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File: bb836eb6482d00b⋯.gif (918.55 KB, 175x115, 35:23, fdsafdsafdsafhgrhbgfdb.gif)


Last Round: >>99610

Archive of Past Rounds: https://mega.nz/#F!BA8V0KYD!eRw01c3zLKSa3wzSEHE00g (Updated to Round 66.)

Hello /sudo/. A long time ago, CodeMonkey wanted to try a Hunger Games event for advertising boards using the global announcement feature. A mixture of working a lot and Father's Day got in the way of things, but now that's all taken care of for now so here is the new thread.

For the 8chan Attention-Hungry Games, any board with less than 300 users can nominate themselves to participate, with up to 48 boards being able to participate (or we can go to 24 or 36 if we don't get enough boards). These 48 or so boards compete on a Hunger Games simulator hosted on BrantSteele. The current code for the regular events as of this writing is at http://brantsteele.net/hungergames/r.php?c=IZeiugnx which is based off of http://brantsteele.net/hungergames/r.php?c=FlMMyAqW.

The Mansion code that I used once but regretted using afterwards is at http://brantsteele.net/hungergames/r.php?c=9nWM8wfc from >>>/hungergames/17115

Anyway, the winner gets to be advertised as a global announcement for about a week.

As for the requirements for signing up:

1. No boards that promote raiding other 8chan boards.

2. Must have less than 300 active users at the start of the game.

3. Can't have won the hunger games in the past round. Last round's winner is >>>/otter/

4. Need to submit a SFW sentence that advertises their board that CodeMonkey can put in the global announcement. (NSFW boards are welcome to join, but the announcement should be SFW). Failure to do so will result in anons deciding your sentence via dubs, usually to your detriment. CodeMonkey will be the one to determine what is and what isn't SFW as he controls the global announcements.

5. It is recommended you post a picture with your nomination, and that picture should be square as it will be stretched otherwise. I will determine the gender of you tribute based on the picture. If I can't tell, I am defaulting to M. Also, MLP images will be ignored unless it came from a MLP board, if the BO approves of it, or from a certain image for /suicide/ until their BO says otherwise as they had that certain image before I added this part of the rule.

6. If a BO of a board does not want to participate, please don't nominate it. Board Owners, if you don't want to participate but someone nominated you, please let me know before the start of the round IN THIS THREAD with a link to your post with your capcode and I will remove it from the list. As of now, /miku/, /jp/, /islam/, and /delicious/ have asked not to participate.

7. Nominate only 1 board per IP hash per post. For posts that nominate more than 1 board and an IP hash nominating multiple boards, I will take the first board and ignore the rest, and I will know if you are samefagging. For those with VPNs, note that someone may be using the same VPN as you when nominating, which means they may have the same IP Hash and I can't distinguish VPN users from normal ones.

8. Once a round concludes, please wait until the next thread is created before you nominate a board.

The next round will likely start Sunday somewhere between 9am and 11am ET. I wanted to try Saturday to make up for missing last week, but unfortunately I can't guarantee I will be around that day so Sunday it is. As usual, I can still run Monday if I need way more nominations.

With that all being said, nominate your boards now and suggest some events for either code if you want (or even better, put your events into the mansion code since I won't mind people messing with that code. Just let me know if you do update it). Also, if I missed anything, let me know so I can correct the OP for next time.


File: 74506c17160661d⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 2576x1952, 161:122, Jenn4.JPG)


Tranime Girl's Favorite Board


File: e5a47537bb15fc1⋯.jpg (35.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Nintendo_GameCube.jpg)


2000s Nostalgia


File: 5930e96df8e22a0⋯.jpg (90.32 KB, 351x365, 351:365, speroseriamentechevoinonlo….jpg)


Covo dei Lupi Italiani & Rita Ciano 18+++


File: 5019705525e1335⋯.png (39.86 KB, 187x187, 1:1, 20190618_104000.png)


Jesus loves you


File: 3fa136df71ae7cf⋯.jpg (74.38 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 8ch leo.jpg)


Objectively the best fetish.


File: f8b9f6975fc1d24⋯.jpg (69.38 KB, 712x712, 1:1, kingofkings.jpg)


Christian Theology


File: b03209d32fa118d⋯.jpg (89.61 KB, 800x1069, 800:1069, messiah.jpg)


Christian Discussion and Fellowship


File: 16b3330d07c4117⋯.gif (778.32 KB, 840x1296, 35:54, jesus.gif)


The 8chan Church


File: 1faf628ac709cc8⋯.jpg (48.98 KB, 220x324, 55:81, jesus.jpg)


Christian Discussion


File: 1ad19ebf3bc5453⋯.jpg (127.34 KB, 529x705, 529:705, 1ad19ebf3bc54535202d6131e5….jpg)

>>>/robowaifu/ - Consent not included.



File: 24bb0bd7d5e238f⋯.jpg (120.56 KB, 555x775, 111:155, Starting download… fc097a8….jpg)


Lolis with a few extra inches


File: 51423546832c31f⋯.jpeg (272.71 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, bc1a05cb794ee1cb1a1e01181….jpeg)


Tanned Japanese Sluts!


File: fd9d4db0577b0f5⋯.jpg (18.44 KB, 220x324, 55:81, Jesus.jpg)

Actual BO of /christ/ here. >>99957 is not me and that's not the phrase we always use. (See: >>>/christ/20063 )

I will nominate >>>/christ/ with the actual phrase:

The Truth Will Prevail


File: be5b5271a8cbede⋯.png (2.49 MB, 1688x1125, 1688:1125, ClipboardImage.png)


Japanese dramas, game shows, history, culture, JAVs and travel.


File: 58ca8dbd32ba9d5⋯.jpg (111.92 KB, 625x931, 625:931, Sexy Blond Girl.jpg)


Cheap, Plastic & Fantastic!



That's a man baby!


File: 628367e964f5c47⋯.png (506.77 KB, 1072x1010, 536:505, d1f31d48fe9fbe6011a78fc7eb….png)


Get hypnotized, faggot.


File: 4eaa9bd745d60e7⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1310x2048, 655:1024, 2c06a51be8052e86d4a78b9fa3….png)


anime older sisters


File: 343e7c9c00deed7⋯.jpg (39.44 KB, 596x628, 149:157, 343.jpg)


File: 281d7c72ba9d172⋯.jpg (104.7 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1559559235753.jpg)


Where we go one!


File: 8985c9143c6978f⋯.png (64.93 KB, 182x182, 1:1, 8fort8.png)


Remember what you're fighting for.


File: ffdead2198bed65⋯.png (393.04 KB, 611x607, 611:607, sensible_chuckle.png)


Fansubbing, translating and e-learning together!


File: 5c3ab419ad5c696⋯.png (693.45 KB, 800x450, 16:9, jzkcjvngebwgzrgh99un.png)


For Actual Feminists, Not Porn-Defending "Feminists"


While we're here, can we at least ban the porn boards from participating? I'd rather have the white supremacists at /pol/ participate in this than any of these porn-sick degenerate fuckers.








>>99964 (unless they block porn)

And any others I may miss or other porn boards that show up later.



I agree with anon. Pornography is a plague on this earth that needs to be eradicated.



Agreed. We should ban all the pornographic boards if I'm being honest.





I didn't think many anons actually wanted to rid ourselves of pornography.

I'm not condemning it by the way. I wholeheartedly support it.


The people who watch porn are fucked up in the head.


File: 34f944a374ebead⋯.png (177.37 KB, 952x717, 952:717, cumbrain.png)







Imagine being a cumbrain


I would've liked >>99964 but it has to fuck it up by allowing pornography.


<hurr please ban and restrict more things! we want less freedom!

Take a hike, niggers.


I'm honestly shocked how many of my fellow anons had the guts to say "No" to pornography.


File: adb72531512578f⋯.jpg (28.66 KB, 275x308, 25:28, Kenshiro-profile.jpg)


Anime, Manga, Light Novels, Visual Novels, Doujin & Gacha.



Majority rules faggot. You should take a hike.



Yeah, 10 to 1 ratio says "no pornography" you porn-sick degenerate.



11 to 1 now


File: 4a292843432db22⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1562x1160, 781:580, 4e1e7cef0802ad66cb0229f92….jpeg)

>>>/korea/ - Everything Korean



Imagine coming to the last bastion of freedom on the Internet and demanding to take away its freedom.



>last bastion of freedom

Have you been living under a rock since 2005?



On a long enough time line, all boards become porn boards.



>muh freedom

I'm all for freedom but there is a line between freedom and anarchy. Even 8chan has rules. There's a difference between expressing an extremely unpopular opinion like /pol/ and /leftypol/, and then there is pornography.






All these samefags.




Don't hold your breath though, that's a major source of traffic here



>Qlarp boomers crying about white supremacy and porn in the same post

What a surprise.



I am not a boomer. I am not a conservatard. The Q conspiracy theory is fucking dumb. I am a leftist that sees pornography as the decadence it is.


Has it occurred to you that many people might happen to agree with me? Shocking, I know.


>wahhh stop adding boards that I I I ME ME ME ME ME I I I I don't like!

Please don't listen to these rulecucks yawn. We don't need to ban even more stuff, the rules are fine as they are and have been for the last 80 rounds.


File: 83a9bb403a1bd98⋯.png (58.91 KB, 433x487, 433:487, x3.png)


While we're at it, let's remove all political boards like /radfem/, I want to talk with niche communities, thank you very much



This isn't a democracy. If you can't control yourself around porn, that's your problem, not ours.


File: 4150a8170caf8a0⋯.jpg (138.87 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1503789646968.jpg)


All forms of feminism are garbage and MonoRubric is a fag.











Is nobody going to point out this extremely obvious samefagging?



>When we are not connected to the network, we are all alone. Do you understand that?


File: a2a8e32ab33ca7b⋯.png (1.47 MB, 795x1024, 795:1024, lain terry.png)


why can't i post the same file twice? chooooodemonkeeeyyyyy


>everyone who points out that regular porn use is objectively a bad thing is the same person

or maybe you're a fucking retard in denial


File: f484b3a39acc232⋯.jpg (154.03 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1495444747-70322100.jpg)


Hot Whoreology


File: 3b43a4adeaa19d5⋯.jpg (124.28 KB, 440x440, 1:1, panda.jpg)


The Middle Kingdom



Uhmmm. No, sweetie. Consensus isn't objectivity. Everyone could believe the Earth is flat, but that doesn't make it true.


File: 1887abe8fbc93e5⋯.jpg (26.09 KB, 180x180, 1:1, lew.jpg)


Foe the sake of lewds


File: 2f31ce26c7f9b82⋯.jpg (307.75 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1197074639075.jpg)


I didn't know my computer could be this cute!


File: 3777bd6029b8fa7⋯.jpg (234.79 KB, 672x514, 336:257, original.jpg)


Lounge & Jazz


File: 2c250cd4c7fc355⋯.png (618.8 KB, 689x801, 689:801, youloveit_ru_lolirock_magi….png)

>>>/maho/ - Sexy Magical Girls


File: 5e706d1a4425961⋯.jpg (31.19 KB, 630x630, 1:1, feminism.jpg)


Feminist Discussion


30 entries so far.


File: a1671881934b134⋯.png (76.49 KB, 744x717, 248:239, 123456789.png)

>>>/kf/ Kemono Friends


/int/ - Discussão Internacional



i never said anything about objectivity you dodging faggot, you were saying they were samefags and i said they weren't.

regular porn use is objectively bad for you regardless of consensus.


File: ee3dc2fbd318006⋯.png (152.63 KB, 360x450, 4:5, DOA6_Kula_Render.png)


Have a(n)ice week


Was worried a bit when I saw 60 replies in the thread already, turns out it was due to people replying to this.




fucking radfash femtrash



28 years of fun! (And extreme pain)

Pic: >>>/fast/16430


File: cd7ce41dcea80c4⋯.gif (219.15 KB, 200x200, 1:1, cd7ce41dcea80c41cd528d9fa8….gif)

So that's what the large amount of replies were about.


Porn/smut: optional



File: e8674daad2a611a⋯.jpg (33.08 KB, 540x400, 27:20, DupCkaqX4AIqtlo.jpg)


Come and tell us your woes


File: 38a917eb9d86c61⋯.jpg (699.11 KB, 1102x1102, 1:1, cocolo.jpg)


Japanese Midget Anime Boys


File: fb39946285e5cc6⋯.jpg (55.67 KB, 566x800, 283:400, __kaban_kemono_friends_dra….jpg)

>>>/cyoa/ if there's still space.

Friends Forever!


4 spots left


File: 1583a515baf9f98⋯.jpg (400.52 KB, 810x810, 1:1, 1583a515baf9f98f1769a5451d….jpg)

>>>/v8/ - Alternative Vidya Board


File: 0d3d39a1205cb01⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1454964955234.png)


Japanese Midget Anime Girls


File: 34b5182b62ef4b3⋯.jpg (140.02 KB, 850x1019, 850:1019, lucoa.jpg)


Ara ara, how cute~


File: 8e0263c70a11bcd⋯.jpg (7.04 KB, 183x275, 183:275, duck.jpg)


The Cuck Shed


File: 839cdc77326a430⋯.jpg (78.05 KB, 522x581, 522:581, 0012.jpg)

File: 839cdc77326a430⋯.jpg (78.05 KB, 522x581, 522:581, 0012.jpg)

File: 839cdc77326a430⋯.jpg (78.05 KB, 522x581, 522:581, 0012.jpg)


>why can't i post the same file twice?

Because you're not trying hard enough.



Whoops, should have been >>>/vr/


Went through the thread. 5 slots remain. Adding images now. Surprisingly, none of the Christianity boards were samefags according to the IP hashes. Anyway, I'll use >>99963 for /christ/.


Don't worry, I won't.


File: eebc02dcc76d904⋯.png (412.28 KB, 540x399, 180:133, The_Anonymous.png)


Comics & Cartoons


File: d1d6c17a46f0140⋯.png (805.72 KB, 1298x2232, 649:1116, a thing.png)

File: bd2f577d751ff3e⋯.png (216.19 KB, 1298x3149, 1298:3149, another thing.png)


Images added. I may have missed a board or two in the mess of obvious samefaggotry above, so if I did, let me know. Also, I was notified earlier about a graduation party my cousin is having, but I don't know the time. If I am gone for an extended period of time, that would be the reason why.



Also, I will add in >>100212 that I just noticed thanks to auto-update not being a thing.


File: 15a6b279b175a57⋯.jpg (40.69 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1258920427417.jpg)

If you're still accepting new entries

>>>/clang/ - Robot Porn

Also, what took so long for this week's Hungry Games? Was I just imagining the wait?



>Was worried a bit when I saw 60 replies in the thread already, turns out it was due to people replying to this.

It's not people, those replies are mostly one guy samefagging. Check the times, /sudo/ doesn't move fast enough for those to be legit.



Huh, thought it was filled up already but that I attribute to the porn discussion making the thread look bigger than it already is. Good luck with the party.



I can buy that. Quite a bit of butthurt permeates the board.


It's almost 11 and /clang/'s arrived with only 3 slots remaining. Do you think you'll have the time now or tomorrow?



disregard that, i suck cocks




Literally nobody cares about /pol/.


File: 5bdc247653dff14⋯.jpg (21.58 KB, 363x320, 363:320, 1551957416146.jpg)


I'm a bit late, but could you please add me?


"Porque hablar de dibujitos siempre ha sido cosa seria"

And pic related.


File: b27b6708b3d3d87⋯.jpg (69.65 KB, 626x640, 313:320, 1557210904238.jpg)


This post is pure, concentrated autism.



Make a separate thread here instead.


File: 7a3fd89c4c6da2e⋯.webm (1.92 MB, 508x480, 127:120, wow.webm)


>Could it be that the post that triggered me doesn't violate the rules?

>No, it's this website's entire staff and moderation who are wrong.




noone cares, loser



>We’ve made hundreds of threads here. The website owner ignores all of them.

And, yet, you keep making them like the autistic toddler that you are. The reason you don't get the Admin answering your hundreds of threads is because literally nobody cares about /pol/.



>He cares about THIS ONE THREAD

This thread isn't run by the Admin.



>until he either does his fucking job or EVERYONE cares about it

Nobody here is ever going to care. We're just going to keep making fun of you.



>It’s a clear violation.


lol no1curr



How the fuck do you know it's the imkikey dude? Global report and move on. Can we please start the game now?



I think you can remove a christboard or two to fit some people in.


File: 1476d83dabe3c16⋯.png (99.77 KB, 212x197, 212:197, fred.png)







This is the Hungry Games thread


File: e2f9d5878943042⋯.png (61.49 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 0acode.png)

File: 4b4aed80d106cec⋯.png (948.73 KB, 1298x6080, 649:3040, 0bloodbath.png)

File: 93e8dce5525a4e0⋯.png (833.92 KB, 1298x4541, 1298:4541, 1day.png)

After the party took WAY longer than I thought and sleeping and eating, I am back to get this started.


File: 70d2cb13e64f404⋯.png (164.96 KB, 1298x1635, 1298:1635, 1fallen.png)

File: ab0bcfe5a4813a1⋯.png (781.11 KB, 1298x3939, 1298:3939, 1night.png)

File: e4099f41e63ee8d⋯.png (731.86 KB, 1298x3036, 59:138, 2day.png)


File: 9e39aaba299c088⋯.png (165.71 KB, 1298x1480, 649:740, 2fallen.png)

File: a304ab85aa94c3a⋯.png (633.59 KB, 1298x2885, 1298:2885, 2night.png)

File: 9e9b71fb0b245f8⋯.png (614.92 KB, 1298x2885, 1298:2885, 3day.png)


File: d36c14063d43c46⋯.png (172.93 KB, 1298x1480, 649:740, 3fallen.png)

File: 475b97299fe5d7a⋯.png (499.83 KB, 1298x2584, 649:1292, 3night.png)

File: 363fb9dcc737064⋯.png (478.15 KB, 1298x2735, 1298:2735, 4day.png)


File: 560c5c93cfd8832⋯.png (103.69 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 4fallen.png)

File: 16cee8d2abce8da⋯.png (417.14 KB, 1298x1531, 1298:1531, 4night.png)


File: 14e4d2c6b93274f⋯.png (243.65 KB, 1298x1113, 1298:1113, 5afeast.png)

File: 045091abc8c3680⋯.png (186.05 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 5day.png)


File: 5a8fcb8e12f092e⋯.png (242.6 KB, 1298x2113, 1298:2113, 5fallen.png)

File: 4d2f30da0fb6667⋯.png (194.02 KB, 1298x1079, 1298:1079, 5night.png)

File: fe7a219f21c5aad⋯.png (189.83 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 6day.png)


File: 136e4977db1c04e⋯.png (76.89 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 6fallen.png)

File: f8cf160a6ca64a3⋯.png (170.39 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 6night.png)

File: eb8d91852237eb4⋯.png (151.85 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 7day.png)


File: 446470f9a97ef13⋯.png (76.41 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 7fallen.png)

File: 71631fa59ed806d⋯.png (153.26 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 7night.png)

File: 616071fbe733a0d⋯.png (142.95 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 8day.png)


File: 58332d72ddd4d20⋯.png (91.85 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 8fallen.png)

File: dc3e12452ab9565⋯.png (120.43 KB, 1298x970, 649:485, 8night.png)

File: 0ef7a3ab8148ebf⋯.png (122.41 KB, 1298x977, 1298:977, 9day.png)


File: dad04596987ad37⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 71.5 KB, 1298x994, 649:497, 9fallen.png)

File: 59fae55a9c9eead⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 109.69 KB, 1298x1028, 649:514, 9night.png)

File: 01e8671166c37b0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 80.97 KB, 1298x1096, 649:548, 9winner.png)


File: c193b5ec9d75866⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 873 KB, 1298x2214, 649:1107, placements.png)

File: 3ab7848f49e3fcb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 133.8 KB, 1298x1536, 649:768, summary.png)

File: 9aa47900ee4ce76⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 92.06 KB, 1298x1117, 1298:1117, thestats.png)


That's that. Until next time.



Well shit, neither my nominee nor any of my preferred boards lasted long with /y2k/ winning being a small consolation prize. /8fort8/ came really close again with bloodlust and determination, and it's a bit funny how the 5 or christian boards all ended up losing.


Hey Yawn, can we do something unique for the next Hungry Games? (82nd)

How about we only accept boards that have never won before? Allow a bunch of unique entries to give some of the unlucky boards a chance.



/sudo/ - 8chan Tech Support

/sudo/ - 8chan Tech Support

/sudo/ - 8chan Tech Support

TECH SUPPORT, you stupid faggot. Do you know what that means?


File: 549afd576cc7ae9⋯.gif (968.61 KB, 245x245, 1:1, lol.gif)




File: 0a57aecad30209b⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2048x2732, 512:683, Mob-Psycho-100-Wallpaper-F….jpg)




Yep, it means that I’m going to report rule violations from the globally owned boards here. Because your kike only cares about this thread.





Ah, ok, so you don't know what "tech support" means and you also seem to think that the Admin runs this thread. Did you know that suicide is cheaper than internet service?



Too bad. You lost your right to complain when you destroyed the website.


Oh, by the way.





You are literally the biggest crybaby on the entire internet.


I'm just waiting for the new AHG 82rd thread.


Anons ik wil via deze weg jullie hulp vragen. NBO

http://bondoverheidszaken.nl/ is op dit moment op zoek naar bewijzen tegen de staat. Zij hebben een groot aantal beschuldigen lopen oa misdaden tegen de mensheid. Als jullie bewijzen hebben graag doorsturen naar hen indien mogelijk. ISIS funding bijv.. Ik kan alles wel opnieuw gaan uitpluizen maar 2x zelfde wiel uitvinden is onzin. Laten we onze puppets een dikke schop geven. Thnx WWg1WGA


where is



I meant where is 82?


File: 7af6bb135dc3f7e⋯.jpg (9.91 KB, 214x317, 214:317, FB_IMG_1424694190855.jpg)


File: 8752ed12c2abf2e⋯.jpg (17.5 KB, 492x446, 246:223, FB_IMG_1497470126904.jpg)


I bet Zionists are heavily working as we speak to use feminists and pussy riot type characters affect Iran. They know they can't attack Iran so they will try to subvert and crush it from inside as much as they can.

Their hacking attempts with stuxvirus on Iran also showed how desperate Zionists are. They must use cyberattacks and feminists as agents to attack Iran.

We will not see anyone attack Iran through conventional means. Attacking a country through bombs and weapons is very in the past. Look at how zionists attacked and took over Europe now. They only had to fight Hitler and no one else resisted. Rest was subversion and infiltration in schools and media system. Rest Game over. They will try to do the same to Iran. But I'm sure they are frustrated since its not so easy with Iran Obviously..

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