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File: 9fbc989a260a26e⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 175x115, 35:23, meh.gif)


Last Round: >>85492

Archive of Past Rounds: https://mega.nz/#F!BA8V0KYD!eRw01c3zLKSa3wzSEHE00g (Updated to Round 30.)

Hello /sudo/. Some time ago, CodeMonkey wanted to try a Hunger Games event for advertising boards using the global announcement feature. I'm still going with a 1 nominee limit, and I'll most likely run this on Monday again. I would put something new here but I got nothing new and I probably wouldn't have time to put something new here anyway.

For the 8chan Attention-Hungry Games, any board with less than 300 users can nominate themselves to participate, with up to 48 boards being able to participate (or we can go to 24 or 36 if we don't get enough boards). These 48 or so boards compete on a Hunger Games simulator hosted on BrantSteele. The current code for the regular events as of this writing is at http://brantsteele.net/hungergames/r.php?c=XjlKC8NL which is based off of http://brantsteele.net/hungergames/r.php?c=FlMMyAqW.

The Mansion code that I used once but regretted using afterwards is at http://brantsteele.net/hungergames/r.php?c=9nWM8wfc from >>>/hungergames/17115

Anyway, the winner gets to be advertised as a global announcement for about a week.

As for the requirements for signing up:

1. No boards that promote raiding other 8chan boards.

2. Must have less than 300 active users at the start of the game.

3. Can't have won the hunger games in the past week. Last week's winner is >>>/clang/

4. Need to submit a SFW sentence that advertises their board that CodeMonkey can put in the global announcement. (NSFW boards are welcome to join, but the announcement should be SFW). Failure to do so will result in anons deciding your sentence via dubs, usually to your detriment. CodeMonkey will be the one to determine what is and what isn't SFW as he controls the global announcements.

5. It is recommended you post a picture with your nomination, and that picture should be square as it will be stretched otherwise. I will determine the gender of you tribute based on the picture. If I can't tell, I am defaulting to M. Also, MLP images will be ignored unless it came from a MLP board, if the BO approves of it, or from a certain image for /suicide/ until their BO says otherwise as they had that certain image before I added this part of the rule.

6. If a BO of a board does not want to participate, please don't nominate it. Board Owners, if you don't want to participate but someone nominated you, please let me know before the start of the round and I will remove it from the list. As of now, /miku/ and /jp/ have asked not to participate.

7. Nominate only 1 board per IP hash per post. For posts that nominate more than 1 board and an IP hash nominating multiple boards, I will take the first board and ignore the rest, and I will know if you are samefagging. For those with VPNs, note that someone may be using the same VPN as you when nominating, which means they may have the same IP Hash and I can't distinguish VPN users from normal ones.

8. Once a round concludes, please wait until the next thread is created before you nominate a board.

The next round will start

Monday at 9am to 11am ET

With that all being said, nominate your boards now and suggest some events for either code if you want (or even better, put your events into the mansion code since I won't mind people messing with that code. Just let me know if you do update it). Also, if I missed anything, let me know so I can correct the OP for next time.

Post last edited at


File: 0a240aabe184013⋯.png (612.69 KB, 900x900, 1:1, f08c8e5acca50007fcd2a8c465….png)

I nominate >>>/cute/

Always here to make you smile!


File: 168c66be3b05ff2⋯.jpg (376.67 KB, 750x1396, 375:698, Superman one million.jpg)


Cartoons and comic books discussion without "hey /tv/" fags ruining it for everyone.


File: e98b12f590cf3b0⋯.jpg (39.96 KB, 335x460, 67:92, what happened to all the p….jpg)


Came for cartoons & comics, stayed for the pies


File: 3b4d74e645ef692⋯.png (176.88 KB, 893x895, 893:895, 838bc2321aee22fca37db5c171….png)

/pone/ swoops in with "Buttercup is best pony"


File: c7acdc5630ce6d1⋯.jpg (25.58 KB, 532x558, 266:279, sam shotgun.jpg)


Please save us from the reddit invasion - Sam


File: 4c6dc2ed1568d2d⋯.png (163.19 KB, 307x307, 1:1, roar.png)


"One of the main reasons why we still watch cartoons"



The tagline and board name doesn't make it obvious what your board is. Most people who would otherwise be interested might pass.


File: e431ef965c4b694⋯.png (370.96 KB, 738x736, 369:368, come into randamu.png)




File: 4b8124055e1ceee⋯.jpg (83.33 KB, 515x515, 1:1, 1piece image11.jpg)


Where we go one!


File: 2971f75e289a4da⋯.jpg (6.58 KB, 184x274, 92:137, Belushi.jpg)


Guitar Smashing since 2018!


File: e1ef73d94f2a488⋯.jpg (66.58 KB, 597x597, 1:1, s.jpg)


Make 3D Great Again


File: f776fe8e9ca64f2⋯.jpg (44.31 KB, 567x788, 567:788, burger.jpg)


No crying until the end!


File: 070635267d81b44⋯.png (208.7 KB, 625x720, 125:144, smugRea.png)


Ordos Imagos Affinis


File: f5ef1d9a37514a9⋯.jpg (492.31 KB, 900x750, 6:5, 47153601_p0.jpg)


File: c746a1cc4d776f9⋯.jpg (45.57 KB, 311x200, 311:200, la bandera de communidad d….jpg)


The Kool Kidz Klub!


File: 8f3b8c044f96f77⋯.png (248.34 KB, 1215x760, 243:152, Nasimshooting.png)

Let the fun begin




Did you forget to post the name of your board?


File: 8d82f4d57e0b011⋯.png (188.79 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1538089065423.png)


Your ideal fictional man


File: 3cd4e82840b2b58⋯.png (8.19 KB, 101x105, 101:105, 1425248668367.png)


Your obscure board for medical-tan appreciation


File: ba21f3c22cf607e⋯.jpg (101.35 KB, 800x567, 800:567, __kaban_fate_stay_night_fa….jpg)


New horizons await.


File: a1f661c4f710c3b⋯.jpg (26.08 KB, 300x232, 75:58, 2469768163_1c7d3b654c.jpg)


arguably homosexual


File: 03444d69a5bfaae⋯.jpg (20.68 KB, 300x300, 1:1, BELLADONNA-300x300.jpg)


adult content


File: 3ac5cab32729ec6⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 556x557, 556:557, 3ac5cab32729ec63ee35cdc2e3….jpg)


Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the Earth.


File: c12e0ca47e7a285⋯.jpg (3.72 MB, 3195x4677, 1065:1559, chronophage.jpg)

>>>/time/ –A board for wristwatches, clocks, and timepieces. Experience hot whoreology


File: aaab9c2ec7e975a⋯.png (314.54 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1nXBnw07_400x400.png)


Anime & Manga


File: 614f1d2a3aa6175⋯.jpg (14.85 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 6IsBIm.jpg)


The Lounge Board


File: bee119b4b122332⋯.png (336.68 KB, 565x524, 565:524, bee119b4b122332e9b85ab1f99….png)


Banned from Britbongistan


File: 7c28c7ab47693ee⋯.jpg (16.81 KB, 236x295, 4:5, Christ.jpg)


The Truth Will Prevail


File: 1d54db8ff98e843⋯.jpg (319.51 KB, 695x694, 695:694, 31832106_p1_master1200.jpg)


>Twinned with /pol/


File: d682dd6c6fb3157⋯.mp4 (2.97 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, cryptid attacks niggers .mp4)


File: db57221d5417586⋯.jpg (162.39 KB, 1024x789, 1024:789, 68738327_p0.jpg)


>How to keep anons in line


File: 4adcfe4bca85b6a⋯.png (94.46 KB, 500x373, 500:373, images.duckduckgo.com.png)


i forgot the tagline

fuck me

>chub gives us a chub


File: 5392333e0141e21⋯.jpg (287.01 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, ai-uehara-1.jpg)


Honorary aryans


File: 4f9aac0226382fb⋯.jpg (2.93 KB, 257x196, 257:196, weyoun 8.jpg)


>I'm begining to think you don't want to hear the word of the Founders today?


File: c4b75c650d9ff7c⋯.jpg (45.83 KB, 408x408, 1:1, ree.jpg)


File: a5957c401ef7dc0⋯.jpg (26.97 KB, 460x460, 1:1, emkhetranny.jpg)


Year of the Linux Desktop NEVER EVER


File: 3599e12a6ec3776⋯.jpeg (101.27 KB, 512x411, 512:411, 3599e12a6ec3776ac1ff359e9….jpeg)


i want to slam my palm into his face so bad


File: a6ed270c1044fe1⋯.png (17.65 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, a6ed270c1044fe1c3b5c35295f….png)

wait, i'm confused. which of the links is the link to the actual 55th hunger game?

also is this a running joke with the "rd" suffix being put for every number? i didn't see it before like the 40th hunger game



This is the 55th hunger games, it just hasn't started yet.


File: 144629dd8369c3e⋯.jpeg (21.69 KB, 467x350, 467:350, salad.jpeg)


so there's no link to the dossier yet? i'm new to this but surely i'm not this retarded?


File: 6dee7d8c6b52a5c⋯.png (3.51 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 6dee7d8c6b52a5c732740dab4e….png)


Democracy will die in our lifetimes.


File: 6cbda469303762d⋯.png (42.42 KB, 607x274, 607:274, will not sit by idly if Ka….png)

File: e46810eeacf72f9⋯.jpg (53.27 KB, 684x513, 4:3, Jairwithgun.jpg)


Me too. The faggot cunts hopefully won't be so smug come November especially if/when Bolsonaro and Kav fuck their shit up.


File: db3039cdb8c6730⋯.jpg (100.2 KB, 1008x793, 1008:793, db3039cdb8c6730e56c9f4f5be….jpg)


-er than you


File: 8a15cf8e7a03114⋯.jpg (81.33 KB, 288x279, 32:31, ca9.jpg)


Anime from a Christian Perspective


File: dd65d1d761e29a5⋯.png (266.8 KB, 400x401, 400:401, dd65d1d761e29a5c66cc305d7f….png)


File: 55ccb67bffe9320⋯.jpg (66.19 KB, 802x851, 802:851, renge_killsme.jpg)

>>>/danpu/ - anime image dump


File: 9b8c05c7a532632⋯.gif (26.29 KB, 449x449, 1:1, 8875283ccec74d4dd2c0871a15….gif)


Hitlers favorite webcomic!


File: c9cf53b76bd3901⋯.png (72.35 KB, 236x236, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)




File: ad2a93a8e3abe23⋯.png (5.95 KB, 466x462, 233:231, evil fin.png)



La animación no volverá a ser lo que era


File: ddc5b26fa77e89d⋯.png (124.22 KB, 500x522, 250:261, trap-back-then-now-2640042….png)


Lolis with a few extra inches


File: ed0dda37f774461⋯.jpg (30.59 KB, 304x593, 304:593, oWO.jpg)




File: 9b135381633bdbc⋯.jpg (4.51 MB, 2850x1604, 1425:802, photos-for-dvd-chris-007.jpg)


Not your postmodernist feminism


File: bd70584a4e4ccc1⋯.png (144.5 KB, 302x302, 1:1, Hugh.png)


Shitposting is a human right.


File: 4d7ea6f5d5f4472⋯.jpg (20.9 KB, 503x371, 503:371, creepin.jpg)


"As if it matters"



All your board are belong to us.


File: 41179eb90a9637f⋯.jpg (21.67 KB, 360x360, 1:1, numa numa square.jpg)


fug forgot image


>>>/m/ - oney… gunpla costs a lot of money…


File: 20dea82189bc70d⋯.jpg (57.56 KB, 736x583, 736:583, db1a9c7d4f4bab57f0040d9c12….jpg)


forgot image!


File: 887d1389e5b6f62⋯.jpg (6.86 KB, 225x225, 1:1, adventure time yuri.jpg)


You have 100 autism points but first choose your class


File: ad72c413380b326⋯.jpg (112.76 KB, 1469x1187, 1469:1187, mushroom.jpg)


Mushroom pics, mycology class, and fungi civ-games.


>implying voting changes anything

>implying whitebois and nazimutts will ever fight back


File: a25209d61eac09f⋯.png (594.73 KB, 1280x764, 320:191, a25209d61eac09f82642bad511….png)


futa marceline with cute dick is best


File: 24dea0a4b7d733c⋯.png (146.72 KB, 396x385, 36:35, sammakko vetää kaakaoo.png)

two more hours

good luck to all


Currently got names in. Just need to add pictures. Also, 2 spots are left.


I can't use mp4s for images so I'll just use >>86020


You already nominated >>86181


File: 49b3431f00a42b4⋯.jpg (58.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>I can't use mp4s for images so I'll just use >>86020

fuck me i just added the mp4 for a shitpost i forgot the image too god dammit

now ive really fucked up


I think i’m too precise when it comes to these events.


File: 7d1b47fb15c69d7⋯.jpg (64.91 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 7d1.jpg)


As above so below, as below so above



whats that meant to mean


is that scp-079



The OP said that the game starts at 9 am, its 9:25 am right now and the game still hasn’t started.


File: 1b378beb00ff2a3⋯.png (303.07 KB, 816x612, 4:3, 1535828703050 (1).png)


Yes it is



OP says 9 to 11

hunger games dont take long to simulate and screencap so i dont think he means the event will last 2 hours, more like it will finish between 9 and 11


is it normal that SCP-999's entry gave me a boner?



Well that would have been good to know, I might have slept an hour more, and no, it isn't.



well i dunno for sure, just speculation. or maybe more plausibly Yawn is a lazy fucker like the rest of us

and uh oh


File: c79b3f3c33bf15d⋯.png (1 MB, 1302x2125, 1302:2125, a thing.png)

File: 6f550cfe1bd166c⋯.png (497.24 KB, 1302x3077, 1302:3077, another thing.png)


Finally got everything set after having to do other shit. Will start in about 15 minutes or so?


I'm not lazy, just busy as fuck. CodeMonkey is aware of me being busy.


File: 261f2be8a148d24⋯.png (108.16 KB, 1302x970, 651:485, 0acode.png)

File: ba62e4377781737⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1302x5497, 1302:5497, 0bloodbath.png)

File: d27944745f150f5⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1302x3994, 651:1997, 1day.png)


Fuck it, I am starting now. My internet better not fucking die during this.


File: d016ca261117453⋯.png (240.57 KB, 1302x1596, 31:38, 1fallen.png)

File: 64d3dc477ba0377⋯.png (1002.13 KB, 1302x3995, 1302:3995, 1night.png)

File: f72cb948e304547⋯.png (959.69 KB, 1302x3554, 651:1777, 2day.png)


There goes another altar boy.


File: c6c7eff363e57ca⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Hades.gif)







>My board gets eliminated in the first round

Well I slept for only 3 hours for no reason.


File: 2a2fe1804fae825⋯.png (175.73 KB, 1302x992, 21:16, 2fallen.png)

File: 4e81f2f3b40b2c0⋯.png (803.16 KB, 1302x2376, 217:396, 2night.png)

File: 0a8fdfbb3217f54⋯.png (781.35 KB, 1302x3112, 651:1556, 3day.png)



there there anon, everyone's got to go eventually. maybe this is the price you pay for getting really lucky next time



>my nominee fights Death himself and wins

what the fuck


File: 060194f4e08e2d0⋯.png (229.08 KB, 1302x1445, 1302:1445, 3fallen.png)

File: ef220c3a00aab8b⋯.png (653.27 KB, 1302x2230, 651:1115, 3night.png)

File: 8b49a1b7c70abd8⋯.png (642.62 KB, 1302x2819, 1302:2819, 4day.png)


yo yawn what method are you using to print the webpage btw?



>Cure anally devastated spank with a dragon dildo

The board is likely into that kind of shit.



not him but a lot of extensions exist for that, I use FireShot


File: 1cb7c2050363e51⋯.png (149.58 KB, 1302x970, 651:485, 4fallen.png)

File: ae4d4df40de819e⋯.png (611.4 KB, 1302x2525, 1302:2525, 4night.png)

File: 0838a8a57c5287f⋯.png (544.71 KB, 1302x1937, 1302:1937, 5day.png)



Nimbus Screenshot


File: d2937fca26e22ed⋯.png (172.04 KB, 1302x992, 21:16, 5fallen.png)

File: 116b9d2db52fb8b⋯.png (522.84 KB, 1302x2084, 651:1042, 5night.png)

File: 975b78b57a6ddd3⋯.png (470.89 KB, 1302x1496, 651:748, 6day.png)



>Dead in first round



File: 52981ca86dc3823⋯.png (198.2 KB, 1302x1143, 434:381, 6fallen.png)

File: dcd807a0981a4b3⋯.png (374.76 KB, 1302x1202, 651:601, 6night.png)

File: d340867203ae0ab⋯.png (290.02 KB, 1302x1055, 1302:1055, 7day.png)



Magick might be dead but so are his victims. Rest in peace sweet prince


File: 5fe95b05e26a54c⋯.png (205.79 KB, 1302x1143, 434:381, 7fallen.png)

File: 2df111440b5e6b6⋯.png (247.9 KB, 1302x970, 651:485, 7night.png)

File: 24a1544f0f55bd5⋯.png (225.79 KB, 1302x970, 651:485, 8day.png)


This late and still no feast? Weird.


File: dcb59aa535fca5a⋯.mp4 (169.94 KB, 540x360, 3:2, howtoscream.mp4)


>killed by a fucking scorpion in his sleep

i didn't expect to win but that's just fucking gay

all in all came pretty far tho



It looks like there won't be a feast this time.


File: 8498033fcdffe64⋯.png (129.54 KB, 1302x970, 651:485, 8fallen.png)

File: 28369e62defdeeb⋯.png (224.74 KB, 1302x970, 651:485, 8night.png)

File: 74b80808b31b5ba⋯.png (223.84 KB, 1302x970, 651:485, 9day.png)


File: d4a3b251173b18a⋯.png (131.52 KB, 1302x970, 651:485, 9fallen.png)

File: e4106a3d7ce997e⋯.png (206.65 KB, 1302x970, 651:485, 9night.png)


File: ca0a7ee47a191b0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 163.03 KB, 1302x977, 1302:977, 10day.png)

File: 32692742b0ad45a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 164.14 KB, 1302x993, 434:331, 10fallen.png)

File: 838a2d0e2db06a1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 147.89 KB, 1302x1073, 1302:1073, 10winner.png)


Never thought I would ever see one of these without a Feast.


File: b1b8247e6706cbe⋯.jpeg (52.03 KB, 1024x537, 1024:537, b1b8247e6706cbe1aea66c55e….jpeg)


>3dpd orbiting board wins



>A board dedicated to a /tv/ waifu wins


File: fba693dfd190d4e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1302x2093, 186:299, placements.png)

File: 59039f6edba87bc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 303.44 KB, 1302x1533, 62:73, summary.png)

File: df70ed4483138ab⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 185.25 KB, 1302x1073, 1302:1073, thestats.png)


That's that. Until next time. Now to get some bacon pizza.



thanks yawn

have a good meal


File: f4a1dd1bac58dcd⋯.png (230.73 KB, 356x356, 1:1, 1538251595034.png)


>beta orbiter board won



Been a long time coming, but I didn't expect /bestemma/ to finally win. At least one of the boards I rooted for came close this week.


File: 30bfc51247be016⋯.png (14.7 KB, 137x116, 137:116, aim.png)



>Sam an hero'd

>that image

this is too perfect





Look on the bright side, they'll get spammed by Q shit like the recent winners have.



You mean just like the Q shit on /clang/ and the previous Attention Whore games thread?


File: 92d455692c959e7⋯.png (210.5 KB, 581x581, 1:1, 1499043979275.png)



File: 2faa3880443d161⋯.png (1.83 MB, 2025x1350, 3:2, Dr. Pavel I'm KKT.png)







Not a waifu, a muse :^)


Again, take a look at the board. She's more our rallying banner than anything. It's not your typical waifu circlejerk.


File: 4264adaf857de90⋯.jpg (103.37 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 0015.jpg)


For what it's worth, Emma's character works in a place called C.U.R.E. in the second season of Scream Queens :^)


File: 4bc9689753929e3⋯.jpg (170.62 KB, 471x674, 471:674, DemControlRedOctober.jpg)

File: cc46e4003a6f2cf⋯.jpg (108.97 KB, 900x375, 12:5, WeAreQ.jpg)


Just a couple of (hashtag) RedOctober memes.



still a 3dpd idol you fucking mongoloid




Keep reporting him


>thread both stickied and anchored

Getting mixed messages here vols.


File: 8273562fc3bfb47⋯.jpg (68.09 KB, 682x648, 341:324, mfw coconut cream pie35.jpg)

Congratulations to >>>/bestemma/ ! I hope I can experience this feel one day.







Identity evropa asks about jq on their entrance screening interview….

What does it mean?



When was the last time the winner was a board that never won before and wasn't a halfchan ripoff?



File: 270041d65e21b8d⋯.png (265.65 KB, 742x1430, 371:715, 20181003_231559.png)

File: 12301776c94362d⋯.png (245.94 KB, 666x1593, 74:177, 20181003_231733.png)

Excellent M Torrey dig on voat




Thanks! Hopefully /caco/ will win soon.


Fair enough, but I urge you to check out the board anyways.


Ford was coyote ugly and Kavanaugh has both arms. Case closed.


File: 189c4614b44f2b8⋯.jpeg (246.43 KB, 2092x1046, 2:1, 85B278EC-F9C3-4761-B6FE-2….jpeg)

Are you ready to be a part of history?



File: 67e695a442ce1b7⋯.jpeg (100.9 KB, 750x958, 375:479, F12A2E90-54E6-46D3-917F-A….jpeg)

found on 4chan and thought it should be looked into if it hasn’t been:

“So, I found this posted a week or 2 ago. The URL in pic related does indeed forward you to the main believe site. However, when I do a WHOIS now, the information is masked. Is there anyway to know for sure if this domain was registered to someone with a @clintonemail email address?

I keep seeing people say that Kavanaugh’s claims in his opening statements that this was done as revenge on behalf of the Clintons is a display of partisanship. However, we have a good idea that he’s exactly right and stating the facts is not a display of partisanship. But we don’t have a smoking gun. Is this a smoking gun or did some anon fake this? Do we have any paper trail tying a Clinton org to the Kavanaugh smear?”



Remember the gay frogs



Instinct. They can be taught. They feel like it. They tolerate it. By accident. There's many ways to have sex. Knowing has nothing to do with it, sex is built into the dna.


where's ahg 56?



So what happened in March that was big?


File: f4efcfa67794bab⋯.png (45.52 KB, 720x490, 72:49, 20181006_044952.png)



File: b38d9c60eeb53e4⋯.jpg (143.42 KB, 1293x776, 1293:776, IMG_20181006_134009.jpg)


File: c3f55c434e945cf⋯.png (497.11 KB, 768x512, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)




This got posted to the wrong board. Could you please remove?



For some reason anons keep randomly Qposting on this board, more than on any other I've seen. It's been going on for months.



Before /bestemma/ it was /caffe/ or something. I don't remember.


New thread when?



Yeah where is the new thread?



I'm more worried about not seeing my global announcement :^)



Nobody cares about your ugly 3dpd whore


File: 1957ee06ca63159⋯.jpg (52.94 KB, 800x648, 100:81, I_am_not_so_much_angry_as_….jpg)


Yikes! That is some serious salt.


File: c7c09bbb604525c⋯.jpg (56.51 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 666778bee0ea21d44f2a4efbe9….jpg)


I'm sorry, did my board kill your board?





You sound a bit upset.





It seems Yawn is MIA this week. Let's tentatively postpone the next round until next week pending Yawn's return and schedule.



>global announcement went away

Tough, but fair. I hope Yawn is okay and shows up soon.


I'm finally back from the dead, albeit for a bit. Due to my circumstances, I am unable to run this week. Hopefully I can run next week, but I can't promise anything as of now. Sorry for vanishing like that out of nowhere, but shit happened.


File: 4ae66bd54d0e04c⋯.jpg (98.23 KB, 800x806, 400:403, modern adventurer.jpg)


You have 666 autism points but first pick a class



I think it was just cut a couple days shorter than they usually are.

Bad luck, really. I think it was only up for 3 days when it's usually 7.


is ahg 56 like hl3? will it ever come?



I lurk 8chan daily, and it was up for around 7 days, maybe even more becausy Yawn wasn't around.



Work or family problems?


I recall the ad being displayed on and off.



I don't think it was, 8chan got rid of the message when they announced some server updates. That was around the 5th.



What a relief man. I was starting to worry.


It was closer to 5 days I think.



Exactly. It was up from Tuesday to Friday and then went back up on Tuesday if I recall correctly.


Read Yawn's post, he said he can't do it this week.


File: edb6ad56166b060⋯.jpg (60.19 KB, 520x700, 26:35, redneck elf.jpg)



You're about a week late.



Try two

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