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File: 6984739631f9075⋯.jpg (239.12 KB, 1000x995, 200:199, physical-security.jpg)


Any interest in physical security?

Locks and Safes, Alarms, Access Control, CCTV, etc...

We could talk about how despite existing for exponentially longer it's somehow in an even worse state than cyber-security, or how the overwhelming majority of CCTV cameras come from Chinese government owned companies, or just post some questions or someshit? I dunno.

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File: 6bd87ba438a8444⋯.jpg (62.8 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 571838_1000_1_800.jpg)



Pshhh... nothin' personel... kiddo..



You would make a jew's day if you intentionally injured a thief with a boobytrap and he could sue your ass.



>>1003952 is right so

>wireless, battery powered cameras


>battery powered

>stationary setup

This makes no sense. If you want to have a permanent security camera. Switching out batteries and wifi jamming are a serious problem.



just place them in a place where niggers can't reach them, baka



>what is the difference between a remote and physical attack surface?


File: 22a36c2a5ce7226⋯.jpg (886.54 KB, 1489x2935, 1489:2935, SHTF survival in Bosnia.jpg)

File: 64bc5ffcd7114b7⋯.jpg (209.31 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, home defense preparations.jpg)

>get a guard dog

>buy decent locks

>re-enforce your door somehow thieves and other trespassers prefer to bust down doors because breaking windows attracts more attention

>don't post about vacations on (((social media))) until you're back home

>don't signal you're home by leaving lights on or thieves will also know when you're gone

>don't go overboard with obvious protection or you'll attract more attention to yourself

File: cde11830904ed96⋯.jpg (583.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Illigal numbers.jpg)


How come no one has ever expanded on this or made it useable?


Store data in infinite numbers.

You store data inside and it gives you a string which you can use to retrieve the data.

someone should get an AI to use this.

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I had a think about this and came to some conclusions. The likelihood of finding a continuous series of numbers in an infinite series obviously diminishes with the length of the data you wish to "find" in the sequence. The other component of this scheme is the offset, you need to know at which digit you have to start to read the "file" or data sequence. Finding that start digit is the first key to recording your "key" or initial number in the data file. Then you have to know the last number as well. There are some algorithms for computing arbitrary digits, for instance in pi, but no universal scheme for finding that sequence exists for all infinite series, repeating or non.

So I propose an easier way. What if you broke your "file" or data you wish to encode into smaller pieces, maybe just bytes or 2-4 byte groups. That would make "finding" the proper numbers much less computationally intensive. On the downside, you'd have a larger "key set" or start and stop digits for each "file" you wish to save, but it would make storing the file much easier. Maybe to save space you can specify longer groups if you're willing to spend the time to find each start / stop digit for each group.


File: 36add2ca3a5209e⋯.png (253.38 KB, 500x580, 25:29, JUST.png)


That poor lad.



>Couldn't this be used for blockchain proof of work?

If and only if it is EFFICIENTLY verifiable, (PPT).



We already have webdevs, fuck off faggit



Then just multiply the data and divide it to get it back, problem solved


ITT: Organising non-CoC quality OS.

OSDev fags get in here.

I made the effort to format this in markdown, so feel free to enhance your reading experience.

As mentioned in >>1000224 I now made an attempt to gather ideas and put them into one post. I also added some of my own.

# Introduction

Since the introduction of the anti-meritocratic "Contributor Covenant" CoC, many seem to fear that this is the downfall of the Linux kernel, and there is a debate about a Linux replacement going on. There have been (direct and indirect) attempts to generate a "movement", or establish a group of people to develop a new operating system that is not plagued by a CoC, however, without much success as of yet.

Since many are not content with existing alternatives, and are in favour of a completely new "untainted" operating system, I have taken it upon myself to attempt to create a basis for collaboratively planning an OS.

# Modern design

A modern, proper operating system should think into the future and dare to prioritise making bold design decisions over compatibility with existing operating systems and software libraries. Although compatibility is great to immediately have, if it means adopting bad design choices from other operating systems, then there will be detriments in the long term.

Since we are moving away from Linux, I think it is an appropriate moment to break the cycle of bad design choices propagating themselves through platforms because of compatibility. As we do not need backwards compatibility in our OS (as there is no previous version), we have the opportunity to design a new operating system interface that fits current technology. We can take this opportunity to take a good look at the problems of previous platforms, and ensure that our platform does not have them.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Also, it seems that gitlab broke the links in the main README.md, you now have to navigate to the files over the code directory (Links in files inside specs/ seem to still work).

Lol I am an idiot. It was all my fault. Fixed it.


>Non-CoC modern OS from scratch

Making a whole OS from scratch is a tremendous undertaking. Why do you think Terry Davis is regarded as a fucking legend?



t. defeatist



1. TempleOS was designed to be a toy to allow programmers to directly access the hardware. Common OS abstractions are removed in TempleOS to achieve this goal. This makes the OS much easier to write

2. Terry's schizophrenic non-PC rhetoric was endearing to the edgy imageboard crowd. The rest of the world see him as a schizophrenic to be dismissed.



As he used to say, "we are building a modern C64".

File: 6e05af6b25122ed⋯.jpg (103.06 KB, 800x600, 4:3, stringio.jpg)


Do you think IBM could make a comeback and become the most valuable company again?

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The fact that niggers choose to spend their money on appleshit not food means apple isn't luxury?

You realize you can get brand new Buicks or Lincolns or Cadillacs for cheaper than Rolexs? Are they suddenly not luxury brands because every nigger has a caddy?



> literally just sells PCs

they actually make a lot of money off of repairs/warranties, not just device sales



IBM has a very real possibility of becoming the next HP, totally relegated to government century-contracted applications.

However, they do have numerous things far up their sleeve, like their research in optical, quantum, and neuromorphic computing.



The fact that nigger CAN spend their money to get one. It's not luxury if it's cheap enough for that.



By that logic, luxury does not exist at all.

File: 018820259a4746b⋯.jpg (37.53 KB, 700x467, 700:467, serveimage.jpg)


DEFCON 26 videos are up on youtube..


Anyone learn anything cool?

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File: 14a4478b791b4b6⋯.png (327.67 KB, 1412x286, 706:143, ClipboardImage.png)

Why the fuck is there a weed village at a security conference


Into the >>oven.










yeah, these are the same morons who call straight people "faggots" online.

like Gee, actual faggots are gay.

File: c77a99f6bc50f65⋯.png (91.93 KB, 530x398, 265:199, ClipboardImage.png)


Best jewtube alternatives?

86 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>just make your own platform goy

<get shut down by payment processors

>just make your own payment processor goy

<gets shut down by credit card company

>just make your own credit card company goy

<gets shut out by the banks

The only way this shit ends is using violence to regain control of the banks from the groups who leverage their control of the financial system to supress dissent



The real problem with the payment processors is that they're geolocated. You can't use a provider in, for example, Denmark, that won't shut you down because any acquirer behind one of those would only work in Scandinavia or broader Europe.

It's not designed to shut down dissent though, but just a monopoly practice by the card brands to stop any competition on price.

Same as how PSPs need to pay Visa and Mastercard for every acquirer they support.

Hellishly illegal by the way, but the politicians either don't know or don't care.



>own credit card company

>banks rejecting anything


When did someone put their name on the line in the name of free speech to create a CC company or Bank, or were rejected finally by VISA? It hasn't happened yet. They haven't legitimately made a payment processor yet, only a site using other peoples' processors, and those processors rejecting them.

Make a processor, get signed on with a CC, then talk about how the CC or a bank stopped running your processing. Then you know there's unfixable-by-market issues, with an argument. Until then, the free market LARPers will continue 'muh make ur own'ing



This is the exact same line of thinking which predicated gab and bitchute. "You'll know theres a problem when you can't host a platform anymore" (aka just build your own platform goy). It's just kicking the can, waiting for the next domino to fall ontop of you, while being completely ignorant of how untouchable the corporations that want to censor you are. Also, when they were banned from stripe for the first time this is what bitchute posted, as direct correspondence from stripe;

>"Please know, Richard, that it would be our absolute preference to continue working with your business, and this decision is in no way a reflection of our feelings towards your business, from either a moral or legal standpoint. Rather, this is a restriction imposed upon us directly from our financial partners, who use have an archaic and frankly antiquated view of non-traditional businesses. As such, our hands are truly tied here, I hope that you can appreciate that."

So if you read between the lines, a credit card company or bank directly called for the deplatforming of bitchute, and utilized their control over stripe to make that happen. It's almost certainly an error that this was revealed to bitchute, but it makes it publicly clear that you can't "just start your own payment processor"



>It's not designed to shut down dissent though

shut the fuck up

File: 7ddebda9f0f8c0a⋯.png (6.61 KB, 1000x425, 40:17, http3.png)


[https://archive.fo/UJCMC] https://www.zdnet.com/article/http-over-quic-to-be-renamed-http3/

>IETF agrees to base the next major iteration of HTTP on Google's QUIC protocol

>This will become the second Google-developed experimental technology to become an official HTTP protocol upgrade after Google's SPDY technology became the base of HTTP/2.

[https://archive.fo/TACI4] https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-quic-transport/?include_text=1

>5. Connections

>A QUIC connection is a single conversation between two QUIC endpoints

>Once established, a connection may migrate to a different IP or port at either endpoint as described in Section 9.

>9. Connection Migration

>The use of a connection ID allows connections to survive changes to endpoint addresses (that is, IP address and/or port), such as those caused by an endpoint migrating to a new network. This section describes the process by which an endpoint migrates to a new address.

Welcome to no anonymity

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Huh, what are the RFCs for those?



>HTML can't last forever.

What do you suggest in its place? One UBP (Unified Botnet Protocol) to rule all "modern internets"?



>no TLS




TLS 1.3 to be strict, dear satan.

File: c06285fda05028c⋯.jpg (70.06 KB, 1471x867, 1471:867, .jpg)


After a lot of digging I was able to find a computer that is free of all botnet and bloatware and is completely free/libre, with no (0) known vulnerabilities. It's old but they're still making them and they're very cheap. Do any of you have experience? Pic related

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You both are retarded. There are no gods, there is only the grand unified field.

Computation is LIFE!


But does it use blockchain?!1



The Universe is at best just a VM, or even just a process running in some VM. We have no chance of ever breaking out and even imagining what the hypervisor is.



Looks like a botnet anon.



Let alone, what the hardware the hypervisor running on is, or what it is made of.

File: 96b2f28f1416716⋯.jpg (148.8 KB, 887x535, 887:535, mission impossible for eli….jpg)


If Lisp is so good, how come nobody has even made a text editor with it? No, Emacs doesn't count, it's not pure lisp. Neither does DrRacket, you need to install entire Racket language for it. Same applies to Edwin which requires installing Scheme to use it. Climacs neither, there are no binaries, it apparently doesn't even work and is basically just a joke. Zmacs is 1980's history, no binaries, no source, can't verify anything, so no.

Requirements in plain English are on picture there, and those requirements translate basically just to "make a usable open-source desktop application that can be distributed like any other desktop application", no miracles required.

Previous thread: >>923254

Its archive: http://archive.is/mnbNo

363 posts and 50 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Even better -- use C++ and Guile




Hahahahaha. Haskell fags answer in the very next post while lispfags stall for months.


File: 1039342277150e6⋯.jpg (109.89 KB, 522x522, 1:1, 1538349962425.jpg)

Why isn't Common Lisp being used as a stand-in for docker and configuration managers?

Like seriously everyone says "use le right tool for le job" but that is objectively one area where Common Lisp would kick ass. Think about it, you have some cluster of VM's you're using for testing/building/etc, you want these to be agile and respond to changes quickly, and you also want to be able to modify the parameters easily.

I imagine in three parts you could have a...

-- Docker replacement in CL handling running the VM's themselves (probably with an LXC backend)

-- Kubernetes replacement in CL handling orchestrating the DockerCL

-- Some glue library that helps push code/binaries/etc to the VM's and ensures bit for bit reproducibility perhaps. Essentially the Configuration Engine.

Where the magic would really come in is...

-- You could design a DSL for each layer or simply have each layer running as a CL image you can hack when you need to change something. Parameters change? "slime-connect" and update that shit you've had running for a year to use the new stuff you want. DSL's that aren't hacked together to be some pseudo-ruby or ad-hoc implementation? Sweet got it covered!

-- You could save these images so if at any point you update and something goes strange, or you change your mind and simply reload the old image with everything back in place.

-- CL is already battle tested for long running data like this.

-- You'd be able to interactively view the system as it runs to figure out better optimizations/etc.

-- You'd probably have a much easier time abstracting backends, "Hurpdedoo we want to try using rumpkernels to test everything", ok no problem just write some macros to integrate rumpkernels instead of lxc while the system is still running.

I get why they're using docker and kubernetes in Go becausePost too long. Click here to view the full text.










File: 7951ae422173dbf⋯.jpg (90.63 KB, 1266x905, 1266:905, FWeXJc5a.jpg)

How feasible would a simple text editor written in Scheme for the NES be?

File: c1b466b1a711572⋯.png (422.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2018-10-03….png)


Hey there /tech/

I've been working for a major IT corp for a few years now. I'd like to get back to programming since lately I got aware that I'm getting dumber than a brick and the environment is getting close to killing me faster than my cancer. Any recommendations for new job opportunities where I can actually use my skills?

20 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Learn React.js + Typescript



Nah. I'm good, I don't really mind the dying part. I'm just trying to get as much work done before I expire.




This is the REAL diversity they are oppressing: neurodiversity!




Actually it's applied Informatics.

Although I left school about a month before passing the final exams. Had a job and didn't care about the papers. Got my skills, I'm very thankful to the university, but they had changed the rules during my last year of studies and I didn't feel like complying.



Let me put it this way: Web 2.0 and the whole shit all around should be killed by nuclear fire. So should all the bastards who pretend to know they know how to code and keep creating shitty code and break the world.

File: a098d707e69ef29⋯.png (229.46 KB, 1067x760, 1067:760, Coil.png)


Its interesting how much pseudo science surrounds some of Tesla's patents. But here is just a no bullshit rundown on the immediate properties of the coil that Tesla states in his patent is to be used as an electro-magnet coil.


Using a Neodymium magnet and a 9v battery we see the interaction of the magnet to the coil.


Neodymium magnet will align perpendicular to the core within the area of the coil up until approaching core.

N. Magnet will align parallel to the core while in the area of the core or close to it.

N. Magnet will not be affected if on the outside of the the area of the coil in any way.

14 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



That looks like two double coils stacked in opposite directions.

If you think about the right hand rule it changes the geometry of the field compared to Tesla's patent. The vertical biflar winding it likely different in geometry from a horizontal arrangement.



It works exactly the same

Stop thinking two dimensionally



I'm doubtful is exactly the same as the field lines would plot in a very different manner. Think about the direction of current, the fields produced and the force.

I was tell you then to stop thinking 2 dimensional in assuming wires act the same in different configurations.



>Yup, but this is true of all coils. Inductance, Capacitance, and resistance.

Yes all coils have some but this one was specifically made in such a way as to maintain the potential between the 2 opposing wires which makes it work better for capacitance.



The characteristics of the field might differ but the underlying mechanism is the exact same.

You're telling me that a inline 4 and a V8 can't be both called an engine because the V8 will more balanced and deliver more power.


Anyone have any more examples of projects moving from Python to something else? I, for one, and very happy to see more people realizing that this overgrown toy language has few merits in the face of other languages.



108 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



First time I read saving World War II was

>doing anything productive is a contribution to the permanent and ongoing destruction of western civilization.

The irony is delectable.


Baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph, the virgin birth?


>Phil Maguire, "An Irishman's Diary", page 5. The Irish Times, 23 June 2012.


Solving the Enigma allowed the USA to infiltrate the war they reluctantly included themselves to assist.


Alonzo Church was a great man. He knew how to implement Alan Turimg's ideas well.

I am reminded of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.



>Solving the Enigma

The guy you're talking to is a nazi from >>>/pol/



Trust me I know a kike when they respond about faggotry, 'cause none love'm young and innocent like kikes.



>I have the utmost respect for people who have the transsexuality condition but resist it, they have a strong will.

you were so close to not being a complete fucking faggot


File: 21bb7d2751e786d⋯.mp4 (2.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Thicc - Anthony Fantano-ar….mp4)



This shit appeared because of Mastodon and Framasoft.

>Over the years, the community around Pepper&Carrot has grown a lot. It has grown so much that nowadays the project has 44 members on Framagit (our main tool to manage the translations, renderfarm, website and also many other P&C projects) and our discussion channel on IRC (bridged with channels on Telegram, Riot/Matrix and Framateam) is followed by dozens of contributors from all around the world. This virtual place for Pepper&Carrot's contributors rarely sleeps and there is always someone awake around the globe to chat on it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If I look back at the time when I started the project...This is just unbelievable and great! Thank you all for your presence...

>But over the last months, we started to notice situations between contributors. What would we do when someone starts using bad words repeatedly? (Some members of Pepper&Carrot's audience are quite young). Who would we contact in case of an act of racism or sexism? How to manage if we would have someone coming to our cool place with bad feelings? How to proceed to moderate this type of situation?...

>In order to answer these questions, two months ago we decided to start the quest to adopt a Code of Conduct. Craig Maloney (who leads the Pepper&Carrot Wiki, proofreads the English webcomics and helps at script doctoring) took this task upon him and invited the community to interact with his proposal of a CoC on Framagit. The thread, of course, quickly became a long debate and you can still read the archived comments of our internally famous issue 21 on Framagit.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Each time there are discussion about coc faggots like you appear, I wonder why. It's not like cia niggers can influence people to go full retard with that shit.


>They got infiltrated so they would be "forced" to use a cock

They weren't infiltrated, it's just that framasoft fags are partly commies who were advocating for free software. But when mastodon strangely made a worldwide appearance on the news network, the brainwashed zealots flooded the network and began crying like bitches how everybody should accommodate to their rules.

See there support of safe space, what a bunch of ignorant fools.




>wtf is this shit and why is it on my /tech/????????????????

Because these people are Krita's biggest shills.



Each time time there are discussion about non-/tech/ faggots like you appear, I wonder why. It's not like LARPers can influence people to go full retard with that shit.












Is Framasoft already cucked or is the Pepper&Carrot team trying to spill over the CoC bullshit to the French organization itself?

File: 09539d24f2a9c9a⋯.jpg (875.56 KB, 819x2048, 819:2048, 1543207506507.jpg)


>iPhones are secu-

12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



t. clipper chip developer


File: d6f4f93a9a5d401⋯.jpg (84.56 KB, 743x477, 743:477, saudi denmark bae surv evi….jpg)

more stories like this pls



iPhones are more secure than Android



Made me laugh for a sec.

Neither have any security at all. Both can easily be hijacked over the internet because Android never gets fixes and looks like swiss cheese because the manufacturers like Samsung don't care after guarantee vanishes and apple trash can be silently called and then listen without the UI showing anything.

And that's just the start. Every functionality of both types of phones can be 100% exploited.

They're build for that purpose. Is playing Clash of Clans and Candy Crush that important to you?


File: b1232158a286df2⋯.png (405.26 KB, 600x909, 200:303, ClipboardImage.png)

I'll wait for the source code before taking it seriously.

File: e805c319aa4149c⋯.png (22.15 KB, 512x288, 16:9, sfpt-connection.png)


when did you realize that ""cloud storage"" services are really just needlessly reinventing SFTP?

66 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 3b1c1478b560bd7⋯.png (11.07 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download.png)

Working with pic related right now and it is really nothing like SFTP. I really like how powerful it is and the features it provides, specifically around the more advanced techniques like distributed-replication.



that's nice sweetie, but I'm ackchyually using tor to post, so you're wrong sweetie.




>The only small change between this one thing and another thing is the fact that they are massively different



>>pathetic incel neckbeards

I thought "the war on incels" had died down in the meantime?



kys faggot

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