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File: 9a0f80ad3820b25⋯.png (18.26 KB, 454x175, 454:175, larpq-820.png)


The individuals currently LARPing as Q Anon are claiming to have access to the 8chan source. Pic related. How is this possible? And if it isn't, then can Codemonkey confirm for us that current Q is a LARP?


- the /cbts/ Board Owner


By 8chan source, I mean the live codebase running the site obviously.



8chan is open source



Where is the repo?




This is not the repo Codemonkey uses though - the latest commit on this one was 5 months ago and he introduced super-secure trips in January. So either he hasn't committed those changes or he uses a different repo.


Maybe code Monkey is now a clowns in America operative. Think of that?



I strongly suspect that already. Just trying to confirm.




Thanks for quck response.



Np. As you can see, LARP Q is saying that someone has changed line 1183. Yeah, which source file dude? It's not all one big file you know.

Let's say Codemonkey knows which file he's talking about. That means that Q can see commits to the repo that Codemonkey is using which is fucking bullshit. Either LARP Q is LARping (highly likely) or 8chan is completely compromised.

~/$ cd projects

~/projects$ git clone https://github.com/OpenIB/OpenIB.git

~/projects$ cd OpenIB

~/projects/OpenIB$ find . -type f | xargs egrep SATRREC


The string SATRREC does not exist anywhere in the codebase. The rest is nonsensical.



Q is larping, Code Monkey is a Clown Larp and thus 8 chan is comped. That is what I think.



Can't argue with that.



Q can no longer be trusted. There may have been a legit Q last year…but since then the current Q is a clown op. I think the clowns took over the code monkey account also.



Correct. Q was legit last year (dozens of proofs) but since Jan 5th it's been 100% LARP. Wouldn't surprise me to hear CM was comped at the same time.



Ok, I keep hearing this thing about Jan. 05th. Where did that story originate? I heard it spreading on cbts. Did not such a theory originate there?

Or maybe Q since inception has been a larper….considering nothing or not much of what Q has been saying since last year has actually taken place….


Notice also how code Monkey has not posted on his Twitter account since last October. So his account was most likely taken-over by the clowns also.

So all this is very indicative of all the chans bein compromised, as discussed on the other thread:





Please see this also



File: bb1a65d7b7a167a⋯.png (273.62 KB, 1626x1008, 271:168, line1183.png)


Q posted an image and got an error. The image was in a format that 8chan didn't recognize. 8chan returned an error saying something along the lines of: "There was an error on line 1183".

Line 1183 of post.php is a modification that we added to 8chan but wasnt merged into the openib public source code. Line 1183 sends images to our image processing server and waits to receive notification that the thumbnails were generated correctly.

>pic related



Can you faggots please please just fucking end yourselves? I don't give a shit about political nutjobs outside of shitposting to collect (you)s on my wwwww farm. I just want to discuss anime, video games, and use /tv/ for shitposting without being banned for wrong think. Can't even do that because congrats /a/ is a shithole with literal autists that ban you when ever they get called out for being ignorant casuals with a lot of opinions but know knowledge of what they are talking about.

Another thing, fucking autists. These shitbags have completely infested every corner of the site to the point where you can not discuss anything because they will butt in and start arguing about shit they don't understand and refuse to even attempt to do so.

I don't give a fuck if Jim sells my info to the FBI, those motherfuckers have been watching me ever since I was kicked out of the military. I just want to have something to fill my days with so I can not go crazy again. I am just so fucking tired of everything. I am so fucking tired of everything. You can't start a new board here because not only can you not get the vast majority of users to come, the ones that show up are autists, and old board owners attempt to destroy any board trying something new.

I can't play video games because autists have taken that shit over. Play tera and every guild I join is full of faggots that piss in your ear with opinions they are regurgitating from youtube. The only thing I have left that I actually enjoy is alcohol and that is just self medicating to hide from the world.

Fuck the real world is just as bad. Everyone is an entitled shit that demands you think and believe exactly what you do or else they are going to fuck with you in real life. Can't go outside because I hate everyone. Can't stay in because I hate my self and everything you can do inside. Can't blow shit up like Ted Kazinski because I don't like hurting people. I just need to wander off into the woods and be a hermit but good luck with that. Some glow in the dark forest service nigger would call the authorities on me and god forbid a white man doesn't slave away until an ignoble death for their jewish masters.

I fucking hate and hate and hate and hate and I can't feel anything else. You faggots did this. Every single one of you smooth brained faggots that listens and believes and slavishly devout yourselves to passing trends like the fucking zealots you are. I got nothing. No friends no family no hope no future. Can't even kill myself because I have to support some parasitic mother who has never worked in her life and treats me like a fucking money bag but would die if I didn't provide for her.

I am so god damned tired. I just wanted to discuss anime and games.



nice pasta faggot





Explain why you allow literal paid shills (violating US law) to continue posting, much less having a board here.



Shut the fuck up nigger. Don't try to derail the thread



No. Kill yourself. Q-LARP is a paid shill hoax. Everything it claimed has been proven false. It recruits boomers (THERE’S YOUR FIRST CLUE, SHERLOCK) across reddit, twitter, voat, cuckchan, and 8chan (among other sites) to spam its civic nationalist, neoconservative, jewish warmongering message. It’s an admitted GROUP of people. This is paid shilling. It’s in violation of US law. It should not be allowed here.



>paid shilling

Paid by whom you gibbering monkey?



>who could ever possibly be paying someone to continue the current narrative

>i cannot fathom who might want the people in power right now to stay in power

>this is a fucking stumper

Kill yourself, you fucking dipshit. No wonder you think Q-hoax is real.



>it's a larp because I say so

Fuck off.

>wwhy he has access to oben sores code reeeeeeeeeeeee




>it's fake because I say so

Fuck off koonfy.




>because i say so

Nah, you’re the ones sucking his cock. You’re the ones making the claims. YOU are the ones “saying so.” Prove Q-hoax is real.

Nothing is happening. Nothing was ever going to happen. A cuckchan LARPer is not one of the ONLY TWENTY PEOPLE IN THE FUCKING WORLD with a specific level of security clearance and “full knowledge of this plan.” Someone that important is not posting on 4chan. Someone that important–if he actually has knowledge he wants to disseminate–is also not going to type cryptic bullshit that looks like it came from multiple people and ask questions that he doesn’t answer. Someone that important is, statistically, owned by jews, even if there are some patriots left up there. Out of 10 of the most powerful people in the entire fucking world, the redditors on 4chan expect one of them to not only be “#ourguy”, but to leak the proceedings of FUCKING NATIONWIDE MARTIAL LAW and–surprise surprise–the arrest of three quarters of the US government.

Why, that’s exactly what we would want! Happy day! All of our dreams are coming true, and we didn’t even have to put in an ounce of work ourselves! Hooray! It’s over! We’re saved! Don’t ever question the validity of these claims! Just spend MONTHS ignoring everything else that is ACTUALLY happening in the news, never mind your own wildly successful campaign of “It’s okay to be white.” Because nothing ever came from YOU doing an honest day’s work!


If there is something, why is nothing happening? Where’s the Emergency Broadcast System announcement? Where’s Trump using Obama’s emergency television override to speak to the people? Where’s the martial law? Where are the riots he talked about? Antifa couldn’t even get off their asses for a completely unrelated outing. Why, given the massive flight risk all globalists are, would anyone want to leak the proceedings of such an event in advance? Why would someone ostensibly leaking the proceedings not actually leak any information? Why would someone who claims to be on our side not give us a playbook for how to operate during the event? Why isn’t he telling us how to become leaders of our community to calm the terrified millions around us–who will inevitably exist once the media starts reporting on the “Trump coup”, or when they see their favorite media reporters arrested by the military live on air? Where’s the Huma arrest? Where are the Podesta arrests? They were supposed to be in custody by now; no one has any information on that beyond your continued shilling campaign. Why is he a CIVIC NATIONALIST? Nothing he said has happened.

Fuck off, redditors. Hero worship somewhere else.

* Claims Trump is magically insulated during what will be painted internationally as a soft coup, and that he will not be addressing the nation on what is supposedly the biggest mass-arrest in national history.

* Claims there are more patriots than traitors in the government (LOL, so why did they let the last 70 years happen).

* Claims something is in the works to make the Democrat Party lose the nigger vote entirely.

* Claims martial law inbound.

* Claims mass arrests of the government are inbound.

* Claims the EBS will be invoked.

* Claims no one will have to lift a finger and that the government will arrest itself, with all trials dispensing actual justice.

* Claims Obama went to North Korea and may be there right now.

* Claims Trump would leave an important message on Twitter before leaving for Asia (PROVEN FALSE).

* Claims Twitter, “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us…”

* Claims the CIA/alphabet agencies were responsible for the 11 minute Twitter takedown of POTUS account.

* Claimed that martial law and the arrests will be made during Trump’s Asia trip (PROVEN FALSE).

* Claims false flag attacks at right-wing gatherings (cities, sporting events).

* Claims elections no longer matter.

No proof of any of his claims has come to light, and no explanation of them or what he means by them has ever been given.




Fuck off coonfy.



>it’s fake because i say so


>ignore all the things that happened

Nothing happened that Q-LARP said. Everything Q-LARP said WOULD happen didn’t happen.

>you are imkikey if you want imkikey to be raped to death by niggers

Thanks for admitting you have absolutely no argument, no comprehension of the topic of discussion, and no knowledge of who or what imkikey actually supports (he believes in Q-LARP, you stupid fucking redditor).



I like how the person Q refuted and left in the dust is now shilling against him once again.

You better out, Baruch.



Baruch is the owner of this board here?



True, run by the clowns in America. You forgot also how they use youtube channels and other means to spam the Q lies. If Q were Military Intel, he would be court martialed. Q is fake as fake can be.



>things I don’t like are against the law



>I cannot read English

>I am incapable of reading English

>I am illiterate in the English language


Reported. Thank you for admitting that Q-LARP is a paid shill and a hoax.



Please see these two posts BO:





He's not the actual board owner. That's just his tripfag name. Q-LARP will be given free reign forever because it brings in money for jim, despite it being against US law.



So who is the real board owner and this Jim is a C-I-A operative clearly. And Q is violating U.S. law in what way?


White Hats Report #63 – #ARRESTtheFED


Hashtag everyone -




Why do you engage in LARPing?



Explain why you keep other 8chan features such as those related to the nerve center closed source when there is no reason to do so.

It doesn't matter if OpenIB works for the general public. What does matter is that you actually keep it open source. You keeping it closed source for no reason makes me think that you are compromised and running backdoored code.



That is exactly what they are doing. 8 chan is now being run by the clowns in America, with back-door code running in secret.



I don't doubt it for a second. Why chan administrators feel the need to be two faced like this makes no sense at all. First it is Sunshine, with promises to make it up with open sourcing. Then we get a software rebrand, called OpenIB. Initially, things are pushed. Then they suddenly stop completely.

It's not hard in the slightest:

git add -A
git commit -m "Message."
git push

Something is being hidden.



The C-I-A most likely killed the original code monkey and the Sunshine coder, shut-off the code, is running it as a back door IP logger now and that explains why we get an all across the baord ban on our Google browser when we prove Q anon is a larp and a hoax. Code Monkey and Q are both Clowns in America agents. I just got my internet dropped by the clowns when typing this here. Had to come-back with a different IP to post this.


These posts tell it all:





8 chan has been comped.

Now you know the truth.


File: 54b3c89cbd9d81e⋯.png (43.25 KB, 1174x352, 587:176, codemonkeypm.png)


On Jan 5th, Q connected from an IP that he'd never used before. I called this out and said Q's tripcode had probably been cracked. LARP Q immediately said "IP address is the same as always" which was of course a clear lie. He then posted a bunch of illiterate made-up crap that sounded NOTHING like the real Q and summarily announced that /cbts/ was compromised - which was bullshit. Codemonkey sided with LARP Q in the confusion and claimed that he'd 'triple-checked' it was the real Q. But my mod logs show that a) Q had never used that IP before and b) he was now using the same IP for all of his subsequent posts on /thestorm/. This was clearly not Q - he used to use six different devices to post to /cbts/ as the mod logs also show.


File: 0630181216965aa⋯.png (31.87 KB, 677x282, 677:282, codefag.png)


Wrong pic. This one.



Wrong as usual.




He's a famefaggot that jumped on the Q bandwagon temporarily, now floats his "The Board Owner" name as if it means anything.



The only thing those posts are saying is that you're all fucking retarded and seriously need to stay contained to your boomer boards.

You don't know what the fuck you're talking about at all.



You seriously think your "mod logs" tell you more than what the admin can see? You don't even know how this website works.

How are you still seriously trying to convince people that you're in the right and everyone else is wrong? You're just embarrassing yourself more and more.


File: 045645e6c75299c⋯.jpg (74.76 KB, 700x498, 350:249, 1518147607250.jpg)


File: 97fe6d66cafc3c8⋯.jpg (191.72 KB, 500x712, 125:178, 1473579828428.jpg)

You can't help but respond to this post but it will be because you assume, rather than base your response upon factual basis.






t. mobile poster



If you can't follow a basic argument like 'this IP hash is not the same as that IP hash' despite the poster and the administrator claiming that it is, then you're beyond help. Whether myriads of redditors believe me or not is utterly irrelevant.




the absolute irony of you talking about anyone being comped. fellate a shotgun, m8


File: ccf47b6697366b0⋯.png (45.13 KB, 582x333, 194:111, TRUST SESSIONS HAHAHAHAHAH….PNG)





>q was real unitl he was proven false…

>how come this sites dying?

>its almost like nobody wants to hear the truth!



Evidence? Zero. As usual.



>drumpf tweet

sage negated, post ignored



Global report for destroying the site. Your kike paid shill hoax is exposed. Your god emperor himself destroyed it. "Trust Sessions" is a lie. Q is a lie. All of it is fake.



Nicely stated.



Nice! Glad to see someone else who also noticed this! Q "trust Jeff Sessions" proves he is a fag troll! Trump says the OPPOSITE!



Why would any good Attorney General comment on ongoing investigations?


why do you guys call ciaNIGGERS "clowns"

Only a Q LARPING *FAGGOT* would use that lame ass terminology



Clowns in America, fag…LoL…



Get out of here larper.


Q-LARP is a proven hoax.

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