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File: d27cd656be0f7a0⋯.png (151.03 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ArchLabs_2018-03-24-09_136….png)


>be me

>sheltered ubuntu and mint user for 11 years

>every minimal distro i've tried never just werks like ubuntu/mint

>finds archlabs

>everything works

>200mb memory usage

fuck all you /g/entoo niggers, i'm about to install this shit

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You must have a very high IQ to be able to install arch...

It is a very complicated task, its definitely isn't as easy as copying commands from the wiki or a yt vid.

Please excuse me, I have some chicken mcnuggers to attend to. This Szechuan sauce won't last forever.


Archlabs is very well-done, the integrated desktop and menus beat every DE I've ever used in aesthetic and accesibility terms and it's only slightly heavier than a minimal WM. If you work with media or anything else that doesn't have a purely keyboard workflow, this is the best option for sure.

And for those thinking it's a shortcut to Arch it isn't at all. I've installed Arch with standard installation a few times, and to get Archlabs you have to know the same stuff and understand the steps at the same level, else you'll do shit. The only difference is that they give you an option to click those same commands you'd have to paste from Arch wiki, and have a script at the end offering you some options for basic software.


Recently I've been feeling the need to use minimal distros as well.

I tried i3 now I am autistic.



>Arch or even Gentoo





>guys it's still complex to install I swear

>it's complex so it's good


File: 372416a04d5ffc9⋯.png (47.68 KB, 1200x1289, 1200:1289, 1200px-Mastodon_Logotype_(….png)


Any of you use Mastodon? I'd like to make some friends through it but don't know anyone else who uses it. Furthermore, I want to get my IRL friends to start using it but need some experience with it before I make that happen.

If anything, I'll be your friend. For free.

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He probably meant a fork in the protocol as it is not 100% compatible with GNU / Social.



This. It's a trap



>And by coincidence the original protocol of gnusocial ostatus is being replaced and accepted at W3C by another one which does not make things better.

Except that's a lie. The protocol accepted by the W3C was made by MediaGoblin devs based off of GNUsocial. Nothing to do with Mastodon.

But since you can't make a coherent argument and instead resort to "muh jew nigger le sjw" you probably don't even know what a protocol is.


user of mastodon for a year it's very good. I'm about to self host pleroma, it's lighter and working exactly the same as mastodon.



>Except that's a lie.

No that's how you wish to see the facts, of course GS's protocol isn't replaced it's in "mastodon".

> The protocol accepted by the W3C was made by MediaGoblin devs based off of GNUsocial.

Webber's participation in this EEE scheme is known, ActivityPub doesn't bring anything new and the extension of ideas to have a fully fused video torrent platform that's behind all of this is ludicrously insane and insecure, same shit with the so called private message system that Gargamel integrated in it there's nothing private, all of this is only helping dataminers in general and ISPs are going to feast on the data the most.

>But since you can't make a coherent argument and instead resort to "muh jew nigger le sjw"

There's wasn't even a mention of jews or social justice people.

You are free to not like these facts but there's too much shit in the background of this to say that there isn't anything strange, and please don't try to find shitty excuse like

>he doesn't like daaajjoooos

>he's lacist thus can't make an argument

especially when there's no mention of them, the only mention was about megacorps and sjws.

Megacorps are a menace to freedom that's nothing new. And sjw are a problem they are zealots and puppets to megacorps and each time that there's conflict or open their mouth they prove themselves to be so.

File: 96fdf51c0d2b797⋯.webm (1.47 MB, 900x506, 450:253, you need a dick in your m….webm)


Why are the free as in speech options so dismal?

I needed to get a smartphone for my job and have been doing what little I could to prevent companies from making money by datamining me. But the libre options available in places like F-droid are pathetic. Many can't even open PDF or music files from my SD card while the programs that make money snooping around my phone do.

If people like me who are aware and willing to use free as in speech options and support it wherever possible are having this much trouble, there is no way this movement is going to grow let alone survive.

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I like how the one useful function, Search, is a tiny unlabeled icon. At least it's a logical icon.





>job requires smart phone instead of regular phone

quit job



democracy by definition is just letting the lowest common denominator choose how things are done. nothing coherent can come out of it. for example your little idea of nationalism can't work in such a system because it erodes over time



how naive of a nigger

File: 1084da9c2b78cf3⋯.jpg (16.87 KB, 749x391, 749:391, eoma-computercard1_jpg_pro….jpg)


>eoma68 claims to be free

>eoma68 claims to be modular



what does tech think

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USB 3 DMA & firmware is less botnet and more 'running with scissors bindfolded through a minefield'



No, you won't. You will finish your degree or drop out before you do.



Would it really be that hard to throw an ath9k on there?




You what mate? Who the fuck thought that was a good idea? Was this so they could get displayport in there?



Just a guess, but it could be for getting increased transfer speeds / latency since you don't have to go through another component in the computer to do the DMA for you.

File: 37f41da4ede9ea1⋯.png (2.49 KB, 180x107, 180:107, uptime.png)


What's your longest up time?



For my desktop several months

For my servers a couple years



My Laptop is currently running for 44 days, although I suspend it everytime I'm not using it.


Server is at 2+ months right now


Probably 36 hours. I turn my computer off when I go to sleep or work

File: f0b9e9fe851f032⋯.png (20.59 KB, 618x331, 618:331, maven.png)


Hello. I need guidance regarding an assignment from free pre-internship program for Java that i just joined. I wasn't able to get to the first meeting because I had an exam that i couldnt miss, so now i'm pretty much left empty-handed and I have to complete it in less than 20hours.

Our first assignment is in the picture.

I have to make use of "Maven Apache" to complete this task. I barely started learning Java and now I paused that process to learn what and how to use Maven. How would u create this app? I'm not asking for source code or anything. Just how would u approach this? What would u use (if you were to use basic things from Java) ? I don't need to do any testing with Maven, yet, nor adding dependencies. How would u go for this Java app (newbie style of course) ?

I'm really a beginner to this whole thing, but I also want to learn and hopefully make my way a little higher. Thank you.


Go away pajeet. Do your own homework.



> Helo, mai neim iz nat Pajeet misterr

> remaining products*

Need just a few tips please. Please!


Dude just copy and paste from stackoverflow lmao.


This looks like homework instead of something for work.



File: f3b45e602c9f864⋯.gif (902.59 KB, 224x233, 224:233, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.gif)


>middle click a link

>it doesn't just fucking open in a new tab

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File: caabdc26212f168⋯.png (31.05 KB, 478x220, 239:110, untitled_.PNG)


>OP image literally /b/-tier, could that possibly be a harbinger of an similar quality thread

(You) know one when you see it


>middle click autism thread

What do you do to have the middle button on a thinkpad work to both emulate scroll wheel (if moving trackpoint while pressed) AND work as a normal middle button (when clicked without touching the trackpoint)?



>found the applel brainlet

>they still haven't evolved beyond the stage where a purpose for multiple mouse buttons is impenetrable to their narrowminded disposition



Consider not missing the point next time. If the site uses some JS to handle a button click it's most likely AIDS.


Haven't seen that in a while. IIRC there's some option to turn that off in firecox, maybe middlemouse.contentLoadURL in about.config



you will never need more than 1 mouse button

File: 2953619240b9b04⋯.jpg (101.79 KB, 640x570, 64:57, 3200.jpg)


who wants to late night drunk code

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inverse square root is used for normalizing vectors

basically it transforms m*cos(x), m*sin(x) to cos(x), sin(x)



Yeah, isn't that a part of calculating the reflection angle in a raycasting engine?



#!/usr/bin/env rre
:colour (RGBs--)
d:create [ , ] tri@ #65535 , ; (Stored_as_RGBA)

#65535 #0 #0 'RED colour
#0 #65535 #0 'GREEN colour
#0 #0 #65535 'BLUE colour
#65535 #65535 #65535 'WHITE colour
#65535 #0 #65535 'PINK colour

:2dup over over ;
:p16 dup swap #8 shift putc putc ;
:p32 dup dup dup #24 #16 #8 [ shift putc ] tri@ putc ;
:pix #4 [ fetch-next p16 ] times drop ;
:init 'farbfeld puts p32 p32 ;

#0 sys:argv s:to-number
#1 sys:argv s:to-number
* [ &PINK pix ] times


#!/usr/bin/env rre
:colour (RGBs--)
d:create [ , ] tri@ #65535 , ; (Stored_as_RGBA)

#0 #0 #0 'BLACK colour
#65535 #0 #0 'RED colour
#0 #65535 #0 'GREEN colour
#0 #0 #65535 'BLUE colour
#65535 #65535 #65535 'WHITE colour
#65535 #0 #65535 'PINK colour

:2dup over over ;
:p16 dup swap #8 shift putc putc ;
:p32 dup dup dup #24 #16 #8 [ shift putc ] tri@ putc ;
:pix #4 [ fetch-next p16 ] times drop ;
:init 'farbfeld puts p32 p32 ;

#0 sys:argv s:to-number
#1 sys:argv s:to-number
* [ &PINK pix ] times

File: 59e6f0eb964a548⋯.png (369.47 KB, 1855x1855, 1:1, Wheel-Only-Print-White.png)


A world where no 'reinventing the wheel' is possible. How would it look like?

12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



eevblog board is not a "quality forum", bud



nor is it "obscure" bud


Probably a NWO to be honest, because in order to give people a chance to actually DO the programming (remember, we're talking about "everything" being programmed), you have to offer them basic living first.

They won't have the time and resources to do it if they are devoting most of their energy to earning a wage.

Also I'd hesitate to say that all existing proprietary things would become open source and free to use, as a head-start.

Can you imagine what could be achieved?



Your premise is faulty.

In a world where everything has been programmed, only reinventing the wheel is possible by definition.

You're thinking of a world where nothing at all has been programmed, and to see how that looks you just have to open a history book.



full of NIH

File: c0f0dd13bf3b99f⋯.png (104.69 KB, 630x356, 315:178, Evil_Ellison2.png)


Do you use Java? Did you make money? You now owe Oracle money!

Oracle kept on reopening the case until they found a judge stupid enough to deem Java APIs as not fair use.


Clojure? Scala? Kotlin? All use Java API's as well, Oracle has destroyed the entire ecosystem in one fell swoop.

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That example was a Windows program and no I don't work on Wayland.

>GUI overhead

Yes GUI's normally use more RAM but if you use framebuffers and so on you already HAVE a GUI of your own.

I'm pretty sure that if you smash images on top of each other on your framebuffer you can build windows and so on.

Just rewrite your Firefox to run in framebuffers already and stop hating on GUI stuff.



It's like everybody forgot about tcl / tk which would let you make gui programs in a couple kb,



>It's like everybody forgot about tcl / tk

to be fair, that amnesia was intentional and likely alcohol induced on the part of tcl/tk users



You can't even compile a plain stdio hello_world.c in 2 KB today, unless you go through lots of effort. For that matter, even just a simple "return 42" doesn't fit.


Now 30-some years ago, things were different. You could actually make GUI stuff on Amiga that was small and tight. That ship sailed long ago though.



>Atleast with Go you are rid of garbage collection

Either top shitpost or we should finally burn this shithole to the ground


Realistically speaking, how (in)secure is risky shitposting or viewing/replying in illegal or suspicious threads on 4chan, 8chan and other imageboards?

I figure that 4chan is obviously less safe (no TOR, archives, subpoenas+logs, Google CAPTCHA) but is it even a realistic risk so long as you aren't messing with football or exploding vans?

9 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>not only posting on 8chan with the TOR service with javascript disabled while using a proxy and a VPN that doesn't keep logs located in a third-world country which you paid for with bitcoin that you bought with cash in-person and then sent through multiple anonymizing services

its like you want to be tracked



its like YOU want to be tracked




yea no site ever gets DOSd



Why would you use a VPN with that? It only makes you less secure.



As opposed to Endchan, Mewch and Lainchan who prize their users privacy so much they are going to completely ignore DMCA and even FOSTA.

Whoever isn't willing to be arrested in your behalf doesn't deserve your respect. Fuck Jim!

File: 109cd63af071846⋯.png (41.77 KB, 400x400, 1:1, proton.png)


Obviously you're never going to keep out Big Brother, but what's the best email provider to keep corporations like Kikerosoft and Jewgle out of your business?

62 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Funny story for you guys:

Logged on to this ancient hotmail account I have to send an email to an old coworker. I decided to add a joke title that involved a string of.. problematic words such as bomb, terrorist, jihad, etc.

Upon attempting to send, the email went into drafts and stayed there for half an hour along with some bullshit message that was pretty much saying "your email needs to be verified" or something along those lines.

GG M$!



That's my biggest issue with cock.li. Sending emails to normalfaggots is unreliable as I've discovered many times. Gmail simply does not let them receive my mails sometimes, and I suspected it didn't let them send to my address on occasion as well.



They want you to verify because you're logging into an ancient account, the system will think you're a spambot using harvested user:pass combinations. Fucking retard.



>free/libre JS

>A small yearly fee.

>encrypted storage optional.

>gpg encryption supported.

>Multiple mail clients supported.

It's honestly much better than Proton and Tutanota since they're web only and require loading of nonfree JS. I use it and love it.



No dipshit, I didn't mean that I don't log in or send emails thorugh it, I just said that I've had that account for a really long time.

It has never, ever done such a thing with any other email ever before.

The exact message I got while waiting for half a fucking hour was "Your message will be sent, but we're not quite ready yet."


cock.li or sdf.org

Email is insecure by design, baking encryption into the platform is like putting make-up on a pig. If you absolutely need to send something mission-critical over email, use PGP.

File: 35a8e41f531e453⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 450x249, 150:83, hell-froze-over.jpg)


AV1 finally finalized


FFMPEG getting support ready.


This is it gentleman. Time to start reencoding your chinese cartoons.



Here is the 607 page PDF is anyone is interested.



Smelly, dumb, halfcuck scum



Oh great. Another codec I'll have to avoid while searching for movie torrents that are compatible with my legacy hardware.



dont worry you'll still be able to take a 20GB nuCodec and convert it into a 700GB mpeg


Great, now to wait until the encoder is optimized enough to do at least 1 minute per frame without dedicated hardware.

File: fa01f966ab92ef4⋯.png (4.54 KB, 254x148, 127:74, save_page_we.png)


The big problem with the web archive sites, is that they must comply with DMCA takedowns on a regular basis, they are susceptible to censorship.

The big problem with saving the page yourself, is that it can't be verified, nobody trust's you.

This made me think, what if a site was created, that does nothing but archive and share the hashes? The site downloads the web page and all it's content like a normal archiver would, but instead of sharing the site, it simply shares and store's the hash, but delete's the content.

A user would create the archive on thier own with a format that matches the archive verification site. The user would then request the site to verify and and archive the hash. The user would not upload their version of the archive, the site would generate it on it's own. The user would then check that their hash match's the verification site's hash (which it should if everything went smoothly).

The user would then be able to freely share this webpage, and avoid censorship, and this shared web page could be verified as accurate by anyone that wants, just like archive.is and the rest are assumed to be accurate with the contents of their archive, only the archive site only verifies that hash.

I wanted to bounce this idea.

The big keypoint here, is weather or not a hash is considered copyrighted content. If I hash a proprietary file, or website, or anything else proprietary, is the hash still protected by the original file's copyright? Everything I've been able to find on this says no.

The other issue is matching the format between the user's browser and the verification site, so that the hashes line up in the first place. maff & mht look like they are dead. This would require a good amount of work, but there are already extentions to save the web page into a single file,


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I get it, you ideafag.

>add on that archives web pages

>user installs said browser add on

>user saves snapshot(s) of websites

>website 404'd

>user2 wants to access 404'd website - and had the same add on installed

>user2 pulls from user1 through the add on

Problems that arise

>MitM from dns, isp, or native malware toolbars

>MitM from cuckflare

content might not be the same as the true original

how do you verify it?

are you imagining a crawler with torrent?

who verifies the content is it native or a certain server (like torrent trackers)



this whole thing is reliant on central trusted server.

>website 404'd

>user2 wants to access 404'd website - and had the same add on installed

>user2 pulls from user1 through the add on

i don't think it would be happening with add-ons, this would be either a dedicated client (method 2) or straight website (method 1)

-user1 downloads gpg signed archive (method1) from trusted server or user.

-user1 generates archive themselves, uploads to trusted server/user, receives gpg signed archive back which includes their original archive + diffs from what the server received (method 2)

-user1 shares their gpg signed archive with user2

-user2 verifies authenticity with gpg.

it's up to user1 to share the archive however they want, the trusted server/user only provides it once, the whole point of this is to be resilient to takedowns.




that's interesting. can pretty much run that and sign it with gpg and there's method1. method 1 isn't that complicated to begin with though, this just does it differently. it's more bloat than I had planned but it's good to look at, haven't seen that before.

my plan for this is to make it completely independent of the website.

url -> archiver -> archive file (method 1)

url + client archive -> archiver -> archive file (method 2)

how it gets the input and how it deals with the output should be outside of the scope and a separate project

File: d40517633f36ee9⋯.jpg (30.6 KB, 400x353, 400:353, 1496311758567.jpg)


Because it is 2018 and people have forgotten how to static HTML. All that lovely rendering code in your browser goes unused as people rewrite it in Javascript, badly; or even in C++ and then compile to web assembly, that’s all the rage now, because why stick with one layer of abstraction when you can involve three?

Oh, and of course everyone rolls their own, so that website with the dancing pigs not only has its own stack, but also one for every ad and tracking network it pulls in. It takes a whole lot of javascript to provide that transparent pixel!

The situation is no better on the server side, of course. Why write static HTML for your pageful of text when you can have a web framework pulling C++ from a SQL database, compiling it to web assembly on the fly and vomiting forth to the browser just in time because someone might want their flying unicorn background to have different colour sparkles and pointing those people at a different static location is just gauche.

No, I’m not bitter, far from it. It all makes work for the working man to do.

70 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



We had websites made in Flash and Java before js/html5 took over.



Java wasn't used much, and the flash stuff wasn't nearly as widespread as the JS/HTML5 crap today. If a site used that shit, I could pretty much just write it off and not care. I even used non-JS browser for my credit union and ebay around 1999-2003. I would turn off JS in Netscape anyway because it crashed so much with that on. But I could pretty much browse most places in Lynx those days and it was comfy.



Dreamweaver had some pretty neat ways for generating clean static webpages with templates though. Also Dreamweaver was a 'dream' compared to anything frontpage rendered.



>browse most places in Lynx those days and it was comfy.

Sounds very suspicious, like something a terrorist would do. I'm going to have to bring you into the station for a chat.




>Desktop App

>In Standard HTML+CSS

Basically a web browser - javascript - urlbar for each app. Servers will serve this standard html to your 'desktop app' via http b/c its standard and wide spread. What should we call this desktop app? I am going to call it a 'single purpose webbrowser', but you can just call it electron.

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