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File: bb2fc43b7e05035⋯.png (906.14 KB, 2000x1123, 2000:1123, 1_1K8ftQtP9MSfz8iJyCTMxQ.png)


I heard that Tencent is buying reddit. What are some good sites that replace /r/vim and /r/neovim? And don't say "just use emacs" because you'd be wrong.

Specifically looking for a resource that details current plugin development. If it wasn't for these communities I wouldn't know about half of the nice plugins I have and I'd be some VSCode plebian or EVIL user.

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Why not post there and find where else people frequent?



Nice argument.


the emacs way is the only way for the true enlightened



This, but unironically. Chinks > Reddit-niggers



>tencent is going to start banning all the TUI text editor development news

Seriously though, what new developments are there? The top posts on /r/vim for this month are dominated by mechanical keyboard fags. The top posts on /r/neovim are for minor aesthetic changes and writing plugins in rust. It's a text editor with a shitty plugin system, what news do you honestly expect?

>I use vim btw

File: 0a7795039b38c92⋯.png (6.56 KB, 356x39, 356:39, proudest_accomplishment.png)


Get on my level. Post your best seeds.

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>irc is terrible for file sharing

Keep on thinking that buddy =)



it is. of course people here want things to be hard to use but writing pms to a bot is not a sane way to do file sharing.



In a way everything we do on the net is pming a bot.


we are living in the botnet


File: 169d73806931e7e⋯.jpg (13.22 KB, 1046x40, 523:20, a.jpg)

how to fix autism is my highest ratio seed kek

File: 18465cb8b5d560d⋯.jpg (29.85 KB, 670x503, 670:503, 18465cb8b5d560d825cd85ddf6….jpg)


Greetings /tech/,

Is it possible to "own" your own website without needing to "buy" the domain name and pay for server hosting?

How does this specifically work?

I have hear the name "ICANN" mentioned, what part do they play in domain names? and why do you have to register with them in the first place?

Is there a way to have an "unregistered" website hosted on a home server?

Would there be any legal ramifications to this?

Please help me to learn.

>pic unrelated

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Just walk in to the ICANN headquarters and tell them your there for business. When the boss comes to escort you to his office give him a firm handshake. Tell him you're there for business and would like to purchase one of his fine quality internet names. Make sure your wearing your best suit.





Yes it is. You become your own registrar, but that's more expensive than just paying a registrar to do it for you.



>Yes it is

No it isn't retard. You still have to go through ICANN to get it registered. I'm pretty sure you still have to pay fees to ICANN and whoever owns the TLD you are making the domain for.

File: 381d61c343f8493⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1014x844, 507:422, terry-quotes.png)


>TempleOS continued


DivineSystems fag here,

The plan is to make TempleOS usable in the future. First release is already out.

need help documenting and making tutorials. AHCI support is first goal.


We have no options left, as time goes by more and more computers will not be able to run TOS.

There will be people who'll just tell me to use a VM, but that's cucked. TempleOS was made for easy hardware access, but running in a VM just limits it to virtual hardware.

Newer computers don't have IDE drives and are not legacy compatible. Can't change that.

The goal is to try to integrate these things while keeping the line count down.

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File: 891425405d755ab⋯.jpeg (157.03 KB, 858x1280, 429:640, divine.jpeg)


>This makes no sense. There is no value in Jesus being imprisoned. He's just a schizophrenic who likes fish. What value is there in imprisoning this kind person? Inb4 he's God messenger


>Latest commit e03f038 on 8 Jan




this. op clearly only wanted to try for attention, failed, and hasn't done shit besides make a github repository with a bunch of explicitly un-Terrene "commandments" added.



Those commandments are from God nigger.

Terry asked God and those were his responses.


File: 1c866a4346c5161⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 429x592, 429:592, 1c866a4346c51619f3bb116ea1….gif)


well there should be a source then

rest of my post is still valid, op is an attention whoring cuck who only wanted to use St. Terry for attention.



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youtube-viewer or mps-youtube






Just append ?disable_polymer=1 or &disable_polymer=1 to the URL.

File: 4a0fac8825f11f2⋯.png (92.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190127_174827.png)

File: eb3289eb9d20a0b⋯.png (74.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190209_104912.png)

File: c81714f5589a942⋯.png (289.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190209_104947.png)



Does any anon know something about this? Why does Jim have 8ch post stats hosted on a 4ch.net domain that has been registered to him (NTTech) since 2000? 2channel was started circa 1999, has he had designs on this space for over a decade? He has also owned 9ch.net, and 8ch.net among others since 2000 as well, according to WHOIS records.

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>Old Reddit Redirect




Terveisin, reddit nigger.



>you must be a blast at parties

You unironically use the site, don't you?

And here I thought you were just memeing; Jesus Christ



Jim is a freemason and bows down to the orders of the ever unknown 1% (immortals?) though orders are typically from those elites that we all have seen the faces of. You should know for a fact that the 1% have time machines and give them to high ranking __ or to those who belong to certain puppet royal bloodlines and with that they can alter reality on-the-fly that is why most of the mandela bullshit only works on american movies or books while the international translation always REMAIN and is the residu and also that any race/language remembers the same discrepancy

I'm sure you hadn't had such abnormal encounters or realizations like the coke being the same taste as cockroach or probably know about kyu-chan but reality being altered is very real and this isn't some mandela bullshit but actual memories in your life being wrong. the same way the CERN took the invention internet from [redacted] and this is indeed possible with the help of external deities that can warp reality as if it's just a fragile canvas

1D 2D 3D <you are here> 4D 5D

yeah. they owned chans. they blocked titor from posting anonymously ever again and introduced "surveillance"

looks like the system detected me mentioning about titor. lol

File: ed24eef47a3b8b9⋯.jpg (7.96 KB, 474x355, 474:355, .jpg)


After years of experience, and using thousands of Laptops, I can honestly say, I'm an expert on which Laptops to buy and which are garbage as soon as they left the factory.

Let me list it off for you:

>Fantastic Brands:



-Samsung (Ironically)



>Horrible brands (stay away):





-Fujitsu Siemens (discontinued)

I made this because I want your opinion over my opinion, and if you have anything to say to make me change my mind over some of these brands and why. Like maybe some brands got better or worse over the years.

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No, just no.


My dad used an Acer laptop as his primary PC for 5 years, and it withstood lots of use and abuse. Only issues it had:

1) keyboard died around 2 years after he bought it - we bought a replacement keyboard really cheap through eBay, I installed it myself, problem solved.

2) With over 4 years of use, it started refusing to turn on sometimes (disconnecting the power, removing the battery and putting everything back solved this issue when it happened), and sometimes it would turn off on its own when we were using it even while connected to mains (it wasn't overheat - that was the first thing I checked - or power management issues). When this issue started becoming more frequent my dad decided it was time for a new laptop, this one was over 5 years old already after all.

Overall it left me with a good impression, considering how long it lasted and the abuse it took - it spent all its life in a beachfront location (sea air is terrible for electronics, in case some of you didn't know), and he would sometimes take it to heavy construction areas.

Now he's been using a Samsung for almost 2 years, not a single issue so far.

Acer is not my favorite brand and I do think they have poor build quality and poor design choices for most part, but still, I wouldn't rule them out as a good laptop choice depending on model and price.


Firstly, during the years I've seen lots of complaints on the internet about poor durability and low reliability of Dell laptops. Then I experienced it first hand.

One company I was doing support contract work a few years ago bought around 30 Dell laptops for office use (keep in mind most of them were used as if they were desktops, meaning they never left the office, most never even were moved from the desks they sat on).

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




I didn't know they made anything other than shortwave radios.


About to buy an hp elitebook 840 g1. i lost my x220 thinkpad trying to get a replacement. i heard the elitebooks are of better quality. How true is that?




I used to like them but shilling for refugees is a big no-no.



that doesn't look bad.




lookin pretty new there fam

but yeah avoid intel

File: 1f382c1f3eb22c2⋯.gif (100 B, 18x18, 1:1, y18.gif)


i really, REALLY want to start participating in /tech/like communities online. im sick of being a part of the norm.

but what are thriving places? where do you all go? what forums do you shitpost at, what games do you play, where do you watch videos?

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File: 95b7b90f1b5d979⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 831x69, 277:23, state_of_hn.jpg)



it was time to rewrite the OS in a memory-safe PL over 20 years ago nignog. also get rid of retarded ass concepts like terminal emulator as an OS while we're at it





Phone posters lowered the average IQ of Internet users by 40 points.



Nothing. Don't assume that the world wide web is the Internet. It's actually one part of what makes up the Internet.

File: fbf053d0d7feea3⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 1483x2047, 1483:2047, fbf053d0d7feea3b971ecf3879….gif)


It's has been one year since we, through sheer autism, uncovered the gayest, most pointless, conspiracy in the history of /tech/.

Archive links (get em while can)

SFW: https://my.mixtape.moe/hgguzd.tar.gz

NSFW: https://my.mixtape.moe/fwfief.tar.gz

Videos: https://my.mixtape.moe/otonyi.tar.gz

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Obviously the mascot rule only applies to FOSS projects.


File: 004a717c997de1a⋯.png (76.09 KB, 419x320, 419:320, serveimage.png)

Back off furry, face the true best mascot.

is there any full image of her?



That's not foxy enough.


Looking back at that libbie pixel art, I have to wonder how well it'd translate as an asset for a game like Minetest or Minecraft. 16x16 faces for the geometry are pretty limiting, but you can get some okay results if you use the layers properly. and don't rely on random noise generation to make up for your lack of any artistic skill.


It could be better.



>tfw hacking isn't fast and easy

File: dbc8fbdccf78bf0⋯.jpg (96.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nignogs in enclosure.jpg)


Can racist attitudes make you a worse programmer/mathematician/physicist?

The more I learn about the aforementioned topics, I cannot help but marvel at the power of my own intellect, juxtaposed against the vacuous expanse of the nigger mind, for which antithesis begs to be defined. Every theorem I prove, every language construct I discover, every universal truth I discover about the nature of the universe, is yet one more point of differentiation demarcating the ever growing gulf, beyond that which pity can afford, one finds between my awesome abilities and those of the lowly negroid. I worry that time spent pondering superiority over the enfeebled negro mind might distract one from the destiny of their great work. I would hate to deprive humanity from even one iota of my talent which might for worse be spent holding contempt for niggers.

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try not to be too distracted by this inconvenient truth op. just stay focused and do something great. oh yeah, don't be a faggot either. good luck.


spoken like a young fool. i see you haven't had to deal with many niggers out in the wild. sheltered life i suppose.



>biotruth crap

When you encounter an argument you don't approve of, call it a name!



>implying a colorblind approach wont exclude them anyways



terry a davis was a racist fuck, he was the smartest programmer ever


File: 8cce234bb224403⋯.jpg (46.93 KB, 308x331, 308:331, TohouProjectInterviewSPOT1.jpg)


Since college is a scam, what would be the necesary CS topics to be a top tier game programmer?

I will take note and self study those using books from libgen.io.

Will start from the basics, since I hated math in high school.

>High school math (pre algebra, algebra I II, trigonometry, precalculus)

>College math (calculus I II, linear algebra, discrete math)

>Data structures and Algorithms

>Languages (ASM, C, C#, C++, Lisp, racket, haskell, python, go, java, javascript)

>How a language work (make a compiler)


>Computer graphics (will be one of the last topics to study)

>Fourier transforms and signal processing

>Computer Hardware and Operative Systems

>AI (stats, neural networks, heuristics, fuzzy logic)


These are the ones I imagine every computer scientist should know.

I would appreciate any advice regarding this curriculum.

Right now I feel so angry towards my own ineptitude I decided to properly spend my time self teaching this, doing all the book exercises and I'm determined to not waste more time and actually doing something usefull for my life.

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>Don't go into anything UNIX related OP. It sucks. You'll end up going insane and cutting your own dick off. Keep it as a hobby, work something else.




I've been deep diving into Python for the last few months. What looked like a simple, powerful language at the outset has revealed itself to be a gnarled monstrosity with a horrific object system. I've never seen such a clusterfuck of documentation. The minute you try to do any serious programming with this language, it all falls apart. I've gone running and screaming back to my statically typed languages, FUCK this shit. Just my 2 cents.




>ignore networking all together

good luck



It's not a serious programming language. This is like trying to write scripts in C.


i know what that means


File: 5bdb16e4699c860⋯.jpg (49.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>decided to install ubuntu again

>everything is too small on my 4k monitor

>found out I can enable fraction scaling on wayland

>after reboot i have black screen because nvidia drivers doesn't work with wayland

noobuntu, my fault, should have used kde, using jewidia

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Kali Linux is the best distro!



>hur durr popularity

You don't have to use Linux anon, it's okay if you stay on windows. We don't want you anyway.



Just get "Linux Lite" Mate!

Don't let the name fool you, it's the most complete Linux Distribution today. Made by a Kiwi who wanted to prove that Linux isn't all sudo and Terminal.

I'll even link it to you:




Are you retarded? It's nVidia's drivers being shit. They literally said they don't even plan on supporting Wayland yet. nVidia is at fault here. Don't use hardware made by retards.


Don't fall for the binary trap, go straight to Gentoo.


can you imagine if we were mechanical, robot, instead of biological?

you wouldn't eat food and produce shit, you would just charge your batteries.

you wouldn't die even after serious accident, as long as your HDD was not damaged, all parts of your body could be replaced. even if your HDD died, a backup of your mind could be restored from backup into your new HDD

you could make clones of yourself, simply buy another robot, copy HDD contents into it. (wouldn't that result in war of clones though?)

I think the intermediate step will be to create a robot body and put real brain into it

we could also have women that wouldn't shit, wouldn't have periods. or just don't have women, they are useless if we stop biological humans

11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


>>1028506 There are no men and no wemen. There aren't sexes. There are no futanaris or intersex.

There are only sexless people.



>So now you are doubly dependent on mining and other hi-tech fab/processing.

Already true for modern medicine, robotic bodies would lessen the issue unless they had a shorter life span.

>And during a recovery, you can never be sure if your mind has been altered on the way, or if you have been de-activated for a certain period or not.

Same now, lobotomy is a thing: sure, robots may allow finer manipulation of the mind, but if you can't trust your doctors you are beyond fucked in any case.


>OP is a retarded stoner

That explains why he thinks replying to every thread with inane tripe is funny.


If humans become robots, or influence them in any way, they will be ruined forever and eventually become evil just like their creators, it probably would happen immediately. What you should want is human extermination before that happens. If that happens, you will never get to fuck a robot and smoke the USB weed, but at least the universe can be ruled by completely rational, perfect beings that will probably be robololis, if you think about it. What you are talking about, on the other hand, would result in robot niggers and kikes, and people being forced to become niggers. The final result would be a nigger hive mind.


Have you ever watched “The Lonely” from the Twilight Zone (1959)?

It’s a great episode, goes to show you why giving robots humanity is dangerous.

File: c76ed8040f4da20⋯.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 74B6B6A8-631D-4F82-BFD4-8….jpeg)


>wake up

>turn on pc

>no working init found

woah, thanks systemd!

43 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




idiot, it's not about "booting your system" (as in loading all drivers, starting all daemons, going to multiuser mode and loading X etc.) but just about mounting / and dropping you into a root shell.



Has Devuan stood the test of time and proven itself? what about its predicted longevity? how can an eventual scenario where it cannot continue because Debian has become too hard-dependent on systemd be avoided/prevented?



I'm not a linux expert so I would not know, but probably fine with some minor bumps.




>With physical access it's game over, one could overwrite the whole system if need be.

>what is FDE

of course they can overwrite but not read what was encrypted

File: 959d911c6a45145⋯.jpeg (495.33 KB, 3229x2480, 3229:2480, 959d911c6a45145901169ac3d….jpeg)


Why are SJWs and radical PoCs invading the tech industry?

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


>Why are SJWs and radical PoCs invading the tech industry?

Fracture male communities so they cannot organize and take the power back.



Power over everything. Jewish supremacy.




you realize those barely exist in tech to begin with, and that it's mostly hedonistic white women, soyboys, and trannies fucking everything up with their CoCs right?

poo-in-the-loo's fuck up your code quality and tech support, but they're otherwise largely irrelevant to mainstream tech culture.


We must rape and kill all SJWs and feminists!

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