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File: 22f076e3ee0ae88⋯.png (94.32 KB, 717x676, 717:676, pedosta.PNG)

3c8b73 No.73

podesta supposedly has a big announcement tomorrow it has something to do with deep black budget scientists 'stepping out from the shadows' to 'finally tell the truth'

Project BlueBeam incoming?

996fe6 No.74

will be interdasting to see what the fuck they are talking about specifically, maybe we get told about new forms of energy

57730c No.75

File: a865b77c7684113⋯.gif (20.53 KB, 111x150, 37:50, 1506281130484.gif)


What would they gain from revealing black projects to the public? It's pretty widely discussed that they have gravity propulsion methods and are behind most UFO sightings. Further, these craft my have been reverse engineered by recovered ayy lmaos. I reckon they'd hide the alien part though at least.

bf1d58 No.76

Bluebeam is the kikes' last ditch effort. If they're pulling it out right now, then they've already got at least one foot in the grave. We need to spread information about this to normalfags, just in case.

785af9 No.77

what is bluebeam?

thanks in advance.

bf1d58 No.78


To put it short, a false flag "alien invasion".

244fc9 No.79

What are they planning on doing?

5ff2fd No.81

what was the announcement then?

532615 No.83

File: bf26f986f8b0ffe⋯.jpg (45.24 KB, 640x480, 4:3, leave me alone.jpg)

i watched it. it was basically the CIA nigger version of MUFON, trying to get gibs without saying anything substential. who would have thought that pedostar is full of (hot) shit

bf1d58 No.84



Project Bluebeam is supposedly a staged "alien invasion", through use of black budget shit (such as the TR-3B, of which there are many photographs and reports) and political/media manipulation of the public, in an attempt to steal away power from the countries puppeted and infested by kikes under the rule of a single body. In addition to this attempt at a global government disguised as some kind of peacekeeping/security organization, there will be the deployment of some kind of "global religion", no doubt some kind of kike moloch bullshit, to further muddy and homogenize the shitskin countries with our own.

It's all a giant ploy at global communism, and it's also their last resort.

As for the announcement, Podesta posted some half-assed shit on his Twitter that was immediately shot down by a bunch of people who were angry at his pedophile antics.

He should be dragged out on the streets and made an example of

532615 No.85

File: 03478307bc54325⋯.jpg (100.68 KB, 585x796, 585:796, UFO Painting.jpg)

File: e17ee8e3f1f42de⋯.png (517.34 KB, 442x595, 26:35, baptism christ.png)


going to make a bold statement here regarding bluebeam, but please bare with me for a moment. as far as i know the word used for heaven in the bible also just meant "sky" meaning they were taken into the sky and dissappeared there. i believe UFOs are around for a very long time (look into the hindu virmanas for example). so what if the angels actually came with UFOs, took him (enoch i think it was) to heaven/the sky (since they flew away) and from there brought him into paradise which could be inside the earth (paradise originally means walled enclosure forexample)

well, considering all this i could see 3 purposes of project bluebeam:

1. Fake an alien invasion to unite the people under a common threat and create the one world government/NWO (the standard theory)

b) making the demons appear as (friendly) aliens so we dont oppose them or when hostile makes us unable to properly oppose them since we dont understand the spiritual nature of them

but there is another option considering this

III: Make the UFOs of the angels during the rapture or the UFOs of the nazis look like they are aliens invading the earth so we reject their salvation and join the government and fall for the great deception.

pic related is a painting in Church of the Dominican Monastery, in the town of Sighisoara, Romania. below it reads "Israel, hope for the lord" from either 14th or 17th century (depending on wether its from before or after the rebuilding of the church) the psalm mentioned below reads

Israel, hope in the Lord!

For with the Lord there is steadfast love,

and with him is plentiful redemption.

second pic

>"In the foreground of a hilly landscape, Christ is baptised by St. John, amid a circle of onlookers. The two figures are brilliantly lit by rays from the disk high above, against general darkness. (from the Fitzwilliam Museum catalogue, by H. Gerson and J.W. Goodison); Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge"

some reports also suggest that aliens are actually demons. reports of alien abduction and demonic possession are quite similar. both involve usually violent sexual acts, unableness to move or speak, general sense of fright and threat, and often it runs in the family. however on thing makes me think those are demons. it is said that both stop pretty much instantly when trying to say jesus christ or thinking about him.

but i guess there are both around, aliens and demons, possibly even demons from other planets the aliens brought with them, then the cia fakes stuff as well of course

greys for example i feel like are demons. the nordics might be actual ayys, or those living inside hollow earth. or ayys that resided in the inner earth for millenia

however i cant tell if the reports are real because i never was abducted nor possessed

however, i dont really trust paul hellyer who talked about ayys working with the governments and giving technology for that matter. there is also boyd bushman who worked for lockheed martin talking about aliens. but check


2:36 you see the pedo triangle.

now with the theory that aliens are actually demons/fallen angels. there is also the thing that apparently getting buttfucked makes you more receptent to their presence. how likely is it that the guy was actually assraped as kid or any time for the matter and duped into believing the demons/fallen angels are actually aliens giving him/them the technology. i mean the fallen angels are also said to have given humanity certain kinds of knowledge

how likely the same happened with paul hellyer?

paul hellyer says aliens want to help humanity AND that they work with the government. no matter how awesome their technology would be, you cant combine those 2 things

bf1d58 No.86


Agreed, Hellyer is a fucking gatekeeper. I do agree the ayys are evil cocksuckers and are not to be trusted. No matter which is the truth, Bluebeam is next on the plate, right after deposing the kike infested Hollywood.

fa9719 No.93

what was his statement

33b1b6 No.121


he shilled some kind of space company not related to aliens at all

3fad4a No.128

Not much activity

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