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man reboot
September 2018 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: 43988fdb90d9c46⋯.png (9.43 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Do it.png)


I think it's a good idea to have a thread to report misc bugs in, that don't need a whole thread.

It may be good to sticky this too, so all users that have to report a bug can do it here instead of clogging up the index. Thoughts, CM?


File: f2ec822fa873974⋯.png (6.72 KB, 943x150, 943:150, what.png)

So first of all I can't edit the board settings. When I try to save pic related happens.


File: 6c7d52003227335⋯.jpg (52.28 KB, 400x237, 400:237, 400px-Dornach_1499.jpg)


>The English word howitzer comes from the Czech word houfnice, from houf, "crowd", and houf is in turn a borrowing from the Middle High German word Hūfe or Houfe (modern German Haufen), meaning "heap". Haufen, sometimes in the compound Gewalthaufen, also designated a pike square formation in German

Clearly you need to get your German pike square formations into line to fix this bug.



I was horrible at German on highschool so it will be kinda hard.

(Jokes aside, damn CM do something about this, it's kinda frustrating.)



Same problem here.


.swf files have stopped working again. Also, /f/ has been fucky for years, and i don't recall seeing an explanation for it anywhere.


My posts keep getting stuck at 100% and failing to post.


The website is trash atm.

All posts I try to make get stuck on 100%


Can I post yet? It's been half an hour.


Can't post, fix your shit before I become a pig farmer.









Please calm your tits man. Autistic screaming won't get you anywhere.


8chan is broken again. Post shows half of hour later.


Mod panel is busted, logging in gives an error about boards being restored. Was 8chan hacked again?




Server shit is happening, wait for CM to fix this.






what board are you logging in to?



Well, this isn't actually a bug but it is a bit annoying.

Sometimes I load a thread on my tablet then go away and do something. If it's a fast thread there might be 100-200 new posts when I get back. When the thread updates it takes forever. It takes a crazy amount of time. It's actually faster to to copy-paste the url into a new tab and load the entire page again from scratch.

Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?


File: 49a3273233bc9c1⋯.jpg (65.78 KB, 420x190, 42:19, 20170914_171959.jpg)






Didn't even get that far, just typing in my username and password brings up the error.


File: 393e0e1e5d2bc2e⋯.png (104.45 KB, 1849x570, 1849:570, velocityBug.png)


I hate to bother you again, but I was just wondering if you can acknowledge that logging does not currently work.

When I log in (board doesn't matter, I don't even get to that point) it just says:

>"Board not yet ready due to the hacking incident. We are restoring boards one at a time, please come back later."

I didn't even go to a board, just sys.8ch.net/mod.php

Did I fuck up? Because this used to work ok just the other day. I realize you are busy, but the last thing I want is Smiley fag getting my board because logging in does not work. I can give you more information if needed.



I just logged into my board and it works fine. If it's a problem on your end, try to clear your cache, change VPN if you use one, and restart the browser.

Maybe it'll work. I can only say that logging in works for me.



Tried that. Tried different browsers, I don't have a VPN. Is there any other information I can give? I can give the user name I used to create the board (just not the password obviously).



Tried that. Tried different browsers, I don't have a VPN. Is there any other information I can give? I can give the user name I used to create the board (just not the password obviously).

Are all the server issues resolved?



Email admin@8ch.net with your board and username. I know you say the board doesn't matter, but it does. Your account is tied to it.


Country flags do not appear as images

They appear as the name of the country written in text

I am using Pale Moon


I am currently working on setting up new servers for 8chan and there are some unexpected bugs with the switch over. I am reading all your bug reports and fixing everything possible.


Pdf icons have disappeared. Can still access them by clinking in the empty space where they should be.



is your shit VPN getting infinite captcha again?



Fixed, thank you



Don't have to, suddenly, it worked this morning. Not sure what changed, I'm assuming it was just something with the switch over.


A cross board link to a board which has the "Forced anonymity" option enabled will display the name of that poster as "undefined".

>>>/fringe/109305 for example


Sites slow as fuck.



Read these





I support this


File: 5200f101914b44b⋯.jpg (11.31 KB, 265x265, 1:1, 5365464.jpg)

hi I'd like to report a bug. 8chan is fucked up and it's shit's all retarded.



this site's always been slow



Can you elaborate on your (shitty) opinions, doge?


Can't embed on /v/, is this because of that retarded autoplay?



I tested it on /f/; clicking the thumbnail doesn't work, but clicking on the file name does. I can post .swf files on /f/ and /v/, but not on /sudo/; i'm not about to test it on every board, though.


File: 1c218495d8c3ff9⋯.png (23.56 KB, 768x407, 768:407, The Gay Community did this.png)



Is the front page bugged? We had more than enough UIDs (48) on 8/u/ to be on it all day yesterday. I noticed a few other boards which were on page 2 should have been on front page as well - in addition some boards were repeated twice.



exodus to 32ch



<hurr an issue with the site is an issue with something else instead because I say so


Some video links will not embed.





These links trigger an error message "Couldn't make sense of the URL of the video you tried to embed."


to add a board but it seems like it only registers the username and not the board

pls fix thank



I thought it was to crystal.cafe? Please make your mind so we know where to go.


Hidden service continues to redirect requests for images to media.8ch.net. CloudFlare causes trouble with this. Previous posts ITT on the issue seem to have disappeared.


Occasionally, the update button on the catalog disappears and doesn't show up again until a page refresh occurs.



Hey CodeMonkey, I created a thread on /tv/ but when I click on it I get a 404 error. It's still listed in the catalog but doesn't work for some reason.




This is still an issue. At this point I think your gonna say "It's not a feature, not a bug".

Also an issue for banners.php by the way.




The big problem is that CloudFlare is tampering with some images.


I'm getting ban messages for boards I am not posting on. If you remember a few weeks back I was complaining about getting ban messages for /leftypol/. Now I am getting them for /pol/. About half the time I try posting today I end up getting a ban message for /pol/ stating I am banned for four weeks. The post responsible for the ban is a rhyme or poem about getting raped by jews or something.

If I clear my cache, switch IP, and try posting again it usually works.

I am on a phone and I know someone else on my network does shitpost on 8ch, because I get ban messages on rwo boards I actually use. /a/ and /tv/ occasionally have a day or few long bans for low level political shitposting. The difference is when I get those bans it is when I am posting on those boards. This /pol/ ban, much like the previous /leftypol/ one, pops up despite not posting on those boards.

I will screenshot the ban next time it pops up.



Shared IP?



Please send an email. Include any details you have.


Mod on /tv/ here two major bugs have come up recently

1) Thread deletion is not working at all everytime I go to delete a thread this error message pops up "Undefined variable: board /8chan/howitzer-base/http/inc/functions.php:1668"

I can perform all other mod functions just fine but this one doesn't work

2)Threads no longer update without refreshing the page while I am logged in as a mod. This is annoying but not as serious as #1

Hope these get solved soon



#2 Has been a bug for a little while thought and #1 seems to be a zombie.



you're a zombie


File: b7558a6e8566ac3⋯.png (183.8 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, autist faggot jew rant.png)

Not going to give you my email and I am too lazy to set up a burner. This shit first popped up when you started tweaking the site a couple of weeks(month?) ago. Went away for a long while and popped back up yesterday before dying down. My phone is a shitty cash card burner I can toss at a moments notice which is probably why the guy is using it. I am thinking of getting regular internet again which would fix this but man I don't like that idea.

Hey is Fred doing okay? I don't do the twitter and gave up on IRC circlejerks so I haven't talked to him in over a year. His health hasn't gotten worse lately, right?

Also what is the deal with flip land? How hard is it for a retired expat to live there? Would ~$3000 a month be enough to live comfortably? Is it always fucking hot? Is Duetre really cleaning up the streets and killing mudslimes and commies? Would I get murdered and robbed in my home for being a rednigger?



Plus I want a site wide capcode like globals and admins have. Doesn't need to do anything except let me post with the capcode !der Weebführer


The ban list is still broken, 9 days later.


The Tor hidden service continues to redirect at least some image requests to CloudFlare. This is bad.



Works fine mr shill.




yes it does


The Tor hidden service is still redirecting image requests to clearnet… CloudFlare is still altering some images.


File: 1c7f289dd8a0aac⋯.jpg (28.69 KB, 412x430, 206:215, 1c7f289dd8a0aac79bdba83db6….jpg)






eta? Is it a feature, not a bug?


Tor hidden service STILL redirecting to CloudFlare. CloudFlare STILL tampering with images.




Disable images on a image board is the fix until codekike does something.



Go to sleep goys, it's pure (((coincidence))).


I didn't want to open a whole new thread for this, but I noticed an issue with the random button. It either takes me to a board that doesn't exist anymore, or a board that for some unknown reason redirects to /a/.

Here's a short list of the deleted boards I've encountered so far using the random button:

/gf/ /gamerg8/ /libcom/ /hgarp/ /rohl/ /ivan/ /neofags/ /fi/ /rebuild/ /lisp/ /topkek2015/ /blackhat/ /dukfuk/ /altmedia/ /na15c/

/vitunisokives/ /aaa/ /barbarianorder/ /willblack/ /fisd/ /de/ /animay/ /facebookcute/ /hype/ /alda/ /gfleak/ /nigs/ /walczan/

/patochan/ /melon/ /xyu/ /ypa/ /43299021/ /1776/ /dolk/ /leftymeta/ /vatichan/ /tourneychan/ /trent/ /stiggles/ /resistance/

/tttppp/ /pkmn/ /8nano/ /rez/ /rollthehardsix/ /bigmac/ /culuf/ /nutzboltz/ /alisaknob/ /trumpcoin/ /cnm/ /imperiatosolid/ /asdman/

/gij/ /dsg/ /www/ /8dmq5efzm7ydyznzbi3cia/ /tog/ /vfe/ /brianna/ /powerrangers/ /rmdcp/ /panterachat/ /mathfags/ /alexbae/

/bizz/ /dogecoin/ /chatroom/ /afrika/ /108ch/ /unchan/ /ascii/ /jrpg/ /monterrey/ /titans34/ /jennn/ /redpilling/ /creepypasta/

/stit/ /wgi/ /furbox/ /uifjjf/ /youhaveaboard/ /tot2ch/ /pol4nok/ /metagg/ /2drandom/ /lmr/ /665443467/ /intintint/ /paper/

/icemachinessydney/ /10101/ /s4l/ /gc/ /teamkael/ /safesapacehq/ /doxtheterrorist/ /ffd/ /moltaqqa/

And these are the ones that took me to /a/:

/srsbzns/ /handjob/ /1451/ /ddlg/ /6ugi/ /char/ /3434dfdf/ /adasayd/ /comhard/ /wffs/ /heaven/ /brutux/ /nig541/ /shitfagg/

/teamfist/ /meguca/ /tinytits/ /garf/ /provemewrong/ /antiraid/ /chjss/ /thersd/ /pururinchan/ /galko/ /kettlecaustdenial/

/toastdudes/ /albion/ /malprig/ /garde/ /katidakpussyplay/ /tents/ /arbys/


File: 55ae5c4d21ab6d4⋯.png (5.62 KB, 505x103, 505:103, howitzer-base error.png)

The fuck is this?





TOR is an alphabet agency honeypot. Stop using it.



And the shill arrives… How's the weather in Tel Aviv, Moishe?



He's absolutely right though. TOR has been coopted by alphabet soup and it's being "developed" (dismantled) by radical leftists.

It may have been a genuine anonymity tool at one point, but it's not anymore and I'm honestly surprised 8chan still supports it.



But tor was literally made for alphabet, us govt is the one paying for development



Regardless, it's compromised and 8chan shouldn't give its users a false sense of security by supporting it.


Tor hidden service still redirecting to clearnet; CloudFlare still MITM'ing images.




More shilling. Tor isn't tampering with images–CloudFlare is.

Do you have a single iota of evidence to support any of your claims? Post it.


Ongoing issue, finally tracked down: every HTTP response has a "Cache-Control: no-cache" header. This is needlessly increasing server load.


>>58642 hidden service using CloudFlare via redirects

>>58980 needless supression of caching

Any ETA on fixing these bugs?


>>58980 needless suppression of caching

To clarify: even images (which will not change–they're named by SHA256!) are being marked "no-cache"


File: fb57f7c84396d5c⋯.png (10.91 KB, 1324x179, 1324:179, 743be3b62c73294161508d57e8….png)

I tried to use the admin tools to delete selected posts on the recent posts page and I got this error



Negative one velocity happens when a post is deleted from a thread. I think 8chan must take the absolute value of a thread's velocity or something in determining if it shows up on the front page because I see that happen a lot.


File: 48bf6bb3f9f659c⋯.png (85.57 KB, 1200x920, 30:23, Problem.png)

I'm having this problem on firefox. Chrome is working normally but I can't get a reply box or options to show up in firefox.


File: 48bf6bb3f9f659c⋯.png (85.57 KB, 1200x920, 30:23, Problem.png)

File: c9685deabb7cec6⋯.png (10.33 KB, 1212x178, 606:89, 404.png)

I'm having this problem on firefox. Chrome is working normally but I can't get a reply box or options to show up in firefox. And anytime I try to post it just 404s me




I also have a similar problem with PaleMoon, but it works fine with Opera. I have no quick replay box, I can't see the comments when I hover the postnumber(the red one, I don't see the blue ones), I have no options button, nor any of my options works(such as seeing the top boards), and when I click on an image/webm/mp4 it opens a new tab instead of playing in the same window.




I also have a similar problem with PaleMoon, but it works fine with Opera. I have no quick replay box and I can't reply(getting 404), I can't see the comments when I hover the postnumber(the red one, I don't see the blue ones), I have no options button, nor any of my options works(such as seeing the top boards), and when I click on an image/webm/mp4 it opens a new tab instead of playing in the same window.


As others have already said, shit's all fucked up in Pale Moon.

if it ain't broken, don't fix it fuck with it


Codemonkey, you fucking chimp, what the fuck did you do? It's not working on Palemoon or IE, but works on Chrome.


A lot of the site features seem to have been lost on Chrome, IE, and Pale Moon: multi-image posting, the update button, the options tab, god knows what else. Works normally on Firefox, though.



The site barely works as it should on firefox. And by barely I mean it runs as if I had disabled JS. One look at the Console tells me someone worgot a semicolon (;) in the main js file. Ever heard about testing before deploying codemonkey?



Does anybody else have entire website fucked?

I don't have custom CSS and standard one rapes my eyes.

I can only post about it here only because I didn't close this tab in my browser.

In all new ones I don't have sticky menu and I miss some options at right part of bottom page.

I use Palemoon.



Does anybody else have entire website fucked?

I don't have custom CSS and standard one rapes my eyes.

I can only post about it here only because I didn't close this tab in my browser.

In all new ones I don't have sticky menu and I miss some options at bottom page.





Have you tried changing the theme?


Hey Codemonkey, I saw a post on this a while back and I don't think it was addressed. I keep trying to upload large files then, after the file is uploaded, I get hit by an error message getting me to fill in the captcha and then I have to upload the file a second time. Could you please make the website check the captcha before it starts uploading files?


Did some big change happen last night?

>no more favorite/bookmarked boards at the top of the page

>no options menu button in the top right

>no more in-line reply links

>no more image expansion within posts

>no more quick reply

>box for select/drop files is replace by a browse button

>new reply asks me to save a post.php or something instead of submitting the post

Palemoon 27.6 was working fine all day yesterday and I didn't change anything in my browser since then.


File: 8b4824183b29a28⋯.png (399.26 KB, 1496x768, 187:96, wwwwwew.PNG)

File: 3fdb2d49f197327⋯.png (118.43 KB, 1216x903, 1216:903, wwwew.PNG)

The fuck is this?

Thats the only thread that's like this



seconded. something b0rked last night



The /gsg/ thread on /v/ is equally fucked.



I've got the some thing. Options are gone, no quick reply, clicking on the post number doesn't quote the post, etc.


On it like all the others No option, quoting do jack shit, can't see who replied to posts, if I click on an image instead of enlarge it open it on a new tab


Oh, and to add. I'm using safari from the phone and I can't see spoilers



Had the exact same problems on firefox.

Did a manual update of it to the neweest version, and everything went back to normal.



Seconding this bug report. On 27.6, woke up to find that pages which had worked correctly yesterday are now broken in the described manner. It also seems that half of the features on sys.8ch.net are also broken, such as the ban list.'

I didn't even close/restart my browser between then and now, but a restart doesn't work either.



Can also confirm.

Version: 27.4.2 (64-bit)



>Could you please make the website check the captcha before it starts uploading files?



Anyone think this is a terrible attempt at forcing people to use the non-js enabled interface?


Let's see…

hidden service… still broken, redirecting image requests to CloudFlare

CloudFlare… still tampering with some images for seemingly no reason

"Cache-Control: no-cache"… images (that are named with FUCKING SHA256) not being properly cached due to wrong headers from server

CloudFlare… still having hissy fits with Tor that results in pages loading with no thumbnails at all





This was happening to me as well, then I went to post, filled out the captcha and the site went back to normal.


Image expansion is broken. Site is loading pages faster than normal but attempting to open a thumbnail no longer works.

Android Chrome


Bumping for legit sudo thread that CM doesn't see because they get buried under shitposting.


File: 1cbabcb7140ceff⋯.gif (159.78 KB, 640x360, 16:9, eating bird girl.gif)



>* Implemented CAPTCHA check at 0% of file uploads.



bogus no-cache… still happening

hidden service… still redirecting to CloudFlare

CloudFlare… still making problems

Look Codemonkey, if shills were DoS'ing the hidden service, the proper fix is to set up more hidden services for serving images and have the hidden service redirect to those, not to send Tor users to CloudFlare. You don't need to worry about distributing the "image server" addresses, the main hidden service can do that transparently. It's not like .onions cost anything.





>caring about TORpedos



You will never be white

>m-muh hand

>m-muh dox






















fuck off

you and that other spamming beaner can kill yourselfs



Can you elaborate on the Cloudflare hidden service problem. Where do you see that?



Using Tor and the hidden service to view the page, open any of the images in a new tab. I just used the image in >>61198 to check. Observe that the graphic was actually loaded from media.8ch.net.

If your browser doesn't show redirects, then use Wireshark to observe your own traffic on loopback; the requests going into Tor and the responses coming back will show a clear sequence.

(1a) request to hidden service for image

(1b) response: redirect to media.8ch.net, server nginx

(2a) request to media.8ch.net for image

(2b) response: redirect to https://media.8ch.net, server CloudFlare

(3) SSL connection to media.8ch.net



Also note that >>61383 contains an https URL to media.8ch.net and the hidden service transparently rewrites those with its onion address. (This is correct behavior, btw.)


Tor hidden service is still redirecting to clearnet site; CloudFlare is still causing problems

Is the hidden service supposed to be a text board now? That's what CloudFlare is doing depending on luck-of-the-draw on exit node.


The hidden service is also very slow despite redirecting image requests to CloudFlare. The shills must be really ass-blasted over something.


CloudFlare image-tampering identified. Yes, it needs to go.

Codemonkey, you're actually paying for this shit.



Thumbnails are at least cacheable again, so there is some progress, even though the hidden service is still redirecting image requests to clearnet and CloudFlare is still breaking some images.

The latter problem is confirmed as CloudFlare's "Polish" feature; please turn it off.

"Polish" also defeats image deduplication by changing image files, causing them to waste server space when reposted.


The Tor hidden service currently has dial-up-like speeds.


The last time the hidden service was slow, it was tolerable since the entire thread would load eventually, given patience. Now, not only do threads take tens of minutes, but CloudFlare likes to randomly decide "no images for you!" and fuck up the process.

Correct result: thumbnails load if you wait long enough.

Actual result: lots of missing thumbnails, most of the time.



If I filter enough people only named posts show up, my posts are hidden too.

I thought the BO was hiding the posts and reacted poorly but it keeps happening so it's not their fault.


File: f3469e5e12db442⋯.jpg (170.39 KB, 1787x1281, 1787:1281, comfy73.jpg)

Is it just me, or is the onion service down?



The onion service is up, just slow. Image requests (including thumbnails) are being redirected to clearnet, so CloudFlare likes to say "no images for you!" and fuck things up, but the hidden service itself is working, except for the redirects on images.



Bullshit, it stopped working for several hours yesterday.



Those weren't the hours I tried to use it then.


Don't get me wrong; the hidden service is flaky and unreliable right now. I suspect that 8chan is under concerted attack from the shills again. Expect 8chan to improve when the shilldox inevitably drops in a few weeks.


Yay, onion is working again for me.


Last fifteen twenty or so minutes the site has been referring to cloudflare every time I jump to another board or click a hyper link. I spent the last ten minutes refreshing to make this post.




Sorry 504 time out

Fuck I spent two minutes refreshing to see my post and I don't know how many times I will refresh to make this post.


(((someone))) is spamming and DDOSing the site again.


File: 764df5bf0d3551f⋯.png (254.4 KB, 786x774, 131:129, this.PNG)


Yes. Both constant failures into cloudfire AND this kind of spam.



surprise! /pol/ doxxed some CTR shills and the site is fast again

why do (((they))) always scatter like roaches?


Well, now that the attack is over, can we at the very least have the Tor hidden service actually serve thumbnails again? Redirecting those screws with page caching quite badly.


And CloudFlare is still doing "no images for you!" bullshit.



Codemonkey: the hidden service is half-broken due to redirecting thumbnail requests to CloudFlare. The hidden service really needs to at least serve all HTML, all CSS, and all thumbnails (everything needed to display a page without JavaScript) itself. Serving full-size images from CloudFlare might be acceptable if the shills are using them to attack the hidden service, but really, the Tor view of the site should be entirely within Tor and not rely on clearnet DNS.

Consider setting up additional hidden services using Varnish over VPN links to serve as remote caches, then the main hidden service could freely redirect to the hidden caches to further frustrate attacking shills.

Right now, CloudFlare is still causing the "no thumbnails for you!" bullshit.

And "Polish" is still on, now even in lossy mode. Fix it.



>And "Polish" is still on, now even in lossy mode

I thought I fixed that already? Will check it again.

A few weeks ago we spent some considerable time trying to fix the redirect stuff on tor and haven't found a good solution yet. Our rewrite rules are really complicated and nothing we tried would work correctly. I will give it another shot though.





Get some globals that actually deal with the nightly CP on /b/



> rewrite rules are really complicated

Well, it's good to know that the Tor problems are in fact bugs, although the persistence of these bugs despite direct efforts to fix them is troubling.

The hidden service runs on a proxy. Try giving it an internal view using a second httpd with different rewrite rules. Then you'll only need to forward posts (and maybe requests for the plain HTML, which is actually working atm) to the main httpd.

> I thought I fixed that already.

"Polish" is still on, now in "lossless" mode that isn't actually lossless. See: https://pwmon.org/p/5470/cloudflare-discolors-web/

It's why people are reposting the "same" image with a different hash.

Looks like CloudFlare turned it back on behind your back.



I spoke too soon: "Polish" is still in lossy mode if CloudFlare's headers are to be believed.



Ok, ill give this another look this week and see if I can get the polish working correctly, also will give another shot at the tor bugs.

Maintaining tor uptime and bug fixes is a priority for 2018.


File: 9f688ca4993261b⋯.jpg (235.51 KB, 1202x1603, 1202:1603, 2.jpg)

There's a bug running /pol/.

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?


Why would /pol/ ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking


Black networking


Hispanic Networking


Asian Networking


Indian Networking


Muslim Networking



White Networking



Remove the /pol/ mod

Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.



And if you don't like these posts you can STFU about Twitter, Facebook and other social media engaging in censorship.



> polish working correctly

The only "correctly" for that "feature" is "off". Even "lossless" mode corrupts images. "Lossless" is a lie.

> another shot at the tor bugs

If you can post the rewrite rules somewhere, I'll take a look. Don't how complex or fragile they are, but I've used Apache mod_rewrite in the past. Also, what exactly are the rewrite rules supposed to accomplish? Can you write them down "in plain English" as a specification? "Rubber duck debugging" might solve the problem.



Tulpa debugging


Latex formatting doesn't work, please fix it.


Latex enabled boards cause https://8ch.net/js/mathjax/MathJax.js?config=8chanTeX to load, but it is a blank file.




Kill yourself.


Please make a .onion version of the Nerve Center.

It is a pain using https://nerv.8ch.net/ through Tor because you can't post on 8ch.net through Tor.


Tor hidden service still using CloudFlare.

CloudFlare "polish" still causing problems and still in "lossy" mode to top it off. The headers admit "degrade" applied to images.


"24rd Attention-Hungry Games"?


[B&D]+ times out the request. I have to ban and then hit D+ to do what I want. Fix that.


If your filters are fucking up it is because you filtered some faggot deliberately trying to break them with improper characters. Remove offending filters and you should see functionality restored.


I have a bug to report.

the board owners of most top boards are rulecucks.


Has the onion service really slow for other people recently?



There seems to be either an attack or variation in load that corresponds to Middle East/Eastern European day.

And CloudFlare fucking up the images continues. Why is turning off "polish" so difficult?



kenneth schueler 211 corrie crescent waterloo ontario


Seems like a minor bug. When inlining is enabled you can't expand images in the inlined post. It's opened in a new tab instead but it works for webms.


Tor hidden service still redirecting to CloudFlare; CloudFlare still doing "no thumbnails for you" bullshit.


Put the Delete Selected Posts button on the user post history page and not only the recent posts page. Otherwise what's the point of having that checkbox?



Fix the CloudFlare problem

How fucking hard is turning off "polish"?

It's fucking up image reposts. All those images with original filenames that are the wrong hash? Yup, CloudFlare fucked them up when that anon saved them, so when they get reuploaded, surprise! Have a fucking duplicate with a different hash!





>Has the onion service really slow for other people recently?




Two months later, "polish" is still on and still corrupting images. It's not like the rewrite rules that might have complex interactions. It's "turn this feature off in your CloudFlare settings page".

Why is "polish" still on?

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