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File: 9f3eb72a5e76bcc⋯.png (16.57 KB, 1593x178, 1593:178, board name.png)


Why is the board name /creep/ banned?


it was probably a revenge porn board like /shamedsluts/



Why host the servers in the US then? This site certainly isn't ran by cia niggers, is it?



This site glows in the dark.



Say it aint so jim



>move servers out of US

>site gets shut down for antsemitism

Sure thing, chief.



I don't doubt that jim would sell out to the feds, but he wouldn't sell it right now



The feds don't care about the 50 people who post here. They'd just laugh and say, "Come back when you have 75000 people, kid."



It was pictures of girls from instagram. Since instagram violates federal law, the board had to be deleted.



Creep implies creepshots, so pictures taken of women without them knowing. That's not Instagram.



Is it revenge porn though?



Doesn't have to be porn. Upskirt type pics are illegal in the US because it violates the reasonable expectation of privacy. Obviously, taking general pics is not illegal, but specifically targeting someone without permission is illegal. /creep/ was about specifically targeting individuals for "creep pics". That's illegal in the US and violates the global rule.



>Upskirt type pics are illegal in the US because it violates the reasonable expectation of privacy.

I vaguely remember a case where a pedo was let off free for taking up skirts of a little girl because there wasn't any applicable law that could be used to punish him and it was argued that he was simply taking pictures in public. Has that changed?



Nice try, but there's an archive so we can see what the board was actually like.


You mention upskirts, but what does that have to do with /creep/? There's not a single upskirt thread on the entire board. Even if it did, there are upskirts on every porn site.

Creepshots don’t violate women’s privacy, says D.C. judge


The only "creep" aspect were the handful of threads with pictures of girls in yoga pants, photographed in a public area. There is no expectation of privacy a public area and the girls were anonymous. Which US law does this violate?

The vast majority of content was fully clothed pictures from social media. Which US law does this violate? Unless it's illegal to repost instagram photos, the board did not need to be deleted. At most a few threads could have been deleted.



So the board was banned for a handful of bad apples that popped up from time to time? In that case shouldn't >>>/b/ be banned for daily CP threads?



Yes, it changed in 2016.


Your article is from 2014.



>Yes, it changed in 2016.

What changed and how?



It was probably 2018 and it was most likely FOSTA/SESTA.



So if I start spamming /b/ with posts claiming to be trafficking women will it get taken down as well? Why do some boards get taken down for things that go against FOSTA but not others?



If the board was created specifically for the sole purpose of breaking the law, it will get taken down. /b/ was not created specifically to break the law.


File: dbca252a53fe087⋯.jpg (41.41 KB, 620x349, 620:349, nicejewishbitch.jpg)



>Why is the board name /creep/ banned?

bc u touch yourself at night



I remember hearing that on AIM like, 16 years ago


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a line from Family Guy, July 25, 2000.


File: 03a279564204142⋯.jpg (41.96 KB, 500x407, 500:407, baileys eyebrow.jpg)

obvs site is run by Steve Bannon



please don't tell me this, it has to be from somewhere else



> it changed in 2016.

That is a year not a law. You have failed to demonstrate that /creep/ was an illegal board.

Daily reminder banchan is more restrictive than the biggest websites on the internet




Sorry, man, but that's where it's from.



>Creep implies creepshots, so pictures taken of women without them knowing

if taken in a public space, there is no 'expectation of privacy' and no violation of the law



Deliberately targeting a specific individual for photography supersedes a normal expectation of privacy.






I demand to know why these threads are deleted. No sudo rules are violated. No content in them violates any rules.








Not even cuckchan bans creepshots you fucking redditniggers.



Why haven't you killed yourself yet?



Why would I kill myself? I WON. IMKIKEY IS GONE. /pol/ beat him. My efforts paid off. The links are a testament to that. He was removed for the exact reason that I always said he should be removed.

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