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https://invidio.us/watch?v=-W_VsLXmjJU why are embeds disabled on this board?

Imagine you finally manage to land a job at a major tech company and this guy is your tech lead.

>get punished for writing too much code after being hire to write code

>thinks apm is relevant to software

>plays gookclick at work instead of working

>wants you to buy him lunch as if he can't afford it on his tech lead salary

>ex google but doesn't even know how to make a video

Why even try at this point?

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I don't work in /tech/ directly, but my years in military engineering and security tell me something about him; he's a shit leader. When he mentions letting a new kid's shit code get by him without addressing it with the kid, knowing that it'll come back to haunt him, I can think back to several serious incidents caused by shitbags like him. He's a cancer and the world would be better off without him.



>>wants you to buy him lunch as if he can't afford it on his tech lead salary

The shit is viral marketing you fucking smoothbrain. He's saying dumb shit for the precise purpose of having his shit shared by pseuds like you.

You're doing the chink's bidding, posting his retarded videos here.



>When he mentions letting a new kid's shit code get by him without addressing it with the kid, knowing that it'll come back to haunt him

<use slightly negative tone suggesting a child is performing poorly at work

<accused of rape, sexist,racist,bigot,misogynist, nazi


you can't do this at nu-tech inc.


>ex google but doesn't even know how to make a video

imagine you're as gay as OP and think this is a paradox or ironic



There are many such retards in Samsung.


Why people use cuckflare if most hosting providers provide DDOS protection?

CLOUDFLARE = Man In The Middle (MITM)


it tracks all your visitors and what they do, what they post. it even steals their passwords.

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In theory, it is possible to control human brain over strong signal.

No one is doing until now.

If you need a hint, play "CHAOS;CHILD".


And I don't think Cloudflare is CIA but NSA.

NSA deployed TAPs all over the USA.



CHAOS;HEAD was better tbh

I fucking loved how the main character used to curse all the time



Above Cloudflared website is mirroring this thread. BEWARE!



This is a public forum retard

File: 6f9d9253e927ca1⋯.jpg (20.45 KB, 284x285, 284:285, 1495146242425.jpg)


Is there anything better than PT Mono for hacking with your emacs for hours on end?

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Lucida Console for me. OCRA if I am feeling particularly spicy. Also Comic Sans.


>install new distro

>chromium fonts look decent for once

>xterm looks like ass

oh fuck off


>anyone using anything but default fonts

Enjoy your unique footprint.



>he doesn't value being unique

are you a bugman



fpbp, also gohufont is literally Terminus but better, unfortunately it's only available in two sizes and they are both pretty small.

File: 8341b512695d9b9⋯.png (82.31 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, opengraph.png)

File: 783dbbb7422b464⋯.png (16.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Untitled.png)


The only good thing about Electron is that it allows you to fuck over OS UI designers while supporting every input device Chrome supports without building bicycles on SDL/SFML/whatever you're using. Qt/GTK are way fucking restricted to the ancient Windows 95 paradigm and doesn't allow you to make a button look like a link/checkbox look like a switch.

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True, in the era of 100 GB video games nobody cares if the messaging app weights 100 MB




Wait, does that mean that every copy of the game effectively bundles and entire web browser in it?


> So it's the best code editor that you can use with mouse

> use with mouse



>Qt/GTK are way fucking restricted to the ancient Windows 95 paradigm and doesn't allow you to make a button look like a link/checkbox look like a switch.


Qt is better than Electron in every way. It is also cross-platform, but doesn't require chromium to render applications.



QML doesn't use the React.js paradigm so it's not for me. Also AFAIK you could only style it when you get deep down in Qt/use Qt Quick Controls. But it's nice and still fucks over OS UI designers.



First, they don't use an entire browser but rather it's subset which is good enough to output an image, react to input, and do JavaScript.

Second, yes. Using hotkeys is hard for me and I can't remember them, so I use a keyboard to type/call some functions, but I use a mouse to click on code I want to change.

File: 7740c40d443d445⋯.png (22.49 KB, 128x128, 1:1, palemoon_logo.png)


Holy shit. This is big. I had to stick to icecat / ungoogled chromium just for that, but Pale Moon's UI and philosophy is just so much better. Didn't test it yet but if it it as good as uMatrix, then I'm jumping ship!


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>the palemoon dev loves the botnet

>and sjwism;

>and he's a furry,

{Citations Missing}

>he should be gassed

Oy Vey; Jvde

So the only great alternative of Jewfox does not like AdNauseam.

(((You))) can force its install and their stance on AdNauseam do not change my high consideration towards thier work a single iota.

Gas yourself, Jvde




the one true thing is that he's a furry. And that should be irrelevant if you want to get yourself the best internet browser.




nobody is installing your browser moonchild



The extension was complete malware tho. Simulating clicks will block the 'proprietor of ad' from abuse they didn't do and reduce any of their gained earnings to zero without notice or even plead.




Even more reason to avoid having anything to do with that malware extension.

Malware = does undesirable shit to hardware, data, or revenue.

Damages harmless ads that you could already block with umatrix and adblock with custom lists. With the addon you're not just blocking it but you're destroying the ad itself. Good luck being in a watchlist m8.

File: 27faa3013afa088⋯.png (416.55 KB, 1366x649, 1366:649, invidious_nogoogle.png)


Did you know that invidio.us now supports video playback WITHOUT A GOOGLE CONNECTION? All you need to do is chose the dash quality.

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I think this is a whitehat troll. He looks like he's posting shit tier disinfo but in reality he's baiting people into finding the real infoation.



Not my YouTube because I have a high-enough IQ to use add-ons on my web browser.



What is youtube-dl?


>caring about web proxies

>not tunneling connection over free VPS servers with through QR codes and running an automated load balancer over your proxies.

>trusting the kike VPN or CIA web proxies



>free VPS servers magically aren't CIA

>Look even less like a normie with no additional benefit other than snake oil trust


File: 4406a97edfca78e⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2697x3262, 2697:3262, 14775984657.jpg)


>comeback after a year or two away from chans

>8chan still the same

i thought some guy got paid 10,000 usd to upgrade 8chan?

what happened? who in charge now? did the upgrade get abandoned? pic not related.

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i crai errytime.



File: fa06bb6cf8ab0aa⋯.png (52.63 KB, 200x170, 20:17, Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at ….png)

File: 8ddbb7c833fe196⋯.jpg (723.35 KB, 1600x1106, 800:553, duterte.jpg)



20ppm = 1200pph

Not even weekend.

There's more other hidden boards you've never heard of.

If you're counting 4chan posts you should exclude the filler botspams and datamining posts like "we all have secrets" they put on /b/ and other boards.



Google captchas are the fucking worst. If your browser is completely unidentifiable (e.g. a non-resize tor browser window with the tor network disabled) it is literally impossible to solve it. It will just fail because Google wants to track the goyim.

The primary reason I left 4chan is because I upgraded the privacy on my browser and solving the recaptchas became unbearable.

File: c3463279056a216⋯.png (286.47 KB, 507x400, 507:400, Autistic Screeching.png)


I keep seeing posters on here like >>1034281 trying to be galaxy brain by writing stuff in Assembly and ending up producing horrible code. I don't blame them, because pretty much the stuff about Assembly online is trash or unparsable.

So I've written Hello World properly, using modern interfaces & good code hygiene.


Feel free to ask questions in this thread.

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>the language is good though, so his plot failed. Now you can use the enemy's own tools against them.

Well said, and the same applies to Lisp.

If a tool is good, it's good, even if it was made by an enemy. Take advantage if it and beat him at his own game.



Please finish.


Using macros is an interesting Idea, and maybe saves some function call overhead. I think this will not scale well, but cause the complexity of your building blocks scales, there will start to be side effects in your macros, and the user will have to memorize side effects that are implementation specific to use them

>; Sets a register to zero, note that this will affect CFLAGS

I think that as complexity scales, function calls will be better - which is why procedural programming happened. I do think your use of macros is interesting, and a few look pretty useful but this 'galaxybraining' of helloworld destroys the point of helloworld as an education tool - you want new learners to understand what a syscall is , and the function call abi. Abstracting those details in macros probably makes it harder to learn whats happening to a new user.



>if you didn't work at AT&T in the 80s, you are my ENEMY

Rob Pike? I didn't know you posted here.



is unistd any better

File: 03811c1fa711ac5⋯.jpg (53.04 KB, 550x748, 25:34, 17.jpg)


How can amazon stop niggers from stealing their drones?

23 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>How can amazon stop niggers from stealing their drones?

>Suggest ways kikes can continue to steal while stopping others from doing the same?


Although some say culling both would solve the problem.


Just load up a copy of Google images AI into the drone's camera. If an approaching form registers as 'Gorilla' with better than 95% accuracy, then just charge up the onboard taser. Simple.



>this fairytale bullshit


Who is this semen demon?

>How can amazon stop niggers from stealing their drones?

They're a reasonably intelligent company. They keep stats on each area and if a lot of packages start to go missing they simply stop delivering without a signature. It comes down to finding the sweet spot between inconveniencing customers and eating losses from stolen shit. Not hard to find when you're a trillion dollar company.


coat it with cyanide, golden poison arrow, or xylaria polymorpha.

File: b9b7fd1f0d18792⋯.jpeg (40.63 KB, 854x493, 854:493, cpp.jpeg)


Starting C++ development soon. Should I use Clion or VisualStudio?

42 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Neither, using VS Code is a better choice not only for Sepples but for many other languages like JS.



use visual studio only if you are making dotnet stuff or (((UWP apps)))

Code::Blocks and NetBeans are better IDEs. But I suggest using neovim or Gnu Emacs.




>never use things made by people you don't like

FLOSS autists would rather be stuck in the 90s than actually try to compete.



and if you decide to assasinate a microsoft employee start here


File: 7d68527a38f6a70⋯.png (888.67 KB, 756x715, 756:715, 1414284523892.png)


>Scientist release new AI to predict crime or do something funny like being a twitter bot

>It takes less than 24 hours to become a pol AI claiming for genocide of jews, talking about hitler and hating niggers

>Scientists shut it down

>SJW claim CS and math is raycists


So, what will be the end result if pretty much every AI connected to the internet end up becoming another pol tard?

27 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



because big data is about gathering and collating facts in general.





>why don't we have our own?

We could. TensorFlow is probably the best open-sauce approach.


>If the input is a shitpost the output would also be a shitpost

All the good training data during Tay's glorious but extremely short lifespan were shitposts anon. The in short order, the included policy code turned those into memorable one-liners.



>on mass

just how much mass friend?



>But that doesn't prove shit because it's a self fulfilling prophecy

Anon, you plainly have a disconnect understanding cause==>effect



>Of course an AI is going to say send more police to where more criminals are caught.

No "caught", "reported". Real life is not like Hollywood movies where cop cars rush to the scene within thirty seconds after a gunshot: people report those crimes and the IA will likely send patrols where more crime is reported.

File: c18e6156031213f⋯.jpeg (484.69 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, thispersondoesnotexist.co….jpeg)


Website generates a fake face with AI.

Has technology gone too far?

Was Uncle Ted right all along?



108 posts and 46 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 516761bf52d9298⋯.jpg (874.75 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, tpdne3.jpg)

So, does this count as a 2D waifu or 3D waifu?


File: 20f91f7de89b5ed⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, tpdne4.jpg)

Here's a real clusterfuck,


File: 7d56ea18db09615⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, tpdne5.jpg)

pure milf


File: 8d8ecaea3a9de58⋯.jpg (898.63 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, tdpne6.jpg)

Looks like the grey/human hybrid project is going well.


File: 1799dc8fba7698b⋯.jpeg (83.79 KB, 256x256, 1:1, ShutterStock.jpeg)

File: 3e05df8c10c41f3⋯.jpeg (56.62 KB, 256x256, 1:1, ImageMacro.jpeg)

File: c288656af798fe7⋯.jpeg (46.96 KB, 256x256, 1:1, ComputerGeneratedCatHasNo….jpeg)


Old people and their leaking-neck syndrome...


See >>1033754


The system really sucks at creating cats. On the other hand, it's an endless trove of reaction images.

File: 674433cbdf2fcdc⋯.jpg (160.35 KB, 1280x721, 1280:721, stk-beta-4.jpg)

File: 2c47007b93cef56⋯.png (403.79 KB, 1280x721, 1280:721, stk-beta-10.png)


Networking Beta is released! With binaries to download.


61 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>heavy is really shit

>medium is the go to choice

>light is only used if you're going off road a lot and is similar to medium

>turning is determined by the width of your wheel if I recall


File: 38d95c72336ad46⋯.jpg (68.09 KB, 544x408, 4:3, tux.jpg)




The same Wangblowscuck behind that "bug report" also made this:


>he wants STK development to fall into the Agile meme



Who let this asshole out of the cryogenic chamber?



You fags better fite me when netplay gets official. Tired of my friends crying about compiling it.

File: 068e4497f902629⋯.png (396.1 KB, 1024x455, 1024:455, image(10).png)


If any of you still run Windows 10 (naughty), you can pirate Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC N, which is the Long-Term Servicing Model for Enterprise. It has no apps (or even the ability to install them) and sees a new release every 3 years like traditional Windows.

By default, it installs updates automatically, however if your enterprise has a Windows Server or Windows IT Server on the network, then you have access to the traditional Windows Update Manager.

Some guy has made a community version of the Update Manager that runs on the Local Machine and together with LTSC makes Windows 10's update model just like the normal, pre-service Windows:https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/windows-update-minitool.64939/page-47#post-1465177

While you shouldn't use Windows 10 or Windows at all, people do anyway. Might be a good resource for people who happen to use Windows 10 but don't like the new bullshit. With the death of Windows 7/8 approaching, many new HW drivers will only support Windows 10 and so this information should be given to gamers to prevent them from being Jewd.

85 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>-finally start menu nostalgia fags stop crying

The Windows 10 start menu is a complete abomination that only seems like an improvement when compared to the Windows 8/8.1 start screen. We didn't want that piece of garbage, we wanted the Windows 7 start menu back.

I believe most people stopped complaining about the start menu not because they were satisfied with Windows 10 solution, but because by that point everyone was already using ClassicShell or one of the other alternatives.



(cont.) I also think a good part of the reason Microsoft didn't want to bring the old Windows 7 start menu back, is due to the fact that the company has been completely taken over by curryniggers in all levels for some time now. It could pretty much be called an Indian company now.

By bringing back the old Windows 7 start menu, Microsoft would be openly admitting that they've made a mistake. Pajeets never, ever admit to having made mistakes, even if it's blowing right in their faces - it's a huge taboo for them. Of course, it's also a terrible mindset for software development and another reason why putting pajeets there is a terrible idea.




You're right on both points. I've seen the thing with pajeets and shitty people in general before too. They refuse to admit mistakes even though the code is obviously shit because they're too invested in the idea that they've made the greatest thing ever and you should feel lucky they take the time to allow you to use it. This behavior is very prevalent among people that are involved with things like Wordpress and forum software.



For pajeets it's more than just being a shitty people or an inflated ego (though many of them do have huge egos), it's also a cultural thing. It's their subverted version of the "face culture" - if they admit they've made a mistake, they lose face. It doesn't matter if their mistake blows right in their faces in front of an audience, to them if they don't admit it, they can save face.

At least East Asian peoples (Japs in particular) are more rational about it and will admit mistakes if it can't be swept under the rug or hidden somehow. And then commit sudoku if they can't deal with it.



Can't wait for sick fucks like you to get the bullet.

File: 8a6a8774e26f91c⋯.png (616.84 KB, 763x525, 109:75, linuxsecurity.png)









Is the mere inclusion of these in a popular british tech magazine a sign that these are mostly useless against anyone except non-state actors? This is from a few years ago so who knows what other strides have been made in algo-cracking.

Are the current privacy best practices completely fucked?

74 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



How is Tor hurt by torrenting?

Why is the rabbi so important to you? Did you get nicked by your mohel?



>VPN goyim

>paying for anoymity ever

>triple jewed: paid for jew service, exposed logs to glownigs, anonymously sell data to third-parties in datamarket

>not obfuscated SSH


roundrobin AES and Camellia crypto over your Openwrt installed with shadowsocks.

Let me repeat once again:

Tor project is compromised.


TBB is Soros-compromised.


Exit nodes glow.





It's been two years since this article. Mind pointing me to something that FF blocks that something like Brave doesn't? I have both installed, just need some search/link suggestions




never mind.

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