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File: e98d9965e16ae09⋯.png (338.84 KB, 627x489, 209:163, guldukat02.png)

File: 7f4419937f2406f⋯.png (115.99 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Galor class.ship.png)

File: a11107c01b12394⋯.webm (14.37 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, Cosmoteer 2018-01-07 22-2….webm)

fb69c3 No.15735

Tell me Major, if the Federation is so great, why are its ships so bad?

20c98f No.15821

File: 3d61344e4ccaee5⋯.png (450.46 KB, 600x700, 6:7, keep-calm-and-prepare-for-….png)


>Ramming Speed

Worf would be proud

Also finally stopped disgracing Cardassia?

5bbeb6 No.16028


>Cosmoteer thread or Ship thread?

As much fun as Cosmoteer is that thread would belong in /v/, so let's talk ships instead.

Federation ships are very good at what they were designed for - exploring and science shit. As we've seen with the Defiant class though when they want to build pure warships they seem to do very well. With the Defiant they even managed to realise that bringing wives, children, and other non-combatants only serves to give your crew tragic backstories.

c58cfb No.16032

>Galor Class ships were designed to work in teams to make up for lower firepower

>Every Cosmoteer Galor is a tank.


41cc69 No.16033


Defiant Class was in many ways a massive failure. It couldn't apply a lot of it's power that it had available. It was supposedly meant to cost as much as a Heavy Cruiser to produce and above all wasn't that practical for roles other than ship combat. In the end it was ships like the Saber Class that ended up filling it's role which were a lot more capable and easier to produce.

It basically was just a testbed for the new ship line that Starfleet were making.

8caac4 No.16040


I thought it was just Sisko working out his pent-up sexual frustration after losing his wife.

5bbeb6 No.16042


>It couldn't apply a lot of it's power that it had available


712141 No.16045


The Defiant has firepower potential far greater than the hull could take, it's a nuke in a paper sack.

5bbeb6 No.16051


Source? How could the Defiant be improved?

fb69c3 No.16053


from what i've seen on comparison images, galor is bigger than most federation ships so i just went with that

the huge size alone makes it cost a lot, if i don't make it into a tank it ends up being useless

3447bd No.16055

Good ships are fascist.

t. Gene Roddenberry

b0180b No.16063


He's right, I played Eclipse Phase once and the fascists had the best spaceships in the galaxy.

Jovians strong

5bbeb6 No.16067

You're all forgetting the most important secret of Federation engineering. It's an advantage envied by every other faction in all four quadrants.

The Federation has discovered the arcane mystery behind the construction of plot armour

a32d7b No.16068


It seems to have a fatal flaw. Consoles can explode and kill non regular cast members with the force of an IED. Fuses or failsafe(r) electronic and electrical engineering in the future seems to be missing, at least in some Trek series.

5bbeb6 No.16070


It's an often overlooked requirement of the plot armour. The Star Fleet research teams who originally developed the Archer Pattern Plot Armour hid this requirement in appendix 'Siera-Three-One' of their initial proposal. As they explain in that document warping probability on that scale for that long that far and that consistently requires a blood sacrifice on a regular basis.

SF researchers and political experts were incredibly concerned when they realised that they had accidentally proven the existence of dark gods watching over humanity, providing boons of protection or strength, and taking their price in the broken twitching bodies of the non-commissioned ranks of Earths finest. It was however decided that the tactical advantages provided were worth the cost (both human and moral); and, they argued, technically the losses incurred by constantly exploding computer hardware were more or less lower than they had been taking previously when whole ships were frequently lost without inflicting significant damage on the enemy.

Fortunately no Star Fleet or Federation decision maker or journalist has ever read enough of 'Dynaminc and Trinamic behaviour of transonic Duranium alloys in highly energetic environments' to learn this secret. A small number of Star Fleet officers have discovered the … unusual properties of their armour following analysis of the casualty figures from combat, but (following off the record contact from a non-existent branch of Star Fleet) they have universally deleted the relevant log entries, and accepted a quiet retirement post on Earth (where they run an elevated risk of both alcoholism and suicide).

7064ae No.16093


Multiple times in DS9, including when the Defiant is first introduced and a couple other occasions, they make reference to design flaws in testing resulting in the engines and weapons being so powerful they nearly seriously damage themselves or "tear the ship apart" if used at full power, which is why they never really did anything with it (since the Defiant was originally built as a response to Star Fleet getting their shit pushed in by the Borg). Sisko pulled it out of development hell due to the Dominion threat and the episode where Jake and Nog end up on the Valiant mentions O'Brian doing some tweaking to avoid these problems, but overall it seems like the ship design didn't really take into account how much more power they'd have without holodecks, recreational facilities, replicators in everyone's quarters, and so on siphoning it off constantly, as well as possibly demonstrating that having more power scales your weapons and engines up faster than your shields and structural integrity systems.

4ba6e0 No.16098


Underrated post.


Did you actually watch the show?

98eadf No.16100


>shitting on uss ben sisko mothefucking pimp ass


this i gues?

952659 No.16106

Defiant was shit.

fb69c3 No.16194

update to the original topic:

as of yesterday cosmoteer has a dedicated server, so now you no longer have to pray that you can actually host a game

a lot less laggy too

this is pretty much the best time to test ships there

ff231b No.16242


>Jovians strong

I thought it was the Supers who were fascist. I admit I've never played Eclipse Phase, just read stuff on /tg/.

b0180b No.16248


The Supers? Who the fuck are you talking about, do you mean the Ultimates?

If so, you're partially correct - the Ultimates are basically biofascists. The ideal society can only be achieved by uplifting humanity to the next level of evolution, and that can only be done by turning yourself into a Metal Gear or a swarm of nanomachines or some shit.

The Jovians are the complete opposite - a bunch of them are still Catholics who think that jamming electronics into your body and uploading your consciousness is tantamount to suicide. Combine that with their isolationist xenophobia and strong focus on military strength while all the non-elites of society die of cancer and cystic fibrosis and other things the rest of the galaxy moved past decades ago.

If the Ultimates are Nazi Germany, the the Jovians are Pinochet Chile, up to and including being backed by the literal CIA.

ff231b No.16250


>The Supers? Who the fuck are you talking about, do you mean the Ultimates?

Yeah I meant Ultimates, they're the ones that are going to become unplayable in second edition.

b0180b No.16252


They are? I wonder why.

ff231b No.16253


>They are? I wonder why.

There was a thread about it on /tg/ but I seem to be having trouble finding it.

c36fa8 No.16290


Developers are SJW leftists, and in their exact words they said that "The Ultimates Are confirmed to be removed as a viable player character option in the upcoming second edition, because the developers decided that the Ultimates promoted playing as a fascist and because of that they had to go…" Again, marxism ruins another thing…

b0180b No.16314

File: 31ccc23af95885e⋯.png (48.72 KB, 250x150, 5:3, a very loud okay.png)


Yet I can still play as a Jovian. Interesting.

e7bd07 No.16316

File: 883eacabce706a2⋯.png (230.88 KB, 689x530, 13:10, ClipboardImage.png)

How useless was this?

8d22d7 No.16317


Just rewatched the DS9 episode where they meet the Jem'Hadar.

>ditching the saucer was supposed to make the Galaxy class ship more formidable in battle

>they were expecting trouble, yet they sent the Odyssey in with the saucer still on

I guess maybe they were going for the 'big intimidating flagship' effect.

They probably would've gotten wrecked anyway, but still.

c36fa8 No.16324


Jovian are unfavored by the the designers being a strawman for the designers SJW political opinions, and they themselves even explained in the forums that they like to keep a 'big bad guy' faction for the other factions to face off against despite all the interesting possibilities inherent in the idea of transhuman rejectionists in a world full of transhumans, plus the fact the jovians are probably right in that using TITAN is bad.

Go here for more information:


b0180b No.16332



3978cb No.16338

File: e0eba2ae482a940⋯.jpg (47.31 KB, 736x552, 4:3, galaxy-class-sep.jpg)


i mentioned in another thread, but saucer sep is a great concept but pants-on-head utilization. The lone saucer should be more-or-less stationary with the main shuttle bay doubling as a spacedock capable of accommodating small, unibody starships like Defiant and the Oberth without it's module. It's purpose would be as a temporary base for multiple mission types.

Detaching the Captain's Yacht at the bottom of the saucer would allow a dock for cargo/expansion modules stacked vertically below, rendering the entire pop-up starbase basically a scaled-down version of the "mushroom" starbase we know from ST3 and TNG

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