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So they say that proxies are used only by bad people and this idea gets quite popular it seems. If that shit gets free as in free beer and too easy to install for average webmaster, what do we do? Is this the end of the free web and onion services & sites that explicitly say they allow anonymity are the only places to live?

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>its a "newfag cant sage properly" episode

what are you, a refu/g/?




>short links without any way to extract the original URL without visiting

kys tbh




Sorry for the wrong field


<being this autistic

/pol/cucks go away.



>Is this the end of the free web

Let's hope so.



>everything I don't like is /pol/


and I don't even visit /pol/

File: 9ec9bec8378b857⋯.png (2.04 MB, 2027x1524, 2027:1524, boardlarge.png)


Dual 8 core POWER 9 verses 96 core ARMv8

>John the Ripper faster on ARMv8



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Faster memory and add-on chips like GPU's. And even those only go so far. Have a look at places like https://openbenchmarking.org/ that have results for the same benchmarks over several architectures and generations. (Or do your own benchmarks.) Even all four cores of the latest RasPi still get beaten by single core Pentium III's and AthlonXP's from the beginning of the century in benchmarks where those things don't help.



Do not use Raspi as a benchmark for all ARM stuff, raspi doesn't even have out of order execution.



That was just one example of a yuge package with a fast update schedule. Substitute GIMP, any web browser or whatever else fits the bill.



The same ones as the other CPUs benchmarked. That's all the context you need.



>And on single threaded loads that 96 core ARM is slower than a 20 year old Pentium III


>Power 9 meanwhile is so fast that x86 emulation on Power is currently the fastest x86 "processor" for single threaded loads on the market.

You are so retarded it hurts. P9 is still typically ~30% slower than fastest-clocking Xeons under single threaded workloads. It completely outclasses them in heavily threaded loads though.

File: 6236293d12e532f⋯.jpg (79.45 KB, 918x574, 459:287, gnu Ring.jpg)


Now that TOX development is basically dead, can we talk about other secure and Libre Voice+Video programs.

The front-runner appears to be GNU Ring, it's a very professional program that was adopted as an official part of GNU.

It has features like group voice (and video) chat and not to mention voice and video on mobile clients; both things that Tox lacks. It can also do full-blown VOIP+SIP, but that's optional.

What has your experience with it been?

GNU Ring: https://ring.cx/

Other Viable Messaging Clients: https://prism-break.org/en/all/#video-voice

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>Your machine gets random connections from machines using non spoofed IPs 24/7 already

Your firewall gets those connections and drops them on the floor if it's worth anything at all.


You're the crazy guy that yells at the radio thinking they'll hear you, aren't you?



>people use it for stuff I disapprove of therefore the software is inherently bad



>I want a decentralized P2P service that doesn't leak the Oh-So-Important information of what my (dynamic!) IP is.



Okay, so the real answer is to connect your IP to a chat server that you don't control.


This thread is a fucking mess.

File: f49dfaba9cd5109⋯.png (14.39 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 250px-Google_fuchsia3.svg.png)

File: cdbed28f45071f7⋯.png (33.49 KB, 300x169, 300:169, 300px-Screenshot_of_Google….png)



Microkernel means I'm interested, beats Linux and could even beat Darwin.

Not sure about the platform, I'm in as long as it's open but it probably won't remain so under MIT. Perhaps many of the pitfalls Android falls into in regards to manufactures will be avoided.

I hate Android as a platform and I'm look forward to a fresh start on a new open platform. Android's aged API with 5 years of backwards comparability all for the sake of selling App Play store apps to 3rd worlders still running 4.4 because their devices don't get updates... Not to mention Java and the horrible multiplatform support for C and others. Even NeXT did better in' 95.

Interesting to see the Android dev team compete with the Fuschia team for relevance. Android has introduced Treble, Android Auto, a new official IDE, API "cleanups". Seems they wish to entrench Android into a permanent legacy position in order to sandbag Fuschia to an early grave before it's even out.

Speaking as an expert from Cupertino, I suspect their efforts will keep Google's existing mobile offerings strong just long enough for Fuschia to come out and replace it...

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due to, in no small part, your post.


"Above link"

>Pink + purple = new os

I bet the creator of this must take LSD for this kind of shit



>it's literally called "Fucks ya"

they are completely shameless at this point



>beats Linux

>not sure about the platform

>I'm in

What the fuck is this OP anyway, reads like a Pajeet wrote it.

File: 547bcf4443ec6f3⋯.jpg (3.65 MB, 1500x2250, 2:3, 1485965144862.jpg)


To my experience with multiple LiveCds, BusenLabs has been the best at keeping a clean system, usable with low powered hardware, while having an acceptable design.

Second would be Puppy linux in both versions more or less, but you have to be more proficient with linux to use it as a full OS.

Wich ones does /tech/ use, and for what specific purpose.

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10/10 hipsters


I used puppy on a persistent install usb stick for like 6 months when my hdd broke, must been good since i didnt get around to replace it.


knoppix is retard proof

who cares tho


Anyone here have experience with making Arch Linux live USBs? I want to use one such system for software development. It would contain a pre-selected list of packages. I would simply boot it up, clone my repository and start programming. I'm mentioning Arch Linux specifically because I need extremely recent Linux kernels and tools.

I want everything to stay in RAM, unless I mamually mount a hard disk. How would I go about updating the packages USB image? Imagine some new kernel or compiler lands o the Arch repos; if I use pacman to update it, it'd update the in-RAM system only. How do I get around that?


File: a0c96ce1c8c1741⋯.png (248.69 KB, 1920x1085, 384:217, email_ss_1920.png)

File: f054902a73159b0⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1147390_1.jpg)


Why in the world do you have to store your password in some cleartext file in your home directory in order to not type it every time you log into IMAP or SMTP in Mutt?.

How does Thunderbird do it? Mutt needs to do it like that.

It seems like all the CLI clients run under the assumption that you are using them on the same machine that is also the mail server. Documentation about connecting to remote SMTP and IMAP servers is always incomplete and buried deep within the documentation, instead of being the first thing they tell you about because it's not 1980 and we all mostly just connect to a remote service for this. Thunderbird makes this simple by asking you immediately on first launch to give addresses and passwords to your remote accounts to it can set them up for you. Would it really be so hard for them to have a process like this in ncurses or whatever?

I really really want to start using a terminal-based email client, mostly because after the Cliqz, Riseup, Looking Glass, and other controversies, I'm not all that trusting of Mozilla right now. However, they all just seem way too dated in their usability in relation to modern trends, in a way that goes beyond the fact that "they're terminal programs"

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The state of local mail clients is very sad in general. Latte drinking soyboy devs simply assyme you are going to use a web client, so no decent local alternatives exist.

We need PAM on steroids to solve the plaintext passwords issue, though. We should be capable of configuring which programs have access to which passwords, and even make it possible for a program to initiate a remote login process without even passing it your password, just in case you don't trust the program not to coredump it. A shame this won't work until we adopt the Android permissions system.


>worrying about plaintext password on your own computer

Don't let people touch your computer. Encrypt your /home. Simple.



This is already a solved problem. You can do what you are talking about using GPG and gpg-agent.


So the thread subject should better be rewritten as "the terminal state of email clients"?

File: 2e5f48d1400a7aa⋯.jpg (828.6 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, WELTALL_by_yosimura.jpg)


Since the new Firefox came out my old video downloader program stopped and i had to find a new one. So far I have tried several of them and they are shit! Does anyone have any idea where i can find a good one?

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flashgot, the addon; not flashget the program





"upgrade" to Firefox ESR. it's basically FF 52 with only security updates. then you use your old video downloader.



youtube-dl also works for many non youtube sites. yes, you can download porn with it.



File: 58ee9d79186ed15⋯.jpg (51.88 KB, 500x563, 500:563, OwO.jpg)


This is info from someone on halfchan

>inb4 >halfchan

hear me out, because this is big news!

>There was talk on the Libreboot IRC that they found a bug which effectively kills the PSP.

>IIRC, it works in everything except some of the latest CPUs, but even there they are already speculating upon finding other ways in.

>If you want more details just ask on #libreboot on Freenode, because most of this info is yet to be publically documented.

OMG I would literally suck Leah Rowe’s dick if that’s what it took for this to be released! OwO

Pic unrelated

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Remember the whole CTS labs fiasco?



Considering that it appears that you can flash the bios from what this appears to be it might be a way in.

>TFW ryzen 2 got pozzed.

I wouldn't be suprisied if AMD fucked up the code more. The more they add to trustzone the easier it is to break.

Specifically the so called "ryzenfall" serries of bugs listed here: https://archive.is/uyFw4

IF you cant physically secure shit you're scewed already.



File: 1376fb08053a67c⋯.jpg (73.78 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Haman_Karn_(Frown).jpg)

>tfw boys aren't actually cute irl

Hopefully libreboot is able to be ported. All proprietary software must go.



>>IIRC, it works in everything except some of the latest CPUs, but even there they are already speculating upon finding other ways in.


File: a21c1cae211dca2⋯.jpg (109.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1434301151096.jpg)


I think you know what i'm going to do to your email.

File: 6d84dbb1ac0c6ac⋯.jpg (105.42 KB, 2996x680, 749:170, dataset-original.jpg)


why does everyone stock overflow seem like such douche bags. I am new to C. I asked a question about a certain library and they say things like "of course" and "you should know" isn't the point of the website to help others and expand knowledge on topics aka not suck their own dicks? I rather ask questions here then on stock overflow.

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File: 88684c9c452aa40⋯.png (23.34 KB, 554x439, 554:439, bc87d165ed35e082d4ba697143….png)




You shall be confined to the comfy chair until noon with only a cup of tea!

Through Biggus Dickus and Incontineta buttocks is more hilarious if you get the anal sex joke


Hello *nearly shits himself*

How do i um... *pants slowly getting wetter*

Create the.... *a coffee-like stench fills the room*

Array object model in... *a visible brown spot has appeared on his pants*

Java best programming language! *shits himself with the force of a thousand vishnus*


We find Facebook in a spot of weakness

>We don't use this to destroy FB

FB becomes Myspace

Question is what is the Plan?

File: 6322a25cd4b374c⋯.jpg (57.04 KB, 442x293, 442:293, a_gnu.jpg)


> GNU software has a well-deserved reputation for running on many different types of systems. While our primary goal is to write software for the GNU system, many users and developers have been introduced to us through the systems that they were already using.

> Gnulib is a central location for common GNU code, intended to be shared among GNU packages. GCC has libiberty, but this is hard to disentangle from the GCC build tree.

> Gnulib takes a different approach. Its components are intended to be shared at the source level, rather than being a library that gets built, installed, and linked against. Thus, there is no distribution tarball; the idea is to copy files from Gnulib into your own source tree.

is this a good software development practice?


File: 492a1a8699f143e⋯.jpg (441.12 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, 492a1a8699f143eec9928ada50….jpg)


GPL both fails to respect the users freedom, AND uses shitty development practices. Sad!


File: 37581bf1d266238⋯.jpg (380.06 KB, 1069x1081, 1069:1081, 375.jpg)


>confusing the GNU GPL license with the GNU project



Free as in adjectives that don't actually mean freedom

File: 88efe79696de726⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Kaenbyou.Rin.full.1671810.jpg)


Hello, I'd like to analyze the data that is sent to Microsoft further. Also before someone says Windows user, I'm not, I'll just make a VM for that. I'll be doing it mostly out of curiosity because I want to see what's in there. Any help, suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Maybe we could all come together and make something easy to setup for people so that they can analyze their traffic themselves, which might be a big punch in MS's face if something is found that shouldn't be there. So, my idea would be the following:

1. Make a Windows 10 LTSB VM

(Optional) Configure everything according to the article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/configuration/manage-connections-from-windows-operating-system-components-to-microsoft-services

and try to find out what is sent on minimal level, which I would have great interest in. Please note that MS uses for the telemetry-level "Security" the word "includes," so at the end they could still potentially send anything, which is a big concern.

2. Make a certificate for the domain microsoft.com and add it to the certificates.

3. Use a DNS server that redirects the resolution-requests for microsoft.com to something that is under my control (for example an Apache server set up with the private key).

4. Log all the traffic that goes to the server and decrypt it with the private key.

Might that work? Anyone tried something like that?

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Yes, it's literally called a blue pill. Modern AMD-V or VT-x virtualization is entirely transparent, and you can just use a minimal hypervisor underneath that doesn't perform PCI initialization.



>All virtualization software exposes some virtual devices to the OS which can be trivially recognized as such by any modern OS

By default, because it helps with getting the guest OS to run as decently as possible. That default can be changed. As I said, I don't know how you would go about with a QEmu/KVM setting, but fully fooling the guest OS is a possibility since Joanna Rutkowska's work in 2005-2006.


What about React OS?



What about? Go and test and tell us.



It's still in alpha. So it's unstable, featureless, doesn't work fine with any drivers yet and doesn't work well with a lot of software.

File: 7559cdaf11bcd8b⋯.png (8.24 KB, 332x231, 332:231, cdplayer.png)


Hi, I'm posting here on /tech/ because where else can I rant a little? Who knows maybe some of you do UI work and this may touch your thoughts. I'm a dinosaur and I'm still not using touchscreens. And I won't live long enough to use Johnny Mnemonic style VR headset and gloves neither. Anyway here goes:

* Don't make buttons, menus, gauges and other stuff appear and disappear. Disable or enable (grey out) if you must, but never make them ghost in and out from nowhere.

* Don't resize the dialog or its controls automatically. Resizing stuff should be left manual, up to the user.

* If your program or webpage has a "mobile" version then it's assumed that the other version is for desktops: this means mouse and keyboard. Stop giving desktop users your touch optimized interfaces when a mouse pointer is 1000x more accurate than any phonefag's greasy finger.

Thank you very much, have a nice and productive day. Alternatively I'll see you in hell!

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I am a big fan of Olia Lialina's even though I always forget her name writings on UI, and feel like tech designers unending quest to make computers as hidden, transparent and invisible as possible is doing us great disservice.

When it comes to computer screens this quest manifests as treating them as paper emulator which is quite poor at it's job.

Both extremes do it. Console purists treat screen as a teletype, macOS hipsters treat it as glossy magazine.

But screen is a screen is a screen. It is important to recognize it as medium of our message and treat it as such.

Disregarding the externals (wires, power supplies, cases and such) for now, screen is made of pixels, both in computer memory and now physically.

Therefore pixels should be fundamental measure of all things on screen.

I know it's inflexible, but I think benefit of less abstraction between hardware and user worth it. Resulting code simplicity is also a nice bonus. And well executed pixelart just looks fucking gorgeous.



I can't even begin to imagine how would Olia approved UI would look like though. Blinkenlights switcheroo of Altair 8800?



>what is high dpi

>what is technical progress



>modal window cancer

So much worse on Windows. The locked parent window cannot be moved, resized or minimized.

Most Linux software seems to be less lock happy, and in the case where one does modal lock, the parent window can still be somewhat manipulated if you want to get it out of the way.

It has been this way since at least Windows 3.x

More on Windows UI retardation: Scroll wheel focus on click instead of on hover! How did they even come up with this when every 3rd party mouse driver back in the Win95 days did it right?



>modal lock, the parent window can still be somewhat manipulated

Only if the modal window is still within the bounds of the parent. Otherwise you forget which modal belongs to which parent.

File: e8818a977cab53a⋯.png (34.69 KB, 320x240, 4:3, e8818a977cab53a6bb6f7d026d….png)


Is hydrus botnet? It's github page redirects to a MITM'd cianigger/hypno.is version of github and the dev may or may not be a furfag. The software itself uses python and opencv which may or may not be botnet even if brainlet/pajeet tier. From my initial inspection it doesn't seem like botnet outside of the whole source code being MITM'd thing.

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To this day, only Quod Libet can really fulfill my music tagging autism.


File: 48cac568b40cb4d⋯.jpg (194.9 KB, 1224x1445, 72:85, you better not be.jpg)



>lol just make thousands of folders and symlink your images to them

>why would you want to download more images lmao just use the ones you have



gmusic has a quod libet preset.



>1 contributor

Sometimes I wish I wasn't a LARProgrammer.



Not efficient at all when working with thousands of pictures. It's actually easier to use than it seems, but as it's still extremely cumbersome without gazillions of handmade scripts.



I'd like to give it a try, but won't Tagsistant kill my hard drive though with billions of folders and reduntant copies?

File: 077fa1fe0338284⋯.jpg (30.69 KB, 447x380, 447:380, 077fa1fe0338284296e3d08a09….jpg)


foo (bar)


foo ( bar )

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Oh yeah, you're right, forgot about the for loop comma



Best method.


>I want /g/ to backsodus

Agreed. Pack your things and leave, Javanigger.


type foo(bar, baz)
type bar;
type baz;
return baz;


File: 0467541c6a39272⋯.png (349.57 KB, 2372x475, 2372:475, 8chan.png)


This thread is brainlet central


.section .data
.ascii "fag"

.section .text
.globl func
.type func, @function
movl $4, %eax
movl $1, %ebx
movl $op, %ecx
movl $3, %edx
int $0x80

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