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File: e415f48cff9f89f⋯.png (94.96 KB, 706x686, 353:343, Unix_manual.png)


I need some help writing a .bash file for Mac that backs up photos on a extern HDD. I have some criterias:

- I should only need to run one single file and then it does all the backup work for me

- I want it to run in the background

- It shall search for all photos (.jpeg types are fine unless Mac uses different file types as well) and back them up in their original folder structure

- It should only search for places you would usually place your photos in a Mac (like a photo folder, the desktop folder, different drives etc.)

- If a single file or more fails to backup it shouldn't give me a notice and just keep on going (again I want it to run silently in the background)

- It should back it all up on the extern HDD I've attached to the Mac under a folder called "PhotoBackup"

- It should copy hidden files as well

- Each time I run it it shall only add photos added since last time it was run

So basicly it's just a backup code that makes sure that all photos I have on my laptop is copied onto my HDD with the same folder structure. I've made this for PC, but I haven't got the skills to do it with Mac. Here's my .bat code (notice I have a script making it run as a hidden process):

@echo off

title Checking file integrities...

:: variables

SET odrive=%odrive:~0,2%

set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /h /i /r /y /exclude:%drive%\excludelist.txt

echo off

%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%\*.jpg" "%drive%\backup"

%backupcmd% "D:\*.jpg" "%drive%\backup\drive D"

%backupcmd% "E:\*.jpg" "%drive%\backup\drive E"

@echo off


If someone can make this work I would be thrilled. I'm even willing to pay for your trouble...

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then use -iregex option instead



Or just grep -Ex, you know.



I wouldn't start find from root either. He's probably better off using rsync and keeping his images in the right folder.


man rsync


I recommend something like `find` to search and filter a list of items to `rsync`. Once you've got this working as you'd like, you can make an agent for `launchd` (the mac's reinvention of `crontab`) and run it on a schedule. This will be the most portable and extendable (e.g., it could be added into another script) solution.

Do NOT use TimeMachine or any GUI program to do this. You will end up with your data trapped in proprietary containers using proprietary file-formats, and the results will be less usable and probably slow to make any use of.

This is really a perfect way to introduce yourself to some shell-scripting and the command-line. It may take you two months to solve the problem on your own, but it'll save you years and thousands of dollars in the future when you've learned to do this kind of thing on your own, to solve all sorts of little problems like this, routinely.

Honestly, I'd recommend you still use the same resources/commands (at least `rsync` and `launchd` if needed) I've mentioned above, only I'd try to get familiar with Python and write a script using Python instead of Bash. If you don't end up writing many scripts in the future (unlikely), debugging an old bash script will be like reading hieroglyphics, whereas, a well written [and concise] Python script can be dang nigh close to English. The real advantage of using Python will be handling command-line arguments (if necessary), parsing strings and finding and filtering the files you want without esoteric shell commands whose options and arguments are going to be troubling to understand because their explanations will often be too formal. Personally, I find developing a script like this to be the most practical and efficient to do in Python; it's so easy to see the functions and methods and get some quick, offline help via the interpreter (using Python3 and tab-completion). Finally, you can also use Python on Windows (easier than bash). While I'd recommend a cursory familiarity with bash scripting because it'll basically be the language you speak to your computer when you've become accustomed to the CLI, writing scripts in Python has far greater utility and leverage.

You've already laid out your criteria, so it seems liPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 73b5e663dd77fdc⋯.png (1.02 MB, 940x706, 470:353, jones.png)


So we all know about the Intel ME, AMD PSP, proprietary UEFI and platform initialization implementations, binary blobs in general, etc right?

These things are major blocks in the road towards a truly free and secure operating environment, but so far progress has been slow in terms of removing/mitigating them.

This got me thinking. I know that hackermans will disassemble proprietary software to find ways to exploit it and shit, so why haven't we started doing that with these troublesome blobs?

Why hasn't someone taken IDA Pro or radare2 or that new NSA GHIDRA thing to them and looked to see what's really going on or how they can replicate/replace them with clean, verified libre code?

I can't do this myself, as I lack knowledge of x86 assembly code, but I know other freetards do, and I wonder whether this would be even remotely doable, and if so, why nobody has attempted it yet.


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You probably share all your data to Faceberg too, don't you?



Thanks for providing the onion link.



Unironically, not breaking copyright law.




Is there any news about this?

Fully remove IntelME on Sandy Bridge and above would be execellent.. Cheap boards & cpus everywhere.

I can't believe he would just stop digging down the rabbit hole because Jewtel told him to shut it down.

I've heard about Talos systems but you need to add a non-free GPU (there is no free vbios for any nvidia & amd cards afaik) and it is fucking expensive as well. (with custom fees if you are in Europe..)



>I can't believe he would just stop digging down the rabbit hole because Jewtel told him to shut it down.

maybe they offered him this choice:

a. you shut it down

b. we suicide you

this is why such things shouldn't be done with your real name, they will kill you

we need to be anonymous terrorists

File: 7b8357816d8582a⋯.png (685.61 KB, 1504x1032, 188:129, eitomultiload.png)

File: 3e15ea7d873ae66⋯.png (512.7 KB, 1504x1032, 188:129, eitothread.png)

File: 33f81cf1544f667⋯.png (88.32 KB, 940x736, 235:184, eitoreply.png)


eitochan is a userscript intended for replacing all of 8chan's javascript and CSS in order to fix problems, clean things up, adding useful/enhanced features, and making it even harder to do something useful with your life.

eitochan has existed for a long time, but I recently finished a significant rewrite and decided to make it public again, so I'd like to hear thoughts about it, what's good, what's bad, what's broken. Phoneposters go away.

In order to use eitochan, you need a userstyle plugin such as Stylus, a userscript plugin such as Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey, some way to block 8chan's default scripts without preventing XHRequests such as uMatrix, and enough luck to prevent those plugins from conflicting with one another. Ideally you should disable 8chan's CSS too, though it's much more likely to conflict with uMatrix, and eitochan attempts to delete any style files from the pages anyway.

Note: There's only very basic support for moderators, but the basics should work fine.

Source code and downloads here:


A more permanent dev thread also here:


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Just ran this script to test and man.


If fixing 8ch's scripts meant slowing it down times the radious of the sun, then you've done it.



Slow in what way? I haven't been able to test the new version on a slower computer yet so I can't tell.

If you mean freezing during the first page load, then I probably know why that is. It basically moves the entire page into a new container to make it easier to do certain things, I was hoping it wouldn't cause problems but I might just have to do it the hard way instead.


Will try this out in the morning. Looks cool though


I changed the page initialization so that it won't do this >>1021709 and I think it should be much faster(?). There might be problems related to page scrolling that I overlooked though.



Aaand that made every page show "8chan" as the title. Fixed.

File: 15fce863154982d⋯.jpg (33.74 KB, 830x530, 83:53, F4NCU2UIP08UOCQ.LARGE.jpg)


Let's discuss the transfer of files between computers.

Hxw do you personally do this in practice? What are the advantage and disadvantages of your method?

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>tfw fell for the DD-WRT meme

>DD-WRT build for my routers has a proven bug

>network file sharing of any kind doesn't work because of this bug

>years later the bug still isn't fixed and probably never will be

Because of this I'm stuck with transfering files through hard drives.


File: 878987b06e3af5d⋯.png (40.84 KB, 1272x684, 106:57, 2019-01-20-195246_1272x684….png)


I made my own thing. I use it pretty often.




sshfs because I'm lazy


File: 134bf72742eef5f⋯.jpg (353.09 KB, 1183x946, 1183:946, 2018-07-27_00-18-12.jpg)


when afk


when I'm home,

>RaspberryP + Syncthing+ Hdd



git-annex is great



they have huge amount of zero-days. THEY ARE COMPROMISED

PROOF: https://darknetlive.com/post/zero-day-company-reveals-vulnerability-in-tor-browser-7-x/

>In a post on Twitter, a company specializing in purchasing zero-day exploits from researchers and selling them to government agencies revealed that several versions of the Tor Browser fail to prevent JavaScript from running even with NoScript on the most secure setting.

>The security company, Zerodium, announced the vulnerability after a new version of the Tor Browser had been released. Tor Browser 8.x is unaffected by the vulnerability, according to their announcement.

A company that earns profit on selling exploits for tor browser is telling you that tbb 7.X in UNSAFE and you need to migrate to SAFE tbb 8. does that sound legit? what is their motivation? how do you think?

if TBB 7 is so insecure, why would they speak about it publicly instead of selling zero-days for it?

the true reason is, because they have a lot of zero-days for TBB8, whereas TBB7 is mature and they won't be able to find much more holes.

THEY ARE A PRIVATE COMPANY that is "specializing in purchasing zero-day exploits from researchers and selling them to government agencies". Your security is not in their interests, their interests is making profit by selling zero-days. If they shill for updating TBB to version 8, that means they will profit from it. How? By selling zero-days for TBB8. They have a lot of them.

>Advisory: Tor Browser 7.x has a serious vuln/bugdoor leading to full bypass of Tor / NoScript ‘Safest’ security level (supposed to block all JS).

The exploit is not in browser code but in NoScript. NoScript creators quickly released a fix. You can get it here: https://noscript.net/getit you need the 5.1.9 version for TBB7 and FF ESR <60.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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ju5t 4 qu|ck qu3st|0n

wh5t sh0u|d 0n3 d0 |f 0n3 5usp3ct5 th4t th3y 4r3 b31ng g@ng5t4|k3d by g|0w5 0f th3 sp00k 4nd ch053n v4r13ty?



Because they needed secure communications, and encryption alone doesn't hide the cause-and-effect between messages being transmitted and orders being executed.



It is imperative that you write all of your communications in 13375p34k...it is a well known fact that government agencies cannot decipher it.



>They didn't say TB8 is totally safe, retard.

they told people to upgrade to TB8

>Also, spoofing of user agent does nothing. NOTHING. You can employ better techniques against someone with Javascript enabled.

with javascript. if someone disables it then user agent is important

>You can fingerprint their fucking canvas and the shitty graphics libraries will give your personal info away.

you cannot in Tor Browser. it blocks canvas

>Basically JS is the root cause of all security problems.

yes. javascript holocaust is necessary


>Fuck you're dumb. You should keep the OS image on a live USB and boot directly off of it. Don't use non-volatile storage you dumbass.

fuck you're dumb. If you use read-only memory with your OS/Tails, how will you save downloaded files, webpages, your work? how will you store cp for later?


>lmao just use stock google chrome with socks5 wtf u even doing on the net nigga

<he doesn't know chrome will just send his browsing history and keystrokes to (((google))) servers


>5.0 (Windows)

>Windows NT 6.1


>(nothing found)


>(nothing found)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



th4nk5 br0

File: ac4178085afcfa3⋯.jpg (65.56 KB, 893x471, 893:471, 22.JPG)


So this happened. The OP claims this is evidence that there's no such thing as a no- log VPN. I was wondering if someone smarter than me which is probably everyone here would care to give an opinion, and I'll keep my ignorant opions to myself and thank you in advance. Things get interesting around pg.22 of the .pdf.


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https://cryptostorm.is/ here you go pals


8chan logs your IPs.

Why do you need a non-logging VPN? What are you so afraid of?



<"we dun't record u b0ss, trust us ;)"

I mean, its on your fault for trusting ANYONE but seriously how the fuck are companies allowed to lie like this?


Though any VPN companies don't make logs, their ISPs or IDCs can make logs. VPN companies also need Internet service providers and data centers.



>but seriously how the fuck are companies allowed to lie like this?

China has incredibly lax fraud laws, so unless you have a lot of power dragging scammers to court is expensive and only results in them getting a slap on the wrist.

File: f5cc5e21c6555cf⋯.jpg (2.63 KB, 120x48, 5:2, bravee.jpg)


Is every browser just a chrome clone?

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 3135b47ff2f3f56⋯.jpg (39.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, html5.jpg)

File: 487cb100944e9aa⋯.jpg (52.65 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Waterfall Model ( From Sof….jpg)


Except for Firefox? Yes.

Countless independent browser engines (iCab, Arachne, Omniweb, AWeb, NetPositive, Voyager, etc.) died years ago

Opera's engine died in 2013

Internet Explorer/Edge engine died just last year:


There is literally nothing else left.




>safari isn't a chrome clone

Safari and Chrome are the same largely indistinguishable source tree, derived from Konqueror, with the vast majority of code constantly shared between Google and Apple.

>Firefox have been chasing chrome for a while.

True but that's all fluff at the browser rather than engine level, and can trivially be fixed by forks. In fact, by far the greatest problem with Mozilla right now is the one feature Apple/Google have that Mozilla hasn't since 2011: The ability to embed Firefox's engine inside other programs, completely separate from Firefox. Although, Palemoon has the reimplementation of this embedding functionality as a low-priority goal.

>At this point, the only thing that differentiates firefox and chrome is muh web freedom

No, it's the fact that Firefox's engine (and Servo's, for the future) is a completely separate codebase, implementing the HTML/CSS/JS specification in a completely independent fashion from Chrome+cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>>palememe, waterfox

furrymeme is a true fork, so no.

watercuck is just a wrapper over SJWfox, so yes.



>fagOS as flag

>If Firefox dies, the web is permafucked.

Pool's already closed nigger.



What fucking website did you come from?


File: a8caab413a457b5⋯.jpg (918.48 KB, 700x2113, 700:2113, l-6828-everything-is-chrom….jpg)

File: 7919235bb0ccfb0⋯.png (361.56 KB, 916x2843, 916:2843, DerbyCon.png)


>When we first started DerbyCon, our goal was to create a conference where we could all come together to collaborate and share as a community, but most importantly as a profession. DerbyCon 1.0 was a huge gamble for us both personally and financially, but we believed in what we were doing, and it worked. For those that don’t know the history of DerbyCon, it started off inside of a pizza shop as an idea between a few friends. Our goal was to create an affordable conference that shared a lot of what we had experienced in our early days in security. The ideas of collaboration, community, and the betterment of the industry and the safety of technology were at the forefront. At the end of DerbyCon 1.0, we realized that the conference was a huge success and our dream became a reality.

>We had the opportunity to share with others and each and every year the conference got even better. As the conference grew in popularity, tickets sold out faster and faster. What was once a small conference turned into a large undertaking almost overnight, something that none of us expected. Two years ago, we looked at what we wanted to accomplish with DerbyCon and whether we should continue to grow it or just stay at the same size. We decided to expand a bit to accommodate the increased demand for tickets and training, but after that, we would be done expanding and just keep it the way it was. Mind you, we never turned a profit for DerbyCon, we always either invested more personally (financially) into the conference to make it awesome or used whatever funds we had to make the conference even better. We were even offered a buyout of the conference, which we turned down.

>What we have had to deal with on the back-end the past few years is more than just running a conference and sharing with friends. The conference scene in general changed drastically and small pocket groups focus on outrage and disruption where there is no right answer (regardless of how you respond, it’s wrong), instead of coming together, or making the industry better. There is a small, yet vocal group of people creating negativity, polarization, and disruption, with the primary intent of self-promotion to advance a career, for personal gain, or for more social media followers. Individuals that would have us be judge, jury, and executioner for Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

53 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 78839148f093e83⋯.mp4 (3.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 78839148f093e83aff709cc52a….mp4)

This is the only right way to deal with these "people". They wont stop until everything they touch is destroyed.



What the fuck is a "mental health village" doing at a security conference?



gender dysphoria counseling, isn't that obvious?



> mentally ill man?

rumor has it that schizophrenia is the biological version of overclocking your cpu (brain)



who was driving?

que the clip of sam hyde driving with westerwald lied playing in the background


File: e0392e709419baf⋯.png (88.23 KB, 568x548, 142:137, 1520571378906.png)


How legal and how should I protect myself if I wanna make a battle royale p2p open source game where people gamble cryptos?

How would you make it so you can still charge like 0.1 of all transactions in the game and still be protected enough as to not let the FBI bust yo ass.

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>p2p open source

>How would you make it so you can still charge like 0.1 of all transactions in the game

You're a fucking retard and need to come back when you're over 18.



>as to not let the FBI bust yo ass

Why would they do that?

People set up vidya game tournaments offering cash prizes all the time. Have you never heard of esports grandpa?


You can use Tor network or I2P network.


>argentinian nigger got banned from cuckchan yet again so he's shitting up /tech/

Fuck off already.



Why are you in every thread shilling compromised honeypots

File: b47a33ac7e8f34e⋯.jpg (41.11 KB, 660x371, 660:371, Pac-Man.jpg)


Can we have a thread on game AI programming?

Why is pacman still considered the peak of game AI?

10 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



you need to start thinking in terms of what tools do the NPC has to combat the player and how fair it would be for him to make a good challenge to the player.

think in terms from the NPC point of view, how would they react.


google pacman ai on youtube.



>Advocating Tank-Healer-Mage

That shit is so fucking played out. Can you faggots please get over your D&D fetish? D&D was, and continues to be complete shit.



>I wasn't going to do discrete archetypes like that before and instead rely on one character just happening to be the only one with healing spells but perhaps that would be good to add to the tactic choosing part. Like when choosing a tactic if someone is the most capable of healing they should choose to heal, that way there won't be multiple people that try to do the same thing. None of those other classes really exist though since there's no way to influence who the enemy chooses to attack and there's no distinction between ranged/melee.

Perhaps you could set a "role-value" for each skill and the character who has the highest sum of values in a role takes that role during combat. For example, a priest would have lots of healing spells and some damage spells, so he would become the healer of the group, and when no one needs healing he would become an attacker. If the priest dies, then a character like the paladin, whose healing healer-rating is lower would take on that role because he's the one with the highest healing rating left in the party.


File: 043d3e9e760c814⋯.png (420.47 KB, 2392x1344, 299:168, Halo AI.png)

File: ee93d87b3cecda1⋯.png (244.2 KB, 2390x795, 478:159, Wasting time with smell AI.png)


>Compare that with modern FPS where the enemies are shades of the same monster with the same tactics.




>"Last week we talked about why it's important to play as gay characters."


>want to see how is it to be a goyim

>go watch TV

>some movie is on TV

>why do I have black bars on top and bottom when TV is 16:9???

fucking jews. this is what they do:

>people owned 4:3 TV's

>jews started doing movies in 16:9

>muh goyim your 4:3 TV is small and (((OUTDATED))), get a (((MODERN))) one

>goyim bought 16:9 TV's

>jews started doing movies in 21:9

>muh goyim your 16:9 TV is small and (((OUTDATED))), get a (((MODERN))) one

now go to step one

I am sure fucking jews will promote 4:3 or 30:9 after 21:9

why won't government mandate that all movies and TV's can only be done in one specific aspect ratio? because government is owned by jews. jews need a holocaust

79 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You can *read* PDFs without needing it at 100% scale with entire document showing. And like I said, this special need isn't something that works on the average person's "computer" in CURRENT_YEAR. It's a niche requirement.

And no, desktops aren't selling as much as they used to by market share. Now it's mostly laptops, tablets, phones. It's been that way for a long time, in fact.



Thanks for confirming that 4:3 is a meme.



>Doom up through v1.1 had a 3-screen mode

That's pretty neat, never knew that existed. I almost want to install chocolatDoom up through v1.1 had a 3-screen mode doom on a few computers and try it out.

>But then they removed it

According to the article you posted it wasn't removed, it was just broken in the 1.2 release, as they reworked the networking

>I don't know any other FPS that had this feature

You can achieve pretty much the same thing on most games by using multiple monitors.



>jews don't want to lose capitalism

Nigger, king jew Marx was all about ending jewish capitalism in favour of jewish communism.



Only reasonable post in this entire thread.

My dad bought a 16:9 CRT TV in the late 1990s together with a DVD player, and lots of movies were already in 21:9 format showing black bars on top and bottom. It isn't anything new.

File: a29bea35c7464b1⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, septor screenshot.png)

File: 88fcc6354eb0977⋯.png (414.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Septor.png)


Septor Distro of Linux

What do you guise think of dis?

(yes, it has system dicks.)


-OS Type: Linux

-Based on: Debian (Testing)

-Origin: Serbia

-Architecture: x86_64

-Desktop: KDE Plasma

-Category: Desktop, Live Medium, Privacy

-Status: Active

>Septor is a Linux distribution which provides users with a pre-configured computing environment for surfing the Internet anonymously. It is based on Debian's "Testing" branch and it uses Privoxy, a privacy-enhancing proxy, together with the Tor anonymity network to modify web page data and HTTP headers before the page is rendered by the browser. The distribution uses KDE Plasma as the preferred desktop environment and it also includes a launcher for downloading the latest Tor Browser, OnionShare for anonymous file sharing, and Ricochet for anonymous instant messaging.

Feature 2019
Release Date 2019-01-01
End Of Life
Price (US$) Free
Image Size (MB) 1900-2000
Free Download ISO
Installation Graphical
Default Desktop KDE Plasma
Package Management DEB (APT)
Release Model Fixed
Office Suite LibreOffice
Processor Architecture x86_64
Init Software systemd
Journaled File Systems
Multilingual Yes
Asian Language Support
Full Package List 2019

Package 2019
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the manual alone would have been a huge help. I didn't read it. I was just following steps from a youtube vid then I got curious to try the commands on the void page. there again, the commands didn't always work because like it says here >>1020754 I would never have figured this out myself. All new to me. anything Gnu is pretty new to me in general.


File: 9773f2a22852895⋯.jpg (213.17 KB, 1024x689, 1024:689, 7642212468_1c6e92473b_b.jpg)

>Category: Desktop, Live Medium, Privacy




>Stallman's idea of freedom

Stallman's idea of freedom is a decades-long autistic spergout stemming from the time he couldn't get the source code to a printer driver back in the 1970s. Later on, of course, he realized that he could harness goyim like the cattle his race believes they are in order to have them write a bunch of other software for him to use.

Occasionally, the goyim so harnessed get uppity, as happened when an emacs dev made the mistake of believing that promoting his idea of the direction emacs development should go was a conversation among equals. "Doctor" Stallman (fun fact: though he likes to style himself Dr. Stallman, he never earned an actual doctoral degree) told him that, no, he is the head Yid in charge of the GNU Project, tyvm, and that emacs will go in the direction he chooses. Because even in the world of "free software," the goyim don't own nothin'.



In the world of free software, users control the software they use. Any other narrative you care to spout is meaningless. Users can do whatever they want as long as they are willing to make it happen.


how did a thread about a gay systemd kde distro get 70 replies

File: f64b52765a1a5df⋯.jpg (8.78 KB, 350x272, 175:136, analog-phone-as-modem.jpg)


I will be limited to 80-100kbs internet for an extended period of time. What programs should I install that will use the least amount of bandwidth (background included) while still attempting to use the modern internet. Ive already given up on multipalyer vidya

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 16f254e6de21b82⋯.png (30.13 KB, 396x267, 132:89, 4.7-communicator.png)


>disable javascript

disable/click to show images



Also besides NoScript you can disable remote fonts and images bigger then x with uBlock



>Read a book.

> Mein Kampf

this but unironically


Is there anything to compression proxies like like UCBrowser or Opera turbo mode?



OSRS has a very low network requirement if you want to play a multiplayer game.

File: 3398fb1a04493b9⋯.jpg (99.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, big_1501212063_image.jpg)









116 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>find his body

Which is where exactly?


I was arguing with myself if I actually should post this but I was in the general area where he died a bit ago because of work related stuff (please don't dox me) and I'm fairly certain I've seen him. Not 100% certain but dude has very unique looks about him. He has a full beard now and has considerably greyed which makes him look like moses. Then again could've been some other hobo. I was driving for way too long and was very tired so I just thought "hey that looks like Terry" without it even really registering on any scale. Only days later I actually thought about that he was supposed to be dead to begin with. So now before you all call me out as fake I have no idea if it was actually him but I'd strongly tend to say "yes" given the circumstances. Take that as you will.



>not approaching him and verifying it for yourself

Weak LARP.



Yeah I'm painfully aware of how it sounds, and I really should have but like I said. I didn't really think. All I wanted to was to sleep at that point. Also I wasn't super familiar with who Terry Davis is at that point.



>He's not dead until we have them.

>Glowniggers BTFO.

If the cia were involved who'd have your Death Certificate the day before he died

File: 8c2b94c94e9000a⋯.png (284.75 KB, 1600x829, 1600:829, 1_LneOPz9iclWycr9N0OnZ-Q.png)


>wanna make games

>try to use diferent engines

>give up because no clue over how to do anything more complex than pong

>being stuck on the simplest of issues because no clue over how to do it

>ask if is a good idea to learn to code by making my own engine with SDL

>lmao no, just learn to use an engine

>tfw stuck over how to make a line renderer in godot because it doesn't support it

>tfw stuck because I wanna make a basic mode 07 but stuck because I dunno linear algebra

>people keep telling me to learn godot or unity

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modern cards emulate the bag stuff just barely, I done some bare metal programming 2 years ago and I couldn't even modify the standards palette in mode 13 or get a vsync poll, let alone an interrupt. Since mode X was not an intentional graphics mode I'm very sure it will not work on modern hardware.



>bag stuff

I mean vga, stupid phone



also you missed my point. Whether you use mode 13 or X or some cga ega mode, that's just how you address your pixels, you still don't get any special features like hardware sprites or texture shering or rotation. I was making fun of OP because him mentioning mode 7 tells me he doesn't know shit, he knows his snes gayms and the "famous mode 7" but if he looked at Google how to draw textures at a perspective instead of mode fucking 7 he'd get all the info and math he needs.


If you want to make a game, use someone else's game engine.

If you want to make a game engine, make your own game engine.


File: ba97f6aff35868c⋯.jpg (74.8 KB, 640x480, 4:3, LoseThos510.jpg)


I got ur engine rite here fam.

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