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File: 3f2d7e520ad3309⋯.png (40.65 KB, 603x364, 603:364, solarized.png)


Are they a meme or not? Personally i think they help a lot but there are so many people saying things like "i've been programming for 30 years and my editor is black on white and it JUST WORKS"

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*color schemes



only use redshift for up to 2 hours before you go to bed

dont fall for the memes



>2 hours



I slightly modded ir_black. The concrete advantage of color schemes is that it's easier on the eyes to be able to see things in colors. Helps pick out and differentiate pieces of code easier. Open up a big C++ file in your editor and look at it. Then cat it. See the difference?



Well, they're fun, and to me they add a degree of comfort. I like that I can continue to customize them by specifying new keywords that I find important. Hell, sometimes I've made certain keywords bold and underlined just for the duration of a project, if they were important and I was missing them.

File: b5b12b9163803d0⋯.png (15.4 KB, 249x75, 83:25, 250px-Lemote_Logo.png)


An attempted Jewgle translate:

>Godson CPU Chief Scientist: Godson has been used in the Beidou satellite is toward the high-end

>Godson's R & D has gone through 16 years of history today, as China's fully independent research and development of general-purpose CPU, Godson's development, performance, application has been much attention from the outside world.

>On October 24, researcher Hu Weiwu, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief scientist at Loongson CPU said that Godson now has been used in more than a dozen kinds of national heavy equipment including Beidou Satellite, as well as information systems used in functional offices and other offices, First achieved from the basic available to the available leap.

>Wei Wu said Godson's performance has exceeded the mainstream of foreign mainstream low-end CPU products, is moving to the high-end. At present, the accumulation period has passed. When the rapid development is realized, I believe I will have a technology platform including CPU and operating system to support the development of the information industry and industrial informatization of the country when it is done in the 30th year.

>According to the report of Science and Technology Daily, speaking of the competitiveness with foreign giants such as Intel, Hu Weiwu believes that Godson is to establish a new ecosystem, just like Apple, so no one asked about Apple's performance compared with Intel.

>Hu Weiwu said that in the past few years, Godson has made great progress in ecological construction. Now hundreds of enterprises and tens of thousands of scientific researchers form in the ecology of Godson.

>Data show that the Godson 3A2000 / 3B2000 is the latest upgrade of the Godson-3 series processors, the processor core is upgraded to a new generation of GS464E architecture, microstructure and technology level reached with Intel's IvyBridgy and AMD's Steamroller considerable level.

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VIA was sued out of the x86 market by (((Intel))) IIRC. The suit was settled under secret terms, which were speculated to include VIA fucking out of markets other than SE Asia, in exchange for not getting sued for whatever they sell in than one market.

If that chink company operates under a license from VIA, it's not surprising they keep themselves to China.



All of which is designed in America because Chinks can only steal. Besides, 90 percent is pure hyperbole. America is the second largest manufacturer of consumer goods despite being a post-industrial economy. More shit is made here than you think. The "Workshop of the world" shit is more propaganda




>buttblasted americans defending their (((jewish))) Intel cpus



>We hate Chink shit thus we support Intel

keep sucking commie cock you piece of shit. The Chinese will adopt Power9 before their state-sponsored trash

File: f392bc4470c8fbb⋯.png (39.36 KB, 680x353, 680:353, snap-chart-dau-17q4.png)


Anyway, I encourage every service that competes Facebook.

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>investment that is growing




Yes you are smarter than them


File: 1b5f24962c945f8⋯.png (103.79 KB, 661x514, 661:514, 2018-02-09-023609_661x514_….png)


"Growing" is a term I'd use lightly


File: b7a0327f9391322⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 385x619, 385:619, DVYLnUbW4Ac6VYz.jpg)


See pic



>Net loss ... 2017 includes $2.6 billion of stock-based compensation expense.

Pump and dump.

File: 33e9d608989c3a6⋯.jpg (26.19 KB, 540x359, 540:359, waste-of-money.jpg)


Why use more than 1 monitor when workspaces exist?

Some things I can think of:

- passively consuming media video while playing video games

- multi-monitor setup reduces the number of workspaces needed on tiling WM if lots of programs are opened

Anything else?

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Multi monitor is a 2005-ish era meme these days. Just get a cheap 42" 4K from some chink country



No problem. I was actually gonna list a bunch of things of my own, but realized that they were all already mentioned.

>I don't find 16:9 vertical monitors good at all.

Well, 16:9 is a shit aspect ratio anyways. The only reason it exists, from what I can tell, is muh movees. I miss 4:3 and basically anything else. Vertical 16:9 (or I suppose 9:16) is too narrow for modern GUIs, the toolbars take up too much horizontal space. Horizontal is too short for working on documents. It's a really bad ratio basically.

But still, looking at something like PDFs with "whole page" zoom on most monitors will produce a document that is too small. On a vertical monitor you can see about 1.3 pages at a readable size. To me that's a huge help. Wish they made monitors with saner aspect ratios but until then, at least being able to have one rotated is helpful.

>while it is faster it also only has minimal productivity gain

I'll concede this point. I haven't really seen evidence that it's "more productive". However it feels more comfy and less stressful, so in terms of subjective feeling I like it. And the subjective good feeling may in turn improve productivity. But mostly it's just more pleasant.

>spending additional $250+.

I bought both my monitors for $120 actually, years ago.

>I don't like having multiple monitors

Eh, it's everybody has their own preference. A lot of people do like it, but I wouldn't badger you about it if you've tried and didn't like it.

>mechanic keyboards

I'm on the fence about this. They sound kinda nice, but the enthusiasts always seem to overhype them.

>gaming mice

Sometimes decent quality mice will all be gaming mice, but usually most gaming mice suck yeah, likePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Multi monitor setups are nice for programming and looking at references without having to switch to a different workspace.

For most purposes their not necessary, and it's probably a better idea to spend the money on one good monitor instead of two crappy ones.


File: b71e5d349b96acd⋯.jpeg (25.38 KB, 759x422, 759:422, b71e5d349b96acd050ca96041….jpeg)


While you can't simultaneously look at two screens at once, you also can't simulatenously look at two areas that are bigger than about 400x400 pixels at normal DPI and viewing distance. So whats the reason for having screens bigger than that? Just scroll around the screen retard! Just switch workspaces!

Fucking troglodyte, it's obviously much more comfortable to do the fastest, simplest action the human body is capable of, twitching the muscles inside of your eye, to look at something on a different screen, instead of having to input a command to switch the workspace.

You could even keep typing while reading something on the other screen, or watching a video on it. Not to mention games and other shit that can't rapidly be switched around.



>see more data at once. It's less effort to turn your head or eyes slightly than it is to hit keystrokes. I use a transparent terminal to mimic this on my laptop and be able to see a terminal and a gui app at the same time, but it's a lot easier on multi-monitor setups.

File: b02301e75b8bc65⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2928x2216, 366:277, browsers.jpg)


Friendly reminder that if you're a person who respects their individual privacy and freedom, there is no reason to be using the products created by the botnet that is the Google company.

There is a plethora of options available for you to replace your Google apps that are lighter, faster and better in general, including respect for freedom and privacy.

>search engine?

SearX, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Yandex (Soviet Botnet)


Pale Moon, Waterfox, Brave, Vivaldi


Self Host, cock.li, Proton Mail, Hotmail (Still Botnet) Yandex (Soviet Botnet)

>cloud storage?

Syncthing, ownCloud, Nextcloud

app store?

F-Droid, Yalp for Play Store front end


NewPipe for mobile, not signing in on desktop


XMPP, Signal.


Nextcloud, ownCloud, RadiCAL,


NextCloud, keep it in your emails.


RSS client, Librenews

List of Software you can Self-Host


NextCloud Providers


OwnCloud Providers,


WebMail Comparison

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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they dropped imap support too


Looking for an application/s. If one exists that fulfils all these requirements, awesome, but I suspect there'd be at least 2:

>calendar with support for multiple calanders/sorting, eg work/personal

>to-do list, including simple notifications/alarms

>syncing between computer (linux and winblows at work) and phone (android)

>privacy, either encryption on cloud server or data only temporarily stored on cloud for a period to allow syncing

Does such a thing exist? I suppose I could settle for a single application on my phone, but I like having things on my computer as phones irritate me.



Thanks for posting this, I use qutebrowser and it being placed in the concerning category had me concerned as well.



The issue with qutebrowser is that it doesn't have the extensibility options that the more robust browsers have. You don't have to deal with disabling inbuilt telemetry, but you can't add more privacy features yourself easily.



What's wrong with Brave?

File: c9c78198a1297ed⋯.png (41.98 KB, 697x216, 697:216, power9.png)


The new IBM POWER9 OPEN computing CPUs are here and TALOS II development is moving forward!

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All modern games are unplayable anyway due to industry-wide retardation and rampant SJWism, not to mention DRM cancer. Any game old enough not to make my stomach churn will be easily emulatable on the POWER9, regardless of the ISA it was released for.

>not to mention that even to this day games have tons of small segments of optimized assembly code

They moved to intrinsics years ago, but of course that doesn't change anything except triggering my autism.



>From 1978

>Implying the architecture never evolved whatsoever beyond Intel and AMDs optimizations from their billions in R&D into RISC machines and that's what's allowed it to outperform everything today

Power9 is great man but don't spread conjecture because you clearly have a superficial grasp on how all this works at best



Emulation is a common tool for reverse-engineering, which can be used for defeating DRM measures, online cheating and unauthorised modding.



The 8080 had a 64k address space, and 8086 was limited to 1MB... where did you get that number from?


You dudes seem to be confusing the IBM PC with the 8086 compatible inside.



sounds like double speak for high tech pranking.


modern hard drives have backdoored firmware


>According to Kaspersky, American cyber-surveillance agency, the NSA, is taking advantage of the centralization of hard-drive manufacturing to the US, by making WD and Seagate embed its spying back-doors straight into the hard-drive firmware, which lets the agency directly access raw data, agnostic of partition method (low-level format), file-system (high-level format), operating system, or even user access-level.

> Kaspersky claims that the new backdoor is perfect in design. Each time you turn your PC on, the system BIOS loads the firmware of all hardware components onto the system memory, even before the OS is booted. This is when the malware activates, gaining access to critical OS components, probably including network access and file-system. This makes HDD firmware the second most valuable real-estate for hackers, after system BIOS.

even full disk encryption won't save you, because backdoored firmware can just send a keylogger to your cpu when you boot your PC, and keylogger will steal the password that you enter to your encryption software bootloader

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I surrender.

It's not worth it anymore.

NSA wins



Hard disks are also used on other platforms, so that's why they want to target the disks.

But you can still use USB instead. In fact, some ARM SBCs don't even have a SATA port.



Real security is at the social level.


Real security is just about making it harder for them than it's worth.



Heard about it last year. Can't find the source anymore but their HDD business has been fucked for a long time now:

>In December 2011, Seagate acquired Samsung's HDD business.

>Seagate is backdoored by NSA

>hence Samsung is backdoored by NSA


>how about non-american HDDs, Toshiba?

Toshiba should be fine. As for SSDs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_solid-state_drive_manufacturers

Anything that isn't made in US, China, Korea or Taiwan should work. Specifically, Toshiba and the few European companies listed. I'd say vote with your wallet now and start buying Toshiba exclusively.

As for your first question, I'm not sure what you mean. According to Kaspersky it doesn't matter if you store your system or boot loader on a USB, or do whatever, as long as you have a Seagate/WD SATA device connected the device WILL load the back door. So the only option would be boot from a USB and never use hard drives. Unless you can connect them to a USB 2 port. I'm pretty sure DMA is used even if you'd connect the HDD after booting from USB.

File: feb230e706dad32⋯.jpg (140.32 KB, 1024x685, 1024:685, Linux Cafe, Akihabara Toky….jpg)


Japan has very luxurious internet cafes which are open at night and often offer showers as well so they are used by people who are "homeless" for the night. This phenomenon does not seem to exist in the west.


And here's a Russian internet cafe that uses gentoo to run diskless Linux clients booted through PXE/NFSROOT. To run windows games :^)


Are there any internet cafes in the west that resemble the two above? Or is the free wifi at Star Bucks all we got?

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>That's because renting a private room in those cafes is often cheaper than renting an actual apartment.

It must suck not having some of the amenities of actually living in your own home. No cooking, no being actually alone; but it would be better than living on the street I Suppose.



> It takes up more space on a wall and costs more money.

The socket is mounted into the wall, not on top of it.

> A lot of sockets are symmetrical and can be plugged in bother ways. Including American sockets, just not grounded plugs

But the grounded ones are what I'm talking about. Have you ever had a cable that bends at 90 degrees? With a Schuko you can make the cable face either direction. This isn't over-engineering, it's getting the details right.



The Speakeasy in Seattle was all Linux boxes, some just terminals. Was one hoppin place bout 1999 or so.



t. cuckchan rapefugee



"The Speakeasy ... was Seattle's first Internet cafe. It offered espresso drinks, meals, snacks, and a bank of PCs connected to a single T1 line. That was one of the fattest, fastest Internet connections available at the time."

It burned down apparently.

"Speakeasy, Inc. was a broadband internet service provider and voice over IP carrier based in Seattle, Washington, United States. Their terms of service described liberal usage policies for home users allowing subscribers to run any number of servers[1] and allowing them to resell their connectivity to others through a service called "NetShare".[2] They received press coverage for their support of Linux and BSD-derivative operating systems, and were reportedly the first provider to offer a customized version of Mozilla Firefox to customers, in January 2005.[3] The company is now part of MegaPath Corporation."

@cafe also was a local ISP

File: d6585e59204ce33⋯.png (24.18 KB, 600x200, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Why do all the modern lightweight editors only have webdev themes? I wanted to like Atom, but looking through the themes available, I realized that they were all meant for web dev. The examples didn't even show examples for C or C++. Most of them were broken when trying to use them for C/C++. It also defaults to the disgusting webdev cancer of placing brackets on the same line as other text, and the only way to change this is to go into the config files and spend at least an hour making sure you change the auto complete for every single possible instance to place the bracket on a new line.

Is Code::Blocks the only decent IDE out there?

>inb4 "hurr just use nano xD"

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FULL STACKoverflow Engineer + DEV OPS expert in SaaS CLOUD solutions CERTIFIED AGILE DEVELOPER!



I'm having flashbacks to the year I tried applying to jobs everywhere and got no replies, gave up, and now live in a inner city library.


I've been programming for more than 10 years and i've always used visual studio with the default theme. It works and i get shit done unlike all of you autistic kids.



> visual studio

> windows

> presumably C#


File: d18bee24fccd97f⋯.png (84.22 KB, 1202x414, 601:207, d18bee24fccd97fafecb4565be….png)

File: 0f1e289ce881757⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1440x1681, 1440:1681, harmful.png)


Stop using harmful software

219 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>using GPL software that cucks you


>harmful things considered harmful

Oh whew, what a surprise



That's like saying "nobody gives a fuck about a few closets of useless junk in the house". Some don't give a fuck, some are ocd about it and won't sleep well util they got rid of it or cleaned it out in whatever way they deem appropriate.



If anyone cared about bloat they would not be posting on 8chan a shitty html site



>software being harmful

Unless you're a wimpy boipussy to be anal-retentive about small forgotten issues. I bet these fags like COBOL or some shit but still use botnet outside like a voting machine or let themselves get recorded by having conversation with other people carrying updated botnet machine.

I'd be caring more about the OBVIOUS software backdoors and hardware the fact that your VGA cable leaks data for the *???* to snoop on your screen remotely and again intercept all of your keyboard strokes because the ferrite beads weren't put at the final end of your monitor cable and weren't shielded enough (this also includes your external drives) and your keyboard doesn't contain any ferrite bead at all WHILE your whole meme computer system or laptop assuming it is post 2013 doesn't have a ferrite bead over the DC and it fucking broadcasts all your shit for at least 10 spy agencies.

File: a4aca149b49a5dc⋯.jpg (7.36 KB, 176x176, 1:1, my_flat_portrait_with_arti….jpg)



We need our own version of Michael Reeves.

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The sam hyde of /tech/



nice datamining, fag



There's nothing wrong with being gay.



yes there is, faggot.



bumping because /tech/ needs to step up on the "shitpost project" game

File: b56373165f78a11⋯.png (68.08 KB, 1526x1600, 763:800, Amd_Square logo.png)


Whats the last non-pozzed product AMD released?

58 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d6e699e36cf295e⋯.jpg (15.77 MB, 9999x9999, 1:1, intel_collage.jpg)



There are still intel Phenoms for sale in China if your willing to risk getting ripped off or i could just get one for you



Shouldn't that be Cohencidence? Missed opportunity, tbh.



Does it have to be Gigabyte mobo? I mean what exactly I have to look for when choosing botnet-free mobo?

I was thinking about getting asrock mobo, 970A-G/3.1 to be specific.



None of the AM3+ boards seem to be supported by coreboot or libreboot.

As far as I understand, the CPU might come without the PSP, but your system would still be vulnerable to things like that HDD-firmware backdoor.

>>857449 (https://8ch.net/tech/res/857449.html)

So... is there any scenario in which a FX-8XXX setup could ever be considered unpozzed?

File: ad567e4ba94be18⋯.png (28.61 KB, 512x512, 1:1, netrunner.png)


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 $ curl http://netrunner.cc/ | grep -c "/g/"




But JSON is slow. Also there are other binary formats.



Na its not slow the benchmarks linked earlier show that in the real world (disk, network, compressed) its pretty similar in performance.

A binary format is going to be much more annoying to work with in many different languages at the same time. If everything you are using supports a particular binary protocol go for it but if not its a PITA.



>This can sound like nothing, but considering that Protobuf has to be converted from binary to JSON - JavaScript code uses JSON as its object literal format - it is amazing that Protobuf managed to be faster than its counterpart.



Not the bottleneck waste of time setting it up

File: 39306e5805e0321⋯.png (366.81 KB, 1080x1867, 1080:1867, Screenshot_2018-01-20-23-1….png)


Reminder that Clover now supports this site.

>inb4 phoneposter

64 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>I want a good fucking app for browsing this fucking site.




Here's what you should do:

>download 4chanX

>go back to /g/

>stay there



I've been on 8chan since before gamergate,, and on /tech/ since day one. I've looked at a lot of its code. I've had very minor involvement in its development, and I've written a library to wrap around 8chan's API, for personal use.

This website is a disaster.



It‘s good enough for me ;^)

Sent from my iPhone



Care to share your scripts?

File: 8f4ffc81d5cb7ab⋯.jpg (7.65 KB, 279x279, 1:1, bonzi.jpg)


Let's try this out

Want recommendations for e-mail clients, browsers, etc.? Come here

45 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



How? I pasted the playlist's url and it just stood there. And when I select a specific, non-generated playlist, it crashes.



I can't really help you since it's probably a situational thing, but you can use this thread to debug:





Enjoy being fully tracked by the botnet due to lack of proper protection options.


I found youtube-viewer in Manjaro repositories, it relies on youtube-dl. Pretty nice since it lets you see video descriptions or all videos by a particular author, in a particular playlist, etc. Between that and using a keybinding to play links from clipboard I can avoid youtube in-browser completely.



What's wrong with mpsyt?

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