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File: 74f663810f5b41a⋯.jpg (239.64 KB, 800x1689, 800:1689, 800px-Hans_Baldung_006.jpg)

File: 89a93110dd022f5⋯.pdf (1.53 MB, PPH Fentanyl p1.pdf)

File: 2616d34b63237f2⋯.pdf (1.27 MB, PPH Fentanyl p3.pdf)

614bd2 No.23655

I would like to strictly talk about the suitability of Fentanyl as a means of ending ones life. We want to reasonably consider painless and reliable methods so we should talk reasonably about the pros and cons of Fentanyl. I encourage you to engage to overcome the concerns.

1.What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is an opiod that has a strong agonist effect on the opiod receptors in the brain. It is medically used as an analgesic (painkiller) and is 100 x as potent as morphine.

2. How does Fentanyl kill?

Ingested in large amounts it leads to a lethal depression of the respiratory function. So it leads to a suspension of breathing or apnea, as we taxi drivers call it.

3. What is the lethal dose?

3 mg when taken intravenously (minimum, use more); larger doses will be needed for a reliably lethal oral administration. THE PURITY IS BIG FACTOR HERE!

4. Is it Painful?

In peacuful Pill the author only writes that is has sedative properties and it can be painless and quick. Although Pieter Admiraal wrote that it should be taken with 300 mg of long acting benzos since one could experience suffocation while still alive. But when done right its a peaceful death.

5. Fentanyl Patches

In "Guide to a humane self-chosen death" the author writes:

"…500 micrograms per hour as the lethal dose. Duragesic transdermal patches with a combined dose of 500 micrograms should be applied simultaniously on … skin."


-PURITY: Its possible that people on the darknet sell impure stuff that is not lethal or needs to be taken in other quantities.

-SPEED: Very few infos available. PPH rates speed with 3/5. Pieter Admiraal states that it might take up to 24 hours till death occurs. That refers to the patches, though. Its still important since you could be "saved".

-INGESTION: I dont know what is the best here: oral, intavenous or patches. I dont know the pros and cons of that.

-ANTIEMITICS: They prevent you from puking the poison out. I dont know if its necessary here or which stuff to take.

-SEDATIVES: PPH states that it sedates you, Pieter Admiraal recommends taking benzos to not to experience suffocation consciously

How about some grapefruit juice?

Fentanyl is rapidly metabolized by a liver enzyme. Products that interfere with the enzymatic breakdown of the drug can increase blood levels of the drug. Grapefruit juice may result in a potentially dangerous increase in Fentanyl concentrations. This may cause fatal respiratory depression. (excerpts from peacefull pill)

CARFENTANIL is 10000 x as strong as morphine. In PPH ,after talking about the lethal Fentanyl doses, is stated "For Carfentanil, even smaller doses will end life"

614bd2 No.23656

File: e515904b69b65a3⋯.jpg (288.35 KB, 911x800, 911:800, guide2.jpg)

File: 4e3e0da469b70d5⋯.jpg (147.4 KB, 921x527, 921:527, guidetoahumane.jpg)

I really would hear you opinions on speed and Antiemitics. Here are two other files.

461079 No.23660


oral administration will require approx 5x IV

According to PPH one will need 3 mg of Fentanyl HCL at least.

So if you take it orally, you will need 5x3 = 15 mg at least.

in case of ButyrFent ( 1/4 Fentanyl HCL) = 4x15mg = 60 mg needed

in case of FuraFent ( 1/5 Fentany HCL) = 5x 15mg = 75 mg needed

I'll go with 100 mg or 200 mg in case of Butyr or Fura.

12 to 60 hrs via patch

best IV, but you may fall unconscious within seconds.

anti emetic is used only if taken orally

Fentanyl od can cause seizure, diazepam is used to suppress the seizure

the use of inhibitor is to increase plasma concentration, therefore potentiating the fentanyl, so it's a very good idea to use it.

I think fentanyl or better carfentanil is easily to over-over dose on. I mean even after 5x over the recommended dose still fit the 00 caps. 75x5=375 mg of furafent needed in case you have rapid metabolism.

614bd2 No.23663

Thanks for your reply. Ill try to get some Fentanyl HCL.

Do you know good vendors that sell to Europe?

On Alphabay I found offers by GermanTeam [(3784) VL=8 TL=7 96% pos. Reviews] for 50mg Fentanyl HCL for 44$

bigjule33 offers 50mg Fentanyl HCL for 45$

BTW: Where can you get Metoclopramide as an antiemitic?

d72300 No.23722

It's difficult to get hand of pure Fentanyl HCL, most probably it's already cut. It's best to prepare with more than needed.

I think bj is well recommended, been around for sometime.

metoclopramide, you can try

brandmedicines.com (bulgaria)

goldpharma.com(west europe)

or there are more on the nembutal thread(the one with 700 + post), along with people who already bought from them.

9f4d7f No.23747



69786b No.23791

best to avoid taking it orally because morphine can "paralyze" your gut, making movement of intestine really slow, and absorption also really slow. This also affects other drugs taken together with morphine. Death will take long time if not failure is likely. Best to avoid oral administration.

8e84aa No.23954


Wouldn't you be so fucked up that you wouldn't even feel the seizure/be unconscious before it happens?

Availability of fent intranasal is 89% so could I just sniff 2 big lines?

9f5fcb No.26286


IHP sells fent?


33cac4 No.26295


No, I think they're meaning it sells metoclopramide.

066d80 No.26297

Druggie anon here with some advice. Fentanyl is overkill by far. I've had boxes of 75mcg patches. You cut the patch open, drain the liquid onto a Pyrex dish, evaporate it over very low heat, then scrape up the crystals remaining. From there you can do whatever with the crystals but I always smoked them off a tinfoil boat. WARNING: It takes a peice the size of a grain of sand smoked to get you blasted to space/borderline puking everywhere with no tolerance. If you smoke it, it's like crack, you got a shitty high for 15 mins, then your stone cold sober and the only thing on your mind is more crystal.

What you guys want is a couple oxy 30mgs and at least 5 kpins. Crush it all up into a shot glass, mix with a few drops water and suck it into an oral syringe. Shove tip of needleless syringe into anus and plunge. Opiates cause severe constipation, you couldn't shit it back out if you tried. Closest you can get to IV with no 'scary' needle. Just dose the kpins first so when the oxy hits with the nausea, you'll just fall out forever into bliss.

Also, don't ever fucking try to OD on stimulants. I've ODed on meth, bath salts, opiates, cocaine, alcohol, etc. STIMULANT ODs ARE PURE PAIN AND TERROR! Opiate od's are so happy you don't realize you overdosed until too late. Benzos are near impossible to die from alone (I've gone through whole bottles of 30 xanax bars in one weekend no tolerance), but as soon as you mix it with another depressant, hence oxy, it gets deadly.

0bdfe8 No.31035


How, then? I certainly wouldn't have the first clue how to shoot it or anything. Would rubbing on the gums be easy and effective?

beb463 No.31048

Orally. What a bullshit.

2d6e7a No.33535

What about taking pills that are laced with fentanyl? Is that possible? Is it painless?

11bee5 No.33536


That's how Lil Peep died, Xanax laced with Fent

2d6e7a No.33538

Is there a way to intentionally purchase pills that are laced with fentanyl?

2d6e7a No.33711

>best to avoid taking it orally because morphine can "paralyze" your gut, making movement of intestine really slow, and absorption also really slow. This also affects other drugs taken together with morphine. Death will take long time if not failure is likely. Best to avoid oral administration.

By long time, is that about 24 hours? I can be alone for 3 days, will that be enough?

Would it still be painless if taken orally?

Anyone know why for the patches, they recommend benzos because you might suffocate but for pure fent hcl, it should be painless by itself?

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