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File: 290d2adae078d19⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 1916x2075, 1916:2075, 1493084324781.jpg)


New board owner here. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the board post them here. Complaints can be posted here too.

If anyone is willing to make some banners we have 275 spots open.

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This is probably a stupid question but is there a way for a mod to make a mass post in every thread across the board?

If so that would probably fix every thread and prevent any more 404 errors.

File: 1423824277056.png (1.04 MB, 2970x4463, 2970:4463, StarSeedi010001.png)


F-ing and Jinmen are a writer and artist who have been working together to make some /ss/ comics. They mainly post on plus4chan, but I think F-ing has a tumblr where he takes art commissions.
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File: 09da736ca550f6a⋯.jpg (635.54 KB, 788x1163, 788:1163, 67965555_p14.jpg)

File: 21c7ed6360a87e5⋯.jpg (581.07 KB, 788x1163, 788:1163, 67965555_p15.jpg)

File: 642af35055567eb⋯.jpg (498.92 KB, 788x1163, 788:1163, 67965555_p16.jpg)


File: 3c72fd3dfe51d1a⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1135x1080, 227:216, 69421389_p0.png)

File: 9645b490fc8e8eb⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1135x1080, 227:216, 69421389_p1.png)

File: 396528bf48d8a94⋯.png (908.88 KB, 1669x1080, 1669:1080, 69421389_p2.png)

File: 726d8db267faf58⋯.png (754.99 KB, 1672x1082, 836:541, 69421389_p3.png)

Here's some stuff from their pixiv.


File: 086f1a5d27ab10d⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1313x1080, 1313:1080, 69421389_p4.png)

File: efc9772f41b4859⋯.png (931.96 KB, 1377x1082, 1377:1082, 69421389_p5.png)

File: 849a83c568c0cd8⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 69421389_p6.png)

File: 00e13b7cb0cc538⋯.png (977.49 KB, 1069x1068, 1069:1068, 69421389_p7.png)


File: 0f7fdf9980c8fa5⋯.png (965.35 KB, 1669x1080, 1669:1080, 69421389_p8.png)

File: 457a78f54404a81⋯.png (741.72 KB, 1672x1082, 836:541, 69421389_p9.png)

File: 10dbc084ca6f623⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1669x1080, 1669:1080, 69421389_p10.png)

File: f767b6b27efe52c⋯.png (996.24 KB, 1660x1073, 1660:1073, 69421389_p11.png)


A shame this died.

File: 81d7791fd827f0e⋯.jpg (688.29 KB, 2594x1886, 1297:943, 7257.jpg)


Hi guys!

My name is Vlad and this is my artwork.

I have more like this.

I do lolis and ss.

I'll post more.

Hope you like it!!

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Hey Vlad,

How about a sketch displaying the mother giving birth at home to a newborn girl while her toddler son starts to fuck her newborn sister as mother pushes her out. There could also be an x-ray scene of the womb being filled up ;)



Surreal scene but maybe exciting


File: fdcdd6905274684⋯.gif (268.93 KB, 434x596, 217:298, 20190117_000905.gif)

File: f3844f33d5c3f36⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 3119x4287, 3119:4287, 57478323.jpg)

File: 8f7677a31d8a175⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 3119x4287, 3119:4287, 5747832.jpg)

File: c654b5bcfe98c57⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 3119x4287, 3119:4287, 574783.jpg)

Here's another works.

My favourite trio.



Hi Vlad, Amazing work, so sexy and hot!

Sex is true love indeed between mom and son!


Great work, Vlad!

File: 1415421164773.jpg (90.14 KB, 884x1250, 442:625, p0002.jpg)


SO! This board needs LIFE! When did you first realize you were into shota?
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File: 7d9153a81728bba⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1057x1500, 1057:1500, 6 - 215.jpg)


So if you were watching a woman fucking a boy and she grabbed his ass cheeks like

"Hey.. Stick your dick in this.."

You wouldn't at least think about it? Might be a really fun way to wait your turn. ( ° ʖ °)



Yep…he really is gay as fuck.



More like bi as fuck. Gay as fuck would be wanting to take the boy from her for yourself. Rather than doing something to help her bust a nut.



Sure, you could say that, but that possibility goes out the window the moment he says that he imagines himself as the woman being fucked by the boy. So yeah, fucking gay.



Fucking the boy, not fucked BY the boy. There's a difference.

File: 1471913127276.gif (2.56 MB, 514x324, 257:162, 1457566581425-1.gif)


/wx/ had a thread but it died becuz cuck.

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File: 75f68748678041a⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 608x360, 76:45, cara_oc_1.gif)

File: 315bf3e93ce76e9⋯.gif (2.06 MB, 540x280, 27:14, katy_oc_1.gif)

some oc i made



what is the source of this image ?

please let me know which video or porn did you get this from !!


File: 9836598c4369466⋯.gif (678.62 KB, 360x202, 180:101, 1458397652514.gif)


File: 57b3023913ee9f0⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 465x461, 465:461, 1458397467671.gif)



File: fad0c9440eeb8d1⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 2100x3150, 2:3, 1494816025074.jpg)

File: 72cb552b61e7304⋯.jpg (963.41 KB, 2100x3150, 2:3, 1494816227354.jpg)

File: 588b25ea169757c⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2100x3150, 2:3, 1494816285767.jpg)

File: 0b9d6c53d7bb283⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 2100x3150, 2:3, 1494816347146.jpg)

File: d1d59323d9a241a⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2100x3150, 2:3, 1494816423123.jpg)


Lois x Jon

Talia x Damian

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Did this ever get updated?



Yeah will post some of the new stuff later


The unrealistic penis size completely ruins it, tbh.



yeah, the best page was when the superman kid was soft, it went downhill from there




File: 212ea3eb59fff6a⋯.webm (7.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 212ea3eb59fff6a5154f8da73….webm)


Best shotacon ever

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Very well-done and satisfying, if a bit weird at the end. Like I don't understand why Victoria woke up as Ellie at the end, sandwiched between Sarah and the same shota from earlier. I don't get why Joel was hiding under the bed or what the magical dildo has to do with anything. I hope selfdrillingsms makes a direct sequel to this that answers some of these questions.

Other than that, good shit, well-rendered, lucky boy.



If he does make a sequel, I hope he brings in an actual woman. A grown woman with tits, curves and hair on her pussy. This was basically just a boy and two girls, whoop-de-doo, where's the taboo?



Agreed, theres thousands of voluptous 3d models out there and he chooses fucking surfboard lolis for his animation.


Does anyone know if there was ever a sequel to this?


File: c3ea0ef8133bc3c⋯.jpg (84.83 KB, 632x716, 158:179, kms.jpg)


Thought I'd make an attempt to resurrect the drawthread, since it 404'd.

I'm an artist myself, and I'll take requests, but the point is to get other guys to also contribute, since the market here is quite scarce.

>Artists should probably be above average, at least

221 posts and 93 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



pls moar for the love of god



Please remember that I use HS because it's the only one that works for me. If you can run SFM/blender/Daz3d/etc, use those instead. Posing in HS is god awful and yes the stock scenes are very limited.

There are two ways to make shota in HS. The first one doesn't require mod. Just make a male char and then scale it down in HSStudio/StudioNeo. The problem is your "shota" won't look young. At best they'll look like 18yo, at worst they'll look like a midget.

The second one (the one used on that pic and other HS pics on this thread) is make a flat chested female char with no/minimum makeup, boyish hair, and penis accessory. This one needs mods. The most important ones are:

- WideSlider (most copies of HS you'll find on internet are already patched with it) to make your character very short

- Additional Bone Modifier to reduce size of bones that are not adjustable from the character creation UI, like palms, tibia, etc.

- Any penis accessories mods. The one I use is AnteKorama SoS Cock.

All of these can be found on hongfire/animesharing. There are also some modpacks but I've never tried them.



Thats great dude


File: d27154dc3b88182⋯.jpg (97.08 KB, 744x572, 186:143, ritaloud.jpg)



Welcome back to doing art, estanofuego! I've missed seeing your art with amazing impregnation, be it from animals or shotas! Here's to hoping things are smooth for you from here on out!

File: 1692a61ca7eb075⋯.jpg (40.06 KB, 561x900, 187:300, dark-secrets-avatar.jpg)


So now I'm here ye' ==cuntfuck niggers==

Btw, is "Straight Loli" a thing?

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>>10584 sauce?


I want to pitch a game to you:

The game will take place an anything-goes setting where all of the elements from all genres meet, science fiction, fantasy, horror, neo-noir, etc.

You play as an average seven year old boy with an average penis of 7 cm (2.8 in).

The plot begins just over nine months before your seventh birthday, three things happen:

all males from the age of four to ten have stopped aging and become fertile, any males who are younger than that typically stop aging at age seven.

Every female is suddenly a pedophile with an romantic and sexual attraction to boys between four and ten (in addition to any other romantic/sexual desires they already have), have lost their natural aversion to to incest (the westermarck effect is gone, but genetic sexual attraction is still present, resulting in them preferring any shotas that they are related to, furthermore, the familial bonding is still present, resulting in a familial relationship that includes sexual activity as simply another component of it).

The reverse also occurs, with prepubescent females affected in the same way prepubescent males were, and post pubescent males affected similarly to how the postpubescent females were, only their attractions are directed towards prepubescent females instead of prepubescent males.

None of this is initially noticeable, and you simply experience the effects of this change without knowing anything unusual is happening, your mom and older sister are after you, as is your neighbor, teacher, babysitter, and doctor, all older females, and the cheerleading squad of the local high school get together and reverse gangbang you, since your school is in a building that mixes all levels of education from kindergarten to high school.


also, little girls are experiencing a similar situation, pursued by their fathers and big brothers, and all the post-pubescent males in their lives.

But the focus of the game is on your experiences as a boy.



What about the babies they deserve some loving



Now THIS is great! Source????


So, anything new?

File: 5b904f7695cb68e⋯.jpg (130.89 KB, 897x769, 897:769, 9440_6c38.jpg)


Could someone post there authors that take commissions involving shota characters?

8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Ok, I sent invitation.


File: 0a2a512620c5557⋯.jpg (89.24 KB, 868x843, 868:843, 13.JPG)

File: 5a801fd96d31c88⋯.jpg (569.78 KB, 2380x1706, 1190:853, agosto final.jpg)

File: 757d2033d20313b⋯.jpg (291.47 KB, 1002x827, 1002:827, bb.jpg)

File: 12bf01de3bc21c0⋯.jpg (80.94 KB, 610x839, 610:839, negi 6.JPG)


I wish asstr would fix their site. Their author application has been down for over a year now, and the rest of the site is either outdated or breaking apart like an old building. When I say outdated, I mean 22 years outdated ("Use Netscape Navigator for the best experience.")

I say this because I had some ideas for ss fiction and thought about getting a directory there.






Hey, why you stopped responding on discord? I sent you 10$ as part for commission, and from two months you didin't answer. What happened?

File: 824d83ec7059d9c⋯.png (657.91 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 4a5f0f3ad2a2505e8cecb49bf6….png)


Is it true that mothers now breastfeed their kids well into childhood?





While it does happen, very few mothers seem willing to do so. The vast majority of mothers ween their kids of their breast-milk in the latter infancy.


where the hell did you hear that?



He didn't "hear that" anywhere…he pulled this claim out of his own ass.

It's just this guy's own personal fetish…he's just looking for spank material.

File: 08d83d0e8d7febb⋯.jpg (66.36 KB, 718x960, 359:480, 08d83d0e8d7febbcd399d5f62b….jpg)


Boy is 5 years old, he is drawn like an IRL boy of this age, and this extends to his little prick, which is 6.00 cm long and 5.33 cm around.

For some unexplained reason, he is being romantically and sexually pursued by every female since he turned 5, this is despite being unremarkable in very way for a boy his age.

The show takes the form of a stereotypical comedy/slice-of-life cartoon made for an audience of little kids, but with lots of porn involving said shota and anything without a Y chromosome.

As stated before, all females will fall head-over-heels in love with him, and also have an intense sexual desire for him, they will be in love and lust with him to the maximum extent possible for them, the degree of romantic and sexual attraction towards him is the greatest possible with be the maximum they are capable of.

But the main character, on the other hand, is just a normal 5 year old boy, with no real interest in girls or sex yet, he, in fact, has an adversarial, contemptuous, and disgusted opinion of them, he has a "boys only" club with his friends, a treehouse clubhouse built for him by his father with a "no girl's allowed" rule, he believes in "cooties", and thinks girls are gross because of it, he dislikes all things "girly", he fights with his older and younger sisters, and with his mom and aunt, he has female bullies and a female babysitter who he dislikes, his sisters' friends tease him and think he's gross, as do his female classmates, he has an adversarial relationship with his female teachers, and principal, etc.

so when all of a sudden they are all totally smitten with him, this is where the comedy comes in, the effects of his 5th birthday only change this one thing about the females it's affecting, their own personalities come into it as well, each of the affected females will respond to their new attractions to him in their own ways, and, since they remain aware of exactly what he is, but love him despite (and also because) of it, their actions will take into consideration the fact that he is an ordinary 5 year old human boy, depending on the female, they each have might have their own goals and approach to them, be it denial, resistance, and repression, providing protection to the boy against others and themselves, resigning themselves to being friends with him, or becoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



minimal story, minimal setup, more time for porn.

Also, taking a kid's show-type setting and injecting lewd into it provides a good contrast between a generally all-ages type characters and setting, and /ss/ porn.

like a show made for little kids to watch, on the disney channel, daytime cartoon network, or nickelodeon, that was corrupted somehow by some unknown force into a porn with an /ss/ theme.






yeah kinda like that, except more believable as an actual show for kids before it get's the additional pornographic element in the second episode (the night of his conception and the day of the birthday), in the style of saturday morning cartoons on any network that does children's cartoons, such as disney, and preferably during the 90's-00's, and cartoons instead of puppets.

something that combines comedy with slice of life, with action, and drama. An "ordinary kid turned hero" show like like Kim Possible or Ben 10. That way we could throw in all sorts of scenarios from all genres of speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, etc.

also, we could add to him that he also gains high-level low-tier superpowers in addition to being the (very) reluctant shota megaplayboy, such as having every one of his physical, mental, and social abilities enhanced to the peak possible for a sapient humanoid being, and he was also given psychic and magic powers that could potentially do anything, but practically are limited by the caster, and are fueled, by the same source that fuels all of the caster's actions (food and water and rest and time), and was made unaging as well (and thus age 5 forever), and his "ultimate attractor" status is merely an unintended side-effect of the dormant powers given to him in order to save the omniverse as it's chosen one, though these dormant powers were given to him much earlier than intended, originally meant for them to activate once he reached maturity, but since his enemies went back in time and were planning on killing him before his powers activated, his activation was accidentally triggered when he was 5, he will be 5 forever, has a lot of power he can barely control, thinks girls are yucky, and has every girl around him wanting to do the yuckiest things imaginable (for his age) to him, and he still has to protect the omniverse because, well, he lives there, but everyone else is prevented from discovering, believing, or remembering the threat, even when he tries his best to tell them about it and prove it to them (this is intentional as a part of the cover-up by both parties, the good guys to protect the people from knowing too much and going mad Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Take a typical western kids show aimed at boys and girls with a young boy and teen girl brother-sister team as it's protagonists, one where the boy lives as double life as a secret hero and ordinary boy his age (age 5-8, average sized dick for that age range), one which his sister becomes privy to in the first half of the first episode and decides to help him cover up (in between being the mean/annoyed/apathetic type of big sister towards him).

Then in the second half of the first episode, the villainess (who is also his evil aunt that was long thought dead, though both are initially unaware of this) accidentally causes the boy to become irresistible to the entirety of the opposite sex - especially family members - in both the romantic and sexual capacities, he is initially completely unaware of this, but this allows him to save the day due to the effect it has on the villainess.

Later, he starts to notice that everyone and everything without a Y-chromosome is acting oddly around him, and he has to deal with this for the rest of the series, luckily, he still has the typical arsenal of the boy hero in these types of cartoons to help him out with it: he is, at his base, at the very peak of human ability in all areas (physically, mentally, psychologically, etc.) for a kid his age, he has all the typical knowledge and skills of a hero character, and he might also have some degree of endowment with superpowers and/or access to advanced technology to make things easier.

He is still sexually immature, and so is uncomfortable with the type of attention he's getting from the women and girls (and even non-human females) around him, and the series is generally a dark comedy, of the kid going out and saving the world while keeping his hero persona a secret and fending off the advances of every female around him, including his own big sister, who uses his alternate identity to blackmail him, his mother, who motherly love often takes an incestuous turn, especially since his father died before he was born (in unusual circumstances related to the threat he faces as a hero), and of course, his evil aunt, who desperately wants her nephew to turn to the side of evil so they could rule together that catch up on lost time together.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1416555270423.jpg (122.79 KB, 900x856, 225:214, 1416187147769.jpg)


Vidya /ss/
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Wrong, 1,4, and 5 are For Honor.


Also, 10254 is Fallout.


File: 13f2f06957beaa2⋯.png (4.05 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 356377.png)

File: 8ffb4558dea0e71⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 297778.jpg)

File: 95349f513506f0e⋯.png (2.82 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 352088.png)


File: b94b862cb8bdc11⋯.jpg (961.1 KB, 1200x776, 150:97, 72552937_p2.jpg)

File: 6b063da32703254⋯.jpg (1006.96 KB, 1200x776, 150:97, 72552937_p4.jpg)

File: 7e3fa1f1b7d3e6e⋯.jpg (976.42 KB, 1200x776, 150:97, 72552937_p6.jpg)



This >>9985

You just killed my boner with this post. Shota is for self insert and fantasy. Curb your autism before you get a stern talk by Chris Hansen. You're not doing the fetish any favors by being an IRL pedo, you know.



When you "romance' the witch in the prologue of Witcher 1, Alvin is in the cave with you. It's kind of accidentally implied that you fuck her exhibitionism style in front of the kid.

File: 7b201e81da5e797⋯.png (207.73 KB, 1280x1808, 80:113, 01.png)

File: eb2cd28def33e44⋯.png (491.24 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 02.png)

File: cfa127038a787bd⋯.png (497.23 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 03.png)

File: 45c2b75cfb69030⋯.png (531.05 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 04.png)

File: 9e1283327408106⋯.png (579.78 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 05.png)


Mami no Meguri


File: 113da49ae734978⋯.png (569.78 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 06.png)

File: 7ca622012dd6cca⋯.png (553.69 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 07.png)

File: f559909697f45d9⋯.png (728.8 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 08.png)

File: eab3adc404658fa⋯.png (514.07 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 09.png)

File: 05684e7d54070aa⋯.png (603.35 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 10.png)


File: ee420a2b7a55e4e⋯.png (555.61 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 11.png)

File: ec613483ecd8e2b⋯.png (661.16 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 12.png)

File: eb91f39ce757c69⋯.png (535.45 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 13.png)

File: 069902799b8ef64⋯.png (600.38 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 14.png)

File: de88a94363995bb⋯.png (607.16 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 15.png)


File: dd665e5ed16cd33⋯.png (615.79 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 16.png)

File: 0eaa788ecd2c411⋯.png (593.55 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 17.png)

File: 887de7b5d78f163⋯.png (721.26 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 18.png)

File: 21fbac8c15a68ee⋯.png (607.71 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 19.png)

File: ad57b6528ae069f⋯.png (669.05 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 20.png)


File: aebcf4398a8274a⋯.png (592.05 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 21.png)

File: 69c1568bb2bdb88⋯.png (662.17 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 22.png)

File: d4397ff087eb2b0⋯.png (629.61 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 23.png)

File: 4097f4eb2ff0b50⋯.png (478.36 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 24.png)

File: a5bdc2740e46c0e⋯.png (572.45 KB, 1280x1791, 1280:1791, 25.png)

File: 88c698b85d5f45a⋯.png (888.4 KB, 1278x692, 639:346, this.png)


Guys, We need to find all of those pictures. is needed. Very goodd art thought

16 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



this hero


Thank you.



you da besssss





File: 481d645e5e60ced⋯.jpg (588.87 KB, 1862x2500, 931:1250, pocahontas-pag-15-english-….jpg)

File: 92831ae47e82a15⋯.jpg (555.38 KB, 1862x2500, 931:1250, misae-pag02-english-w.jpg)

File: fb6dad22617927c⋯.jpg (453.93 KB, 1862x2500, 931:1250, where-do-children-come-fro….jpg)

It would be great to get the latest comics

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