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File: b19a60f4db43e12⋯.png (48.51 KB, 1200x918, 200:153, Riseup_Network_Rainbow_Log….png)


Can riseup be trusted?

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>all this commie butthurt

It's great.




Why people in position haven't changed the email standard to add a simple end-to-end encryption? Its hard to convince people to use GPG, as it is just unpractical to use




>Why people in position haven't changed the email standard to add a simple end-to-end encryption?

For the same reason we're stuck with IPv4 and similar inferior technology.



cock.li is better because it's actual web technology. not that webshit is good, but gmail and hotmail require you to call them on your phone or some shit, which disqualifies them from being able to be named "web technology" or "internet technology".

File: 9adb3b33decc64d⋯.jpg (833.69 KB, 2576x1936, 161:121, 20180224_002.jpg)


Old one hit 400 posts again.

>tfw my X32p needs more GPU voltage but I can't solder for shit

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File: 6559441eab669e0⋯.png (43.53 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1432161226331.png)

I just ordered a T430.



Flash the EC and install a xx20 keyboard you faggot!



What does the ec do? Can it brick it?




I see. This is nice. But $40 is too much for me for a keyboard now. I will try the stock one first for a while and get into modding in a few months.

File: 3971d7fd1d40abe⋯.jpg (12.5 KB, 384x183, 128:61, capture.jpg)


How fast is your /uni/versity internet? Are you happy with it? What other tech goodies does your school have?

Pic related, kind of retarded since where I live out in the hills we have shit internet at my house and we only get 0.96 mbps upload. But here at school its the opposite with absurdly fast uploads (compared to most americans who had shit internet like me).

I don't even go to a big tech school lol.




its bed time lad chop chop



the funny thing is that I only sleep like 4 nights of the week and do homework even less. still have enough credits to graduate early.

File: 693b2b135fa1df6⋯.jpeg (39.16 KB, 464x328, 58:41, shut the fuck up liberal.jpeg)


I've been writing C for about two years now. I have a solid grasp on the fundamentals but I'm interested in:

- Reducing code re-use

- Writing military-grade safe applications

Are there any intermediate/advanced texts out there that explore generic programming and ultra-safe code?

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>fag who calls himself Scheme is Life

>dares to talk about real life

kys, you obnoxious tripfag



Your logical process is correct, it's your premises that are flawed. TDD doesn't make you end up requiring 100 lines of tests for every line of code written.



TDD requires implementing the same specification twice.



1) False

2) Hardly your number exaggeration



Where's my Sneaky Pete can...


Ada is good stuff tbh fam.

File: 3a9bc3d06dedfb1⋯.jpg (11.7 KB, 523x526, 523:526, blaze it.jpg)


What is the best build system?

Which build system do you use?

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What will you do if I don't stop, m8? Screech at me while downvoting saging threads?


File: 866004a4f739fa1⋯.png (722.01 KB, 1022x731, 1022:731, DUP8d06VMAAAaQo.png)



>saging is downvoting

you need to go back


Can someone please explain to me (who hasn't written anything that requires complex build systems) why we need build systems more complex than make? I understand that make does automation, so what do those other systems bring to the table?

If it is just being able to automatically locate libraries, I don't think that should be part of the build system, but something the user supplies through options, or through the package manager. Maybe one could have some sort of "counter-make" which knows all the settings and paths on the user side and then calls make with the corresponding options. Like typing

counter-make bin

would then call make

make bin --LDPATH ~/.local/share/bin/my-shitty-libs

or something like that.



Well, my question has been answered. If you're triggered, my man, just use the filter option. Surely a le oldfag /b/tard like you knows how to do that.

File: 579f21daa96e247⋯.jpg (12.17 KB, 200x213, 200:213, 1490793414528.jpg)


How come so many software "engineers" suck at their job? How do they get their jobs? How come no one fires them?

Why are so many programmers so fucking bad?

How can all of this sustain itself?

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>How do they get their jobs? How come no one fires them?

because normalfags (the consumers) have no standards



at least he's not a tripfag



whats with the sudden increase of tripfags on tech?

are we being raided by some gay discord group?


In general, software engineers aren't bad, and suggesting they are is a sign of absolute LARPing. External constraints force most software to be produced with a low quality. Those constraints are usually pointy-haired bosses and market forces.

File: 8772dd16445c5ff⋯.jpeg (63 KB, 1600x808, 200:101, serveimage.jpeg)


>Cloudflare, a well-known Internet performance and security company, announced the launch of—world's fastest and privacy-focused secure DNS service that not only speeds up your internet connection but also makes it harder for ISPs to track your web history.

>Cloudflare has changed this game with its new free DNS service, which it claims, will be "the Internet's fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service," promising to prevent ISPs from easily tracking your web browsing history.

>The company has also promised not to sell users’ data, instead to wipe all logs of DNS queries within 24 hours. It's also working with auditors at KPMG to examine its systems and guarantee it's not actually collecting your data.


Can it be trusted? It has a faster response time then Google's DNS which is impressive.

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I never used IPFS so can't comment on its stability, but it's not the only CF alternative that currently exists. The reason people are reluctant to use alternatives is they require a lot of integration work to use protocols other than just web (assuming you already got a website and you're not designing from scratch). And so that's how the cianiggers rope you in. But we're onto them.



So what is your magic real world solution then?



There's no magic in this world. You just have to choose between the easy highway to hell, or take the more difficult journey to a better place. The easy path being "just keep doing what everyone else is". And the other path being "experimenting with other options".



Okay so for everything that does not involve research subjects the answer is cloudflare or run a site expensive enough to take up an extra 100 gigabits of load from time to time.



It's not research, unless you just don't like the existing alternatives and want to make something new. Usenet (NNTP) is old as dirt and yet can't be DDoS'd. And there's already libraries for many programming languages to handle NNTP details, and a whole bunch of tools, servers, and clients.

File: 6d7591332b2a24f⋯.jpg (155.32 KB, 800x864, 25:27, serveimage.jpg)

File: 9a76a3820a36262⋯.png (43.83 KB, 1024x450, 512:225, 6b5386ac8b1ed26c49f1e5e46d….png)

File: 1021789ff7ce676⋯.jpg (45.71 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 66a18f7326677db3b1983a304f….jpg)


This board sucks so let's have a fun /tech/ thread

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Most lisps are not very functional. They use tons of state, build up mutable object systems, have side effects, etc.



The only side effect of purity is that you become a useless faggot.



t. lispcuck



It's not.


Anyone here actually using windows 10?

File: f54c28a66f0afae⋯.jpg (15.29 KB, 211x239, 211:239, main-qimg-9ce5cb32df32aa93….jpg)


Leaving aside the issues of TOR and TOR browser, the CP and the vulnerabilities, sometimes it's just not a real option for your website, but you want to maintain your privacy anyways. It seems like it is possible to host on clearnet without getting compromised. TPB hasn't had any major arrests in a long time, and their servers are very resilient, showing that it's possible to evade the wrath of the FBI and MPAA cartel while giving people a clearnet website to connect to. Here's a somewhat vague article on their setup:


I guess my main questions are these:

The article says that the real servers are hidden because the user-facing servers have an encrypted connection to the real servers. But couldn't NSA/GCHQ/etc just look at the patterns of web requests coming from the user-facing servers?

And what's the main entry point for end users? The proxy server? The load balancer?

How would one go about creating a setup with a main server hidden behind other servers?

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CP is just the universal hot potato word.



>hosting a website with magnet links on Tor is redundant.

Okay, FBI ;-) Will host from my home connection from now on.



i2p is painfully slow and has a dogshit interface.




You're absolutely right but there is an entire thread here >>793208 of brainlets who haven't figured that shit out yet.



>read thread to the bottom

>IPFS meme is just now getting exposed as a scam


File: 9251fd93ad3b9bd⋯.jpg (540.37 KB, 1327x1103, 1327:1103, intelbtfohard.jpg)


Intel just got BTFO

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Elbrus used SPARC at one point. I think you're thinking of the Chinese Longsoon which is MIPS based.



Why did ram became so expensive?



No, looks like the Russian government funded some electronics companies so they could be self-sufficient computing-wise. I found the articles I was looking for just in case you're interested.




Mobile devices switched to DDR4, a year or so ago, so it's in higher demand.



Trump tapped DAIO to build the Federal Cloud.



Everyone doesnt have enough power or/and wealth to control the value. Only handful of people do, literally feudalism.

>hurr durr i bought some basic items and decided and im a king too

Youre a bitch. The start price and in effect, products every price afterwards was already decided by the big fish somewhere.

File: 30fa2e922a4e27e⋯.jpg (29.21 KB, 920x613, 920:613, apple_new_accessibility_em….jpg)



Who is actually going to use these?

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File: ab92ac723baaa4a⋯.jpeg (124.84 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Jeremy Burge.jpeg)

File: ec42ab4c482e680⋯.png (269.49 KB, 854x485, 854:485, logo.png)

I'd like to take this opportunity to plug the EmojiWrap podcast. It's a monthly podcast I listen to hosted by Jeremy Burge, vice-chair of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, founder of Emojipedia, and creator of World Emoji Day. Each episode goes behind the scenes discussing what's new in the world of Emoji, what's to come, and interviews with the people who make Emoji happen.

🖥️ http://podcast.emojiwrap.com/

📡 https://rss.simplecast.com/podcasts/2218/rss


File: 017bdd05ac8d567⋯.png (53.25 KB, 403x448, 403:448, 1509014772329.png)

chans are way ahead with the retarded wojak lineup



I think you meant "4chan", which incidentally is the place you need to go back to.


File: 061dc1065e16faa⋯.png (128.82 KB, 900x729, 100:81, 1512330650860.png)


wojaks "emos" originate from krautchan


Man, that's retarded.

File: 23f5e4662588718⋯.png (63.89 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ReactOS_Shell.png)


What's the general consensus on ReactOS? Kind of seems like a "worst of both worlds" thing to me (having done little research).

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Comfy looking. Nice color scheme as well.






File: bfb01bd4b16f9c2⋯.gif (543.61 KB, 1237x808, 1237:808, quicktime.gif)

ReactOS 0.4.8

-User Experience

-Support NT6+ (Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10) software and Games

-DrWatson32-any application crashing will create a log file on the desktop.

-Kernel Stability and new features

-boot in 96MB

-Cache Manager bugfix

-Hardware support, NTFS and other drivers



microsoft actually improved dos.



Reactos isn't a company tho, its homemade on peoples spare time and the only money comes through donations.

File: b2d4ecda6f58317⋯.png (32 KB, 1024x324, 256:81, Fedora_logo_and_wordmark.s….png)





>getting rid of python2

>almost completely removing gtk2


All great things that Fedora has done FIRST. There's a reason developers prefer Fedora over other distros. They make out with the old ONLY if there's a better alternative.

(unlike canonicuck with sysv -> upstart)

tl;dr fedora 28 is almost here install it

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>Centos packages and kernel are fucking ancient.

And it's stable. Weird huh?



Should just run redhat instead



Stable means none of the shit I need to run works



Basically what Cent is.




This. I was playing around with it trying to get a little privatebin instance running, but with an old PHP version, it's a lot harder to do something like that.

File: a5f873c317e14c7⋯.png (51.4 KB, 1441x1440, 1441:1440, vpn.png)


What vpn do you use and why do you use it?

Lets hold a general VPN discussion. Please nothing of "if you have nothing to hide" bullshit please.

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A no he uses google services. He cant possibly know what he is talking about if he uses a bog standard google API used on almost every site.



that aside you cant deny his content is better than every normie tech shill site and /reddit/



What content? I can't see anything.



OpenVPN is a way of connecting to a VPN, not the VPN itself.


What is he shilling, may I ask? If he's shilling, he's doing an awful good job of hiding it.



>but what do u think about Wireguard?

What I think about it doesn't matter. But what the Wireguard devs think does, presumably. And they think it's not ready.

>About The Project

>Work in Progress

>WireGuard is not yet complete. You should not rely on this code. It has not undergone proper degrees of security auditing and the protocol is still subject to change. We're working toward a stable 1.0 release, but that time has not yet come. There are experimental snapshots tagged with "0.0.YYYYMMDD", but these should not be considered real releases and they may contain security vulnerabilities (which would not be eligible for CVEs, since this is pre-release snapshot software).

File: 86c207169db24f6⋯.jpg (60.32 KB, 1014x1024, 507:512, CAT.jpg)


>have an encrypted 1 TB drive full of childhood photos, whole unencrypted iphone and ipod backups you made as a kid, your whole [deleted] facebook takeout archive, several [autistic but well-written] files kept on your friends and colleagues including screen shots, whatsapp exports and voice recordings, lots of virtualbox machines that you have no idea what you've done in them, and lots of embarrassing porn

>lose it one and half years ago

>thank to all gods because it was encrypted



>it dawns on you that there was a slight possibility of it being not encrypted at that moment because around that time you lost back-up keys to encryption, and might have half-assed it and not encrypted it back


17 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Sweetie, you don't have to boot to the drive to access the files on it.


I used to encrypt my collection of nudes and up it to a cloud but accidentally the cloud excluded my 16+ gigs of nudes from multiple ex gfs and girl i had a "thing".



Life was trying to teach you the lesson that 3D is PD.



I had that happen earlier this year. Partition table on my NTFS partition was as good as unrecoverable, so I had to use photorec to read the files from the block device. It took a solid day (even with scripts to help) to sort through all the recovered files (it's amazing the junk on Windows, cached image especially), but I got pretty much everything back.



>claims he has bitches.

Prove it, anon. We want to see poontan.

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