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File: 60b3eaa64172790⋯.png (503.48 KB, 419x900, 419:900, downloadfile.png)


site's dying




You must have a weird personal definition of the word “dying”.



I'd call dropping half of your userbase in one year crippling, not dying. Thing is, this site has done that for three years running now. So yeah, it is obviously dying. Denying it doesn't change the reality, any more than your sagefagging keeps the thread from bumping to the top of the catalog.


File: 75389ec5c6db26f⋯.jpg (214.79 KB, 720x380, 36:19, high iq.jpg)

Who cares if 8chan is dying? Use it or don't. I personally think 8chan is bit too commercialized for its own good. You never get open dialog anymore. You never see anyone ask or be concerned about hosting anymore. It's not Ron's fault though, it's just natural, I guess.

I miss websites where administrators speak to the users casually on meta boards. There are still a bunch of websites where that happens, but I wish 8chan was one of them. Everything is just so "official" feeling. Even when Josh was around, speaking to him about things was pretty damn easy. Getting in touch with Ron or Jim, though? Ron barely replies to this board and doesn't even moderate it. The only time he replies to anything is for technical reasons, and even so, these replies are rare.

8chan just doesn't feel like an imageboard. It feels kinda like Facebook. You almost never get to have dialog with staff here.It's even an issue for the top 25. Nobody wants to discuss how to make 8chan better… they just want to complain about 8chan, like you're doing right now.



It is called cripplechan for a reason. That said, it'd be nice to get information on the daily/weekly/monthly stats.


Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?


Why would /pol/ ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking


Black networking


Hispanic Networking


Asian Networking


Indian Networking


Muslim Networking



White Networking



Remove the /pol/ mod

Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"



>We need more people!

<Shitposters show up in droves

>Fucking post quality has gone to shit

<Shitposters leave


You idiots make up your minds.


File: a75d048ed370703⋯.jpg (307.42 KB, 569x802, 569:802, 1514761935387.jpg)


With autistic virginal shitskin """mods""" like imcoonfy in charge treating the only popular/actually active board into their own personal GLP-style autism playpens it's no wonder tbqfh


Just how much drinking did his mother do when pregnant?


>/leftypol/ experiences a huge userdrop because their BO is a cocksucking tranny and even their degenerate userbase could not accept that

>"hurhur the site is dying"

Fucking commies ruining everything for the rest of the site as usual.






> /v/ 2217-> 2513

> /pol/ 2522-> 2216

> /b/ 834 -> 940

> /leftypol/ 694 -> 691

> /tv/ 438 -> 755

> /tech/ 313 -> 373

Wow, big changes here in one year. Is your next argument going to be "The site's stagnant, that means it's dying!"

Because retards like you always call the site dying, whether it's gaining users, losing users or staying exactly the same. Have you considered that it's not the site that's dying but your interest in it? You're free to fuck off anytime.

>Denying it doesn't change the reality

Hilarious coming from someone who seems to have no grasp on reality whatsoever.


File: c5abacae7ab992a⋯.jpg (815.1 KB, 1024x1021, 1024:1021, image.jpg)


Shut up, nigger.



site's dying, let's migrate to one that is completely dead bro haha, use infinity next today!


File: 4756af750344406⋯.jpg (280.58 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DS9R5A5XkAEeqOH.jpg)

fuck jim fuck ron. whys the site still run like shit? <3 /sp/






The fact that you have to run a bot for a get proves that you don't deserve the get. You entered a cheat code. That's all you did.


File: 152332379bd6fd8⋯.png (322.46 KB, 748x618, 374:309, 152332379bd6fd87c8bb9f1b5b….png)





By 4channers.


File: 47d93b6a628e4d3⋯.jpg (25.09 KB, 413x479, 413:479, braveheart_yes.jpg)


They still got it :^)


I love you, /sp/, even if sports are fucking ghey.



/int/ used to have about 600 unique id's on average

Think about that for a second. It has less than a post per hour now. lol, this site is already dead.


File: 5ea1a388c1aebd2⋯.jpg (29.39 KB, 435x245, 87:49, dallas-cowboys-kneel-befor….jpg)




File: 27d1ecdc85b6d52⋯.gif (90.37 KB, 777x777, 1:1, 1426632816291.gif)


I fully understand why you left us and you might have been the smartest overall for seeing what a dumpster-fire 8chan turned out to be.

But I still miss you, /sp/artans.


Site's dying



Kill yourself kike.




Kill yourself.



sage negated


File: 68632d7958f5090⋯.png (13.72 KB, 694x331, 694:331, Untitled.png)



this is what you get for not banning anyone who /pol/posts



t. watsonfag



Hi Josh. Go farm some Kiwis.


File: e2978e3f5fbbaef⋯.jpg (124.64 KB, 926x1200, 463:600, e2978e3f5fbbaef7d315b3a837….jpg)


>M-maybe this time it will work.

Not only that your very stupid on counting correctly, you're also very ignorant on ever realizing the numerous failures with zero progress that you've ever achieved in these past months or even years.

Because, picture yourself in this situation. (((You))) hold a 3 year old grudge because a crippled kid on a wheelchair laughed at you. Each passing day you write in your secret shelter of how much you hate this place while publicly trying to keep that poker face of not giving a fuck. You keep wasting your 3 years of your life on spamming and shitposting on an imageboard. You keep thinking that maybe, just maybe that this "brilliant plan" might work. No matter how many times the tactics are being changed, it will always has a one similar distinguish that you reek: autism, cancer

And after all of those failures, you keep lying to yourself that today was a success, that your plan worked and oh how cool and intellectual you were. Bathetic I've not seen for a long time of something like this level of failure. A fool that believes of being some kind of superman? Don't make me laugh, the absolute state that you're currently in is far beyond the breaking point. A miserable pile of excuse, lower than a trash, a scene from some dark comedy entertainment. Not only by destroying and harming yourself, but also your surroundings. You've became into such a bathetic state that I almost pity you.




hover your cursor over PPH and it will show average pph. now compare:

feb 1 2017:

v: 274

pol: 733

b: 150

leftypol: 203

tv: 64

total for top 5: 1150

jan 1 2018:

v: 258

pol: 148

b: 89

leftypol: 57

tv: 96

total for top 5: 648

there have been serious losses



No one cares. When this place dies then another one will become to the new diet 4chan.



Addendum: The BO's and administration will care because they will lose their fake internet power. No one else.



I'm a BO and I don't care. I like my small board and I don't see it as my personal kingdom. It's just a comfy board for people who share a common interest.


gj pol and b mods



Posts per hour are never consistent, they entirely depend on the date, the time of the day and what releases or happenings were current at the time.

/pol/ never had 733 posts per hour consistently at all times, that's just during high traffic active time.



>feb 1 2017

<just after the inauguration of Trump

>jan 1 2018

<literally nothing happening




You don't understand the sociopathy going on with the top-boards, lad, Mark and Imkampfy would sooner die than give up their boards. They are autism incarnate



Then maybe people should stop using those boards. The trouble is they won't. Oh, they'll bitch and moan and complain, but they won't stop using them. People don't want to go to small boards because they honestly believe that their posts are too important and need the largest audience possible.

Nobody is going to replace the BOs of those boards; but if people stopped using them, then they wouldn't be top boards anymore.



It's a horrendous catch-22 I eventually just got sick of and left /v/ in particular over. I hated Mark so fucking much I couldn't stand the place, but there's not any alternative with reasonable activity levels. My solution was just use the smaller boards, and if I want something faster, return to 4chan because it's the exact same fucking thing, just with more console wars and less self-superiority about the state of the board

They're also attached to /v/ and /pol/ in name, legacy and "board identity", so there's already heavy resistance in that those people still want /pol/ and /v/, rather than a differently-named but otherwise identical board.



The Mark situation is a real shame in all honesty. I don't know him on a personal level obviously but he doesn't strike as a bad person. He shows no signs of being a spiteful and purposefully destructive BO. He is destructive but it comes from his desire to please and be accepted. Most of the time this is an annoying but inoffensive flaw to have but it becomes a real problem when that kind of person is handed authority and expected to be the final decision maker. He wants to please everyone and ends up pleasing no one because of it. Mark is self conscious about being relatively new and so he tries to placate the self proclaimed oldfag hard liners but he wasn't around for those days and the majority of that faction weren't either so he just listens to whoever yells at him the loudest that real old school /v/ did this until someone else changes his mind that it was actually this way and so on. He indulges the hardcore japanese crowd too much even when he needs to ruein them in because he wants to be accepted by them. He engages in silly antics that cause dissension because he wants attention. He can't discipline his vols as he sees them as friends and doesn't want to make them mad. It all boils down to him being too soft to run a large board of fractious spergs. /v/ needs a firm hand at the wheel with the user base vidya brings in. Mark should have been BO of a board that was small and close knit that would have responded well to his desire to please and would have given him the surrogate friends he so desperately wants.



He's a pedophile jew./ He is a bad person.


site's dying



I don't hate Mark, I hate the /v/ users. Roughly 85% of that board deserves to actually die. Easily the worst board on this dead site.



and the vols are truly the scum of the Earth. /v/ users are despicable ingrates, but the vols are genuine human scum, human detritus.



My interactions with Mark ended up accomplishing little but infuriating me for the reasons you described, he doesn't listen whatsoever unless you do one of two things: either happen to be one of the voices shouting him down into doing something, or you bring up something inconvenient for him where he can't possibly squirm away from it. Public perception is everything to the booger, feeding into that desire to be accepted/appreciated. He's aware he's hated, but he's also aware nobody actually hates him enough to leave or rally any form of actual dissent against him.


I think the first wedge for me with 8/v/ was seeing the first interesting thread in quite some time, something or other about a thing going on in gaming news at the time, and then spontaneously it gets out that it was crossposted to 4/v/ as well (where it had already long since died) and four or five spergs flipped shit, saged and shitposted the thread to death, and crowed about how they'd totally just owned that faggot crossposter OP. The thread ended up being deleted since Mark cowtows to the "you have to go back" audience and has a habit of pretending the minority that he agrees with represents the majority of the board.

The other wedge is going back to 4/v/ and seeing that 4/v/ generally says all the exact same shit, but in far fewer words. "Quality > quantity" in relation to 8/v/ always gets a laugh out of me since it occurred to me after that check-up on 4chan that 8/v/ is confusing having better-written posts with those posts actually being higher-quality or containing anything of higher intrinsic value. The end-result is they take two or three paragraphs to say something the source-board said in about two sentences, but it doesn't actually make any difference because they're generally parroting the same memes or making the same bad argument anyways.



Has /v/ ever actually had good users? I've been using imageboards for 12 years now and don't remember it ever having anything but contrarian faggots and reddit migrants



8chan /v/ considers itself superior since they talk about "vidya better" but I see barely any difference between 4chan /v/ and 8chan /v/.



>site's dying

>posts the FAS piece of shit who started its death



/games/ has been an alternative for a while, they just need more users and a good word of mouth.


File: 7743f1a93b87a1c⋯.jpg (69.02 KB, 500x803, 500:803, really%mad.jpg)



I despised Nu/v/'s userbase more than Mark and his mod/vol butt buddies. There hasn't been a single fun thread at that shithole in forever and yet the /v/edditors claimed that 8/v/ has better overall "quality" than 4/v/ despite the fact there hasn't been any good threads on Nu/v/ as good as the early days of 8chan before the 2016 USA elections. Riddle me this /v/edditors; When was the last time /v/ made any OCs and/or have a OC thread? When was the last time /v/ had Meanwhile at X /v/ thread? When was the last time /v/ had a "summarize a game using a quote from a show" thread? When was the last time there was a hunger games thread? When was the last time /v/ had any fun thread that didn't derailed to metafaggotry of whining about "muh reddit" or 'muh cuckchan" complaints?




I decided to take your advice from a early thread on /sudo/ and go to 4/v/ after I had enough of the /v/etafags' endless whining of "muh not vidya enough!!11!!!1!!!!!111". Personally, I'm having a much, much better time over at 4/v/ in the pass couple of week than Nu8/v/ over the pass year after Old8/v/ died in 2017.


t. goon



First of all, this.

Then: I really don't care how much traffic the top boards get, I'm sure that me - and a lot of people here - stay away from that shitfest. There are a lot of minor boards with 10 - 20 people or even less that are stable or growing. Hell if you look at the recommended boards there are communities that are still born today here. They aren't huge but that doesn't matter.

It's way better to have a slow but comfy board than a fast one that is a fagfest. Remember this.

So no site is not dying. Maybe mayor boards are declining because of their cancerous moderation/users, but the rest of the site is another story. Don't spread lies.


Don't worry, if the IC wants this joke to keep going they'll generate more "traffic".



>Meanwhile at X /v/ thread?

>"summarize a game using a quote from a show" thread

>hunger games thread

I understood your "nofun" sentiment in the first sentences, then you started naming the worst examples I don't miss at all. I guess no fun is a good thing?




That board was made because they got sick of Mark. Mark had a meta thread at /v/ yesterday to improve the board though.



I honestly don't know how anybody could use /v/ these days, it lost all the fun it used to have in 2015.


File: 628b25cea413e45⋯.jpg (11.28 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>who started its death

you mean this guy?



>then you started naming the worst examples I don't miss at all. I guess no fun is a good thing?

1st, did you just admitted that you want /v/ to just continuing to be be an anonymous r/gaming clone and also a closet /v/etafag? 2nd, at least those threads were fun and didn't got derailed into metafaggotry. 3rd, I should've post that there hasn't been a single YTP thread on /v/ in a long time.


There was still a few good wholesome fun threads still being made in 2016 before /v/ was truly taken over by redditors, normalfag, and rulecucks. 2017 is the year that Old/v/ was no more.


File: 4dc879fffcb3e3b⋯.jpg (325.25 KB, 997x858, 997:858, todde howard.jpg)


>I guess no fun is a good thing?

If you're autistic, sure. It's commendable that 8/v/ turned /v/ into pure video games, but on the other hand pure video games is fucking boring, which is why /v/ developed its reputation of "/b/ with video games" in the first place. "Video games" is a massive banner to fall under, and jackasses dictating what is and is not actually "video games" typically ends up with trying to appease autists who're just there to complain.


>Mark had a meta thread at /v/ yesterday to improve the board though.

Keep me posted on if it actually results in anything or not, Mark's infamous for sanctioning or creating meta threads and leaving them the very moment it's convenient for him and/or only paying attention to the shitposting but swearing up and down he's paying attention to criticisms and suggestions.



I miss YTP threads, but Markike doesn't seem to allow specific video topics like MAD threads and such, it all has to be kept in the shitty webm thread.


I don't disagree, I just don't miss those awful template threads.



I don't really mind them, personally. A hell of a lot of /v/'s creativity is found in those things, even if they're an almost constant occurrence. Part of it is trying to gear the board towards the template-threads you want, too; it's easy to fish for certain responses or have a certain kind of thread if you just make it yourself and encourage such responses. "Draw your gamer pose" etc. threads don't typically come about until somebody gets a hair up their ass to make one.



its not that I feel my posts are important its that I want a healthy volume of posts to read

I use big and small boards



>/v/ is at 30% pph and UIDs compared to 2014-2015

<n-nobody ever leaves they just put up with it!


File: b45ea0310e35b07⋯.png (189.05 KB, 752x425, 752:425, 1982173981723981.PNG)

File: 56d637afb761379⋯.png (842.46 KB, 1700x1700, 1:1, kelly.png)

Site's living tbh


File: 218bad5ac0e5d9f⋯.png (327.28 KB, 1366x2814, 683:1407, Dead Yo.png)


Compared to Mewch, 8chan is a massive bustling hub of activity.



Honestly, mewch seems to be growing. I hope it does well honestly.



I came to 8ch when it was less than 250K posts. I know when to jump ship. This site sucks dick because the admins are too fucking scared to remove the /pol/ mods when everyone wants them gone.



They'll do fine so long as they don't build their whole site around "8chan sucks! Come here instead!" Sites built on hating another site never last long. They made an amazingly good decision when they booted smiley off the admin team, so they have that going for them.



That word doesn't mean what you think it means.



The only person who don't want kampfy thrown into an oven is kampfy himself.



If that were true, then literally nobody would be using /pol/. Yet …



Kampfy is not the BO of /pol/.



People use /pol/ in SPITE of the /pol/ mods, and even then that's declining rapidly. Shit, I saw /tv/ have a higher pph the other night. /pol/ is dying quick, and it isn't hard to see why. Now I'm just here to spit on its grave because you fags won't do shit about the shit moderation of /pol/. It's alright, I'll watch the trash fire from my next home similar to how I watched 4ch implode from here.



> you fags won't do shit about the shit moderation of /pol/

You act like 8chan is 4chan. The admin doesn't get rid of BOs because people whine about them. This is 8chan, not 4chan. The only thing you or I can do to hurt /pol/ is to STOP FUCKING USING IT.

If you don't stop using /pol/, then YOU are the one keeping the /pol/ staff in place.



Nope, I will continue to shit on /pol/ there and urge the smart anons there to find alternatives so that the site is finally killed. Jim has said he won't mess with site mods for fear of killing the userbase but the userbase is dying anyway so he'll be lording over an empty site at this pace. My point is that this should be encouraged, a hollowing out of 8ch, so that proper alternatives can flourish without impedence.



So you don't just want /pol/ crushed, you want all of 8chan crushed? Fuck you, man. I own a couple of boards here and want them to stay. Boards that would literally be unwelcomed on any other chan/imageboard you can name.

If you don't like /pol/ moderation, fine. I can't stand the place either, but don't throw my board under the bus because your fee-fees got hurt.



Then start seeding backups to other chans. There's a couple. 8chan itself is dying, and since the administration is too paralyzed to do anything it deserves it. See: >>67129

I couldnt honestly care less about your dog fart fetish board and your three posters.



>complains that the site is dying

>wants the site to die so that "proper alternatives" which will be many times less popular can flourish

the destructive goon and his mindset, go post on your 5PPD chan



Got nothin' to do with dog farts or any other weird fetish. Those would be accepted on every chan.

Name me one other chan in the galaxy of chans that would allow, let's say, a Muslim board that is 100% run by a Muslim and not under the iron thumb of some /pol/-loving furry Admin.



The site is dying because most of the top boards, besides maybe /tv/, have the worst possible moderation teams possible and an administration sleeping at the wheel.


>arguing with a camel piss drinker

Whoops, thanks for revealing yourself, /islam/ ginger muslim faggot.



>/islam/ ginger muslim faggot

You literally just proved my point. Good job. I can name 10 more examples like that who have a home on 8chan that you would immediately demand their existence be wiped out.

Also, learn what "let's say" means. I gave an example and you failed it miserably.



Good, sounds like 8ch isn't breaking its non-interventionist policy regarding board moderation. Go to your shit site where your board can be taken away if the admin gets uppity with you.




>besides maybe /tv/

good one, I commend you for your great jokes.



I also never said that board should be eradicated. There's a lot of places where you can create your own board and would tolerate a board for camel piss drinkers. I'm not here to legislate my taste for the existence of boards, just that the moderation of boards I contribute heavily to have moderation teams who are unaccountable for any matter of bullshit they pull and are letting it go to ruin to the detriment of the community. I'm not asking myself to be instated as a mod, just that purposefully destructive mods, like kampfy's rachposting, is visible behind the scenes to an admin and should be rectified but isn't. There is no transparency and the site is dying because of it, but because Jim is aloof and content with the site dying we are supposed to accept this atrophying site instead of trying to fix it.



>where your board can be taken away if the admin gets uppity

Bingo! This is the one thing that makes 8chan worth keeping around. My board is my board and as long as I'm following the global rule, the Admin will keep his hands off of it.



So, you want all boards, board moderation, and board communities under the thumb of a single Admin?

Go to 4chan. Problem solved.



I don't care about your camel piss drinkers or arguments about libertarianism. /pol/ is more important than that by degrees, and having kampfy squat on it and strangle it in the crib is a travesty. When /pol/ goes proper, and it's already down by half in less than a year, the site will implode. Then Jim won't keep your website up so your little camel piss drinker hugbox club will also fold its tent.



Here's a proper site for you, large user base and every board is owned by the administration who maintains a standard in moderation.





>/pol/ is more important than that

/pol/ would not have a voice if the Admin were allowed to do what he wanted. What, exactly, makes you think the Admin isn't a liberal lefty? If non-interventionism were lifted, what makes you think /pol/ wouldn't be the first to get deleted?

> kampfy squat on it

Kampfy is not the BO is /pol/. Seriously. He hasn't been BO for a long time. If you were actually a /pol/ack, you'd know that. I'm not even too sure kampfy is even a Vol.

Heil is the BO and Heil is not Kampfy.



>the world must either be 8chan or 4chan, nothing else is possible!

sasuga muslim-kun


Ron IS a liberal lefty. He has posted many times on /leftypol/ and has indicated his allegiance with that viewpoint. You are a dumb nigger if you didn't know that kampfy is 'resurrectedreplayer' and moonman is 'hotpocketx'. They rebranded themselves because they were tired of all the heat they were getting from their shit moderation, but quickly went right back to the same shenanigans. Heil might as well be a blow up doll because he doesn't exist except on paper.

I didn't say ban anyone based on ideas expressed, but if kampfy purposefully antagonizes users, something that vexes users who can't track his comings and goings without the mod panel, why wouldn't an admin check in on all these reports hes been getting for many years now to see if there's any validity and to enforce a reasonable standard of conduct?



Clearly you think nothing is else possible as you don't give up on trying to subvert 8ch. Go advertise your shitty chan, go post there, make it great.

Oh we're all so touched by the tales of /pol/ and its shitty moderation which the admin has always been under obligation not to intervene, maybe you could help make a better one, here or elsewhere. Of course you won't, it'll never be good enough, goons can't create anything, all they can do is endlessly whine, subvert and spam.



>enforce a reasonable standard of conduct

That is antithetical to everything 8chan stands for. If you seriously want a site where the Admin does whatever he wants to whichever board he wants and has absolute tyrannical control over the entire community, then you need to be on 4chan. 8chan is obviously not the hugbox you want it to be and your special snowflake fee-fees have been hurt to the point of being irreparable.




Nice boomer meme fag. Clearly you can't possibly imagine a world where your misconceptions are challenged. Jim/Ron banned a ton of non-global rule banning boards when they booted HW. One of them was a BDSM board that broke no rules for example. No one wants an admin who frequently interjects himself into the affairs of a board. This is the point. The entire premise of 8chan is that one must tolerate whoever managed to squat on the top boards many years ago despite more talented moderators existing who could foster better communities. That's why this place is hemmorhaging users and will continue to as places that are laissez faire and also not moderated by retarded shitskins start to pop up.

I remember when it took 30 tries to post a 3MB webm and it was the best imageboard shitposting days of my life. Now it's a travesty to see what has become of this place. And it's not like I can blame a huge influx of users either, because the site is dead compared to what it was a while ago. Sure, it is still a bit more populated than when I first got here, but not by much and certainly not for long.



>Jim/Ron banned a ton of non-global rule banning boards when they booted HW. One of them was a BDSM board that broke no rules for example.

Got any proof? Any tangible proof that they indeed banned a board without a reason? You can claim stuff all day but you have to give proofs.

>inb4 newfag

No I'm not. You just need to back up what you say.

>No one wants an admin who frequently interjects himself into the affairs of a board.

<Says this while half of /sudo/ asks exactly that by yelling 'remove /pol/ bo!' 'remove /b/ bo!'

Wew. Now I agree with you that /b/ and /pol/ have bad moderation. Really! But that is not a reason to ban them!

I really don't wanna keep saying it, but the only way to boot a bo is that he's either breaking the Global Rule or making the board impossible to post on. PERIOD!

It has always been like this.

These two are retards? Good, leave the damn board. 8chan has a hands-off policy and these are the results of that.

If codemonkey starts to change bos only based on opinions about how moderation should go, well that is going back to 4chan.

Everything has its bad points. This is the bad side of our kind of site policy.

>Sure, it is still a bit more populated than when I first got here, but not by much and certainly not for long.

See >>67368



Ah right. A proof of this: >>>/hikki/ , board born last summer that has above 3500 posts and a stable userbase. And this is only one, there's more. Plus we don't count all boards that are not in the index.

So site is not dying. Mayor boards are dying, that's for sure. They deserve it too, honestly.



>Nice boomer meme fag.

You just refuse to accept culpability for your own thoughts, actions, and words. I guess that does make you the quintessential /pol/ack. Everything said that doesn't fit your narrative is some kind of meme and not your own fault for having a retarded narrative. Ain't you cute.

Then, of course, you make claims that you will never back up and anyone who asks you to back them up will be a "shill". Why don't you just leave? You're not happy here and you're vastly outnumbered.



>one must tolerate whoever managed to squat on the top boards many years ago

Pretty much

Even worse is that any board that comes up for claims is protected by mods. The "claims" system essentially doesn't exist, they won't give you any board, which undermines the whole "make a board" gimmick.

8chan is worse than 4chan now in terms of moderation. I would go back to 4chan if it weren't for the cuckptcha.



I really want to face the fucking moron that spread that lie.

I have claimed a board, and recently asked for the password to be reset since I had a brain fart and forgot it. They answered in like a day.

And no I don't know anyone personally here and I don't browse the IRC, at all. All these are damn lies.

If you can write a mail without being a moron they'll answer. For real rhis 'claims are fake' is just bullshit.


File: d7ed1f6aae2001a⋯.png (98.35 KB, 2050x690, 205:69, Brave_2018-01-15_22-35-56.png)

Looks like its recovering to me….



I can actually back up from memory that Jim scrubbed a shit-ton of nonkosher boards back when he first took the wheel, I recall /ddlg/ being shitcanned and /sp/ was outright stolen to try and make a news board out of.


File: 7173206bfe6196b⋯.png (56.74 KB, 235x206, 235:206, tap tap tap.png)



Say this out loud and realize how fucking stupid it sounds and how stupid you are by extension for typing it



Alex Jones had name dropped 8chan a couple of times in the beginning of the year and you can thank /pol/ for that. He mentioned how both 8chan and halfchan can dig dirt on the globalists or something.


Retards will keep claiming the site is dying for all eternity, even with nothing to back it up. If they're asked for anything resembling proof they just make shit up.


You're a braindead moron if you think Codemonkey is a leftist for posting on /leftypol/ about 8chan, when he's also posting on any other random board in the same way.








Godamn I feel like a grandpa around here

Jim the Pig Farmer shoa'd a good handful of boards from the site in early 2016 after the Next migration totally shitted out and for a few days assumed total admin control of the site and gave out random perma global ip-range bans.

and yes, this site is pretty much dead at this point. /pol/ has become pure nonsensical no-fun garbage, /v/ is even more overmodded, /k/ is a dead board. /tv/ is the only thing left worth a damn.

It is a failure of administration. Ironically the "free market" approach makes moderation even worse. The Dud has been proven wrong 100% at this point.



No one curr tho



>/tv/ is the only thing left worth a damn.

is this a joke? because I ain't laughin'.



Only goons think /tv/ is good. It's the only board which allows their triggered ranting about anime to stay up.



Better than /b/ which gets spammed with CP almost everyday, not to mention all the threads being filled with pictures of children.


File: 558e14fe8805dcd⋯.webm (501.52 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Enraged.webm)



>/tv/ /leftyb/

>In any way, shape, or form even remotely good






>40k trash

You are cancer.



>/pol/, /v/, /k/ and /tv/ are dying

>Then all site is dying!!

That's asinine. Again, top boards are dying because of their moderation. Not the whole site.



The site is dying, retard. No amount of mental gymnastics can change that. Never post again.




i claimed a board whose owner hadn't logged in for months and had zero threads. i received no reply. fast forward 3 weeks - the owner logs in, posts 1 thing, then disappears again. so i sent yet another email claiming the board…

we will see if i receive an answer this time.



Well then explain why small boards keep going with a stable post/user count, fag.

Source: me, I own one. And I visit other ones around



To claim@8ch.net? If yes, well I dunno. I speak for what happened to me.



>m-maybe if I keep repeating it it will become true!



It's cause of dysnomia http://poal.me/nbe1lx



>8gag is anything besides /pol/ and /v/ trickledown



File: 0ce99c1a97045f0⋯.jpg (310.85 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 27c86d0c53cee6b60b971fcf6d….jpg)


Not an argument, faggot.


Just took a look at /v/. This place is fucking done.




File: 781b8c83b13682c⋯.gif (209.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, That's fuckin heresy godda….gif)


>Being a heretical sodomite.



40kfags need to go back to plebbit


File: 3643460a2229524⋯.jpg (6.24 KB, 276x183, 92:61, 3643460a2229524927f6731f22….jpg)



it has been almost 2 days and still no reply from the site admins about my claim.

the board owner has not logged in for almost 3 weeks now, and the board is empty.


Died when Jim took over.



Which board were you claiming? /vidya/? /draw/? /mecha/?




i have been trying to claim this board since early december, no response from site admins.



>2 whole days

Oh no … however will you recover?

Anyway, if you don't get an answer, the answer is "NO!"



It's possible that the current BO has an email associated with that board. If so, then he will get an email and be given time to respond. However, if it's been since early December, the answer is "NO!"

Move on.



>trying to claim since early December

>last BO login: 2017-12-31

The BO has logged in since you've been trying.




>The BO has logged in since you've been trying.


<The following is a list of boards that have received no Board Owner login for two weeks.

<The boards contained in this list are considered abandoned and anyone can claim them.

The board is up for grabs. It's been 3 days since I emailed the site admin.



If the BO of that board has an email set up in his account, the claims guy first emails him to see if he is still alive/willing to keep the board. Then, if he receves a 'no' - or no answer - he proceedes.

So maybe that's why it is slow. Wait a bit more I guess.



the site became a neo-nazi hugbox, no wonder it's dead


bump because it's true



>can't tell the difference between early December and December 31st

You don't deserve a board


File: de2b5888be4bca7⋯.jpg (15.89 KB, 292x271, 292:271, 1430554158368.jpg)

Update: site admins have responded to board claim.



See? You just have to be patient.


What he mean wit dat>>68251



While i agree with your point, you are actually wrong in proclaiming a minority hates crossposters or new-coming 4chan users. Nobody likes them.

You do have to go back if you don't understand this, but i can lower my pretentious superiority because this no longer helps much as the board is already watered down to an extreme thanks to not being extreme enough to eject them



File: 4ae35c7b3509243⋯.jpg (12.4 KB, 305x255, 61:51, orcs.jpg)


I couldn't care less about crossposters so long as they're not being blaringly obvious about it. For all of that I think the autists that keep a constant vigil on the 4chan equivalent to make sure absolutely nothing of that board leaks into 8chan are more obnoxious, always were more obnoxious, and will always be more obnoxious. Not that it makes any difference any more, because like you mentioned the board's been watered down considerably just through diaspora and only some types of autism relaxing while others tighten, but it's still funny as fuck to see self-appointed guardians of the board start using "soy" or other 4chan colloquialisms, but still scream and kick and moan about cuckchan.

About the claim of a minority, I didn't actually make any such claim. I've got no way of knowing how many on /v/ actually care, but as far as that mentioned thread was concerned it really was about four or five (I want to say five) autists burning a thread to the ground because muh cuckchan; after some time of the same four or five IDs saging, dubs-bombing, generally pitching a bitch-fit (and if I remember right there were one or two 4/v/ threads along the lines of "STAY THE FUCK OUT OF 8CHAN REEEEEE" that ended in being told to go back to cripplechan), the thread ended with Mark making some bleeding-heart appeal to the "muh cuckchan" audience, nobody posting except for Mark and the thread-derailers patting themselves on the back for having ridded out the cucks, and then the thread being deleted. It's actually really easy to keep track of autists with the thread ID system and shitposters too lazy to hit airplane mode on their phone, or turn their router off and on again.


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