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File: c89ea97b1f49f64⋯.jpg (86.05 KB, 400x400, 1:1, dredd3.jpg)


Hi CodeMonkeyZ (your Twitter handle), I would like to find out if you can make it possible to allow Anons to have multiple boards that they have created to be consolidated under one account.

At the moment I have 5 boards:




/qrecenthappenings/ and


Along with the above, I have 5 different email accounts, usernames and passwords that I have to use to administer the above.

This is all related to the work going on in /qresearch/ and /greatawakening/.

I was finding that the clutter at the top of /cbts/ then /thestorm/ and now /qresearch/ (though the last is much better) and the unnecessary amount of time required to create a new bread facilitated me creating the 5 boards to make these areas more manageable and easier to find the info one is looking for.

Any thoughts from anyone else would be appreciated.


Have no idea how this thread got into /bin/sh



So, you're the one botting your way to the top, eh? Care to share your bot so we can all join in the fun?


File: 402e43a95885e1f⋯.jpg (482.44 KB, 1491x892, 1491:892, 402e43a95885e1f5170b4c3155….jpg)


File: b8571fd682712d6⋯.png (509.13 KB, 1395x1027, 1395:1027, b8571fd682712d67771bc72b2b….png)


Those niggers never will. But it still would be nice if, and not for the faggot OP, that multiple boards could be under a single email.


File: 5cea8a22fc80cc4⋯.png (228.77 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 1514943369149.png)



File: 1556c1d58627ca6⋯.png (162.57 KB, 594x646, 297:323, 61f9dc21a46a218257a29022b2….png)

Is this some really poor shitpost attempt by a newfag?

Because it sounds like you're trying to make yourself a boogieman when no one cares.


No. fuck off.


>/leftypol/ bots and gets caught

>claims everyone else is botting



I have no idea what you're talking about.




OP, sudo is filled with absolute cancer known as the sudo mafia

They take pride in annoying anons that post legitimate questions here. Most of this cancer are outsiders who are from other smaller websites that also happen to be imageboards. Some of them are pedos that are still upset after Jim threw them out of this site. These people are enemies of 8chan and will try their best to attack and annoy legitimate users of this site. So, it is best you ignore these cancerous outsiders trying to attack 8chan.

As far as Codemonkey. He lives in philippines. So if you check the philippines time now you will realize he is probably asleep. You will have to wait for him to wake up tomorrow to give a response and that is if he notices this thread among all the off topic garbage that is posted in this board

As far as the botting accusation goes the cancer is accusing you of using bots to post in you board and creating fake activity. It doesn't make any sense to be but these people are insane.



Thanks for the explanation and the heads-up on codemonkey. Its a bit of a chore making updates to different boards, what with all the logging out and logging in, etc. I don't understand why multiple boards can be created under one account if the reasons are legit, which I think mine are. Thanks for taking the time to respond.



*can't be created …



Nobody - literally nobody - cares what /leftypol/ does



Limitations of the software. It's a web 2.0 imageboard built on code from the 90s. Lower your expectations.


File: edef004e9d963b2⋯.jpg (28.76 KB, 500x300, 5:3, edef004e9d963b2c478c07cb5b….jpg)


>saying this like it means anything

>implying code from the 90's is bad





There are robots. You just need to fucking lurk moar to notice them.


File: f2474c23b8f292a⋯.png (664.56 KB, 628x800, 157:200, f2474c23b8f292ac1463d13a5c….png)


>if the reasons are legit, which I think mine are.



I didn't say it was bad. It just is what it is.



>code from the 90s

Code from 2011, retard.

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