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File: 6ee1608244a39c4⋯.jpg (13.26 KB, 800x600, 4:3, vsc.jpg)


what hellish timeline do we live in where an electron based editor made my microsoft is now the most popular one?

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I'm currently hovering between vis and kakoune. I like the idea of just piping selected text into other programs for formatting etc. and piping it right back&replacing instead of using some bloated scripting framework. If you reach Wizard level and understand that everything is a string and everything is a file, it's immensely powerful and modular.

Kakoune feels a bit bloated though, it tries to be helpful but puts way to much shit on my screen all the time. Also Clippy. The executable of kak is 36mb and has no scripting language and it's written in C++, vis is 300 kb and C, also includes lua. I thought kak is statically linked but it doesn't appear so. Also for some reason it takes half a second to start up which gives me serious emacs vibes.

Downside of vis is no buffers which I am really accustomed to in my workflow. I guess you could script that functionality with files in /tmp/, shouldn't be too hard. Also no completion which is shit not because of speed (barely matters, I type fast and coding isn't mainly typing if you're not pajeet) but because typos simply happen when coding and can be deadly in a language like lua.

Also needing an IDE is pajeet tier. Just like, use your OS. Turn on your screen. lmao, kids these days.



>I like the idea of just piping selected text into other programs for formatting etc. and piping it right back&replacing instead of using some bloated scripting framework

vim can do this too. not sure why it isn't considered. it has completions and buffers and other nice things. startup time is good. my version of vim (8.1 with everything turned on) is 2.7M



File: 9651be4c9ce363a⋯.jpg (3.85 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 9651be4c9ce363af96b10457f6….jpg)


>more RAM fixes latency



This, good to see I am not the only one.

File: 71b4accf914523f⋯.png (11.46 KB, 500x480, 25:24, 71b4accf914523fc81033b30b1….png)


What would that look like? Is that even possible? I would need to

>Use a pure GPL licensed OS that doesn't have a CoC (not BSD because they are 'cuck licensed'

>Use only RISC-V (even Power is too mainstream and "proprietary" for me

>Avoid all forms of out-of-order and speculative execution

>Avoid all peripherals that use binary blobs

>Avoid all programming languages and programs that use said programming languages that have a CoC

>Avoid all proprietary programs and open source programs if they have a CoC

>Do not use any type of DE, as GUIs are bloat, use only the CLI at all times, also use only vi to view and edit text

>Do not use GNU core utilities, they are too bloated, use only Busybox (not Toybox, that uses a BSD cuck license)

>Do not run your native GPL'd OS, instead run another fully GPL'd OS inside a KVM sandbox at all times

>Scratch that last one, KVMs are too insecure, use a full-on software virtual machine without any kind of acceleration (make sure it's fully GPL'd and has no CoC)

>Also run your main GPL'd OS inside a fully GPL'd hypervisor (without a CoC) for maximum security

>Do not plug said computer directly to the internet as that is botnet, instead connect it to another computer over ethernet (making sure that other computer also is ran under a virtual without a CoC and is fully GPL'd, on an OS that is fully GPL'd and has no CoC, and finally under a hypervisor that is fully GPL'd and has no CoC) and use that one as a proxy instead

>Do not use any web browsers as all web browsers are either botnets or cucked, instead use curl to download web ages indirectly to read their contents and also use curl to send POST requests when necessary.

Am I finally a true /tech/nologist guys?

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Has anyone ever tried porting TempleOS to the Amiga AGA?



Why bother when the old school Amiga is just fine already? It's all modern OS that are shit.



>Avoid all programming languages and programs that use said programming languages that have a CoC

Correction: Only use the purest of ANSI C and ASM. Anything else is pure bloat.



>Tho it does have that weird chinese "AI core" on it, but it can likely be ignored.

And you'd be a fool to think so. Presenting oneself as innocuous in the hopes that one will be ignored is, after all, the #1 chink stratagem. What makes you think they'd design hardware any differently?

File: 79683e69ddb2e7e⋯.png (455.28 KB, 800x658, 400:329, 800px-Acme.png)


Acme Thread? Acme Thread.

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You can change how it works, and you don't just have to run code from bars, any text on the screen can be executed. Also it does support the scroll wheel. 9Front supports Emacs through a Linux ABI, but most plan 9 users use Plan9port. I don't know why plan 9 wouldn't support emacs, it's just not AT&T's job to port all the code over to the plan9 libc.

I remember why I muted the word goyim now. It usually means you have nothing of value to contribute (and don't have a clue what you're talking about).



Emacs isn't necessarly GNU Emacs. Look at mg or jasspa.



A real Unix fan would be running NetBSD or OpenBSD.



Why would it be the responsibility of anyone other than a package's maintainers to port it to another operating system? You're basically implying that Emacs is so necessary for the quintessential Unix experience that an OS maintainer would be obligated to port a package that isn't even their own.



The quote "People talk about getting used to a new editor, but over time, it is precisely the opposite that should happen - the editor should get used to us." always stays true.


how to have offsite backups? backup that is stored outside your home

I want both online and offline.

Online - encrypt locally on your PC then send to server. but where? and how to store information to access this server?

Offline - where? put it on flash drive and bury under ground? but it won't be easy to update the backup... and someone could steal your drive.

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File: d8abbac9943eeb7⋯.jpg (138.14 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 1471758767050-0.jpg)


>at last bother to watch video

>fucking finns

Is there any nation with larger meme-per-capita output?



>Good data integrity for 1 to 2 years after write

What kind of fantasy land do your numbers come from?



Best option would be to get a few friends who are geographically separated, each with ZFS pools - then you can sync native-encrypted datasets with zfs-send (faster than rsync), while still being able to scrub your arrays.



>Best option would be to get a few friends who are geographically separated

how to get friends?


how to get GUI version of this shit? and that will work on Windows



From land of not using HDDs you found in garbage dump.

Unless you mean SSD. Then yes, they are useless for cold storage.


>An OpenZFS port of code to Windows is not likely in the foreseeable future.

>2017 ... gave a demo ... 'proof of concept' port to Windows® 10

So no, not in this decade

File: a97d95eceebdb32⋯.png (12.67 KB, 600x600, 1:1, msdos-logo.png)


>ms releases dos source

>some woman makes a PR to remove it all because its crufty



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I remember hosting that shitty Tokumei instance for people on 8ch couple of years ago.



Possibly the most retarded thing I've read on this board, and that's saying a lot considering what a dumpster fire this place has become.



>Trying to LARP as a LARPing /tech/nigger

Wew. Not even the retards here are as retarded as you. >>>/g/



So you can write echo in 153 bytes



And that's the reason I want this world to burn.

File: de86d7ca67e4713⋯.jpeg (51.79 KB, 778x675, 778:675, 898033433d1ee251789d77249….jpeg)


What features would you remove from C++?

What would you add?

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>If I include a binary library then I don't care what I'm including because I'm not going to interact with said 'what' beyond including it.

What. You include something because you use declarations/definitions from "said 'what'". Also, how do you want to include something that is a binary library without a header? Do you want your binaries to include language-level type information? You might as well go to java then.



Python is annoying because it's still retard limited but slow as fuck. I wish Ruby were less gay honestly.


Nothing. C++ is literally the perfect language. Don't even bother debating me, because you are wrong.



>C99 + Classes

Fuck that. C99 + generics.


What features does C++ remove? STUPID PROGRAMMERS !!!! HAHAHA !!! (Learn to program and then talk!



what is more anonymous and safe:

USB 3G modem/dongle vs WIFI router with 3G modem? or something else?

-usb modem has to be connected directly to your PC and you need to install drivers. in theory they could steal your files and encryption password and send it over 3G.

WIFI router would be connected with WIFI so it's safer in that area, it has no access to memory or OS, your WIFI card would need to cooperate with WIFI router to do anything shady. but the problem is, it uses WIFI which is botnet and unsafe. WIFI sends radio signals that can be detected and read outside your home. and someone could hack into your wifi router and use it's internet, especially that routers have backdoors. but it has advantage too, when LEA claims you did something on the internets, you can deny and tell that maybe someone used your router. you cannot say the same if you have 3G USB modem.

-most usb modems are chinese and have chinese botnets.

-usb modems allow you to have more control over modem, more settings.

there is a third option: using router with 3G modem but connecting it over ethernet instead of wifi. but this is very dangerous, UEFI/BIOS/ME/PSP etc they all know how to use ethernet to communicate with (((them))).

fourth option: to use mobile phone as modem or router (not your personal one)

you can also propose something different, non-3G internet that is anonymous.

also which technology to use: GSM/2G, EDGE, 3G, HSPA, HSPA+, 4G? which is easiest to locate, which is hardest to locate? (triangulate)

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>What browser do you use then? Also wouldn't browser fingerprinting make you stand out like a sore thumb? Or don't you use tor for browsing? Curious.


another option is to use simpler safer browser with Torbrowser useragent

and any browser can be run inside Virtual Machine that is Torified. you can have many VM's for different purposes


what should I click on my PC to do that?



/sigh Over half the things that frequent this site will gladly give you bad information just on the chance that you might follow it and crash and burn.

The other half is made up of a few people who try to give relevant advice, lurkers and a whole bunch of people who think they know what they're talking about, might even sound like they know what they're talking about but really have no idea what they are talking about.

My very best advice is; Rule #1: Do not believe anything you see/hear on the interweb. If you do see something that you think might be true, do research, if after a thorough check it seems to be legit remember rule # 1. If after another round of research using different sources it seems legit you may carefully invest a smidgen of belief.

Now you get to decide which type of anon I am.





Nice kvetching.

Always do your own research, but there's actually some decent points in this thread. Anons clarified that anonymity on 3G is basically impossible, while stealing wifi is easy and effective in urban areas.



I'm not jewish though, Just felt like giving advice so I can watch as people flee from it, Its a vice of mine.



But it's bredy good advice so I'll put it in that category since those ratios are about what I've seen too.

File: cf20b41065074c0⋯.jpg (82.8 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, depositphotos_37303789-sto….jpg)


How much control google have over the android? I know if you use any application, website, software etc. that made by google you basically give your information even without knowing it. For example if you use youtube, algorithms create a profile of you and strore it somewhere. Even you go to youtube without login to your google account they can still recommend you the videos you would like. But i want to know can google know what is going on when we use third party apps such as firefox browser?

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>I don't have a phone.

Do you have a landline?



Of course.



I meant a mobile. English isn't my first language.



>Of course.

>I meant a mobile. English isn't my first language.

I have a mobile that I keep at home and don't carry with me. People complain if I don't pickup or answer right away and don't understand why I would not have my phone with me 24/7. Normalfags can not imagine going anywhere without their phone. They can not understand that you might not want to be tracked.


>How much control google have over the android?


absolutely all! piece of imbecile !!! besides that ANDROID is a sovereign trash!

File: 403b6eb822eafa5⋯.jpg (35.37 KB, 484x497, 484:497, 1467572079382.jpg)


The internet of the (immediate) future will be indistinguishable from TV.

You will pay a monthly fee to access several "sites", and pay additional fees for additional sites accessed. These sites will be even plainer and more neutered versions of youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, along with netflix and CNN like news. Youtube will just be a netflix clone. REDDIT will be a non interactive homepage for news, cooking, weather, etc. 4chan will be the new REDDIT. You may be able to create sites, but you can't go beyond existing templates, words filters, and image stocks.

How much would it cost to:

Build and maintain a satellite that would allow everyone within LOS to communicate with everyone else within LOS, with the satelite acting as a server? Goal being an internet that can be accessed anywhere and can only be censored by blowing up the satellite itself. This free internet will (at first?) only be text based to save on memory (and to not deal with the inevitable criminal use of it, like CP)

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I too, dreamed this dream.

Send me an email to me: jasonofspoons@gmail.com




commie would be internationalizing after overthrowing the previous system to nationalize it, and never getting to the internationalize part for reasons that no one would be willing to talk about




>quality post with 0 replies

dat suggestion to unironically implement RFC1149 tho



I know. I' m only using it because its my old account and I dont have my new email server set up.

File: bb1eb816bd374e4⋯.jpg (50.7 KB, 599x617, 599:617, 11245536342.JPG)


Where the heck do I go to buy a burner phone?

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This type of idiocy would be depressing if I didn't expect it.

Look up on the magical interweb uses for a burner phone.

Not going to bother holding a short class on why a burner phone might be necessary.



I'm not saying don't use a burner phone. I'm saying don't expect privacy with a cell phone. It's that simple.


I will throw you a bone. You can now Buy pouches that are as close to RF radiation impermeable that when you stick something with a transmitter in it GPS phone bands Wi-Fi you can't detect it within a few feet. Stick your normal phone that you know is tapped in the bag it disappears from the grid, move randomly many miles, pull out your burner phone from an RF Shield bag turn it on make the call you need to make, smash the phone, move to a new area retrieve your tapped phone.

This is a very simple example. They may be able to piece together that it might have been you or was probably you, But unless you do something stupid it will only be conjecture.


burner phone can be useful if someone wanted to make false bomb alarms

false bomb alarms are expensive for government and people

so it seems evil, right?


How much control google have over the android?

flood detecited

File: f2dafefa521da96⋯.jpg (2.68 MB, 3504x2336, 3:2, 1521397979622.jpg)


>IBM is reportedly near a deal to acquire open-source enterprise software firm Red Hat. The deal could be finalized as early as Sunday. Bloomberg first reported on the negotiations.



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File: f39a752e915daff⋯.jpg (92.64 KB, 511x507, 511:507, handrubbingintensifies.jpg)


File: c2111c298ddcc21⋯.png (639.28 KB, 900x720, 5:4, fellowkids-ibm.png)



It's IBM. Should make it a pajeet.



One more reason (as if there weren't enough already) to operate non-systemd.




But you would rejoice and celebrate if the news was that IBM is taking Thinkpad back from Lenovo, wouldn't you?

File: d349c3024aa8d23⋯.png (368.02 KB, 1690x2047, 1690:2047, freelance.png)


this idea of mine has been floating around for a while, I have doubts on how well this will be received but I'll be glad if you guys like it.



LibbieOS, AKA "Libbie - The Free Virtual Assistant", is a linux distro designed to work as a free alternative to Siri/Cortana/Alexa. No need to worry about government snoops or corporate stooges watching you at every turn, Libbie does what you ask of her and doesn't need to hide anything from you!


The purpose of this distro is to provide a small operating system for embedded devices to function as a free replacement to Alexa. LibbieOS has a series of scripts that can be inputted through voice commands or text terminals to do various functions for whatever you want.

LibbieOS is based on Gentoo Linux, and can be tailored for your needs the way you want it to be.

Example Commands

run <Program>
volume <number or command>
search "<query>"
remind_me_about <date> <time>
set_alarm_for <date> <time>
help <subject>

Author's Notes

I have far too many neat ideas, too little time, and burn out on motivation. Besides, this idea was way too fun to keep holed up in my head, and I wanted to share this with you guys.

by the way, "normal" is relative.

289 posts and 81 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I'll do it. The new archivefag went quite on the fedi, so it's up to the oldfag I guess.





File: 2c9f7efc8a04e03⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 767.56 KB, 2092x1297, 2092:1297, 2c9f7efc8a04e0349738d091ef….png)


Hey, newfag~ Would you like to be the new metafag?


File: 0db17fe91826e3b⋯.jpg (94.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0db17fe91826e3b3cb9cd4e707….jpg)

Why don't we just make Libbie a front end to Mycroft AI?

File: 5b2ce953fff3a62⋯.jpeg (103.87 KB, 923x962, 71:74, 0E056F6D-6A8B-43AF-9133-B….jpeg)


The Raspberry Pi Model 3 A+ Has to be the cheapest desktop computer viable for current updates. You can have a 25 dollar desktop computer that runs most modern software fine. Why would you even buy a $1000 computer anymore?

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



You only need ram if you're building a server farm.


why would you use shit raspberry Pi that doesn't support x86 if you can use old PC or laptop?

and you can connect way more shit to PC than to raspberry

>that runs most modern software fine.

maybe if you meant shit open source software

>Why would you even buy a $1000 computer anymore?

$1000 PC's are for goys and idiots

but you are wrong because the choice is not only between Raspberry or 1000$ PC

you can buy 100$ PC or laptop and it will be way more useful than raspberry


File: ac3697ff82d547b⋯.jpg (108.11 KB, 720x478, 360:239, Raoh_1986movie.jpg)

You can get a used computer for free, and spare parts as well. It can't get cheaper than that. Well, unless someone pays you to take their computer, then it's technically cheaper. At this point in time, hardware from a decade ago can be enough for almost any purpose. You can build a pretty damn good computer and not spend any money at all, and all parts are easily replaceable because people are constantly throwing away shit that still works. This is one of the only good things about living in the dystopian future. Take advantage of that if you can.


File: 7aa1d417b7334f6⋯.png (455.97 KB, 827x593, 827:593, cant take my eyes away fro….png)



Just get an old used computer for cheap or for free

File: 8e00478d7a82c03⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


How good of an operating system is it? What are the pros and cons of using? How good are any of the spin-offs of it, such as AROS?

43 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



That looks like an OS for ARM systems. Not what I'm looking for.


Workbench 3.1 is still decent to use nowadays since I use my 500+ as my main PC for the most part right now. Has upgrades and shit to make it more effective, a good host of modern software to put the M68K CPU to good use. Really you'd need an accelerator to get the most out of it, like a Vampire or similar card.

Terms of spin offs, MorphOS, ApolloOS (for Vampire users), ICAROS. For WB3.1 and shit, Amibian for SBC shit, or UAE for PCs/consoles.



Inferior to TOS!




Not a very good os since it stole ideas from apple


As much as my love my old Amiga it's dead and development is dead. Don't fall down the rabbit hole to waste a bunch of money and become one of those sad boomers that think Commodore will come back any day now.

Amigas are good for games, making pixel art and use as digital typewriter. Everything else is a waste of time.

File: 1e934bdf4d2fe22⋯.png (300.89 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, googledeprecated.png)


Google is now messing so much with the search results that it has become unusable. You can basically no longer find any controversial information, or if you find it, it's like result 7, or even on page 2, when it should be the first result considering the search terms. They are no longer anywhere near a search engine, they are more like a purveyor of politically correct information.

What are some good alternatives? I never liked the way DuckDuckGo presents search results and I've heard some dubious things about their owners. Startpage used to be an alternative but they're just an anonymized google so that won't work any longer.

62 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



What are some good search engines to enable in the searx preferences?




I like the idea but I believe it would be extremely hard to get the project to support phrases (exact string matching) which makes it a non-starter for most queries I make on search engines. I also never understood how to work with its sorting. Or perhaps the project has gotten better in the past few years and I need to try it again and RTFM?


unironically found more of the things i was looking for on wiby.me than on web crawler-based (((search engines)))


Have you tried using dorks?


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