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File: ef49cca6983b6ee⋯.jpg (314.33 KB, 825x464, 825:464, stkv.jpg)

796bb0 No.2408

I've heard a few suggestions ranging from dialing the scavenger theme up to 11 to it literally being Wild West in space with the Voyager acting like a bounty hunter bringing law and order to lawless regions. Think any of these ideas would work anons?

5e94ad No.2409


It's Red Dwarf without any humor.

There's no hope.

fae3db No.2410


>How would you fix Voyager?

>implying it can be fixed.

>Think any of these ideas would work anons?


Go to jail. Directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

c796cc No.2411


796bb0 No.2418



>They didn't watch Doctor or Barclay episodes

Voyager being unsalvagable is a meme.

33f2c6 No.2421

>no reset button for the ship

>keep the animosity between the federation officers and the Maquis.

>no kids

>no Neelix

>tone down the autism of Barclay

>promote Harry at least once.

207f8b No.2430


>>promote Harry at least once.

He did nothing to deserve it.

5e94ad No.2433


It's cold outside; there's no kind of atmosphere

I'm all alone, more or less

Let me fly, far away from here

Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun

I want to lie, shipwrecked and comatose

Drinking fresh mango juice

Goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes

Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun

Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun

ad24e7 No.2438


It was episodic 90's TV, people expected too much. Even when a show went all in with the premise like nuBSG it ended up as trash anyway.

fae3db No.2441


>Even when a show went all in with the premise like nuBSG

>implying nuBSG was a comparable failure to Voyager

If the writers hadn't committed to that "# of hidden cylons to be revealed" later garbage without having a clear long-term plan, the show would have worked out. The first 3 seasons was great TV until they had to shoehorn in a solution to the "five original models" bullshit.

5e94ad No.2445


It was due to budget cuts by syfy, not because of plot confusion.

8795b2 No.2457


Have neelix die in the escape from the underground city Make sure janeway takes her prozac. give the doctor his mobile emitter earlier on. Make sure harry loses his innocence Fast and hard. Keep kes and have her evolve over the show slowly.

Have arcs involving them finding new materials and Token halfie klingon prototyping new weapons/shields metioned between her and the other senior officers. Learning tech and designs from other races as well bunkering down every so many episodes for a ship repair overhaul. Change the look of the ship gradually to look like something else. Have emotional moments from janeway and rest of crew when they start adding powerful weapons to voyager as it turns from a exploration vessel into more of looking like a warship. Have barclay make a call earlier in the show. Make it good animated have sometimes years pass between seasons and episodes. ITs going to be a long fucking haul home. No one has kids for the first 5 years before someone asks the captain for permission. Have janeway get emotional about this that someone is asking her to have children At least 10% of the crew should have died at this point. with some aliens joining for funizies/friendship possibly other nebulous reasons. Have voyager deal with possibly more cosmic horrors like the pitcher plant. Make sure to balance the show with them finding actual moments of respite and peace. Have the borg versus species whatfuck be a entire season set in a escalating war zone with species whatfuck not openly hostile towards non borg life but destroying nonborg planets near the borg to prevent assimilation. Have janeway discover the borg Portal network HAve her wreck it. Have the explosion deal massive damage to the borg and massive collateral damage possibly genociding whole races. species whatfuck and borg have final clash with janeway having to choose a victor with one of token halfies new weapons When barclay makes contact have Starfleet Order janeway to therapy and not be the captain for awhile. This is as far as I got.

Who wants to flesh out more of this Hot hot fanfic outline.

fdec0a No.2458


>He liked nuBSG

Consider suicide. That show is a fucking abomination.

fae3db No.2459


>No one has kids for the first 5 years before someone asks the captain for permission.

Those are going to be depressing abortion statistics for an abysmally low moral crew.

>Have barclay make a call earlier in the show.

The show would be more dramatic if they never have any contact with the Federation until near the final season/episode.

>When barclay makes contact have Starfleet Order janeway to therapy and not be the captain for awhile.

Why exactly? Order the most experienced military officer onboard ship to step aside, so equally stressed junior officer can take over more responsibility?


>That show is a fucking abomination.

New Caprica plot, Galactica atmosphere drop, Pegasus missions. Fat Lee Adama. Fucking better than Voyager any day.

c48b39 No.2471

File: e635975e2cb8bce⋯.jpg (31.82 KB, 705x530, 141:106, Tinker_Tenor_-_The_Doctor_….jpg)

It wasn't a bad premise, just poorly executed because they played it too safe. I'd had done it as a tense survival story. There should have been much more tension between the Maqui and crew with Janeway barely holding the crew together or even losing control of the ship for several episode story arcs only bringing Maqui and Starfleet together after a long drawn out muntiny to finally an uneasy alliance. She'd had been forced to constantly compromise principles while trying to maintain her starfleet loyalties and ideals. When they ran out of photon torpedoes they should have really been out. Should have been forced to jerry rig the ship with alien tech clunking across space introducing new weird tech possibly even resorting to piracy. It should never have felt like a normal stable situation, studying shit and doing gay shit like TNG which would have made the show unique instead of just ST lite. All they really did was ration the replicators. Should have been much worse. Tuvix should have lived removing one annoying character and one boring character replacing them with an interesting character to flesh out solving that problem. Excess characters should have been killed off as the crew grew more jaded in such a hopeless situation. Kim especially. He was dry toast and would have made prime sacrifice to the plot gods letting the audience know people die on this show. Could have still brought on tittyborg but scrapped the borg ruining plotlines, grab her, escape the clutches of the borg by the skin of their teeth, and her conversion from Borg to Human should have been better written. The emotionless badass thing was dumb, she should have been more like Hugh. And holodoctor as backup captain should have really happened. He was the best character on the show, removing Tuvok could have necessitated it as Tuvix deals with his new half alive half dead identity. Holodoctor should have also holodicked Seven of Nine. A romantic relationship between the two would have made more sense than the Injun out of nowhere. Tchakotay instead should have never had the absolute loyalty to Janeway but represented the leader of the onboard Maqui and a constant threat of mutiny against Janeway making their relationship one of constant tense diplomacy which finally, only after a long period, builds into mutual respect. By the end of the series the crew and ship clunking back into the Alpha quadrant would just be a raft full of survivors.

301b72 No.2480

We need a "Best of EMH" episodes.

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