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File: 1453943334395.png (1.69 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, kukuruyo smug laily.png)

5675f0  No.3254[Reply]

I guess there is no official Laily thread.

Welp there is now.

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9345ac  No.6748

File: 0a8e08d587558f4⋯.jpg (77.09 KB, 710x450, 71:45, MI-picts-tribe-painted.jpg)


The topic itself. He brings up a few pros to fighting in chainmail bikinis as opposed to wearing armor. He even brings up historical warriors that fought in nothing but ink. pic related

d851a8  No.6749


That is cool then. Although when you said Shad I thought you meant Shadman/base or something.

d851a8  No.6757

File: ae9f9651a3ec2f0⋯.jpg (77.94 KB, 898x960, 449:480, Dq1UGGGVAAAIizP.jpg)

File: 0285f3e9831626d⋯.jpg (127.09 KB, 1455x1195, 291:239, Dqyh-hmXQAAB7HV.jpg)

One is a girl in a Laily costume!

d851a8  No.6791

File: d2a350c583181f0⋯.jpg (30.31 KB, 879x885, 293:295, bogdutts snug laily.jpg)

d851a8  No.6794

File: 33f56ab0a48fa3c⋯.jpg (188.88 KB, 1704x1569, 568:523, DsQ71s7VAAAoJsu.jpg)

File: 2c8d9b1faf3c2a1⋯.png (359.24 KB, 1120x954, 560:477, 000.png)

eacfa7  No.6686[Reply]

>Complain endlessly about how poorly "mainstream" comics creators treat their customers

>Get called Nazis, bigots, etc etc on a daily basis by these creators, who also want to doxx you and do everything they can to ruin your finances and life

>Still buy juvenile and derivative superhero comics produced by these people, recommend them loudly to everyone you can

>Still get called Nazis, bigots, etc etc by these same creators, who also tell you not to buy their comics

>Tell the creators "This is why your sales are going down!"

>Creators: "F off lol"

>Still buy their comics

>Wonder why the creators don't respect you


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8cdd68  No.6786

File: 0bece88f1dda46e⋯.jpg (56.66 KB, 516x314, 258:157, Screenshot-2018-11-09-11.2….jpg)

8cdd68  No.6787

File: 52d768af26d4ea2⋯.png (150.99 KB, 864x276, 72:23, tumblr_nl7yd5Ytir1rphc69o1….png)

8cdd68  No.6788

File: 7c161038e7bdbe5⋯.jpg (137.93 KB, 720x627, 240:209, 20181113_105949.jpg)

File: 494cdbdb30e93ec⋯.jpg (169.5 KB, 750x1299, 250:433, image0.jpg)

Nothing better than a “consumer revolt” that loses the plot and eats itself before they’ve achieved a single thing of value (unless you count paying obscene amounts of money for terrible comics to be something of value). And people wonder how comic book nerds got such a bad rep.

Every day brings new disaster for comicsgate.

8cdd68  No.6792

File: 9de04fcdc032b45⋯.jpg (185.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dorothy a friend to himsel….jpg)

8cdd68  No.6793

File: 6ad9528aafabbde⋯.mp4 (369.05 KB, 640x360, 16:9, COME JOIN THE NARKISH SERV….mp4)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1ccda2  No.349[Reply]

our first ask block podcast went up. it's pretty cool.
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df7093  No.6739

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Galbrush Paradox, and why the best characters tend to be white males

df7093  No.6740

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The #comicsgate hugbox and how we've seen it all before

df7093  No.6742

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What is it that makes manga better than capeshit?

df7093  No.6789

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I finally made an outro for our videos although we'll probably never do another review, tired of reviewing comics, I'd rather just make them.

df7093  No.6790

File: 6ae6a17553b7a79⋯.jpg (150.25 KB, 1219x505, 1219:505, ironsightsthumbnail.jpg)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c7ad1b  No.6669[Reply]

We did an indiegogo for our comic, for those of you who (for some reason) don't follow our youtube channel or Kill Everything.


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c7ad1b  No.6730


If only they knew. 8)

c7ad1b  No.6736

File: 41b34581fda6db7⋯.png (56.82 KB, 596x456, 149:114, trump_is_a_bit_harsh.png)

File: 8e24dbf0b09fa7b⋯.png (53.21 KB, 602x391, 602:391, trump_is_a_fan.png)

Worth reposting.

c7ad1b  No.6741

File: bce3538d3f47a0b⋯.png (3.86 MB, 1500x2269, 1500:2269, literally06v4c.png)

The campaign actually went pretty well. It ended just yesterday, I'm still waiting for the money to come in so I can dump it to Jerk. He's been firing off some occasional pages in the meantime, but when the payment comes in officially I hope it really fires off.

We even got some perk bonuses which was cool.

c7ad1b  No.6750

File: 9359e44a443479a⋯.png (665.95 KB, 1190x643, 1190:643, Flake Out Nerkish Tonigh….png)

File: ac2b15f79ae6a83⋯.png (161.24 KB, 427x507, 427:507, Flake Out Nerkish Tonigh….png)

File: d92eab4ef9e663e⋯.png (518.14 KB, 732x648, 61:54, Flake Out Nerkish Tonigh….png)

File: 4f92936a71ae10b⋯.png (566.33 KB, 722x830, 361:415, NERKISH on Twitter Watch….png)

I was thinking of having Jerk sneak in Nerkish and Ethan Van Cyborg and Richard C Mytoad into Literally, as monsters getting blasted or something.

But then I'm like, why am I letting them be in my comic for free? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO DESERVE IT?

c7ad1b  No.6751


Posting these pics anyway in case we decide to do it, I'll still have the refs around.

File: f10919c14fa324a⋯.png (35.5 KB, 120x150, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)

8f2a1a  No.6537[Reply]


Daily reminder you're faggots

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163ded  No.6552


Probably half the people go to /cow/ and kiwifarms just to try to turn them into a personal army against someone that triggered them. I don't read either but I imagine, just like our mysteriously disappeared /cow/ thread, the regulars just instinctively ignore something that's just some personal butthurt, which is why that year old thread (someone posted it in like Feb of 2017 for fuck's sake) it had maybe 30 posts total.

5d8868  No.6652

Haha I still laugh when I see that deleted thread. It was up for a year, the abject retard posts it here so we can see it, I make one simple reply with MERELY THE ACCUSATION that it's a mentally ill person who made the thread (half the thread was people who were completely unfamiliar with SWC), and the thread's instantly just fucking gone.

Why do they keep coming to us to die?

5d8868  No.6733

OFFICIAL SHREDDED MOOSE/BLENDED GOOSE THREAD since this is obviously the guy behind it.

SHORT STORY: A tranny once sent us shitloads of submissions telling us he's a fledgling webcomics creator, and that Shredded Moose (a defunct old edgy webcomic) was genius, and that he wanted to do a reboot, and had the original creator's blessings. He was going to call it Shredded Moose 2.0, or 2.bro, and then renamed it Blended Goose. He was also doing another webcomic called "Watch Your Mouth" that was supposed to be about being trans in some sort of dystopian future, it died after 2 strips. He posted under many names, but "Liz Davis" became his tranny name, and his "deadname" (I WISH) was "Trey Williams."


In this thread on the badwebcomicswiki forums, he accuses SWC of having made Blended Goose. He made the comic, was paying an artist to draw it (money he got from a gofundme to "help me move out of my abusive transphobic household), and was accusing us of making the comic he made, and wanted our tumblr to get sued over it.

Yes that's right, he made a reboot of Shredded Moose, and then was telling everyone that SWC made it, so that he could try to get our tumblr blog sued (over the internet?) by the original creators of Shredded Moose.

5d8868  No.6734

Blended Goose dude might also be this person. https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Robert_Wayne_Stiles

5d8868  No.6735

File: 66252283678ca6b⋯.png (394.08 KB, 493x639, 493:639, 1430825507691.png)

File: b2f74affedfb1e3⋯.jpg (683.86 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 1491953450351.jpg)

File: 3cb681618722071⋯.jpg (22.21 KB, 200x200, 1:1, tumblr_inline_nm9sku6XIJ1q….jpg)

File: 4e84adc57ba17f6⋯.jpg (76.11 KB, 960x540, 16:9, tumblr_oyrgvplvpj1ron13oo1….jpg)


Never mind the "might be," it's confirmed. OP is indeed that guy, Robert Wayne Stiles, aka a bunch of other fake made up tranny names, and I hope he joins the 45% in committing suicide. The sooner this mentally ill faggot is dead, the better.

I think we can all tell that not even his own family is going to miss him.

File: 1416933112780.png (24.71 KB, 128x128, 1:1, avatar_5b45d5bee261_128.png)

1e8d7c  No.5[Reply]

When are you going to fuck Tenk?
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be84bd  No.6596


"I'll never get over you getting over WEEBS" haha yeah that's what the song SHOULD be called you know what I'm sayin know what I mean?

0bac0f  No.6600

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

tenk wrote and performed this beautiful song.

0bac0f  No.6605


he is nothing but a WHORE

0bac0f  No.6732

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Holy shit.

I didn't know tenk wrote a song about us!

0bac0f  No.6764

File: 6c15438d366cfad⋯.png (455.66 KB, 478x744, 239:372, fatwah killing tenk.png)


File: 1426698857993.png (30.2 KB, 207x349, 207:349, tenk thomas moe unzips dic….png)

ee0a12  No.289[Reply]

First to be determined: A name. A good short punchy hashtag name.

Second: Goals. First, have to state that the movement is against misogyny, just as it is against misandry, against doxxing, against harassment. This is why shittywebcomics is not a leader or representative of the movement. We're just here to document developments.

Although that said, I do think there should be some specific goals, and that is to be a final discarding of superhero comics.

Next should be the insistence that either the currently existing comics companies, or PERHAPS A NEW COMICS COMPANY will never be beholden to complaints. Create comics that may have offensive content, and let the chips fall where they may. If people don't like it, they don't have to buy it. A comics company that doesn't have to cave in to advertiser pressure, or any of that kind of shit, and willingly creates content that is against social justice, or even in favor of social justice, no matter what. Like a TRUE believer in the free market, the buyer should be free to choose.
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3fbe8c  No.6673


The fuckin tubular bells Exorcist music they put in makes me laugh like this is really dramatic and shit. Like One Winged Angel playing when you're fighting a naked floating bishie, it's really just stupid when you think about it (which you're not supposed to).

I JUST LIKE THE PART WHERE SHE PISSES HERSELF they brought her back because she was a popular character and everyone thought she was hot. And what makes her even hotter is seeing her get degraded, you see the Japanese really DO understand this sort of thing. ^_^

3fbe8c  No.6674

File: ce11af8ae5ddbe4⋯.png (181.53 KB, 649x465, 649:465, 5b8fdb7714f62.png)

YOU KNOW ME I DON'T LIKE TO JUDGE but comicsgate is already long lost to their own false narratives and brainwashing. They started off as capecucks, so it would take a bigger name than us to break them out of that. All we have are facts, not fame, and fame is what people listen to. Just like in Angels Revenge, fame equals trustworthy.

3fbe8c  No.6675

File: 55e74e391723bb2⋯.jpg (238.29 KB, 1903x943, 1903:943, 4e9ea2f3c7c729ba5cc93c6487….jpg)

3fbe8c  No.6678

File: 17494d4021b670a⋯.png (342.42 KB, 1137x1088, 1137:1088, order of the stick kicksta….png)

I ignored it for a while but when Ethan Van Sciver for $400,000 for Cyberfrog he started saying it was the highest crowdfunded comic ever.

He has about $650,000 for his indiegogo now, which is just slightly higher than the kickstarter for Dresden Codak.

3fbe8c  No.6679

File: 41b34581fda6db7⋯.png (56.82 KB, 596x456, 149:114, trump is a bit harsh.png)

File: 8e24dbf0b09fa7b⋯.png (53.21 KB, 602x391, 602:391, trump is a fan.png)

I posted one of these to twitter, but not the other.

File: 1465594958919.png (1.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, leth_banner.png)

fbc39a  No.5894[Reply]

The last thread (https://8ch.net/swc/res/461.html) was getting pretty bloated and would've autolocked soon, and Kate has made a wonderful change in her life, so I figured it was about time for a new thread.

THE NEW CHANGE: She's started streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/kateleth She got 80 viewers her first night and this seems to be a rousing success, as she's already made graphics for the channel. It seems she's serious about this. For those who want to troll (and especially those who want to vidcap her reaction to the trolling), this could be a fun summer activity. Mailinator is good for dummy emails.

For trolling material you have:

The married guy she fucked who then died of cancer.

She says she's queer, but she's not! (she hates this one!)

"How many guys did you blow to get into the comic industry?"



Chronically insecure about pretty much everything, so mock her for anything and she'll get upset. Tell her she can't beat the game fast enough!

This is also a dump-all thread for any dopey SJWs in the comic industry. They all know each other and are basically interchangeable, Kate just happens to be the dopiest of them.

Kate got SWC deleted after months of trying. I say we can do better and convince her to give up streaming within a few weeks.

32 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0146bf  No.6663


Also I checked that thread yesterday, said it was 404ed but that if I'm admin I just have to reply to revive it, so I did, so it's back now. I even skimmed over it, goddamn I forgot just how many posts we had, I don't remember most of them. There's still some good stuff in there.

0146bf  No.6665

File: 61276d4e71d2010⋯.jpg (371.53 KB, 602x2168, 301:1084, kate leth manara hor.jpg)

0146bf  No.6666

File: e968b97dc52a7b3⋯.jpg (172.79 KB, 600x1004, 150:251, kate leth spiderwoman not ….jpg)

Actually jpg so that it's not some huge ass file.

0146bf  No.6667

File: 55382afd3c08cbe⋯.png (360.85 KB, 596x752, 149:188, rwf.png)

The troll game never ended, it simply moved into everyone's blind spot.

And if you're smart that scares you.

0146bf  No.6668




By the way I'd like to not only point out this get, but also how easy it is to make a nice self enclosed macro of some dumb feminist saying something, and a very swift mockery and dismissal of her point and her ideology all at once, so that we can all move on forever from their faulty arguments. Any time a femitwat says "it's not for you" all you have to do is throw that picture at them and it's so already over that you've sliced their femoral artery in the bathtub, digitally.

File: 1440528523832.png (31.79 KB, 1079x525, 1079:525, mail.png)

e09b7e  No.566[Reply]

Got this today right in the middle of our podcast with Forge (after Pleb was on as well).

EDIT: I'm sticking this thread so it can be a master post for Tumblrfall in which tumblr may be on the verge of self destruction or collapse, with all the recent bannings. If you know of any person banned from tumblr recently, post them here. Post any potential tumblr related shitstorm activity here as well.

232 posts and 67 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

7bd94c  No.6525

File: 42a571a72b90e3d⋯.png (121.83 KB, 632x882, 316:441, Michelle Perez on Twitter ….png)

File: 46b148c7982433b⋯.png (476.06 KB, 606x820, 303:410, Thomas Roiloup on Twitter ….png)

7bd94c  No.6526

File: a446d32f3352a3c⋯.png (99.16 KB, 617x833, 617:833, Michelle Perez on Twitter ….png)

After this long in the troll game, one of the many things I've learned is that when they're taking to social media to celebrate themselves, in real life they've started cutting and developing eating disorders. You can easily through their behavior, with right set of eyes.


59f9ab  No.6586

File: a0186026e5c36bd⋯.jpg (350.6 KB, 1210x1445, 242:289, mental illness seahorses.jpg)

Every once in a while, we do something that's SWCy.

I posted this to twatter.

1e25aa  No.6643



In retrospect, these didn't turn out very good, they're way too busy and cluttered, I'm terrible at this kind of design. This is why I prefer to just have someone else do the visual stuff and I stick to the writing. IT TOOK ME 25 YEARS TO FIGURE THIS OUT

1e25aa  No.6654

File: c7599a359930314⋯.png (55.88 KB, 600x128, 75:16, shittywebcomics classic.png)

13e320  No.6612[Reply]

Thread for any SWC classic posts, content, most especially screencaps, of any type.

3 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

13e320  No.6616

File: 84b7dad10fea2cc⋯.png (157.58 KB, 1839x1009, 1839:1009, swc diversity in comics.png)

"Diversity in comics" A POST FROM 2015!!!!!!!!!!

13e320  No.6617

File: 9394279d3ba9154⋯.png (493.1 KB, 690x627, 230:209, ssgss vs gold 1.png)

File: b22279e15e460eb⋯.png (65.8 KB, 558x661, 558:661, ssgss vs gold 2.png)

That's all I got screencapped right now, if anyone has more go ahead and just throw it in this thread.

Try to make screencaps good. Those horizontal ones are a giant mess. Think "how would this look on twitter?" If it's too wide, make it thin. If it's too tall, make it shorter. If it's one giant one, crop it to several sequential pieces (think of how a comic should be readable also).

3687cf  No.6618

File: 1ad5f8415cc7584⋯.png (767.68 KB, 710x3153, 710:3153, swc owns noelle stevenson.png)

13e320  No.6619

File: a85003b3a1b4994⋯.jpg (137.16 KB, 710x963, 710:963, 4wizards1.jpg)

File: ff632282d103369⋯.jpg (187.37 KB, 710x1224, 355:612, 4wizards2.jpg)

File: 2c2d5d77d359773⋯.jpg (150.63 KB, 710x846, 355:423, 4wizards3.jpg)

The magic of photoshop will improve this one.

13e320  No.6633

File: 962ab7a9a2adc95⋯.png (91.87 KB, 545x940, 109:188, voltaire quote like preten….png)

One of the various times I used that Voltaire quote, which durrthy and comics later started saying like a total derivative of us.

For reference the exact quote is:

>I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it.

File: 1437855342342.jpg (50.42 KB, 601x349, 601:349, diaz.JPG)

fd09fb  No.526[Reply]

What the fuck is wrong with this fuck?

269 posts and 214 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fd09fb  No.5649


>I think you're ignoring details to fit your theory

Kind of like how Kim theorizes that becoming the machine-goddess is a good thing, in spite of stripping away freedom from other human beings. Okay.


I want to believe it's because the patrons were pointing out that this guy was the only character with any investment with the whole Dark Science thing. He was the one who discovered it and had his livelihood taken away because of it.

Aaron prefers drastic measures to rational ones and brazen thought to nuance so he can stay on the party line.

fd09fb  No.5650

Is Diaz still even on the whole machine-human, whatever the fuck you call it, thing? Or did he shift to purely muscle girls now. Just looking at the evolution of Kim from Ashley Birch with robot parts to Butch makes me think so, but who knows.

fd09fb  No.5654

It's been six years almost to the day since the first page of DARK SCIENCE! was posted. Diaz has finished 64 pages in that time. Less than a page a month on average. Half the length of a standard TPB.

Kubrick finished films faster than this guy finishes comics. Michelangelo only took four years to finish the Sistine Chapel ceiling. How can it be so hard to draw this stuff? It's not like he's drawing anything in proper perspective or laboring over backgrounds. One page was just ripping off a scene from Blade Runner!

I'd love to know what sort of jobs Diaz held before he found enough suckers to support him. Something tells me he seldom talks about "the early years".

fd09fb  No.5970


Just to prove undeniably beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can still fuckin rek this shit if we feel like it, we just don't because we have better things to do.

Post last edited at

9aad3e  No.6583

File: 35b938f429dd271⋯.png (24.26 KB, 608x376, 76:47, burrrrch.png)

File: 1458317238082.jpg (87.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_nyibsxZX9u1utlcpdo1….jpg)

0b93b4  No.4171[Reply]

Original thread is full, won't let you post any more.

Time to start a new one.

344 posts and 452 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6c26d2  No.6440

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

82569d  No.6475

I've been posting about my newish job on the discord channel, mostly about how it involves captioning videos, doesn't pay well, and sometimes the work gets "graded" by total ethicscucks who act like the style guide is the fuckin Ordo Hereticus sometimes. I tend to do Christian preachers because they're foolproof, just a guy at a podium talking for a half hour, they can't mark me down for that, and it's not like I'll get paid any less than the other work I could take instead.

There's a huge variety of preachers, some who preach about the sort of modern wishy washy sort of cucked open borders "everyone's included" Christianity, some who talk about how Christianity requires hard work, some who say that Christianity requires no work because you're already saved, a lot of it contradicting itself, but one thing that keeps standing out is all the various times that it's pointed out that Jesus' parents were Jewish. So rot in piss to that one obsessed fag who kept sending us submissions of full on produced videos of people trying to prove for sure that Jesus actually wasn't the "king of the jews" that was just some blah blah etc etc.

Today someone goes over Luke, points out the original Dead Sea Scrolls were from a cult that had an interpretation that "god's kingdom" is only for not only Jews, but male jews who had no physical deformations or handicaps. Ancient form of Jewish superiority and exclusivity, which a lot of a certain board acts like they hate but they're clearly jealous, and yet the revealed interpretation is one of the many parables Jesus goes around spewing saying that not only is the kingdom of god not JUST for jews, but the crippled people will be the guests of honor. So now the case is made for Jesus and Heaven preferring "the marginalized underclass," therefore christianity is a SJW religion, but it's the ancient jews who basically act the same way /pol/ pretends christianity is today.

82569d  No.6476


Also if you want to see it for yourself, and actually want to read some of the Bible, just look up Luke 14. It shows Christianity straight up talking about "accepting marginalized groups" like some modern college safe space. The christianity that /pol/ wants to pretend is christianity, oddly enough, is full on "God's chosen people" Judaism.

5628aa  No.6477


par for growing a cult. Non-jews, and cripples etc, allows for greater expansion compared to merely the chosen people (cue neurotic jewish voice)

>one obsessed fag

>trying to prove for sure that Jesus actually wasn't the "king of the jews"

OF ALL THINGS to spam the SWC inbox? ayy lmao

edac85  No.6564

File: 189c199f5dcf442⋯.png (123.72 KB, 408x495, 136:165, Screenshot 2018-05-04 12.3….png)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

959fa9  No.1260[Reply]

Not really related to anything else.

But I think we need a "random shit" thread.

40 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b35511  No.6469


That sounds like a great post, I wonder what it was like.

b35511  No.6470


I sorta remember posting something like that. was it copy pasted from strek perhaps?

3e7fc5  No.6497

File: caa6dcbf0a367cb⋯.mp4 (13.16 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ikkitousen extravaganza ep….mp4)

3e7fc5  No.6498

File: 14a026e38887bcc⋯.mp4 (6.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ikki 1.mp4)

3e7fc5  No.6499

File: 4e9c08d94b4b1a4⋯.mp4 (2.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, juan but not forgotten.mp4)

File: 1425723454963.jpg (425.82 KB, 640x1013, 640:1013, MemeCenter_1425693707974_8….jpg)

58de70  No.280[Reply]

should probably be posting our operation infographic results.
175 posts and 215 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bba9e1  No.6455

File: 0e0e25c9c685f54⋯.jpg (150.8 KB, 989x679, 989:679, tumblr_ozr0miFuCn1whzbz4o1….jpg)

bba9e1  No.6456

File: 68dfeed8fa06835⋯.jpg (173.22 KB, 1098x856, 549:428, its over elaurens its over.jpg)

nothing is over.

bba9e1  No.6459

File: d0cb0a8fb651b73⋯.jpg (92.89 KB, 630x815, 126:163, tumblr_oko81sOH2j1stxvm8o1….jpg)

1eca04  No.6495

File: b0730902c39ccb4⋯.jpg (185.25 KB, 821x1460, 821:1460, _Break-Up-Dodge--Why-do-yo….jpg)

1eca04  No.6496

File: 1f86845560eaa53⋯.png (321.02 KB, 583x344, 583:344, 1 Twitter.png)

Remember when SWC used to say this all the time?

Well apparently now SWC 0.8 is also saying it. ^_^

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

43f865  No.6491[Reply]

I know it's late since SWC has died like 3 times now, but Clumzor deserves a thread, he is cool. ^_^

43f865  No.6492

File: 41b3af2f08d873d⋯.jpg (42.01 KB, 540x273, 180:91, tumblr_inline_p35n3ceQz61q….jpg)

File: 211c11f5417bbc1⋯.jpg (51.76 KB, 300x442, 150:221, tumblr_inline_p35vzbc0I01r….jpg)

Especially with this.

43f865  No.6493

File: cb8b180b77f524a⋯.jpg (979.07 KB, 780x1146, 130:191, Clumzor-390615-Party_6_24.jpg)

File: f685b1f71ec7878⋯.png (1.26 MB, 3192x2288, 399:286, Jakkichang_clumzor_oc (1).png)

File: fc0b67a41f299c3⋯.jpg (529.41 KB, 600x883, 600:883, tumblr_nzjklx7B341raoiujo1….jpg)

File: bc22cc713abc264⋯.jpg (599.7 KB, 900x646, 450:323, tumblr_oc7an23tRR1raoiujo1….jpg)

I mean the Laily thread is sort of already a Clumzor thread since there's plenty of his stuff there.

43f865  No.6494

File: e70e4e4f3e06960⋯.jpg (278.79 KB, 1280x805, 256:161, tumblr_ougoox2d8P1raoiujo1….jpg)

File: 289e9924b7c6891⋯.jpg (585.18 KB, 1280x1221, 1280:1221, tumblr_ovn1deoWGb1raoiujo1….jpg)

File: cdc897857c3d252⋯.jpg (364.17 KB, 1280x883, 1280:883, tumblr_oy9j9idMN11raoiujo1….jpg)

File: f143e096d4ae667⋯.jpg (402.12 KB, 780x1205, 156:241, tumblr_oz1tteqLis1raoiujo1….jpg)

Torpedo tits vs zeppelin tits, makes me want to play Battlefield 1 again.

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