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File: ad3b1bb67e8834e⋯.jpeg (303.55 KB, 808x1008, 101:126, kirk_andrea.jpeg)

ea96c7 No.953

>Andrea choked back tears recalling the events set in motion nearly 50 years ago by the arrival of Captain James T. Kirk at Exo III. Andrea's trauma begins with the haunting imagery of an imposing Kirk pressing himself against her in a passionate embrace and shoving his tongue down her throat. "I was only a child in age, though my creator gave me the body of a woman, I was but an inexperienced and emotionally undeveloped child at heart, James T. Kirk exploited that youthful vulnerability to get his hands in my pants," recalled Andrea, her teary eyes looking away in shame. Unfortunately, Andrea's story may not be an isolated incident, and part of a larger and broader plot arc of serial groping and sexual indulgence by one out of control and sexually unaccountable Starfleet Captain, James Tiberius Kirk.

eebd24 No.962

on the one hand, I sympathize with him, because 3d pigs are repugnant.

on the other otoh, he's a canucklehead.

ed5d1b No.963

File: 5d82a2f65afeb25⋯.jpg (60.94 KB, 676x458, 338:229, Screenshot_1.jpg)

>The commander choked back tears as the courtmartial prosecutor rose to begin his questioning

>"Commander Chakotay, these are very serious accusations you are making towards your captain."

>"Objection! She is no longer his captain!"


>The prosecution smiled a tight little smile. He was irked but undeterred. "Commander, these are serious accusations you are making towards Captain Janeway. Do you have any proof of these allegations?"

>"Y-yes. Computer: Run "Chakotay-alpha-one."

>With a hiss, the holographic forcefield in the evidence area took the form of a late middle-aged woman in pleather BDSM gear, with thigh-high boots, a spiked collar, and a whip.

>"Computer: pause. On the morning in question, I was communing with nature on the holodeck when this suddenly appeared and said 'Like what you see, mister?'"

>"Is… that everything?"


>"Overruled! Answer the question, commander."

>"N-no. While I was still recovering from the shock, well… I should probably just show you. Computer: resume."

>The holographic woman started gyrating her hips, and her breasts moved in counter-sync with her. She went left, they went right. She went down, they went up. Then she stopped and said "Come to my quarters if you want some more of that, injun."

>"Computer: pause."

>The prosecutor walked over to Chakotay. "You're very brave. Did you know that?"

>Chakotay nodded, sobbing.

>"Whenever you're ready to continue."

>"I'm good."

>"Okay, so, I'd like to move ahead three months to the first time you woke up with her bouncing up and down on top of you…"

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