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File: e80b2d7ff901a53⋯.jpg (26.03 KB, 492x276, 41:23, 194925849.jpg)


is this the FS that will save linux or is it just another meme?

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Just use Kali Linux or Project Trident.



wrong thread?


physics girl is terrys dont you dare post her


>>just use x distro

how about we have an single actual ecosystem that can succeed in desktop?



install gentoo

File: 1de5d97dfad41c3⋯.jpg (72.31 KB, 940x628, 235:157, dsc_4483.jpg)

File: c2d76a78462805b⋯.png (47.48 KB, 395x327, 395:327, sysarch.png)


Recently got a BB Passport and thought the OS is pretty nice to use. The complete lack of support however makes it impractical for daily use unless you only call and text.

Android apps barely work, they're slow, make the phone runs hot and is prone to crashing. The Android runtime is stuck at 4.3

The BB developer website still has docs for BBOS 10 development. There's also a section describing its architecture, basically a POSIX-compliant microkernel OS


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>does it have any practical benefits?

RTOSes guarantee that things will happen within a certain amount of time.

There are some cool data structures that might be relevant here, like priority queues.

Windows, GNU/Linux, and macOS just execute everything equally. So some unimportant process might make an important process take longer.

In a real-time operating system, you not only get the end result you want, but you get it when you want it. Time is just as important as accuracy for a lot of calculations, especially military or aerospace stuff.



Just get you a phone with hardware switches to turn off recording features. Otherwise: pretty much every phone on the market today has a cucked baseband processor set as master CPU. That means you can't do dick on it without having to be paranoid about who's listening in. They have full memory access.

Avoid if possible, if not: be smart.



you can physically remove any microphone and camera from the phone and get one with removable battery(they exist and you should not have any reason to buy those $1000 phones that dont have that feature) then only power it when you need it. then you can get a prepaid sim and only power it on in some place thats not your home if you are really paranoid. the botnet wont really get anything useful if you do that and dont store anything in the phones memory


This is probably one of the few "popular" platforms that people have had no interest whatsoever in hacking.



Get a better phone. I almost never have any problems with any apps on my v35.

File: dc4a3148c97a151⋯.jpg (51.67 KB, 580x700, 29:35, confused_emotionally_retar….jpg)


Are AMD FX processors botnet? What's the best x86-64 processor to get if one is looking to avoid the botnet while being able to run various legacy software?

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Hardly bullshit, considering it's AMD's official recommendation, and they supplied it with water cooling themselves. Can you run it on air? Sure, there is nothing that fundamentally limits air cooling to a certain TDP level, but by the time you've considered the practicalities it's puzzling why you would want to.

Taking into account the size and cost of such an air cooler, and the case and fans you need to provide it with adequate airflow, then an all-in-one water cooler that moves the heat to the edge of the case and exhausts it directly outside is a pretty much a no-brainer.



just run it on an old laptop you sperg



>there is nothing that fundamentally limits air cooling to a certain TDP level, but by the time you've considered the practicalities it's puzzling why you would want to.

>Implying watercooling is more practical than an NH-D15




>Implying watercooling is more practical than an NH-D15

>Implying case air flow isn't a major issue when air-cooling a 220W TDP.

>Implying affordable and easy to install all-in-one water coolers haven't been available for many years.

>Implying AMD didn't bundle one with the CPU in question as its stock cooler, for just $40 more than the bare chip.

File: b069c24c557f6fa⋯.png (84.11 KB, 1046x290, 523:145, AUScuckTRALIA.png)


right boys, what are we gonna do?

what can we do?

how can we really get under their skin?

>I'm on a contract

i honestly feel like saying fuck off, finding a new provider and not paying them a single cent more. why should they have my money when i don't agree one bit with what they're doing

>inb4 get a vpn

imagine connecting to 8chan without a vpn, are you retarded?

i am barely stopped by this, but instead pissed that legitimate websites are being banned because of a minority of snuff brainlets

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>living in emuland


Do nothing. Curl yourself up on the floor and scream like a tarantula playing dead and about to get eaten by a wasp and experience the last excruciating moments of your patheticness by being host for the wasp's little spawns.



If emuland is so shit why are muzzies coming here by the boatload?



Could be worse, he could be living in a Jewish vassal state filled with millions of worthless fat fucks crying 'MUH GUNZ' while doing fuckall


>Use TPG

>No block

Where were you when the budget solution turned out to be the best solution?


lmao just use tor

File: b711e8972d419cf⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1920x6017, 1920:6017, screencapture-outline-8EN9….png)


wtf did his pain meds ruin his brain or something?

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triggered and cnile UNIX weenie spotted XDDDDD

unbased btw




No, I've been here since gamergate. I'm just amused at how nothing ever changes. Nice trips, though.



Keep in mind the dumb journalist probably had their name at the footnote of the article.

They're this stupid.


Firetires joined some crazy cult if I remember correctly. Also, these quotes really seem ripped out of context, like this one:

> But he believes that there is no way to stop the toxic speech that has come to define the site without committing to more aggressive moderation, saying it needs "to be totally redesigned and re-engineered with more censorship in mind."

This seems to imply he considers this change necessary, but take care, he doesn't actually say any of that in the quoted bit. God knows what else was prettied up a bit.

The bullshit from """researchers""" was pretty hilarious though, thanks for posting OP.

File: aae9acb71ef8622⋯.png (346.75 KB, 799x600, 799:600, ReactOS_0.4.7_with_Lautus_….png)

File: 7a1962800906635⋯.png (419.98 KB, 1019x767, 1019:767, 0_4_0.png)

File: 7a208ff15ac932f⋯.png (364.5 KB, 1200x662, 600:331, 1200px-ReactOS_logo.svg.png)


Is it the closest thing we get to Linux imitating Windows down to detail? Or is it just as, if not more, broken than WINE?

Have you tried it, have you tested it, and have you experimented with it? All questions I want to know.

If I were to run any Windows program on it now, what are the chances it won't work?

132 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



RetractOS in in prealpha. Never used it myself but doesn't it use wine libraries?



but linux or bsd cant run windows drivers. sometimes those are needed and then reactos could be useful



This doesn't contradict what I said. To run Userspace windows programs you do not need to emulate the NT Kernel Architecture.



You do if they don't use the Windows API or if they depend on certain edge cases that would be extremely difficult to emulate in something like Wineserver.



Not necessarily, since that would mean companies would have to spend money to get new computers. They just slap Chrome on a computer from 2010 and call it a day.

File: dbc8fbdccf78bf0⋯.jpg (96.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nignogs in enclosure.jpg)


Can racist attitudes make you a worse programmer/mathematician/physicist?

The more I learn about the aforementioned topics, I cannot help but marvel at the power of my own intellect, juxtaposed against the vacuous expanse of the nigger mind, for which antithesis begs to be defined. Every theorem I prove, every language construct I discover, every universal truth I discover about the nature of the universe, is yet one more point of differentiation demarcating the ever growing gulf, beyond that which pity can afford, one finds between my awesome abilities and those of the lowly negroid. I worry that time spent pondering superiority over the enfeebled negro mind might distract one from the destiny of their great work. I would hate to deprive humanity from even one iota of my talent which might for worse be spent holding contempt for niggers.

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>Certainly as a scientist they can. So yes, for a physicist. Spooks of all sorts bias you to unempirical thinking and lead you to erroneous models or predictions. In more general programming and the philosophical world of mathematicians, it's perhaps not as big a deal.

Just a heads up, physicists never model systems as complex as a human being. Your opinion on race/class/whatever will probably not cause you to erroneously model the hydrogen atom unless you have some kind of bizzare metaphysics like minorities are dumber because they are made of minority atoms, or sum such non-sense. Racism could inhibit an anthropologist, or a biologist.

Generally though, science is an international field, and requires reading the work of peers, and working abroad. Its by nature cosmopolitan globalist.


Go back to Pol



>Its by nature cosmopolitan

No, since there's only one culture of right and wrong in real science; which means no "melting pot" and other jewry.


It isn't against globalism, but since IQ repartition isn't geographically homogenous, I'd say no. Basically, globalism isn't compatible with meritocracy.


File: 098d33658437d45⋯.jpg (21.03 KB, 472x472, 1:1, im cia.jpg)

>>1043600 (checked)

remember to sage



>No, since there's only one culture of right and wrong in real science;

Nah, its more than this by far. There is no national science. Science often has more than one formalism, so does mathematics. Yet, largely, the scientific community shares the same formalisms because it is a global culture. It has its own publications, awards, its own multi-national history. It didn't have to be that way either - there could have been disparate national sciences or mathematics with there own formalisms, own histories etc.

>Basically, globalism isn't compatible with meritocracy.

Non-sense. What do you think globalism is? Globalism isn't a "every country gets to nominate a scientific truth" because thats fair. Obviously some countries publish less, others more.

I used to think that I was probably smarter than everyone in North Korea as a college educated physicist in a OCED democracy. NK was full of starving enslaved peasants. Except, NK has its own Missile Program, and its own military engineering. Clearly, there are people in NK smarter than the average westerner - just not the average North Korean.

File: a3802e74296ed70⋯.png (69.86 KB, 959x681, 959:681, proxy.duckduckgo.com.png)


Just installed the new 'dipshit 2019' update! More ads and spyware have been installed, and Bill personally made it harder to modify the desktop environment. Toolbar colors are now locked into a pool of 16 choices, and you can no longer change its position. I really enjoy the sterile, flat colors, and microsofts pledge to stick to the interface paradigm that they have since 95. Using Linux, there is just too much choice in interface control. Thank god that has been taken away from me, it makes my brain hurt.

I was dumb enough to remove the ads from the windows(tm) smarttile(r), so they have been put back! Can't wait to look at the cool candy crush logos while I'm trying to search for an item off the super menu, which for some reason takes several minutes. I actually remember the function being faster on xp. Maybe it's bill's little way of saying "stare at the ads you fucking consumer pig. look at the groove(tm) music ad, that looks good doesn't it? Did you know that artists can make .001% of every sale?"

If you do want to disable the tiles adware completely, don't worry! It's as easy as : gpedit.msc => Local Computer Policy => User Configuration => Administrative Templates => Start Menu and Taskbar => Notifications. => navigate to sidebar => turn off tile notifications

Then, simply:

Go to regedit => HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\PushNotifications => click on NoTileNotifications => modify dword => change base hex value to 1

(not kidding, you actually have to go through all of this. I could not make up something this user-unfriendly)

Do you guys have the update yet? If not, Microsoft will install it for you the next time you leave your pc for half an hour. Remember to save your work!

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The only way to get Dolby Atmos working is with a Windows App.


What's the point of LTSC 2019 if Server 2019 is way better as a daily driver?



Agreed. I've tried Server 2019 and was surprised on how much closer it is to desktop Windows than previous Windows Server versions (2012R2 and older, I never tried 2016). The pajeets didn't even bother creating a different wallpaper / desktop color theme for Windows Server anymore. From a desktop users standpoint it's just Windows 10 with all the bullshit cut off and it actually performs better.



>Plus you can't scroll inactive windows

I could do this with the Logitech driver on Windows 95 which had no native scroll support at all. But you need to install 3rd party software that runs at a key/click logger level to get this in Windows 8.1 and earlier.

It's disgusting using other peoples PCs without scroll focus following mouse and middle click paste.


File: 32a3bb3e387f27e⋯.jpg (13.26 KB, 206x213, 206:213, ancient happy merchant.jpg)


>The Synagogue of Satan replaced the Hebrews. Are they the same?

Is that a trick question?

File: 705e35b3b80b546⋯.gif (18.49 KB, 2551x2551, 1:1, armHuge.gif)


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ARM isn't relevant yet because less than 0.0001% of devices have a standard UEFI.



You've been watching too much Coreteks



You know all CPU's are RISC internally right? (What is microcode). And that its comical to talk about attack surface of an ISA.



This "RISC internally" shit is a meme. Yeah suuure it's reduced 'internally', but what about externally? This is like a fat person being like, "I'm skinny on the inside!" No.



>trusting AES instruction set

>literally roastie-tier security hole that lets (((them))) receive your encryption keys

>not to mention other instruction sets that does the same shit


File: 6933ae9866c1a0c⋯.jpg (34.21 KB, 400x300, 4:3, holosonics-voice-to-skull.jpg)



> "New" Tech

>not decades old

Lol enjoy your schizos even more.

How many times I warned tech about this and disagreetards just keep on claiming "citation needed" like a retardit crossposter or FPBP forum disruptor (first post bad post) who just critics every single weakly scientifically-linked greenpills everyone should know especially dangerous scientific research posts on /r/DebunkThis? Fucking traitors. As if reddit isn't already a shitty place for shit-people.

People will definitely buy this tech for some hypnosis or prank. Can't wait until China steals it and mass-produces these for public use.

imagine the hypnosis and implications

you probably should check your smoke detector if you're a schizo

they'll fuck off if a schizo is no longer alone by themselves, most of the time they make targeted individuals go alone through the voices first so that other people won't accidentally get the feed during panic attacks and it exposes the ops. Heck they probably laugh at you as they watch you through radar imagery that's why you feel like you're alwys being watched

now you've heard of voice to skill, get ready for image to pupils

>inb4 retardit critic is online

More like 3glowingletters if you ask me. love your job? fucking traitor, they'll kill you with your clearance especially if you're in CIA you'll stay in the watchlist by the time you quit

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<fuck an actual retort. I'm just going to throw out another claim.

>throws out another baseless assertion about 5G mind control that's totally not just a copy/paste of conspiracy theories that date back to the dawn of radio.

There's only one person here who should be worried about suicide.




Go back.



This shit was well known at the time of the Navy Yard shooting at least.

File: 1f382c1f3eb22c2⋯.gif (100 B, 18x18, 1:1, y18.gif)


i really, REALLY want to start participating in /tech/like communities online. im sick of being a part of the norm.

but what are thriving places? where do you all go? what forums do you shitpost at, what games do you play, where do you watch videos?

86 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



"Normies" is pointless argument. Full chan has all the freedom in the world (- rare pepes) is relatively censorship free , has no registration required, no persistent identity. Anybody can discuss anything, and out of that comes what?

Virtually everyone admits that no one on /tech/ knows anything - Outside a small collection of people with hyper-narrow interests (Unix Hater) who shill every thread (but at least with some knowledge). The vasts majority of posts are meme tier reposts, the same advice given hundreds of times daily by people who haven't taken their own medicine - Install Gentoo, Learn Computer Science and variety of boring hate speech that derails threads.

Meanwhile, Norman communities like hn, actually do in-depth discussions in a non-confrontational way and are interesting to read.

Why can't anonymous, no persistent identity, forum do the same ?



>The problem is everyone wants to be the next rising star on 8chan, a consistently rising number of people that have less and less original things to say. This endless tech-larping and promotion of gentoo is what really destroyed this side of the internet.



Your posting a ludite manifesto on the internet on a technology board.



>UNIX hater


Next you'll be telling us how smart the niggerpill fag is

>hn has in depth discussion

I've waste many hours scrolling through hn when I had nothing better to do. They have a much more diverse group of people, Ill give you that. But their interest and knowledge is limited to normal fag shit, they have very little that is particularly interesting to say. The best I can say about them is that they sometimes link to good stuff, but no one on there is producing it.

>Why can't anonymous, no persistent identity forum do the same?

We're too focused on OC posting. No one is allowed to have merely read a good opinion, you have to have one yourself, ideally won through personal experience. Maybe we should have a thread where people can post good blog posts and wiki articles or something.



>UNIX Hater

He is frequently wrong, and some how doesn't understand the difference between plaintext and XML, but at least his posts are interesting.

> But their interest and knowledge is limited to normal fag shit,

What is not "Normal Fag" shit? Its somehow both hn content, and instagram/facebook posts. Whats unique on full chan other than "NIGGERS" + Install Gentoo. In some ways, its kind of hilarious, but it ultimately doesn't produce useful skills of any kind.

>We're too focused on OC posting. No one is allowed to have merely read a good opinion, you have to have one yourself, ideally won through personal experience. Maybe we should have a thread where people can post good blog posts and wiki articles or something.

This might be a cure!

File: 055e8a9d0d0367e⋯.png (31.58 KB, 250x217, 250:217, freebsd-logo.png)


This is a reminder that FreeBSD still doesn't have basic exploit mitigations like ASLR in the year 2019.

20 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



The "industry" is using Java everywhere. The fuck you smoking?



>look mom I posted it again


Java is a terrible example because it's fairly slow and full of vulnerabilities.



>consumes all memory and crashes

look mah, I'm memory safe




yeah and your insurance company and bank use it so it must be secure.



Stop shitposting. You know those businesses prefer the convenience and cost of java over security.

File: 2a6aa408e77e282⋯.jpg (44.46 KB, 450x470, 45:47, ISP.jpg)



I've recently been transferring all my data generating services to Microsoft. I can't avoid using windows at the moment. Microsoft e-mail, tablet, internet explorer, bing searches, and skype for calls.

Eliminating google's share of my data. Now at least only one corporation has it, instead of 3 or 4. You can do the same thing if you wanted with Google or Apple, juast make sure every device and software you use is with the same company. That way only 1 company will have your data.

This brings us to ISP choice. Does Microsoft or google or apple have connections with a specific ISP that would be a best choice if you were trying to contain your data to one company?

ISP CHOICES: https://broadbandnow.com/All-Providers











29 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Just use Tribler!


You can't, do not try.






Tbqh OP has the right idea I think, if you're going to give your info to a honeypot company Microsoft is probably the less shit bet due to their incompetence that's only getting worse. I mean, nowadays Microsoft is an Indian company, so it's very likely the literal H1B pajeets there might screw something up and lose at least some of your data before handing it over.


The problem with Startpage is that it's slow af though, at least for me it always was.




They maximise their profits by selling data too.

File: b1fa363b97bc357⋯.jpg (88.04 KB, 578x322, 289:161, orbital poo cannon.jpg)


Pooland just expanded their IT Act to allow 10 agencies (including shitters like the Central Board of Direct Taxes, Research and Analysis Wing, and regular fucking police) to demand full access to any pajeet's computer under any circumstances. Refusing to unlock or decrypt anything will earn the pajeet seven years in jail and an unspecified fine, probably fine-tuned each instance to assrape the resisting pajeet.

>Explaining the rationale behind the order, India’s IT minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, said the measure was undertaken in the interests of national security. He added that some form of “tapping” has already been going on in the country for a number of years and that the new order would help bring structure to that process. “Always remember one thing,” he said in a televised interview. “Even in the case of a particular individual, the interception order shall not be effective unless affirmed by the Home Secretary.”

>This move by the Indian government comes days after the Australian government, in a global first, took a stricter approach to the way communications service are handled within its borders.

113 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Had a good hearty kek.

Will see if the future AI overlord has a sense of humor.



According to Hindu lore "real" Hindus had/have light skin and blue eyes. Pretty much every single piece of ancient art shows blue eyes. Every single one.

Except for Kali. He/She/Xe had brown eyes. Did you know brown eyes were considered demonic back then?



The ones literally most angry about Chinese are Chinese-Americans. The ones I've met were vocal but I heard I had it easy.



It's because some people from Europe invaded to India and conquered the native people. And then they became the rulers of the peninsula.



They became rulers but their number is fewer than native people. So their blood was mixed for long time even though they tried not to be mixed with native people.


99 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 4dbee3fcdda331f⋯.webm (1.16 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ORDER_NEW_FILE_FROM_DARKN….webm)


File: cf3610badc263bb⋯.png (26.95 KB, 1142x409, 1142:409, ToddlerCon.png)



Yes, 8chan totally hosts a vibrant and active discussion of toddler rape.


File: 3b296c8af1a00a2⋯.png (96.96 KB, 1142x1220, 571:610, ToddlerCon.png)


Made it better.

I think that the other important thing to note is that all of the so-called child pornography that is posted on 8chan, mostly Japanese-origin comics and cartoons, is not considered child pornography by the state of California.





Thread is derailed as fuck already. I dont mind mods keeping a single /pol/ infected thread alive for a while. A /pol/ guy going on a literal killing spree is going to incite discussion on most chan boards anyway.


Nice work.

I do love how 8ch's actual discussions outside /pol/ have stayed more true to the OG boards than anything else. And 8ch isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

Goes in all fields because this thread needs to be put out of its misery.

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