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File: 77b377fe8e0fef0⋯.jpg (87.55 KB, 643x853, 643:853, IMG_0512.JPG)


Can someone delete /leftypol/ already? Everyone knows they're only here to fill 8ch with libtard propaganda just like in halfchan.


File: 394f9ea524a403c⋯.jpg (76.09 KB, 473x360, 473:360, this is no time for that.jpg)

I don't like anarchist and marxist kiddies either but they have to have a containment board

/pol/ hasn't been good since 2015 tbh


>implying halfchan has been anything other than controller op since 2009.



I'm sorry your precious snowflake fee-fees are being hurt, but no boards are getting deleted because of your 'tism.


Freedom of expression is just an internet meme.



Yeah, they should just use /pol/


>ban these people for wrongthink

/pol/ and /leftypol/, two sides of the same coin of authoritarian faggotry



I really wish we could ban any and all political discussions, politics are the cancer killing imageboards.



Some boards do. I'm on a couple boards where the #1 rule is "/pol/-like behavior = ban" and they enforce the fuck out of it.

Makes for some very comfy boards.




Not gonna happen sadly, but boards that ban /pol/ faggotry are indeed quite comfy.




Does the word AUTISM trigger you faggot?


>just like in halfchan.

Halfchan doesn't have /leftypol/ and don't pretend 8/pol/ didn't have its own left-wing schism up until they realized they didn't have to put up with right-wing due to being on a create-your-own-board website. Then I bet you'll wonder why /pol/'s glory-days are behind itself and it's a stagnant cesspit of horrid moderation and stale discussions. Fucking idiot, get over yourself and realize the sheer hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance to claim left-wing is a bunch of uptight control freaks and then wheel around and demand the removal of left-wing elements because reasons. /pol/ isn't right-wing either.


Clearly it does you if you're sperging the fuck out about a contraction.



How do you know it wasn't ANSEMItism?


>want to be authoritarian

>end up with authoritarian rule

>get banned because of said authoritarian rule

>complain about authoritarianism when enforced



>muh nu/pol/

Fuck off to your exodus site.


<whaaa whaaa not all boards are /b/ with a theme



<oy vey politics that speak the truth should be banned but communists and lolbergs are allowed to post without issue



<reeeeeeeeeeeeeee muh nu/pol/ /pol/ sucks because communists don't post therererererererereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee





Which ones? /pol/ constantly derails the threads I read.



t. /intl/

Fuck off you cuck niggers.


File: b509318643ca62c⋯.jpg (76.78 KB, 865x760, 173:152, 1458655167071-1.jpg)


It sure is easy to look good when you shunt off newfags overstepping their boundaries and memelords getting ahead of themselves as ackchually the doing of outside groups or another board, isn't it? 'Specially when you've got "disagreeeeeeee with me" /pol/ Internet Defense Force over there >>44338 ready and waiting to screech down even the slightest dissent, or fabricate it when there is none. I mean, sure, you people are just shitposting and everything both you and I are bickering about means absolutely nothing in the end, but I've caught /pol/ trying to shunt off responsibility as a collective on more than one occasion, there was pinning HWNDU's crazier shit and direct law-breaking onto 4/pol/ which was involved from beginning to end in the first place and trying to wash their hands of it. It's hilarious that a board that desperately wants to be in the limelight will also squirm out of responsibility or deny, deny, deny the very nanosecond something happens that tarnishes whatever image they have or are trying to build up.


File: e9d62f718e37af1⋯.jpg (28.79 KB, 500x375, 4:3, suiseiseki.jpg)


every one of your posts reeks of reddit



Nice wall of text.



Hardly, it's an average sized paragraph.


lefty/pol/ should be gassed because they reach out to reddit immigrants to come to 8chan.






>if they aren't with us they're the boogeyman

>if they aren't with that boogeyman, they're a second boogeyman

This is why people stop using /pol/


File: e3b49de56d1273a⋯.gif (358.02 KB, 500x357, 500:357, Laugh1.gif)


>politics that speak the truth




/pol/ reaches out to reddit more than any board since 4/lgbt/.


File: 53872fbd46a66a3⋯.jpg (27.06 KB, 500x357, 500:357, smuglain.jpg)


have you ever thought that maybe there are people who don't care about politics at all?





You got it backwards. We're the end boss, nigger.




>Can someone delete /leftypol/ already? Everyone knows they're only here to fill 8ch with libtard propaganda just like in halfchan.

I think this would all be less of an issue if they were merged to argue with each other on a politics board instead of trying to have passive aggressive off-board influencing contests.


File: 927995ee6e4f034⋯.png (29.51 KB, 413x900, 413:900, 140606803878.png)



just come to /polk/ brothers


I thought leftypol was going to move to endchan or something? Why are they still here?



That would be the same as deleting /leftypol/. They're incapable of arguing. Unless you count autistic screeching and/or "read this book" as "arguments".


File: 149503b797e9db0⋯.jpg (196.36 KB, 640x480, 4:3, contemplating.jpg)


allof their literature is garbage anyways

>muh hegel

>muh bauer

>muh rosseau

>muh stirner

>muh marx

and the list goes on



>We're the end boss, nigger.

If you mean the end boss of cowering in the dark corner and crying that the big mean jews are going to touch your pee-pee, then yes, /pol/ is the end boss.



In the long term, I think the lack of capability to argue in going to develop on both sides since they're in their respective boards accustomed to agreeing with each other. Already on /pol/ there's shit with white nationalists going like "this isn't about a white country I don't care! why is this thread here!" on what supposedly should be a general politics thread.




Kill yourself kike.


<oy vey they're just boogeymen goy nothing is real


<oy vey POL is lies goy look away listen to alex jones and cnn goy


<if I keep spamming lies maybe the goyim will believe (((me)))


>useless NEETs that just want their anime and tendies don't care about important things

Startling revelation.


<just come to my exodus board goy we even go to jewsh's pedonextchan goy


>goon tries to argue

>it's ineffective



>important things

Since when are a fat orange neocon and a cult dedicated to facebook frog "important things"?



Who are you quoting?






Dubs and trips against /pol/.

Kek has abandoned you.



You're unable to read at a second-grade level if that's too much text for you.


Funny how /leftypol/ is somehow unanimously agreed upon as being unable to argue but /pol/ begins intellectually stagnating due to no opposition or conflicting viewpoints the very moment they leave. Hell, /pol/ is stagnant enough that playing devil's advocate is immediately taken as being a genuine article for the opposite side. You have been banned for: permanent, reason: kike


>oy vey they're just boogeymen goy nothing is real

See, now you're getting it. Your posts read like a fucking Encyclopedia Dramatica article, see me after class.


They're important if you shitpost hard enough that they are. Stop sliding le board, goy.



Kek and the winds of meme-magic were never with them. Forcing memes goes against His divine will, and /pol/ commits blasphemy forcing memes across other websites in His name. They will be purged.


File: 1cf32119259c557⋯.png (211.89 KB, 640x480, 4:3, suiseiseki2.png)


He's not quoting anybody, He's just having another autistic meltdown.


You'd have to be a retard to not have to converted to Desuism by now.















>Funny how /leftypol/ is somehow unanimously agreed upon as being unable to argue but /pol/ begins intellectually stagnating due to no opposition or conflicting viewpoints the very moment they leave. Hell, /pol/ is stagnant enough that playing devil's advocate is immediately taken as being a genuine article for the opposite side. You have been banned for: permanent, reason: kike

That's compromised mods for you :P



/pol/ promised me that the world was going to end today because of the eclipse. Why did nothing happen?



kek is a forced meme ;^)

check mate atheists.



9D underwater international backgammon



>he goes on a politics board that bans people for having the wrong opinions

>he thinks it's centrist and wrong to despise it

never stop being a parasite to this chan


oh look, it's this thread again.


>oy vey oy vey oy vey

>goy goy goy

what level of autism is this?



It's Yiddish



If I mention Jews enough, I win, obviously


pic related is why many sunnis fucking hate shias


File: 2576134adf1593a⋯.jpg (284.57 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, 1445724932443.jpg)


On the one hand, banning them means they'll just make a new site or flood back to /pol/.

On the other, they already use /leftypol/ as a staging area to raid the rest of the site.

I think the best method to deal with them is occasionally fuck with them to remind them that they're unwelcome and unwanted. Can Porchmonkey change a board's CSS or embed flashes in the background? Or just hit up Bui and ask him to spam the place for a couple hours.



The autism that would lead to someone to save 1500 hundred pictures of an androgynous jewess and then roleplay as 'her" on the internet.

Said autist is also the first pro-/pol/ post in the thread… it's almost like he's trying to intentionally sabotage its reputation after banning every anon who's neither a chesscuck nor visibly retarded.



Go back to halfchan where you can get banned for saying 'nigger' as much as you want it.


File: 235e1fdf882ef43⋯.jpg (78.88 KB, 451x500, 451:500, HRR HRR HRR.jpg)


Where on halfchan do you get banned for that that isn't /co/, widely known as a moderation cesspool that puts the rest of the site to shame? Oh wait you're just making shit up and haven't been there to actually validate anything you spew



I think you misunderstand the entire point of the site.


I really don't see why they don't just use a website like Reddit or Facebook instead. Absolutely nothing they say on /leftypol/ would be considered banworthy, their opinions would be welcomed with open arms. Have they deluded themselves into thinking they are anti-establishment rebels living on the edge or something? Their beliefs line up almost 100% perfectly with the "bourgeois" they claim to despise.



This seems really weird to me. I use imageboards because I like imageboards, not because my opinions are too unpopular to post elsewhere.



Because normalfags want to destroy everything they can't understand.





Hardly, they're deranged communists who are on par with SA



Actually, I got banned from FB for being a radical leftist and promoting open rebellion against the government of the United States and the bog orange dildo in charge.



/pol/ is your prison. stay there.


File: f227585fd3fa641⋯.png (537.87 KB, 702x540, 13:10, (inquisitive grunt).png)


We're schizophrenic about /leftypol/ and how dangerous it actually is. Are they to be derided and ignored or treated with complete seriousness and demand the board's deletion, even though it hasn't actually broken any rules that /pol/ hasn't itself?



/leftypol/ is hated because of the fact that they commit wrongthink, despite /leftypol/ doing nothing but be used as a scapegoat for shitposters and retards who came to the site from Reddit even though most of /pol/ came through the same place due to the election and /hwndu/. They're just the current boogeyman like /int*/ was for the longest time, but at least /int*/ actually had the decency to pretend to try to actually be the boogeyman rather than just a bunch of shitposters pretending to be a communist because /pol/ is fucking retarded and keeps falling for bait.


I support this


File: fe471ad4136b011⋯.png (704.71 KB, 770x1080, 77:108, 1472754802485.png)


/leftypol/ touched my wee-wee


File: 47e04c6fdac8005⋯.png (131.75 KB, 295x480, 59:96, 1450813315166.png)


I've never been to freech, but I sometimes go to even more dead imageoboards.



Dead imageboards are the best imageboards.


File: 7c4ae1548fb6a8d⋯.png (179.43 KB, 1024x946, 512:473, lain33.png)


Can somebody explain to me why so many people make a boogeyman out of freech/intl? They haven't been on the site in ages



/pol/ mods encourage it to justify their shit moderation.


File: d7c528fd4c53493⋯.png (45.1 KB, 1669x133, 1669:133, Autism speaks. It's time t….png)

File: 8bc89a5d5902c05⋯.png (308.25 KB, 1003x1000, 1003:1000, ''she'' does it for free.png)

File: 02a0f88029276c9⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1896, 80:79, c20c56f738376a6fb0f56ba4fb….png)

THE /leftypol/ COMMUNITY?


File: d45eddf5b0469f3⋯.jpg (10.7 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1259641349478.jpg~c200.jpg)



They're pretty comfy.


Because they raided /pol/ at one point, so /pol/ will keep screeching about them until the end of time. /leftypol/ only gets screeched about because /leftypol/ follows an ideology that isn't what /pol/ follows.



Most of those filters are pretty good tbh




Can't because muh free spich


File: b7911640ad30699⋯.gif (78.27 KB, 254x255, 254:255, b7911640ad30699c9e2f1333cc….gif)




Newfaggots. Kek will return at the end of September



I agree, we should abolish free speech and make everything committee-approved shit

and then we won't be able to laugh at retards anymore


File: 9de1114efc81e9f⋯.jpg (68.52 KB, 1100x300, 11:3, pol derails a thread.jpg)


It's actually hilarious to directly compare the publicly available ban-logs, /pol/ kicks and stomps and shrieks about /leftypol/ and their ban-log is cluttered with non-reasons as vapid as "kike" for an innocuous post it's a failing of the board-specific mod logs that they don't let you view the original post deleted or banned like the ban-page does, with the same restrictions about links being removed if they're CP or something and meanwhile /leftypol/'s ban-logs are rather tame even by the standards of /tg/ or one of the other slower boards; all /leftypol/ bans for is legitimate rule-breakers and /pol/ trying to bait them for EPIC screencaps about le leftycucks to share back on their homeboard, from what I've observed.


I've always had a laff at /pol/'s constant crying wolf, then the very second someone fucks with them right back they scream at the top of their longs for months or years at a time and demonize the party responsible. Collectively it's kinda like observing an elementary-school bully, the very moment somebody resists them or expunges them they pitch a massive bitchfit and do everything in their power to demonize them.


You would deify a twisting and corruption of the Savior? You will burn in the fires of 9gag and iFunny for this heresy.







Kill yourself.


>/pol/ broke rules

You keep shilling this lie.



>continued lying


Permaban for leftytards when?


File: 6e09542ab2cfbf8⋯.jpg (97.38 KB, 680x888, 85:111, 1455154128538-3.jpg)


Don't say that, they'll scream about how you're one of ~7 boogeymen that need to be removed from the site completely.


Keep crying.



/p/IDF pls go


File: 4c730c4b9982273⋯.png (27.93 KB, 215x198, 215:198, 1426737940226.png)

Why does /pol/ have a problem with non-natsoc fascists now? Lately it seems as though they're starting to have a problem with fascists if they're not specifically national socialist.



>delete /leftypol/

Not before we IP ban every single poster there.



Wasn't it organizing the extermination of SJWs?



>they commit wrongthink

Quite literally. What they think is always wrong.



It isn't only reason for that though.

I sometimes think that /pol/ and /leftypol/ play some retarded risk game with 8ch boards.


They hate civic nationalism.

tl.dr nationalism which don't have race foundation. I think.


It's only dangerous to fucking newfags, which could be baited into it. Otherwise it's just annoying.



They're an increasingly tight collective of newfags trying to appeal to the stormfags and their corresponding ideology that they think dominate the board.



Or the goon you are replying to is just using a strawman.



> nationalism which don't have race foundation

Then it's not nationalism, nigger.


File: 20cfc30f52b1461⋯.png (315.87 KB, 626x673, 626:673, 1451816087333.png)





you seem rather impartial



/pol/ isn't a national socialist board, it's a trumpcuck board



I know. It's reason why it so hated on /pol/.


/pol/ is politics board or at least should be.



But why do they think ethno-nationalism is natsoc exclusive? Other fascist countries didn't use legislation to further ethno-nationalism but it doesn't mean it didn't exist.



Because they aren't true fascists.


Just like how centrists are wrong because they don't completely agree with nat-soc?


I have a feeling that some of the screeching you see /leftypol/ do is just shitposters laying out bait because /pol/ always falls for it like I did for a while.



>/pol/ is politics board

/pol/ is a right-wing fascist only politics board. Any other brand of politics is banned, deleted, and reviled. The /pol/ users themselves aren't allowed to discuss politics or even learn how to debate politics because all forms of wrong-think are banned and deleted instantly.



Honestly I don't know what /pol/ exactly thinks about that. It was about civic nationalism not being resistant to race mixing, if I remember it right.


Seems possible.



I am aware of that.

But how to change that when /pol/ BO and vols are just nuke happy.

Making new board isn't just possible, because it can become echo chamber quickly, and /pol/ BO won't leave.


File: 0810d4dd107e621⋯.jpg (73.74 KB, 640x432, 40:27, IMG_0587.JPG)


>mfw pretending to be /pol/ and /leftypol/ to revel in the tears of retards that can't keep their autism in check


File: 0ec7b4cf5b0aec1⋯.jpg (108.92 KB, 352x331, 352:331, b53f1adff90c7634c360eb55e7….jpg)


I quite enjoyed it. I managed to start a trend that got an entire set of threads hated to the point where they're more or less dead.



>Just like how centrists are wrong because they don't completely agree with nat-soc?

Being a vocal fence sitter doesn't make you right.


>But why do they think ethno-nationalism is natsoc exclusive?

Because it's the historically most successful form of ethno-nationalism, still none prevents you to discuss alternatives or even leftardery if you can present arguments without intentionally trying to resource burn by insisting on ruminating shit that have been debunked years ago.

/leftypol/ was not created because leftards were banned, it was created because goons needed a hugbox of their own where they would not be BTFO by 6 million (you)s on every bullshit they spout.


anti slide


File: 1bfd494924afa71⋯.jpg (764.11 KB, 1764x2603, 1764:2603, pol_freedom_of_speech.jpg)

File: 0bedd78a57389b2⋯.png (268.63 KB, 1360x1888, 85:118, pol_stormfront-shilling.png)

File: 89c85b36159eae9⋯.png (163.06 KB, 581x828, 581:828, pol-unified-shit-posting.png)


The political boards have been split by ideaology, and the respective boards contain people who agree with each other and will keep agreeing with each other. Just like the problem of Google search bubbles, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Pics are some old images.

If /leftypol/ was really some goon initiative to bring the site down. I'm more likely to believe its not the content itself, but the effect of political discussion separated by ideology.



>/leftypol/ was not created because leftards were banned, it was created because goons needed a hugbox of their own where they would not be BTFO by 6 million (you)s on every bullshit they spout.

No, the few lefties that came over realized they didn't have to put up with normal /pol/'s shit and made their own board. They were banned/heavily frowned upon after /leftypol/'s creation if I remember right.


File: e5b9f30dee24df2⋯.png (134.44 KB, 549x589, 549:589, 40b26ce6fae1a0c5e7d5add9c2….png)

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