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File: d570b7def3911e0⋯.jpg (70.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, production-b79925bdb22c2d4….jpg)


What would be the most efficient yet comprehensive way for a codemonkey to go back and learn the foundations of CS? I'm about half a decade in to being a codemonkey cog helping corporations shit out enterprise software, I never had an academic background in CS (I didn't even go to college due to fucked family situation). Everything I know about computers is learned from online courses designed to get you from 0 to functionally useful at some soulless corp (think youtube tutorials narrated by some barely intelligible pajeet, udemy, lynda, etc.), and every technical interview I've ever passed was purely due to mindlessly "grinding" toy problems on sites like 1337code.

In short, I feel like a total fraud next to people with actual degrees/academic background in programming and it makes me insecure and depressed. I would like to once and for all, do what it takes to gain a deep foundational understanding of computer science, but am at a loss as to where to start. Should I just go through the entirety of ossu? Is there a list of books I should read? I feel lost and overwhelmed at the choices which I guess is part of what getting an actual degree helps to mitigate. Expect to get shit on but hope some of you will understand and point me in the right direction

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protip: academic degrees are for faggots





Why are you guys moralizing this shit? It's about applicability. Newer does tend to mean more applicable in terms of language theory.




I got expelled from university so I never got the chance to become a pathetic loser like degree holders




Pathetic, loser.

File: 15621e72b3ad9a5⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 664x648, 83:81, ASSANGE_ARREST.webm)


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Unc's shit himself again!






This is an ancient leak that didn't get much media attention. There are a few "giveaways" regarding him having HIV anyway. Old news


File: 0222fbc6e19a924⋯.mp4 (1.06 MB, 848x480, 53:30, A Toast.mp4)







Hack the planet!

File: 58e63a26c2d3ed2⋯.jpg (58.05 KB, 429x504, 143:168, 1542334508164.jpg)


Remember in 2008, we would be able to find general communities for various different hobbies, video games, technology, arts, sports, now all that has been swallowed up by giant corporations which breed homogeneous, unoriginal behavior due to being accessible by the unoriginal masses who obey the law of social norms.

Are there still any communities around?

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Try nanochanqwrwtmamtnhkfwbbcducc4i62ciss4byo6f3an5qdkhjngid.onion identity of owner is unknown so can't be targeted by CIAniggers, in case it happens we already had a succesful fork, there's no CP only a bunch of retards, we have cookies.



>The world shall soon belong to the jews and china.

>shall soon

Bad news for you, goy



>>Tech conventions

>SJW shit every where and nothing but start ups looking for a quick buck or ultra main stream shit which looks the same as it did 5 years ago with a different port.

>If you're an actual tech nerd and a not a XD nerd then conventions have nothing to offer you. They're where normies go to buy bits of plastic.

I was looking if there was some kind of irl /tech/ in the city I live in, but there only seems to be a local chapter of Chaos Computer Club who only talk about how to get more trannies into programming and stuff like that.

I'm not an elitist at all, I'd love to be part of a hobbyist group of people of different skill levels simply sharing their knowledge and making friends, but anywhere I look seems to be occupied by smarmy moralist hipsters who are hostile to anyone not actively fighting for the current 'progressive' agenda.


File: 99020312751d807⋯.png (4.71 KB, 220x96, 55:24, data.png)


> You make a "free speech" place where people won't get booted because of thought crimes and it's overrun by retarded trolls, nazi-larpers and people with an agenda to subvert the place for whatever political or ideological reason

Anyone regularly on /b2/ over the past few weeks saw that happen in real time. One fine day a "cope" spammer just started trashing the place, apparently hopping from one IP to another on his VPN. And he probably used Tor as well, since he spammed lots of text-only posts, using creative spelling and formatting to defeat the mitigations the board owner put in place to block his deluge that was making it impossible for anyone else to use the board comfortably. So there you have, it only takes one asshole to fuck things up for everyone. In this case Tor just made it easier for him to hide in the shadows and give hell to everyone else that had done nothing to him. Allegedly the board ownder deteled one of his posts or something by mistake, but that's no good reason to be such a gigantic asshole to everyone else!

And I guess /tech/ must have gotten some spam too, given how there's now a captch, which often doesn't work right for me even when I type the letters right. Not really worth my trouble, so that's why I don't post here much.

Oh, and yeah guess what, just go this error, even though I typed in 'zjwrdo' for the captcha and copy/pasted the ID string. I guess it's because I'm not using a botnet JS browser so it doesn't refresh the captcha or something when it times out. So anyway, eh. I'll flush my cache in Links, get new captcha, post this and I'm out.

Error An error has occured.
You seem to have mistyped the verification, or your CAPTCHA expired. Please fill it out again



No it does that on regular browsers too, it's just a crap CAPTCHA system.

File: 0cbf60e29675916⋯.jpg (48.75 KB, 720x480, 3:2, fuck you.jpg)


See this piece of shit that got unveiled in WWDC? The monitor next to the new Mac Pro cheesegrater.

That monitor costs $4999. It's impressive, to be sure. 6K and all.

That monitor comes without a fucking stand.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPiEpSMkzoo (Linus TT)

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First, it's not organic. Second, it's not dependent on diodes, the mechanics of a diode and a transistor are worlds apart. Third, it used QD technology. Fourth, it doesn't even need LCD. Fifth, it uses a vertical architecture completely different from what we have today. Sixth, it relies on metals, not carbon chains. Seventh, it uses SSG. Eight, go read scientific papers, and not bullshit journo articles or kikepedia.

I recommend ACSNano.




I just saw your image now. God, you're more of an idiot than I thought.

Do you really believe that this nVerpix device is a LEFET? Are you high on drugs or something? That's an OLET.




>it's not organic

>it relies on metals, not carbon chains

Never said it necessarily was otherwise. Just like LEDs, there are a variety of organic and inorganic designs competing.

>the mechanics of a diode and a transistor are worlds apart

>it uses a vertical architecture

That is in fact the entire thing


That's not emissive, it's just using it as a filter, like any "quantum TV" you'd see in a big box store. True emissive QD is pure SF at the moment, nobody has managed to concoct a substance that produces visible spectrum light, let alone lab test a complete working device as simple as a single monochrome pixel.

>it doesn't even need LCD

None of the technologies we're discussing do

Look, I agree LETs would be a noticable bump up over LEDs in performance, but they're far from the only variation on LEDs, or even the most radical.



I'm not sure, even 480p feels like too much.



Ray tracing is only usable on 1080p so 1080p is probably good enough.

File: 5dd88090fda93a6⋯.jpeg (5.08 KB, 177x284, 177:284, images (33).jpeg)


So my girl thinks her ex, who bought her her phone, put spyware on it. Is there any surefire way to tell what someone might have installed, short of a reinstall, of telling what might have been put on an Android without ur consent? I've gone through everything I can find but she's worried that good hacks will hide it.

>inb4 tell that roastie stfu

>inb4 buy her a new one

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Listen to this anon, he's right >>1068926

But anyway, even if her ex isn't a cracker, agents from CIA (or whatever three-letter agency) still listen and jerk off to photos of your gf. Tell your girlfriend that she's running nonfree software anyway and buy her a better mobile device respecting her freedom or at least partially.




And of course show her this:




Signs her ex was a 133t h^x0r:

- uses GNU/Linux or just calls it "Linux", because he's a fag

- has pimples on his face

- watches anime

- has a long ponytail and/or is fat

- sits all day in front of computer

- is a programmer

But anyway, your hax0r could look totally different, so be careful.

I'm helping you just because we want you to run GNU/Linux, never forget about that. And that's probably a thread that should be posted in the sticky, but anyway it's funny.



I mean there IS google botnet on there but her ex didn't exactly put it on there. It came on there.


>has a long ponytail and/or is fat

>sits all day in front of computer

<watches anime

>has pimples on his face

somehow i believe such a person would have trouble getting a girl unless said girl was a manipulative whore only interested on abusing and disposing of him after he ended his usefulness.



Ignore all the larpers and purists. Go the easy route and install Lineage OS if the device is supported. Any ROM for that matter. Lineage just also has the best documentation by far. You can use it for other ROMs as well.

Install custom ROMs as a rule of thumb anyways. It's easy as fuck and comes with very useful added features (depends on the ROM of course) but stuff like Privacy Guard on Lineage are in my opinion essential for -everyone-.

Easy method:

1. Check devices on left for support. More devices are supported and might just not get updates so google if it's not there:


2. Follow the installation Instruction on that page exactly. They are very well written and precise so if something is not working read more carefully.

First time I flashed cyanogenmod a long while back an having never done anything like it took me a couple hourse so just fucking do it. You won't regret it.


OP: danke meine kleine botnix!

File: a02846d314e8dac⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Peterfbright.jpg)


>Peter Bright, a prominent tech reporter who covered Microsoft for Ars Technica, was charged in connection with attempting to solicit sex with a minor, according to a Daily Dot report Friday.

>Bright, who is apparently no longer employed by Ars Technica, is charged in connection with arranging to engage in sexual activity with a 7-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy, according to a federal complaint filed Friday that was cited by the Daily Dot.

>The complaint also said that Bright claimed to have molested an 11-year-old girl.

>Prominent tech reporter Peter Bright, age 38, was charged on Friday in connection with soliciting sex from minors online, according to a Daily Dot report.

>Bright, who worked for tech blog Ars Technica and is well-known in tech circles for his coverage of Microsoft, was charged in connection with attempting to molest two young children after a sting operation with federal officials, according to a federal complaint filed Friday, the Daily Dot reported.

>Bright was reportedly charged after meeting with an undercover agent who he believed to be the mother of two children he allegedly intended to molest. The complaint also said that Bright had claimed to have molested an 11-year-old girl.

>Bright is currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan without bail, according to the Department of Justice's federal inmate locator.

>The Daily Dot report states that Bright is no longer employed by Ars Technica.

>Ars Technica, which is owned by the parent company of magazine publisher Conde Nast, did not respond to Business Insider's request for comment.


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File: f9de9523ecedacf⋯.jpg (195.26 KB, 1710x2048, 855:1024, nYTAFuN.jpg)


I overclocked my ballistix sport lt 2400 ghz ram to 2933 at 1.4 volts. I then ran prime95 with a stock cpu cooler for 20 minutes. I checked the cpu temperature and it was 95 degrees. A few seconds later, my cpu crashed with a bluescreen telling me it is gathering shit to send to microsoft. So I restart my cpu and it is laggy as fuck. I mean barely opens web browsers, freezes while loading websites, freezes and lags when opening aps. I check the cpu tem and it is fucking idling at 55 degrees where before it was around 34 (Ryzen 1300x, msi b350 motherboard).

So I stay with it like this for about 10 minutes and suddenly the average cpu temp drops down to 40-38 degrees and much of the lag and freezing is gone, but it still isn't exactly where it was before.

what the fuck happened and what in the computer is fucked?


File: cec4d6c33e0ff04⋯.png (440.04 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 0atJnyV.png)


so I just closed all my apps, websites, everything, check the idle temp, and it is at 50+ again.

I then reopen my browser and the temperature jumps down to 40.



File: 13fa97920adb897⋯.gif (96.8 KB, 498x594, 83:99, 13f.gif)



so I went to userbenchmark to do a computer benchmark. Before I would get regularly an 84% rating from my cpu, now it is telling me my cpu is at 50%

UserBenchmarks: Game 77%, Desk 55%, Work 35%

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1300X - 49.9%

GPU: AMD RX Vega 56 - 103.7%

SSD: Samsung 860 Evo 1TB - 103.2%

USB: WD easystore 25FB 4TB - 69.7%

RAM: Crucial BLS8G4D240FSB.16FBD 2x8GB - 81.1%


my "gaming" rating before prime95 was 95% "nuclear submarine." Now it is at 77%. My Desktop rating was 82%, now it is 55%.

as for the individual components, they all rating within spec of my pre-prime95 benchmark, but all are together now performing slightly below par, probably because of the dead cpu dragging them down.

I think prime95 fried my fucking Ryzen.




File: 26d342a5f72664e⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 640x480, 4:3, angry_multi_color_eyes.jpg)


Hey everyone, just a reminder to add a quick exit button on your website


17 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


>quick exit button

>it doesn't exit the tab

>its just a fucking link

where the fuck do these retards hire? imagine getting paid to write a 'quick exit' button



<a href="#" onclick="window.close();">Exit</a>

Now pay me you fashist pig!


>hey kids in abusive homes etc.

>you should play chicken with your abuser!

>relying on web devs for your physical safety!

>I am NOT giving you this good advice because I am a pedo that gets off on your abuse.




I keep the power button always within reach (of thumb or toe). When I want my computer to exit, then by God, it will exit.



>not rigging explosives to your computer for maximum shutdown effectiveness

File: b149c292873fb76⋯.png (345.52 KB, 1273x956, 1273:956, ClearFog-ITX-workstation-l….png)


Proper mini ITX ARM64 board with

16 core Cortex A72 @ 2.2GHz

2 x DDR4 SODIMM slots

1 x M.2 2240/2280

2 x SPF+

1 x 1GbE

1 x open ended x8 PCIE slot

4 x SATA 3

Preproduction Board: $550.00

Final Product: $750.00 11/19

Yes bigot, Solidrun is an Israeli company.





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The Blackbird is $999 for mini ITX motherboard only. Granted even a 4 core POWER9 would tear this a new asshole. You're still looking at $1300 verses $750.


Name them. Nvidia has a board similarly priced with a 4 core CPU, PCI-E x4 slot, 8GB soldered on RAM, and a singular SATA port. The power supply is also non standard. All other many core ARM based network boards are well over $1k.



>They unironically have some very nice network hardware. I thought about getting a Clearfrog Pro for pfsense router.

>I'm considering botnet with InTel-Aviv inside

You're the stereotypical kid who would take a ride from the stranger who says he's going to the candy store.


>InTel-Aviv botnet

Like meth - not even once.

Get a CHICOM chip, Russian board, and S.Korean components - at least the botnet parts wouldn't work effectively together. or simply get a Thinkpad



The saying "with jews you lose" is not just a meme>>1068323



>/tech/ can we ditch some of these consumerist threads and actually talk about circuits and code?

Probably not, ever since the 3rd round /g/ refugees in 2017 this place has slowly decayed into consumerism.



>/g/ refugees

The bit that irks me is there is >>>/g/ for them to make their home and the retards lurk here instead


Shit, you can build an AMD machine for way less.

>16 cores

The dev machines already had 24. Smartphones usually have 8 cores now.

This is pure ripoff. Wait until something actually good comes around.

File: e39ee98ffb22d87⋯.png (499.6 KB, 884x396, 221:99, 8185261A-F55E-4D4D-8FA7-0C….png)


>Mobile Safari finally getting native file downloads

>iPad Safari finally defaulting to desktop mode

>Files app no longer useless and superficial and also includes folder sharing and a built-in file server

>Desktop-level multitasking

>performance improvements

>Supports devices as old as late 2014

Apple finally just making iOS on iPads Mac OS-Lite instead of iPhone OS-phat yeah I’m thinking they’re back.

33 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>I just wish I could watch webms on this fucking thing. The quantity of addons is lame, but if you wanna do it a native safari addon its also a bit of a pain in the ass. I'm not using Chrome because it sucks my macbook battery life like a whore.

<has a macbook

<would like to use (((Google))) Chrome

<complains about nonfree software sucking his battery like a whore

That's your problem dude, better sell that proprietary crap and install GNU/Linux on a device respecting your freedom.



These are basic features from the early 00s. Is this why you need to complete a degree to be able to use their creative suite instead of just doing it with professional foss tools?



>Why isn't this mobile OS a desktop OS?


File: d90555f4168aa45⋯.jpg (41.22 KB, 720x480, 3:2, trans_dev_cant_paint_nails.jpg)


their=/=it's, I was speaking about Apple in general. None the less, you could achieve these on some s60 phones before the first iphone, though through opera and other 3rd party software.


Wow so it can finally do things that an entry-level Surface or literally any laptop could do forever? Seriously, I don't understand you fags. If you're actually doing work with your devices (which requires the features you mentioned) there's literally no reason to use an iPad instead of a laptop.

>muh weight/portability


>muh touchscreen


I am extremely tired of Apple shills. This is a 4/g/-tier post and you need to go back.

File: ef596bbdbe1fa6f⋯.jpg (35.85 KB, 551x550, 551:550, 169149fa190e8cc7dd73f024d0….jpg)



You still can't import OVPN configurations through GNOME NetworkManager. was open source a mistake?

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Put your config here:


Then do this

systemctl start openvpn-client@server1



but it does not have. at least not with gtk and it will never have because all gtk versions are abandonware. that shit has not had any kind of improvements after its initial release.



XFCE4 nm-applet uses GTK. It works fine in Debian. The only time I've ever had issues was when I accidentally deleted ~/.cert folder. The fix was as easy as deleting the saved VPN connections and adding them again. It honestly sounds like this is another mystery Ubuntu bug. Copies are never as good as the original.


File: b94a71e9c54f71f⋯.mp4 (2.55 MB, 320x240, 4:3, poofery.mp4)

> connect to a million wifi connections because of job

> want to set a DNS to the one I stood up so I don't use stupid ISP DNS

> can't set one DNS for all past and future connections

Gnome and KDE are a fucking meme



install gentoo


I am looking to buy a domain from Dyn i want a cheap company that will hide my info from DNS records and not de platform me.

9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Imagine having to pay for privacy. Thank god I'm an Europoor.



namecheap allows you to pay with bitcoin, whois free privacy and dirt cheap prices for stuff like .xyz, .online, .site.

I think they make their money by screwing you when you renew the domain, the price difference is huge. Also probably by datamining you, their privacy policy is garbage, but what domain company has a good one ?





Namecheap a shit. It might have been a good option a decade ago.


I've used joker.com for over a decade, works for me.


njal.la is the only domain registrar i use.

File: 716f6a428050ef1⋯.png (2.07 MB, 918x1224, 3:4, A7503EB2-0D83-4711-94F1-26….png)

File: 7520a63f23dcc78⋯.png (543.38 KB, 1080x675, 8:5, 691E040D-6918-4F9F-9E75-71….png)


Why did XNU/Darwin fail outside of Apples own projects?

44 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>A micro-kernel is a kernel that you get by removing all non essential features, if you remove anything else, the system falls apart.

That is subjective. You can say the same thing about Linux on certain distros. To me the difference between microkernels and monolithic is down to kernel-level modularity. Generally speaking the core components of Linux are tied down by dependencies to the point kernel modules have to be tied to specific kernel versions. Microkernels generally don't have issues like that, so in that sense I think XNU counts as a microkernel



Yeah there is still a tweak for iOS11-iOS12 and it's called MilkyWay. Looks almost exactly like your pic



Doesn’t iOS 12 on iPad already have native multiwindowed multitasking?



No idea. I don't own an iPad. Just an iPhone XS Max right now. And that tweak is what I use.



>So, clearly XNU is not a microkernel, but a monolithic one with microkernel-like facilities.

It's called hybrid kernel, retard.

File: 88d38ba30cfc34a⋯.png (431.28 KB, 910x600, 91:60, Wikilivres_vu_en_3D_avec_F….png)


Who else remembers and misses this Firefox feature?

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



I agree, developer tools should be a plugin or a different version of the browser or something.


File: 898d86e4b4f2cdf⋯.jpg (275.44 KB, 910x600, 91:60, 15.jpg)



this is why oop was a mistake





It's XML. It'd be the same mess if you wrote the browser in C.

The reason for this shit is that niggers can't into generating simple structures (ie one level per rectangle) as you can see from the overlapping borders.


File: e25f17e9db71e94⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1202x1062, 601:531, 9.png)


Look who's talking.

File: 77981e5d3bc5874⋯.png (67.07 KB, 487x436, 487:436, scr-1.png)


Are you really a programmer? Show us your own 8ch downloader then.

Here's mine.

101 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>the addition of elements won't affect a query by attribute

Badly chosen example because that doesn't affect a regular expression for attributes either. Point being, the structure does not change very often and an HTML parser can get fucked by internal changes (e.g. a class name change) just as easily. If you're going to do something involved with the HTML, sure, do it properly. But to replace markup tags and extract URLs from an imageboard, this suffices.



>Badly chosen example because that doesn't affect a regular expression for attributes either.

Depends on the regexp.

>HTML parser can get fucked by internal changes (e.g. a class name change) just as easily.

Depends on the query.

A regexp is inherently more brittle. The regexp in this thread don't even parse HTML really, they're just looking for CDN URLs, and that will passively fail if more CDNs are added later. I'd prefer to grab them semantically and not rely on URLs, but hey that's just me.

>But to replace markup tags and extract URLs from an imageboard, this suffices.

Yes you're probably right, especially since the site is not under active development. In general, web scrapers go out of date quicker than any other software you can think of and rely heavily on functional tests if you need any sort of reliability, regardless of your approach.



Liking this pipe action.







These are all great.


Try this tutorial series for Java. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl-zzrqQoSE&list=PLFE2CE09D83EE3E28

Watching videos helps when you are just starting out. Whatever the lesson your are doing you can search video sharing sites for a tutorial or even sometimes a college lecture on the subject.



wget ‐‐recursive ‐‐no-clobber ‐‐no-parent https://8ch.net

wget ‐‐mirror ‐‐domains=8ch.net https://8ch.net

I should take all of these commands write a recusive random get flood script. Could be cool.



Found the nigger


File: 7cb9699908a4873⋯.png (131.42 KB, 1125x679, 1125:679, infinitych_2015-07-28.rb.png)

Found pic related from 2015 on my computer, wondering if it still works but no Ruby so you tell me.


>Me and Melinda Goofing off, The Chest Pump



Implying he didn't use a cross-platform toolkit like Tk with whatever his favourite language is. You're a nigger and you don't know shit about software engineering, stop trying to make it like you do.

File: 1c0ba3366e58453⋯.jpg (7.91 KB, 255x192, 85:64, 1413151420124-1.jpg)


So /tech/ and /g/ seem to think that the new mac is LOL CRAPPLEL TAX because the base system specs could be beaten by a machine a fifth of the price.

What /tech/ and /g/ apparently are too retarded to understand is that those base system specs include a great deal of headroom.

Your mission, should you be a bad enough dude to accept it, is to build a system using all resources at your disposal that:

- Costs no more than $6000 US MSRP

- Has directly equivalent parts to the contents of the base model (pay attention to the dual 10Gb ethernet)). Thunderbolt can be replaced with USB at your discretion.

- Has the ability to be expanded with:

- At least four GPUs,

- 1.5TB of ECC memory running no slower than 2933MHz,

- No fewer than 28 cores. (You can achieve this core count however you wish, going over is fine.)

- An additional M2 drive

- Apple-specific stuff like the 2-in-1 GPU ("MPX") cards and accelerator cards can be ignored.

- All of these components must be cooled in a way that:

- The system is able to run at max CPU+GPU usage without thermal throttling or hitting TJMAX.

- The system is bearable to sit next to and usable for audio work. Consider a maximum noise level of 30DBa at 1 meter away (the level of a room fan on low from the same distance).. ideally lower.

- Isn't gamer/enthusiast or datacenter-based (no external radiators, no rackmount chassis)

- Does not require overclocking of either the CPU, GPU, or memory to hit these specs.

Can it be done?

9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


ecc is for fags, 99% of people won't be using 4 gpus, and ryzen gen 3 will wreck this shitcult piece of crap.

Only a macfanboi would think dual 10gb or four gpus matter for this usecase; if your company buys your tech of course you wouldn't care about the ridiculous pricing.



>ECC is for fags

No, ECC is for adults who need to get work done.


File: 702702437ddb9b7⋯.png (363.77 KB, 438x576, 73:96, Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at ….png)


>That fucking CHEESE GRATER design



t. gets forced to shut down by his OS while he's "working" on something

ECC is for highly critical systems you retard. I wouldn't even put those in servers. Just wasted money.


To me it still looks like a trashcan. I've seen those in parks.



It looks more like some ikea furniture to me.


>Can it be done?

Probably not and I'm not willing to go through the trouble of figuring out if it is.

Trillion dollar multinational with hundreds of third party hardware sources and accountants running the numbers thousands of times > me checking pc part picker cumming in my pants to anime on the weekend

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