg)


My point was against these naive & rushed attempts at making "proposals" without even being familiar with the grounds one making such "proposals" from. In fact i will say that "proposals" don't count for shit, rather it's ideological/theological grounding is what gives it's meaning and telos, failure to do so will only result in failure to move beyond the socio-political paradigm we find ourselves in.

And in here your simplistic defense/endorsement of these said "proposals" fall apart, to start off with UCC, my point was rather about your contradiction of upholding "Traditional family" while endorsing an act that seeks to discard and dissolve all traditional codes & orders into the melting pot of the normative liberal constitutionalism. That which befell the katuas only recently have been enforced on us since the 50's, and whatever it's benefits might have been in the realm of "social justice" the overarching factor governing this agenda have been to deem Hinduism & tradition in general, toothless and redundant in every aspects of systemic & civic processes. This is what most gets wrong about any form of secular states, it doesn't imply “equal respect for all religions” and "the separation of church and state" doesn't mean the religious body is free from "statist" despotism(as nothing escapes the Leviathan) ,but is excluded from matters of polity in general.

I will post this link that is a sort of Proto-UCC manual for hindus, this is coming from Ambedkar himself and it's funny how delirious and pathological he was in his hatred. His reference to burke is even more hilarious and stems from a terrible reading of Burkean conservatism.


cf8f47 No.99

File: 720baa0ceaedb51⋯.jpg (142.94 KB, 1264x436, 316:109, S. RAJARATNAM, Sngpr.jpg)


when it comes to economic model, there again u suffers from the aforementioned rush and naivete. Here "successful" as a floating signifier becomes your scale, again lacking a solid ground and forgetting how even the Scandinavian model was being heralded as a "success" few years ago. Now frm a Productionist perspective it certainly seems to be doing pretty good tbh, but i'm not a productionist and see it as a degenerate abomination born out of anglo protestant ethics, made worse by Chinese materialism and Confucianism.

To make matters worse it's increasingly hard to tell whether China is capitalist or socialist, as hitherto understood. However a case could be made for this "socialism with Chinese characteristics" being accelerationist, in that respect all too marxist and strikingly similar to lenin's NEP. Now here most of you while making "proposals" for such model won't actually support the conditions that makes such model possible, from how the PRC is governed,by what and whom. It's also ironical to root for freeing hindu temples from the encroachment of the State while proposing an economy that primarily relies upon a far too centralized and totalitarian state (file related) for whom the civic society always remains at it's disposal. Same holds true for singapore, it's a fucking "global city state" for whom "the world is it's hinterland",Pic Related will tell you enough about the viability of tradition in such a system.

Now if you are rooting for some sort of a Mixed economy, i am with you and so is most of the country. We were always a mixed economy even when that scum of the earth, peter sutherland convinced us into Globalization. Either ways, i like where modi is heading with his recent economy i hope he improves more upon state intervention and effective nationalization.

File: f0a984bc83ce1ad⋯.png (10.18 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Emoji4.png)

29d6af No.65[Reply]

Will fascism work in India?

771af8 No.75

File: bdf89955e10f27b⋯.jpg (43.38 KB, 417x352, 417:352, 11-43-14-images.jpg)


India is far too diverse for that. It might work if we can erase 70% of the country or we divide the country into many parts (With the Hindustani aka cow belt nation being the largest and the one in charge) and instill puppet dictator in each of the subsidiary states and a looser confederacy than EU with common currency and easier visa controls to politically unite us while each individual nations follows fascist policy ( Sort of like Hitler's plans for Europe in case he won the war).

300991 No.81

File: 669c737df601893⋯.jpg (128.83 KB, 771x960, 257:320, 28277058_1646007755479309_….jpg)


Don't listen to this >>75 absolute dolt, fascism for better or worse was a populist reactionary movement and thus unlike liberalism it never came to power as a result of imperialism or coercion, instead it was a rather organic adhering to the collective "Volkish" spirit/features of the time & place it can into being. In fact this is the main reason behind the diverse and distinct nature of each fascist regimes, from the Italian to Romanian to German and so on.

The thing is i don't believe in absence of such a collective "volkish" populism Fascism can even be realize, that means if the "far too diverse" nature of our country proves an obstacle then it won't even see the light of day to begin with. But if it does(did) then i think we can all agree upon that it would have stemmed from the sort of Hindutva as was envisioned by Savarkar.

Tbh Hitler along with Pinochet was the worst thing that could have happened with fascism, Hitler and his Natsoc drove away and eventually turned bitter not only towards the other fascist regimes but also the Great german revolutionary conservative movement that consisted of men like Carl Schmitt, Junger brothers, Heidegger, Arthur van der bruck, Spengler and so on.

File: c18cb214520f60d⋯.png (124 B, 150x200, 3:4, 07559855898547909.png)

fe0da3 No.70[Reply]

Why liberal and left in india who claims to be 'progressive'. shoot down any attempt of UCC , (repealing other majority discriminatory laws like RTE) etc?

shouldn't be they the one supporting it?

For example take a look of recent triple talaq law, many indian feminists and left protested against it saying it was done to "round up muslim men in jail". What?

They are actually supporting sharia law.

In india secularism is just another word for minortiysm.

Pic related

35876f No.76


India has no "left" or "right" on European or even American sense of the term. It's just pro establishment and anti establishment. For now the hindutva side forms the 'establishment' or the government do they will oppose anything we do.

Although I find it hard t to believe even feminists supported this lol. Some specific examples please?

82a0b3 No.77


Not op


#standupformuslimmen on twitter.

"fighting for muslim men rights"

"Hurr durr ebul modi"

they are the same people who tell hindu women to "smash the patriarchy" and how hindus festival are bigotry etc etc but at the same time support Hijab, 'allah is feminists' bullshit.

No wonder they are butt of joke nowdays, imitating western SJW.


lol what can you expect from them, they are trying their best to impress their western counterpart.

File: aa6af4f0f76e45c⋯.jpeg (74.38 KB, 650x423, 650:423, images(33).jpeg)

978836 No.71[Reply]

If given a chance to deal with naxal problem. How will you root out naxalism from india?

My solution

>ensure rights of tribal people and no exploition

>education and development in naxal affected area

This will ensure a level of trust between tribal people and government.

>army and state police operations in heavy maoist-naxal influenced area

Only toward heavy maoist-naxal area which serve as base for naxal also evacuation of tribal people from these heavy influenced area, to minimise the civilians causality during operation.

978836 No.72

How would you*

File: 0d35a998256fa8c⋯.jpg (85.18 KB, 920x608, 115:76, 9ea3f44.jpg)

524196 No.63[Reply]

I seen the statistic that katuas commit 65% (or 55%) of the rapes in india many times. Does anyone have the source

524196 No.64



471494 No.66


Muslim make like 20% of prison population, same stats with ST/SC.

I think UCC and religious reforms are the only hope. Ban on burqa, ban on madrasa. Saudi funding.

Pandering of mulavi should be stopped. And complete border control.

Thing is muslim are treated as vote bank, nothing much and that's the reason why they fare worst in social indicators.

Maluvi control the muslims narrative unlike in hindus or jain or parsi or even in Christian (Christian in goa are pro bjp).

File: 7e4a81944625789⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 600x450, 4:3, netaji-subhash-chandra-bos….jpg)

b7d43c No.5[Reply]

What happened to this great man, ST?

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

66d4f8 No.30


What's wrong with Facism and netaji did something instead of sucking anglo dick he would be my hero even if he was a commie

05714e No.33


I agree too, if only he became the first prime minister instead of gayhru


This is some tinfoil stuff but ganduji was an anglo puppet for sure… he made sure rhat the country won't be united under a single language or religion or ideology.

India is politically weak because it was under the anglo stooges of gandu and gayhru

e734ad No.38


>tin foil

>agrees with everything

c10db7 No.41


Read again I didn't agree with everything

9d441d No.47


What are the parts you don't agree with?

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