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File: d431a111cb2e123⋯.jpg (17.83 KB, 415x454, 415:454, d431a111cb2e123f3cf33646cc….jpg)


>filters aren't even working now

<let's add retarded features 1-2 people ever asked for like embedding a meme IP harvester for paranoid schizophrenics afraid to watch youtube without giving their details to a different site instead



Hahahahahahaha IP harvester

You're un-redeemable if you are retarded enough to think that every website isn't an IP harvester


>being this mad at hooktube

sorry your videos aren't getting views anymore



>being this much of a mongoloid you can't see the issue is the broken fucking filtering


Works for me. Did you clear your cache?




>t. hooknosetube shill


Hooktube is not just used for privacy concerns, it also hosts videos that are censored on jewtube and the interface is 10 times better and doesn't have shitty features like autoplay, playlists from faggots you don't care about showing in recommended videos and half of the space on a page being taken by comments.



Try telling that to people who don't even have a cursory-glance level knowledge of web security but want to pretend they're experts, last I checked Hooktube is pretty open about everything it does, namely that literally all it does is pull video-files from Google's YT servers and plays them via your browser's built-in player.

"It steals your IP address!" is the cry of a fucking moron who doesn't know that every website on the internet is supplied your IP address and can extrapolate as much information from it as any other website can.



How much does Google pay you?


I see hooktube used every day on pol and tv. Those 1-2 people are very active!



and /v/



Thank you!

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