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>new Q board all of a sudden

>it's not deindexed

>it has no information on what happened

What happened?


the boomers reached critical mass as the famefags sabotaged the boards with their egotism.


Can anyone explain what the fuck is going on here?


I'm going to rile up some lads to purge these ancient normalfags who think they belong here.



Why is there over 20 Q related boards?

Why are they hidden from the board ISP rankings?

One of them /qresearch/ was appearing when it went up for a few hours and was ranked higher than /tv/ but then just disappeared from the ranking.

Why is /thestorm/ unsearchable on the front page but a similarly named /qthestorm/ appears?



>Why is there over 20 Q related boards?

Board owner faggotry.

>Why are they hidden from the board ISP rankings?

Because the board owners unindexed their boards. It’s a board setting.

>Why is /thestorm/ unsearchable on the front page but a similarly named /qthestorm/ appears?

Because one BO chose to hide his board and the other didn’t.



>Why is there over 20 Q related boards?

Concentrated sperg effort. Make board, change IP, make new board, change IP, repeat. Eventually they fuck up and accidentally use the same IP to log in to different boards. Oops.

>ranked higher than /tv/ but then just disappeared

Use proxies/bots to spam the shit out of your own board in order to get high ranking. Wait until someone notices, then delist the board in order to make it look like some kind of conspiracy. People will fall for it and your ePeen will get a little bigger.

The Q shit is literally the new Chrischan. Just some dude with a lot of time, many proxies, and a desire to be internet famous. He will fuck up, though, as they always do, and he will be doxed and we'll start seeing vids of him sucking off a dog or whatever soon enough.


File: 80283e18572fbc0⋯.png (1.5 KB, 184x159, 184:159, 1442711336624.png)

/thestorm/ visible now.

>bawl about /leftypol/ botting

>board that actually is botting is well above it and almost reaching /v/-/pol/ numbers

>absolute silence



>1600 uids

Fuck this stupid Q-Larp spam.





I'm collecting info here…


its some kind of proxy/bot combination like the other anon said. i'm still gathering info.



What is the proof of botting?

When spergs were complaining about /leftypol/ botting, I was skeptical then and I remain skeptical now. The only 'evidence' presented in favor of these theories is the supposed pph to active users ratio imbalance. That simply is not evidence of botting.



Any board that suddenly rises to being the 3rd most populous board and the oldest post on said board is 2 weeks old, then something isn't right. It smacks of someone proxy botting to juice up the numbers.

If they just wanted to share the information, then they wouldn't be switching IP with nearly every post. They would just post on their board what they have and then direct others to it in pertinent boards elsewhere. Sort of like what we do with /pdfs/.

Basically you're looking at a board less than a month old that suddenly rose to the top 5 out of nowhere. There's also the fact that nearly every post ends with some all-caps message like "FUCK YOU", which strongly implies a bot.



There's no botting, it's just normalfags posting.

They don't give a single shit about user numbers or PPH, and their boards are generally unindexed, so what's the purpose of fucking botting.


Are you the same retard who owns that board? The Q shit isn't coming out of nowhere, it's been going on for a while. Just because you don't know about it must be botting?

They are posters from 4chan's /pol/, where Q was banned from.

Their boards had high numbers for months, they were just not indexed so no one could see the numbers.

>people I don't know are posting about stuff I don't get?

<it's a conspiracy, they must be bots!


Can some explain what the "Q" thing itself is? Is it just researching kraut and tea or something?



From what I have seen Q refers to some anon with Q level security clearance in the US Government and supposedly he is dumping info.



>muh larp

Fuck off goon.




>muh bots

>t. /leftypol/ projecting

You really think a topic that's covered by thousands people and discussed/pointed to on radio shows with millions of listeners wouldn't get people looking at it?






>guy shows up and starts posting cryptic poetry

>he's a top level whistleblower I swear

>israel-loving billionaire trump is about to indict these evil people, I swear

what a laff, unless this is a huge bot operation then I am missing something



Thing of it is, it's not the first time it's happened. Nobody around here remembers what made Chris-chan famous to begin with. They only know him as some trannie attention whore or maybe they know about Sonichu, but what got him internet famous in the first place was a web forum. A rather populous web forum that held all kinds of conversations about all kinds of things. Thousands of users.

Then the owner did some digging and found out something amazing: all of the users were actually the exact same person! Sonichu creator Chris Chandler.

Then it happened again with a 4chan user who went by the pseudonym "smiley". The FringeWizard botted so much on so many boards that he was forever banned from 4chan and then he started a campaign of spreading himself to every chan/image board he could. Even to this day if you make a new image board, the very first person who shows up suggesting "some good rules" and asks for admin access will be smiley.

Anyone who doesn't think it possible to make a board look like it has thousands of users has never heard of Bui.


File: 6d3ff6800566742⋯.jpeg (45.91 KB, 500x318, 250:159, 6d3ff68005667429f6cad26c3….jpeg)

The AI have gone rogue and are gaining sentience


full on manipulation, check the board list.



It's not manipulation. Visit the board.

The boomers are reviving 8ch




>captcha required

>TOR disabled

Classy board ya got there, Jim.


File: 0853cf66e669dba⋯.png (21.58 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1431857611692.png)




<it's bots g-guys reeeeeeeeeee t. /leftypol/ and /pol/ mod that wants you to focus on some anime awoo meme thread instead



<it's t-totally not bots guise i'm super important i swear guise GUISE PLEEEEASE LOVE MEEEEEE

Go away


File: ceee085e14cdafc⋯.gif (691.19 KB, 255x209, 255:209, stigpopcorn.gif)

>There are entire boards now filled with nothing but bots


File: d02a6436e94e570⋯.png (106.52 KB, 342x291, 114:97, ClipboardImage.png)



>/leftypol/ bots its way to high levels to fake relevance

>gets caught

<e-everyone else is b-bots


M M M M M UH bots

<read the thread, mongoloids.

<it's the first non-dead board


File: 5167ffa45868906⋯.png (136.94 KB, 276x294, 46:49, worry.png)


If /leftypol/ bots, why are they consistently at #4/#5 instead of at #1?



>it's not bots guys haha

>went from 1500 ISPs to 200 in a few days

epic my bro



are you retarded enough to think someone who possessed a botnet encompassing 1500 isps would use it to make a boomer larp board



Anything's possible when people claiming [x] board couldn't possibly be botting will immediately claim /leftypol/ is guaranteed botting, but all its actual posters are off-site in a Discord



Why don't you search this QAnon on the internet? It will put it into perspective of how popular it's becoming. It truly is an epidemic.



Because they left for a different board. You can't even research the most basic thing,






>oldfags have forgotten how exodus works

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