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File: 93fa7fac25d1fe7⋯.png (2.7 MB, 2500x1405, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)

3907ee No.18367

I know this is /strek/, but this is a general space sci-fi post.

Am I the only one who has a difficult time enjoying live-action sci-fi set in space solely because they have sound in the vacuum of space?

Any time I hear a ship roar past the camera or the bang of a loud explosion or the "pew pew pew" as lasers fire, I become totally unimmersed in the show and am no longer able to enjoy it further.

I give credit to very old shows/movies like early Star Trek movies and series, Star Wars, etc, but newer movies should know better than to allow the Hollywood effect to continue on in the dead of space like this.

It's unfortunate that the only series I can think of gives proper acknowledgement to physics was Firefly which had a host of other problems of its own (tldr: it was good until you realized how stupid it really was).

Lots of good space sci-fi out there that I can't watch because of this. What can I do to overcome this pedantry?

3907ee No.18368


>I give credit to very old shows/movies

Oops… should be:

>I give a pass to very old shows/movies

606db5 No.18370

Star Citizen release date never ever had an interesting hand-wave explanation for this: psych evals suggested that crews perform better when they have tactile and auditory feedback from weapons, so by default a ship had tiny speakers connected to the firing mechanisms of all the weapons, to give the pilot/gunner/whoever simulated feedback.

>newer movies should know better than to allow the Hollywood effect to continue on in the dead of space like this.

There's been no indication that nuHollywood would be better about things like this than it was in the past (if anything the antics have gotten even worse recently), so why would you assume the trend would buck for space autism?

a3c073 No.18372

I don't think they were entirely consistent with this, but the BSG reboot had a lot of exterior space shots that were sound effect free. You got "pew pew", but if i remember correctly it was always from the perspective of the pilot inside the Viper. The lightspeed jumps may have had a sound effect, though. Don't remember.

5cef60 No.18373


>What can I do to overcome this pedantry?

realise that if there was none of those sound effects the whole thing would feel sterile and boring and we would all be sat watching screens in darkness…….which is only marginally dofferent to what we do now

f9be2e No.18395

I rank people who can't enjoy space scenes unless there's no sound on the same tier as those raging autists that bitch about how many legs a dragon has.

7648da No.18406


>how many legs a dragon has.

If I may interject for a moment, what you commonly describe as a dragon is not a dragon, but in fact a wyvern. A dragon has four legs while a wyvern has two.

Many people call a wyvern a dragon everyday without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events the term dragon is used to describe wyverns without many people knowing the distinction.

There really are dragons that people out there are naming correctly. Dragons and wyverns are related but people using the terms interchangeably are incorrect. All the so called "dragons" are really members of the wyvern family.

3be5b1 No.18417

File: 4ff59e2f247a8a8⋯.jpg (686.17 KB, 1777x1000, 1777:1000, Wyverns ARE dragons.jpg)


Wyverns are clearly a subset of dragons. No different that how Eastern dragons are still dragons despite usually not having wings.

61578f No.18419

I often feel the same way. I just can't have fun if I feel I'm smarter than the people who came up with a film or TV show episode. Even the characters being exceedingly stupid makes my mind lose its grip on the show. I stop paying attention to it and start focusing on how idiotic the error is.

Space noise, though… It's so prevalent, I'm already used to it. It ends up being a nice surprise when they do it right. In 2001, the scene of the astronaut repairing the ship's equipment in the vastness of space to the sound of nothing but his own breathing really puts things into perspective… And makes the sight of HAL's shuttle behind him all the more terrifying.

0683df No.18424

Have you considered being less autistic?

Go watch Lexx instead. If that doesn't fix you, then you might as well drop sci-fi altogether.

dd1189 No.18480


Which was ripped off almost word for word from Eve Online the fastest dying space game in the quadrant

dd1189 No.18481


Oh fuck Lexx man!

I wish cinemax would pick up that series and me t me see some of dem bewbs

e57d21 No.18483


what is dead my NEVER die

t. 9 year Eve Bittervet o7

42c162 No.18518


Dreamers going to Star Citizen

Oldfags migrating to Elite Dangerous

204b0a No.18564


Smartfags jumping to Infinity Battlescape

4e8ff1 No.18570

Ever thoght that the Star Trek universe is the Golden/Dark Age of Technology from Warhammer 40k? Maybe the augments from the Eugenic Wars were some failed prototype experiments of the emperor? Vulcans are what will become the Eldar? Borg will become the Necrons?

c47bd6 No.18584


what's that?

7dfe0a No.18585


Hehe me too I think would have to look it up. Atleast I am a member of an historical corp.

makes up for being mostly absent on the killboards for the better part of 4 years

43e4ee No.18623


Game using a custom built engine to render an entire solar system including planet surfaces 1:1

About an intrasystem battle so you fight over an entire solar system disrupting supply lines, repair facilities etc.

Out of all the space games that have come out the woodwork in the last decade it shows the most promise.

78a5c1 No.18630



That sounds pretty neat tbh. I threw some shekels to Chris Roberts because I want to believe, but even I have to admit the chances of SC being neverending vaporware get higher with every major expenditure like Citizencon.

e59208 No.18637

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Infinity Battlescape you say?

61aef9 No.18654


Dammit Stallman, are you going to start calling dragons Wyverns + Legs

dd1189 No.18668


If I wasn't phoneposting I'd write up a full interjection. If no one has done one by the time I get to my desktop I'll do it.

42c162 No.18671


You can buy your own model ship and play with it.

e47753 No.18681

File: e2903ba702e9bce⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 2795x2795, 1:1, radio_broadcasts.jpg)


There's sound in outer space in the form of electromagnetic waves of many different kinds. Lasers going could be detected by sensor instruments to produce sounds, proximity sensors could produce flyby rumbles and so on.

If you'd go on a real life spacecraft you might hear space jinglings and strange sounds in outer space coming from the ships internal radio or other sensors speakers.


b44423 No.18682


>Sound in space

Clearly Cthulhu

42c162 No.18753


>200 light year diameter

Wouldn't it be more like 60?

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