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File: 2c8d9b1faf3c2a1⋯.png (359.24 KB, 1120x954, 560:477, 000.png)

eacfa7  No.6686

>Complain endlessly about how poorly "mainstream" comics creators treat their customers

>Get called Nazis, bigots, etc etc on a daily basis by these creators, who also want to doxx you and do everything they can to ruin your finances and life

>Still buy juvenile and derivative superhero comics produced by these people, recommend them loudly to everyone you can

>Still get called Nazis, bigots, etc etc by these same creators, who also tell you not to buy their comics

>Tell the creators "This is why your sales are going down!"

>Creators: "F off lol"

>Still buy their comics

>Wonder why the creators don't respect you


8cdd68  No.6687

It's because fans of superhero comics are inherently cucks.

ESPECIALLY if they're in comicsgate (copyright 2018, Ethan Van Sciver).

8cdd68  No.6688

comics never had to get better, never had to rise to a higher standard. people will buy low quality cape shit forever. even if the creators outright proclaim their hatred of the fans and mangle the property until it is unrecognizable.

it's multicolored shit created by overgrown children. they are bad storytellers, and no matter how many good comics get made they will either match sales or under perform compared to yet another spiderman knockoff.

eacfa7  No.6689

What gets me is that many of the people most aware and bothered about "bad behavior from comics 'professionals' *snort*" are pushing comics by these same creators and their companies harder than anyone. D&C and Yellow Flash in particular shill for Marvel and DC harder than Marvel and DC shill for themselves. They used to laugh about doing this last year, when they first noticed it, but I'm not sure how they can still think it's funny when it obviously makes them loser cucks at this point.

Last year Yellow Flash floated the idea of a "do not buy" creator blacklist. Now he does videos recommending comics written by these same people. And in the rest of his free time he gets into long Twitter arguments with the same people again.

They don't want to win. They don't even have a clue what the actual conflict here is about. How the fuck can they be this clueness and how can anyone put up with this amount of shit fro Marvel, DC etc and still want to buy their books, and get other people to buy them? If I was one of these fucking people and I still couldn't kick my addiction to these dumb superhero characters written by people who literally want me destitute and homeless (and in the case of D&C they were actually trying to figure out how to get the state to take his son away from him), I'd feel guilty as hell about it and keep it a secret. Or I'd only buy Marvel when it hits bargain bins. Or I'd only download them illegally and tell people things like "OK this is actually good for what it is, so download it illegally like I am but do not give these assholes money." Instead they're still fucking buying it and shilling for it. They're HAPPY when they can find another Big Two superhero title to recommend to people!

This is like a Republican or libertarian small business owner giving money to a socialist Democrat because "Yeah this person says they want to kill the bourgeoisie, but they actually have a good speaking voice and they read some hippy poetry I thought sounded cultured or whatever." Political people don't even do that.

What these comicsgaters are doing is cuckoldry beyond anything I can even compare it to.

8cdd68  No.6690

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>How the fuck can they be this clueless

They didn't read SWC. I mean, there could be other reasons, but that's probably a pretty important one. :3c

Here's me every time anyone in comicsgate recommends anything, at all, ever.

eacfa7  No.6691

File: 12987f378f7bc55⋯.png (176.74 KB, 232x302, 116:151, mswhineass.png)


I didn't read SWC because I didn't know about it at the time.

But was banned and "shamed" etc from comics message boards for posting contrary opinions and not being on the corporate comics slurp train, in which the only tolerated dissent was to say some shitty comic was NOT bad but simply "not for me". "Eh, it's not for me." Anything beyond that would give the fellows at iFanboy a panic attack.

Ya Boi Zack claims to have also been banned from comics message boards for dissent, but I can't imagine what it actually was. Someone with a clue about what's wrong with comics doesn't still recommend Mark Waid titles for months on end after Mark Waid tries to destroy you. But, whatever mental flaw results in that, it's just an extension of the same mental flaw that would ever recommend Mark Waid comics in the first place.

These people point to declining sales figures and say it's a result of creators acting like assholes on Twitter.

Sales have been declining for a long time, and most of that was before Twitter existed, and still to this day very few comics customers know or care what the creators are saying on Twitter. Sales decline mostly due to poor content and high prices, but these are distant considerations for comicsgaters.

They're the only ones saying that creators' online behavior causes people to stop buying comics.

And they're the ones STILL buying the same exact comics while knowing the creators' online behavior.

8cdd68  No.6692

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


NOT TO DIMINISH but getting banned from a comic book message board is practically effortless. "I don't like this comic an admin likes," banned. It's not just how comic book message boards work, it's the inherent nature of message boards. Most message boards are made because a nerd wants to have power over others, so they ban someone the instant they have any opportunity, no warning, no recommendations, not even a disagreement, just instant ban, and permanent.

And as far as sales, yeah, it gets ignored very quickly that declining sales started with the superhero comics boom. Chuck Dixon himself has observed this, and all of comicsgate blocked it out like a childhood rape because they're cucked for capeshit. They think capeshit is actually "important." They're gaywads.

#movetheneedle was nothing more than Richard's pathetic desperate attempt to get Marvel to notice him and hire him. He'd pulp Jawbreakers (which is going to be an embarrassment to himself and comicsgate) if Marvel offered him a job lettering Ms Marvel. This is what comicsgate hinges on, used car salesmen with no integrity and no creative interesting ideas.

8cdd68  No.6693

8cdd68  No.6694

File: 7ee7c0f3129d674⋯.jpg (50.26 KB, 746x543, 746:543, richard c meyerette.jpg)

8cdd68  No.6696

Because this is a good thread to post about comicsgate itself, as opposed to our superior principled attempt from 2015 as seen in that other thread.

I figured I should mention that I was on a stream with Ethan Van Sciver, the de facto leader of the "leaderless" comicsgate. I had written pages of notes down for things to talk about. I ended up being awake 20 hours before the show, having worked a full day, couldn't even nap beforehand, and was completely exhausted during the stream, so the points I tried to make didn't come out right, the words just wouldn't come out. That was on me, I failed that.

Ethan avoided what points I did bring up, changing the subject to be about himself. He contradicted himself a couple of times, but I was so drained (lack of sleep but also from having dealt with this exact behavior from SJWs for years before Ethan ever has) that I never challenged him. He did throw a sissy fit early on when I had to try to interrupt him. He streams twice a day at minimum, for several hours, every single day, but he still whines when I talk over him one time, even if it's about him being wrong, because the fact is that comicsgate's ideas are incapable of being challenged or they'll throw a tantrum. I proved it several times even beyond that show.

At the end, I summed up comicsgate as being a popularity contest that cares more about e-celebs than the principles. Ethan openly refused to respond to that. His hugbox proceeded to prove me objectively correct.

And that's the reality of comicsgate. Try to think of where you might've seen this before: a hierarchical in-group where e-celebs remain at the top, existing in constant praise, perpetual backpatting and circlejerking, unquestionable in faith, where they see themselves as the main characters in their own superhero story, and if you're not on their side then you're one of the villains and they are hysterically enraged by your mere words. They strawman every viewpoint that could possibly debunk theirs, they're not as smart as they think they are, they project, they dodge, they run away.

It's called a hugbox. We've seen this plenty of times before, posted about it a few times on SWC, but seen it many more times than that before SWC. The problem with hugboxes is that they always have the exact same path. Remember the Sinfest forums? Remember the "skeptic community"? Hell, you might've seen it on a tiny scale on some message board on the internet you've gone to, anywhere.

We've seen it all before. We know exactly where comicsgate is headed. They don't. Even if you told them, they would be incapable of stopping it.

8cdd68  No.6697

I wrote a big post about being on that stream with Ethan, and it looks like the post got evaporated by 8chan's current alacrity thing problems.

8cdd68  No.6698

Okay cool, I mod revived it.

8cdd68  No.6699

File: 75623e2e97015bd⋯.jpg (148.67 KB, 1045x771, 1045:771, swcarguments.jpg)

8cdd68  No.6700

File: de13dc2c051cedf⋯.jpg (138.24 KB, 668x955, 668:955, IMG_20180926_220456.jpg)

File: d6dcae462f89f69⋯.jpg (46.92 KB, 570x444, 95:74, IMG_20180926_220503.jpg)

There's no evidence for any of this, but I believe it anyway.

8cdd68  No.6701

File: 52384683daa2d29⋯.jpg (160.34 KB, 1024x866, 512:433, DoOecnMXkAA_dvh.jpg)

File: 284e674c1a48bc6⋯.jpg (129.92 KB, 739x1024, 739:1024, DoOedJ5W0AAg3Pi.jpg)

The "Ethan is a mormon because he's secretly gay" might be a SJW op.

But you know what isn't? Comicsgate's tentpole comics all missing their deadlines. Way to hand correctness to the SJWs. You wanted to ship printed comics internationally, and you really thought you'd be able to manage that? In today's industry, where everyone else has been releasing comics digitally for years?

8cdd68  No.6702

As said on our discord:

Who even the fuck is Moose?

Why is Ethan angry at Canadian animals?

I have no idea.

I guess he was a comic book colorist that was friends with Ethan?

I'd sort of like to hear his story but I don't know how much of this is on the level.

I mean if this guy was really one of Ethan's friends and quit over actually being scammed somehow, that's worth knowing. That's worth a lot of people knowing because comicsgate needs to actually succeed on merits, and not merely on empty celebrity worship.

If it's going to worship celebrities then it needs to learn the hard way that its celebrities can be taken down through actual faults.

Well that one picture there says that Ethan cheated him out of money, and it has something to do with comicsgate, but it doesn't say what.

Now if all of that is just some sort of SJW slander op, that needs to be dug up too.

When gamergate happened, people were digging like a motherfucker to find out what the real connections were, and then documenting them so that everyone could see.

In comicsgate, they're burying and ignoring it all because it'll make them look bad.

And it'll just make the social justice side look like the actual truth seekers, and validate SJWs even more, and that's going to be bad for everyone.

In fact I'm surprised SJWs aren't blowing this up massively already, probably because they're too stupid to, and if they outed Ethan about this it would mean that they'd be fair game as well, and I'm sure all the shit about them getting blowjobs from kate leth and feminist pals would come spilling out easily.

8cdd68  No.6703

Referring to Ethan as "Caesar" reveals comicsgate to be a celebrity cult, and for those reasons and more, comicsgate is in a critically desperate situation where it's already on the verge of death, and it would need a very immediate reconsideration of everything it believes in order to survive. That won't happen.

So we're just going to watch comicsgate die.

8cdd68  No.6704

File: dff7bbadea69cec⋯.jpg (70.46 KB, 512x1024, 1:2, DoOeJ52VsAA_i9g.jpg)

As mentioned in one of those pics up there, he's apparently a colorist on Green Lantern at DC that worked with Ethan for a long time, and is now having a very public meltdown about it.


When you skim his twitter, the majority of it is "republicans are evil, republicans are stupid," so he's clearly a sufferer of a pretty ordinary (debilitating) case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Hence losing his mind just at the idea of the thought of the talk of Ethan having voted for Trump.

Comics "pros" being batshit loons is certainly not new to today or 2017, this was obvious many years ago, and we've pointed it out in the old SWC days. But they'll still be worshiped as the "creators of dreams" and "making characters that mean so much to people," so comicsgate will keep licking up the piss of psychos like that and Mark Waid and Dan Slott and etc, continuing to be cucks, and then whatever might be wrong with the comicsgate supporting artists will simply be ignored because the SJWs poison the well with so much slander.

It will be impossible to get the truth about anything, because it's faggots vs faggots, two biased liars. The only unbiased ones are us, and when both sides hate you more than they hate each other, your truth gets buried under their autistic screeching, because they can screech louder and more autistically than you because they don't care about reality or facts, only their feelings and disguising them under the claim that they're all for the facts, when they're not.

8cdd68  No.6705

File: 14958e1267a0e4f⋯.jpg (20.54 KB, 639x310, 639:310, DoIRTh1XoAMI4dE.jpg)


Added to which, this Moose Baumann guy seems to be letting his last name and heritage do all the thinking for him. Pretty typical behavior of NPCs. I suppose you can't fault them for being true to their traditions, right?

Anyway Nerkish is doing some new segment rebranding thing, "Nerkish Tonight." At the end of the first episode he used one of my goofy call in questions. It's the only time comicsgate is brought up in the entire video. I guess it lost him a fan.

That's how weak and soft comicsgate is. Even if this comment is sarcastic and not real, it represents plenty of real opinions that I've had directed at me from comicsgate cucks, so it is real.

8cdd68  No.6706


PPS the red line crossing out one part, no clue why that's crossed out, but it says “let his cunt wife die” and apparently means “should have let his cunt wife die."

It's easy to assume that Ethan is so touchy that there might be something to the rumors. There's no real way to tell, with the social justice slander mob supporting it, and poisoning the well. Still, this isn't the only sign I've seen of Ethan throwing private DM tantrums about stuff, and swearing constantly, being two-faced as far as his supportive kind "Uncle Ethan" FURsona vs his true behavior. Which I still have no problem with, if someone's a dick in real life, and talks a lot of shit, so do we. But we don't pretend to be otherwise, and we'd rather people know it and accept it, or refuse to accept it, on their own terms.

8cdd68  No.6709

File: cd22271ce34b2dc⋯.png (217.33 KB, 635x714, 635:714, C_for_Comicsgate.png)

File: f817512eb9643c0⋯.jpg (76.24 KB, 635x714, 635:714, cuckomicsgate.jpg)

Which one is the original vs which one is the version I fixed?

8cdd68  No.6711

File: ab51d987f461606⋯.png (266.25 KB, 635x714, 635:714, high_class_meme.png)

8cdd68  No.6721

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A comicsgate fan of Ethan's had a mental breakdown today (BUSINESS AS USUAL) and started attacking the Nerkish discord, including screencaps of me which are fucking great, but he also did this video which I stole, which is convoluted, but Alt is a gril on that discord who was apparently called "Lily" by him, possibly an attempt to accuse her of being "SmugLaily" which is me? Who even knows anymore?

8cdd68  No.6722

File: 6a3bfa38302f05c⋯.png (158.4 KB, 605x631, 605:631, Comicsgate Anonymous on Tw….png)

File: 719c40b960a1ec8⋯.jpg (80.23 KB, 720x1211, 720:1211, DpUXryIUcAAN4fg.jpg)

File: 187dbf9d292457f⋯.jpg (95.65 KB, 703x1200, 703:1200, DpUXsF0U8AQph8V.jpg)

Here's this specifically but I'll include the pics themselves in case he takes his twitter down, which he probably will.


I RTed this because I've been laughing at this all night.

8cdd68  No.6723

File: 8e464f57ec1d9d7⋯.mp4 (2.79 MB, 240x240, 1:1, @nerkish @MrJeremyTurner @….mp4)


This is the "Comicsgate Anonymous" guy's real account, the Nerkish discord people knew immediately because the guy's too mentally ill to hide his tracks. He claimed in a youtube video to have traumatic brain injury from being in the military, but that could be bullshit, not like I care.

This guy also threw a TREMENDOUS shit fit at me when I was in the stream with Ethan, which goes to show, that's the kind of guy who supports Ethan and gets triggered by my opinions.

8cdd68  No.6724

File: 3f08d773957baa4⋯.mp4 (2.97 MB, 640x360, 16:9, @nerkish @YourNerdWonder @….mp4)


COMICSGATE ANONYMOUS calling out Nerkish for having racists in his discord server!

Some of his evidence which he (accidentally?) posted on his real account: https://twitter.com/PuertoricanArmy/status/1050892210663772161

eacfa7  No.6727

I'm not sure what they're on about anymore…

They're going to tone-police Nerkish while still shoveling money in Marvel's direction because "Yeah! Al Ewing blocked us on Twitter and said all white males should be put in reeducation camps! But his 'Immortal Hulk' run is, like, the best Hulk comic book in at LEAST five years! BUYITBUYITBUYIT!!!!"

I can't believe ~1k people still tune in to Ethan's livestreams STILL for the SAME shit. I guess his and D&C's rate of new subscribers has gone down some, but they still haven't plateaud exactly.

These people STILL growl like trained dogs whenever Mags Vissagio or whoever other pointless person says something they disagree with.

I guess they don't want their comics political… but they want their comics fandom to be totally political? Even when they like something, it's phrased as "DONNY CATES' VENOM COMICS HAVE THAT HIGH-T LOW-SOY CONTENT THAT KICKS SJW'S BUTTZ!!!"

It's pretty fucking sad, mane. I

8cdd68  No.6728

File: 0e83a77f2585c10⋯.png (47.71 KB, 526x318, 263:159, Screenshot 2018-10-14 00.5….png)

File: 5124b78ba5183f3⋯.png (31.47 KB, 1001x374, 91:34, swc comicsgate continues t….png)

8cdd68  No.6729

File: af0d188476e2935⋯.jpg (91.06 KB, 512x1024, 1:2, ethan van sciver mad at mo….jpg)

8cdd68  No.6738

Let's not forget #movetheneedle.

>Marvel sales really suck haha

>we'll give them a sales boost by buying more Marvel comics

>Marvel sales still suck haha

How did that work out for ya, cucks?

8cdd68  No.6752

File: 6ba3624cd40dae7⋯.jpg (44.16 KB, 396x713, 396:713, filthy.jpg)

8cdd68  No.6753

There's more and more rumors floating around about Ethan's behavior behind the scenes, other creators and comics people realizing how Ethan has a stranglehold on the "movement."

Ethan has threatened comics creators that they better kiss the ring and fall in line with him or else they can be doxxed and harassed by SJWs, and it's possible that he will have that instigated just to teach people a lesson, but the general implication was "you'll be doxxed unless you join up with me," but of course he only makes this offer to popular enough comics people.

I can't say who Ethan has threatened, and I can't show evidence, so take this with any doubts you need to. So far the people with evidence don't want it coming out because they don't want to be doxxed and fed to the SJWs by Ethan.

8cdd68  No.6754

File: e65de95b9a6f44e⋯.png (79.14 KB, 609x712, 609:712, ComicArtistPro Secrets on ….png)

Ethan is covering his ass quick and early.

8cdd68  No.6755

File: 6cdde9aba2b0593⋯.png (156.28 KB, 727x617, 727:617, dumb boi zack thanks ethan.png)

"Ethan set up this fund for me!" He's so dumb.

8cdd68  No.6756

File: f89e8ddaea8c7f7⋯.png (902.72 KB, 630x900, 7:10, LooseTalk.png)

8cdd68  No.6758

We got a copy of Iron Sights and did a review of it on KE, but we're planning to just read that all out for a video review.


This is the easiest way to read the posts but I also don't know if you can read the dash without an account.

8cdd68  No.6759

8cdd68  No.6760

File: 3f0e704ac94f250⋯.png (83.65 KB, 793x445, 793:445, dorothy comics patreon.png)

Also, so much for that whole "hot dog vendor" bullshit.

8cdd68  No.6761

File: 12de68af4c9a4f4⋯.jpg (121.43 KB, 1065x569, 1065:569, heh nothin personnel shota.jpg)

8cdd68  No.6762

File: a4b6323ed119a94⋯.jpg (606.11 KB, 1200x1651, 1200:1651, cuck.jpg)

File: 0a24456ac90b1df⋯.jpg (725.36 KB, 1200x1651, 1200:1651, fixed.jpg)

8cdd68  No.6763

File: 3021999cac2de12⋯.jpg (102.71 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, DrP7Vh6X4AEUtvi.jpg)

This could be the beginning of the end.

8cdd68  No.6765

Ethan just sold Nerkish and Timothy Lim out in the stream tonight, made sure his fans turned on Nerkish and Lim, but while also contradicting himself constantly, which might be something that Ethan just does all the time, I don't know, he did it when I was on the stream with him.

8cdd68  No.6766

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here's the last half hour of his stream where he throws Nerkish under the bus, coddles his local comedy toady Cecil, and everyone pats each other on the back and compliments themselves about how terribly Nerkish and Timothy Lim betrayed them. Ethan flat out says that Nerkish betrayed them but then at the same time says "maybe you can still get together to finish the comic," which is shockingly delusional because ETHAN KNOWS THAT NERKISH HATES HIS FUCKING GUTS.

a68064  No.6767

File: cdb389b0eb80c0a⋯.jpg (84.08 KB, 680x893, 680:893, aad.jpg)


I can't even listen to EVS without thinking that every fucking thing he says comes off as some sort of "How do you do, fellow kids?" type of thing.

0a704a  No.6768

Just skimming through this, and it's the dumbest gayest shit.

Thankfully ,I don't need to send hope n prayers to Tim because he's one of the only guys who's actually successful here and not a total grifter. All I know about Nerkish is that his videos were way funnier than anything dorothee commox ever did, so I wish him luck. Plus now it seems Nerkish's the sole victim of the Capeshit Morality Police (EVS inside job???).

Capecucks cried, faggots died. Kills Justified.

SWC Was Right, Again, AGAIN

8cdd68  No.6769


>I don't need to send hope n prayers to Tim because he's one of the only guys who's actually successful

Pretty much yes, he paid his dues and put in the work AND is doing what comicsgate can't: pumping out good regular product that is at the same time overtly on the level.

Nerkish is the only funny person who was "in" comicsgate, though comicsgate just wanted him in there, but he didn't because he knew comicsgate was a fraud, it was whiny and weak and sensitive and worshipful of shallow low IQ e-celebs who had no idea what they were doing, and comicsgate would obediently unquestioningly follow them right off a cliff. Nerkish made fun of comicsgate regularly because comicsgate is fucking embarrassing and stupid constantly. So I'm not too worried about Nerkish. I'm subbed to him and I'll support him as much as I can (I ain't got spare money to donate to his patreon but I would if I could).


8cdd68  No.6770


>pumping out good regular product that is at the same time overtly on the level.

I meant specifically on the level of being able to be about political stuff without being the typical tradcuck bitter unironic shit. It's comedic and fun, Lim himself is a pretty prolific artist, and pretty generous as well. My Hero Magademia and Stray Bullets are the only two comic books I have actually paid money for this year, Magademia is the closest thing to comicsgate that I will EVER pay money for. The sad thing will be all the embarrassing comicsgate cucks references he put into the book. There were going to be even more in Cash Grab, which Lim was doing with Nerkish, and I'm so glad that's canceled, I couldn't be happier to see these boring nobodies like cummings or ernst or boyette be disappeared from a comic that would've made them look way more important or interesting than they ever were, fuck those cucks and their "legitimacy," sink the fucking comicsgate rat ship.

Comicsgate should've been the industry's attempt to get away from the sleazy practices of the capeshit industry, like we used to post about on SWC, the long history of ripping off creators, having them die penniless as the company makes sick amounts of money. Instead the sleazy industry cunts took it over right away, because the superhero comics fandom are sycophantic by inherent nature. They don't question anything, they only worship, and they would rather have their favorite creators die broke than risk having one superhero comic be canceled by THE COMPANY. That is why comicsgate could never win. If there's a level beneath NPC, comicsgate is it.

8cdd68  No.6771

File: c053fc6c71665ef⋯.jpg (689.94 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181105-203742….jpg)


8cdd68  No.6772

File: 33f46db4fb70d5b⋯.jpg (40.67 KB, 441x852, 147:284, interesting person hmm 1.jpg)

File: 8f8286ea4fc6931⋯.jpg (71.37 KB, 717x894, 239:298, interesting person hmm 2.jpg)

cfe3e5  No.6773

File: ee9a70cb8caa389⋯.mp4 (7.66 MB, 512x288, 16:9, GPL2_640X380.mp4)


>uwu hole admin

>g-guys I think he's a t-t-TROLL!

haha oh wow

real detective work from galaxy brains there

8cdd68  No.6774

File: 6244441d0896aec⋯.jpg (51.34 KB, 745x627, 745:627, IMG_20181106_210058.jpg)

File: 2226fcf5205bd0b⋯.png (107.4 KB, 749x308, 107:44, img_20181106_215204-jpg.png)

File: 8ef002cd61b42ba⋯.png (102.47 KB, 600x311, 600:311, img_20181106_215219-jpg.png)


They're known for their autism, but one thing people seem too willing to forget about autism: it is a form of brain damage and caps your IQ at below 90.

Another weird coincidence last night when it turns out TheQuartering and Ethan are definitely gay for each other, but something happened with TheQuartering as far as the whole Metokur killstream bloodsports audience.

8cdd68  No.6775

File: 5409c62fcf90c40⋯.png (114.36 KB, 600x403, 600:403, Mister AntiBully on Twitte….png)

File: 99099228801d32a⋯.jpg (28.26 KB, 922x383, 922:383, wow.jpg)

File: 5f22779848615cc⋯.png (108.15 KB, 608x579, 608:579, keem.png)

98ff17  No.6776

File: 1492d409e54a43d⋯.jpg (69.99 KB, 540x405, 4:3, image.jpg)

I can't believe Ethan is gay.

eacfa7  No.6777


Okay what is the story on these screenshots, where are they from, who leaked them and has CG been aware of them yet or what?

These are extremely damaging and basically a killshot to EVS.

8cdd68  No.6778


I guess that is true because of trip 7s!

The thing is I'm not really sure where they're from or the context or what. I sort of suspect that it's Ethan trying to be funny and all sargony being like "YEAH I'M REEEEEEEEEEEALLY REALLY THE LEADER OF COMICSGATE AROUND HERE" but then again some of the other stuff ee-tun (his caveman boomer name) has said has been just as bad.

8cdd68  No.6779


It's also possible ethan intentionally leaked it, something like "I'll say this thing and then you leak it to the Nerkish discord."

Though I don't know how that plan could positively benefit ethan.

8cdd68  No.6780

File: d235a6824d1dcc1⋯.png (414.48 KB, 909x469, 909:469, cecil block.png)

File: 6f7808879dcecbb⋯.png (185.71 KB, 906x382, 453:191, ethan block.png)

They couldn't handle the bantz.

8cdd68  No.6781

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8cdd68  No.6782

File: dfc0aa7f6c5885a⋯.jpg (141.43 KB, 788x911, 788:911, snowflake.jpg)

8cdd68  No.6784

File: b0507ae956d624e⋯.png (391.29 KB, 1280x1594, 640:797, tumblr_pi32diLnCT1u1zaqfo1….png)

8cdd68  No.6785

File: 7a4c674b6954e60⋯.png (14.86 KB, 437x325, 437:325, Twitter.png)

8cdd68  No.6786

File: 0bece88f1dda46e⋯.jpg (56.66 KB, 516x314, 258:157, Screenshot-2018-11-09-11.2….jpg)

8cdd68  No.6787

File: 52d768af26d4ea2⋯.png (150.99 KB, 864x276, 72:23, tumblr_nl7yd5Ytir1rphc69o1….png)

8cdd68  No.6788

File: 7c161038e7bdbe5⋯.jpg (137.93 KB, 720x627, 240:209, 20181113_105949.jpg)

File: 494cdbdb30e93ec⋯.jpg (169.5 KB, 750x1299, 250:433, image0.jpg)

Nothing better than a “consumer revolt” that loses the plot and eats itself before they’ve achieved a single thing of value (unless you count paying obscene amounts of money for terrible comics to be something of value). And people wonder how comic book nerds got such a bad rep.

Every day brings new disaster for comicsgate.

8cdd68  No.6792

File: 9de04fcdc032b45⋯.jpg (185.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dorothy a friend to himsel….jpg)

8cdd68  No.6793

File: 6ad9528aafabbde⋯.mp4 (369.05 KB, 640x360, 16:9, COME JOIN THE NARKISH SERV….mp4)

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