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so when hurd?

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rewrite in rust when?



It's still i386 in this year of 2018.


You're welcome to invest into a Rust based Hurd. The current Hurd team are not interested in doing it themselves.


i prefer xnu


We already have it. GuixSD imitates a Hurd kernel. There needs to be more than one spic working on it though.



>We already have it. GuixSD imitates a Hurd kernel

What do you mean? Also, this is unrelated, but I want to run GuixSD on my t420. Is there a wifi card I can buy or something that doesn't need proprietary drivers?


How safe is the average normalfag from basic tech attacks? The main advantage of botnet tech is that it has the motivation to try and make even clueless idiots as safe as possible, but how effective is it?

Let's assume a reasonable normalfag adversary like a non-targeted criminal attack or a pissed off skiddie who can google tutorials. The target uses Google services, Facebook services and twitter on their phone and laptop (WiFi).

I assume the most effective attack would be a simple phish (send bait link, "You must sign in with Facebook to view this full page.") but would any other attacks really work? Enforced HTTPS would make a MITM attack difficult and these sites would be good at detecting unusual login activity. Would an evil twin + MITM redirect attack even be effective for the mobile apps?

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>Because 99.9% of users have installed a Trojan horse or adware that which communicates somewhere in a non encrypted channel.

I believe it's fair to say that finding out how to exploit their shitty botnet software would be going outside the "basic tech attacks" territory, I would consider a "basic tech attack" something your regular script kiddie would be able to do after watching videos on youtube about how to use kali linux.



Well, if you want chaos and lulz, just make and put that nice stuff into kali.

I think that's the only way to safe software is to make sure any shit software has it's exploits direly given to pajeet and skiddies.


why not start with https://hub.zhovner.com/geek/how-skype-fixes-security-vulnerabilities/


there's a lot of wrong bullshit in skype, it can be made a bit more accessible to normies to exploit and then it's a matter of time until it's destroyed

I saw a lot of normies still use skype, although it's pretty obvious that it's shit.


File: fdb18baa7255539⋯.jpeg (172.05 KB, 1500x750, 2:1, 1_lNyRM8IsLcshqQEK-v-Yuw.jpeg)



Capitol Hill wants Facebook’s blood, but President Trump isn’t interested. Instead, the tech behemoth Trump wants to go after is Amazon, according to five sources who’ve discussed it with him. “He’s obsessed with Amazon,” a source said. “Obsessed.”


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Do you not know what ">" means




quit replying to yourself



I don't pay taxes when i buy from .ca for small things like usb wifi adapters



File: 7255314d166851a⋯.jpg (85.03 KB, 973x565, 973:565, Capture.JPG)


bought 2

$4 delivery



no but it's socialism. social liberalism (america and the rest of the west) is just liberalism that borrows socialist ideas "because libertarianism is too free"

File: cd78321cb689109⋯.png (419.53 KB, 685x733, 685:733, 8chan millie.png)


ITT share your Mastodon account or other Mastodon accounts you would recommend

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Same thing, using mastodon software is indirectly promoting Eugene, since he'll use the stats against anyone to impose is domination.

It's sadly like that.



Also that privacy policy really is pretty standard. There's not much they can datamine other than what you'd expect, and I use a third party client anyway


I'm in need of an English instance that allows lolis. So far only the Japanese ones allow this.



>Also that privacy policy really is pretty standard

It is in the sense that every botnet company does the same aka it doesn't mean that it's ethical.

> There's not much they can datamine

You seem to lack a lot of knowledge on that subject.

They are datamining anything that goes on the server, data isn't restricted to what you have on your computer/dumbphone.

>and I use a third party client

And ? your posts, IP, time usages, cookies, mouse movements, how fast you type, time spent reading, private message etc... are still being shared/sold (you can thanks javascript for all these wonderful features).


File: df8681be6b24853⋯.jpg (26.09 KB, 411x419, 411:419, Absolutely autistic.jpg)


>data isn't restricted to what you have on your computer/dumbphone

No, but it is restricted by what information I provide them with, they can't for example, be tracking the links to external sites I visit from my client while Twitter can (because they have that stupid t.co shortener service). In fact maybe I could get Twidere to support Tor so they don't even get my real IP.

>your posts, IP,

You mean like literally every site on the internet because they need that information to function anyway, including 8chan. There will always be some obscure debug log somewhere of a certain IP requesting data from them, even if a site claims they 'aren't logging'.

>are still being shared/sold

There's nothing in the privacy policy about being able to trade my data (though maybe a really loose interpretation of 'To improve our site' could allow for that).

>mouse movements, how fast you type, time spent reading

They can't monitor that site, like I said, third party client, even if Mastodon was recording this stuff (idk, but it's libre so you can audit the source code if you want).

File: 50b94fabc65b6e9⋯.png (55.85 KB, 800x600, 4:3, nC9nO.png)

File: 9421ea007ac0d3a⋯.jpg (9.46 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg)

File: cf5d481fc35dc5c⋯.png (62.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 974186.png)


System Shock for MetroWorks has been GPL'd.

You can port it forward to Carbon or Cocoa and Intel, or port it to Windows, GNU, BSD, Haiku, and even homebrew consoles.

Big deal, source ports soon?

System Shock for MetroWorks has been GPL'd.


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These are based on extremely brittle, hoary hacks like realtime memory injection.

Also, of course, native execs are always lovely to have.


We'll probably end up cobbling together an "optimal version" based on the assets from several different ports, as was the case for Descent 1/2 and Star Control 2.


By the way, if anyone missed it, you must go try this SP addon for Quake:


playable under latest QuakeSpasm source port which is easy to find.



also: many of the "test" maps in this addon are actually really good and of better quality than many of "real" maps made by others



Both are equally retarded.



"He" is still correct in this case.

File: 534f9aa70212f80⋯.jpg (332.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Adsız.jpg)


I definitely am, replacing my 4670k system with a 2700X. Moar coarz here I come!

Too bad RAM prices are fucked right now, oh well.

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wake me when theu make a threadripper that can beat my 7 year old Dell Precision with 2960XM in single thread performance.



>1080p standard

the future has been here for years, bub

not that it matters for you if you use a BSD, but still


>implying microarchitecture refinements from 65nm to (7?)nm result in performance gains for desktop lusers

>implying power savings from shrinking transistors isn't overhyped, that better support of energy saving standards on chipset and advancements in battery technology haven't done most of the work

single-threaded performance has not increased anywhere near enough to be useful

quad cores are only standard because bloat is hard to cull

I'll concede on the cpu argument, it's merely an excuse. If your motherboard dies, simply buy a new motherboard of the exact same model



You sure do sound like a lemming to me, just go back to /b/ and stay there.




Now there's a word I haven't seen in years.



Every single one can do that, retard.

File: 2241ddba4f994d5⋯.jpg (51.59 KB, 567x675, 21:25, 20000712-2.jpg)


Illumos et al also very welcome, of course. No licensetalk.

What BSD are you using and why? What were the compelling arguments for it? What applications do you wish were on your BSD - do you virtualize or dual boot for it? Are you happy with your BSDs audio capabilities?

Also: GCC or Clang?

>NetBSD is 25 years old today, celebrate by giving your old hardware a new life!

>NetBSD plans for 2018: http://www.netbsd.org/gallery/presentations/mef/PDF/NetBSD-2018-AsiaBSDCon.pdf

>OpenBSD native hypervisor progress & future: https://www.openbsd.org/papers/asiabsdcon2018-vmm-slides.pdf

>pkgsrcCon 2018 for free, no tickets - 07. - 08.07. in Berlin: http://pkgsrc.org/pkgsrcCon/2018/

>"A week of NetBSD #1": https://www.geeklan.co.uk/?p=2256

>FreeBSD and NetBSD projects take part in Google summer of code

>OpenBSDs sndio is also supported by FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux: http://www.sndio.org/

>Last posts I saw on Chromebook support on BSDs was a while ago (no touchpad and WiFi support) - did anyone try it?

>Somewhat niche, Resources on OpenBSD gaming:



#openbsd-gaming on Freenode (Quake players seem to be somewhat active)

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Did the OpenBSD installation overwrite XP's MBR (and you had to restore it)? Or does OpenBSD's MBR code do pretty much the same what the DOS/Windows MBR does (do one thing and do it well - find the active partition and load its VBR), so XP's NTLDR was loaded if the XP partition was active?



Can't remember. I probably saved the original boot block to a file with 'dd' before doing OpenBSD install, just to be safe. But I don't remember what OpenBSD's installboot does when you don't select "whole disk" in the install script.



it makes the openbsd area bootable but that's it, doesn't mess with any existing bootloader (grub, lilo etc)



Ok, so if you don't use the "whole disk" option but install it to an 0xA6 type partition then it will put some boot code into the superblock of that partition, but will leave the MBR alone (and then whatever main bootloader you use will be able to chainload the OpenBSD partition boot code), is that correct?


File: 9c1cf58736f36d0⋯.jpg (48.53 KB, 1280x804, 320:201, beos.jpg)


Yes, I'm still using the very simple BeOS/HAIKU bootmanager to kickstart all my operating systems

File: 8f5f28a19f79671⋯.png (12.12 KB, 344x84, 86:21, logo.png)


free domain names are nice, but "anonymous" DNS??

Real or fake? I think their focus on "ads" is reason for doubt.


I'm currently using opennic dns, only problem is I have to switch servers every once in a while on my router, which I find out when websites stop loading...

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Most likely. Many people just still don't see how all of tech is converging on being controled by just a handful of mega corporations, with everything else being either taken over or swept aside, made irrelevant/inoperable and forgotten. Once figures like RMS or Linus are gone, their realms will be absorbed and assimilated as well, because there will be noone and nothing to stop it from happening.



You don't think things like IPFS and gossip protocols will help?

Personally I think a less insane urbit will be the potential future.

This presumes the governments of the world don't conspire with corporations to create a world where the internet backbone is Amazon, Google and Microsoft.



>anonymous DNS

really, you made a thread about something that isn't even a thing?



Cloud-based kernels when



ah shit, fuck, forgot to sage.

File: f54c28a66f0afae⋯.jpg (15.29 KB, 211x239, 211:239, main-qimg-9ce5cb32df32aa93….jpg)


Leaving aside the issues of TOR and TOR browser, the CP and the vulnerabilities, sometimes it's just not a real option for your website, but you want to maintain your privacy anyways. It seems like it is possible to host on clearnet without getting compromised. TPB hasn't had any major arrests in a long time, and their servers are very resilient, showing that it's possible to evade the wrath of the FBI and MPAA cartel while giving people a clearnet website to connect to. Here's a somewhat vague article on their setup:


I guess my main questions are these:

The article says that the real servers are hidden because the user-facing servers have an encrypted connection to the real servers. But couldn't NSA/GCHQ/etc just look at the patterns of web requests coming from the user-facing servers?

And what's the main entry point for end users? The proxy server? The load balancer?

How would one go about creating a setup with a main server hidden behind other servers?

17 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Serving up backdoors in pirated Windows and games?



>Tor browser

lrn2gateway. It's how CIAniggers use Tor while everyone else is just making noise with that shitty compromised browser.



IPFS does not help with anonymity at all.



>tfw NSA seeds my torrents with big upload rates

wtf I love the NSA now



Not only does it not help with anonymity, it does not even allow you to use tor.

File: d05db4c8472a5a0⋯.jpg (52.68 KB, 346x252, 173:126, merkel.jpg)


I have been searching for hardcopies of books that I can buy in a bookshop.

They need to be Debian based and ideally would be in depth about setting up bind 9, apache 2, postfix 3.2, SSH, and Samba.

I cant find books relating to the versions I have installed and seem ancient and appear mostly to have been written back in 2003 -2007

Anyone out there know of any books dealing in these servers and versions and related to debian

43 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


OP here

I have searched for a board on 8ch that is specifically for linux users and cant find any. Can someone just tell me why ? I mean if I started such a board would it just die a certain death? Has it been tried before? Pretty sure there are people with more competence than me in Linux related matters, and they would be better at maintaining a board . Any advice on the matter, or anecdotal evidence as to why it wont work or why nobody has started one?


> They need to be Debian based







Don't use tag search. Dead boards are dead because people forget about they ever existed.


>Linux kernel reverse engineering ebooks

> iOS reverse engineering kernel ebooks

Thanks anon



>>I have cartridges with 15,000 gallons of ink in them hurr durr

You ever been to a printing shop, you idiot?

File: f92c7673de3bca1⋯.png (111.86 KB, 815x783, 815:783, fonts.png)


Font thread!

Post your favorite fonts, for every font you like post another one! The purpose of this thread is to get the best fonts flowing faster. Discuss your favorite fonts and feel free to share your opinion on fonts you dislike. If you have the skill, make your own!

Font renaissance inbound!

79 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Just use mononoki.


i dont' give a shit what the font is or how it looks as long as it isn't blurry. i've been having a ton of problems with that on this recent gentoo installation.


noto is what i'm on now, because I resorted to loading an xubuntu live disk and copying what that's using, which is noto.

i can't tell the difference between slight and full subpixel rending, that seems to help. chromium on the other hand does it's own font rendering thing, which results in blurry shit fonts and i haven't figured out why yet.

maybe i just need glasses


File: 939c0448795c248⋯.png (86.56 KB, 800x225, 32:9, chromium_blurry.png)

File: 00408ae87b77283⋯.png (6.66 KB, 252x71, 252:71, chromium_nozoom.png)


example illustrating the problem. the chromium tab is noticeably more blurry than the rest of xfce, which I think I have going decently now.



gtfo chromium niggers


Why care about fonts? Care about content, then pick something that looks cool. Don't be a middle-schooler who spends 15 minutes choosing what fancy font to write his paper in then writes a single paragraph in 5 minutes. Content is key, fuck font.

File: 8f7104af5b52d18⋯.jpg (119.26 KB, 1360x654, 680:327, jcl.jpg)


What's /tech/ies' opinion on JCL?

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This. There are actually quite a few old farts who are paid 100's of thousands a year to mainframe old government computers.



Because it's somewhat related to technology, you know.




>You know how the IRS works?

I don't have an IRS

>You know how your bank is processing payments?

I don't use bank

>You know what all those hospitals are built on?

Just hope you never get sick



>some TeX reference

>"Launching TeX" is wads of JCL

Closest thing I came to seeing it in practice

File: 8e9bcf011e204c3⋯.jpg (3.42 MB, 3456x5184, 2:3, Richard_Stallman_-_Fête_de….jpg)


Today is RMS' birthday.

May /tech/ wish him a happy 65th!

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Not the hero that /tech/ needs, but the hero that /tech/ deserves.



Looking at those pics I wonder, what does he actually do on his computer all the time, aside from programming and answering e-mails?



Battles with elisp?



>I must unite the free software under one banner.



>aside from programming

>since around 1992 I have worked mainly on free software activism, which means I am too busy to do much programming. Around 2008 I stopped doing programming projects.

File: a3d4397bcc8913a⋯.jpeg (68.51 KB, 675x600, 9:8, 2509AD7C-1654-493E-968B-E….jpeg)


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to his benefit he could be a New Yorker, a lost of us have a mut-tier vocabulary for the past 100 years without even knowing the origins of the words.



a lot*



The only thing that MtF is blocking is his testosterone production.




Use a real WM like twm or wmaker.



Read the thread dummy, that hasn’t been true for years.

File: 705731a46f5ed61⋯.png (10.75 KB, 392x225, 392:225, seL4.png)

File: 897431ea708b3cf⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 500x270, 50:27, HeavyBreathing.gif)


seL4 is the world's first operating-system kernel with an end-to-end proof of implementation correctness and security enforcement.

This project is a mathematically-verified bug-free microkernel system that supports x86 and ARM, and aims to be general-purpose.





Genode OS, an OS framework that supports seL4 and other kernels:


seL4 is already being used and researched by the military for avionics and helmet displays.

108 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



He's living the dream and you have the audacity to insult him? For shame anon.




And its probably vulnerable to cache side-band attacks because everyone's model of a cache has no side effects.



seL4 is for drones, not high security.



what's it like living in a social vacuum?

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