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File: 0379fe5140b71ce⋯.jpg (60.1 KB, 711x485, 711:485, 8b731206a02a8a8c2320006a7d….jpg)


Do you believe the Elite have technology that is 500 years ahead of what they give us? I mean I just don't see how they could have secret space programs or anti aging regimens and keep it hush hush

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>The US military would have been fully capable of completely obliterating that entire country with every rice farmer in it.

Dropping some nuclear weapon to kill every "civilian" and winning a war is two different story.


No, because there is no financial reason to develop better technology. Economics 101 :^)



CFR and the Atlantic Council approves this post.



>Catherine Austin Fitts and richard dolan

These are literally CIA nigger disinformation agents.


File: 0e3d40a2196c2e2⋯.jpg (58.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, catherine_austin_fitts_tra….jpg)



>trusting the literal secret tranny Catherine Austin Fitts

That's a man, baby.


What are some good phrases to catch the interest of normies and get them interested in technological issues? For instance, data privacy and free software?

I think the FSF does a good job of coming up with catchphrases, but that's probably solely the work of rms. "Defective by Design" and "Digital Restrictions Management" strike me as two effective phrases. In addition to libre and free software. What about degoogle? That tells people immediately what they do in order to practice better data privacy. Anyone have ideas similar to this? I feel that degoogle is too specific to a particular company, but it works as well.

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glow-in-the-dark niggers can't meme, confirmed right in this thread


Refer to the reply chain started by >>955998. Long story short: You can't save them. Everyone on this site knows this. Just spare yourself the trouble of fighting and accept that the only way out of this shit situation is suicide.



See >>954474

Just call it "Free Market Software"


I think we should focus on making software like Windows 10 look really bad (as it is), most normalfags have only been told "<program> spies on u!", we need to show them what they exactly they collect and make it look scary and unjustifiable (again, as it is). There is nothing special and fancy about free software, and most of the time it's the opposite of fancy, we should only present it as the alternative.

Wrong: Duuuuude install gentoo it's better than Windows

Right: Windows 10 sucks and here's why: https://example.com/articles/data-w10-collects, but you don't have to use W10, $linux_distro is a functional OS that doesn't spy on you at all, and it's open source for anyone to verify it.

Also, anyone have a source on accurate data that Windows 10 collects?, I'm thinking of making an article about it on my website.


I rather like degoogle. It has a nice ring.

File: c4f626392af6156⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1498701013634.png)


As I kid I fucking loved technology, it was always improving and we were seeing massive leaps in what machines were capable of doing. We went from the Atari 2600 all the way up to the PS2 and then everything just seemed to stagnate. Technology no longer improved as much as it just sort of polished things a bit better.

This even happened with the internet where we kept seeing improvements and new ways to use it until we hit social media and immediately it all stagnated and turned to shit on the spot. Instead of having cool games to play on it the internet is now watching someone else replay the same old game over and over or seeing some cam whore play the latest bland as fuck skinner box.

It went from being an exciting thing to explore and see all these awesome new websites to asking myself which company I want to spy on me for an hour. I have super high speed internet and can download a gig in less than 60 seconds... and then the only porn being offered is trannies, interracial or cuckolding. What's even the point of that?

I understand as people get older they start to see newer tech as something they can't understand but that isn't the problem here. It's not that the tech is not understandable, it's that it's devoid of any soul or purpose. There's no excitement, nothing new and interesting. The most interesting thing I've found lately is Neocities which is little more than a Geocities parody. It's so bad that parodying the bad stuff is now one of the exceptional highs.

Any one else just grown to utterly despise technology but it's so inbuilt into who they are there's no real way to disconnect from it without completely restructuring their lives?

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Please tell me you're just baiting and that you're not this fucking retarded/

Carbon is quite flammable, and actually stores more energy than hydrogen. Just do a search for "graphite fire" if you don't believe me. Carbon monoxide is an excellent fuel. It burns cleanly resulting in CO2. If the carbon is from a renewable source there is no harm to the environment, as it is carbon neutral.

Charcoal is almost entirely carbon, and charcoal gasifiers are extremely easy to make. They just partially burn carbon to CO, and in the engine this is burnt to CO2. Is is an extremely clean gas, and requires little or no filtering to give an extremely clean burning fuel. You don't get soot or tar from such extremely simple compounds.

As for running engines on wood, those gasifiers are almost always some kind of downdraft gasifiers. A properly made gasifier gets very hot at the combustion zone, cracking the heavy creosote causing compounds. The few that remain are relatively simple to filter out. There are people that have been running vehicles for years on wood without tar issues. These gasifiers output hydrogen, methanol, and carbon monoxide. What Teslonian man is doing is not really full blown gasification, it's just pyrolysis. He's got a simple retort that he isn't getting very hot, of course he's getting all sorts of sludgy long chain molecules out of it. He gets some usable fuel, but most of it is heavy sludgy creosote also known by the trendy term "bio-crude" that needs to be broken down and refined more.

Charcoal can be used for many of the same processes that coal is used for, and almost all of the ones that coke (which like charcoal, is pretty much pure carbon with some ash forming compounds in it) is used for. One that I mentioned earlier is water slurry fuels. Charcoal is finely powdered, mixed with water, and burnt in diesel engines instead of diesel fuel. It's that simple.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Welcome to "the world". The NWO believes people are naturally animals and only those awake to the real world deserve freedom.

Tech evolved into a coddling device. Those of us that loved to learn it were stuck in a position where we KNOW new releases and device announcements are ploys to keep people employed and make money, not improve life.

If you understand tech and work in it, you're likely unhappy with how much people depend on it and how defensive people get asking for help.

Google advertisements used to show people how to use it to problem solve, but still no one uses it because they want problems solved, they aren't looking for how to solve them



nikola tesla had his patients pulled, and the gov later created a law allowing them to do it going forward, after he started talking to reporters about aether, the vacuum of space, containing an abundance of endless energy to be harnessed with relatively little amounts of electromagnetism ( think about that EM drive ).

They teach us 99% of everything so that 1%, across multiple technologies and science truths, to make it hard to unravel


>and then the only porn being offered is trannies, interracial or cuckolding.

All you're seeing is trannies because you're not clearing your browser cache and pornhub is recommending you shit based on your previous searches and preferences. It's ok to be a sissy cuck anon if that's who you are inside, don't be ashamed and project it out on the structures of your arguments



>Modern technology (and industrial technology overall) has been MADE by (((them))). List any industrial society that is free,

Does the Third Reich ring a bell to you, nigger? and your shit logic that kikes "invented modern technology would imply that kikes have any creativity at all you dumb cunt.

File: c0412d4846c6ed8⋯.png (8.14 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 5a2fcc1978a4fd8474f32804f8….png)


I have information on the so called of death of Terry. Its all centered around Facebook, an easily manipulatable platform. Terry is actually alive, he has faked his own death to escspe an government entity that has been spying on him more anf more recently. They were getting too close to finding out what Terry was planning. I will go ahead and tell you what he was planning since its too late to stop him now. Terry is currently in Europe making his way to the Vatican via hitch-hiking once there he will overthrow the pope and gain control over the church because the popes a nigger cuck. Then he will call down up the men of today to fight for a second crusade to permantly eradicate Islam from the world and destroy the CIA. He will then take his rule as divine king Terry of the world. Then he wil send all the Niggers back to Africa. Its too late to stop him CIA, so dont even try. All i ask of you anons is to prepare to rise up and eradicate islam from the world under the rule of king Terry and the blessing of God almighy amen.

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Are you trolling or just absolutely gullible.


File: d33f7fda266bf3e⋯.png (807.03 KB, 750x1031, 750:1031, furryTrap.png)

You don't care about Terry. You just care about him for the epic memes "CIA nigger" and "glow in the dark."

That's literally it.

If anything, you retards caused his death by approving of his disease and creating a stupid myth around him which ended on donations and livestreams.


Stage 1: Denial



Stage 2: Gas the Discord niggers and the jews


File: f074cc97b8b9052⋯.jpg (23.51 KB, 622x350, 311:175, elvis-featured.jpg)

Of course. They will meet in 64bit heaven and Terry will explain his OS to him while drinking a good ol' bottle of Diet Shasta.

File: 39c50d34798cf52⋯.jpg (62.87 KB, 333x514, 333:514, boydrice.jpg)


Who strikes you as the most important political players in the technology sphere? From what I have read, weev actively develops some of the more radical and press-worthy "right of center" websites on the internet, namely The Daily Stormer and Hatreon. To that effect, Cody Wilson owns Hatreon but I think weev does a lot of the programming and Wilson has garnered a lot of attention in his own right. Read: Defense Distributed and the recent 3D printed gun hysteria. Who am I missing? Are there leftist radicals in tech who aren't hired by some of the major companies like Google and just sold their souls? I feel like those companies are so liberal (not leftist) that they attract some of the power players who care about identity politics shit. Chelsea Manning is definitely left of center but honestly I have no idea what she is even doing. Probably just trying to avoid being assassinated by CIA niggers. And that begs the question whether Julian Assange is left as well? He seems fairly independent from ideological trappings (inb4 Putin's suckbuddy). Snowden is just a good person. Jake Applebaum seems left but he was exiled when rumors spread of him being a pervert or something. The problem with the Western "Left" is that they have so many witch hunts that they expel anyone worth a shit before they can do anything substantial. Amir Taaki is left I suppose because he served in the Rojavan army, but he is more anarchist in the vein of right-wing libertarians/ancaps such as Cody Wilson.

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I would say


The only real hackers that exists are already recruited by the CIA.



what a fucking moron you are.

>politics is futile will never lead to peace

>(((this))) wont change anything

oh wait we have peace in the west

so nothing needs to change since we have peace

and since politics wont change anything, we wont get war either. meditate on that you stupid cunt






File: 0ac71b462b7240d⋯.jpg (142.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1c9207e8f5dee970da63cb6f9f….jpg)



File: c0e379ff3a2690e⋯.png (6.33 KB, 540x344, 135:86, Btrfs_logo-540x344.png)



>btrfs can't detect a drive failure in a RAID array


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>Dedup is gay

I guess you never had a gorillion VMs in your SAN that all have mostly the same few OSes and applications installed?



Why not just use overlays?


File: 917e1b6fb1d25a7⋯.png (95.91 KB, 1009x908, 1009:908, panic.png)


>Listen to some talks from ZFS devs, they've done a lot of work that really helps you out when nasty shit like hard drives or raid controllers lying to you



>ZFS on linux

>implying I said the software has no bugs



When compared to BTRFS?

File: 0c0545ed3be9e8b⋯.png (81.33 KB, 606x365, 606:365, 02 - TrueCrypt Volume Crea….png)


This question has probably been asked 100 times already, but is truecrypt a good program for encryption? I have heard some people saying that it is safe and that they got a NSL (national security letter) which was the reason for their announcement about TC being "unsafe". Others have said that it is not safe, since the believed creator of the program is a known snitch. So is truecrypt safe? And if not, what other encryption program is safe?

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TrueCrypt audit is okay, but don't expect it to update.

Just use VeraCrypt for better compatibility.



Helps if you read the full audit report, anon. It's not like a fucking tweet going "yeah it's okay". They uncovered a couple of minor issues.



>Is truecrypt still safe

More or less, but it's been superseded by VeraCrypt, with advancements in nearly every way.

For example, VeraCrypt provides full disk system encryption on UEFI based systems.



See version 1.18a release notes






CIA nigger detected. But in all serious you are correct.

File: 18cfd553fa2d37e⋯.jpg (177.3 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Screen_Shot_2015-03-17_at_….jpg)


What's the limp bizkit of technology?

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File: 390dcad66ce462a⋯.jpg (123.57 KB, 1767x454, 1767:454, napster.jpg)



post it then



File: 0ed714d99d87579⋯.jpg (74.16 KB, 872x1500, 218:375, 714HdFEp oS._SL1500_.jpg)

Pretty much D.O.A. in 2012


File: ba28bcdf4f8298c⋯.jpg (182.42 KB, 1061x789, 1061:789, Screenshot_20180519-233158….jpg)


Halfbreed niggers are fucking disgusting.

File: 9774a865c06c6e3⋯.png (34.74 KB, 728x352, 91:44, ap_resize.png)


Writing ITT because i have exhausted every other option to find the answer. About a month ago, the verizon wireless network (cdma) 1x,3G, and 4G LTE started blocking all VPN connections after one minute and dropping the data connection. You connect with whatever vpn app, t-oh-are included and its vpn, the connection remains active for one minute, then the connection is dropped and the data logo on the notification bar turns gray and disconnects. About 10 seconds later the data connection to the phone returns and the vpn will connect but again only for one minute and the cycle continues. I have googled and found many comments with people having the same issue but no fix. Also spent 4 hours on the phone with verizon tier 2 and shit tier 3 support. Also nothing, they claim its my phone, yet the same problem happens on 8 different devices on 3 different verizon networks in 4 different tower locations and they refuse to admit it is a network issue. So my question is, how am i able to use a vpn on the verizon network now??? Inb4 use verzions paid vpn. What options do i have? Let us not forget when verzion blocked 4cuck from its mobile network in the past. This problem has also been reported across the entire verizon network, not just the mobile network. Please forgive me, i dont have the means and computer to traceroute and do real research on the issue.

t. poor tex fag

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Don't listen to this guy satellite internet is truly suffering, I would know i lived with it for a few years



No you're the problem thinking you can just beg a multinational corporation that's stolen billions from the most powerful governments in modern history.

You're NAIVE if you think anything but MORE options are best for you. You live in the "land of opportunity", no?

I started an isp after trying to get Verizon in 1000s of locations that had no bandwidth. Even when you're the CIO of a $100b startup, you can't get them to break SOP.

Start a WISP, buy business fiber and resell to your neighbors, support a co-op or local isp and ask them to change a policy.

Verizon is likely blocking ports. Change yours to 8181 or 21, or use wireguard (likely nsa) or get an ipsec going.



>wireguard (likely nsa)

Eat a dick, you insufferable faggot.



change isp.


File: 40e97bb1037f3ca⋯.png (47.11 KB, 3200x3800, 16:19, templeos.png)

File: 444eeef0e563c0c⋯.mp4 (409.31 KB, 640x360, 16:9, DO_IT_LIKE_A_WHITE_MAN.mp4)

File: a30607750692f26⋯.mp4 (3.66 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gcc-nigger.mp4)



Stop browsing Half-Chan and

Install TempleOS

>Ring zero only, no slow privilege changes. TempleOS is blazing fucking fast!



>Single address map, no paging

>Compiled just-in-time during booting

>No networking


>Talk to God

>640x480 and 16 colours, just like GOD intended

File: b36929e915f7a42⋯.jpg (154.54 KB, 1148x917, 164:131, 1492406839339.jpg)


How would you rank these programming accomplishments from most impressive to least impressive. assuming it means for 1 person to create any of them on the list



>cryptocurrency exchange


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Well if you are allowed to fork projects all of these are trivial.



To make sure your font is displayed in every browser, you need to make sure you have:

.EOT (Embedded OpenType, IE8)

.WOFF (new browsers)

.WOFF2 (latest browsers)

.SVG for good measure

It's a fucking mess.



wtf ice cream has bones???



Some do. Most ice cream is deboned at the factory these days.



Is this true?

File: ade5e480b5279fc⋯.png (147.08 KB, 838x838, 1:1, rules.png)

File: 980033e33b2ddba⋯.png (220.54 KB, 1866x978, 311:163, tone police.png)


Let's implement this here!

>No subtle put-downs or unfriendly language. Even if you don’t intend it, this can have a negative impact on others.

>Be kind and friendly. Avoid sarcasm and be careful with jokes — tone is hard to decipher online. If a situation makes it hard to be friendly, stop participating and move on.


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fucking this, it's funny the first few times maybe, but getting called a retarded nigger repeatedly should annoy people into doing their own research instead of sitting and waiting for someone to hand it to them on a silver platter.



>waste time playing kindergarten cop for a bunch of "he did it FIRST" - "no YOU!"

Where does this cancerous idea come from that it doesn't matter who did something first? This is why self-defense is de facto illegal in many places.



>Nobody likes being spoken to in the tone of the red text

I like being treated like a submissive little bitch so fuck you



>He thinks 'climate change' is real

>Muh jewish 'superbug' 'news'

>He thinks 'hand sanitizer' is anything more than carcinogenic perfumes

You're a fucking moron.



This is how gay SO is: In some hashing circlejerk thread I posted some comment saying something like "SO posters like to be pedantic about password hashing because they think it makes them look smart". It was a reply to someone questioning password hashing with 10 billion rounds of sha256 or something. I got a warning email for being Toxic (TM). Funnily enough, I already got into all your shit websites 10 years ago despite your autistic passweord hashing schemes.

File: 18621a6a2880b5f⋯.jpg (102.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, y2k.jpg)


>>Y2K Ubuntu Glitch

These versions of ubuntu what came after the 2000 haven't patched the y2k bug:

Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu 7.10

Ubuntu 7.04

Ubuntu 6.06

Ubuntu 5.10

>>Dont believe me , Test it!

1.Download any of this versions

2.Get Virtual Box By Oracle (Or create a bootable drive)

3.Disable guest addition

4.Set your PC`s time to 12.31.1999 - 11:50 (Give your self 10 mins or how long you need )

5.Boot up Ubuntu

6.Mess around for 5 min

7.The times hits 12.31.1999 - 11:59



10. Gui is dead

20 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Use Redox and shut up faggot



Holy shit, you don't even know how to cross link boards properly.



we're gonna be fucked in much worse ways than a computer time bug man



Yeah I stopped worrying about it when I realized we'll be dead or innawoods by then.


This is without a doubt the most autistic thread i have ever read. OP is posting about a decade old OS and the other autists are arguing about unix time.



Is it time to switch to rust?

87 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 8f19996453fa4d9⋯.jpg (31.06 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 0447b12a328db0f860eceb5b76….jpg)







Here in Norway Patricia is an uncommon first name, but Aas is a common and a very Norwegian surname. Not that I don't find the other stuff suspicious.

t. Snownigger


<We have a Discord server which you can join through this link.


>C+++ community shills literal spyware




>will only speak to a conference with a Code of Conduct

>adults who can't behave will suddenly behave appropriately when someone puts up a poster of the CoC




Patricia Ass Requires Cock. What's the problem here?



2 reasons.

1, they grew up in this shit. Their entire life experience is this kind of pozzed dystopian nightmare. To them it's not an ideology it's just how life is. Same way you don't question eating pork or chicken, what is just is.

2, look at them. They're ugly fuckers with no value in life. The only way these people will ever be top of the food chain is if they melt the entire chain down into a puddle. They have to subvert everything good in a society or they sit at the bottom of it. Drugs aren't degenerate they're cool and hip. Beautiful women aren't attractive, slobs with neon hair are. Men aren't the best and most productive, they're all rapists (except me, I'm not). Their only hope in not being trailer trash tier is subverting everything. They can live on top for a few years while it all collapses but that's better than living at the bottom forever. Live fast, die young sort of mentality.










Jesus Christ nigger, you couldn't identify an actual Jew if your life depended on it. Whites can be cucks as well and support shit like this, like it or not.

File: d65747b86fdcf76⋯.png (269.85 KB, 1352x755, 1352:755, TERRY IS ALIVE.png)

File: 24fd82577cb4407⋯.png (671.7 KB, 2771x1264, 2771:1264, TheTemple_grill_questions_….png)

File: a40270608f56061⋯.png (364.51 KB, 1027x760, 1027:760, a502a6bb55421fa16964352b82….png)


We have to find and cyberlynch them

734 posts and 164 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




Yeah it does. The archive.org files are still being uploaded but the torrent and gdrive links have everything.



link to the gdrive?




nvm found it



>anyone who thinks easily edited screencaps and phone recordings of things that aren't available in any other format are suspicious is trolling

File: 3d32058bc1da723⋯.jpg (878.83 KB, 3938x2120, 1969:1060, AirPods-iPhone-apple-watch….jpg)


Feels good knowing i'll never need to buy or worry about tech ever again. just going to replace what I have with newer versions as the years go by. Oh? You are still wasting mental energy talking about CPUs and Intel vs X haha oh honey I've moved on. My mind is clear

14 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>unironic cyberpunk anarcho-scriptkiddie




>I like technology but I hate consumerism but I only want to talk about computers!

Make a thread about military technology or something or else you're legit retarded


might as well use a mac if you want your drivers to just werk and you're not using any non-normal hardware, plus they look nice and weigh little


no one fixes broken modern macbooks aside from the youtube guy.

if you're using linux or bsds in that mac then that's good. most laptops these days don't get the same screen resolution as it


File: d5f25fb03218b4e⋯.jpg (65.44 KB, 317x318, 317:318, youserious.jpg)


Meeting the demands of their customer base

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