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does not imply SJW.

t. fag



you just described this board tbh



Too bad you're the only somewhat salvageable minority inside that minority.



If it's the Lain I think it is, then it's not a tranny, but a crossdressing turbofaggot.

In the end, the only big difference is doing hormones like a heroin addict and genital mutilation.



Lain most likley browses /tech/ tbh.

Yeah he can sometimes be a turbo tranny but every GNU circlejerker is a bit gay, including myself.

Lain however is deffo not a nigger

File: 31dd9dd5c4aa2a6⋯.png (983.96 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot_20190616_200242.png)


Post your desktops, just no Windoze or macOS

Here's mine

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This thread belongs to >>>/g/ and >>>/rice/


File: 0f5b301c3dd3b6c⋯.png (1 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, wip.png)


now don't be like that anon


I never did understand why /tech doesn't like desktop and battle station threads, as if seeing how others achieve productivity is a bad thing. Just because some users use it as an excuse to larp and seek attention doesn't mean the premise is bad.

Its the same with libre vidya threads and other related topic threads.



>git clone https://gitshit/nihonjin/cuul_stuff/muhdotfiles

Most of desktop threads are very low effort and battle stations aren't even really tech related.






Bad opsec, and also avatarfagging.

File: 1ee7a7c8df25416⋯.png (191.82 KB, 625x548, 625:548, Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at ….png)


Just in time to remind people they don't need overpriced Apple or Intel hardware to run their shit

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Apple's new campus building is just one big but shallow trashcan.



>why macos looks like a linux distribution?

Linux is just a kernel, GNU/Linux is the system. Some DE developers on GNU/Linux get their inspiration from Aqua (the shell of OSX), but that's all. You could make your DE look like whatever you want, even like Windows.


>Technically it's a Unix distribution that's nonfree, but otherwise you're correct.

Total bullshit. Being a Unix-like, certified by UNIX OS have nothing to do with how the system looks. Linux is just a kernel and GNU/Linux is not a UNIX distribution (GNU is Not Unix) and guess what, UNIX didn't have any GUI for a long time.




Literally two faggots.



kek my integrated sound wouldn't work in macos unless it sits exactly on pcie bus 0 slot 1b


File: 098a3f1a7204457⋯.png (181.1 KB, 600x480, 5:4, keep moving.png)

File: 0f3c77b0068f18b⋯.jpeg (587.65 KB, 1622x1484, 811:742, CasioF-91W HP 12C IBM M….jpeg)


What is 'the Casio F-91W' of other tech?

I.e., inexpensive, well-built, reliable, outdated, & iconic.

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Somebody get the radical straight-edge Jehovah's Witness some coffee!!



I had this one! \o/


File: 4e1c395452bd2e6⋯.jpg (159.75 KB, 1024x700, 256:175, 2008-kawasaki-zzr600-22.jpg)



>not kawasaki

You don't want a Ninja brah?



These weren't reliable at all, they literally fell apart after 800 kilometers. Panzer 4s StuG 3s is where it's at.



>mfw americlaps consider even a watch to be outdated


File: b114ef93d270193⋯.png (10.65 KB, 215x212, 215:212, logo.png)


For those who don't know, LynxChan is a new chan engine I have been developing for the past 4 years or so.

Today I started 2.2 beta. It's main feature is the comeback of archives. Not only threads can be archived manually, but also limits for replies can be set for threads to be archived automatically after these limits are passed and the thread is pruned.

On a smaller scale and a more technical aspect was the optimization of ram usage. It should have use 80% to 75% less ram. Boot times have been improved too. And the json api have been merged into the form api too, which should make for a more consolidated api.

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Go requires significantly less memory for its runtime, has similar performance and extremely fast compilation times.

What specific problem do you have where generics are the best solution and the other forms of polymorphism Go has are unsuitable? Or are you just repeating something you read in HN comments?

MS is using Actix for a mystery project? Whoa! You sure told me. I guess we will just have to wait for it to be used in adult software 'Any Day Now'. Also, Actix has 57 contributors. Do their employers own the project too? Does my boss own weekend code? You're fucking dumb, kid.



>What specific problem do you have where generics are the best solution and the other forms of polymorphism Go has are unsuitable?

LOL. The denial is real. You know that Go 2 will have Generics, right?

>MS is using Actix for a mystery project?

I never claimed otherwise. Stop being a faggor.

>Also, Actix has 57 contributors.

None of which have contributed any significant amount. Actix is a one man project paid for by Microsoft.



> If you think that Go is good you are either Cnile or retarded

Neither, I just find both of them to be industrial garbage.

> Cnile

Fuck C too



Ok you are based.

Sorry for calling you a Cnile.


Daily reminder to enjoy your cummies <3



is there some non-shit language that is compilable into machine code?

C and C++ are useless broken shit. C is the reason linux is such a failure. C++ was made by adding some random paradigms and shits into already shitty C.

so what do we have? Pascal and Object Pascal? Ada? anything else? which one to use?

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go back to /g/ zoomer



Good post. This reddit thread appeared from a "nim vs python" search, and I learned a lot from the guys in there arguing back and forth about it:




SML is the white man's PL. Textual languages are shit though. But SML is the best we have for now.

and yes, textual languages are indeed shit, despite some retard non-engineer about to step into this thread and cry about how such a hypothetical language would make it "too easy" to program (it wont, it will just fix a bunch of defects of textual PLs, such as having ASCII/unicode braindamage beinged tied to the PL)



Most likely he became lost in the complexity of Ada and just decided to say he was "unimpressed." It's easier for him to dismiss it, rather than admit he's a brainlet who can scarcely manage python. It's possible, that the anon isn't even white; Ada kills the pajeet.




>unironically shilling Go

Go is cringe tier, as shown in >>1071604.

Even Rust is better (>>1071860), and rust is a tranny language. I advise you go take a swim in the >>>/bog/.

File: 549e6e20ecdee7d⋯.jpg (73.12 KB, 908x577, 908:577, buddhnet.JPG)


To attract young worshippers, an ancient Japanese temple engaged an AI monk - Android Kannon - to deliver religious sermons in multiple languages.

The $900K robot, which was a collaboration between Kyoto’s Kodaiji temple and Hiroshi Ishiguro, an Osaka University intelligent robotics professor, provided its first sermon at the religious landmark on Feb. 23, The Daily Mail reported.


42 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Amazing work anon.


I want to attend those sermons! Of any church in my area, of any faith, installs a sermonbot, I will attend AT LEAST one service. This would get me into a mosque unarmed!


Atheism made this robot which is now used to recite scripted myths to make the superstitious feel safe.

Any further proof needed that AI is the future and humans are on the verge of being replaced?



>You're absolutely right.

I was quoting Miyazaki in regards to an AI animation software because the line's a bit memetic, but I don't disagree with either him or you.



your pic related isnt any worse than the w4m ads written by filipinas

File: ded31c86c5b2617⋯.jpg (195.03 KB, 1260x1920, 21:32, wizard-with-wand.jpg)

File: c3967c891b136d4⋯.jpg (168.67 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, KNnXW4Xh.jpg)

File: 1f1e5256fa71642⋯.jpg (19.72 KB, 363x360, 121:120, 1554437268808.jpg)


vim is so small that it's big


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>good kind of autism



>defending jewtube

>defending OP

Kill yourself nigger



>uses vim once without reading a single book about it

imho it's not all about efficiency though just being able to comfortablely do everything you want to do without taking your hands off the keyboard is much more enjoyable for me and therefore I am more productive, any key bindings that allow that are good, be that GNU/emacs or vi/vim or whatever else


File: aeeda1b40b07e65⋯.jpg (40.06 KB, 604x608, 151:152, 1560564865614.jpg)


emacs does it better though guy


this is poo. literal pajeet fecal matter.

File: 9a5c28fc64d196b⋯.jpg (19.33 KB, 480x460, 24:23, C-09N_eXUAENcw7.jpg)


Do you guys remember how things used to be before we lost it all? I guess the lesson here is to never take things for granted

29 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Nothing actually changed, the corporations just have slightly less leverage in the realm of regulatory capture than they otherwise would.


When will redittors apologize for their scaremongering?



No. That's the joke.


Honestly, what actually happened as a result of this, I'm a mick so I've kinda just watched it from afar, to my knowledge I don't think ISPs have been bundling websites in packages or shit that was foretold, but I don't really know.






As I pointed out upthread, NN isn't entirely dead (lawsuits, state legislation, inter-agency squabbles beyond the FCC, etc.) and the political furor over the NN issue has prevented ISPs from immediately going hog wild with abusive practices in light of continuing public attention focused on them.

Aside from the slow but steady rotting encroachment of caps, throttling, tiering, and neglect of landline "last mile" infrastructure, there probably won't be any big, sudden change.

For instance, look back at the history of what spurred "net neutrality" to become a political buzzword in the first place, back in the 2000s, ISPs tentatively nibbling away at any weak spot they could find:

>MADISON RIVER: In 2005, North Carolina ISP Madison River Communications blocked the voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) service Vonage. Vonage filed a complaint with the FCC after receiving a slew of customer complaints. The FCC stepped in to sanction Madison River and prevent further blocking, but it lacks the authority to stop this kind of abuse today.

>COMCAST: In 2007, the nation’s largest ISP, Comcast, began secretly blocking peer-to-peer technologies that its customers were using over its network. Users of services like BitTorrent and Gnutella were unable to connect to these services. 2007 investigations from the Associated Press, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and others confirmed that Comcast was indeed blocking or slowing file-sharing applications without disclosing this fact to its customers.

>TELUS: In 2005, Canada’s second-largest telecommunications company, Telus, began blocking access to a server that hosted a website supporting a labor strike against the company. Researchers at HarvPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Consider the fox. It’s known for being quick, clever, and untamed — attributes easily applied to its mythical cousin, the “Firefox” of browser fame. Well, Firefox has another trait not found in earthly foxes: stretchiness. (Just look how it circumnavigates the globe.) That fabled flexibility now enables Firefox to adapt once again to a changing environment.

The “Firefox” you’ve always known as a browser is stretching to cover a family of products and services united by putting you and your privacy first. Firefox is a browser AND an encrypted service to send huge files. It’s an easy way to protect your passwords on every device AND an early warning if your email has been part of a data breach. Safe, private, eye-opening. That’s just the beginning of the new Firefox family.

Now Firefox has a new look to support its evolving product line. Today we’re introducing the Firefox parent brand — an icon representing the entire family of products. When you see it, it’s your invitation to join Firefox and gain access to everything we have to offer. That includes the famous Firefox Browser icon for desktop and mobile, and even that icon is getting an update to be rolled out this fall.

Here’s a peek behind the curtain of how the new brand look was born:


19 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



The file name says that dummy


File: 1660b87f06b6dd0⋯.jpg (64.66 KB, 279x372, 3:4, 1552665177458.jpg)

File: 1876f68ac79993b⋯.webm (1.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Terry_where_it_all_went_w….webm)


What a load of bullshit on mozilla article. Who's gonna read that kind of bullshit besides fags, trannies, pajeets, jews?!



>What a load of bullshit on mozilla article. Who's gonna read that kind of bullshit besides fags, trannies, pajeets, jews?!




Basically, even the most sympathetic possible take on the situation is "this was a stupid idea, we told you why it was a stupid idea before you did it, after you ignored us it inevitably backfired exactly the way we said it would, and you responded by doubling down".


File: 2442c1a0262081f⋯.jpg (54.21 KB, 400x400, 1:1, mac.jpg)



This is your thread. You can do and say whatever you want in this thread. Stop derailing other threads.

No one cares what you think about UNIX or C. You might think it fools anyone to larp around quoting yourself with based, but it doesn't. You've not proven any knowledge or proficiency beyond quoting insufferable usenet posts made by academics who were butthurt because they made poor choices with their careers. You aren't posting any facts to support your opinion, so your opinion is shitposting and is against the rules.

>No spamming, sagebombing, shitposting, unwarranted self-identification (ie. signatures, avatars, tripcodes), or making posts advertising or requesting any kind of currency (bitcoin, altcoin, USD, etc), referrals, boards, products, and/or services. Shitposting is defined as a post or thread that doesn't have any meaningful content, indecipherable text (ie. "lol u tk him 2da bar|?") or otherwise contributes nothing toward discussion (ie. posting just to announce sage). It does NOT mean "anything you don't personally like."

If you want to contribute to this board, then you need to have evidence to back up your claims.

You've already been called out about making your own OS. This was your response >>1035593

>I don't have enough time to dedicate to doing so.

You are a shitposter. If you want to shitpost, do it in your own shitty thread.

405 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


The idea of piping came trying to automate telephone operators switching cables between circuits.

Unix (and all Unix like OS) is basically the backbone of the real world. It (and AS400) are what everything runs on. 99% of business. The Unix philosophy is unironically what allows the modern economy to exist.

Arguing against it and its methods not only shows hubris (a classic European trait) because you are somehow smarter than the smartest people on the planet, it shows ignorance. The people in this thread are not just dumb, they're dumb and arrogant. Many probably dislike it simply because its American tech



Where can I download your OS?



Mixing unixtarding with america stronk is a new one.



kys if not trolling. bump for best thread


Why does the Unix hater push Lisp so much? Is he a kike?

File: 8091ec3167eeadd⋯.jpg (102.43 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, skynews-facebook-study_469….jpg)


Facebook is launching a new app called Study which will pay users for their data following a series of scandals about the way the company acquires and handles users' data.

The company was criticised earlier this year when it was revealed to have paid children as young as 13 to install software on their phones which allowed it to collect data on how they used its competitors' apps.

Facebook disputed that the app "spied" on users as they had consented to its terms which allowed it access to every bit of activity on a phone - and participants were paid.

It added that parental consent had been received for the children who installed it.

The controversial programme was shut down following outcry over the app, which was only available on Android phones.

Apple had previously banned Facebook's market research app Onavo, which the social media company acquired for $120m (£91m) in 2014.

It has been reported that it was Onavo which allowed Facebook to spot the enormous growth in WhatsApp before acquiring it for $19bn (£14.5bn) just months later.

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


>users as they had consented to its terms which allowed it access to every bit of activity on a phone - and participants were paid

Boo fucking hoo then. If you eat at McDonalds its not their fault you are a fat piece of shit.



> ifunny.co



It's not the same. Brave ads don't track you. This is, instead, the biggest fucking tracker you could install.



Fuck off with your

>muh terms of service


There's a reason you don't let a heroin seller into a school. Not all people have the intelligence to resist harmful temptations. The person who falls for that could be your mom, your wife, your brother. Plus the lack of privacy becoming normalized makes life harder for the rest of us too.



>Brave ads don't track you.



File: 66e133090532f4d⋯.png (69 KB, 188x266, 94:133, product-box-KISMD.png)


hi /tech/ , im looking for a anti virus software because im autistic and only had Malwarebytes Premium the whole time thinking its an anti virus program as well as anti malware. recommend any? 2 computer engineers i know suggested using the free version of Malwarebytes and to pay for Kaspersky

13 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Even once BSD is installed you will NEVER have a gui.

If you can somehow start X you will become frustrated with the inability to have a working mouse cursor and forget having a functional window manager



Install Guix System and clamav on it.


>im on windows 10

So you're using malware as your OS, but you want to have anti virus?



Linux is just a kernel, whereas GNU/Linux is the system.


Antivirus is unnecessary. It can't protect you against driveby exploits and executables that you don't run can't attack you and you can just upload them to virustotal.com


File: 8f60bc612a0bb13⋯.webm (10.48 MB, 480x270, 16:9, typical wangblows antivir….webm)



By installing Gentoo

File: 71ef447c626d33b⋯.jpg (71.85 KB, 687x416, 687:416, keyboard-uninstall.jpg)


I'm tired of the usual:

apt-get remove --purge packagename

And every OS but Linux seems to have a thousand third-party uninstallers.

Before you ask me if I live under a rock, I mean is there something that's like GDebi, but with the opposite functions?

Should we make one?

10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



ffmpeg is for transcoding, not editing. it does not replace davinci/vegas/premiere/avid.

imagemagick does not replace gimp/photoshop/krita.



Synaptic Package Manager is what you want




> Reddit




>why would you want to have a GUI uninstaller?

Synaptic makes it easy to see which packages are no longer needed, after uninstalling something. For example, when you uninstall a game, Synaptic will tell you if you can now safely remove SDL, OpenAL, a bunch of gay fonts, a dozen libs etc



Would be funny to see the anti-GUI fags draw using the command line, haha. Also, GUI game engines are pretty irreplaceable for game devs.


Full of cringe and fallacious arguments.


>The DEF CON staff and I have mutually agreed that the DEF CON conference will be canceled this year and we will not be hosting future conferences. DEF CON has been an incredible experience for myself and many others and it is very difficult to make this announcement. But, it is time for us to move on to bigger and better things. Over twenty years ago, I organized a party for a small group of friends. That simple get-together spawned what is now the largest and most well known hacker convention. As I said, that was over twenty years ago. Myself, the staff and all the others that have contributed to making DEF CON what is have done a lot of growing, made careers, built businesses, started families. We're not teenagers with enough time on our hands to organize parties for our friends, let alone 10,000 of them.

>I'm sure you've noticed that some of our key staff have retired. It is very difficult to find replacements. The amount of time, frustration, sweat and tears involved makes it a job few will take on. I've considered passing the conference to a younger generation, one that has the time and energy to run it. But, it is just too large and complex for a green crew. I think that it is more fitting that we retire DEF CON now, while it is at its best, than let it collapse under its own weight.

>I've created this site to be the official announcement page. The existing DEF CON site, while it may still have activity, will be archived and retired. Discussion boards will be closed. It is important that we preserve what DEF CON was and its influence on the security community.

>I would like to take a few paragraphs to discuss how we should move forward in a post-DEF CON world and I think it is important for hackers to understand how the security landscape, and the Internet as a whole, has changed over the past few years.

>As I mentioned, all of us have grown since DEF CON started. As you grow, you to start to see the world in a more complex and maturePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



This year will be the first time I am actually able to go to it, and the first convention I will actually attend. I hope it isn't really like this.



I've been rused


File: 34db8e4e0f2e1e2⋯.jpg (93.05 KB, 962x773, 962:773, thumbs_up.jpg)

This is a good example of people reading the headline and replying.

Also why I prefer smarter smaller communities like iswc.pw

Go look at the source code


Congratulations you found the secret message! You're so smart.

Get over it, this is a parody/joke. This is *satire* not to be confused

with my actual beliefs in any way

Apologies that I ripped the art from the actual Defcon page.

Cancellation of Defcon is a loooong running joke. Read the Defcon FAQ.

DT is a really nice guy and he would never say these sorts of things. Or would he?

Nah, I'm sure he wouldn't.

This is not part of a contest - Yawn. Coffee Wars was the only good contest.

This site has been up for many years and I haven't changed the "letter". Yet, I think the

satire still rings true, sadly.

If you thought this was mildly funny you can buy me, Gurney Halleck, a beer.

If you didn't, sorry no refunds.

Have a good time at Defcon.

Go rock out to https://youtu.be/Ny1nM8H6Is4





>that message




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