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File: 8a7ad6cb2671ffc⋯.jpg (205.46 KB, 753x1070, 753:1070, peek.jpg)


8ch.net deliberately removes parts of its codebase from the OpenIB software. I will list the removed functionality below. You can evaluate this yourself by visiting https://endchan.xyz/8leaks/ and downloading the archive posted by the hacker.

1. The Alacrity Daemon

The Alacrity-related code is removed from the public OpenIB release. The files associated with Alacrity are: inc/alacrity.php, inc/alacrity2.php, alacrity3.php. If you evaluate https://github.com/OpenIB/OpenIB/tree/master/inc you will see that Alacrity is not publicized here. If we peek into inc/config.php.php from the hacked version, we can also see configuration related to Alacrity. Here are the configuration variables:

// Alacrity
$config['alacrity'] = array();
$config['alacrity']['enabled'] = false;
$config['alacrity']['host'] = '';
$config['alacrity']['port'] = 80;
$config['alacrity']['options'] = array();

2. Image deduplication

Image deduplication is not implemented on the open source version of OpenIB. If we look at the hacked version of config.php, we can clearly see:

// Image dedup. See inc/instance-config.php for how to enable it, more than one config option needs setting.
$config['image_deduplication'] = false;

This does not exist on the public OpenIB. See: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OpenIB/OpenIB/master/inc/config.php. It does not exist.

3. Various features and stuff that has not been implemented.

1. The Nerv Center is not public.

2. The oath implementation used for banners is not implemented. OpenIB does not give you a banner implementation at all (and neither did Infinity; czaks has to re-implement it). The files related to oath are oath.php, oath_authorize.php, and oath_whoami.php. Not to mention code related to it in the templates.

3. Several features taken directly from the changelog are not implemented on the public OpenIB. Here are a few examples:

>* Added Request board backup button to the Board Owner dashboard under Administration.

>* Implemented CAPTCHA check at 0% of file uploads.

>* Added a tripcode whitelist option for Board Owners.

>* Added antinecrobump functionality to deletions;

>* Added new super secure tripcodes.

>* Fixed [-] button in the catalog;

>* Fixed tile resizing bug in the catalog (Very Small, Medium and Large tiles were resized to Small after clicking on [Show All]).

Why are these things not public on OpenIB? You were queried about this long ago on the tracker (https://github.com/OpenIB/OpenIB/issues/78) to which you replied:

>We dont publish our anti-spam efforts.

>Doing so would be akin to keeping your poker cards face up and trying to bluff that you have a royal flush when you really just have a pair of Jacks.

Yet none of what I have mentioned is related to antispam functionality at all. These are all usability or convenience related features, that have no reason to be hidden.

So I ask again: Why are these things not public on OpenIB? 8chan isn't open source.




Fuck off runit



>anybody has a point on anything

>fuck off [boogeyman]

/sudo/ - 8chan Tech Support


By show of hands, who gives a shit?


File: 9748a168494092d⋯.jpg (102 KB, 720x540, 4:3, tech support forums.jpg)


I do.


File: 514004a589fb867⋯.png (699.56 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 514004a589fb8676ba80dae520….png)


I care, nerd.


I agree it's more relevant here, but you'd probably get a more competent response from posting on /tech/.




Why? So, 8chan isn't open source. 99.999% of the websites you use every day aren't open source. Are you also whining about them?



8chan isn't open-source but claims to be.



Ok, so? The only place that claim is officially made is in the FAQ, which gets updated about as often as you change underwear. This is just another sperg sperging about things. "Oh my god I found this tiny little nothing! Revolution NOW!"

Frankly, I don't even know what the point is. All the admin has to do is remove 3 words from the FAQ and OP's sperging would become meaningless. The people who do actually care (the two people so far) aren't going to do anything either. All this is is yet another lame attempt at dividing the community. It is literally an advertisement for endchan.xyz and people are eating it up.

Just go to endchan and alllll your problems will be solved.



Is the license even open source compliant? You can't even modify parts of the code, after all.


File: 9d8c8ba5775ba56⋯.png (36.8 KB, 512x509, 512:509, 1460847669387.png)


If endchan devoted a tenth the effort they put on crying about 8chan on actually developing their site it wouldn't be such a dead shithole. If/when 8chan goes down people won't flock to your site and one of the reasons will be this sort of shit you guys like to pull. How about trying to develop an actual caring community instead of this crap?



lmao hes right though holy shit


File: aa01572d3435d1d⋯.jpg (38.03 KB, 707x585, 707:585, 2018-01.jpg)


But then you admitted it. Still a lying tranny as always I see, only admitting the truth when pushed for it


Thanks hamburger


I will now bump this


File: 7f383a910df2c9f⋯.jpg (74.1 KB, 177x219, 59:73, so stupid.jpg)


>All the admin has to do is remove 3 words from the FAQ and OP's sperging would become meaningless.

Duhhhh if 8chan didn't claim to be open source OP wouldn't have a point complaining about it not being open source! Hoop doop de doop



They should be removing all the parts that say this is a free speech platform too since it isn't one of those anymore either.

Basically the problem people seem to have is that they're still acting like 8chan is the exact same site even though they're constantly butchering and removing all the parts that made people like 8chan to begin with like being able to post whatever you want within the law or check the source code to make sure nothing fishy is going on.



I don't think it ever was the "I can say anything without consequence" idea of free speech considering boards being their own islands. You'll still get ostracized or punished for being a fag, but not necessarily punished by the administration for it.






But now you get permabanned from all boards by jim for shit you could find on facebook just like on 4chan.



Do you have examples?



Well you could check /b/s board log, theres easily hundreds of permanent bans from all boards for "dost".

I say "dost" because I've been permanently banned a couple times for "dost" when they were just innocuous reaction images that have been used hundreds of times and wouldn't even get me banned on 4chan because at least the mods on 4chan aren't total normalfags without the slightest idea about chan culture.

Granted he hasn't hit up /b/ in awhile but I have no doubt it'll happen again.


"It's the open source part that got hacked!" - Jim Watkins 2017


wow it's fucking nothing



File: cb536fb5c7798a0⋯.jpg (142.35 KB, 1000x692, 250:173, 62f6b6f573dcec0146ccb2125c….jpg)



>Ok, so? The only place that claim is officially made is in the FAQ, which gets updated about as often as you change underwear.

And to noone's surprise this miserable little kike faggot immediately tries pushing the goalposts when he gets caught lying

<B-b-b-ut it only says that ONCE

I wouldn't lose a minute of sleep if some catcher-in-the-rye style autist decides to just track down and torture a hotpocket to death one of these days. I just hope he has the presence of mind to make a thread about it in real time when he does.


Who cares? Alavrity is the slowest and most broken part of the site anyway. A simple varnish cache would do a much better job.



Oh looks its that pedo who will not take a hint and fuck off from 8chan. Just face it chump this is not your site anymore.



A rollback to before the site being fucked probably would've been most effective in the long run, that we need Alacrity for the site to work whatsoever is concerning



I've been here since before the first gamergate exodus. This website has never not been fucked.



Oh I'm aware the site was always fucking goofy, just it didn't used to NEED a solution like Alacrity to work whatsoever. Always remember "HOTWHEELS FIX YOUR SHIT"



But it didn't work. It has never worked as well as it does now. I haven't had to use the mod.php trick to fix broken page generation in months.



That's called "software auditing". It's the reason why crypto algorithms are required to be public.


I care



>Yet none of what I have mentioned is related to antispam functionality at all.

Arguably, the tripcode whitelist is antispam.That's about the only thing.



kill yourself kid fucker











lainchan is open-source…





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