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File: ef49cca6983b6ee⋯.jpg (314.33 KB, 825x464, 825:464, stkv.jpg)

796bb0 No.2408

I've heard a few suggestions ranging from dialing the scavenger theme up to 11 to it literally being Wild West in space with the Voyager acting like a bounty hunter bringing law and order to lawless regions. Think any of these ideas would work anons?

5e94ad No.2409


It's Red Dwarf without any humor.

There's no hope.

fae3db No.2410


>How would you fix Voyager?

>implying it can be fixed.

>Think any of these ideas would work anons?


Go to jail. Directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

c796cc No.2411


796bb0 No.2418



>They didn't watch Doctor or Barclay episodes

Voyager being unsalvagable is a meme.

33f2c6 No.2421

>no reset button for the ship

>keep the animosity between the federation officers and the Maquis.

>no kids

>no Neelix

>tone down the autism of Barclay

>promote Harry at least once.

207f8b No.2430


>>promote Harry at least once.

He did nothing to deserve it.

5e94ad No.2433


It's cold outside; there's no kind of atmosphere

I'm all alone, more or less

Let me fly, far away from here

Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun

I want to lie, shipwrecked and comatose

Drinking fresh mango juice

Goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes

Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun

Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun

ad24e7 No.2438


It was episodic 90's TV, people expected too much. Even when a show went all in with the premise like nuBSG it ended up as trash anyway.

fae3db No.2441


>Even when a show went all in with the premise like nuBSG

>implying nuBSG was a comparable failure to Voyager

If the writers hadn't committed to that "# of hidden cylons to be revealed" later garbage without having a clear long-term plan, the show would have worked out. The first 3 seasons was great TV until they had to shoehorn in a solution to the "five original models" bullshit.

5e94ad No.2445


It was due to budget cuts by syfy, not because of plot confusion.

8795b2 No.2457


Have neelix die in the escape from the underground city Make sure janeway takes her prozac. give the doctor his mobile emitter earlier on. Make sure harry loses his innocence Fast and hard. Keep kes and have her evolve over the show slowly.

Have arcs involving them finding new materials and Token halfie klingon prototyping new weapons/shields metioned between her and the other senior officers. Learning tech and designs from other races as well bunkering down every so many episodes for a ship repair overhaul. Change the look of the ship gradually to look like something else. Have emotional moments from janeway and rest of crew when they start adding powerful weapons to voyager as it turns from a exploration vessel into more of looking like a warship. Have barclay make a call earlier in the show. Make it good animated have sometimes years pass between seasons and episodes. ITs going to be a long fucking haul home. No one has kids for the first 5 years before someone asks the captain for permission. Have janeway get emotional about this that someone is asking her to have children At least 10% of the crew should have died at this point. with some aliens joining for funizies/friendship possibly other nebulous reasons. Have voyager deal with possibly more cosmic horrors like the pitcher plant. Make sure to balance the show with them finding actual moments of respite and peace. Have the borg versus species whatfuck be a entire season set in a escalating war zone with species whatfuck not openly hostile towards non borg life but destroying nonborg planets near the borg to prevent assimilation. Have janeway discover the borg Portal network HAve her wreck it. Have the explosion deal massive damage to the borg and massive collateral damage possibly genociding whole races. species whatfuck and borg have final clash with janeway having to choose a victor with one of token halfies new weapons When barclay makes contact have Starfleet Order janeway to therapy and not be the captain for awhile. This is as far as I got.

Who wants to flesh out more of this Hot hot fanfic outline.

fdec0a No.2458


>He liked nuBSG

Consider suicide. That show is a fucking abomination.

fae3db No.2459


>No one has kids for the first 5 years before someone asks the captain for permission.

Those are going to be depressing abortion statistics for an abysmally low moral crew.

>Have barclay make a call earlier in the show.

The show would be more dramatic if they never have any contact with the Federation until near the final season/episode.

>When barclay makes contact have Starfleet Order janeway to therapy and not be the captain for awhile.

Why exactly? Order the most experienced military officer onboard ship to step aside, so equally stressed junior officer can take over more responsibility?


>That show is a fucking abomination.

New Caprica plot, Galactica atmosphere drop, Pegasus missions. Fat Lee Adama. Fucking better than Voyager any day.

c48b39 No.2471

File: e635975e2cb8bce⋯.jpg (31.82 KB, 705x530, 141:106, Tinker_Tenor_-_The_Doctor_….jpg)

It wasn't a bad premise, just poorly executed because they played it too safe. I'd had done it as a tense survival story. There should have been much more tension between the Maqui and crew with Janeway barely holding the crew together or even losing control of the ship for several episode story arcs only bringing Maqui and Starfleet together after a long drawn out muntiny to finally an uneasy alliance. She'd had been forced to constantly compromise principles while trying to maintain her starfleet loyalties and ideals. When they ran out of photon torpedoes they should have really been out. Should have been forced to jerry rig the ship with alien tech clunking across space introducing new weird tech possibly even resorting to piracy. It should never have felt like a normal stable situation, studying shit and doing gay shit like TNG which would have made the show unique instead of just ST lite. All they really did was ration the replicators. Should have been much worse. Tuvix should have lived removing one annoying character and one boring character replacing them with an interesting character to flesh out solving that problem. Excess characters should have been killed off as the crew grew more jaded in such a hopeless situation. Kim especially. He was dry toast and would have made prime sacrifice to the plot gods letting the audience know people die on this show. Could have still brought on tittyborg but scrapped the borg ruining plotlines, grab her, escape the clutches of the borg by the skin of their teeth, and her conversion from Borg to Human should have been better written. The emotionless badass thing was dumb, she should have been more like Hugh. And holodoctor as backup captain should have really happened. He was the best character on the show, removing Tuvok could have necessitated it as Tuvix deals with his new half alive half dead identity. Holodoctor should have also holodicked Seven of Nine. A romantic relationship between the two would have made more sense than the Injun out of nowhere. Tchakotay instead should have never had the absolute loyalty to Janeway but represented the leader of the onboard Maqui and a constant threat of mutiny against Janeway making their relationship one of constant tense diplomacy which finally, only after a long period, builds into mutual respect. By the end of the series the crew and ship clunking back into the Alpha quadrant would just be a raft full of survivors.

301b72 No.2480

We need a "Best of EMH" episodes.

5bd0b2 No.2791


Agree with the survival part and that they played it too safe. It would have been fun to see a more scavenging aspect, and more trading/politics involved in surviving in a place where you have no friends.

It would also have been cool if lets say at end of season 3 the maquis-part of the crew would have abandoned voyager with Tchakotay as leader and got another ship and tried there own methods, and during the entire season 4 we would see parts of both voyager events and Maquis-ship events and then by the end of season 4 or middle of season 5 they reunite again because they realized that without each other they are both weak, and from then on until the end they use both federation and maquis methods and ideas

0a5a08 No.2818


Strange they never mention many other alpha quadrant races or ships when it's said they weren't the first race to appear at the caretaker array from the otherside of the galaxy.

Probably stand to reason there would be Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Ferengi, hell even Dominion appearing in the Delta Quadrant?

000000 No.2824

The series finale could have been along the same lines as what aired but after they welcomed back into Federation space it is revealed that Voyager had been converted into a Borg trojan horse, 7 of 9 was the queen and the Federation had to scramble to destroy them.

7be300 No.2972

Started watching Voyager again. Some episodes aren't nearly as bad as I remember. Though I have been only watching the EMH and Broccoli episodes

fa888e No.2989


>Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Ferengi, hell even Dominion appearing in the Delta Quadrant?

Klingons, Romulans, and Ferengi were all found in the Delta Quandrant in different episodes of Voyager. I don't blame you for forgetting though, since most of Voyager is pretty forgettable.

79048a No.2997

File: 398cfdc8d323ca5⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 279x180, 31:20, hmmmm.jpg)


Red dwarf board when?

d9ac8c No.3006


>How would you fix Voyager?

All nude female characters. Ferengi style.

115446 No.3008


None came from the Caretaker array though. Hell a single Romulan Warbird would have sent the Kazon packing

881db1 No.3060


Jeri Ryan in a catsuit wasn't enough? Jeez.

881db1 No.3061


All very true. I've never thought of the "safeness" of the writing being my objection to VOY, but there it is. Paris, the probationary rebel without a cause, ends up having safety-scissors edginess of uncle Jesse from Full House. And that's just the flavor of the series for whatever reason.

1cc53d No.3149

File: 246905bf1a346f1⋯.jpg (34.78 KB, 369x500, 369:500, 9bea231de2fe7e735522126f2d….jpg)

File: 7c00847ddd05e80⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 300x455, 60:91, Jeri_Ryan_0847.jpg)

File: bc208e4e6255fc5⋯.jpg (27.13 KB, 221x510, 13:30, sexy04.jpg)


>Jeri Ryan in a catsuit wasn't enough? Jeez.

No, and it never will be.

3ce27a No.3151


Voyager was meant to continue the "trek" while DS9 was to revolve around the politics of interstellar races we were familiar with while dealing with the less than ideal and non utopian aspects of the Trek universe.

All that really happened was a seasonal villain alien that was wrapped up by the end of the season while most of the filler episodes were basically a new alien to reuse the same gimmicks and storylines we (trek fans) are familiar with. Problem was the producers thought that they could pull this off without a decent team of writers or a clear progression path for the characters, Voyager ended up chewing though writers quicker than early TNG did with Roddenberry in control.

3b658a No.3208


I actually watched some of the later episodes when Braga got aboard. He seemed managed to turn a lot of the shitshow around.

fa888e No.3217

File: e89fdba29e88690⋯.jpg (66.9 KB, 1035x793, 1035:793, 1484433702598.jpg)


>Seven of Fine

>Ten of Ten

>Heaven of Nine

>Sexy 'n Fine

1cc53d No.3222

File: 303bd35bb0732ad⋯.gif (973.98 KB, 500x250, 2:1, man farmer fran.gif)


That shouldn't be turning me on as much as it is.

02413e No.3245

Rob Picardo made Voyager worth watching

people like to shit on Neelix, but the truth is the actor did a really good job making the character likeable. He was the comic relief meme, and he was done well, considering he wasn't spammed and kept at a moderate minimum, especially after kes fucked off

Holodoc made it worth watching, and Jeri Ryan saved the show from cancelling early by portraying seven of nine really well.

And No, it has nothing to do with sex appeal. Seven of nine is genuinely a good character.

Harry and B'lana are arguably the worst characters, same with the pilot dudebro. Those three were utter shit.

oh and remove Barclay completely.

668be3 No.3253


>Remove Barclay

No, Barclay was actually good.

fdec0a No.3254


>Disliking Harry

How can you even dislike him? He's so boring I forget he's there until he's on screen.

>oh and remove Barclay completely.

Get the fuck out.

e43692 No.3255

Make it like BSG with alliumz or go full camp with 90% holodeck episodes.

881db1 No.3642

I just watched part of "The Cloud". I can name a few things they might have done better.

Janeway has a conversation with her magical negro indian about his magic. Noble savagery ensues. Being a deracinated European who don't need no man, Janeway intuitively sees aspects of this backward, tomahawk-chucking religion as a substitute her own lack of culture.

This sideplot proceeds to some kind of seance. Chakotay explains:

>our scientists have found more modern ways to facilitate the search for animal guides.

Yes: I'm sure "their" scientists discovered that huffing gasoline is much more efficient at inducing hallucinations, or somesuch. I can dig a little unintentional comedy and corny Trek cringe, but I wasn't buying this clownworld bullshit even when I was 11. These aren't serious ideas. There's no inherent truth to Chakotay's beliefs, and Janeway knows it. She's humoring him. We're all all like, "Oh, neat, that's weird" but we don't for one second put this retarded nonsense on the plane of *things we actually believe.*

On some level, this scene happens because she's a woman, and thus biologically compelled to obey the nearest alpha male. If her first officer were a muslim, for example, she'd put on a fucking burka and stand in the corner. So, replace the female captain and commander abo with characters who aren't completely absurd, and you've probably fixed a wide swath of the problems with this show.

In the opening scenes, we learn that Janeway likes coffee in more or less the same way that Garfield likes lasagna. It's an affectation too thin not to invite mockery. You gotta dial that shit back to where it stands in DS9 or TNG, or it comes to define the tone of the series.

Case in point: Kim, on the bridge, sees a nebula and remarks "I've never seen that before." Tuvok (cheeky monkey that he is) taps his badge and discreetly reminds Kim that he ought not say things that undermine his own authority. Good, sensible advice— unless you're on the crew of the USS Full House. You can practically hear the studio audience going OOOOOOoooooooOOOOo with the obligatory canned laugh when Kim returns the favor at the end of the scene.


fae3db No.3646


>the crew of the USS Full House

Netflix could do a ST revival series and bring back a mixed cast of members from TNG, DS9, Voy to compete in wacky holodeck challenges

881db1 No.3668


I'm not sure my heart can take seeing how old these people are now.

e76f27 No.3684

Abandoned Voyager subplots! Go!

>Janeway's half-completed Jane Austen holonovel

>Janeway's spirit animal quest ("Oh. It's a gecko.")

>Janeway's holographic Irish pub-owning sextoy

>53 Vaadwaur ships escaped, enraged at Voyager for thwarting them…and were never seen again within the series

Anyone remember any others?

fae3db No.3686


>Anyone remember any others?

>implying anyone here actually watched the whole series

watching Voyager is a gateway experience to animal torture, drug use, and gay sex

a43f54 No.3696

File: 99e76b73474daad⋯.webm (4.84 MB, 720x320, 9:4, Let the waters roar, Jack.webm)

File: 35fd43e6cd2ed35⋯.webm (2.89 MB, 640x272, 40:17, The Lesser of Two Weevils.webm)

File: 733fb1d41f5ceda⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 517x326, 517:326, 1461805027153.jpg)

There was a Star Trek Vidya thread on /v/ ages ago where this question cropped up. My (maybe it was someone else' and I expanded on it? Can't recall) suggestion was basically Voyager but they slowly become a Merchantman/East Indiaman in space.

>same premise

>voyager sent far away for whatever reason

>but lets say this quadrant is a little scarce on dilithium

>so scarce that it's a major currency

>so Voyager has to take up work in order to survive

>they don't want to take up soldier-for-hire work because muh Federation ideals

>so they use their fancy advanced tech to do cargo hauling, medical assistance, salvaging jobs etc

> of course they get attacked by various pirates, warlords, and whatnot

>build up reputation to being good at combat

>also perform lots of salvage along the way, including ships

>slowly build a trade convoy with aliens crewmen fleeing the Borg

>maybe photonic crew men in emergency combat situations

>maybe meet a Ferengi ship that suffered the same fate

>slowly build the Silk Road of space on your way home

It would have a more serious tone to represent their situation, and there'd be a division of alien crew and Federation like the seamen and officers on ye olde vessels in the age of sail or something that could cause inter-fleet drama, but all in all they're brought and bound together by the bond of those who fly through combat and high ideals of the Federation and the paradise it brings from people who lost to the Borg.

Voyager could've been a merchant ship to begin with, not in the Federation by a large portion of its crew having been former Federation starfleet crew/officers who left for various reasons but their captain, Janeway or a new one, would've been very pro-Federation by nature and probably mildly space racist believing that the Federation was the highest civilization around. Certainly would've loved naval tradition, and like a disciplined crew that saw combat against the Dominion and pirate/marquis forces before getting stranded.

fae3db No.3699

File: fb8872d36d5d0d8⋯.gif (1014.16 KB, 400x225, 16:9, get out of here voyager an….gif)


>>slowly build a trade convoy with aliens crewmen fleeing the Borg

Really sounds like a nuBSG scenario, which isn't a bad thing. nuBSG was extremely in-depth with minor characters and scale of plot, I don't know why Trek shows can't manage the same with a similar budget. They always center the stories around a couple of douches that aren't even good characters to begin with.

bb00f7 No.3712


Voyager would have been a far better show if they had taken a few cues from nuBSG.

Just look at Year of Hell. This was the original idea for the show. People dying, damage accumulating, shit breaking they can't fix, running out of resources and discipline and principles breaking for the sake of pragmatic survival and so on. The real problem is that writers and producers chocked when they had to actually do any of that shit, so instead we got regular voyager.

I've seen nuBSG get shit on before, but that show did have some neat ideas. A shame about everything after season 2…

02413e No.3732



He's a meme

02413e No.3733


Harry, B'lana, Tom, Chakotay, and I'd say even tuvac were all bland characters. Also Kes.

The only good characters in voyager are the Holodoc and Seven of Nine. And I'd say Janeway being fine too, but not holding a candle to Jean Luc or other captains.

Voyager was still worth watching. Voyager was my first star trek show and i had no experience with any other star trek show, and for it was, without comparing it to other shows, it was fine.


stand alone episodes are fine sometimes, but as >>3699 stated, the issue is the characters the episodes are centered upon are garbage.

503830 No.3734


>Those are going to be depressing abortion statistics for an abysmally low moral crew

Best post

21527f No.3737


Janeway sums up Voyager in a nutshell, even the actress who played her felt like she was bi-polar with how inconsistent her character was.

72da13 No.3740

<VOY had a great premise!

<if only the execution weren't so weak!

tbh it was completely fucked from the get-go by its premise, in predictable ways. Nothing but alien-of-the-week and Gilligan's Island "we almost got home except X" and continuity problems were going to come from it. Most of the decent plots could've worked just as well as TNG or DS9 stories. The only positive side to the premise is that they could do their own thing while DS9 was doing the Dominion war plot, and it's debatable if that's even a good thing.

e76f27 No.3742


Fuck, I love that Captain Pepway and Tuvix pic.


>watching Voyager is a gateway experience to animal torture, drug use, and gay sex

Granted. So do you remember any others?

e76f27 No.3743

Voyager's biggest plothole was replicator rationing. It was unnecessary.

>land on planet

>throw a bunch of trees into replicator matter converter

>lift off

Done deal.

4f7b5d No.4619


I doubt the Trek version of Greenpeace would be happy with that.

9fe4e6 No.4636

File: 22629b72cc038e7⋯.png (555.05 KB, 941x715, 941:715, serveimage.png)


>Janeway's spirit animal is a gecko

>She later turns into a gecko when she breaks warp 10








18024d No.4640

Replace the entire cast save Picardo. All of them. Even the ENT cast meshed better than these clowns did. There was never any sense of cohesion, none of them ever grew into their roles.

I feel like it's not even the writers' fault the show pussied out on limited resources. I'm guessing it was a producer (berman) or someone who wanted to keep it lighthearted - the very reason for whatever success it did get, sadly. Simply better creative direction and attention to detail would mean better continuity, better writing, a more immersive experience - you know, make it actually feel like we're several years stranded in unfamiliar space.


They could've solved both the "alien of the week" and "almost got home" problems by having the delta quadrant be more like the alpha quadrant in that species spread out more. If you took a ship through alpha quadrant, you're pretty much in romulan, klingon, or federation space at all times. Voyager's got no such consistency. They could've been developing relationships, good and bad, with factions out there, working on ways to get home as they went along instead of finding them each episode. It's not just that the premise was poorly executed, they had the wrong fundamental idea on what they should do to make it work long-term.

6ccdac No.4644


Voyager would be better if it was designed like a lawless western in space.

f6c5d8 No.4657

File: 9ccaefe38602f7d⋯.gif (474 KB, 200x205, 40:41, facepalmmalreynolds.gif)


>Voyager would be better if it was designed like a lawless western in space.

f6c5d8 No.4658


Post-scarcity Greenpeace can suck the ship's collective dick.

f6c5d8 No.4659

Something that Voyager could have done was surprise everyone by having them go home in season 3 and then deal with the PTSD that comes from being strangers in a strange land where everyone is trying to kill you, while still dealing with the Dominion War and other horrible things, as well.

>Kim would probably kill himself

d3ca50 No.4679

Get rid of the guy who played the Doctor. I hated looking at his ugly face.

3bbdc3 No.4762


The way voyager missed the entire dominion war could have made from an interesting problem for the crew to deal with when they returned.

They left the fedderation as we know it but return to find one scarred by war, frought with paranoid tensions over just how long the alliance that won the war will actually last, the memory of the war with the klingons against the federation and countless planets having been bombed into oblivion and most of the other starfleet officers they knew killed or crippled in the war and the survivors forced to work like actual military officers for a change. The federation voyager would return to would be a far cry from what they left behind.

The real horror would set in when they realise that this isn't some alternate timeline or shared dream that they can just fix, but this the world they are stuck in.

7772a1 No.4769


>New Caprica plot,

Someone needs to explain to you why this was the most terrible and stupid fucking plot ever.

The writers wanted a retarded Iraq War allegory in a situation where it didn't fit. There were 40,000 colonists. The Cylons were unable to pacify 40,000 colonists. Imagine the Cylons invaded modern earth and conquered Utica New York. They couldn't hold it. It would fall apart. Yankee Stadium at full capacity would be a problem for them. Even if the Cylons had a paltry 4000 centurions, that's one for ever ten people on New Caprica. You can't have an insurgency under those conditions.

The Cylons who genocided several billion people can't subdue a revolt of a miniscule fraction of that. Once that was allowed, they stopped being an ominous or fearsome force and the show became two groups of very stupid people crying all the time.

cf9c30 No.4780


>Someone needs to explain to you why this was the most terrible and stupid fucking plot ever.

>Even if the Cylons had a paltry 4000 centurions, that's one for ever ten people on New Caprica. You can't have an insurgency under those conditions.

>The Cylons who genocided several billion people can't subdue a revolt of a miniscule fraction of that. Once that was allowed, they stopped being an ominous or fearsome force and the show became two groups of very stupid people crying all the time.

I guess that's a matter of interpretation, and laid out in raw numbers, your argument makes sense like the 6 million holocaust.

However, I take the Cylons motivation as that as a cat that has caught a field mouse, and is toying with it. If they kill all the humans, their purpose and reason for being is suddenly over. I think they were deliberately willing to let the humans have room to organize a revolt and escape just so the galactic chase would be on again.

3bbdc3 No.4794


>the Cylons motivation

Nah, the Cylon motivation was some retarded crap about finding the hidden cylons who where living among the people of the colonies, which is why the cylons genocided 99.999% of them indiscriminately with nukes. On the surface a mindblowingly idiotic thing to do and they would all but guarantee that the hidden cylons got killed by the nukes, but deus ex machina insured that all the hidden cylons where in the small fleet of random ships that survived the cylon attack through no action of theirs for the majority's part.

And then there's the "cylon human crossbreeding" bullshit where shit gets really retarded.

If you are ever looking at nuBSG, always remember that everything after season 2 should be ignored.

cd876b No.4805

File: 402c77ecb20ea7f⋯.webm (5.72 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Master and Commander Duet….webm)


Just watched Master and Commander again, such a great movie.

f6c5d8 No.4829


> that they can just fix

Daily reminder that Janeway went back in time to make her shipping of Chakeven of Ninotay come true, dooming everyone in her timeline to nullification…but she couldn't be arsed to do it for the Federation by going back and blowing up the stable wormhole near DS9.

d3ca50 No.4834

How about the show ends with them instead being on the edge of the Beta/Alpha Quadrant, and near the end of the season, they are intercepted by a stealthed alien force vaguely familiar with the Federation, but they jump out of their skins when they see Tuvok and Vorik.

Turns out, they and others have been at war with the Romulan Star Empire. The last few episodes of Voyager is the crew knowing that home is within distance of their lives, just a few years.

So it summarizes up the next few years of illegally stealthing towards the Federation right through parts of Romulan territory at High Cruise Warp 9.95, having been loaded down with extra supplies by the aliens, and given some time to put some acquired knowledge to use. And having convinced Bellana Torres that its worth burning the engines, pedal to the metal, out to get home.

The last episode deals with Romulans catching the trail, Voyager having blasted past an unknown observatory, and chasing down Voyager before they make it to the Neutral Zone, and Voyager desperate to get there before the ship finishes burning itself out.

Voyager is hours away, begins blasting away with every signal they have, they don't make it. They are a 1000km from the Zone, just a hairs breath but the nacelles give out and Warp Reactor just shuts down. Only for a massive Federation and Romulan fleet to pop out of warp…and Picard in a Sovvie, hailing Janeway, asking if she needs a tug.

Write the scene from there, but that's the last ten minute of ST:Voyager

d3ca50 No.4835


And it still wasn't the borefest that most of TNG was.

d3ca50 No.4836


Vaudwar were among many aliens left behind when Voyager took one of their many wormhole shortcuts.

cf9c30 No.4843


>They are a 1000km from the Zone, just a hairs breath but the nacelles give out

>at High Cruise Warp 9.95

I think momentum alone would be enough to get them across the finish line.

856595 No.4845


Do Warp drives have momentum? I thought they 'cheated' their way around relativity by distorting space and so a ship in a warp bubble had a velocity of 0.

b7ae0d No.4910


IIRC is that space is the thing that moves, the warp bubble just makes the ship still and changes the mass.

cf9c30 No.4913


If the ship didn't move why would it need inertia dampeners?

3d0912 No.4918



ecdc6d No.4921




These anons know what's up.

f6c5d8 No.4933


>Vaudwar were among many aliens left behind when Voyager took one of their many wormhole shortcuts.

Yeah, except THEY also knew those shortcuts.

444098 No.4936



>ok thx neelix, but could you have told us that while our vaudwar visitor was not currently standing right in front of us?

444098 No.4937

you know what killed voyager for me? I muscled thru the series like a meal of slimy gruel until this point:


there were some real shit episodes up to here, but at this point I couldn't take anymore. the kazon don't even have warp drive, they couldn't even figure out how to keep from dying of thirst on their own planets, but with the help of one cardassian traitor, they manage to bust thru voyager's shields (after firing maybe a million shots without voyager responding natch) fly a shuttle thru it's fucking hull, run around the corridors freely without so much as a force field to stop them, steal transporter tech, and still manage to beam themselves off voyager and escape.

and the whole time this is happening, all I can think is that voyager kinda deserves to get crushed to dust if they are this inept at defending their own ship. yet somehow, they went from that to taking on borg tactical cubes because of plot contrivance.

anyway, I didn't even finish watching the episode, and didn't go back to the series until after netflix put the whole series up for streaming. did you know the production number for voyager's pilot was 801? this was nothing to them but a continuation of tng. they couldn't even dedicate themselves to the concept of the series conceit.

and of course, with a female captain, you can't have anyone ever contradict her or call her out. galbrush threepwood syndrome in full effect.

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>did you know the production number for voyager's pilot was 801?

Is that true?

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