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File: 5e3b3a874d16ae0⋯.png (37.78 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, html.png)


what's the best compiler for html (php, ajax) coding in your opinion?

I'm getting tired of using a txt file with no error handling

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The rust compiler is too slow and gcc is buggy. You might want to use Flexx and Bison to make your own.



>The rust compiler is too slow

The rust compiler is LLVM.

What is Clang? Also LLVM you stupid nigger.


PHP can be "transpiled". You can translate it to C++ and compile it. I think it was developed by facebook.

For client side scripting you can use WASM. Yes web assembly. That runs sandboxed.



Hip Hop transpiler for PHP.


File: 1364518cd30db84⋯.jpg (191.29 KB, 728x1060, 182:265, frankenfran.jpg)


>PHP can be "transpiled". You can translate it to C++ and compile it.





Social justice warriors are buthurt because Purism refused to sign their CoC and censor the "harmful"content.

Tbh I didn't trust purism (and still don't) because of how they lied about the librem (sojucs were praising it) but with this they're just coming back into my interest.

Old sojuc fagshit: https://vulpine.club/@rey/102021797820482084

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File: 4ae9f3488e75257⋯.jpg (7.66 KB, 196x255, 196:255, 1457825480144.jpg)


>This is why subhuman niggercattle need CoCs, because they are historically the ones being instructed and thus incompetent when programming a machine.


so the thread op is some faggot sjw tranny?


There's only one thing I like more than disrespecting and raping women, and that's heiling the fuhrer



Matrix is definitely better than masto, which isn't saying much. It's still shit.

Pleroma runs on a nanode or even a raspi.


What lies about librem are you talking about?

File: 6f07ff6405e1fbc⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 388x356, 97:89, 6f0.gif)


Long time lurker. Never read a discussion on filesystems on /tech. Does it make any difference at all? I've been rolling with LUKS-encrypted BTRFS raid-1 for storage and XFS for everything else. Quite uncomfortable. We know they got taken over by Facecuck and (((Red Hat))), but how fucked up are these projects at the moment? What do you folks suggest?

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Forgot to mention though, your not wrong, in that made up scenario, they should have had a backup. I'm not a total jerk, you were right about that. It should be an offline and offsite backup, should also be a separate PHYSICAL backup, not just somewhere else online.


File: 49a527a3460ddda⋯.jpeg (42.09 KB, 493x517, 493:517, 82D783FD-ABCC-45F5-8D1B-B….jpeg)


I know it must be hard being, you know, special needs and all, but actual companies are paying Microsoft for official support and said support doesn’t come with nothing



I should have been less of a jerk. Yes, you can buy official support from Microsoft. They well sell you all the support you can afford. If you got the money, you can pay for an onsite 24/hours a day official certified Microsoft Professional. I've met one, once, at a company that could afford one.

To get to my actual point, it's just that in my limited experience with different vendors (including M$) a paid licensed support contract with them, does NOT get you as much support as you would think, depending how much you pay them.

General "support" troubleshooting (from the vendors side):

>Are they paid up on their support contract?

>Does their problem sound like it can be fixed from a known patch / update / firmware / mod, etc?

>Does the problem involve an interface with another vendor? If yes = blame other vendor

>Does the client have system configured per "contracted supported" configuration? If no = blame customer

>Does the client have system configured in non-"Best Practices" recommend by our company? if yes = blame customer

Also, if it's a software company, generally all you get with support is any patches / updates / security fixes or able to upgrade to the next version. So if something simply stops working for some unknown reason, see above how they start troubleshooting.

It also highly depends on the problem. Like a hardware company is much more likely to simply ship a replacement part, and even send a guy to install it, if that's part of your service agreement (that's just from my experience). My laughter (hahaha in my post) came from the thought that M$ is in NO WAY sending anyone from their company to help in the described scenario of ReFS-drive failing and the data being un-recoverable, and M$ sending someone out because they care.




Also, I think we are getting off topic. Let me distill this down

ZFS = good, if you care about your data

Everything else = I don't care, it's not MY data, you store your data on whatever you want



>My laughter (hahaha in my post) came from the thought that M$ is in NO WAY sending anyone from their company to help in the described scenario of ReFS-drive failing and the data being un-recoverable, and M$ sending someone out because they care.

If it’s an enterprise customer over the phone then fucking hell Microsoft better send someone over there unless it’s some third world country out of their support area

File: 93dd240165221e7⋯.jpg (59.38 KB, 768x552, 32:23, 1525000381829.jpg)


Hey I'm new to Reverse engineering any recommended books to get me started? Share tips and your story of how you became a RE.

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You're forgetting Radare2

>open source LGPL




Lmao Radare2 is basically useless compared to both Ghidra and IDA

See how much time it takes you to RE some kernel module in Radare compared to Ghidra.



There's no way RE can be that shitty, I'd figure people have to PAY for RE because it's pretty arduous.


File: 7c688c3e8e885dc⋯.pdf (3.58 MB, 7c688c3e8e885dc9c9349501ba….pdf)

File: c6a003603ac492f⋯.pdf (4.57 MB, c6a003603ac492fa2499c7a2a6….pdf)

File: 6b4d7139f8bae39⋯.pdf (6.91 MB, Game Hacking.pdf)



I've always found it's easier to pick a target for reverse engineering, then build a syllabus on how to take it apart and figure out how it ticks around that. Research without a goal in mind isn't particularly engaging, at least for me.

File: 4ec5500d02a0dd6⋯.jpg (347.33 KB, 998x630, 499:315, 1551145585150.jpg)

File: 0823b8eda85ab27⋯.jpg (55.79 KB, 796x647, 796:647, 1554609453554.jpg)

File: 9ec902eb5f29053⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1600x1179, 1600:1179, 1554696121007.png)


Program in c# and javascript because it's the closest thing to lisp you can get a job programming.

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t. kike who wants some non-Indian pajeet slaves



C# is still more relevant than Objective C.



C# is way more relevant than Objective C. C# is just mostly used for boring corporate software and not hipster shit or autistic neet shit. IE by people who actually make money



I'm gonna stay a NEET, living off neetbux and food stamps, and program in beautiful Lisps; Scheme (Gauche, Chez, Guile, Racket), Common Lisp, Clojure! All the Lisps and I won't ever have to settle for something less because of something so plebian as a "job". Why do you want to be forced to program all day? You realize that even if you love programming, a job is gonna suck the soul out of the activity, right? Ah yes, so much fun programming another webapp. BLEH. Being a NEET you have limited funds, however you can comfortably live on your own if you get on housing, making it possible that you have ~$700 to spend on whatever you want every month. It's the superior lifestyle.

Seriously, just pretend you have autistic tendencies (or dont because you probably really do have em), crippling social anxiety, and are severely depressed. This works better if you've never worked a job before. I got my neetbux in 8 months (U.S government is slow) but it was worth. Now I'm on the gravy train for life. 10/10 would recommend

File: a79a4e9cd3011a3⋯.png (53.09 KB, 652x560, 163:140, m535m337-bluetooth-mouse.png)


>Mine is the Logitech M535





-Has that scroll speed button.

-Dexterity Neutral (I'm a Lefty)

-Light on batteries (1 AA that lasts a year)

-No annoying neons or lights

-easily disassembled

-comes with a warranty

You got any recommendations yourself?

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Any mouse made and shipped before 2006. Reason being the plastic quality was much higher back then. Most mice outside of very specific gaymer mice are just shit quality that will fall apart after a few months of heavy use. I've been able to use the same mouse for over a decade and a half without a problem. But I got a new logitech mouse just to try it out and the thing broke in months. Meanwhile the old logitech mouse I had just continues to work after all this time.

Then there's the fact most mice are fucking botnet that record clicks or try to install malware on your computer in cy+4 for the mice drivers if they don't have FOSS support.


M570 because thumb trackballs are borderlining to being as rare as unicorn farts outside of grorious nippon Japan.


File: 0a50a4f4fec7c53⋯.jpg (152.4 KB, 969x689, 969:689, trackballs.jpg)

I've been using a trackball for years. More precisely a Logitech Trackman Marble. Lose a little precision, win a ton of comfort.


Logitech G203.

I used to have a Logitech G403 but threw it away because the scroll wheel was buggy. It would scroll the wrong direction ~50‰ of the time. Common issue. Firmware update helped for a while but the problem became worse with time. Some Googling told me there was too much grease in the encoding wheel. I'm not good at soldering so I didn't attempt the repair.

I used to have a Zowie EC2-A but threw it away because the rubber part of the scroll wheel got oily somehow, and it slipped around the plastic part it was mounted to, so it didn't register any scrolls. Also, the side (thumb) buttons were shitty.

G203 seems built like a tank so far. Very rigid, button clicks feel good, no complaints. And it's cheap af too






doens't require batteries

File: 5ae9c978744d71d⋯.jpg (5.65 KB, 355x237, 355:237, 71SExm3Y3iL._SX355_.jpg)


Which smartphone do you use?

Which ones you recommend?

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>Bigger screen.

>needs a big screen for typing in the number

The screens were more than large enough for what they were used for.

The phones often offered simple games too.

>The only advantage

>uses amount words to try to hide the significance

It's a pretty big advantage.

Old shit only allows CIA niggers to get your location and nothing more.

Best option: no mobiles of any kind



>needs a big screen for typing in the number

There exists something called SMS, and typing text messages on a brick phone is a pain. And that's what a bigger screen is useful for.

>Old shit only allows CIA niggers to get your location and nothing more.

I'm pretty sure backdoors allow listening too.

I'm not defending 'smart'phones here, they're all botnet and should be avoided. I'm just saying they have some advantages. And please stop bumping this low-effort, consumer advice grade thread.



>There exists something called SMS, and typing text messages on a brick phone is a pain.

I wrote old phones not brick phones.

Remember when keyboard phones with big screens (compared to brick phones) were in?

>I'm pretty sure backdoors allow listening too.

They don't have internet nigger. They can't send audio data over other means than the mobile network protocols.

>I'm just saying they have some advantages.



>B-but they don't have the Internet!

Stop calling me nigger, white nigger. A lecture for you:


>I wrote old phones not brick phones.

>Remember when keyboard phones with big screens (compared to brick phones) were in?

Shit dude, what's the difference, brickphone, dumbphone, whatever. All is botnet.




I thought listening to mics was an Apple thing. I didn't know it was affecting all things and to that extend. Thank you.

File: 2a19c1ce1ca436b⋯.jpg (205.85 KB, 1803x1335, 601:445, 44e26525b09cf5ba43ae9d0a85….jpg)


Do we need a higher resolution than 640x480? Why? What is the ideal resolution?

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>if you can't spot the individual pixel it's useless

You don't know what you're talking about. Lurk more.



Sounds like you're talking about what I meant by "temporal aliasing/moire". Not sure what it's actually called since I looked it up and found nothing. If you downscale a 2D image with bilinear interpolation (or any of several other scaling algorithms) and use that to do an animated zoom out, you'll see annoying noise everwhere, especially on lines. But while the image is still it will look "fine".

Is this what you're talking about?


When I first saw this shit 10 years ago I thought my hardware was broken.

The video is from https://old.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/433c5x/can_someone_explain_lod_bias_texture_filtering/ and this nigger is saying games used to solve the problem with trilinear filtering. I will have to try more games. I've yet to see a single animation from {image viewers,games,videos} that solves this problem.

I assume you're not talking about this "z-fighting" shit:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjHt-4Z6PwI at 42 seconds


[9 tab switches and 5 captchas were done to make this post]



>near golden ratio

16:10 is closer to the golden ratio



cleartype blurs too. on linux i have color fringes on all text if i turn on a font with subpixel rendering. not sure what the programs are using but i assume it's freetype. i tested cleartype quickly (for the first time ever) and there weren't as bad fringes (but still blur)



That looks good. But is it possible to use it at the same time as SVP?

File: 4e6b007e264168e⋯.jpg (29 KB, 630x450, 7:5, bloatware.jpg)


Seriously, look at how they both structure their themes. GTK2 has pretty much one fucking file to edit a theme, and it's easy to understand. On the other hand, gtk3 has 16 - which take about 500KB compared to the former's single 30KB file. And here I was thinking I'm almost done with my xfce theme - looks like I'm not going to finish it in this lifetime.

Has the tech world in general went astray? Are they missing the point of what software is supposed to accomplish? Simpler is better as long as it does what's needed, and gtk2 did...This also applies to browsers (obviously), init systems (you know the culprit...), everything. How free does FOSS make us these days, really?

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Short story: it's made by same company that did SystemD.

That should give you a big enough hint.



Nowadays it's more of a redhat and freedesktop project. Technically it was started by GNU, but it's very much independent from them these days.


File: 7d99d9fcad7604e⋯.png (2.52 KB, 586x55, 586:55, a.png)


tried to build but it does not support my system. it said that the build was succesful but whatever the compiler produced does not work.


So to summarize, the only way to avoid the botnet is to customize a tinycore linux distribution with minimal and carefully selected software, embrace the TTY, and distribute it by physically exchanging thumb drives. Is that about it? Are we about to re-enter the 80s?



>Using Pale Meme and not IceCat

Besides everyone knows FLTK is the best and every application should elect to use it instead of whatever inferior choice they have now. Including IceCat.


is VIA as botnet as Intel and AMD? It seems to not have ME/PSP

VIA is Taiwanese, not (((American)))






is it suitable for terrorist PC? If you were Osama bin Laden or Ted Kaczynski, what would you use?

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Watch the video, you can get ring 0 access from ring 3 via poking some registers and running some code on a embedded RISC core in these CPUs. This basically means you can get full access to any machine/gain root/do whatever with this CPU you can run code on, absolutely no mitigations in software possible as it bypasses the entire ring system. Well, the firmware had to enable this access (and apparently, some boards just did so by default) and you can easily disable it when the computer is booted. Thing is, nobody really knew about this and he just stumbled upon it when searching for such hardware backdoors in a variety of more exotic thinclient CPUs.

To be fair this is an old CPU which was mostly used embedded so it doesn't really matter, the question is more what kind of undocumented instructions are hidden in more commonly used, modern CPUs? How many security agencies use them each day to get virtually undetectable access to computers' privileged contents over the internet? These things are not easy to figure out and took him months of pretty clever work and reverse-engineering.

Smartest thing you can do to write your manifesto is use a computer from the 8 or 16 bit era which are simple and so thoroughly documented that every single thing is known about them, even the undocumented instructions. Guaranteed no Hardware backdoors in a C64, Amiga or 8086-based PC. Strictly spoken, of course the software situation for these machines is that they're not safe in a network anyways as their OSes and software were not really written with security in mind nor does their hardware setup allow the kind of security that's needed today.

Long story short: System with critical data = do not let it online and don't allow physical access by people you don't trust. Same as it ever was, really.


VIA C3 is the perfect CPU for retarded cripples who post to 8chan with a smartphone

(where the fuck did embeded yt link support go)




>(where the fuck did embeded yt link support go)

It's disabled on /tech/, newfag. Now GTFO



doesnt the embed send my ip to google every time when its loaded? feels so botnet to me and support for it should be removed



Learn to block third-party requests.

File: 4e1a356ebabe55f⋯.png (10.91 KB, 120x120, 1:1, icon.png)


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>what the fuck is a tusky

I dunno I first read it as Turkey bans gab which would be far more important.



what the hell is the fediverse

sounds like it belongs in the realm of trannies and memes such as blockchain


what would be the point of this besides showing off their political beliefs? gab isn't even federated therefore no-one would be able to login to it using tusky in the first place.



It's FOSS federated social media.


File: a1e1b45138ddc42⋯.jpg (45.47 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 2f7cce3039f8f55da1b746a7ff….jpg)

it was merged

File: fe738555e2a2c07⋯.jpg (11.94 KB, 300x300, 1:1, alan-turing-9512017-1-402.jpg)

File: 56ade44f969bf45⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, uxj5gc842p221.jpg)


If Alan Turing lived today what color would his programmer socks be?

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> b-but von Neumann is Jewish

< von Neumann's contribution is massively overrated...

the problem with 8ch human conditioning



He proposed turings machine. Which is the way computer systems running a linear program appear to make decisions and then act on the consequences of those decisions.

People tend to remember him more for the turing test which is simplified childish bullshit. Normies like childish bullshit.


Electromechanical computers (that the Germans invented) went nowhere.

Electronic computers, that the Brits invented are the basis of what we use today.



I was only pointing out how the pollack can't break his own conditioning.

> Turing was gay

< Turing is overrated

< von Neumann was the man

> von Neumann was Jewish

< von Neumann is overrated


File: 9b55340ebea0e51⋯.jpg (123.91 KB, 800x1207, 800:1207, analog-computer.jpg)


>Electromechanical computers (that the Germans invented) went nowhere.

>Electronic computers, that the Brits invented are the basis of what we use today.

Hybrid electronic analog computers will be what we use tomorrow, their digital component being solely for mechanical arrangement of the plugs. I can't wait for wasteful turing machine and dopey discrete mathematics to get the fuck out of the way of real computing.



Who are you quoting?

File: c391433ae4e904c⋯.jpeg (366.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, scroll-library.jpeg)


I just found out about this. Basically, a book is written to explain the workings of a program. The book is the source. The program can be compiled from a pdf.

>Most programmers are still locked into the idea of making a program out of a large pile of tiny files containing pieces of programs. They do not realize that this organization was forced by the fact that machines like the PDP 11 only

had 8k of memory and a limit of 4k buffers in the editor. Thus there was a lot of machinery built up, such as overlay linkers, to try to reconstruct the whole program.

>The time has come to move into a more rational means of creating and maintaining programs. Knuth suggested we write programs like we write literature, with the idea that we are trying to communicate the ideas to other people. The

fact that the machine can also run the programs is a useful side-effect but not important.

Source (this a literate implementation of clojure): https://github.com/daly/literateclojure/blob/master/clojure.pdf

12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>A spaghetti program that works well does not exist.

Oracle's DB is supposed to be the highest order of spaghetti code. Their customers pay them big bucks for it, which is the definition of working well.

>what is going wrong in your crankcase that you thought this was about typesetting?

I literally quoted the OP text so you could trace what I was responding to. The fact that no one has done literate programming since knuth proves that it is a vacuous concept.

>Try to describe, in full, the workings of the messier PHP functions, for instance.

PHP continues to be the most popular backend for websites, despite years of ruby and node and go shilling. No one cares that it is confusing as fuck

Pretty source code is nice, spend as long as you like picking the font to print it out in. There's no point unless the code does everything it needs to do.



>implying he'll be able to do that


Nowhere in the OP is the focus on typesetting. The only occurrence of the word is in the linked PDF when it mentions that it is typeset in LaTeX. Oracle's DB is infamous for being complete garbage. If you're going to redefine "works well" as "is popular", your previous statement becomes "I'd take a popular program with spaghetti source over literate programs", which makes me wonder why you're on an imageboard instead of Discord.




>Nowhere in the OP is the focus on typesetting. The only occurrence of the word is in the linked PDF when it mentions that it is typeset in LaTeX.

I didn't focus on typesetting either. I was exaggerating the degree to which OP preferred prettiness over utility, which makes it pretty funny that the linked pdf brings it up. Of course, knuth wrote a whole program/book on just typesetting, so this shouldn't be so surprising.

>Oracle's DB is infamous for being complete garbage

People don't use it because it's complete garbage, they use it because it does things that other DBs can't. I know the /tech/ meme is that we all live ascetic lives and reject all computing for being impure, but every now and then a person actually needs to get things done. In that situation, I always take the most garbage code that someone posted a mediafire link to on a forum over some beautiful, literate, source tree written in haskell that doesn't fucking work.


>no actual horror stories pinned on the db in a page of results

either you or ddg just got btfo.



>i didn't read what the thread is about

>i never used oracle DB

>but here are my hot takes on why the former is shit and the latter is great

>hehe dude "le real world" you lose

Why is this board full of retards?

File: 9f8b49a90fda0e1⋯.jpg (395 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, hastings-crash-001.jpg)


When self driving cars become a commonplace thing, how can we enjoy the luxury of a self driving car without being at the mercy of others?

23 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



> You can also control and stop a lighter car much easier.

Are you implying modern cars are lighter? Cars have been getting heavier since the early 2000s, and a big reason for that is all the safety bloat.

If engine tech hadn't advanced enough, a modern car would be a gaz guzzler compared to an equivalent one from 20 years ago. And imagine how much more mileage they'd get if they were as light as older cars.



This. Cars have been getting heavier. More weight means it requires more energy.

If you put the same engine in a modern car and an old car, driving the old car will cost less.

At the same time there are giant gasoline taxes in Europe (In Germany and France the gov takes more than half of the price) while they add regulations to add to the plastic heap.

Another thing is the room. Modern cars are huge on the outside, while in the inside there is barely any space because everything is covered in plastic.

Then you have those pesky warning signals which beep if you're not strapped even if the car is standing in the parking lot.

The accident argument is the only argument speaking for modern cars. However old cars had weaker motors too.

Now I tell you the funny thing: Here in Germany car accidents have been declining for 20 years!



In Germany, people are required to do serious training to get their driver's license. This leads to a higher quality of driving behavior. In America, all that's required to get a driver's license is to drive around a block and park the car behind another car. It is a complete joke of a licensing qualification.



there are reasons for that

in Germany cities are compact and packed, so distances are smaller, there is good cycling infrastructure and public transport

in America cities and states are spread out, distances are bigger, no cycling infrastructure outside of biggest cities and shit public transport except biggest cities like NY

Europe and European society are just better designed, America was made by capitalism and greedy jews

Communism and Socialism are superior to Capitalism and Corporationism



>Europe and European society

>Communism and Socialism

Lol nigger, back to Venezuela with you.

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