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File: 1441369541594.png (5.08 MB, 2250x1539, 250:171, 1414188072414.png)

5d4b95  No.11077[Reply]

Ask tiny questions here.

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93f1cc  No.46968

Has anyone tried ODing on Aspirin? The LD50 is quite low.

File: 919cccf9506025c⋯.jpg (125.45 KB, 558x974, 279:487, 919cccf9506025c838d11d8ce7….jpg)

fbaa95  No.40530[Reply]

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7a1a47  No.46972


To be honest, my stat dose would be 40-60mg metoclopramide and 225mg zantac an hour or so before SN because I don't have N and I'm too worried about customs to order N because I can't afford to take the risk and I have anxiety.

File: 1414171012462.jpg (464.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nbyQvJH.jpg)

b53cec  No.376[Reply]

Post useful links


LostAllHope Wiki: http://lostallhope.com/suicide-methods

Suicide Faq: https://archive.fo/YErG8

A Practical Guide to Suicide: https://archive.fo/jceEo

Suffocation Guide: https://web.archive.org/web/20160224111455/https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Suicide/Suffocation

ASM Suicide Reference: https://archive.fo/DP8eg

Collection of suicide books: http://euthanasiaandsuicide.blogspot.com/

ASH textfile: https://archive.fo/R3gTg

List of Successful Suicides and Their Methods: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicides_in_the_21st_century

Downloads (guides/videos):

Five Last Acts (800+ pages - 2015): https://www.load.to/d5R8OuUEjD/Five_Last_Acts__2015_.pdf https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/07/29/five-last-acts-the-exit-path-2015/

DeadsideReading.zip (279.3 MB - PDFs): https://www.load.to/4Wu3Yh4kW5/DeadsideReading.zip https://8ch.net/suicide/res/24245.html

Peaceful Pill eHandbook (Oct-2018 - PDFsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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e9dcf7  No.46934

File: f1b2ad84dac84bd⋯.jpg (83.15 KB, 712x1265, 712:1265, 51364632_2215105105168695_….jpg)

f438c4  No.46960[Reply]

This creates Carbon monoxide in your body, will be restricted soon in USA because it kills several people a year.

f438c4  No.46961

It was also used as an anaesthetic historically before they knew it was so dangerous. It's heavier than air, it can pool on the ground in high concentrations. That's about all I've read about it but it should be helpful. Mainstream stores have taken it off the shelves but it's still on amazon for the moment.

a53568  No.46963

Sounds like an easy way to go. Any downsides to this method? Would I just inhale the fumes or drink it?

File: 281b7a8bdda46fd⋯.jpg (27.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 41ztjSjlfxL.jpg)

e872e8  No.36478[Reply]

I read that 5 grams mixed with 10ml of water was enough to kill you. That's only around 1.5 teaspoons, which doesn't seem right. Any insight? I was planning on taking two antihistamine pills and 6 norcos, then drinking the solution so I'm knocked out completely.

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086a5e  No.46947

hope i carry thru

just need to remember how much of a failure i am and how i will never be happy. 12 hours till go time if i dont pussy out

086a5e  No.46952



sad update

my anti e is just phosphoric acid for some reason so now ive gotta go out and get anoter

50373e  No.46954


RIP. Apparently.

e88616  No.46955


not yet; apparently

496d0e  No.46956


File: 1f710b82fc7b664⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, scd.png)

751f0e  No.46898[Reply]


Can I die with this?

What is my percentage of luck?

I want to do this now and I have nothing else

751f0e  No.46951


Please / suicide /

Give me an answer, I would not soon have these drugs on hand

a9b09d  No.46953

How about you research it yourself? Search for the combination of the pill+LD50, and then double that dose. Check the overdose symptoms to know if you will go at least a bit compfortable. How many of each do you have? Better use duckduckgo or bing for searching because google will trow help pages at you. Good luck!

File: 5617af5c0d478a3⋯.jpg (985.1 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180628-231926….jpg)

9dbe6f  No.42940[Reply]

(Pic unrelated)

This happened to me 3 times. I had a partial suspension setup, and when I got on my knees to tighten the noose I couldn't finish counting to 10 when my vision got black. I had all these thoughts in my head, and then I remember gasping for air. I tried to stand up to loosen the knot so I could breathe, but I was shaking and I hit my head against the doorknob and bit my toungue as I was trying to get up. My stomach also hurt a lot, as if someone punched me there. I dont know if this was a loss of conciousness or not, and I don't know if i stood up subconciously. I do not remember wanting to stand back up.

To sum it up, all I remember was kneeling down and the next thing I know, im panicking, trying to keep my balance and im gasping for air. It was a pretty scary experience.

Can someone please explain what is going on here? In theory, if I lose conciousness shouldnt it be painless?

Please, I really want to fucking end this bullshit but this is stopping me from killing myself.

14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

21e06a  No.46719

Hello, are you still alive? Asking for a friend.

000000  No.46752


full suspension requires finding a stable support and will compress your airway, which most people do not want.


>It will be painful

it's not painful at all. your breathing gets deep and you slowly black out. for proof see any blood choke demonstration video. the choked person is let go as soon as they lose consciousness and gets up within a few seconds.

>you will panic for about 6 seconds

this is possible. after all you don't know what will happen after you black out (e.g. being discovered, movements during seizures reducing pressure on neck). i personally backed out at the last second as well when i tried it.

6ff235  No.46948


it should be at the front

5f07af  No.46950

Oh my god. Okay that exact same thing happened to me. It's like HELL. No joke, if hell exists. It would be that sensation of your head running through random thoughts while you are unable to breathe and unable to balance with that endless lightheaded feeling. This is probably the reason I want to end it with a gun instead of hanging. Because this lightheaded, mind racing thing ALWAYS happens. Then I start flailing and somehow survive. Sometimes even if I successfully get to the blackout stage for partial suspension I have like a weird cartoony dream and then I wake up gasping for air and that weird ass light headed feeling and feeling of lack of control as you cant balance yourself. I honestly just want a gun to blow my brains out to forego the whole lightheaded panicky feeling.

980fa9  No.46958

File: 42cc47b5ac189bb⋯.jpg (56.91 KB, 623x401, 623:401, suicide_fashion.jpg)

It doesn't count if you're still alive.

File: 9999aedbcc0088a⋯.jpg (274.56 KB, 1280x871, 1280:871, aesthetic9.jpg)

9ec5d5  No.45585[Reply]

I was going to make this in response to >>45572 , but then I figured it's really a bigger topic. It seems to me that one of the biggest risks in any attempt is getting caught. If you get caught, it's inevitably going to be by someone who """wants to save you,""" and then if you're caught, things get a lot, LOT worse. You're 5150'd, and maybe you already had health problems before, but now you have your original health problems plus the complications caused by your suicide attempt. Also, good luck on getting anywhere in life after being committed. Just when you think that things couldn't get worse, they did.

To me, this completely rules out things like hypothermia or asphyxiation. The amount of time it takes to die from these methods is enough to give someone else time to find you. Even fucking gunshots to the head. The few fuckups who survived gunshots to the heads were because they were either idiots who missed, or idiots who didn't wait until the house was empty and ended up getting immediate "care."

What complicates matters more is you're probably giving off all these signals that have everyone and their cousin on edge. You go into a hardware store to buy a ladder and some rope, and only those two items? Are you fucking retarded? The police are going to be trying to "talk you down" before you even leave the fucking store. Of course, it can just be subtler things. You end up driving to a remote location, but one of the three guys you end up crossing along the way just ends up following you. Why? It's not because you're 'unlucky,' it's because it's fucking weird to see a car you've never seen before driving along an isolated path that only you and two other people drive along, and then add to the fact that that driver just seems 'off,' and you've got the recipe to getting "saved" on your attempted hypothermia trip. Yes, many don't end up like this, but all you need is a 5% chance that someone turns around, and that's already a very tangible risk that you have to consider.

So, yeah, suggestions/complaints about how not to get caught on your suicide attempt.

I would say to make sure thaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

94867b  No.45609

No one at a hardware store is going to care you bought a rope and ladder. Half the employee's at 'hardware stores' are clueless about suicide and construction for that matter. Baring you live in a small community or buy your materials from a mom and pop shop, you'd be fine. The other stuff is just a given, basic knowledge, everyone with two braincellls would know.

000000  No.45611


ht tps://www.scmp.com/article/484827/taking-easy-way-out

>They also believe supermarkets and shops should tell staff to be on the look-out for people who appear depressed and act strangely when buying charcoal and to use their discretion to refuse to sell it to people who might be at risk.

94867b  No.45612


I've bought two ropes directly from a hardware store 0 fucks given. The clerk was and Indian girl who even if she did have a clue, would never utter a word about it. Lol, a random employee doesn't give a fuck.

647d9a  No.46204

At some point you have got to decide if the risk is worth it man. For some of us there are only certain methods available. There's always a risk.

75933b  No.46949


i went to a home depot and bought rope and a knife (with my dads credit card ironicly). no questions asked.

ended up blacking out and waking up with a few less brain cells

File: f83dd9c2a2e2c83⋯.jpg (488.15 KB, 1624x975, 1624:975, 1469293993429.jpg)

7ba7ef  No.38678[Reply]

Can someone tell me the best place in europe to jump from for suicide?I dunno what else i would use to sui and afraid of jumping infront of a train

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

486759  No.40701


Ah also: are the park grounds open at night too? Can't find too much info online

90d8d9  No.40720


There are lots of cliffs around there


Also Bempton cliffs just up from Hull is 300ft and more isolated and wild.

003bf3  No.40724

mount aetna

instant body disposal in the magmatic basin

1e21c2  No.46943

File: 5bd10e87a91bb7b⋯.jpg (252.13 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, high-voltage-lines-2923635….jpg)

961bc5  No.46962

I have the same problem. But my solution is ZugSpitze in Germany. It's a mountain about 2-3km high. Enough cliffs and options there.

File: 5d24bc14f5d13a3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.05 KB, 259x194, 259:194, ME IRL.jpg)

a99b06  No.46160[Reply]

I can't be arsed to write anymore, I'm too tired and in too much mental pain. My quality of life is horrendous and it will stay that way, I will have to settle for mediocrity at best in life and I can't emotionally handle it (I'm autistic along with having traits of a vivid imagination/maladaptive daydreamer, which has bred high standards), as a person who craves stimulation I can't deal with average careers and relationships. I'm definitely willing to work for what I want, I don't expect it to be handed to me, but the problem is I'll always fall short (pun intended, I'm a 5'1 male, yeah, you read that right.) because I'm a developmentally stunted autistic loser, which means I'm highly likely to underachieve, regardless of how ambitious I am.


A suicidal person with a plan who has the resources for a painless method, who lives in the U.S. who would be open to taking a suicidal person under their wing, en route to suicide. I literally lack resources across the board, I can't work due to crippling social anxiety/avoidant symptoms and I was denied disability. I'm struggling finding online work right now. I'm ready to die, but I can't afford a painless method.


A multitude of reasons.

Here's my life story, this is why I want to commit suicide: https://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/101525-how-do-i-eliminate-these-life-threatening-adhd-conditions-my-youth-is-being-wasted/

I've basically realized that every single worst fear of mine is highly likely going to be realized, and I'd rather be dead than deal with a less than mediocre life.

Asperger's, ADHD on the verge of imitation low IQ, PTSD from family abuse, severe depression/anxiety, maximum ratings on loneliness scales, uneducated across the board, living with my emotionally unstable/abusive family at the age of 24, extremely likely to waste my 20s and 30s catching up Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

a99b06  No.46517

Man, it seems like no one on these boards is committed to the prospect of suicide. I thought it'd be different on here. Looks like I have to do it myself, and knowing my situation, I'm probably trapped since I can't afford a painless method, or I'll probably fuck up due to my mental retardation if I manage to get lucky.

Hooooollllllly fuck this is brutal.

e80ec7  No.46528


because they have killed themselves already. the left overs posting on /suicide/ are not serious and are here for drama or other reasons.

just look at the nembutal threads

go to gatekeeping paradise sanctioned suicide for a partner sage for ot

a99b06  No.46531


I thought SS was like that.

a99b06  No.46942


Dude, what are you talking about, there's no user on there named "Sage" or "Sages". You mean Serge?

438f89  No.46970

File: aa1fdb119f294c4⋯.png (484.63 KB, 441x390, 147:130, laughing girls jpg.png)


>he doesn't know what sage means

File: 8c102f576b3ed05⋯.jpg (4.1 KB, 160x160, 1:1, 41AJ7j84FKL._SCLZZZZZZZ__A….jpg)

4c5a4e  No.34460[Reply]

Why doesn't this get more discussion? It seems like it's more reliable than nitrite and the new PPeH lists it's reliability at 9/10 with just 2.5 grams. It can also be had online easily in the USA.

316 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.45837


It's easy to get primperan or buccastem. This method most likely works without anti-emetic, but you'll vomit it. Because of vomiting, SA poses dangers to first responders, should you not put up warning signs. Vomiting increases time of death, though unconsciousness happens before death. At least if you don't have access to anti-emetic, prepare a second dose of SA to use it after puking some of the first dose. These victims hadn't taken anti-emetic:

>27-year-old female laboratory assistant

>15g SA

>about 11g were still found in the stomach contents

>24-year-old man

>some grams

>died 40 min later after oral intake

Suizid mit Natriumazid


0e65b7  No.45854


What do you mean "easy to get". I have no money and the only way I could get an anti emetic would be to go to urgent care and tell them I have x affliction that requires an anti emetic.

There will be no first responders, I'm going to the woods or whatever, far away from people. Should my second dose be bigger or smaller than the first one? I have a scale and 100g of SA so I can make any size dose in any quantity. I plan on putting them into little bottles and putting them in a backpack.

000000  No.45957


Nobody was talking to you.


I hope you've realized that they were baiting for you the whole time.

58e6bd  No.46940

Sodium azide

Don't trust the pretty stories, including the PPEH.

Preliminary research of scientific literature suggests sodium azide will kill you, if taken the right way.

It usually takes several hours till days. At doses of 10-20 gr you will likely die within hours.

Expect this to be very brutal, worse than cyanide. Being tortured to death. It is not peaceful.

58e6bd  No.46941

If done the right way, certainty of death is the only positive aspect of this method.

File: 0c7a9fd44f04ce3⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 20181129_214345.jpg)

2544ea  No.45725[Reply]

Hi, I've been busy. I was working on the perfected yew tincture, and after several trials and errors, I managed to figure it out and suceed. By "perfected", I mean to make a concentrated extract at less volume. Far easier to do than I once thought it would be, and unlike I anticipated, ethyl acetate is likely not needed. Pretty much what you'll need are a few of 1-liter mason jars, some filter, dropper bottle, powder (starch, calcium carbonate, flour, etc.), 1/2 - 1litre of pure rubbing alcohol, some drinking alcohol (or vinegar if you can't consume alcohol), non polar petroleum solvent, wide glass container, maybe nitrile gloves for NP solvent, sodium carbonate (washing soda), distilled water. 

1: Clean the leaves 

2: Dry them in an oven at a temperature of up to 85 Celsius (185,°F) and grind down to a powder both to reduce volume and increase surface area. 

3: Place the grounded herb in a mason jar and cover completely with a low-boiling petroleum solvent (100% VM&P Naphtha,Heptane, Hexane, etc.). And cap the jar, perhaps with aluminium foil underneath to prevent leakage. The solvent should be four times the volume of the herb as with all the aforementioned solvents you'll be using. 

4: Leave the mixture for a day in a cold, dark place for 24 hours, shaking often at a duration of a few minutes.) Percolate and discard the extract. Liquid only contains mostly oils, waxes, ephedrine (perhaps), and other compounds that’ll impede the taxine and make you sick. The solvent itself is also toxic. 

5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 at least once. And take the herb and set it on a flat tray or something. 

6: Let it dry. 

7: Once dried, put the herb in another mason jar and mix in some washing soda (sodium carbonate) at equal mass. 

8: Prepare some boiling water and cover. Immediately, you'll notice rust-colored foam coming out of the liquid. That would be the reaction of tannins turning into salts, which makes them very water-soluble. This also turns alkaloids into freebases, ideally taxine. And since freebase ephedrine is soluble in water, and not taxine, you'll have essentially pure taxine. Let it sit for at least 45 minutes agitating occasionally in a hot water bath. 

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

bad3a9  No.45727


Thanks dude. I was the guy who made the first thread here about yew poisoning, and I can make use of this if I have to put suicide on my schedule again.

2544ea  No.45730


No problem!

15f6d3  No.46936

>Prepare some boiling water and cover

you mean pour water in the jar? Sorry for my english

2544ea  No.46966

File: 2757bc0ba210fe9⋯.jpeg (714.96 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 87ED5997-324B-478F-96AE-4….jpeg)


Cover the leaves in the jar, yes.

It should look like this afterward.

File: d3ffae8008d686e⋯.png (79.35 KB, 1545x255, 103:17, ss com.png)

dbc015  No.46904[Reply]

I was permanently banned there and can't have my account reinstated. I have no way to message him about a particular issue. Word is, he's one of the few legitimate people looking for a suicide partner. If that's true, I would absolutely take him up on that. The "suicide buddy" thread doesn't work, and is also sus. That leaves me with this one option. Anyway, if anyone is on Sanctioned Suicide: hit him up and tell him that someone is seriously inquiring. Tell him to contact me at LemonTruth@protonmail.com.

1fffde  No.46906

What's that person's username on Sanctioned Suicide? Maybe I can PM that SS user and try and convince him to contact you.

dbc015  No.46911


I just stated it above. His name is Sage.

1fffde  No.46913


>I just stated it above

Oops, sorry I missed that.

1fffde  No.46917

I'm sorry to tell you this, but I had a look on sanctioned suicide for you and I can't find Sage anywhere, however I found this on a deleted profile (while browsing your banned account): DeletedUser4739. I'm not 100% sure if it's him, but it seems like he might've deleted his account. I wish there was a way I could help you, but I can't.

File: 1446492456266.jpg (43.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Only death is real.jpg)

c61f4b  No.12358[Reply]

Mom, you pissed me off every time you harassed me about getting a job. It's not that fucking easy considering who I am, but I'm not going to hold any grudges. Sorry I couldn't live up to your expectations. Same goes for you, Dad.

Heather, Sydney, if I was an embarrassment to the both of you, I'm sorry about that as well. It's not exactly cool to have some mentally ill, skeltal-looking NEET hiding away across from your bedrooms. Your friends must've been weirded/creeped out about it. Sorry for the times we fought and the awful things we said to one another. I love you both, and if you don't look after each other I'll haunt the fuck out of you.

Nugget, you're the chunkiest and laziest fucking bearded dragon I've ever seen. Sorry for not taking care of you anymore, but I was garbage at it anyway. Seeya later, fatass.

134 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e010b9  No.45379

I'm sorry for being your greatest aspirations, but becoming your greatest disappointments. I could not become the son you hoped for and achieve greater things in life.

Good bye.

761420  No.45382


>achieve greater things in life.

because there's absolutely nothing to achieve in life, everything is absolutely pointless

d0ad9a  No.45543

This is going to ruin all of you and I'm sorry I'm shifting my pain onto you, but if you were able to know what it's like to be me I think all of you would forgive me.

710bf1  No.45568


To my family: I am sorry for being a burden to you, I have felt like a burden my entire life, and maybe I am one. I am sorry for saying the worst shit you can possibly say to you all (even if I didnt believe in the words I said) with the only intention to try to get you guys to not love me anymore, so it wouldn't be as painful when I leave this realm.

M, I am sorry for not being good enough to be yours. Turns out, being bullied and abused your entire life, and even mentally and physically tortured really does something to you, no matter how strong you are. My declining mental health and severe permanent brain damage has finally won the battle.

This life has only encompassed of sadness and misery. I got out of my suicidal depression for 6 months, only to spring back deeper into it. Got robbed of my loves, hope, aspirations, passions and general love for life all at once. I wish I would have just stayed depressed instead of being shown what happiness is.

The worst part about all of this, is that I feel completely alone in this lost battle.

I hope some of you find the strength to stay in this realm. I will be leaving soon, I have much more to say, but I rather write it on paper.

8c5b0e  No.46903

I think I’ve experienced enough joy and misery in life. No point for me to live longer once I’m done. I’ve had incredible romantic experiences as well even if I can never find someone like you. You made me feel the adrenaline rush. My other ex lovers didn’t, I stayed because I wanted to know how it’s like to have someone who loves me more. A, I still wish you a happy marriage with your lovely wife. You don’t have to know how it ends with me here. My death is fated from the start.

File: ec56c7733b9b480⋯.jpg (29.88 KB, 635x542, 635:542, photo_2019-02-12_10-05-15.jpg)

f50d91  No.46834[Reply]

Found a plug for powdered pentobarbital. I contacted a chinese lab that makes research chemicals I use and asked if they would make pentobarbital for me and they said yes. Now I just need to buy the test kit to make sure its a barbiturate.

f50d91  No.46836

im using a vpn btw so if my id changes, my email address is sirwilly@airmail.cc if it turns out to be legit ill give out the supplier there. But i must wait for the test kit from exit

75cee6  No.46848

Can i have their contact details? Thanks!


If you have 500mg to spare, you could try one of the quantitative testing methods described in the PPH. It has to do with converting the sodium salt to the free acid.

b61688  No.46850


Op here.

The plug wasn’t good. The language barrier got in the way and they only have designer benzos and alprazolam. Sucks

03c0dd  No.46882

>Found a plug

>The language barrier got in the way

no shit when you talk like a tard

c18b9b  No.46902

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