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File: dc2ccc6142239fa⋯.jpeg (4.69 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 3e32551542c3e5914cf402b6.jpeg)


Anons, why don't you use C and Cello instead of C++?


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File: 1a67a4b653cfaa0⋯.gif (856.93 KB, 240x228, 20:19, coffee.gif)


>what the fuck is coffeescript

"CoffeeScript is a programming language that transcompiles to JavaScript. It adds syntactic sugar inspired by Ruby, Python and Haskell in an effort to enhance JavaScript's brevity and readability."


because I work in the real world.





I just wanted to reply what >>1015574 already stated.



>Except when you have to work with pajeets and jungle riceniggers.

These have no place in programming, and if you're working with them, then you're at the wrong place. Find yourself a better job, some place that requires actual intelligence and creativity, and hence has no niggers and assorted trash.


Is BSD a meme?

Anyone using as daily driver?

Which one is best?




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>Remove file extensions from sensitive files such as .kdb for KeePass password databases

Confirmed smoothbrain; anyone who could attack a KeePass database knows how to find a KeePass database regardless of file name.



It's a meme larp list. Past cautionary or high level, it's a meme




God, what awful "taste".


I used TrueOS and later used GhostBSD. Now I use Ubuntu Linux.


The only meme BSD that nobody uses is NetBSD.

File: 03e5648d3359964⋯.png (31.93 KB, 330x328, 165:164, 03e5648d3359964be5ff957ede….png)


Reasons to be wary of glow in the darks.

Let's say we have an l33t h4x0r anon shithead.

shithead hax0r has a grand total of 24 hours in his day, if he is like most depressed faggots he likely sleeps for no less than half of those.

depressed faggot now has 12 remaining hours in his day to do shit, lets say it takes him 1-2 hours to do his daily routine (>implying he doesn't eat, sleep, shit, hax, repeat) and another hour or two to cook and eat (>assuming he eats a "normal" diet) so now he is down to ~8 hours in his day. now of course shithead isn't going to spend all 8 of those hax0ring, so lets say 4-6 hours tops of hax0ring, and about as many fucking off online, playing games, shitposting, etc.

how long does it take to "program" a script or something? I have no idea, but I will assume that it is a time heavy process.

this of course also rides on if he has a job, if not it would likely be 2-4 free hours

now lets say shithead hax0r decides to fuck with big bruv, he spends his 2-6 hours free of his day working to troll big bruv.

now they don't like this, but he doesn't care.

what he doesn't know is that they have roughly a dozen people if not hundreds who can all do what he does better and faster, and they get paid to do it for longer. all that + having -full support of the law. -nigh unending budget. -latest and greatest hardware and software+best internet available. -???.

so if we do some simple math, that would mean that just one (1) glownigger can match his daily effort by at least twice, and this just multiplies with eac consecutive glow. and so if they have a team of a dozen or so glows, they could easily do in a day or a week what would take him months or years, up to and including pushing his shit in.

so what kind of things do you think about late at night /tech/?

>inb4 demoralization shill

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Oh but that's just how it works IN THEORY. But in practice, you get shit like the Clinton email server. Just think if some kiddies hacked into that, rootkited the motherfucker, and exfiltrated all the contents over months and years it was active and being used for avoiding the normal government channels.



>go back to whatever shitty containment zone you came from

Okay guys, sorry I've harassed you so harshly. Please don't ban me, I didn't know you have CoC here.


Yeah, the government agencies aren't these super efficient monolithic entities that are untouchable. Look at Snowden, he was pretty much a low-rung peon and he embarrassed them. The only reason he wasn't suicided is because he immediately went public and it wouldn't have resolved anything for them to kill him outside of the law system at that point, besides further exposing them. He also exposed that even those three-letter agencies are like every other government agency (doing pointless but expensive crap and being inefficient while trampling all over the rules that are laid out for them)

It's pretty possible to hurt them, but you pretty much suicide bomb your own life in the process. Gotta be ready for that.



>But in practice, you get shit like the Clinton email server.

No, not really. That sort of shit is only happening in the innermost circles of the talmudic cults that control the media, banks, and other shit. They're nearly untouchable, and when they are hacked, it's done by state actors, possibly insiders. Not by some guy in his mom's basement.



I got news for you: "state actors" are just overpaid lamers that buy exploits from neckbeards living in their mom's basement.

File: 4a1a381742d3fb3⋯.gif (31.98 KB, 640x400, 8:5, aesthetic3.gif)


Is there a search engine that will filter out any results that have cookies or js in them? More than filter out, it would base its results on that subset of websites only. I.e., it would NOT pagerank the currently available sites, and then apply the filter, but rather it would apply the filter first, and then pagerank THOSE sites.

Wouldn't the subset of the web consisting of no-js essentially be late 90s early 2000s web? I'm not talking about js being bad or good, but in a "media is the message" kind of way I'm wondering about the culture of those sites without js being indicative of a higher quality of content for its users. In other words, does no-js imply a certain culture (beyond just "fucking autistic weeb")?

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I took a look at i2p and pretty much half the websites were dead. It seemed like a ghost town.


>>1023228 Tor users are ten times more than I2P users, maybe.



Not sure abotu 10 times if you're talking about relays. By the way, there's this thing called lokinet that's supposed to replace i2p.



This. I also want a scriptless web. I've grown up with this shit and I've been searching for alternatives for a couple years now. Maybe there's a way to build a network like Tor, though it doesn't necessarily need the anonymity features. It just needs to have a special browser engine that's incompatible with JavaShit.


>people having different opinions is scary

Go crack open another soylent and play your switch, you big blubbering bitch.



in the old days l1337br0s hax0red FTPs and uploaded their shit there


that was literally never true


They were caught by false positives, it just so happens that there are lots of pedos on freenet so if you arrest random Freenet users, chances are you'll find one with CP on his PC.

File: 1aae0b65c391510⋯.png (121.53 KB, 2400x1260, 40:21, gdpr.png)


Has anyone actually tried to get their data from Facebook and such? What do they store and is it possible to delete it all? Or is GDPR just a puff of smoke? Just asking out of curiosity since I don't use those "services" which collect your data.

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>has botnet accounts

>reddit spacing



You're getting SWATted.



>unironically cuckchan spacing

go back


i haven't had a detailed look but i did get facebook and google takeouts (not in gdpr nation,so fucking close to one though)

facebook was from years ago and only had low-moderate usage, and even without giving fake information it listed very inaccurate interests:

>some south american football team



>Torque (physics)

>Steve Jobs

some make a bit of sense but are outdated or misinterpreted. others are literally retarded. i guess you need high usage for any kind of reliability.

of course now my account is filled with bullshit by me coming back once a month to like stupid minion quotes and angican christian pages from france and putting fake bio like being an tumblr otherkin married to a fake cousin i invented. i'll request another takeout to see how well this (allegedly) worked.

~500MB total download, 8MB when omiting messages

google had more alarming things simply because of how much i used to used it (used to Chrome+stock android, think of things like dictionary autocomplete suggestions), even with many or all privacy settings enabled.

there's clearly stuff they don't share (eg demographics/ad interests), i could only find a list of ads interacted with

do you think someone could just change their location to germany, use VPN for a few months and then successfully request GDPR/etc. deletion without them making you prove your citizenship???





Here it is:


Only thing you can do is, hope they delete it.

However even if they don't delete it, your (((Markbook))) page can't be accessed anymore by plebs and other people can't try to steal your account anymore.

You can also download a report of what data they collected in the settings but it's probably just a tiny amount of what they actually have.




Google proposes changes to Chromium which would disable uBlock Origin

Anonymous 01/22/19 (Tue) 23:57:51 No.1022214


>Looks like I will be crawling back to Firefox, on hands and knees.

>We were wrong. We were so wrong!

Why was this thread bumplocked and how much money /tech/ admin got from this?

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No, you're very weak. Else you'd simply ignore the blackpill shill and not get your panties in a wad and start asking why the mods don't ban him, when it's so easy to ignore him like any other troll.

You're a pathetic weak creature. I spit on you.


news: google to remove adblockers from chrome

reddit: 20k upvotes thousands comments

/tech/: thread bumplocked by corrupt mod who got a bribe from google

don't know about you but I am moving to reddit, it has smaller censorship and its less corrupt than this place



I created it. It didn't post originally so I tried two more times. Then all three threads appeared at the same time.

I reported the other two that didn't get responses requesting deletion. Then the "it's all over!" troll created too more, making it look very spammy.

All threads got bump locked and I got banned, but I appealed my ban explaining the above and it was revoked.

Not sure why the original thread with 90+ responses stayed bumplocked though...



>still bumplocked anyway

This shit started stirring up the interwebz when gorhill complained. Also you didn't provide an archive.



there is no better place

there is no future point in time

we will not get away


File: f04cf169c5ee663⋯.jpg (13.9 KB, 800x500, 8:5, discord_logo.jpg)


>get invited to a discord chat

>install the client

>old version, you MUST update to the new one! Then it turns itself off

>okay, get new version

>make an account (needs recaptcha)

>confirm through mail

>try to login

>something weird detected! Please show that you're human.

>only options are "support" and "verify by phone"

>try logging in through browser

>doesn't work

>try vanilla firefox

>see some menus for half a second, then the "something weird" message appears again

Why is this trash so popular?

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Try the pidgin plugin. It sucks balls, and you'll lose history, but it's better than nothing.



I'm not OP but I was looking for a better Discord client, thank you, you lovable mothefucker. Now I can enjoy enjoy modern times with less botnet.


Seems like someone would have a working competitor by now, but nope nope nope.


File: c91abe9a9a4602b⋯.gif (4.78 KB, 84x84, 1:1, death.gif)


Appearently sending this gif crashes the whole app. Electron is such a joke.



why do people install "clients" to use this? its just a website and all it needs is a normal browser.

File: 49fe2d2dbbfd240⋯.jpg (49.31 KB, 780x584, 195:146, svpk0kh2c6l01.jpg)


Requesting some knowledgeable anons to lay out the basics of maintaining anonymity on the webs, both surface and dark, for less than educated n00bs. General instruction of how one might seek legal but (((forbidden))) information without winding up on a list somewhere

Links to trustworthy guides and VPNs welcome and appreciated

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just use incognito mode for everything bro, nothing bad will ever happen if you do so :^)


>>1022844 And always use HTTPS when if you can use it.



I believe Qubes takes the best approach as an operating system when it comes to security, since it uses tinfoil levels of sandboxing to protect against everything short of hardware backdoors and yet-undiscovered vulnerabilities in the Xen hypervisor. Malware could pwn your Tor browser and gain root access and it still wouldn't matter because it would be in an unprivileged guest VM with no access to the host's real IP or networking configuration. This would have made the Playpen busts impossible. Not to mention the protection you get from dragnet surveillance and private advertising corps with this method.



>Malware could pwn your Tor browser and gain root access and it still wouldn't matter because it would be in an unprivileged guest VM with no access to the host's real IP or networking configuration.

You can do this with namespaces and security modules as well.



Also you don't need every single program including ls and grep to put into a separate machine. You can use Tor Browser in Virtualbox for example.

File: c76db1c59ab13eb⋯.jpg (384.3 KB, 1400x933, 1400:933, steve klabnik.jpg)

File: b4b4c64a6e651fa⋯.jpeg (15.35 KB, 320x240, 4:3, x35Th9VqQFuuZ4SFBEsZkU0xs….jpeg)


I started working at 15, when I took a job as a pizza cook. Over the next seven years, I moved up the ranks, to a driver, shift manager, and then as part of the “new store opening team.” The franchise was growing, and we needed to help new franchisees open their new stores. I’d travel to where the new store was a week before they would open, help train the new staff, and then work their opening weekend. It was really fulfilling work; if pizza paid as well as tech, I’d seriously consider doing it forever.

One time, somewhere in Maryland, I got a bit ill. It wasn’t a good idea for me to work the rest of the week, but the company’s top brass would usually visit to cut the ribbon on the store. It was about a four hour drive back to home, and our COO graciously agreed to let me come back to the ‘burgh with him, so I could recover at home. On the drive, I asked him what he did before working here, and the answer really surprised me. “Oh, I was the CEO of American Eagle. I grew them from 20 locations to 200, and then decided to move on.” To a kid from the suburbs, being in charge of one of the most popular clothing brands among my peers seemed like a great gig. Why’d he quit? The answer is something that’s really stuck with me; this happened about fifteen years ago. What he told me was this: at each stage of a company’s growth, they have different needs. Those needs generally require different skills. What he enjoyed, and what he had the skills to do, was to take a tiny company and make it medium sized. Once a company was at that stage of growth, he was less interested and less good at taking them from there. And that was what he was trying to do for our pizza chain.

I’ve mostly worked at small companies. I did a startup, then consulted, then worked for a series of companies with five to 15 people. I quit one of those jobs when I found Rust. What I saw in Rust was something that the world really needed. And I wanted to help it get there. Beyond that, the only real way to get a job working on Rust was to work at Mozilla. And independently of Rust, that was something I’m really excited about.

Here’s a poster on my wall:

I’ve been using Firefox before it was called Firefox. This poster is of a two-pagPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Best thing I can point to is the link in that post


Sometimes people make mistakes. Nobody is infallible. Sometimes you make the same mistakes. And most obviously, just because the people at Apple are satisfied, and even if some of the vendors/customers are too, it doesn't mean the majority of customers will be.

Every product is a risk.

I find it harder to judge early stage Apple since the experience was not there and obviously they had nobody to look toward either. It's easy for us to point at in retrospect.



>harder to judge early stage Apple

What are you talking about? It's called the Apple ][. Jobs took everything that people liked about it and threw that away to make the Lisa / Macintosh; e.g. no expansion bays, locked down development environment.

Every decision that Jobs has made was terrible. Woz is the one who created Apple. Jobs only tagged along and sticking his nose where it didn't belong.

Imagine a world where the Apple ][ continued today.

I bet Apple would have greater than 50% market share if they had done so.



>Apple 2 and 3

>not early stage

Alright then.



Shit nigga you writing here? socjus better not find this thread else you'll be unemployable


That's why Firefox is a piece of shit. Because Mozilla hires pizza boys instead of real hackers.

File: e80a417efdba3a7⋯.jpg (36.58 KB, 250x190, 25:19, d.jpg)


we have self driving cars but we dont have self driving computers and its still 2018 any ideas?

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All we need to do for funding is sell space rocks to some rich dumbfucks for $2B each. Fund it.


Space is pointless for us humans, we simply aren't build for it. Stuff like astroid mining etc. (if possible) would also just delay the inevitable which is that we are going to die on this blue dot. If we don't utterly fuck up before, maybe we can bring forth another kind of intelligent lifeform with artifical intelligence. They might be better equipped for the rigors of space and get farther than we did.



>Space is pointless for us humans, we simply aren't build for it.

That's why we gotta build space habitats to expand our lebensraum while crashing the rare earth element market with no survivors.



>I mean, how hard could it be?

Less than 2% of the population in the US works as scientists or engineers. Of that 2% how much people do you think work in aerospace sector? I'd say less than 0.5%. We're currently mostly busy by solving (((manufactured problems))) that should have already been solved by now.



lol the spoiler though

File: f699f6f67f7b90e⋯.jpg (82.54 KB, 731x1200, 731:1200, Druy-v3XgAABnA6.jpg)


Once we have perfected simulations of feeling every type of high every drug from cannabis cocaine and all the way to even alcohol will be rendered obsolete. I predict this will come about between the 2030s and 2090s

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No it's a short story I wrote that I thought would be relevant to the thread



i was browsing in catalog mode and i thought OP's picture was a futanari robot



>have the ability to manipulate human reward centers to that degree

>still not advanced enough to change them so that you're not mindlessly addicted

what did he mean by this?



What's the meaning? Who would benefit from that?



I am glad this kind of content is produced on /tech/

polite sage for lack of meaningful posting


/tech/, I don’t understand the benefit of 4 spaces or at the very least how to make myself efficient with spaces. FWIW, I’m using vim, and here are some scenarios. A lot of these are probably because of how much I am used to tabs:

>I’m doublechecking the nesting.

>Holding down that ‘j’ key.

>Oops, I hit a line with a comment in it.

>With tabs, I’m probably going to remain vertically aligned in the correct place.

>With spaces, HAHA YOU’RE FUCKED.

>How deeply nested am I again?

>’0’, count the number of times I press ‘l.’

>with spaces I press it four times as much.

>>Actually, I don’t even do that, I can press ‘V’ and since the highlighting indicates individual characters in a different color than the space inbetween tab characters, I can visually see the nesting number at the beginning of the line.

>I need to close these two loops.

>Just delete two tabs.

>With spaces, go back 8 times…then notice every once in a while I missed a key because the nesting didn’t line up with things previously.

>I move to a new system without all my custom configs because of temporary reasons.

>No matter, typing in a tab isn't that onerous.

>Press enter after a typical nesting character like ‘{‘.

>It automatically indents, but in this case I don’t actually want to indent (yes, there are reasons for wanting this).

>I just press backspace once. Good luck in 4 space land.

Just, in general, what I like about tabs is that it automatically delineates nesting very easily when editing, and it saves on key spaces. If I forget how deeply nested I am, I can see the number of tabs in the beginning, I don’t have to count spaces aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>There is literally no reason for tabs to even exist.

>Unicode smiley faces are okay but the primary adjustable indent character has no reason to exist




You must hate Lisp too, then. Because Lisp without an editor indenting and showing you the matching bracket is hell.


>move to a new system without all my configs

:set sts=4 sw=4 et ai

Not hard to remember

>Do you have some crazy assembly of auxiliary code that essentially makes 4 spaces act like tabs

Yep. Its called vim. Check it out if you get the chance

>why use spaces then

Tabs are for tables. In that context, they need to be (at least) eight chars. Indents should only be 4 chars, so they need to use a different character.



>they need to be (at least) eight chars

Wrong, they're 4 chars by default and of changable length if your editor doesn't suck.



It's pretty comfy writing Java in Intellij IDEA; they write half of your program for you.

File: 1dcb295cad25b4a⋯.jpg (195.9 KB, 2400x1800, 4:3, Arrival8-1.jpg)

File: 209797eed555c06⋯.gif (46.05 KB, 640x850, 64:85, codes_ascii.gif)

File: 088878d0a94a2d1⋯.png (55.29 KB, 500x281, 500:281, image.png)



Different systems of information transfer have existed for millennia. Example pics related. In the movie Arrival, we learn of an alien "alphabet," which is a series of dense glyphs containing the entirety of a sentence in them. Sometimes they are combined, but let's focus on singular ones for simplicity. I have searched but cannot find any existence of such a concept being used in history. What I mean exactly is a sort of symbol, glyph, or intricate and complex icon, which contains a large amount of information. For simplicity, I'll call these Dense Information Glyphs, or DIGS. A DIG would be human-readable, unlike a QR code. When presented with a QR code, a human can readily recognize what it is, but not the data. My goal is optimal information transfer in a single point of human-readable data. Skimming text may be faster, but a paragraph can surely be condensed. Imagine the entirety of a book's knowledge condensed to a single glyph. Intricate, yes, impossible, no.



Alphabets, roman based or others, are insufficient. Stringing words together and then sentences and then paragraphs is a great way to represent speech on paper, but not the best method of transferring information. You can easily understand a paragraph's worth of description in 3 seconds of first hand observation (i.e. the car drives by and you hear the sound and see the setting and feel the pebble in your shoe etc). It's wasteful in time and can be ambiguous. Furthermore there are language barriers, and anyone speaking more than one language understands untranslatables and loss in translation.


These are word alphabets, to be concise. Each symbol represents a concept or thing, and is pronounced. Asian languages like Chinese have these. The problem is degradation, the symbols look worse and worse over time until they do not LOOK like what they represent, and wastefulness in time. In the end, you will still be left with paragraphs to explain something.


Egyptians understood that pictures, drawn well (better than the chinese, at least), could be easily read. This served to preserve knowledge, as the errorPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

59 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



We would need to go from alphabet glyphs to dotcode (something like QR codes) to make "glyphs" convey an amount of information that is closer to the amount of information necessary to represent them. However, would it be possible to teach humans reading dotcode efficiently and reliably? Using most of possible bitmaps representable in a given type of array as "glyphs" makes differentiating them from one another much more difficult - even hardware devices have trouble reading dense dotcode if the circumstances (lighting conditions etc.) are not optimal, even though they have no issue with processing them quickly.



>128 bits to transfer 6.6 bits of information

there's your redundancy



>Imagine the entirety of a book's knowledge condensed to a single glyph. Intricate, yes, impossible, no.

stopped reading there




data loss is practically inevitable if reduction is your goal.

I think english is excellent tbh. there is alot we don't even know about english on average. can you even handwrite, bro? like cursive, flowing, connected, handwriting, with a pen? Dan Winter showed how all english handwritten characters can be created by viewing a 3d spiral (expanding outward and upward by the golden ratio) from different angles. that was lost in translation once we started using block print. Some jew wrote a book about it (hebrew and english both can be made from the spiral) and Dan shared the info for free because it's fundamental in our language and that knowledge shouldnt be locked behind a paywall. Dan even called the guy a jew. that jew sued Dan and stole his website. Dan Winter is a hero, that jew is a sheckle-grubber.

How many other mysteries of language exist unknown to most people, that would be totally lost if we move on to a new system before even truly understanding this one?


I'm glad somebody else showed a masonic trestle board, I can't upload graphics from TOR



No offense bro, you're trying something new and that's cool, but Binquadratetric is much more graceful than this circle jerk IMHO


I think we should use Base65536 in modern computing & cryptography, and anybody who is sick of Arabic numerals could start learning BQT as a new system of notation. Although I like Base10, and it is not arbitrary (as Vortex Math shows it is inherentPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 57b8764b032d676⋯.jpg (681.48 KB, 1797x1300, 1797:1300, ilya-repin2.jpg)

op, i think you are describing a painting. it's a massively parallel "glyph", not serial like traditional written language. it can tell an entire story, contained in a rectangular frame.

File: abc08fff51335d8⋯.png (58.55 KB, 1012x802, 506:401, how-is-this-possible-tech.png)


Doing jigsaw's (Google's) phishing test to see if it's any good to school the oldies in being safe on the interwebz


when one of their tests was for a scam email that looks legit except for the funky email address (google.support), but the link URL was for a real address so it seemed like a bad scam if it was meant to be a scam.

Still I said it was phishing, and then the test tells me:

>This is tricky, but the link is actually a redirect to something on “t i n y u r l . c o m”.

Ya what?

This is the literal link the "email" had:

< h t t p s : / / g o o g l e . c o m / a m p / t i n y u r l . c o m / y 7 u 8 e w l r

It can't be.

That's not how anything to do with the internet works. R-R-Right, /tech/?

So, here's the question: Has my mind just been blown and the internet is all wibbley-wobbley and nothing like I thought it was, or have jigsaw fugged-up their own bloody test which should have linked:

< h t t p s : / / g o o g l e . c o m . a m p . t i n y u r l . c o m / y 7 u 8 e w l r

If it REALLY is a redirect to t i n y u r l . c o m, then how does this shit work?

9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 2851d6a1021e09d⋯.png (19.82 KB, 635x285, 127:57, 2019-01-23-170918_635x285_….png)



That url redirs to: h t t p s :/ / w w w . g o o g l e . c o m / u r l ? q = h t t p : / / t i n y ur l . c o m / y 7 u 8 e w l r, which looks like pic related

The test looks decent overall. I missed several of the questions, mostly because I didn't look very closely. I think this is the good lesson to teach people, to look very closely at the url before clicking. I don't get scared of opening pdfs because I use non botnet software to view them, but its probably good to teach people not to open random documents.


File: 5654985dfab4288⋯.jpg (6.15 KB, 278x181, 278:181, doffcap.jpg)


Thanks for your insightful input

>>1022388 (checked)

but also seems to be a great way to provide redirections without unaware n00b users knowing about it


Its not a bug its a feature anon, kek.


Why the fuck is this a thread? At this point I can only assume that all the low effort OPs going around are ironic shitposters that want to drag the quality of the board to ground zero.



>AMP (Accelerated Web Pages)

Accelerated Web Pages

You had one job, anon...

File: 1025a3d5563513e⋯.jpg (136.36 KB, 691x680, 691:680, 0f904d27947d4cd716732cf6e2….jpg)


...since I'm not mentally retarded I can recognize that the guy who made is was really pretty fair. It's obvious that he isn't a libtard just based off of his sympathetic portrayal. Why were people here so upset about it?

A million normies now know and mourn for Terry A. Davis. But hey I guess that makes you less special right? Especially considering that the moderating team of this subreddit are psychopathic pieces of shit who were complicit in his death and stole his money.

But we don't want to talk about do we now /tech/!

92 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Comfy 24/7 Terry stream from 2015/16



To be honest, I'm just happy that Terry won't be completely forgotten.

Plus it was a pretty good way to give my libcuck boyfriend an introduction to Terry






any more info on this?

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