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File: 4004a9560413116⋯.jpg (341.04 KB, 1200x947, 1200:947, 1252376437343.jpg)


1 month of no activity or logins = allow automatic board claims

3 months of no logins = allow automatic board claims

6 months of no activity or logins AND board has <1000 posts = delete board

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>I got BTFO so I'm going to say you have no argument gayanimegirl.jpg

File: a3e25a100ea7ee2⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 500x273, 500:273, henka.gif)


Im going to be forking Infinity soon and taking the project in a new direction.

I want to redesign the new fork to offer maximum security for users of the site. Think openbsd and not linux.

Ideas for a name?

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Learn how to read, kike.

File: d9a8c9bf97cd035⋯.jpg (39.4 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Internet.jpg)


Greetings fellow 8chanfags.

I've seen a lot of meltdowns about the leak and the so called Sunshine tool thingy, so let's talk on how dangerous this can be for users. To do this, I've written a quick FAQ on the leak stuff, plus some tips to prevent this from happening in the future.

Q: What did the hacker have access to?

A: The hacker has downloaded ALL databases. This means that technically, they have access to everything.

Q: So does that mean I can be doxxed for my posts/mod account?

A: Maybe. The hacker doesn't seem to be interested in releasing the IP table (as evidenced by their leaking of mod PMs, where they redacted the IPs of mods), but rather wants to pursue a vendetta against 8chan and it's admins. What did get leaked were the account emails and salted passwords. Only if you used a personal mail for your 8chan mod account you are in danger of being doxxed, or at least spambombed by highly mature beings.

Q: But what if the hacker does release the IP table? Will I be doxxed then?

A: It all depends on how shitty your ISP is. Basically, you need to do a geo lookup of your IP (both ipv4 and ipv6) and see where they end up and what additional data is revealed by the ISP. My ISP didn't list any data aside from the geolocation of their nearest connection center and the fact that I'm a member of their ISP, but some ISPs might list zip codes, which is much more risky. Also, check the latitude and longitude, since those may also risk you being doxxed. The much more dangerous thing is for those that run public servers on their PCs with port forwarding enabled, those devices are in danger of being ddossed.

Prevention for future leaks:

- Post/mod through the TOR network. Even if you disable posting on your board through TOR (this is a setting), you can always mod through TOR.

- Stop using personal emails for mod accounts. cock.li is a free anonymous email service that only hands over data when subpoenaed by the authorities ( httpsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: c811cb3b3a58f95⋯.jpg (55.3 KB, 606x800, 303:400, 1492070673431.jpg)

>not using images

>on an image board

File: 05ee559e02b2b3f⋯.jpg (1013.25 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpg)


Lets talk board recovery and account recovery

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File: d36021bf85f1003⋯.png (572.58 KB, 2036x1072, 509:268, oct-1-2015.png)


About Sunshine

Earlier, Sunshine came to my attention again after the source code for it was posted on freech's /intb/ board (https://archive.is/6sPs7#selection-2161.0-2205.53). Since users were concerned about it, I investigated the Sunshine code and looked back through my logs to figure out exactly when it was created, why it was created, for what purpose, and exactly what it does.


Sunshine was created on October 9, 2015.


On October 8, 2015, the 8chan Administrator (who, at the time, was Hotwheels) received an email from the American authorities, who were concerned about a post on 8chan threatening an attack against a school in the Houston area (http://archive.is/lVsJe). Because of their incompetence, the 8chan Admin received a scanned picture of a photocopy of a printed 8chan post (pic related). The post in the picture (dated October 1, 2015) indeed contained a threat against a school in the Houston area, but due to the bureaucracy of the authorities, it arrived approximately a week too late and the original post had already been deleted.


Sunshine was created by Hotwheels on October 9, 2015 after we discussed a way to make sure kids didn't get killed. It was meant to help prevent potential school shootings in the future if the shooter(s) happened to post specific threats on 8chan (i.e., bomb threats, shootings, etc.). Sunshine was neither an imposition nor a request by third parties. The pros of Sunshine were believed to outweigh the cons.

What Does It Do?

Sunshine takes the IP address and message of a poster, pads it with a few bytes of junk data, encrypts it using a RSA pub key, then stores the encrypted data. This data remains in encrypted form with decryption only possible by Hotwheels.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1468511200542.j⋯.jpg (440.94 KB, 1600x1069, 1600:1069, flower.jpg)



* Added auto-update functionality to catalog;

* Removed stubs from hidden posts (you can make hidden posts visible again by using the [Show all posts] button at the top of the thread).


* Changed the 404 page;

* Made two additions to the FAQ: "What is Alacrity?" and "What is the e0001 bug and how do I fix it?".


* Added global CSS theme Amber;

* Added a link to Everychan to the home page;

* Added [D*] (deletes all posts from an IP hash in a single thread).


* Fixed double posting bug.


* Added two new global CSS themes: Cyberpunk and 2channel.


* [D*] ready for release;

* Captcha message has been optimized to disappear by itself (ready for release).


* Moderation from the catalog (currently only [D], [Sage], [Lock]):



* Updated FAQ:



* Integrated captcha into a pop-up instead of separate page;

* Fixed swf bug with upcoming filename system ( Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: f5241ef92e810e2⋯.png (118.64 KB, 1303x700, 1303:700, ClipboardImage.png)



fix this shit, /claim/ is pretty damn important.

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>making an alternative to the islam board

You could always try /modernislam/ or /muslim/.



lol you're the ass who demands that /islam/ recognize ISIS as legitimate Islam. Shoo shoo FBI. We don't want you around.



You are a fucking idiot. ISIS has the word Islam in it. To say that it has nothing to do with Islam is incredibly retarded.

ISIS has ideology, and they claim the ideology is from the Quran. IT OBVIOUSLY HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH ISLAM. Censoring discussion that goes against the narrative that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam is only propagating the ignorance that results in things like ISIS



The "Gay Islam" movement has the word "Islam" in it, so I guess you think Islam is pro-homosexuality.



No, those people certainly think Islam is pro-homosexuality. I would love to ask them why this is the case so that I know where they are misunderstanding Islam and than I can share my understanding that being gay is bad mmmkay

I don't know what your and that board's problem is but being so allergic to discussion of ISIS is incredibly alarming

File: 9135944dfb0f60b⋯.gif (514.44 KB, 221x231, 221:231, 3cc473c0a9f8d44576e2b4f337….gif)


Hello Programonkey. I'm posting here to give an update on what still needs fixing.

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>paid shills still own and moderate boards

How is that against any rules?

>Violations of US law and site-wide rules go unpunished.

[citation needed]



Trying to prove shilling is like trying to turn lead into gold anyways, they'd have to out themselves with proof of employment or affiliation to be 100% verified instead of """gut feeling"""



Even then, it's not against the rules of the site for a paid shill to run a board.



>how is being a paid shill against the rules

Commit suicide.

>citation needed

Go read the thread, then.



>can't form an argument


File: 2fd512a1c8ae2ad⋯.jpg (372.07 KB, 862x800, 431:400, LOL MAHOU SHOUJO HURT.jpg)


Can we have a hotpockets rankings on the frontpage?

Right now there's all these different rankings for threads by various metrics.

Lets have a ranking for boards that are the most heavily moderated and threads where the most bans are currently happening. I want to see a top 20 most hotpocketed threads and boards listing.

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File: 888de9b6257e682⋯.png (561.62 KB, 1739x851, 47:23, ClipboardImage.png)


>easy to do when you dont have users

or so you might think. autism is a powerful thing.




/pol/ is the board with the least pure white population, which is part of what makes it all so hilarious that many actual shitskins root for it.


I'm not from cuckchan or leddit or whatever, I just came here bored one day of yesteryear and just didn't feel like leaving once I saw what I found on minor boards.



What does top 25 mean to you?



You know in South America where everyone is mongrelized the whitest of the mongrels hate the muds the most right? After everyone gets mixed, it'll be the most white of the mongrels vs the least white. See also: India.

Since they're mixed they are free of all the guilt and bullshit and can obsess a hundreds times more over any racial purity they have.



I frankly believe that they push the /pol/ worldview partly because they recognize that ultimately, without certain countries and people even their turd world shitholes would be destroyed by International Jewry, even Jewish settlements themselves under the threat of Islamg Gommunism, partly because, as Blackadder the Third would say, everyone in nature kicks downward, hence the whitelympics that go completely opposite ways of the poc ones places like Tumblr has with each other.

File: e988f75e9a17048⋯.png (115.4 KB, 1809x508, 1809:508, ClipboardImage.png)


>fuckton of people just got permabanned over DMCA claims

Hey CM, why don't you just move the site's servers outside the US where DMCA doesn't apply?

Secondly, why do you permaban people for DMCA claims? Do you not see how horribly this can be abused?

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The bans are because the DMCA requires a "reasonable attempt at preventing infringement". It's pretty fucked up, but it's necessary.



That's an automated ban for link spam. Longer bans don't help, and unlike the DMCA bans, they're not legally required.







Permabans are not "reasonable attempts at prevention" and not even youtube does that.



8chan doesn't have accounts. How would you attempt to prevent infringement?

It's the reason for those bans. If you have a better solution I'm sure they'd like to hear.

File hash bans were considered but are legally untested.



>file hash


>going this far out of your way to appease jews that really shouldn't even fucking know any content is here

File: 09554fad3cf335d⋯.png (110.36 KB, 1011x239, 1011:239, torshillop.png)

File: da8b220645fb2c3⋯.png (50.63 KB, 614x215, 614:215, da8b220645fb2c39524f26faa5….png)

File: dbf7e43b01c0be2⋯.png (135.74 KB, 1802x300, 901:150, dbf7e43b01c0be2992d1f8773e….png)


Daily reminder all these threads about /pol/ moderation are shill ops created with the intent to kill the board if not replace all moderation with goons.

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Bump for the goon thread being higher than this one.



other than autosaging sam hyde


File: 3546a1c5c8b8b2a⋯.jpg (68.54 KB, 500x438, 250:219, 9d0cd1370ef85e8f84bace5a5b….jpg)


imkampfy does everything right. Look at how amazing this is:


Absolutely fantastic banning. Every user is listening to for their concerns. It's great.


Reported for being a paid shill.


File: af2c642870ea901⋯.jpg (35.87 KB, 461x493, 461:493, apocalyptic.jpg)





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You know I looked at that code, competence is definitely not an attribute I would give to codemonkey. The way the table is even set up makes zero sense if it was actually meant for datamining, at all.



*anyways, looking around the catalogs are the most fucked up



Yeah, we had that talk before. But just because something is done in an incompetent or inefficient way doesn't mean it's not done for nefarious reasons.

The silence of admins and mods in the affected boards is weird for sure.



>But just because something is done in an incompetent or inefficient way doesn't mean it's not done for nefarious reasons.

Except that yes, it does. Simply put the way the code was setup every post more then 200 characters long isn't even saved, the encryption is completely unnecessary and it's actually insecure now and outdated cause the manual for php doesn't elaborate on those important details, and it there isn't any code that even moves that table somewhere else to another separate server. They're either incompetent at it, or Codemonkey is right and that really was just for subpoenas.




>saging a thread about the site being down

>the most fucking relevant thread to the board's topic out of all threads here

File: 84647c3e445701a⋯.png (964.73 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 84647c3e445701a622a8178887….png)


PPHPU (posts per hour per user) (PPH / active users)

This tells exactly how many posts per hour each individual user is making on average, indicating which boards' denizens are the biggest losers on 8chan. Note: that does not indicate being the biggest degenerates. This is not taking into account crossover and bots, of course. And I left out boards that had less than 1 PPH, as well as the news, request, and test boards. I separated sections into their own leagues to make this a bit easier to read.

9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



The equation is incredibly simple and written in bold red letters at the top of the thread. How could you possibly miss that? PPH = posts/hour. PPH/AU = (posts/hour)/(active users), or posts per hour per active user. Let me guess, you're triggered because you're from one of the boards with a high density of losers.


/4chon/ has had 0 posts per hour all day. These measurements can only be taken all at once, so you'll have to calculate that one yourself on one of the days where it has 50+ posts per hour like you claim.



Losing? Only at the outdated traditional life plan of socializing and interacting in real life with fixed identities.


File: bbf73544c975dac⋯.gif (6.2 MB, 400x400, 1:1, bbf73544c975dac5cb39fe9c8e….gif)


So you freely admit youre just making shit up. your equation is retarded and doesnt account for dedicated shitposters vs someone who just posts now and then. there is no way for you to know PPHPU unless you can access hashes and all of the users proxies.

>let me guess youre triggered

No I can just spot your bullshit. It's especially obvious when boards arent even accounted for in popularity and contradict the front page ranks. Face it, your "math" a shit.



I was under the impression that the active users number doesn't actually do that good a job of telling you how many active users there are, I'd be able to check but the [?] that's supposed to explain how it's calculated leads to a 404 page.



It accounts for everything because it's an average. Face it anon, the shitposter is you.

File: 45f9bc949e58dfb⋯.jpg (282.83 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, alt right manlet.jpg)


Until Board creation is enabled we use this thread as an alternative political board

If you want your post to be seen as a topic and want people to respond to that topic the first line in the topic has to be a red text and begin with the word "Topic:" like so. People can use the find feature in their browser and find all topics in the thread. Its a crude workaround but this will do for now

Topic: Alt right manlets and their Napoleon complex

First topic is we discuss why some alt right manlets have this napoleon complex. Why did this manlet hit the woman and then run away

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I'd have a real explanation for my actions, not "I do anything I want because I can."



Ok, now let's say a serious sperg was spamming every single board about how you suck and need to be removed. Even though you've already explained your actions once. What do you do?



You say spamming is a bannable offense and then ban for a day.

There's a million ways to go about it.

/pol/ does it well. Meta discussion is not allowed because there is /polmeta/ for that.

I'm a Muslim that's been banned from /pol/ and got my ban dropped when I complained. The place is fine, they just need a better vetting process for their moderation team since they need so many to deal with the boss of the internet




This entire fucking thread is stupid

File: 0315f70b4df71c2⋯.png (2.56 KB, 300x158, 150:79, 300px-Flag_of_the_United_S….png)


>/pol/, /christian/ and /leftypol/ all actively censor opinions they don't like

>These are some of the most popular boards on the site

Does 8chan still stand for freedom of speech or is it just "freedom of my speech"?

79 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



it depends on the board.

I don't have a problem with /christian/ and /leftypol/ hotpocketing because they're new boards doing their own thing. only issue I have with them is their reddit names

/pol/ on the other hand is a big problem, it's not /pol/ it just took the name when really it should be called /spol/ - serious politically incorrect.




>lol i am imkikey and i think that my false dichotomy and reducto ad absurdum will be taken seriously


File: ec59fbe922e05a9⋯.png (60.89 KB, 249x238, 249:238, 1447820951318-3.png)


>spaces the same way a Reddit user does

>complains about Reddit length names

Come on fam.




>whaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaa why can't /pol/ be muh lolberg pair of dice where nobody gets banned for anything and I can shitpost spam and garbage with zero consequence

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