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File: 1025a3d5563513e⋯.jpg (136.36 KB, 691x680, 691:680, 0f904d27947d4cd716732cf6e2….jpg)


...since I'm not mentally retarded I can recognize that the guy who made is was really pretty fair. It's obvious that he isn't a libtard just based off of his sympathetic portrayal. Why were people here so upset about it?

A million normies now know and mourn for Terry A. Davis. But hey I guess that makes you less special right? Especially considering that the moderating team of this subreddit are psychopathic pieces of shit who were complicit in his death and stole his money.

But we don't want to talk about do we now /tech/!

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Comfy 24/7 Terry stream from 2015/16



To be honest, I'm just happy that Terry won't be completely forgotten.

Plus it was a pretty good way to give my libcuck boyfriend an introduction to Terry






any more info on this?

File: 6bb61fb93436fd2⋯.jpg (70.04 KB, 602x602, 1:1, Happy_Negro_Portrait_by_do….jpg)


This might be a silly question, but is there any place to download the post-shoah'd grsec kernel patches? I have to imagine there are people who have access to them that post them somewhere.

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Unlikely. They're expensive, people who have access are under contract not to distribute them, and if they do, they're risking losing access to grsec. Nobody's going to put their business at risk for muh freedom.





Alpine dropped its grsec patches back in June and it's still more secure than the average Linux distro.



I'd imagine it would be easier for them to patch their kernels and deal with issues than use a new OS vendor entirely.

If their code was as bad as Linus and co said it was, then I would imagine that might also have to deal with why we don't have

grsec patches anymore. Maybe it was just so unmaintanable for a public release that they just downsized to only dealing with paying



iirc, their last release that was mostly grsec hardening was back in mid 2017, so when grsec just dropped the ball. Grsec niggers got

mad that they even did that, however.


They're in that one github repository.




>Diversity and inclusion make the Alpine community strong.

If you can't keep women and niggers away from your software then you can't call it secure.

File: 58422591905aea0⋯.jpg (77.31 KB, 540x540, 1:1, Conspiracy.jpg)


ICQ: "ICQ Official: From December 28, we will no longer support old versions of ICQ and other unofficial applications."

So, what does everyone use to chat/filetrade with these days, then?

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All these retards talking about IRC as if it was some specific entity.

Sure there are shit networks like Freenode that blocks Tor and logs everything but for every such network there is at least dozen better networks.

Most networks allow Tor and if you're so concerned about logging you could just run your own network or use one run by a friend of yours.

The best part about IRC is that no single entity is in control of it.

Only a retard would use ICQ, Telegram or Discord.




German criminal police got access to some (((100% secure End-to-End encrypted))) group chat logs a year or two ago, Telegram is a scam


File: b7f6e09b01fa47d⋯.jpg (79.02 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, philo-farnsworth.jpg)


And you could also just run an ircd as a hidden service that exists only on tor.


>Might as well just send plain text files to each other.

Sounds fine to me. Bring back BINASCII.



its really hard on something like discord. theres no official logging thing on it so you would have to make your own logger for it




You'll never find anything else. I ran a cheap board 2003-2008, once you get popular you're done. One, if not multiple, groups will bombard your board with illegal shit and the spooks come out and tell you you can avoid responsibility if you give them access to police. Entrapment or shakedown, but I presume this is what got Dredd Pirate locked up, trying to hide and avoid them from infiltrating.

File: 78d0cb3fee0f0f7⋯.png (107.12 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, WordPress_blue_logo.svg.png)


This is terrible.

Why do people use wordpress again?

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>Oh come on, we are talking about people who know how to run a business, not retards.

People who run businesses can also have huge egos. They'll refuse to do basic tasks if they feel like they don't or shouldn't have to. They'll even refuse to do things like capitalize or use punctuation in emails.

>Learning how to write Markdown is easier than learning most everyday tasks.

This is true, but they don't really care. It's about ego for them, if it wasn't their idea, it sucks.



t. 5yo



What else did you want them to?

To come against them with lawyers would be expensive and give the platform a bad look


>>1020146 Using WordPress makes building websites easy for web developers. So novice web programmers love WordPress!



I think you can get money from the Software Freedom Conservancy to litigate these sorts of lawsuits. As for the damage to their platform, they probably do as much damage by using a GPL license instead of MIT, so if they don't enforce it I don't see why they bother with the license. Stallman likes to say that letting other share your work as proprietary is damaging to the freedom of your users, so not enforcing the GPL must be damaging in this sense.

File: f5f23eefe64418e⋯.jpeg (313.94 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, nsa.jpeg)


Go to shmoocon, see this. What do /tech/?

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<homosexuality is a sin for it is an abomination to the LORD your G-d

CIA officer here. You know you want to try it.

Admit it whiteboy.



at least my god isn't an insecure cuck who called the Jews their chosen people.

hail chaos


File: d005ef796ee49d0⋯.png (139.08 KB, 540x405, 4:3, Monolith.png)



>not even wireless charging

talk about inconvenient and outdated


>get a female usb micro

>short the pins

>plug it in and accidentally the entire...

File: 34de72e9e9ed517⋯.jpg (36 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 28ade4bcba6ae43e860672d53b….jpg)

File: d2b2318abed1d77⋯.jpeg (65.67 KB, 750x708, 125:118, 9e2cbe65f88163fb12fc152c8….jpeg)



Looks like I will be crawling back to Firefox, on hands and knees.

We were wrong. We were so wrong!

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>not using a text-based browser

how to watch CP photos in text browser?


> Will privacy/security-oriented Chromium forks spread once a future Chromium version is announced for the first implementation of Chrome Extension Manifest V3?

all chromium forks are owned and controlled by Google (unofficially)


>Your car cannot be remotely exploited to spy on you and steal your credit card info.

it can

(((Modern))) cars can be controlled remotely. (((They))) could suicide you by driving your car into big truck or into water



Would be easier to just fork chromium before this change



Is there any evidence that Tor browser is pozzed? Just because it's a fork of FF doesn't prove this, when FF itself is open source and anyone can remove the botnet telemetry from it.


If you're still using Chrome or Chromium then you're a retard and deserve to have your PC flooded with malware and ads.

>b-b-but Mozilla messed up that one time, so using Icecat or Tor Browser is LITERALLY just as bad as using a purpose-built tracking tool created by the largest ad tech company in the world with 90% browser market share, and we might as well just keep aiding them in their quest to control the entire internet

imagine being this cucked


File: 2cb073edb36eb31⋯.jpg (85.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


I need a recommendation for an acoustimeter for personal use trackinng CIAnigger psychotronic weapons that are being used to attack me.

What models or features should i look out for? Gauss, watt, tesla or other units it should use and what type of directional sensors should I be looking for? Does anyone else have experience with EMF meters and radiation based weapons?

Currently, there are several nice looking professional engineer caliber EMF meters on the market but they literally cost an arm and a leg ($500+), are there any alternatives?

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Here's a tip. "acoustimeter" is a device for measuring sound. "EMF meter" or "magnetometer" is for measuring EM and magnetic fields. "psycotronic" implies it fucks with your mind, rather than the underlying technology, unless you believe in all kinds of tinfoil hat shit, in which case THEY ARE IN YOUR MIND RIGHT NOW ANON.


I'm looking for one as well, since EMF radiation really is harmful to Europeans (and animals/plants):


Will one layer of tinfoil protect me from 5Ghz frequencies?


>I'm looking for one as well

EMF meters, not acoustimeters (OP is a retard, nonetheless EMF can be harmful)


File: eb1e072fc10e9e6⋯.jpg (55.04 KB, 610x385, 122:77, ElectroMagnetic-EMF-Spectr….jpg)

File: ef75de5c089f9a8⋯.jpg (71.17 KB, 391x237, 391:237, emf_1.jpg)

File: b517923bcacb55e⋯.png (80.78 KB, 665x739, 665:739, EMF-Solutions-4-Each-Prob-….png)



>The listener needs to know that at least one method of voice to skull transmission, using microwave pulses much like radar, is not particularly new. During World War II, technicians working in the path of energized radar antennas discovered they could hear a buzz, seeming to originate inside their skulls. This buzz was being caused by the train of very short pulses of microwave signal, each pulse causing a single click.


>Gauss, watt, tesla or other units


>Electric fields exist whenever charge is present and are measured in volts per metre (V/m). Magnetic fields arise from current flow. Their flux densities are measured in microtesla (µT) or millitesla (mT).

>The gauss, abbreviated as G or Gs, is the cgs unit of measurement of magnetic flux density (or "magnetic induction") (B). It is named after German mathematician and physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss. One gauss is defined as one maxwell per square centimeter.


>Product description. The Acoustimeter is a user-friendly accurate RF measurement instrument which provides LED light and LCD text displaying peak, peak hold, and average levels of radio frequency electromagnetic fields, covering the spectrum from TETRA all the way up to and beyond the 5.6 GHz WiFi and WiMax frequencies ...


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>literally posting an ad

Holy shit kill yourself

File: f7ed3449bba067e⋯.jpg (208.75 KB, 560x577, 560:577, f7ed3449bba067eb9ff9fd7fc9….jpg)


>tfw 16GB of RAM and you don't even regret it one bit

Mmm, tabs and workspaces...

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File: beace0cab48b647⋯.png (15.79 KB, 418x365, 418:365, blender.png)


300 tabs on 2GB of ram

avoided cancer spreading software by putting effort in beforehand



>4gb is enough

What a fucking meme. Still remember how I had Ubuntu with 4gb of RAM, firefox with 3 tabs opened and did some programming. Then suddenly system started lagging as hell, it was unresponsive for like a minute. Then this happened again, and again. I reduced swapping and it didn't help. Adding 4 gb plank from my old laptop helped and wan't as hard and expensive as ANY software solution I'd have to apply.


File: e393c65625216d4⋯.png (389.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1548185408337.png)


nigger I have played decently demanding games with 10+ tabs of JS hell open in a browser (along with a music player and steamed open) with 4gb of RAM just fine

if you use kuso browsers or fell for the "I'll just read those 90 other pages later, let's open one more tab" meme, you probably have ADHD. I also have an "ancient" computer (athlon tier "dinosaur") that has 3gb of DDR2 and it runs the internetz amazing


win10 uses 100% of hdd almost all of the time, ram not a prolbme

File: 2ea0fe7b064fe0d⋯.png (584.05 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, mmc-fizzbuzz-in-cool-retro….png)


I would like to show off a tool I've created; the included image is an example of the tool with a program I've written loaded; the main page for this tool can be found here:


The page for the only current version of the tool is here; note it is an immature page in comparison:


This is an interactive machine code development environment I've created. The basic idea is each key of the keyboard, decided by position rather than value, is bound to a routine which asks questions until an action can be decided upon. An example is pressing a key for a routine that merely needs two registers in order to complete; you're permitted to enter a register number, the tool won't allow invalid such numbers to be entered at all, it asks again in the same way, and it then writes the finished instruction to the current location; if a name referring to a number was used, that name will likely be displayed instead of the numerical value, varying, and any changes to the name will update the instruction as well.

I wrote this tool in Common Lisp purely because Common Lisp has the necessary primitives. The program is decidedly non-Lispy. I'm planning to write a simpler reimplementation in Ada by the year's end and expect this will be the version that is distributed to package managers and whatnot. Some simple figuring has shown to me that the memory usage for this program, sans any undo and redo mechanism, should be well within an eighth of a megabyte in the general case and below a quarter in all cases.

The tool was borne of my dislike for assemblers. Answers are saved by similar routines and so you can very easily press keys until you find the one you need; you can't touch and feel your way around an assembler. Aside from this, there are also special routines, primarily located on the home row, which control movement, insertion, deletion, jumping around the program space, creating and deleting names, and other necessitiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I've now finished documenting another CHIP-8 game; the article may be found here:


I no longer believe I'll necessarily have any work on the Ada reimplementation finished before the end of this year, but I do expect to finish most of the book, having already read more than half, and so be reasonably competent to do so at the year's beginning.

I did spend a day in which I'd try to reimplement it simpler in Common Lisp and see if I could get that done in a day and if so use that for a tad, but I didn't.


I don't have another game documented yet, but I still have some progress I can report on.

I'm soon to read the nineteenth chapter of my Ada book, covering generics; once I finish this, I'll feel comfortable knowing the language well enough to write some libraries I'll need that won't need dynamic allocation and other such things.

What I'll first be doing is implementing similar libraries for terminal control I've written in Common Lisp in Ada. I'll then be using these to write the main tool.

So, that's what I've been up to lately. I may be using my current prototypical implementation to write another game or I may be waiting for myself to finish this simpler reimplementation; that comes to how fast I progress on the reimplementation and the playing of games others wrote.



>He can't do that on a single command

I'm sorry anon, this subject is too complex for you.




Go back to /r/linux


As another update, I intend to have an ECMA_48 Ada package finished by 2018-01-31. However, I believe I'll be writing the main program ahead of time and adapting it to use the libraries once those are finished, so I progress more quickly.

I also believe I'll be hunting down the last few queer bugs in my current implementation, related to inserting and deleting, and then use it to implement my first real game in it, which I'll be limiting to 1K and trying to fit as many nice variations of tennis in.

File: c7e7eceea154944⋯.jpg (89.29 KB, 540x405, 4:3, 540px-Assembly2004-areena0….jpg)

File: 782d94a8af311f1⋯.jpg (112.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 9f7abb8ed14ff5d⋯.png (6.09 KB, 253x199, 253:199, images.png)


In short, demos are computer programs showing the amazing capabilities of a given platform in an entertaining way, sort of like a music video, but instead of rendering some animation offline it's real time. Of course modern computers are so powerful it's hard for just few people to make some new thing on pc that was never done before graphics wise, so to make things interesting people are restricting themselfs to small executable sizes like 64 or 4kb, sometimes even just 256 bytes.

I'm personally way more interested in the demoscene for retro computers, Amiga and C64 in particular. Some of you might remember me making such threads before from time to time where I was just posting clips from the demos I liked. Well... I finally started coding on C64 this year and managed to release 3 productions, one even at the largest C64 party in Holland.

For me nothing can best the fun I get from programming demos on the C64. The platform has lots of weird quirks and limitations that really make you think different about creating your desired effects. That's true for most of the retro plarforms, where you didn't have enough ram and fast cpu to just calculate everything, instead you are playing with the raster beam to bend the graphics and using the weird bugs of the chips to produce some unusual results, but I feel like the C64 has the most of unintentional features of the old computers and it also has an awesome soundchip.

Well, here's my crap, feel free download and run in emulator or look up the names on YouTube for videos. If you have a C64 and are able to run it on real HW that's even better. It's PAL only.

I can explain some of the C64 trickery if people are interested




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It's pretty easy to draw on the framebuffer in linux. It's basically opening a file and then making a buffer to get animation working.


File: 1ccf06f81241d45⋯.webm (121.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, hardness.webm)


>TiTAN - Overdrive



Not if you have x running. You have to switch to another virtual console. And you can't change the resolution.



Yeah it's not easy because you have to press a key combo. What was I thinking.


chvt 1

File: 449bad4c691f775⋯.jpg (35.02 KB, 575x363, 575:363, 8b69a9b5e92cb15ca37d1ca5f7….jpg)

File: 8754dfeaa084e89⋯.png (235.66 KB, 956x285, 956:285, christinawarrenvideos.png)

File: f1e7412f145eb29⋯.png (12.6 KB, 615x192, 205:64, ifuckinghatewhitepeople.png)


Why is Christina Warren still working at Microsoft? She presently remains the face of MSDN Channel 9 on Microsoft.

Her infamous "Fuck white people" twat from November 8, 2016 still has not been deleted. You can read the lack of remorse in the comments.


It is public record and shows that Microsoft is becoming a politically treacherous company for vendors who require total neutrality in their cloud IT management. This is not diversity; this is out and out racism. It will not be long limited to "whites".

As you can see, they continue to feed her new video opportunities.



January 11, 2019 episode.


January 4, 2019 episode.


And so on. Developers will not tolerate this and Microsoft cannot be trusted with any further patronage until this ends. You can forget about AI and you can forget about ML.

She neePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I am ashamed to say that until now, I was bluepilled on this shit (inconceivable how this could have slipped my attention all these years). Thx for waking me up.


File: 3f9780ed475d79f⋯.png (115.02 KB, 695x1138, 695:1138, Offensive.png)


This one has been changed but Webster used to think that just the idea that there are different sub-species at all, irrelevant of anything else, was considered offensive. The only real technical terms we have for this concept, "offensive".


From wikipedia page on "It's OK to be white" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It%27s_OK_to_be_white)

>The University of Regina declared the posters "divisive". University President Vianne Timmons said: "Simply put, these signs have no place at our university."

What the fuck.

>describing Wintrich's "It's OK To Be White" speech as "hateful language".

>The Root compared it with the children's book It's Okay To Be Different and said, "but white folks have taken that beautiful sentiment and distorted it to suit their infinite need to center themselves".

And from "All Lives Matter":

>According to professor (((David Theo Goldberg))), "All Lives Matter" reflects a view of "racial dismissal, ignoring, and denial".

>In July 2016, USA Today concluded from the thoughts of Columbia University sociology professor Carla Shedd, that the phrase "'All Lives Matter' can actually be interpreted as racist". It also cited professor Joe Feagin, who said that white people use the phrase "All Lives Matter" to ignore the Black Lives Matter movement, which he described as "already about liberty and justice for all." USA Today reported that some celebrities who had tweeted using the hashtag #AllLivesMatter, including Jennifer Lopez and Fetty Wap, had deleted the tweets and apologized.

I didn't know about All Lives Matter before, and often used it in conversations when I thought that we should respect people as people, regardless of ancestry labels. But this just shocked me on a whole new level.


>the concept of sub-species counts as offensive

Well, if there was no sub-species / races, why is everyone using the term "race" to label themselves? IIRC, even the american government uses the term to label people. Race deniers BTFO or the USA are racist.



>Kikes flee from anything that has "christ" in its name like vampires.

Not necessarily, at least not all of them. My dad's brother married a kikess, and they named one of their children Christian.



>Ahmed Al Garabi reverse-SJWs this half-heeb for hate-speeching wypipo.

The Current Year -1.

IDK who's Jew'ing whom anymore.

File: eac55c5d5b9a418⋯.gif (40.28 KB, 1968x639, 656:213, SYSTEMD-e1434229775958.gif)


Is there actual proof that systemd is a botnet?

17 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>The funny thing about systemd is that one of the reasons it was claimed to be written for (quicker startup, as if that even fucking matters in any way) it doesn't really fulfill anymore

The optimized startup is to support the whole containerization/microservices fad. In the olden days you basically never reboot your linux box so startup time was irrelevant like you said but since spawning containers on demand became a thing so arose the need for a new init system.

>A well written daemon acts gracefully if the resources it needs are not available (yet)

> If you find one, you better should seek an alternative instead of writing a mess of an init system around it, or bug the developers and ask them why their daemon is garbage.

You're looking at this from guy-in-his-basement perspective. In the corporate world you have no control over shit your boss wants running on 100s of machines. So Redhat providing a robust init system that can handle shitty init scripts is actually providing value to customers.

>Even most normie and pajeet computer janitors seem to start to realize that systemd is kinda garbage

There's a big difference between garbage and solving problems you don't have. It is regrettable that so many community distros did the easy thing (from a packaging/maintainer perspective) and went with systemd instead of something more suitable for home/personal use. They are the ones you should be mad at.



>In the corporate world you have no control over shit your boss wants running on 100s of machines.

that is not true, but if you are a low level pajeet then probably yes.

problem is that if you have running the same thing on these machines for a decade, then vendor decides to push bullshit from upstream, what can you do?

you wait and see.

the vendor gained trust over the last decade, so you rely on his decision.

and so you wait and see.

you make stats of failures, analysis and decide how much money you've lost by their decision.

then you make educated call.

this could take years.

but once the trust is lost, it's hard to gain it back.

problem then becomes, who could replace vendors such as redhat or veritas.



>needing to unironically ask


>It's not botnet


>It's not


>Not really.


>It's not a botnet,


All is botnet. I warned you, but you didn't listen. You should have listened.

Poettering is a glownigger hired code monkey which is why systemdicks was shilled so heavily. No-brained-nigger-cattle who can't into-command-line loved it and stuck it up their ubuntu.

I wrote a fuckin' boot loader. F to the compiler man may all his makes be gdb free.



I can't post the proofs. Glowniggers fsckd my drive.

Terry says they glow in the dark, and I wrote frickin' bootloader


File: 2092cfe12342bf9⋯.webm (1.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, lawbreakers.webm)


>He doesn't know about TEMPEST

File: cda290d1bf73f9b⋯.jpg (75.49 KB, 630x421, 630:421, kanan1_630_630.jpg)


Tamil Nadu scientist claimed although there is no problem with the experimental physics, theoretical physics, he said, is totally wrong and will be completely destroyed in future.

Adil Rashid

04 January 2019

Scientist Says Einstein, Newton Were Wrong, Gravitational Waves Will Be Renamed As 'Narendra Modi Waves'

Tamil Nadu scientist Kannan Jegathala Krishnan said Einstein and Netwon are wrong.

Photo Credit: Kannan Jegathala Krishnan/Facebook

A scientist at the 106th Indian Science Congress on Friday stunned the audience with his audacious claims regarding modern physics and famous physicists including Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.

Kannan Jegathala Krishnan, a delegate at the Science Congress, claimed that modern Physics will be completely destroyed and asserted that a new understanding of Physics will emerge based on his observations.

According to Krishnan's LinkedIn profile, he is a Senior Research Scientist and Coordinator University Education, World Community Service Centre, Aliyar, Tamil Nadu.

Laying his charge on modern Physics, Krishnan said, "In the 21st-century, the super standard model will rule the world, it is also known as the Vellarithi Model of Universe. This will be the only one model, the modern Physics will be completely destroyed."

On gravity and Isaac Newton, he said, "When scientists asked what is a gravitational repulsive force, Newton puzzles to answer because he was not able to understand what is a gravitational repulsive force."

"Luckily his calculations are correct". Krishnan added and went on to say that "there is no problem in experimental Physics at all, the problem is only in the theoretical physics, which means that the scientists have failed to interpret the experiments in the right way." He called it his "proverb".

The Tamil Nadu scientist also said that though Albert Einstein was a genius, he made a "blunder". "Einstein made a big bluPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

48 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Let's talk about the science of toilet ceremony. About how the toilet witch will curse you whenever you dare to drop the poo in the loo.



We invented zero.


Western toilets are bad for you. It does not align your poo to aim at the toilet. You should squat and poop like we do. India is a hot country so we poo in the open. Nothing bad about it.


File: e7808b535a9f5e0⋯.jpg (39.33 KB, 300x300, 1:1, p-my-name-is-earl-jason-le….jpg)

>You should squat and poop like we do. India is a hot country so we poo in the open. Nothing bad about it.


Indians: "Space. Physics. Software. Technologies. Computer. Science. Mathematics."

White people: Poop! Fart! Pee! Toilet!



Based. White ppl know the utilitarian use of science.


Redpill me on dot matrix printers anon. Why are they better than inkjet? Why 24pin is better than 9pin? Why are they so sexy?

Also general dot-matrix printer thread.

9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



There's an awful lot of pseudo-intellectual idiots on this weeb site.


I have the same dot matrix printer since 1987. The ink bands cost like 4 bucks and are still made. It needed to have it's print head replaced once in the late 80s. (apparently the original one was kind of a fluke) Since then, everything worked fine. That should tell everything about reliability. I did scrounge a few new print heads from eBay just in case over the years though. it's connected via parallel port which isn't even that big of a problem on new computers. (it was for a while) Nowadays you can get USB to parallel cables for that. to print something in linux, you don't need CUPS or anything like that. It's a device in /dev, you can literally send text to it like to a file, and you can send command sequences to it too. It has it's own inbuilt fonts.You can also set up CUPS and print graphics with it. I haven't used that function often, the resolution is not really all that nice.

If you want to feed it with endless paper the paper is kinda expensive for what it is. It can also deal with normal, non-endless paper though. It's enough to write the occasional letter I do have to write. Contrary to the produce of normal inkjets, the printouts are store-able and last pretty much forever without fading.

If you want to use endless paper and want a printer which literally lasts forever, they are nice. They're only really good for text, though.



Doesn't mean it's wrong. People using "redpill me" unironically are usually retarded.



It's just shorthand memespeak for "educate me on". It means the same shit, and you must be new to imageboards if the usage of that type of language surprises you




This is like one month after GamerGate started and before Wikipedia bias and narrative forming became blatantly obvious.

File: 135cbc32aad9ae3⋯.png (991.07 KB, 1919x1080, 1919:1080, Solus_3_with_Budgie_Deskto….png)


Solus is an independent desktop operating system based on the Linux kernel. It is offered as a curated rolling release model under the slogan "Install Today. Updates Forever". Solus contains a wide variety of desktop environments depending on release chosen, options include Solus's own Budgie Desktop, GNOME, MATE and soon KDE Plasma.

How come i never heard of this?

Is this good? Anyone use it yet? Or is it botnet?

It even comes with a meme url


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>A new from-scratch distro with snowflake package management that developers will have to deal with.

"Hey GNU/Linux users. I noticed that there weren't enough package managers and conventions out there, so I introduced another one :)"

I do not understand the point. It looks cool, but ultimately seems like a new way to further complicate software support on Linux.



Portage should be the standard. We have enough computing power to justify compiling everything on the user's machines these days.



As much as I am able to compile software, I'm perfectly happy to make use of other people's compiling time to compile general purpose versions of programs in order to save my own time.



I like Mint, but its problem is some of the packages in the default repo are critically out of date. Not a problem for most users, but gayman (especially emulation) will run into major problems.




Portage supports binary packages.

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