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File: c4b702c33bf3939⋯.jpg (175.92 KB, 1400x1052, 350:263, Ezri-Dax.jpg)

e0c298 No.14932

What would you do anons if you had your own Ezri to play with?

771d72 No.14933

Get ball cancer from sitting in her microwaved used diapers

c25c5f No.14946

>Anon is given his very own Ezri.

>Keep her carefully secured inside my house (to keep her safe and prevent her from succumbing to that whore Dax in her gut)

>Slowly domesticate her, using basic carrot and stick conditioning to get her to enjoy and be grateful for her new life

>New life mostly consists of maid duties, and being cuddled and given cookies and tea while we watch long DS:9 and Enterprise (the good bits) marathons.

5ad9e2 No.14964

Force her to make gains on a diet of eggs and take her to the gym, teaching her the arts of the Swole.

d81162 No.14967

File: 4cfdc6ff0a1af4b⋯.jpg (13.65 KB, 180x240, 3:4, ezri_ds9_8042.jpg)

Why does Ezri always look smug?

bbdc3b No.14971


Because she's annoying

d81162 No.14972


That's what spankings are for.

806ccd No.14980


64976b No.14983

File: 80253ff769978fe⋯.webm (14.72 MB, 320x240, 4:3, torn.webm)

Listen to Semi Charmed Kind Of Life and other 90s favorites together.

c4eb26 No.14989


>Literally can't stop noticing that Ezri's butt looks a little padded each time I watch DS9 now

Fucking diaperfags ruined Ezri.

2519b3 No.14992

File: d8d8a91b96435e5⋯.jpg (50.53 KB, 638x529, 638:529, ezri21.jpg)


It's more a question of what wouldn't I do?

8f5fb6 No.14994

>Rough Sex in every hole





89e230 No.14999


>your own Ezri

Before or after the slug ruined her?

806ccd No.15017


>Before the slug

Wouldn't she still be in diapers then? At least after the slug she wore pull-ups

bc7aa8 No.15018


Exchange for a jadzia

1b43a7 No.15019


You fucking cuck, ha ha.

2519b3 No.15024


>He likes the taste of other men's cum

c25c5f No.15060


You're welcome bro, you can also start to see the diaper in the way she moves her legs while walking - it's only there for a few scenes and it''s subtle, but yeah, Ezri confirmed as diaperfag. It is a beautiful thing.

5ad9e2 No.15095


>cuckold fetish

4086bf No.15120

If Jadzia Dax was a slut, and so was Curzon Dax, does that automatically make Ezri Dax slutty?

a63d92 No.15123


She's young enough still that if you apply a firm hand to her backside she could come out decent.

4086bf No.15124


>implying the Dax symbiont hasn't already tainted her

a63d92 No.15125


Beat that worm out of her.

4086bf No.15126


Anon, that'd kill her!

a63d92 No.15127


Use a paddle.

89e230 No.15131


She kissed a man that even Jadzia refused to touch. And Jadzia had, in Ezri's words, "dozens, hundreds" of lovers.

She was beyond hope as soon as she became a Dax. The parasite's corruption is absolute.

07af82 No.15194


Dax should be tried for pedophilia.

301629 No.15211

>make her wear the uniform

>fuck her in it

14b873 No.15212


>make her wear worf’s uniform

>fuck her in it

db62aa No.15218


Fuck her uniform then make Worf wear it.

771d72 No.15221


Fuck Worf then make Ezri wear his skin

08da68 No.15228


Make Ezri consume Klingon Flesh with you.

db62aa No.15231


Fuck Worf, Fuck Ezri and then make uniforms from them both

5bd233 No.15232



Why is "goodbye horses" suddenly playing in the background.

8d3733 No.15234


Nothing because people always forget that she fucked Worf as well.

5ad9e2 No.15238

>All these /d/egenerates that would fuck spoiled goods

Get Swole

265db7 No.15240

Only diaperfags like Ezri.

c25c5f No.15257


>Only diaperfags like Ezri

>Only Quark isn't a diaperfag.

>Therefore everyone who isn't (((Quark))) likes Ezri, and her diaper.

Would Ezri wear the standard issue Federation diaper? It exists, H.Kim gave one to Paris & B'Elanna at their baby shower - Voy:S7, Ep18: "Human Error". Actually, the existence of a standard issue Federation Diaper begs the question … is *everyone* from Kirk all the way down wearing the standard issue feddie diaper at all times?

6ac2fc No.15265

File: ecb9ffe43d54e8c⋯.png (31.67 KB, 428x467, 428:467, Bashir hopes you guys dont….png)

>Enter an Ezri thread

>it's full of diaperfags

Of course. Fucking degenerates.

77c95d No.15266


Diaperfags get the gas.

6befca No.15268

File: c96bd1258708b50⋯.jpg (29.25 KB, 679x704, 679:704, Starfleet_diapers,_Ezri_is….jpg)


>Starfleet Diapers

Like so?

2ab968 No.15280

File: 3cc31b44152df93⋯.jpg (7.78 MB, 5184x3456, 3:2, IMG_02001.jpg)

She aged well.

ccd553 No.15281


Our pally Vic Fontaine seems to like her too.

3f1c53 No.15289

File: a47d6826e57632d⋯.png (3.34 MB, 1266x2720, 633:1360, Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at ….png)

bbdc3b No.15294

File: 76c41a6cfc01d5d⋯.jpg (21.11 KB, 320x320, 1:1, efce9dd767eea90a892b156306….jpg)


do Kai Winn

3f1c53 No.15295

File: 57b38891e3c13c1⋯.jpg (367.49 KB, 1266x2793, 422:931, Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at ….jpg)


I think the nose ridges are confusing for the network, and I am not going to bother finding a better pic. Try it yourself: http://pornstarbyface.com/

bbdc3b No.15300

File: 12f93068eadb06b⋯.jpg (42.3 KB, 864x483, 288:161, 1449018020680.jpg)


I don't know, seemed to pick the jowliest pornstars it could find

2f8349 No.15302


Exactly, now that I think of it are we ever shown any crew member or civilian going into a bathroom or similar? Or can we chalk that one up as another point for 'they're all wearing fucking diapers!'?


Gasfags get the diaper.

89e230 No.15303


I know there are schematics in the tech books that include toilets, but they aren't really canon and I don't recall seeing any on screen.

2f8349 No.15311


So, to clarify, there is no canonical evidence for any member of Star Fleet using adult toilet facilities.

771d72 No.15312

File: 53e1b09a4944266⋯.webm (218.25 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Space Toliet.webm)



Au contraire

ffe359 No.15317


He's clearly checking to see if she needs a change.

4dce59 No.15328


MAD magazine had a maze where Geordi loses his visor and needs to find the shitter.

355cd9 No.15329


Post it?

2f8349 No.15346


You do know that's a chair, right?

416bcd No.15348


I lost it long ago. It was the holiday 1994 MAD magazine issue with Kirk and Picard fighting on the cover.

5ad9e2 No.15350


Post it.

178556 No.15354


so did vic damn he looks the same. how old is this pic? and how old is vic? he looked like he was in his 60s in DS9.

77c95d No.15356


>Gasfags get the diaper.

I'd drown it in diarrhea, but that would probably just make your penis harder.

5012db No.15359

>Literally the /strek/ diaper wars in this bread

771d72 No.15368


A chair you can't use in spacedock and is used as an example of a toilet on the trek wiki?

2f8349 No.15371


and that has a completely solid surface with no pan or hole to shit/piss in. Using that as a toilet would be like shitting on your kitchen table - until you pressed the button to retract the seat and it was scraped off onto the floor.


The Eugenics war was a lie - you know know the truth about Khan.

4d8210 No.15373



Looks like it has a lid that flips up, so maybe it is a toilet? I always pictured "waste extraction" having a mechanical arm though…

7597b0 No.15382

File: 2057f4d58b8b63f⋯.jpg (236.35 KB, 1500x1945, 300:389, haram.jpg)


<Waste extraction having a mechanical arm

>When going to excrete, press your ass against the wall-hole and press the "extraction" button. A mechanical arm will shove it's way into your colon and extract the waste.

I'm not sure I like this future.

2f8349 No.15385


Is the transporter reliable and accurate enough to just beam the shit out of your colon? Even if it isn't you know it's exactly the kind of job just made for Chief O'Brien.

a65121 No.15386


What about the three seashells?

f9ddea No.15388


My wife hides the toilet paper in the guest bathroom and has three seashells there instead. Most people laugh.

77c95d No.15444


I always assumed this was how it was done.

2f8349 No.15449


Are you Ezri?

2ab968 No.15451


Until they use your curtains as toilet paper.

ccd553 No.15456

File: 53a3c70785309ce⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 288x216, 4:3, damar.gif)


>Is the transporter reliable and accurate enough to just beam the shit out of your colon?

Ask Weyoun #5

6a8e1a No.15505


>Damar calls Weyoun #5 a massive pile of shit

>Transporter removes Weyoun #5

kek, now we know how the transporter "malfunctioned"

7ada8a No.15579

File: 7a9cbcd69be7fb3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.52 KB, 1040x1092, 20:21, e780fc6bcf3a26f1de99e9f438….jpg)

Ezri Dax was easy access.

1d9bbc No.15586

I'll put a big slug in ya.

76c828 No.15612


I don't suppose there's a canon 'pink goo rape tentacle beast' in strek? Or is this timeline not that fun?

5ef9a4 No.15689


It’s a half bathroom. Most people just open the cabinet and find the toilet paper.

7247c7 No.15715


wait think about it… there's no toilets on any enterprise nor do we see any on any other ship….

76c828 No.15793


Exactly, we have much more canonical evidence for the existence of standard issue Star Fleet diapers than we do for the existence of even basic toilets aboard any SF vessel.

57aef8 No.15795

File: 337036865331005⋯.jpg (102.5 KB, 1000x556, 250:139, enterprise_bathroom.jpg)

File: e680e69c40726bf⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 4576x1080, 572:135, serveimage.jpg)


presumably there's a toilet off camera.

enterprise shows a couple of these scenes.

STO also did the galaxy bridge for a mission and so they could sell it for shekles, and on that bridge one of the doors is labeled "HEAD". STO isn't exactly cannon though. I don't have the pic from STO but i'm pretty sure it's the door in the second pic.

76c828 No.15798


Considering the photo of the ENT bathroom shown there; I see a shower, I see a sink, I see a tap, and I see some towels. Do you know what I'm not seeing in that pic? The only unexplained thing in that pic is the strange, tapering, plastic bag like thing on top of the counter … did Archer and co shit in bags throughout that show? Look at his face, that is the face of a man who is slowly trying to come to terms with the fact that he might be the captain of the most advanced ship in Star Fleet, but he still shits in a god damned bag every day.

ffa893 No.15805


>he still shits in a god damned bag every day.

You may be onto something there. That's actually how a lot of soldiers end up disposing of their waste on the field.

36c889 No.16525


I would dress her in cute pajamas, keep her in my closet, safe from all the dangers of the world, and murder anyone who tried to hurt her feelings. I'd smoosh her little face and keep her warm.

Ezri is precious and must be protected.

1ac545 No.16528


He's not one of the MACOs, and even if Star Fleet hasn't reached Next Generation levels of luxury I still think that the premier ship of their navy would be better equipped for shitting than just carrying a large number of plastic shit-sacks. If nothing else that would place a finite resource into their logistical systems and limit the endurance of the ship.

2db4a4 No.16529


>If nothing else that would place a finite resource into their logistical systems and limit the endurance of the ship.

You're forgetting the episode "Breaking the Ice". Trip describes the matter resequencers that convert waste into all manner of useful goods, such as cargo containers or boots - or, conceivably, poop-bags.

It's also interesting to note the phrasing the crew use. The question the kid asks is "When you flush the toilet, where does it go?" But they never actually talk about that. There is no mention by the crew of toilets or waste collection. Trip lists the first step as putting it through the resequencer. But how does it get there? He describes nothing of plumbing systems, pipes, or sewage tanks. Nothing in his answer even remotely implies they have toilets at all.

In fact, the system he describes is perhaps more suited to the bag system, especially if the bags themselves are processed shit. Instead of having to deal with all manner of plumbing and wastewater, they could just toss the waste bag into the resequencer, as easily as throwing out a napkin.

0ff854 No.16533


What if she needs to go the loo?

1ac545 No.16547


>Join Star Fleet.

>Travel the quadrant.

>Meet fascinating aliens from ancient cultures.

>Fix their problems because apparently humans are the only ones who can do that.

>Shit in bags.

>Be the best you can be.

2566cb No.16555

File: e8074bd4f88b22c⋯.jpg (217.05 KB, 1317x1772, 1317:1772, DKbL47oX0AEqscn.jpg)


>Shit in bags

331e7c No.16556

File: fb40cdd34c1736e⋯.jpg (80.6 KB, 350x350, 1:1, wtfLi.jpg)


Next best thing to a street.

431212 No.16562


They've probably got a few toilets for diplomatic reasons.

9a4343 No.16563


790296 No.16566


You're talking about a ship whose captain who took his dog on a visit to the Planet of Easily-Offended Aliens and let the dog piss on their sacred tree.

It doesn't seem like they consider toilet etiquette to be very important for diplomacy.

2db4a4 No.16587

File: 14551addebff4a2⋯.png (333.4 KB, 720x406, 360:203, Star Trek Enterprise Seaso….png)

File: 3a0d5a7266ef709⋯.png (258.43 KB, 720x406, 360:203, Star Trek Enterprise Seaso….png)

Enterprise confirmed for shitting in bags.

331e7c No.16589

File: edb644f8af415fd⋯.jpg (68.38 KB, 318x424, 3:4, captain pajeet.jpg)



b0717f No.16595


Something as disturbing as it is beautiful.

da813e No.16604


>2nd pic

Yep, that's it. did you think "I'll be in my ready-room" wasn't a euphemism?

0ac7e6 No.16615

File: 4c4ad17d9bda40f⋯.jpg (9.33 KB, 348x480, 29:40, Bajoran Boob Lady.jpg)

>Starfleet shits in a bag

>They recycle the contents to provide materials for their food synthesizers

>YFW they literally eat shit

1ac545 No.16871


>YFW they literally eat shit

What do you think the last thing you ate was before it was processed by the plant/animal that you ate?

1a8509 No.16874


You forgot the part where Archer got mad at the aliens for his stupidity.

1a8509 No.16875


Star shit confirmed.

5d345c No.16900

How does Ezri Dax's diapers get recycled then?

1ac545 No.16921


Whoever is changing her throws it into the recyclers collection chute after he's put her new one on.

fcbcae No.16924



Have we actually established who changes Ezri's diapers?

1ac545 No.16932


This is an important point. There are several candidates on the DS9 crew & personnel.

>Bashir - I can't see this happening, but as he is the creepy 'just friends' beta orbiter of the show it would kinda fit if you look at it the right way.

>Worf - Pretty sure that it's dishonourable if your Par'Mach'kai can't change her own diaper.

>O'Brien - as much as he deserves his very own Ezri, Keiko would never stop giving him shit over this.

>Quark - he'd never stop bragging, and even with the slut-slug in her gut I'd like to think Ezri has better taste than this.

>Sisko - might be a better bet, however the memories of knowing Sisko from 2 previous lifetimes might make it weird for her, and 'changing the old man' would be even weirder for him.

>Odo - As much as I like the idea of him going full goo to change her I can't see him being up for it.

>Kiera - She's a cunt, no.

>Dukat - Nice, but he's not near enough for that to happen in canon.

It's possible that she has a holosuite character change her, but I'm pretty sure Quark records or at least peeps on holosuites often enough that she'd be outed pretty quickly.

7031b4 No.16938


What about Keiko? Or Admiral Ross? Or Sirella?

5d2bfd No.16940

File: ff76f98f0479e13⋯.jpg (75.63 KB, 1280x980, 64:49, morn.jpg)

7031b4 No.16941


You kidding? He'd never shut up about it.

328c79 No.16956

File: 706de9b7f9f64cf⋯.jpeg (9.09 KB, 269x382, 269:382, 382.jpeg)

All Daxes are coalburners.

Ezri fucked designated shitters.

Jadzia fucked worf.

Curzon fucked Tavanas mother…

The only good Dax was Joran.

328c79 No.16957


It turns shit into dilithium crystals, like a reverse replicator.

fe52f7 No.16958



Garak is obviously the go to for dealing with dirty jobs that that you wants to keep secret.

He can probably make cloth diapers for her as well.

fda58e No.16964


You forgot the obvious one


1ac545 No.16971



She would never stop complaining about it to Miles, and she'd just make him do it when she got bored of it.

>Admr. Ross

Potentially, although it wouldn't be him personally. He'd have a teenage member of Red Squad infiltrate her quarters twice a day (on a rotating schedule, carefully synced to the low points in DS9s sensor sweeps) off the books and changing her diaper for him.

>Sirella, daughter of Linkasa, of the House of Martok

"A Klingon would have hunted a fresh Targ and cut a diaper from its skin!"


A gossip like that? He'd never be able to keep it a secret.


When has a Bajoran ever done anything for another humanoid without a Cardassian boot up their arse?


Oh god, I'm picturing Garak getting all paternal with her as he wipes her clean and starts rubbing the baby powder into her crotch. Plus, we know (from Tora Ziyal) that he's into jailbait.

c1822b No.16973

What about Mirror Ezri?

1c348d No.16974


Mirror Kira and Mirror Leeta saw to that along with her spankings

1ac545 No.16979


>Mirror Ezri

Would M-Ezri wear a diaper? If she's the evil opposite of regular Ezri then wouldn't she refuse to wear a diaper no matter how messy she got?

53b1cf No.16982


I thought it was established that one wore pampers while the other wore huggies?

fe52f7 No.16983


Would you trust Leeta with something as important as checking her regularly?

1ac545 No.16990


Seems a bit weak, maybe R-Ezri is diapered whilst M-Ezri is regularly given an enema by Dukat.


>Would you trust a (((Bajoran)))

Stopped reading there

331e7c No.16992


Mirror universe isn't meant to be opposites. It's more different circumstances and the people there are more a slave to their desires. In otherwords it's a universe without self control.

14605a No.16993


He's right. Mirror Universe is more twisted than anything. Klingons for example lack strong codes of honor, Cardassians lack their patience so are literal hotheads, Bajorans lack their dedication to whining which is a plus honestly

Anyway from this logic normal Ezri should be in pull-ups or approaching potty training while Mirror Ezri is stuck in diapers.

ae6eaf No.16994


What are the chances Mirror Ezri is a full-on scat fetishist?

14605a No.16995


Mirror Ezri just does not care about being potty trained and is a complete brat.

e8a98c No.16997

I just had a thought. Clearly they had a Romulan maid change Ezri.

790296 No.17005


We've always been wondering what happened to that Romulan who was supposed to be in charge of the Defiant's cloaking device. Now at last we have our answer.

1ac545 No.17006



Heh, Mirror Ezri is perfectly able to control her bowels, but she shits herself purposefully out of pure spite.



A Romulan could be trusted not to tell anyone except the Tal Shiar

ae6eaf No.17008


The entire purpose of the Tal Shiar is to covertly distribute Dax porn throughout the RSE

8fc6af No.17009


>Heh, Mirror Ezri is perfectly able to control her bowels, but she shits herself purposefully out of pure spite.

The whole reason why she is wanted by the Terrans is that she has been leaving soiled diapers around Terok Nor out of spite.

1ac545 No.17014


But Ezri was the only pornworthy host that Dax crawled inside of.


>Talking to Mirror Ezri

>She's being an unrepentant cunt

>Seems really pleased with herself for some reason

>Seriously, she's giving Keiko a run for her money here

>Suddenly she stops taking mid sentence, seems to be focusing on something

>Dear god, what is that smell?

>Why is she giving you that shit eating grin?

>Wait … shit eating …

>for fucks sake, why would you do that?

Just imagining Nicole de Boer lurking this thread, do you think she'd find this speculation of ours entertaining?

fd32ad No.17017

File: 4dec08d654c0d1e⋯.jpg (61.16 KB, 736x981, 736:981, 44c8c8f3e1dfc4fcdffb4543da….jpg)


>Just imagining Nicole de Boer lurking this thread

>Implying it isn't her who started the Ezri Dax diapers thing

d3db99 No.17052

File: cb250992fcbca17⋯.jpg (26.22 KB, 768x376, 96:47, Ezri Smokes.jpg)

I wonder what would happen if Ezri was caught smoking on DS9?

331e7c No.17053


Joran knew what was right.

9a317e No.17066

Remember to filter the neo-/b/ fags that bring up the diaper trash. Starve them of the attention that caused them to ruin /tv/.

1ac545 No.17074

File: 301df7c4607ec7e⋯.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, 1:1, NO FUN ALLOWED.png)


>Nicole de Boer started the Ezri Dax diapers thing

Wouldn't that be fun. Then again, tfw your waifu has already been wifed.


But Swoletards are just fine. Pic related

8e19d0 No.17092


hey /tv/

36c889 No.17093


You underestimate my closet.

d0d940 No.17102

File: a001bda6c6b461e⋯.jpg (107.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ezri.jpg)

I'd stick her in a giant cube and then kill her right before she escapes.

1ac545 No.17104


You sick fuck. Ezri is not for bully. Ezri is for lewd, and diapers, and lewdiapers

331e7c No.17111


Is it wrong I am turned on by your pic?

6d7626 No.17117


>Kira a cunt

Isn't she a Cardassian though?

5cd58e No.17125


Is it a thing outside of a handful of autists in this thread?

a2a528 No.17126


No. If I were BO I would ban diaperfags. Fortunately for the diaperfags, I am not.

1ac545 No.17132

File: e2f210f22d8285e⋯.jpg (92.75 KB, 705x530, 141:106, The one thing that could s….jpg)




She fails as a Cardassian even if she was one.

04aac2 No.17134

File: 11c635a1c76da3a⋯.jpg (52.11 KB, 500x369, 500:369, 1380776285119.jpg)


I will hire 4 new virgin Trill hosts (female of course) each month, every week I'll deflower her and force her migrate to a new host.

>tfw new virgin every week

>tfw she'll remember it every time like it's her first time (because it is)

>tfw she'll feel awkward and insecure every time and ask a cuddle

>tfw you woke up in front of your pc browsing /strek/ ;_;

1ac545 No.17140


Damn. Wouldn't there be a large but finite number of suitably cute virgin Trill produced/made available every month? Do we have data for the birth rate on Trill? If we do take that number, split it in half (to account for the sex split, unless you're as much of a faggot as OP), divide the number by 12 (to give the monthly figure) and then take 5% of that number to produce the number of sufficiently cute virgin trill girls who will be available in about 18 years (assuming that Trill mature at the standard Humanoid rate, and have no anomalous beauty inhibiting/promoting pressures).

8e19d0 No.17141


That's fucking sick, you monster. I hope the ghost of Kirk comes back and punches you in the dick for your evil intentions.

c4bf7b No.17144


you're all fantasizing about fucking some kind of worm monster

speaking of which would it be physically possible to just fuck the symbiont, would it feel anything etc, does it have a usable orifice

1ac545 No.17145


>Wanting to fuck the worm

>Not wanting to fuck the cute AF pseduo-loli the worm is corrupting

>Not wanting to provide a structure and environment to save Ezri from the wanton slutslug Dax

921a7e No.17146

File: 9fd204afae22e2d⋯.jpg (30.61 KB, 600x454, 300:227, Ledonia_III_plant.jpg)

Anyone noticed that Dax likes plants shaped like buttplugs?

5d2bfd No.17153


>Spiked buttplug

6d7626 No.17154


Hey Dax is the one that got it. Might explain why Ezri is all loose in her back entrance

509787 No.17156


Huh, guess that explains why Ezri needs diapers.

226955 No.17327

File: 9db1f3d3185dbb7⋯.jpg (94.06 KB, 1024x790, 512:395, Best Jadzia.jpg)

>This entire thread

1ac545 No.17348


As in Jadzia is shocked at what happens after her death? Or as in Jadzia is dead and that's as good a thing as this thread?

630488 No.17357


Camel toe on a dying Jadzia… whoever this artist is, I'm impressed.

aab7c4 No.17358


Slut or no slut Jadzia was a qt

1ac545 No.17360


>Jadzia was a qt

Have even read any of the Ezri threads? I take no pleasure in saying this; but, sir, your waifu a shit.

3b785e No.17361

File: a976242596d77ec⋯.jpg (3.47 MB, 720x6048, 5:42, fanservice kes.jpg)


The artist is Glee-Chan if you are curious

They have quite a number of Trek cute art

8e19d0 No.17363


Jadzia is an objectively attractive woman who happens to be a massive worm slut.

ae6eaf No.17364


Aye. Pre-joined Jadzia was described as shy and hard-working, I bet she'd be prime wife material without the worm.


Ezri's not bad but long hair and high cheekbones>dyke cut and babyface

captcha: boi xjQ

8e19d0 No.17367


Curzon probably revoked his decision to deny Jadzia the symbiont because he wanted to turn her into a whore. He knew that his memories and personality would be passed onto her, thus allowing him the ultimate chance to become one with his secret waifu and and still get tons of sex.

It's not gay if you're technically not conscious and in a girl's body

1ac545 No.17368

File: e2c87a80aa91e72⋯.png (70.45 KB, 260x195, 4:3, Maximum over cute.png)


Yes, and Ezri Tigan was infinitely better than Ezri Dax - however that's the way the canon crumbles.


pic related

5d345c No.17501

File: cfd9f0508e0f922⋯.jpg (454.65 KB, 661x820, 661:820, cute overload.jpg)

Is Ezri cuter than Kes?

d0d940 No.17536



Stop posting this shitty art, it's terrible and moderately cancerous.

But the answer to your question is yes.

a37e07 No.17690

File: b2e134801f26ef8⋯.jpg (55.17 KB, 512x455, 512:455, nicole de boer.jpg)

File: 79e390e3999b7a9⋯.jpg (30.25 KB, 374x480, 187:240, jennifer lien.jpg)


>Is Ezri cuter than Kes?

Well, what would you say?

1a8509 No.17692

1ac545 No.17694

File: 3b36e81b5358bad⋯.jpg (22.27 KB, 300x310, 30:31, Kes hits 50.jpg)


>Nicole de Boer still looks about 14, and at least partially 2D

>Jennifer Lien looks like a Russian mobster who really let himself go after his 40th birthday, is definitely a strong front runner for the title of 'Ultimate 3D piggu'.

Feeling increasingly jealous of the guy who got to wife his very own Ezri even if he probably hasn't gotten her fully diaper trained yet

a36bfd No.17748


That mole is waiting for my cum.

331e7c No.17754

File: c9f20347ed50923⋯.jpg (157.41 KB, 1024x781, 1024:781, Voyager Bathing.jpg)


>Hating /cute/ art

You will drown in cuteness!

1ac545 No.17758

File: 3bc1be561814490⋯.png (154.74 KB, 500x619, 500:619, bukkake.png)




That's not cuteness they're bathing in there anon …

59506f No.17843


>Computer, initiate holodeck semen tub program number 12!

c4bf7b No.17879


Look if I had the chance I'd facefuck Ezri while forcing her to maintain eye contact

I'm just saying, why not fuck the worm? Are you not interested in scientific discovery? Humanity has so much to learn by fucking different kinds of sentient things.

a3a99d No.17884

File: a9b6db20240d4ce⋯.jpg (155.29 KB, 1025x673, 1025:673, fuck aliens literally.jpg)

1ac545 No.17887


Do we even know if it has an appropriately sized orifice? If it siphons its nutrients direct from the hosts blood stream (presumably increasing the amount the host eats, that never seems to be addressed or acknowledged in the show) would it even have a mouth or anus analogue for you to penetrate? I assume that there was at least one Anon on the team that created the Trill, so there must have been something written on the subject of whether or not the slug would survive a good, hard, dicking.

a3a99d No.17889

File: 6e6ed378ed1bf7e⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 366x360, 61:60, Check_em_cute_anime_girl.gif)


The symbionts are seen swimming around on their own a few times, and they must occasionally fuck to make new symbionts. So we can assume there are a few holes there. Also check these trips.

8fc6af No.17892

File: c57c3d9f0297236⋯.png (151.33 KB, 335x888, 335:888, come now.png)


Was your intention to get bullied for fucking up trips?

a3a99d No.17894


I thought it might happen, and picked the .gif accordingly.

0f7798 No.17895


You are a proper Ferengi keeping his options open.

1ac545 No.17896


My point was that a slugs vag-analogue is likely to be much smaller than the average human cunt. As such the best case scenario is that you can't get in without (literally) tearing the slug a new one, which is unlikely to be conducive to long term slug health.

a3a99d No.17897


>which is unlikely to be conducive to long term slug health.

You say that like it's a bad thing. Dax could stand to learn what a good dicking feels like without the protection of a fleshy host-condom.

447589 No.18207


The sick freak would probably enjoy it.

dc7fd2 No.18246


Given the low number of available slugs the unjoined Trill (who practically seem to worship the damn things) probably wouldn't thank you for tearing one apart from the inside out. Do we know if all the slugs used their hosts as fleshy condoms, or was Jax just a deviant?

509787 No.20073


the real question is who was the first to have a slug inserted into them and how? Did they go through the throat or anus?

9300e7 No.20074


It's an interesting question. What sort of deviant would look at the symbiont slug and say "Hmm, you know I bet that would feel kind of good if I shoved it up my ass!"?

331e7c No.20075


Well /k/ once shoved a shotgun up their ass.

1a2a6f No.20080

There's a lot of weird headcanon on this board. Like where did y'all get the idea that the worm gobbles cock? The worm hangs out in the space between the stomach and liver, it's not anywhere near the vagina.

16ce0a No.20081


I think you’re taking it too literal when we say it likes cock.

1a2a6f No.20082


No, I don't think it was this thread, but I remember more than once people talking about not wanting the worm to bite their dick.

cca0ab No.20126


But what about if they bite their boipussy?

1a2a6f No.20131


Then nothing of value was lost.

1cacf7 No.20157


Same thing was said when Jadzia died :^)

2a8225 No.20179


Except then we lost any chance for Ezri Tigan to be a good girl.

6d7626 No.20180


Ezri Tigan was supposedly a naughty brat.

2a8225 No.20198


Source? Also, not wanting to discipline and turn the naughty brat into a good girl.

458a35 No.20200



Her mother I assume? Either way, getting the fuck away from her was the best decision she's made, even if it lead to being infected with that slug.

dd0289 No.20206


>Have a chance to inherit a business empire

>Throw it all the way to get slugged

She made the wrong choice. Her mother should have tanned her butt till she got blisters.

2a8225 No.20216


We can all agree that Ezri needs a severe spanking, but I don't think that the mother would be able to deliver it, too much maternal attachment.

cf318d No.20218


What about her brothers?

2a8225 No.20222


All I know is I wouldn't trust anyone but myself to correct that little slugslut, I know that Dax is an ancient and established whore but it'll still respond to sustained and firm treatment. Of course Ezri will break before Dax, and I'm sure that the cognitive effects of those two conflicting forces will be adorable, but they'll both be much better off afterwards.

318850 No.20231

>>20222 (checked)

>It has to be me

Are you that anon that goes around threatening to put anons across your knee to correct their behavior?

2a8225 No.20237

File: 44cfe51fee23164⋯.jpg (81.65 KB, 300x300, 1:1, It's time for a spanking.jpg)


No. There are very few Anons who are as cute, and thus spankable, as the 19 year old Nicole de Boer. If there are any Anons in this thread who are as cute, and thus spankable, as the 19 year old Nicole de Boer then be sure to make yourself known, for … reasons.

458a35 No.20241


>>Have a chance to inherit a business empire

>>Throw it all the way to get slugged

Memes aside, her mother was pathologically overbearing. I'd take being a counsellor in starfleet over ending up fucked in the head with a business empire every time.

d0d940 No.20244


>19 year old Nicole de Boer

She was 27-28 during the season she was in, but was still super cute. Imagine what she must have looked like at 19 probably looked like a 12 year old, muh dick

2a8225 No.20264

File: 1d56039f91e7931⋯.gif (565.05 KB, 367x265, 367:265, 100000000% erect.gif)


>Nicole de Boer was actually nearly 30 when she was in DS9

>She wasn't the victim of some bizarre spatio-temporal anomaly that locked her into her first 10 seconds of 'not quite barely legal' for life

>We're reaching levels of erection that shouldn't even be possible!

Now I just want to take her into the Alpha Quadrants kinkiest holosuite program, as she might need an upgrade from an over the knee spanking to restraints and a paddle do you think she'd call you daddy as you disciplined her?

That's got to be worth paying Quarks 'enhanced privacy/non-disclosure administrative fee'.

50298d No.20270

File: 316ff668159da74⋯.jpg (471.54 KB, 800x891, 800:891, weyoun5.jpg)


>enhanced privacy/non-disclosure administrative fee

Oh no, anon. You let Ezri know that those are left off. And she'll be all the better for it because the whole bar will know that she's getting some much-needed maintenance.

2a8225 No.20275

File: c2e86ea5adf99ab⋯.jpg (84.09 KB, 581x740, 581:740, A reputable and trustworth….jpg)


Well, the enhanced privacy/non-disclosure fee only means that Quark won't broadcast the punishment across the station while you're in the holosuite. It's a great deal at only 5 bars of Gold Pressed Latinum, but it does allow Quark to record the session and rent it out to other, select, customers with a special interest in sweet little cuties getting their backsides vigorously warmed. If privacy is really a concern then you might consider upgrading to the premium privacy pact, for only 23 bars, which means that Quark will only use the recording for personal enjoyment (and sharing with a small number of friends), and retains the right to use it as the basis for new holosuite programs after rendering Ezri anonymous as Dezri Edax (choose the characters name yourself for a 3 bar premium, and alter her appearance for another 10). Now, the Deluxe Anonymity Agreement is a little pricier (50 bars) but limits the use of the recording to yourself and nominated friends, and drastically reduces the odds that Quark will observe the session personally from behind the bar.

Now; if you're looking to make some money, and humiliate your little holo-whore then there are all kinds of options for local and Quadrant-wide broadcasts. Wait, I think I have the legal documents upstairs in the office. While we're on the way up I'm interested to know, what is your position on Oo-mox fetish videos?

50298d No.20277


Did I fucking stutter, Ferengi? I don't care if the whole bar hears the cries of that harlot slug getting the lesson she deserves, I've no need to pay for your "benefits." And 25 BARS of latinum? What kind of scheme are you playing at here? For that money I could buy a dozen acres on Bajor and build my own private spanking resort. You've grown far too used to dealing with those sniveling socialists in the Federation, who'll just blindly bill everything to Earth no matter what number you put on the bill. We still know the value of things in the greater galaxy; I suggest you not forget that lest your business suffer.

f397ee No.20281


>Ezri's family

From what I gather her younger brother looked up to her and was considered a bit feminine. What's the bet Ezri dressed him up like a girl?


Absolutely (((Quarked)))

331e7c No.20286


>Not charging a strip a spank

You disappoint me Quark.

2a8225 No.20301

File: 849d0dfc219b7e6⋯.jpg (127.4 KB, 554x645, 554:645, TFW she pays retail price.jpg)


Of course, I can see you're right there. These Star Fleet Hew-mons are good people, but there's no financial acumen there at all. Now, if you're looking to get as many eyes as possible on this spanking then do I have the deal for you!

If you're willing to sign these waivers, and other … assorted documents, I can split the profits of Alpha Quadrant subscription fees with you 60/40 (plus my finders fee, incentive structure, negotiation expenses and other miscellaneous costs). All that requires from you is to commit to at least one 'session' every 7 days (we can factor in your additional payments for extra shows after the documents are signed) then we can get this started. I'm not going to try to tell you what to do, or get in your way as the man spanking that little slug slut, but our customers expect her to be humiliated, crying, but aroused and grateful to be put in her place. If you can manage that on a regular basis then I can call a few friends I have in the Detapa Council and Imperial Romulan Senate and we are going to be very wealthy men. Now, do you have any preference for spanking tools? I have a few suggestions from a very tasteful man I know from the Gorn Hegemony that I think you'll enjoy.

1cacf7 No.20302

File: 83f36f25e40dfe4⋯.png (821.79 KB, 764x781, 764:781, superb.png)


Tell me Quark, if you are plan is so great then why is the little worm not being disciplined?

a3a99d No.20303

File: 105d29a70517c74⋯.jpg (86.97 KB, 692x530, 346:265, dukat as wrinklenose.jpg)


I can see potential for something mutually beneficial behind those thieving eyes of yours…Very well, let us talk business.

First, I want 50% of the profits, and ultimate control of the company's direction. And one more word about "finder's fees" from you and I'm walking from this deal–you came to me for this opportunity, not the other way around. And if my services are as in demand as your eagerness implies, I'm sure I'll easily find another partner for this venture–perhaps one that hasn't caught the FCA's ire. As long as we're clear on that, Ferengi, I believe we'll get on nicely.

I can give you one session every 7 days. And I assure you, every one of them will be so thorough the slug will feel the stings even without the host's nervous system, and it will know every strike is well-deserved. However, I can't guarantee you exclusive sessions with Dax for more than a month. Longer than that, and the slut won't just enjoy it but she'll start to think she's special, and that will undo all of the great progress we have made. At that point, we will either replace her with a holo-replica every so often, or introduce a rotating lineup of 'guests' (which is in any case in our interests. 24th century audiences bore easily, and we'll need a variety of entertainment to keep those subscriptions up). I trust you can scrounge up some suitable candidates somewhere–if you want your half of the profits, be prepared to earn them. That dabo girl of yours, Leeta, seems like a good candidate. Put me in contact with your Gorn, I'm sure he has some flashy implements that the audience will find more than satisfactory. However, I'd also suggest you look through the Replimat archives for an Old Earth compound called 'lexan'. A primitive material, but more than effective for the task at hand. Finally, I ask that your holosuites be arranged to mask my identity–we can't all be known as men of a disreputable crowd, after all.

2a8225 No.20306

File: 6ef2dcc337042b9⋯.jpg (34.65 KB, 750x480, 25:16, TFW you create a new marke….jpg)


Oh, Mr Tennan - may I call you Anjohl? - I can see you have a mind for business. I'm happy to agree to an even split of all alpha quadrant subscriptions, and as a favour for a new partner, I'm sure I can find a way to scrap my finders fee etc for this stage of the venture - as a personal favour to you. As for that little misunderstanding with the FCA it's nothing for you to worry about, just a single liquidator with a bug where it shouldn't be, once I get the Grand Nagus to invest in our little venture they'll be singing a different tune, let me tell you!

Your idea about swapping the … subject of these shows is genius, pure genius. You're right that Ezri can't be trusted to react the way that we need, long term. There are a few obscure clauses of Leetas contract that will help us here - the silly fee-male never thought to check it thoroughly; and there are a number of other Bajoran Dabo girls who signed similar paperwork, if your tastes run that way. I also know a few Andorians and Orions who owe me a favour, and there's this Tholian my cousin did some business with a while ago who never shuts up about how much his daughter needs some discipline (I've no idea if they have daughters, or even if they reproduce that way, but hey, he's wealthy), there's a galaxy of possibility out there. As for your desire for anonymity that's no problem at all, just a question of a little holo-file editing, my nephew can sort that easily.

Now, there is the possibility that even with the change of subject the crowd may call for more after a few months. Are there any particular limits to the … lengths you'll go to for profit? If there are any lines you're uncomfortable crossing then I have a bottle of vintage Bajoran Spring Wine, and a fascinating analysis of the 98th rule of acquisition (written by the Grand Nagus Gint himself!) to discuss with you.

Pic is also TFW you now know that at least one intelligence agency now has a record of you searching for 'Tholian reproductive biology', 'Tholian breeding', 'Tholian genitalia', 'Pregnant Tholian' and 'Do Tholians fuck?' on top of the sick shit you were doing earlier

a3a99d No.20308

File: 174351a27edf059⋯.jpg (28.83 KB, 700x526, 350:263, Ch'pok.jpg)


Mr…Quark, it's good to see you so cooperative. But I'm afraid I must challenge you on your wording. I say "profits," and for the second time you say "alpha quadrant subscriptions." If you want to expand your efforts that's all well and good, but I prefer a certain degree of transparency in my business partners. Particularly if their subterfuge ends with me answering the questions of some less-than-solid folk, if you catch my meaning.

You are one who will stop at no end to help yourself, I can see. If you succeed in expanding this operation to new markets, with clientele looking for something distant and exotic, then I'm sure a talk about a few…incentives going your way will go nicely with that bottle of Spring Wine. And I'm sure you'll find my takes on the 9th and 10th Rules to be most stimulating conversation. And if you don't think it profitable to have this kind of transparency in our contract, I must remind you that I have a few friends as well, including a certain attorney who would take it as a personal challenge to nail down as slippery a character as you for fraud.

2a8225 No.20323

File: ada5053a896ff60⋯.jpg (159.54 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, Quark, did I tell you abou….jpg)


Hahaha, oh, I can see you're a sharp one! An even split of all profits then. I would resent the accusation of fraud though, you would have absolutely received every single strip of Latinum you were owed! I should point out that these are all standard Ferengi negotiating points, but if you're not accustomed to Ferengi Mercantile practice it can be stressful, don't worry about it.

Considering that we've shifted to a more general footing for our arrangement it does throw up a large number of specific problems, it's always funny when that happens. I'd be happy to administer them myself and split all profits involved 50/50 if you're comfortable to leave it there. As your tone so far has suggested you'd like a more equitable split though I'd be interested to hear your position on marketing, merchandise, livestreamed holorecordings, livestreamed 2d projections (one angle or multiple), recorded holorecordings and 2d projections (one angle or multiple), soundtrack sales, soundtrack licensing, soundtrack acquisitions, Beta Quadrant Broadcasts, Delta Quadrant Broadcasts, Gamma Quadrant Broadcasts, Extragalactic Broadcasts, Extradimensional Broadcasts (I know that they get a bad reputation but my contacts among Species 8472 tell me they're just crying out for new entertainment!), live tours, holographic performance tours, live subspace interviews, live interviews in person, Holoreplica interviews (subspace and 'in person'), Holoreplica rentals, Holoreplica sales, Holoreplica events; and, of course, the book deal?

7ec932 No.20330

File: d278eef86787e67⋯.jpg (86.57 KB, 692x530, 346:265, fuckingferengi.jpg)



What kind of peta'q finds more pleasure from the profit than an act? If you interrupt my holodeck program again Ferengi I will throw you out the nearest airlock!

2a8225 No.20348

File: 01a6d93add11502⋯.png (142.4 KB, 313x235, 313:235, When she tickles the tympa….png)


>What kind of peta'q finds more pleasure from the profit than an act?

I'm sorry, mr Klingon, sir. But I don't understand the question. I tell you what, allow me to fetch you some vintage Blood Wine and put it on your tab. When you've got her nice and broken I'll be happy to take her off your hands, as her lack of resistance would bore you and it also makes her perfect for Oomox.

d9e402 No.20354


Fucking good one.

d9e402 No.20355


You can smoke in vic's for sure… but are they holographic smokes? Do you still get a buzz until you leave the suite and the holographic nicotine leaves. What happens in your brain when those forcefields release those photons into your neural pathways? Should I be in the holodeck thread?

d9e402 No.20356


And when they lose the worm they die.

That's going to take a lot of platinum. Unless you are hiring them as maids and then murdering them that way. Would be a lot cheaper. Especially since you could get your platinum back and use it on the the next batch.

You sick fuck.

Not you the other guy.

d9e402 No.20357


I thought that was worf's doing…

a3a99d No.20359

File: a65c9318434dee5⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 159x372, 53:124, dukat_wow_stop_living_any_….jpg)

9126d8 No.20366

913084 No.20369


I'm still drunk. Might happen some more.

0acca4 No.20385


Are you Greek?

1a2a6f No.20393


Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me?

913084 No.20416


Nah my bro is though. Hope it's not contagious. I'd hate to fall on the ground and get mistaken for a bearskin rug.

a2a528 No.20419


I'm still less hairy than your mom's ass.

7ec932 No.20426


That's not entirely a hard feat though.

9a2f10 No.20670

How would you give Ezri a bath

fe52f7 No.20677



cfa440 No.20788


Not with a hose?

fe52f7 No.20822


I like the idea if stripping her and delicately cleaning ever bit of her too much.

Though if she's been naughty or if I can't be bothered on that day I suppose I could just hose her down.

2a8225 No.20855

File: a4fbaf7ba7a585f⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 600x480, 5:4, I am currently at risk of ….jpg)


>the idea of stripping her and delicately cleaning ever bit of her

>The thought of slowly and tenderly stripping Ezri off, and then gently washing her before a long - emotional - cuddling session.

>Pic related.

Then again, if she's been naughty don't hose her off, just refuse to wash her and withhold cuddles until she's learned her lesson and begs for you to bathe her.

87a968 No.20862


Would you make her eat eggs though?

fe52f7 No.20888


Even if your Ezri's been naughty do you really want a dirty Ezri? Hosing her down would be more for your sake so that you don't have to wash your hands after spanking her.

2a8225 No.20898


>Would you make her eat eggs though?

For what purpose?


I think you overestimate her resilience. Once you've gotten her broken in - at least to the stage where you can safely keep her unrestrained and without locking the room when you're not there - she shouldn't last more than a day before she's begging for forgiveness and hoping that the punishment only extends to spanking rather than that weird stuff you were doing with that programmable goo you got out of the replicator.

50d3b9 No.20903


Really need more spankfaggotry of Ezri.

50d3b9 No.20904

b0c81e No.21028


>her uniform color

So is she a medical doctor or something?

913084 No.21033


You should watch the show.

d2f6a3 No.21046


Have you ever watched Star Trek?

d9e402 No.21084


Don't feel bad anon.

I get it.

8f870d No.21085


Can you explain it for those of us that don't?

37b615 No.21120


You must be pretty new not to know about it.

e71701 No.21121


Can't say I'm familiar with it either anon.

8f870d No.21124


The fastest way to make a newfag less new is to answer his questions (when it's just a lack of information rather than retardation). Do your civic duty for 8chan and spread the knowledge anon!

ec1e24 No.21125


>The fastest way to make a newfag less new is to answer his questions

Jesus Christ, this is single worst thing you can do. Then every thread becomes spoonfeeding and meta threads about why a meme is funny. That’s how you become reddit hipsters and your board goes to shit.

The appropriate response is what I’m going to suggest you do: lurk more, faggot. Over time you’ll figure it out. That’s the secret to image boards - actually paying attention instead of just broadcasting your new faggotry.

a6530f No.21127

File: 785fbf3e150ff6d⋯.jpg (780.29 KB, 859x935, 859:935, 100387380.jpg)


>Demanding to be spoonfed

Do you want mummy to come bathe you as well anon? Do you want her to come change your diaper and burp you? Perhaps you would like to be tucked into bed and read a bedtime story?

913084 No.21128

Are we talking about the egg thing still?

It's from a thread somewhere else in the world one of those wat do threads with a pretty lost girl in your house or something

Everyone was like call the cops- or shoot the bitch- or fuck her stupid.

Whiteknight shows up and talks about how he's order her fresh clothes or a good nap and when she woke up he's give her a meal consisting of eggs.

Ano na proceeded to call him a monster for forcefeeding her eggs- drew all kinds of mspaint cartoons of him shovelling eggs into her face like coal in a steam engine etc.

It was funny.

a2a528 No.21131

File: 6ed00db736034a8⋯.jpg (200.28 KB, 970x1139, 970:1139, 6ed.jpg)

913084 No.21133

Thanks. I couldn't find it in my meme-abase

91d572 No.21137



You shouldn't feed newfags unless it's eggs

913084 No.21169


Yeah sorry….

913084 No.21170


Damn I thought the diaperfags were bad. Here we are having a good time making fun of my mom's hairy ass and you have to go and bring feet into it.

91d572 No.21252


At least it isn't handholding

fe52f7 No.21298


>I think you overestimate her resilience. Once you've gotten her broken in - at least to the stage where you can safely keep her unrestrained and without locking the room when you're not there - she shouldn't last more than a day before she's begging for forgiveness and hoping that the punishment only extends to spanking rather than that weird stuff you were doing with that programmable goo you got out of the replicator.

I wouldn't want her to be trained into thinking of anything I do with that goo as being a punishment.

8f870d No.21301

File: 14704971c1938ab⋯.jpg (16.1 KB, 307x475, 307:475, Beyond Freedom & Dignity.jpg)


>Do you even Operant Conditioning bro?

Then use it as a reward for good behaviour, train her to associate it with praise and happiness. Teach her to really fucking love that goo and the weird shit you do with it.

d19b92 No.21331

I want to take and hold Ezri's hand so that I can lead her to a nice quite spot to give her her maintenance spanking before I pad her reddened butt in a diaper. Then I would reward her for being a good girl by giving her lots of headpats.

Is it really too much to ask?

9a2f10 No.21369


Yes cause still no OC or wrtiefaggotry of Ezri being spankedor diaperedIf you only want our disgust rather than complete contempt need to step it up

3661a7 No.21617

I had a look at EU Ezri what the fuck is that shitshow?

fe52f7 No.21704


How bad is it?

b0c81e No.21718


>What would you do anons if you had your own Ezri to play with?

Ideally, and honestly?

Cuddle up and watch Star Trek episodes on Netflix and eat her ass

59506f No.21719


Why would you eat her ass anon? Are you a cannibal?

19527d No.21907


Hungry Hungry Asseating Anons

36f89d No.22452

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Imagine what she must have looked like at 19

You can actually see what she looked like when she was 19. She appeared in a few episodes of the Canadian comedy sketch show - The Kids in the Hall. She was 19 back then.



36f89d No.22453

File: 33239ad480d730c⋯.jpg (97.59 KB, 1245x866, 1245:866, tkith.jpg)

File: 7baee9052f188dc⋯.jpg (182.67 KB, 1238x869, 1238:869, tkith3.jpg)

File: ca879097c4e5b20⋯.jpg (64.35 KB, 1398x863, 1398:863, tkith4.jpg)



6edd25 No.22456


Wait, did you say 19 or 9?

cea07e No.22460


woah.. thx anon.. i loved Kids in the Hall and never realized it was her…

6edd25 No.22556

File: b7060c2957f7cb0⋯.jpg (48.57 KB, 736x460, 8:5, My ship is pointy!.jpg)


>Ezri post ds9

<Attends Federation Advanced Tactical Training course

<Promoted to Lt Cmdr upon completion of course

<Made second in command of soopa cool xperymental federashun test ship

<Takes command when CO is killed

<Saves Enterprise E, blows up a Borg Cube

<Bumps into Worf, freaks out, then calms down

<Finds invasion fleet of SEVEN THOUSAND BORG CUBES headed for Earth (can you feel those stakes rising yet?)

<Somehow boards a Borg scout ship and uses the Vinculum to start a Borg civil war, getting them to kill each other and saving everything ever

<Finds out who the Borg really are

<Destroys The Collective

<So, yeah, that was what Ezri did in 2381.

That's split over three novels, and it goes downhill from there.

a872ed No.22557


Anon, the wonderful thing about Star Trek novels is they aren’t canon. Ezri didn’t do any of that shit.

6edd25 No.22563


Thank Christ, can we get them to declare STD to be non-canon as well?

53b1cf No.22578


That's already considered non-canon cause they can't even use the source material of Star Trek, just base it loosely on Star Trek.

1a2a6f No.22586
































6edd25 No.22590


Until it is, officially, hit with the non-cannon banhammer it will still hurt.


The ship is that shape because it's experimental 'Quantum Slipstream Drive' is apparently more affected by the horizontal profile than any other factor. That and the authors decided they wanted their ships to be visually distinct and different to the traditional dish'n'nacelles design the feddies have used since Enterprise.

1a2a6f No.22592


>the authors decided they wanted their ships to be visually distinct and different to the traditional dish'n'nacelles design the feddies have used since Enterprise.

But that is a dish'n'nacelles design. They just stretched it out like a teenager putting on his first condom.

6edd25 No.22599

File: a7c6c8556e8873d⋯.jpg (38.03 KB, 300x225, 4:3, Enterprise - TOS.jpg)


Look at it again. That's not a dish; it's a shitty, stretched out, pointy … thing.

e3c286 No.22604


for ants

8c225a No.22605


hail ants

67ae2a No.22607

File: eb2f9a80b27c9a3⋯.jpg (37.67 KB, 550x272, 275:136, streamlined baroque and st….jpg)


But have you seen my new retro ship designs tho.

1a2a6f No.22609


That "thing" is called a dish. Yeah the dish doesn't stand off from the body, but it's still a dish.

6edd25 No.22610


>Dish, noun, a shallow/concave container or receptacle

I suppose, technically. But they should never have abandoned the space/materials efficiency provided by the Olympus class design.

1a2a6f No.22640


Is that the hospital ship with the spherical gland end?

6edd25 No.22645


Yes, although if that concept was designed for a standard ship, rather than specifically for medical facilities you'd have a lot more space for additional research stations and equipment, expanded shield and weapons, more crew, and whatever else you wanted to put on-board.

458a35 No.22682


There are several potential disadvantages to spherical design that might make it unsuitable for a warship.

>bigger target

This might be counterbalanced by lower surface area/volume, but still something to consider.

>much more vertical movement

We move much faster horizontally than vertically. This wouldn't be an issue if they didn't use artificial gravity. Could also be solved by having corridors where gravity is rotated 90°, but that would probably complicate the design (which could be said about any artificial gravity, but filming zero-g environment is just too expensive)

>harder spacial orientation

I'm not 100% sure about this one, but IMO it's much easier to have a mental map of a two dimensional structure. Might be beneficial in chaotic situations. I admit, this more something that someone like Klingons might be concerned about, not the feds who like to over-engineer things and then rely on highly trained crews.

6edd25 No.22686


>bigger target

Granted, but the added volume allows it to do significantly more than a saucer ship of similar surface area. The extra space would also allow you to install more resilient shield generators (and the power infrastructure that would require) and maybe even a second layer of back-up shielding, the Feds do love their redundant failsafes, and alternating between two shield layers could potentially make 'could take more fire' a negligible problem. Also, given that the ships are using light speed or tracking weapons with extensive targeting computers backing them up, it should be just as easy for them to hit a 1 meter square target as a planet.

>vertical movement

Could be fixed, or at least helped, with a well designed turbolift network. Or maybe even a dedicated internal transporter network.

>spatial orientation

I see your point about the Klingons there, but a good study of the specific problems caused by the extra space would determine how that can be addressed with changes to command structure, doctrine, and training. Even the Klingons could be made to work with it given enough work.

1a5c41 No.22691

File: 23b516286b7a282⋯.jpg (774.48 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, 2011_Star_Trek_Ships_of_th….jpg)


>they should never have abandoned the space/materials efficiency provided by the Olympus class design.

You mean the Olympic class, like the USS Pasteur in the TNG finale. Yeah, it's basically a recycled design from the early Daedalus class. I like that they opted for something other than sleek and stretched-out for an evolved concept, but imho it screws with the visual continuity of starfleet ship designs, basically causing an aesthetic timeskip that i'd like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on.

The beauty of the original Daedalus is that it clearly looked more primitive than the Constitution class whilst retaining the basic concept of primary and secondary hull, and roughly similar proportions and size which is an impressive feat considering how retro the TOS ships already seem. The problem with recycling the most recognizable parts of that design is that you've now muddied the waters. What's old is new again irl often, sure, but i'd like to think they stopped using spherical primary hulls for a reason and they probably wouldn't just show-up again centuries later. There are other options for a visually-distinct hospital ship design, i'd imagine.. like stacked saucers, tandem saucers, tandem secondary-hulls, yet another Oberth variant, etc.

They did the same design-stealing, but in reverse, for Enterprise, with the Akira-class from hundreds of years in the future. The fact that they didn't go for a "retro" pre-TOS look & feel for the show is fine, as far as i'm concerned, but the basic design of the ship was a mis-step imho. It was a mistake to copy a design from hundreds of years in the future. They should have bridged the gap between pic related and Daedalus. Basically a space submarine with nacelles.

18f8ec No.22711




No lid. There's a micro-transporter pad in the seat. It's the future… you don't push your pee and poops out you transport them out.

2efd73 No.23022


Wouldn't Ezri use a potty?

96ca94 No.23027


>Wouldn't Ezri use a potty?

>Implying Ezri is that old or responsible

2c24d6 No.23247

I am trying to picture a Swoleverse Ezri and each time my mind vomits

dfbf67 No.23263


Maybe its just easier to rattle off hundreds of identical nacelle sections, and just paste them onto maybe a dozen different hull sections, which are themselves pasted to a few dozen specialized saucer sections.

dfbf67 No.23264



>You do know that's a chair, right?

Why would a chair retract into a wall horizontally? It would be easier to have one flip out from the wall.

Maybe starfleet is genuinely shit at engineering, and that's why it takes a union of dozens of species to survive.

96ca94 No.23266


Considering that they're (at least on Earth) at post-scarcity levels of tech there might be a strong argument for them being understandably shitty engineers - by our standards at least. They no longer need to worry about conserving mass or making the best use of materials. You ran of duranium alloys? So what, just go to the replicator and pull out another few hundred kilos of the stuff. Why are you even using raw materials anyway? You do know that we can pretty much instantly create entire components in one piece, right? Seeing as they have orbital shipyards and their engines don't seem to care about the mass of the ship they don't need to worry about weight either. Having a meter thick gap between the walls of two compartments in a spaceship is a retarded decision today (and the sort of things that would cost the engineer who proposed it the respect of his peers and probably his job) but what reason do they have to give a shit about it?

259360 No.23353


Only the bit about weight makes sense.

Maybe. No idea how their hover shit works, watching Voyager land on planets was disturbing.

dfbf67 No.23355


>implying writers were intelligent or motivated enough to look up the science behind that shit

Closest I can figure is the same technology that creates warp fields MUST also be capable of creating a zone of levity. Levity is the force opposite of gravity, it's responsible for the increasingly faster expansion of the universe. We don't understand it at all, and so far we just use "dark" variables/factors as placeholders for it. In essence, if an area of levity is placed between two masses, it should counteract the attraction between them.

259360 No.23356


I'll take it, because the writers gave me nothing else.

7a0b19 No.23428

Speaking of chairs does Ezri have a highchair?

96ca94 No.23444


You wouldn't want to keep her in your lap?

0f2a51 No.23552


The only position Ezri assumes on your lap is across it.

dab03c No.23579


Don't you want to feel her padded butt squirming on your dick as you hold her in place?

7630a5 No.23590


It was clearly Sloane. Section 31 had an entire division dedicated to sneaking on board DS9 to change her without anyone being the wiser. How do you think they got so good at it?

5d7c12 No.23594


This is a spanking Ezri fetish thread. You need to leave.

ca6a7a No.23595


Spanking is fine too. I was just taking issue with the idea that spanking is the only way to enjoy an Ezri on your lap.

5d7c12 No.23596




96ca94 No.23597


>Section 31 changes Ezris diaper

>Ezri never asked to be diapered, she just woke up with it already on one day

>After freaking out for a while she took it off, and started getting dressed.

>As she was getting into her uniform an automated diaper hidden in the crotch of the outfit closes itself around her

>Over time she's gotten used to having someone break into her quarters every night to clean and change her

>she still has no idea who's behind it and is too embarrassed to actually tell anyone about it


Spanking doesn't necessarily need to involve her buttocks. You could spank her breasts, stomach, or pussy. There's a variety of more humiliating, intimate, and painful ways to spank her. If you aim the stomach spanking just right you might also get a decent chance of punishing the slutslug itself.

9479a0 No.23625


Their plan is to destroy her potty training and get her ASSimilated by the Borg so all the Borg leak into their regeneration alcoves and cause short circuits.

7630a5 No.23674


>The Borg assimilate Ezri and all become incontinent

>The Borg assimilate Dax and all become sex perverts

>The Collective disintegrates into a cesspool of scat orgies

>Section 31: All according to keikaku.

dd42be No.24037

40f2b1 No.24170

File: 73027fa761c9e9b⋯.jpg (161.63 KB, 960x960, 1:1, dataspot.jpg)


>Is Ezri Dax from Star Wars?

9b563f No.25775

There is a reason that one of my latest Jumpchain's has a guy who went through the events of Doom 1, 2, Final, 64 and then 2016 ends up in trek/on DS9 late enough to meet, waifu and impregnate here.

She's a small lil' qt3.14. Would impregnate with a male superbaby - in my fantasies - again.

(Keeping in mind my character is a huge guy at 7.6+ and is nearly a avatar of Brodin.)

9b563f No.25777

There is a reason that one of my latest Jumpchain's has a guy who went through the events of Doom 1, 2, Final, 64 and then 2016 ends up in trek/on DS9 late enough to meet, waifu and impregnate here.

She's a small lil' qt3.14. Would impregnate with a male superbaby - in my fantasies - again.

(Keeping in mind my character is a huge guy at 7.6+ and is nearly a avatar of Brodin.)

..oh no. She's wearing diapers because that fucking worm already has turned her into a complete whorebag… (To keep the jizz from ruining her uniform.)

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