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File: 50f1fa927cdc55a⋯.png (245.34 KB, 741x1024, 741:1024, latency.png)


Look at that lag. Lispmachinefags BTFO. It is literally slower than sending a packet across the planet.


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>So now you have a game that varies from 30fps to 300fps on a typical mid range box and it looks like utter shit because such large framerate variance causes judder.

and now some nignog is gona chime in:

<b-but muh gayme gets over 30fps! over 60!

If the game could consistently meet 60fps, it could do beam racing, which means you have both vsync as well as 0 (vsync induced) input lag.

oh fuck, now someone is gonna say

<wahhh 60fps has too much latency

then put the game to 120fps and make sure it never drops below 120. if your game cant meet a consistent 120fps well guess what that means input lag whenever the frame rate drops. why would you want to play a flaky game? the proper engineering approach would have been for gayme devs to choose a framerate that provides the most acceptable input lag and make the game never fall below that



>No, there is no such point.

It actually does help with some variations of vsync, by giving the algorithm more choices of frame. In some cases, a framerate of 3x actual output frequency is recommended. Note there are also some situations in which a framerate a fraction of an entire FPS just above or below output frequency is best.

>Now that peons have memed their invalid claims about vsync for 20 years we have the misconception that is VRR (gsync/freesync) in every monitor for no reason.

The point of VRR is to shrink granularity of the vsync window, beneath the usual vsync limitation of "evenly divisible by current refresh rate or bust". This eliminates the need to jump from 30 to 60 to 120 FPS at 120Hz, instead seamlessly (lol) tracking the game's FPS as if vsync was off, but without tearing.

There are also other advantages to VRR, such as the ability to sidestep clunky and slow modeswitching when watching video, to see flawless judder-free playback in weird framerates a lot of content uses (i.e.: 23.976, 29.97).


>beam racing

Has nothing to do with tearing, it merely reduces input lag. For this reason, it can also be combined with vsync.

>(vsync induced) input lag

Input lag isn't caused by vsync, but by double buffering. Vsync using correctly implemented triple buffering eliminates such latency:


>why would you want to play a flaky game?

Maybe there are some scenes with little motion, where higher detail is more important, along with other scenes where rapid motion and player response are crucial in preference to detail? Or, perhaps, the game simply is flaky, and the hardware/drivers/OS/game engine handling variable FPS elegantly minimizePost too long. Click here to view the full text.





"b-but windows doesn't matter :(" And neither do you.



>The point of VRR is to shrink granularity of the vsync window, beneath the usual vsync limitation of "evenly divisible by current refresh rate or bust". This eliminates the need to jump from 30 to 60 to 120 FPS at 120Hz, instead seamlessly (lol) tracking the game's FPS as if vsync was off, but without tearing.

Having such a high variance of framerate precludes using the monitor in a strobed mode, which means you get motion blur, which means your retarded 4K monitor is indistinguishable from 480p whenever the image is moving (at all). If VRR worked on strobed modes, the refresh rate variance would be something like 4 (in my head calculation), not 100. Also worth noting: With VRR you also still need to cap the game refresh rate below the monitor's max refresh rate or you get input lag.

The point of being able to drop to 59FPS on a 60Hz monitor without quantizing to 30FPS sounds like bullshit. What I'd guess really happens most of the time is the framerate is dropping down to 40 or some shit (and then the double buffered vsync quantizes this to 30FPS, slightly worse) and the user throws his hands up "OH NOES ITS THE DOUBLE BUFFER I READ ABOUT ON ANANDTECH!". I had an explanation of why VRR doesn't solve input lag any better than beam racing, but I forget, I don't really think of VRR much since it has no appeal.

>beam racing

>Has nothing to do with tearing, it merely reduces input lag. For this reason, it can also be combined with vsync.

well beam racing solves tearing since the whole point is to do it on the vsync signal. it's also the only way to have all of 3: 0 input lag, synchronized video, 0 motion blur

>Input lag isn't caused by vsync, but by double buffering.

Well, input lag is caused by "double buffered vsync", and all forms of "triple buffered vsync". If we wanted to be correct, we'd only mention the word "vsync" when talking about a pin on the VGA cable (and the corresponding signals DVI,HDMI, and DP all have). Unfortunately these shitty hacks aren't well named enough.

>Vsync using correctly implemented triple buffering elimPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>The entire logic of "proper" triple buffered vsync is: "Oh, we can't guarantee a solid 16.66ms render time, so we'll render frames as fast as possible (in the range of 300FPS to 1000FPS, but still drop to 20ms once in a while) to try and have frames that coincidentally are sampled a tiny time before the vsync signal arrives."

BTW, this means that by using "proper" triple buffered vsync, you're admitting that you will still take longer than a frame (20ms vs 16.66) to render sometimes, so you will still get input lag sometimes. Otherwise, you'd be using beam racing (since it does everything 100% perfectly if you can guarantee to meet the framerate). Similar stories apply to VRR IIRC.


Is there any good Android web browser?

Brave is botnet and bloat.

Firefox same.

Everything other seems to be abandonware or retarded.

I currently use CuckCuckGo Browser, but looking for alternatives.

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top kek. Your definition of spyware is so broad that all you have is a cool story bro.



I think the Tablet version has it, I'm not sure.

But if it doesn't, they are always open to suggestions:




Explain what is so 'broad' about the explanation in the link anon provided.

>cool story bro

What are you like still in 2008 gramps.



Firefox Preview (which will become the next regular android firefox) looks very promising

Tor Browser (duh)

File: 7c9d89bda1d94be⋯.pdf (1.32 MB, Steal Back the Internet.pdf)



It's a sustainable actionable plan for stealing back the Internet. It's badly edited, badly put together and probably not complete, but it covers all the basis for getting started.

It's both a proposal and a request for feedback. I'll be making future editions as I refine it.

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(FILE) [2017-09-30] Gopher is amazing great.

(DIR) [2009-03-22] Test

(BIN) dluxspak.exe 1997-Dec-22 02:49 925.6 KB

(DIR) internet

(FILE) good 2003-Nov-18 01:16 1.7 KB


another article about using decentralized networks and whats needed to make it accessible, wow good for you op. Now go look at the 20 different projects and make your choice as to which is best or contribute to one. Since you are apparently completely tech ignorant may i suggest zeronet.



> libgen

The problem with no incentives is that it is not sustainable in the long run. Private tracker is closer but an IPFS-like system would help it using global DHT.


OP is a faggot, we had this already



I've got a problem. How can I obfuscate this problem by making it about blockchain?


I'm more of a C guy. What's the idiomatic C++11 or 14 way of doing this?

Usually in this situation I'd use a FILE* initialized to stdin and then if there was an argument in argv I'd fopen it, check the return and go on with my day.

I'm trying to use the stack to free things for me; RAII or whatever it's called. I don't really need real_fin hanging around if i'm operating on stdin obviously.

sizeof(real_fin) gives me 520

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>

using namespace std;

main(int argc, char **argv)
istream *fin = &cin;
ifstream real_fin;
if (argc == 2)
if (real_fin.bad())
return 1;
fin = &real_fin;
cout << "dumping" << endl;
cout << fin->rdbuf();
cout << endl << "done" << endl;
return 0;

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This looks like the most correct answer. Thanks.



So basically all that refactoring and work produced no discernible advantage. Nice to know.



You're welcome. Keep in mind, while the std::ifstream won't be initialized unless needed, space for the object will still be reserved on the stack in main(). If you really must avoid stack allocation altogether, use this one: >>1070892. (but remember to check for allocation failure before dereferenceing, unlike the example).

if (!fin || !*fin) return 1;



the general idea is that the software is safer and easier to work with, while losing no speed. So you can apply new optimizations in the future, or add on new features, that you would have had to avoid if you'd stuck with C.

The problem with this idea is that Rust is harder to work with than C.


>24 responses, no answer

>the absolute state of /tech/

What are you trying to do OP, simply dump the contents of a textfile?

#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>

int main() {
std::string filename{"FooBar.txt"}, line{};
std::ifstream ifs{filename};
while (std::getline(ifs, line))
std::cout << line << '\n';
is the idiomatic way of doing this in C++. You have deterministic destruction of all containers (such as filestreams & strings) at the function's closing }.

File: e89bb3017e3e8b0⋯.jpg (450.75 KB, 1080x1382, 540:691, Screenshot_20190617-164857….jpg)


Hey dudes. Long story short my isp hopped my fence almost a week ago now to work on pic related (underground cable box?) for what im assuming was to work on our neighbors internet (it has their address on it, not mine). While he was back there he fucked up my internet somehow and customer support is refusing to believe that they did that because its "against policy" to hop fences and is being extremely difficult while i try to get a tech out out here.

TL;DR can i open one of these and turn my internet back on myself? Are there sensors or anything like that that detect tampering?

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We're all very impressed

go back, idiot


Simple solution. Rip all the wires out. Then they HAVE to send someone out, say it was some local teens.




>not blaming jews

You had one job.



That's fucking 1337 dude. Reading EXIF data is some pr0 H4XX0r shit, yo.

File: f61cc875c497d1c⋯.png (67.35 KB, 639x537, 213:179, 2019-06-16-003853_639x537_….png)

File: 24ca4cee65be2dc⋯.png (22.14 KB, 633x152, 633:152, 2019-06-16-003901_633x152_….png)

File: b0082162b22db5a⋯.jpg (10.87 KB, 280x157, 280:157, 5d055de9dda4c8c42d8b457a.JPG)


I believe this is /tech/-related. The NYT Reports US has put Killswitch into Russian Electric Grid. The President has publicly stated that this misinformation he believes is an act of Treason.

NYT Article U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid, the origin of the report, going into technical details: https://archive.is/NZihH

An RT Response titled Hack away! NYT says US planted CYBER KILL SWITCH in Russian power grid… media shrugs: https://archive.is/iR7YW

I am reminded of 2018 when Bloomberg reported that China implemented tiny spying devices disguised as transistors in the US Mil's Mainframes, and no proof followed.

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how is Iran openly hostile?



Iran is quite literally the most hostile nation on earth, don't you even read anon!?


The new york times said Iran hacked Brexit and also they put a killswitch in star wars so if you watch it you can't get abortions anymore and if you google china 3 times then on the 2nd thursday of next month your mother will hurt herself unless you subscribe and like the new york times


Guccifer should have known better than to open that Hillary sex folder.


File: cb8935487217981⋯.jpg (729.55 KB, 1079x1782, 1079:1782, false flag syria iran.jpg)

File: a8d0acaf0837569⋯.png (347.18 KB, 468x508, 117:127, wikileaks trump usa saudi ….png)

File: 48a0ff172b752a4⋯.png (884.61 KB, 723x1227, 241:409, saudi israel usa iran.png)


they aren't but jew media uses Iran to scare arabs into buying overpriced american weaponry.


sure thing retard.

File: 7b8540ba9472e5e⋯.jpg (90.61 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, cvm.jpg)


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someone looked up nudist beach images on google but that's about the worst of it



also why would only one person get a DOST test failing image? nobody except for that one guy said anything about it




If you connect to everything directly without any sort of proxy inbetween (TOR or otherwise) you deserve to be vanned at this point


File: 5755c9cea45708b⋯.jpg (29.79 KB, 645x431, 645:431, linux_user.jpg)


By Brian Fagioli

When it comes to Linux, I prefer my distributions to be no-nonsense -- Fedora is my favorite distro, for instance. Is Fedora boring? Yes, I suppose. But that is sort of why I like it. Look, I just want the damn operating system to take a backseat to my actual work. Fedora with GNOME allows me to focus on my tasks without getting in the way.

Understandably though, some Linux users like to "distro hop" where they are constantly moving between distributions, always wondering if the grass is greener on the other side. And yeah, I get that -- new is fun. People want excitement.

Well, one distro called "Endless OS" has been causing quite the stir in the Linux community thanks to its Debian base and beautifully tweaked GNOME desktop environment. It truly feels like an operating system designed for those who grew up in the smartphone era. It's not radical, but it definitely has sort of a mobile feel without losing focus on functioning as a desktop OS.

Today, Endless OS 3.6.0 sees release, and many Linux users are sure to be excited. It is based on the upcoming Debian 10, which is code-named "Buster." In other words, the included packages are rather bleeding edge.

"Endless OS is based on the GNOME desktop environment , the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, and the Linux kernel. In this release, we have updated the base OS packages to the latest versions from Debian 'buster' (the forthcoming stable release), most desktop components to the versions from GNOME 3.32, and Linux kernel 5.0. This brings new features, performance improvements, hardware support and bug fixes," says The Endless Team.

The team further says, "Previously, when you installed a new app, it was downloaded from the internet to your disk, then copied to a different location on the disk. As a result, you temporarily needed twice as much free disk space as the size of the app in order to install it, and the app was saved to disk twice. Endless OS 3.6 includes a new version of the Flatpak app distribution system with a new performance improvement, developed by Endless and RedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 0cdd74345f0e1ad⋯.jpg (11.89 KB, 300x448, 75:112, Ryder.jpg)



>the SystemD cancer that is fedora


You're supposed to use the main fagioli thread


File: ad3c1234c72e6cd⋯.png (1.61 MB, 948x1006, 474:503, 87y8.png)


>It truly feels like an operating system designed for those who grew up in the smartphone era.


File: 846f39bfbb62402⋯.png (186.17 KB, 1459x2048, 1459:2048, fagioli_white.svg.png)

It is a distro with built-in ransomware. That's awesome.



never heard about that distro before

File: 3c250b8729408ad⋯.jpg (219.09 KB, 1200x777, 400:259, american dream.jpg)


How stable is reactos today?

Can it be used on real hardware today?

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There is a big demand for an open source Windows clone. Unfortunately, many of those who wish for such a system are unwilling to invest development resources into building this outcome.



The only conclusion that the state of ReactOS proves is that there isn't a big development investment going into it. It doesn't prove that people want to actively reject Windows.


Does it run any Windows game up to Win7?



Check out the Wine compatibility database. If it is supported there, then there is a high probability it's supported in ReactOS.


There's no sound output from it in my VM so I may as well stick with wine.

File: 6722809b449538a⋯.jpg (31.42 KB, 328x304, 41:38, Yotsuba.jpg)


When did it turn into a surveillance shithole? It has gstatic, ganalytics and ads everywhere (8chan has their softserve bs but it seems to not track (no xhr/ frames)).

It's been around 8 years since I've gone there so I am out of the loop, but why and when did they go for profit.

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I recall moot get a feminut girlfriend and then replaced all the mods with SJWs.


File: b1ddd768fbaf0f5⋯.png (89.51 KB, 566x356, 283:178, Back_to_cuckchannel.png)



Most (all?) blue boards have the powerad dot ai script.


File: 3c9cb667b3d377c⋯.gif (3.01 KB, 890x123, 890:123, 4chanlogs.gif)

When the boards stopped including a link to the source code at the bottom of every page-- mid-late 2014, I recall. The same time as the mod faggotry appeared with wordfilters, IP bans, etc.



Moot sold halfchan to mr. Hiroshima Nagasaki a while back.

File: fc35d709692f32c⋯.jpg (117.16 KB, 876x719, 876:719, fc35d709692f32cccdf4209722….jpg)


The default set of accepted licenses has been changed [1,2] to:


This means that by default only free software and documentation

will be installable. The "FREE" license group is defined in the

profiles/license_groups file in the Gentoo repository. It contains

licenses that are explicitly approved by the Free Software Foundation,

the Open Source Initiative, or that follow the Free Software


The system wide default for the accepted licenses is controlled by

the ACCEPT_LICENSE variable in /etc/portage/make.conf, or it can be

specified on a per-package basis in /etc/portage/package.license.

For example, to allow the app-arch/unrar and sys-kernel/linux-firmware

packages to be installed, the following lines would have to be added

to /etc/portage/package.license:

app-arch/unrar unRAR

sys-kernel/linux-firmware @BINARY-REDISTRIBUTABLE

If you want to revert to the previous default, add the following line

to /etc/portage/make.conf:


This will permit all licenses, except End User License Agreements that

require reading and signing an acceptance agreement. Note that this

will also accept non-free software and documentation.

See GLEP 23 [3] as well as the make.conf(5) and portage(5) man pages

for the detailed syntax of the ACCEPT_LICENSE variable. Further

information about licenses can be found in the Gentoo Handbook [4]

and on the license groups wiki page [5].

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You know.. it's possible that GNU was stagnet even then. basically no devs and everyone gave up making the kernel

RMS himself said they had lots of issues making the hurd because of the intentionally chaotic way they decided to structure it.

Linux took over development because it was retarded and actually worked.



The Hurd is a different thing and I'm not talking about it in this case. I'm talking about all components that had been ready - libc, bash, gcc, etc. Still talking about jumpstarting Linux as the whole OS, by the kernel is a lie.



Thank you for actually answering my retarded question, as I asked before even finishing your post (you already mentioned it right after that).

Yes, I agree. Saying that the development of the Linux kernel "jump-started" whatever the fuck they mean as "Linux as a whole" is just flat out false. Most of the other components already existed long before Linux was even started.


This is fucking cancer. I see this shit everytime I do anything whatsofuckingever. I don't give a fuck what the licenses are. Linux is so cucked they care about some made up rules in some random country. Yes, I give a fuck about having blobs installed, but UNIX is such braindamaged shit that I will never get around to addressing that issue among the 20 layers of other issues.

!!! The following installed packages are masked:
- sys-kernel/linux-firmware-20190313::gentoo (masked by: linux-firmware no-source-code license(s))
A copy of the 'linux-firmware' license is located at '/usr/portage/licenses/linux-firmware'.

A copy of the 'no-source-code' license is located at '/usr/portage/licenses/no-source-code'.

- app-arch/unrar-5.7.4::gentoo (masked by: unRAR license(s))
A copy of the 'unRAR' license is located at '/usr/portage/licenses/unRAR'.

- app-text/dictd-1.12.1-r2::gentoo (masked by: ISOC-rfc license(s))
A copy of the 'ISOC-rfc' license is located at '/usr/portage/licenses/ISOC-rfc'.

For more information, see the MASKED PACKAGES section in the emerge
man page or refer to the Gentoo Handbook.



I see a PEBCAK issue here.


Is SSD a failed technology? It does not provide any useful benefits, but is more expensive and fail a lot more than HDD

>SSDs under 2-3 years in age have a significantly lower ARR (Annual Replacement Rate) than hard drives. But as the SSD ages, the story changes. In some tests 20% of flash drives developed uncorrectable errors in a four-year period, which is considerably higher than hard drives.

>Additional tests over a 32-month period concluded that 30%-80% of flash drives developed bad blocks during their lifetime, while HDDs developed only 3.5% bad sectors. Since hard drive sectors are smaller than flash drive blocks, HDD sector failures impact less data.

64 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You need to go with him worthless cunt


SSDs are only a no brainer in laptops. On desktops, only use them if you need a fast swap and/or FS or just want to use your M.2 port thus freeing a SATA port.



>no proof it's because of excessive reading

But all my other 5 desktop drives (not use for seeding) works fine, it's just the portable 2.5 inch drives and desktop seeding drives died (within 2 years mind you)

In my use case I just replace the failed one with ssds and continue to use hdd to backup monthly, so I get the best of both world.

>so is SSD, or even worse, they fail totally, without warning

I don't know where you live, but my local shipping company treat my packages like soccer ball, I'd imagine the survival rate of ssd is much higher than hdd in this case.



>so you suggest I should store all my child pornography on cloud storage?

As long as you rclone it with a strong password and strong salt, make sure to keep the file/directory names encrypted, and stay squeaky clean otherwise with the account used for that storage (one crime at a time!) you should be fine.


What a fucking larp

File: e042882399e98f3⋯.jpg (40.52 KB, 800x450, 16:9, brainlettttt.jpg)


Hey, Hi, Hello!

Is this still where the actual tech community for fullchan is? I dropped chan stuff when I picked up a fully functioning adult lifestyle, now I've ruined that so I'm here to ask for comments of a small video project I am making.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I don't do tech nor video stuff if it weren't apparent.

12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



If you want to talk about tech, talk about tech.

But please leave aside the /b/ tier "trolling", "layers of irony", sarcastic one liners and wojaks. This isn't /g/. Every time you post your "please daddy uwu owo" bullshit you're reducing the signal to noise ratio and making this place unattractive for people who actually want to talk about tech. That's the kind of shit that makes 4cuck inferior to here in the first place.

Want to talk about Luke Smith? Fine. Go to 4cuck. They have whole threads about that guy. But don't pretend it's anything more than babby's first Linux tutorial with some memes thrown in to increase the view count.

Seriously, if you don't want to be responsible for shitting up the board, lurk for a while before posting.



It's just your (((opinion))) on what is noise and what is signal.

If you cannot handle the lowest common denominator in a public space, you have your tools to adapt and overcome such as sage, but don't pull some "this land is sacred" horseraddish with me. I only sound like I'm 15 and I have done the same trips around the net that you have I'd wager.




>It's just your (((opinion))) on what is noise and what is signal.

Nah, not really. The people who use and own this board have certain objective values. You might disagree with my assessment of them, but given you admitted you just arrived here, you've got no grounds to dismiss my "opinion" (which you could confirm by lurking or reading the archive and avoid making an ass out of yourself) as not true.

>If you cannot handle the lowest common denominator in a public space

It's not about what I can or cannot handle. It's about what everybody is getting out of the discussion

Sure, you could go to a library, whip out your dick and piss on the shelves, but it's not the best idea in the world. Just as your shitsmear of a thread.



Yes please double down on the cancer daddy jewtube uwu



Excellent. I won't ever apologise though.

How is linux going by the way? I dropped social media in 2015 and finally dropped the linux news in 207. I've been reading mainly man pages, is info a meme?

File: a2fa71e6ef6c791⋯.png (321.85 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, boycott.png)

File: 045e2beaf2493c7⋯.png (268.8 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, boycott-hosts.png)

File: ba207ed540b0820⋯.png (309.79 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, boycott-address.png)


My story:

Last night, I uploaded in regards to the 2019 Christchurch Massacre the Facebook Live stream, the manifesto, and the PDF archived thread.

The Internet Archive removed the video of the 2019 Christchurch Massacure without notice. I emailed them asking why, and told them my intent to reupload. I did. When I woke up this morning, the video was taken down again. I discovered shortly after my account had been locked. I emailed a second time to inquire. Shortly after this email, I discovered that both the manifesto and the archived thread have been set to "required to log-in to view" and have been Geologically censored. The Metadata says France is the region it is not able to be viewed. This does not make sense.

I have sent three emails and not received a single reply. I decided to wait until now for a reply, because I expected now to be a reasonable deadline. They have not replied. As of now, the two remaining files are still censored, and the video is still deleted. I am still unable to log into my Internet Archive account. With this, I am hereby announcing a boycott of the Internet Archive until they stop this censorship!

Spread these flyers, I have contacted multiple media outlets about this censorship, as well as persons involved in high-tech cases such as the EFF whom I hope will side with me and help participate in this boycott. I hope to make a difference. I am but one man, and need help.

The URLs of the files that remain are here:



And the URLs of the video and reupload that are now down

https://aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Which is why IPFS is important


cucks begone


They are cucked since GG, remember to archive.fo and cheekyvideos.net


> Could not connect to the database: User 'libgen_read' has exceeded the 'max_user_connections' resource (current value: 100)


Then give a better approach then you twat



Brenton was just a drop in the sea of Mussies and Commies.





Holy goddamned shit, the idea of this thread is hilariously deranged enough (the video and manifesto will not be lost tot Ike and is not worth every moron who is fascinated with it like a crow to something shiny uploading it themselves). But the complete paranoiac worldview of the ignorant anti Semite is just precious.



>Then give a better approach then you twat

The approach he should have is not being so goddamn autistically clingy about some video of some other autist shooting muslamics.

Unless he's intentionally trying to get regular people to just dislike it all more and go further left.



>they are responding in kind.

I used to agree with you that they shouldn't be invaded and slaughtered. But now they're inside our borders, looting, killing and raping. It doesn't matter what are their reasons, they must be put down. Also no they aren't really responding in kind. White countries (mostly the US) invade them, true, but that isn't all we do. Find me one, just one, mudshit country that welcomes Whites with free money, free food, free housing, immunity from any crimes committed and that censors and jails any of its own citizens that complains too loudly about it.



The video may be for the cause, and Brent is swagger,

BUT as it is shown in this episode of MM, we have kikes in our midst.


File: 0f98ee9d4076376⋯.png (91.64 KB, 500x700, 5:7, botnet.png)


RAM Bleed

<RAM Bleed is a side-channel attack that enables an attacker to read out physical memory belonging to other processes.

<The implications of violating arbitrary privilege boundaries are numerous, and vary in severity based on the other software running on the target machine.

<As an example, in our paper we demonstrate an attack against OpenSSH in which we use RAM Bleed to leak a 2048 bit RSA key.

<However, RAM Bleed can be used for reading other data as well.

<RAM Bleed is based on a previous side channel called Rowhammer, which enables an attacker to flip bits in the memory space of other processes.

<We show in our paper that an attacker, by observing Rowhammer-induced bit flips in her own memory, can deduce the values in nearby DRAM rows.

<Thus, RAM Bleed shifts Rowhammer from being a threat not only to integrity, but confidentiality as well.

<Furthermore, unlike Rowhammer, RAM Bleed does not require persistent bit flips, and is thus effective against ECC memory commonly used by server computers.

<The trend towards increasing DRAM cell density and decreasing capacitor size over the past decades has given rise to a reliability issue known as Rowhammer.

<Specifically, repeated accesses to rows in DRAM can lead to bit flips in neighboring rows (not only the direct neighbors), even if these neighboring rows are not accessed.

<Attackers can exploit these cross process bit flips for a myriad of security breaches.

<Researchers have demonstrated how to abuse Rowhammer for privilege escalation, RSA modulus factorization, and more.

<Previous attacks exploited the Rowhammer effect to write (or flip) bits in the victim's memory.

<RAM Bleed is different in that it uses Rowhammer for reading data stored inside the computer's physical memory.

<As the pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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This is some hella dank OC


File: 33152fdd937c40e⋯.png (89.14 KB, 800x1296, 50:81, pepebookcover23eaudenovich….png)

File: 24e14ef62758ae9⋯.png (45.79 KB, 800x1296, 50:81, pepebookcover08clownsiname….png)

The closest in the comedy series to Russian is the novichok parody, and the clown parody is the closest for CIA


File: 096a2712550dffe⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 386.06 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, pepepaperback01alternative….png)


>This is some hella dank OC


It's not really that dank. The stuff I don't post is better.



>be brainlet polnigger



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