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File: 4c99237d681f55c⋯.jpeg (35.12 KB, 640x323, 640:323, 9420A73B-BD37-4333-9B52-8….jpeg)


2 examples from just this week: first is a thread where CP was posted in the middle and allowed to stay up for hours, second is a thread still up that’s example of /hebe/ tier shit allowed all the time. He even has board logs disabled so nobody can see him dismissing reports. Is anybody going to do anything about this? Enough is enough.




I'm going to spam /tv/ with pictures of children just because of this thread.


Stop spamming CP on /tv/ pedokike



good BO. why are you complaining about cute girls?





Hopefully nothing happens to the BO but you're welcome. There now you have actual child porn to complain about.


>unironically using /tv/


>zerosugar (Board Owner of /tv/)



gl with your board



kill yourself





You a shit BO



>actual child porn

That dick is way too big to be a child.


>hour later

>cp still up ITT

>somehow /tv/ is the problem


File: 0edcc094ae7a1d6⋯.png (40.68 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 4A811B2F-477D-4CFE-B1C7-18….png)


>somehow /tv/ is the problem

No just you zerosugar


This cp has been up for hours on Codemonkeys personal board. Shameful tbqfh


Gotta love the irony in the fact that when 8chan welcomed pedos it did a great job at deleting CP and now that pedos aren't welcome CP stays up for hours without getting deleted.



someone cap this and report it to the feds.



>we can finally be free when 8ch dies

I can't wait.










>2 hours later CP still up



Please global report the CP.



Kill yourself



Convenient how someone had cp ready to make /tv/ BO look innocent. Some curious damage control going on here too



Did like an hour ago. Wtf



Or that the global mods are the guilty ones. the BO of every board can't be expected to hang around 24/7 waiting for CP to be posted on their boards, thats the global moderators job.



The globals are posting CP now.


File: 69a61ef7d6440d5⋯.jpeg (30.09 KB, 630x565, 126:113, F0D70706-5A3B-4487-8509-5….jpeg)


Archive in case posts magically disappear



So then why is he

>false flagging

>dismissing reports

>leaving pedo threads up for days

>hiding board logs

not to mention he has no problem insta deleting meta threads calling him out. But hey look someone posted kiddy porn itt so nothing to see here.



>archiving child porn




Most boards hide board logs, theres nothing illegal about leaving pedo threads up for days if thats how he wants to run his board, you can't tell which reports hes dismissing and even if you could he can't dismiss global reports which are the only ones that matter in terms of CP, and as for false flagging thats just like your opinion man.



>Archive in case posts magically disappear

You mean like.. they get deleted. by the mods :")




Archive is for /tv/ damage control thread. Got caught lying now he’s accusing literally every goon on every board of trying to frame him.



Margcuck or Sudocuck, regardless of what anyone decides on, at some point you're going to need to realize that not everyone is the /tv/ bo. Get a life. Stop trying to make a tulp bagshitter and move on.



>OP isn’t me BO just some random anon who got caught lying and is still trying to change the subject

So pure coincidence then? Hmm sure a lot of that going on lately.

>Stop trying to make a tulp bagshitter and move on

lol wat


Look at the timestamps. I walked into this thread accidentally and judging by the butthurt I'm glad I did. I'll spam more CP on your board and you can blame your BO (who's a global) while I get off scot-free. I came to /sudo/ for the 'The Pedocaust' thread >>61043

If you still think its your BO then I've said what I can. Why am I helping your BO? No clue. Actually disregard anything I've said. zerosugar, a global volunteer is spamming CP to falseflag the Sudocuck, yes you have it all figured out.


Ok Good bye.

t. zerosugar


File: 2f05cbeab356852⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 600x400, 3:2, PASTTHEPOINTOFNORETURN.jpg)






it's not even me, lol



Thanks dude.


>CP ITT up for 3+ hours




I'm samefagging from multiple devices rn. This zerosugar's damage control which is I, zerosguar the board owner of /tv/.


On /b/ it's usually up for an hour but recently moderation there has been "good." I miss when it would stay up for 6+ hours. Good bye everyone. I have to watch some good films because I'm the BO of /tv/ and I'm a real film buff or something.


dysnomia is also a nigger.



Yeah clearly reporting does a whole lot I'm shaking in my boots.


File: 7b477f0a458dc81⋯.png (163.66 KB, 450x338, 225:169, 179769DD-09BF-4803-8D94-7D….png)


>it’s not me guize is somebody else



Someone tell me what to do in this situation. Do I keep pretending I'm zerosugar or do I say I'm not zerosugar? Because I think either way people are going to blame zero. You niggers need to lurk more boards tbh.



You’re doing fine except you anchored the /tv/ thread but forgot to delete the CP so you should probably get on that asap since makes it kind of obvious. Good thing the board logs are hidden though right ;^)



I fucking love /tv/. I'm going to spam more CP lmfao. How did I miss this place?


How is this still up? MOOOOOODS!!


>4+ hours and CP in this thread is still up




No one can hear you scream.



Can we beat /b/'s record? A full day.


File: b937cb12469849c⋯.jpeg (73.95 KB, 972x640, 243:160, 5D6FB489-E6E7-406E-8D8A-7….jpeg)

To prove/disprove zerosugar is cp spammer

>check /tv/ board logs

>see what time meta thread was anchored and by who

>see what time cp was deleted (it’s still up now)

>notice it’s the same cp posted by anon claiming not to be zerosugar itt

If the board logs say he anchored maybe it’s time for a new BO?




>notice it’s the same cp posted by anon claiming not to be zerosugar itt

Notice that how, Margcuck?



I can post younger CP if you'd like. What did you have in mind?


You remind me of the double space anon or /sudo/ fag that hates dysnomia, /b/'s BO.



>can't answer the question, outing himself as being Margcuck/Sudocuck/cp spammer

What's the next step in your master plan?


Hey cp is finally gone.



I'm Sudocuck and my plan is to spam more CP. I'm also zerosugar, a global volunteer and the BO of /tv./


I'm doing a poor job and managing my relatively dead board and I don't know why people stick around but I guess I'm doing something right.


Shieeet a global banned me. Rip that proxy. Good night everyone.



Because they’re the exact same images dumbass.




The best/worst part is there isn't even a way to solve this problem with the way 8chan is designed because no new global mods are going to come about when no new boards ever get popular.

And you can't just give any chucklefuck the ability to delete anything on the entire site if theres no way to punish them by taking away their board if they abuse their power.

The holes in moderation are just going to get worse and worse from here on, looking forward to witnessing the future shitshows because this sure was entertaining to watch.



>no way to punish them by taking away their board if they abuse their power

Why not? Rules say iirc a BO can lose their board just for range banning.



Because if you give global moderator to any old chucklefuck they don't have a board for you to take away if they abuse their power so they have no incentive not to.



Oh see what you mean now.

Btw cp in the /tv/ meta thread is still up, he won’t delete it now since he already done fugged up with the anchor.




Global got me but didn't take out the CP on /tv/. More global reports tbh.


File: c8feabc0d121add⋯.gif (2.93 MB, 412x395, 412:395, 1454961893741.gif)


>I'm Sudocuck

>I'm also zerosugar

>a global volunteer

>and the BO of /tv./


Bump for justice


File: 85a1ee3aa7f1584⋯.jpeg (176.8 KB, 804x513, 268:171, E5F65918-BF00-454B-AF7E-8….jpeg)

>lol why should I open board logs lol




They aren't going to do anything about it no matter how much you wail. Zerosug is in the clique and you aren't. He is untouchable and you are no one as far as they are concerned.



Lel he deleted the thread right after I posted that




Explains why he doesn’t mind admitting to it. Interesting, guess I have a new hobby now.



You won't be the first or the last to bang your head against the janny wall of silence. Good luck. I suggest learning to love and live faggy IRC shit if you want to make any headway.



Thought Jim and code monkey were the good guys, didn’t lowcard leave because they were too anti-pedo? But it’s okay letting one of their BO’s post cp and laugh about it?


>Spamming cp to get the thread killed

I believe that is proof enough that the /tv/ BO is a pedophile



>claims he just randomly found this thread then happens to know everything about /tv/ drama

>spams cp on both boards at same time when anons start asking questions



Is deleting all the meta threads as soon as they go up now too.



That post was in response to asking why the board logs are closed.


Change your mind about that post, lad?



There is absolutely no reason for the logs to be private, hopefully action is taken


What did i miss?



>>67033 was deleted. Was taking responsibility for the CP spam



Got a picture, hard to believe



Post it. Want it myself.


File: 2f93b1bf4dd0468⋯.jpg (71.87 KB, 780x749, 780:749, Capture.JPG)



Not sure why he deleted it



>zerosguar isn't the spammer

Who is it then? A random goon that happen to have CP ready to spam? Doubtful.


At a crossroads here. I love shitting on bad moderation but I do not want to see pizzagate.



>random goons not having CP to spam

It's like you people learned nothing from aatrek and the many other confirmed goon pedos.





Fuck off zero



>## Moderator

umm wtf i guess thats why it was deleted, holy shit



I'm on your side, lad. Just saying goons always have CP. That isn't a good analogy to use if you want this to get taken seriously by others.



It’s not a random goon retard. See


plus notice the convenient timing of when it happens to show up. Ask over there why board logs are closed and boom, more CP followed by “haha what are you gonna do about it” followed by perma b&. But no reason to check board logs amirite fellow goy?





Why are they hiding?!





Looks like they where right from the start, wow



>I'm on your side, lad. Just saying goons always have CP.

I can agree with you on this but I think it's more likey that the CP spammer is zero or the sudocuck.



You don't have to convince me. I have seen this shit since last night when I kept global reporting the CP on this thread and /tv/ while gvols ignored it. Something stinks bad here.



That screen shot isn't real don't believe it



Regretting posting that here aren't you? Too late now.



>CP spammer is zero or the sudocuck.




The evidence in there yet nothing will happen to zero.


File: 68e0ee71ff576e2⋯.png (341.14 KB, 514x536, 257:268, 1507436245162.png)



shut up watsonfag



Will settle for open board logs, at least then he can’t pull all this shit in secret.



I'll settle for the best we can get, which is just that. zero won't be removed as BO.


File: 0f48d97b79eefaf⋯.jpg (40 KB, 600x526, 300:263, 3a1.jpg)


>Regretting posting that here aren't you

>he actually believes its real




too late for damage control now


This is why /b/tards are hated. They just want to shit everything up for no reason at all.


Where is code monkey? Does he not think this is important or something? Even if like anon says


wouldn’t he at least by now have posted a nothing to see here guize?



SOP for shit like this is to ignore it and hope your autism runs out before you rile up any real discontent. Usually works.


You are going to turn into a new smileberg aren't you? Fuck off.



File: a94c8eee8c270b1⋯.gif (407.39 KB, 200x120, 5:3, 7uytj56.gif)


>shut up watsonfag



looks like he nailed you tbh


He anchored the meta thread on /tv/ now he’s spamming soft CP




>I'm spamming soft CP



File: e6f40389c401284⋯.jpeg (38.49 KB, 500x534, 250:267, A136D1C2-A84D-4C85-AD77-8….jpeg)




>deleted threads

>durr your an autist



Don’t forget I’m dismissing reports and hiding the board logs too. Makes sense I’d spam my own thread too to keep anons from asking questions huh, zero?


File: 3dd264a784649e0⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 640x310, 64:31, hermione-bruxa-gif.gif)


>looks like he nailed you tbh

Except he didn't, cause I'm not the same anon.


>another wave of CP spam

What is even the purpose of this? Le ebin trolling a board that has a handful of people on it? I hope you get vanned you loser.


File: 432bc19fd25531f⋯.jpg (71.02 KB, 777x656, 777:656, 1215579185819.jpg)


>t-theres more than one watsonfag guise



<t-theres more than one watsonfag guise

I think you need to re-read these posts








>there's only one person who ever posts emma watson




t. watsonfag


File: 5ea674e04449ae6⋯.png (13.59 KB, 412x363, 412:363, 94134578.png)


File: 36fbbdbe35ad825⋯.jpg (32.28 KB, 310x400, 31:40, Lookwell3.jpg)

I don't know zerosugar but his board is one of the best on 8chan. Grated the regular posters have terrible taste in actresses, but otherwise /tv/ is pretty fun.

Anyway, these threads whining about /tv/ moderation are as idiotic as that guy who insisted the filenames never needed to be fixed.



Nice shoop.


File: ac11a2c2afa14fd⋯.png (181.92 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ac11a2c2afa14fde35f431bb51….png)




>He wasn’t even spamming real CP last night

>(reply with archive)


The sheer kikery is overwhelming


File: a38579523ca85d2⋯.jpg (60.21 KB, 616x696, 77:87, notashoop.JPG)


File: 5454d87d073cd4b⋯.png (271.14 KB, 1000x630, 100:63, 9BB7FC6D-1FFF-47AA-8B5C-78….png)


Nice downboat faggot. Even more reddit is thinking the BO is responsible for anon post quality.



deffo shoop



It's not


Wow this drama is STILL going? All the CP spammer wants is to stir up shit and you load of retards are giving him exactly what he wants.

He used to just post on /b/ but now that you lot on /tv/ have sperged out as bad as you have its a guarantee he'll be posting on your board from now on.



Delet this.


File: 5ab853830fc03c9⋯.jpeg (70.28 KB, 327x400, 327:400, 70AA2EF2-1AF0-481A-B56A-6….jpeg)


Don’t forget he’s definitely NOT zerosugar. Derailing every thread with CP is proof of that. There’s also absolutely no reason to look at the logs from last night + CP is harmless unless you archive it in which case expect to get v& you pervert. Behold the latest narrative




>no matter what anyone says i'm sticking with the cp spammer is zero



>make thread saying Zerosugar is a CP spammer

>thread gets CP spammed by self-proclaimed CP spammer from Librechan who enjoys being accused of being Zerosugar


Ask your mom to take you to a doctor to have your head checked.


It's either the BO being a retard on purpose, one of his vols having some fun with his blessing, or the most boring /b/tard who ever tarded.



>bullseyed me

>keeps replying to me

>gives me more attention

Still not going to post CP for you.


hurt your feelings pretty bad huh. not my fault you can't cut the mustard without the help of ancient picture sets and some newfag who freaks out at the sight of it



>gives me more attention


File: 39bd4299f2dcfbc⋯.jpeg (143.89 KB, 574x603, 574:603, 448B88E6-06B6-4277-80D9-C….jpeg)



Anything not to check or even talk about the board logs that would prove it one way or another right fellow anon?



Well naturally, we're all 8gaggers here after all.

Have you considered going back to SA to be triggered about your hypocritical attention-whoring there instead?

All across the internet, it is known far and wide that goons can dish it out but cannot take it, and are rapidly losing their ability to efficaciously dish it out due to their metastasizing special snowflake complexes. All of your trumped-up objections to 8chan, all of your feeble and half-baked attempts to SHUT IT DOWN, all of this springs from the one sin of 8chan users:

They have opinions as varied and often shitty and unrealistic as yours, and theirs are different than the official ones you accept, and they disagree with you without apologizing first or caring about your perceived seniority and the vast stores of wisdom you must secretly all have to act so dumb all the time.

8chan isn't a deferential colony of SA, and all of those years and years of spamming tranny and beta threads across /b/ didn't achieve the desired unilateral effect you were sure it would, and…let's be honest…that triggers you. That triggers you so hard you shouldn't go back to Tumblr, you should go back to myspace.



Reminder: Your strange obsession with Reddit has nothing to do with /tv/



10/10 pasta. Saved.


Sage negated.




Buffalo kikes btfo



buffalo kikes aren't from sa, they're just random faggots from no particular source

at least in this day and age



>goons can dish it out but cannot take it





>inb4 the buffalo queer copypasta is posted again



>implying the commie BO of /leftyb/ is being retarded on purpose

>Implying that one of the goon mods/vols isn't trying their hardest to make /leftyb/ into a 100% certified /b/ clone

>Implying the CP spammer is even from /b/





File: 60c5e6e75d9c1aa⋯.jpg (120.33 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, serveimage.jpg)


I use reddit tbqh fam.



>falseflagging as the blissfag

Pathetic, watsonfag


File: 91fead5a819c3fb⋯.png (5.51 MB, 1748x2590, 874:1295, attractive.png)


>Everyone I don't like is one person




>posts a modified watsonfag pic



File: 31770375a9d2387⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.8 KB, 508x599, 508:599, 85685.jpg)



>Still not going to post CP for you.

I will though :'^)






You are a kind person for spoilering that. And no, I'm not clicking it.



It's just some roastie with a loli tattooed areound her ragged out cooch.


File: 2efdf2221fc8cec⋯.jpg (23.25 KB, 670x770, 67:77, 2efdf2221fc8cec931a09abcbe….jpg)

Why is /tv/ such a goon and cuckchan infested shithole that makes /b/ and Dysnomia look good?

What the fuck happened to it?

It wasn't this cancerous 3 years ago.



Because normalfags watch TV.

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