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File: e3003480f26c337⋯.png (367.9 KB, 640x480, 4:3, e3003480f26c337459e2e28b94….png)


Can someone delete /v/ already? Everyone knows they're only here to fill 8ch with MGTOW propaganda just like in halfchan.


Back to >>>/games/, goon


File: 395ef577638875b⋯.gif (245.77 KB, 500x564, 125:141, 1497716418280.gif)


>delete /v/

Nothing of value would be lost.



>sudden opportunity to remake /v/ under a rule that isn't the le caek xD faggot's

Hell, I'm for it. Would just have to be quicker off the mark


>taking an obvious joke thread seriously




/v/ hasn't been good in years, if it was ever good that is


File: 7926c9e79364b60⋯.png (158.62 KB, 1802x924, 901:462, 7926c9e79364b60507d3025dad….png)

File: cdcde735e332826⋯.png (46.39 KB, 1881x171, 11:1, Butthurt pedofags mods.png)

File: 00317ceb6f55509⋯.png (31.65 KB, 1000x492, 250:123, 633c8820bdfd91d35475f6194d….png)


No we need to reboot /v/ u gay there still /pol/ and /loli/ propaganda and a shitty lolicon faggot mod there



File: 54b4892ca885820⋯.webm (3.43 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 12 gameovers.webm)

At this point, it's only a matter of time before Mark tries to get attention and sympathy by faking a suicide attempt. Considering how everything else he's ever done has gone, he'll probably end up botching it and actually killing himself.

I honestly don't care whether he lives or dies, but it'd be nice if /v/ was placed under new management sooner instead of later, so I recommend saving his life by removing him from /v/'s administration and IP-banning him.



Sonic Mania's providing all the attention he could ever want, doesn't matter that it's all negative.


File: 461fb334f0f193e⋯.png (136.88 KB, 1552x377, 1552:377, 3634d4a937f0e8479384986e26….png)


Any attention is good attention to an attentionwhore. It's partially why ROB still makes his threads, even if he's doing literally nothing but shitting out threads he made in 2010 because he can't be assed to "write a new story"


Reminder the only people who hang out here are leftypol members trying to corrupt and co-opt the site.



I don't really care about ROB but I'll agree that flat-out reusing threads for some time was pretty chintzy. Supposedly he's on another long hiatus right now, I recall more than one or two attempted "HAHA ROBCUCKS BTFO" threads from shitposters about.


I come here to laugh at the "DISAGREEEEEEE WITH ME" /pol/ Internet Defense Force guy. You're a moron ascribing more importance to /leftypol/ than is warranted or that they actually deserve.



>second biggest board on the site

>don't worry about them




/leftypol/ is only a threat because the schizos of /pol/ make them out to be one, in reality they're harmless retards



For now. In a month or two, he'll be livestreaming himself in a bathtub with a knife, crying. The last thing he ever says will be, "Whoops!".



Third or fourth biggest depending on /b/'s activity, and the only group ever telling me I need to care about them has been /pol/ crossposters. I'd forget they exist if I didn't have constant "fukkin leftycucks"-type posts parading around the latest boogeyman-board; I've investigated them all of once and the board seems placid, certainly moreso than the board complaining about it and treating it like the devil while simultaneously trying to pretend it's not a big deal.


I'll egg him on in the livestream, it's my most fervent hope that he actually does himself in by complete accident while fishing for attention.



Proof or gtfo.


That's probably some attention whores or goons.

/leftypol/ is only good in being annoying on other boards.



ROB is still making threads? I could have sworn he said he was putting that shit on an indefinite hiatus recently.



He had his board where he'd dump all the threads he makes, but he was too lazy to try and mark it as something to keep after the hack, and he'd never actually use it because that would mean nobody would actually show up to any of the threads he makes since anything that isn't political shitflinging or /v/ gets ignored.


I've only been listening to the screeching in the meta threads so I have no idea. His threads being up still means his threads would bump off shit that might be talking about vidya instead of people essentially watching a man larp as accessories because he had nothing better to do.



>the board seems placid

That's because they spend most of their time on Discord these days. Which is why the ones spamming /sudo/ switched tactics a week or two ago from "delete /pol/" to "delete both /leftypol/ and /pol/"; the namefags wouldn't be too bothered about losing their old anonymous forum.



His board is still around. It was linked on /v/ when he made the announcement on his board that he was putting the threads on hiatus.


File: 338437a9ecf4138⋯.gif (677.13 KB, 286x274, 143:137, 1467833161132.gif)


Must have missed it, since I hardly come to the site anymore.


File: e7b231befed621e⋯.jpg (15.64 KB, 258x199, 258:199, 1501013186.jpg)


>That's because they spend most of their time on Discord these days.

I checked when the screaming about /leftypol/ first started which was shortly after its creation though. More civil than /pol/ and coincidentally /pol/ was, and is, trying to shit it up 24/7. But this is more civil than 8/pol/ we're talking about here, which isn't really saying much.

If they concentrate all their activity on Discord, then who the fuck cares what goes on there or what they do? All the moreso if it's as you say and losing the board wouldn't change anything for /leftypol/'s userbase.


File: a655bb34f45e2d9⋯.jpg (20.16 KB, 360x261, 40:29, mcfucking killing.jpg)


>actually using Discord


File: 64c78b49302fb01⋯.jpeg (78.82 KB, 570x587, 570:587, retard.jpeg)


Where in the post does it mention use of Discord?





This thread is just /pol/ and /int/ propaganda.

good of man damn it, why did i post in thread.



>commie kikes





>ur rong cuz i say so

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