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I just skimmed the recently published Harvard CS50 lectures, is this really what Americans think Computer Science is? It feels like a Bootcamp for autists honestly. Is there a course for people that don't want to spend 4 hours building a website but want to learn about algorithms, formal language (and grammar) theory, etc., or is gamedev and webdev all it comes down to in the end? Really considering electrical engineering

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Lots of programming and webshit courses have been calling themselves "computer science" for decades now. Make sure the course lists real CS concepts or even go for TCS.



>you shouldn't eat shit, you should eat shit


Computer Engneering



Knowing C is pretty relevant to CS education, courses can just assume you know it and offer optional courses for non majors



>>starting on C and ASM, compulsory


>none of that is relevant to CS education aside from learning C and ASM.


>Knowing C is pretty relevant to CS education

C is anti-CS education that shits on more than sixty years of computer science including OS design and non-PDP-11 hardware and it was only allowed to be taught because of widespread computer illiteracy. Incompetent "decision makers" replaced real CS with C and UNIX bullshit because UNIX companies like AT&T needed thousands of "programmers" because C was so unproductive. It's the opposite of how innovation and advances work in any other field. C is also so full of special cases and bullshit "rules" that instead of teaching general concepts and several languages like they used to, they had to focus on a single language. C is complex not because it does a lot of things (like e.g. Common Lisp), but because it's badly designed.

The complexity in Common Lisp reduces complexity for the programmer by creating "frameworks" that anyone can extend, like macros, streams, setf expanders, condition handling, and generic functions, but the complexity in C increases complexity for the programmer by making everyone avoid problems that don't even exist in assembly language. C was "designed" to be hard to replace by using shitty "techniques" like null-terminated strings and array decay that nobody else was stupid enough to do. At that time, there was a lot of work on tagged architectures and array descriptors that do bounds checking automatically, like Lisp machines, so C took a big shit on hardware development too. I also want to be able to understand every single line of code that runs on my machine, and the fact that C needs tens of millions of lines of code to do anything and so much redundancy and reinvention of wheels gets in the way of that.

I originally found Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: ad26ced7802fab5⋯.jpg (4.6 KB, 200x200, 1:1, dpkg-package-manager.jpg)


Innocent question here:

Why doesn't any Linux distro have an installation paradigm like MacOS or even Windows ? Why are there so many different package management methods ?

Installing from terminal, e.g. via na .sh file or whatever is really not user friendly at all and it just baffles me why no project has really done anything about this.

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>Why doesn't any Linux distro have an [installation shit]

Ubuntu, Fedora, etc have for at least 15 years.

>MacOS or even Windows ?

what are you even implying?


File: 954e4cd7a09b4eb⋯.jpg (37.9 KB, 625x626, 625:626, premiukm bait.jpg)

>hurr durr da terminal is too scary

>b-buh muh big clickable buttons

the absolute state of /tech/. this HAS to be bait.




Not offering a GUI for user-facing tasks is bad design, CLI is good for automation and uncommon use cases but it's simply inefficient for most users' workflows.



I vote for

"There should be only two types of "installation", everything else is haram:

> statically compiled binary packages

> source packages

On top of that we should get rid of the notion that every distribution has its own package manager. There should be one objectively best package manager with one distributed/decentralized software repository from which all distributions pull the packages."


File: cb7b2a033db50be⋯.jpg (110.69 KB, 799x529, 799:529, 800px-Declaration_of_Indep….jpg)

File: ed7ea033b5e1249⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 606.53 KB, 1302x1776, 217:296, Screenshot_2018-10-01 Bore….jpg)

File: 5cf960b08fcffd3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 1302x4198, 651:2099, Screenshot_2018-10-01 Bore….jpg)


I'm one of those people who saves images off of *booru-type boards, and while I tried to keep it organized I inevitably found myself with folder like "good1", "good17", "abs", etc.

Well, I noticed my sloppy habits were using lots of HDD space, so I wrote a little bash script which would put all the images in one central folder, md5 them, then link them in my categories. Saved some HDD space.

But then I f'd up, and accidentally scrambled my folders. With everything in one big fat disorganized folder with md5 names I really didn't want to put effort into sorting them... ... So I wrote another script which would scrape various booru sites and get the tags for the images I had, dumping them into a text file. I didn't know what to do with it, but I knew it was a good step.

A week later I went back and made another script that would create and populate folder based on searches I threw at it. I could just run something like "prondir big_breasts flat_chest -o bigandsmall", and it worked nicely!

But this was ugly. I like nice things. So this morning I started the bare bones of a proper SQL database, tossed a custom MVC CMS I wrote into it, jammed my tag database in there, and put together a mini-site for my glorious porn browsing.

Then I made it nicer... and I started adding features. I crossed the event horizon of "this is for me" into "hey, I think this could be a thing?" It's only day 1 into "formal" development, but I re-wrote my Bash stuff into PHP, and started on features that I would want. E.g; when you view an image it will also recommend images you might also be interested in.

So, if I keep going on this thing - what would anyone want to see in a new booru board? Since it's only got bare bones, there's not any tech debt, planning now around what everyone wants seems like an idea.

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> Not Hydrus



Mostly because my un-option was command-line and scripted, not GUI.


Pushing my little update back a couple days; I've been committing most of the changes, but the proper changelog will need to wait.


Still working on stuff, but here's some of what's been going on.

- Debug Mode is now a config option instead of something special.

- System errors will now always be printed.

- background processes now use site PHP ini file.

- Some post metadata is now being shown, more/less what I needed for development purposes.

Scrapers are now up-and-running in the background;

- Scrapers no longer reports site URL in agent string (fixes cloudflare block)

- Scrapers are now much more efficient, cutting queries in half and using Dapi when possible.

- Scrapers are now sharing a generic codebase mostly based on Dapi, with extras for non-compliant sites

- Scrapers respect rate-limiting to avoid 504 errors. Rate limiting is tracked per-scraper, running multiple scrapers is only as slow as the slowest individual scraper. Time included processing other scrapers is factored in, so scrapers doesn't wait any longer than needed.

- Rule34.xxx, Danbooru, E621, and Gelbooru now have scraper plugins. Safebooru removed. All scrapers are rate-limited at 1 post/second.

- Automatic scraping is using geometric scheduling per-post. As posts get older and it's less likely a source has added tags, the scraper will run less frequently over time.

Borehole should be usable with test installations now, with limited functionality. Installation, importing images, then auto-tagging should offer a browsable experience. I'm currently prepping a demo installation, but it's running on a potato and I have annoying logistics so it's taking some more time than I hoped.


i actually got through this thread without fappan

nofap is hard

File: 63ec737862b7667⋯.jpeg (61.22 KB, 986x811, 986:811, thumbsup.jpeg)


> Just wrote my first linkedlist struct in C

> Totally recursive

It's a good day.

Check it out/give me feedback: https://termbin.com/7dan

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Wrong. It is used in Haskell all the time.



You have to be good at c to be able to write it this badly.



lol, why are you even declaring a pointer in your first function, just return from malloc because it already returns a pointer anyways.



So that he can initialize the cons cell.



You're right.

My dumb ass error.

File: 8b16b325e45843c⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 2236x1292, 559:323, front_bays.jpg)


What do you have installed in your case's front bays (5.25"/3.25")?

Or are you one of the neophytes who uses a case without any bays but just front fans?

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>putting all the EMI your USB circuit catches directly into your DAC




>EMI being significant

Nice meme, up there with Audioquest cables.


What good card reader for a 5.25" bay can you recommend? Looked at some but they seem to support SD cards of only up to 64MiB, why is that? What do you use to read larger cards?


File: 459c2aa1b4bfe2b⋯.jpg (6.48 KB, 260x194, 130:97, 459c2aa1b4bfe2b85f875c1616….jpg)


confirmed amateur retard


File: f7e430e3ba57dea⋯.jpg (4.81 MB, 4096x2304, 16:9, IMG_20190202_050320.jpg)


drawer for my screwdrivers, usb keys, loose screws, etc, and of course a disc drive

would definitely get a second drawer and a 3.5" + 2.5" drive slot if I had the room for it

File: 396c9275a9728c3⋯.png (257.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pic.png)


>upper left: *ERROR* *ERROR* *ERROR* *ERROR* *ERROR*

>right of that: text running over lines and overlapping other text

>below upper left: horribly pixellated buttons


>right of that: image viewer that shows the same fucking thumbnail for every image.


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Why are you installing random untrusted programs?




Are you personally auditing the source code of every single program and library running on your machine?

Are you absolutely sure no program is exploiting a bug in another program/library to keylog you via the X server?



You could say the same about Windows. Except it might be closer to the truth if you ignore everything after 7. Still retarded, just not as much.



>look, it's the same complainist who ran reactos on a vm

Whatever, hamguy.

File: 2c28e3f78874ac3⋯.pdf (1.97 MB, Master_Pad_Deluxe.pdf)

File: ec625b6a61aa364⋯.jpg (16.42 KB, 360x254, 180:127, ph_audio_video_electronics….jpg)

File: 4d780b8c317f744⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 225x150, 3:2, s-l225.jpg)


Many bits of tech have been preserved, some even have dedicated communities for modding to keep em working far longer than consumer crap was designed to last. On the other hand, much has vanished into obscurity... into landfills or private collections.

Had this specific Vtech laptop when I was much younger, all I can find on it nowadays is the owners manual and two blurry thumbnails. Couldn't even tell you what cpu is inside it as this was before ARM started creaming everybody.

What sort almost entirely obscure shit can any of you think of? Game consoles need not apply, you can even find bios dumps and an SDK for an Apple Pippin if you look hard enough.

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Pocket computer did you say? How about those old Radio Shack "pocket computers"? Always wanted one to play with, never got one


Saw a pile of pre-Lenovo thinkpads at a junk shop a few months back, and I wish I had picked one up. Didn't want to drop the $20 though, but if I see one again I'll nab it. Those things are stupid fucking sturdy.

I do a lot of obsolete audio and video tech. I've got 78 and 80rpm shellac, Diamond Discs, all major speeds and sizes in vinyl, Pathe discs, Standard Disc Records, assorted flexidiscs and related formats, piano rolls for nearly every machine, a small collection of nickelodeon rolls for which an extant player isn't even known to exist, 8-track, reel to reel in several flavors, cassettes out the rear, CED, laser disc, betamax, 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, and Super 16mm film, 35mm film, and VHS (I hate having to call that obsolete now). Still dozens of formats I haven't gotten a representative of yet. I also hoard tube type radios and television, stereo consoles, clock-radios, and any other interesting old tech I can find.


I don't know if it's burger only, but happened to me, my brother, and my sister. Hell in my sister's case she had moved out, but mom didn't like her housekeeping so she went up and threw a bunch of her clutter away while she was gone. I have to work very jealously to protect my collection.



Everything just seemed better in those days. Movies felt like they had more depth. I'm probably just imagining it.


>I have to work very jealously to protect my collection

>not having a lock on your room where only you have they key

Seriously though as a burger myself I have never had this problem. No one ever tried to throw away anything I owned but they did try stealing my shit multiple times like a pack of feral niggers.



>I'm probably just imagining it.

Yeah, aside from minor points like the degradation aesthetic and the sounds of certain loaders, the entire ecosystem was a mess that I have no yearning to experience it again. Those things can get filled up with unspooled tapes in Hell AFAIC.


There were tons of people keeping old tech alive before Apphole came along and said "DRINK SOY! MAKE MOBLE APPS!!! YOU DONT NEED TO REPAIR IT!!!! BUY A NEW ONE EVERY YEAR!!!"

But people still have Ataris and Tube radios, and all kinds of other shit lying around. So theres that ;)

File: a553f5407847289⋯.png (109.89 KB, 800x445, 160:89, Untitled.png)


Anyone platform which upholds freedom of speech is censored by (((the powers that be))). There are two avenues to this - withdraw or threaten to withdraw payment channels unless censorship demands are met, i.e. gab removing posts from Patrick Little. Fiat channels are gatewayed and to use them is to be at the mercy of paypal, VISA, the banks, and governments.

The solution? Use cryptocurrency - specifically DAI. DAI provides all of the benefits of BTC while maintaining price parity with the US dollar. Each DAI is backed by ETH collateral sitting in a smart contract and stays stable even if the collateral does not (the particular ways it accomplishes this will not be explained here, but you can check the price history if you don't believe the system works). It does NOT use a bank & has ZERO counterparty risk.

It is NOT private, but zk (zero knowledge) DAI has been successfully implemented so things may change in the future. DAI can be sold for ETH and then XMR and then USD, so it can be extracted back into USD privately to meet any real world obligations.

The other avenue is to cut hosting entirely. I think this is a secondary issue as even gab, piratebay somehow manage to stay online, with occasional interruptions. The solution here is to put the service on something like a TOR hidden service or to distribute the contents between the users (like ZeroNet).


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Out of all the GNU projects with misguided goals, GNU Taler is the worst. This whole crypto-currency thing doesn't work with massive centralized servers, and it certainly doesn't work with shit like this


>Taler was built with the goal of fighting corruption and supporting taxation. With Taler, the receiver of any form of payment is easily identified by the government, and the merchant can be compelled to provide the contract that was accepted by the customer. Governments can use this data to tax businesses and individuals based on their income, making tax evasion and black markets less viable.

Frankly, Taler is so harmful that crypto-currency advocates should just not donate to GNU.



It's about more than the money. The money is an issue, and yes, using privacy-centric crypto, and handling it yourself (no big exchange to censor you) is the key. The other issue is the platform. Pretty much we need to take "muh dark webs" and take all of the interesting cool stuff there, by default. Normalize a decentralized, privacy-centric web 3.0 ( or have we moved to 4.0? I don't keep up with synergistigly emerging buzzwords on the bluetooth-enabled IoT ;) )



> Normalize it

Why not /pol/arize it? Get GabFags to start using alternatives much like BitChute and Pawoo and Minds and Voat and the rest?


Kill jewes.


Its a Jew vs Jew world anon, a couple of the high ranking Jews have to get mad at other Jews for treating the Goyim badly.

Then, THEN we will have places to go when deplatformed.

File: b5c0e56af1da5be⋯.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424, 75:106, dancing terry.gif)


So someone made a very detailed hour and a half documentary on terry.


44 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 16b5cb334f2d0a8⋯.png (610.21 KB, 1265x714, 1265:714, 4chanFilenames.png)


Pic related is displayed, saying that 4chan users denied his death.

I actually think that this comment is quite interesting: "... a warning about the way that they Internet can encourage the mentally ill to even greater harmful behavior and attract the attention of those hoping to encourage their illness...". Feminism, anyone? Transsexuals?



That post is from here.


Sub 1m post id is not halfchan.


He also did a video on the Time Cube guy.


File: b71314967d67f26⋯.png (881.96 KB, 1391x216, 1391:216, Neptop_2019_01_03_12-38-44….png)



>The Temple

Could it be the fellow running this Matrix room?

He goes by the name "templeterry"



RIP "get woke go broke".

Long live "Bash Fash Get Cash"



Actually, AMD Products are very unreliable. AMD Products have a known history of causing fires and explosions. For maximum safety, performance and reliability, Intel Products are the way to go. This is why I always purchase Intel Products.


I miss the free form insanity of the old internet, I miss the care free fun of it all. Nothing feels natural anymore, everything feels moulded, controlled, and quieted.

What do you all miss from the days of old? What do you feel can be done to bring that back? We need an exodus from the current hell we've imprisoned ourselves in, we need a new frontier.

52 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Ignoring the terrible attempt at derailing the discussion here, some of you are making really great points and it would be nice to work with you guys to help build something interesting to try and change things up a bit.


I fully agree with you on that, people need to start hosting and controlling their own content. Bringing that sort of thing back would be really interesting so long as you can find the community of people to share with. I have a nice group of people that helps eachother with various tech projects. Unfortunately due to the pure cancer in this thread I don't want to link them.


Yeah really hate the amount of bullshit gatekeeping necessary to keep a community nice, unfortunately there's too many people out there, be them trolls or paid for shills sent to disrupt productive discussion we see in this very thread. >>1024755 makes some very good points on what it takes to cultivate a good and secure group/community these days.



>the eternal boomer lashes out, enraged by his confrontation with ideas that his feeble mind cannot possibly hope to comprehend

What ideas? What you will want find a daddy like Hilter who will force other people to pay for your shitty business?



>muh trickle down economics

based magapede



Man, speak English, I don't understand your teenage slang.


I see a lot of good talk here, feel free to come by this public php based chat server to talk more



Get ready for the GRAND SHOWdown people, in this very thread! Battle of Intel VS AMD. Who will win? Will INTEL crush the competition with their 8C12T brain-boggling i9 or will AMD outsell their competitor with rock bottom prices? FIND OUT IN THIS THREAD!


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Being a Jew, I can't recommend buying Intel shit because I know that Jews like to Jew people. AMD is the way to go, but if you really want freedom, go for a MIPS or even the new fancy RISC-V shit.

If all you care about is muh vidya, then go for Intel, you won't regret it, just don't question the burning sensation in your butthole.


Name: Michael UnitedEstadiousDelAmericano

Email: mikeeusa@airmail.cc

Subject: DMCA takedown notice

< Back to Contact GitHub

Thanks for getting in touch with us!

We’ll get back to you shortly.




"x86 sucks"

x86 is an advanced technology developed by Intel. Intel engineers have spend countless hours on x86 improving the ISA and the CPU. This is why Intel Products perform best on x86. AMD Products are just clones of Intel Products and that is why I always purchase Intel Products.



x86 is dead, the AMD-developed x64 is the future.

File: 235e727fe6542ff⋯.jpg (49.75 KB, 952x864, 119:108, Snapchat-537982059.jpg)


Other than maybe (((satellite phones))), what other communication methods will work very long distances when the global infrastructure goes to shit in an apocalypse situation?

28 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>though though though




shortwave with valves



>DMR can talk simplex,though a standalone repeater, or though a networked repeater

This is true of old analog FM and IRLP has a huge number of linked repeaters, if you add in echolink it's a shit ton more.



How exactly are you supposed to send digital data over radio shortwave? Can you point to any such implementations/protocols which use short wave as a carrier?



RTTY has been around for like a hundred years.

File: 5bb35e0dedb41f9⋯.png (21.82 KB, 1200x500, 12:5, 1*lKvH1FlonI5bqKYyiMNWqw.png)


It's the current year. Is there anything out there better than LaTex for typesetting technical documents? The syntax used in LaTex is god awful, but of course the only reason anyone puts up with it is the beautifully typeset document that results. Since I've been out of academia for a while, I'm wondering if there is any viable alternative, or are people still doing things the old ways? I do see that many popular editors have preview functions for latex formulas, that's nice, but it doesn't entirely ameliorate the pain.

91 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Use a premade style

This is why Latex is so fucking cancerous, everyone just piles on styles and styles and styles that look nice while having no idea how they actually work. When you think about it, it's actually worse than the NPM garbage, because at least there's built in version checking. Latex niggers just find a random version of some package they like and never, ever update it again.



To be honest, I only use "academic" formats like revtex and other conference templates, these are typically well-documented https://d22izw7byeupn1.cloudfront.net/files/revtex/auguide4-1.pdf. Comparing these against npm garbage would be a bit dishonest, but in general I agree with you. Some of these are just a mess. I think an other interesting parallel with the JS world is in the Stackoverflow answers. Some answers are just completely wrong.




thanks man I never even knew about that


works for you? Shit I guess it is good then.

>LaTeX isn't useful for trying to make it pretty, it's easy to have it pretty by default since it has sane defaults.

Yeah don't try to make it pretty but have it pretty by default. Now I get how it works.



mind blowing stuff where did you come up with this.


holy shit latex is based. Now words run over the right hand margin just like I always wanted.

>you will be 100x more efficient

yeah right.



> Now words run over the right hand margin just like I always wanted.

Nigger, Babel does not do that https://ctan.org/pkg/babel?lang=en.

Enjoy Office pajeet.



>no u

lol how about no u

Enjoy abandonware.

File: 1ef900c9e57864c⋯.jpeg (91.65 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, tFYjRm6fPkjordk2.huge.jpeg)



Which is the hardest piece of shit you had to take apart?

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



It's just cheaper to replace it than make sure it is durable and long lasting.



Pretty much sums up the world we live in.


File: 4f710093d49a9b0⋯.jpg (994.39 KB, 3296x1920, 103:60, IMG_20190130_135003.jpg)

I needed to replace the thermal paste on an old GAYMIN laptop I had. I couldn't figure out how to open it and eventually got frustrated. Pic related is the result it runs a lot cooler now



Is that an ASS-OOZE notebook? I can tell from the brick battery slot.


File: 44dce00c8f03eb7⋯.jpg (122.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 6165.jpg)


>What's Grin?

>Electronic transactions for all. Without censorship or restrictions.

>Grin empowers anyone to transact or save modern money without the fear of external control or oppression. Grin is designed for the decades to come, not just tomorrow. Grin wants to be usable by everyone, regardless of borders, culture, skills or access.


>Grin has no amounts and no addresses. Transactions can be trivially aggregated. To hide where a newly created transaction comes from, it gets relayed privately (a "random walk") among peers before it is publicly announced.


>MimbleWimble leverages cryptography to allow most of the past transaction data to be removed. This guarantees Grin won't crumble under its own weight in the long term.


>Grin is developed openly, by developers distributed all over the world. It's not controlled by any company, foundation or individual. The coin distribution is designed to be as fair (but not gratis) as is known to be possible.

Grin is under development. Launch planned for Jan. 15th 2019.

33 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



I've heard it needs 8 GB GPUs but I have to double check.

If so, this will exclude a lot of people from mining.


>less private than Monero



Looks like they'll be starting at 15:00 UTC tomorrow (10 AM EST) if any of you care.



>Grin crashing already according to the shitcointalk thread


File: 129575192b07fde⋯.jpg (114.6 KB, 1296x1341, 144:149, 1543076634308.jpg)


Based and redpilled

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