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File: 9bf9aee169b6cef⋯.jpg (82.71 KB, 620x424, 155:106, music-producer-imac-setup.jpg)


What do you use/how do you cope? Is there any hope for commercial solutions/VSTs that only support Windows/MacOS to get a Linux port?

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Have you tried Renoise yet?



yesss, i clicked this thread and hoped for this



you mean cuckchan audiophiles and discord


Why use opus when vorbis can have around similar quality and file size? Even opus has less volume than vorbis which has less volume/dynamics than flac raws.

Also opus on video is kinda fucked up and have this crip-rip sound caused by that off bpm-fucked compression.

But if you don't care about the loss of volume dynamics and that bpm shifts, opus is good for you. "you won't even hear the difference" they said







File: 5f0dd5a1cb335a0⋯.jpg (470.14 KB, 1563x1767, 521:589, conquest.jpg)


Rarely to record/edit audio, but not commonly.


Typically for things like image editing.


Needs no introduction. But I also use it for video capture purposes since you can do that.


If I need to do more complex video that would be annoying or impossible in FFmpeg. I do the encoding with FFmpeg after outputting though.


Not often, but I have done video subtitling a couple of times.


Not actually a creativity tool, but I found a particular use for it with screenshot stitching when things like perspective or scale are an issue, because it has a particular plug-in that is normally used for transforming images onto coordinates where you pick common points between the two. However if you load one image it's possible to do effectively image-to-image and it's much MUCH easier than trying to do it in GIMP with its limited transform functions. I doubt even Photoshop has anything like it.

File: a6a460166a02ad3⋯.jpg (39.28 KB, 720x380, 36:19, bitchutecheesy.jpg)


I've Uploaded a video like 2 days ago in the MP4 format to bitchute And it's like taking forever to process I think it still processing I mean I like the site and all but it's just taking forever

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Bitchute is cancer. I'd rather use JewTube.



Why do they have such a piglike appearance?



Because no one else has bothered to make a better front end. Get to work, piggy.


Its because it realizes how shit your content actually is



Pretty sure anon was referring to the pig like faces of the characters in the image...


Any recommendation of Mastodon instances without Cloudflare?



Send 0.01BTC to 1JADsmDFX9d2TXis63S9F9L8eDAXwJmnWE and ill tell you


Will this help?


Click [=] and select MD list.


Pick a server running Pleroma instead, fam



File: 11691108427b4d2⋯.png (67.39 KB, 455x455, 1:1, break_pleroma.png)


Pleroma is trash now, the fucking bun ruined it.

File: 0b902c3d7905dca⋯.jpg (8.69 KB, 480x360, 4:3, I have a space alien.jpg)


I wanna give myself a shitposting key

I wanna bind my capslock so that when it's active every time I press

enter it starts a new line, someone teach me how

>Inb4 someone says smth about AHK being for niggers

>Inb4 the nigger can't code


>Inb4 the nigger can't code

the nigger can't code nor read a manual

File: 57b9e213064c365⋯.jpg (13.85 KB, 253x253, 1:1, 1193101385046.jpg)


Anyone remember that news about Firefox changing their privacy policy back in 2018/2017. Said that newer versions would start keeping data or something, being the casual ass I am, I just downgraded to like version 51 something and stopped updating. I'm 90% sure the archived website reporting it somewhere on my harddrive, but can't organize for shit, and I can't find any news online. Il keep looking and If I can't find shit Il call it quits here.


I have 2017 articles about Mozilla being in bed with George Soros:




Like literally search in safe search engine "mozilla soros" to find more about it.


This isn't all, Mozilla has done a bunch of shady shit with Firefox. Use alternatives like Waterfox, Pale Moon, Librefox, and IceCat.


>I can't find any news online.

Thing is it's hard to search relevant news right now. Maybe it's Soros combat against q.

File: dab49c9e77b5152⋯.jpg (24.91 KB, 938x499, 938:499, psp-slim-7607321.jpg)


Any of you guys working on a libreboot-thinkpad type project for the PSP/Vita for a libre console? Do you know anyone whoms't is?

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>be brainlet

>know that your OS is not secure but don't know how to secure it

>hear about *insert meme security OS of the day* and download it and a VM

>run said OS in VM as root

>run thing you don't know is a bitcoin miner in VM as root in VM because brainlet

>not get hacked

It makes perfect sense, you are just too much of a retard to see the threat profile/model for the idiot that is downloading such a ISO containing such tools. Instead of say, compiling it themselves or writing the software out by hand from paper they printed onto known safe/secure hardware, it just depends. In the above scenario the user knows they are insecure and knows of tools/ISO containing OS's that claim to be secure. But doesn't understand the intricate details like disabling SMP on certain architectures or such shit for security's sake.



Also I neglected to mention the bitcoin miner could just be javascript run in the background of the browser.



There's a few more console benefits actually now I think about it.

- Vastly smaller install base than PC and mobile, and even smaller percentage of those that jailbreak them, and no important information on them so the incentive to put malware on them is virtually nil.

- For Vita specifically, the current game copying standard, ironically, turns its DRM system into a validation process. Without rePatch you cannot modify the game's executable or data, and regular games do not have kernel privileges anyway. Also given people usually install games through PSN downloading like freeShop on 3DS, it's much less often you'll run into game copies that solely brick you. This happened with older dump standards, and is in theory possible with game mods, I think, it may actually not allow kernel access, but I haven't seen any such examples anyway since very few mods even do executable modification. It's usually data-only.

PC's utter lack of standards, and general distrust of Windows, means that my one laptop with it is kept off the Internet in its entirety. Generally it only runs GOG copies of games too. The majority of my PC games though are FOSS ones like Doom on my main laptop.



Then you create a game engine for the new OS and most Libre games should port to the LibrePSP, because a project like that should be a big well known one




I bought the 4GB ram model of the pandora, I think. It broke within a month by a drop of like 2 feet. The reason was bullshit too, as the LR buttons are even shittier than the DS' and so it dislodged the battery and fucked up the internals somehow. I never bothered to get it fixed and sold it for parts. It was nice, but during 2011 i could've gotten an xperia play or other decent android device for 200 and played most emulators just fine.


As another anon pointed out, there's a project for linux on the vita that largely will be for non vidya purposes, and the CFW for vita known as enso which to my knowledge replaces the bootloader too.

If you want a portable libre console, your best bet is one of those community sponsored android handhelds. However, if you wish to have a handheld computing experience, I can't really help you there outside of reccomending some abandoned PDA type computers or a smartphone.

File: 1ddeac624522ca1⋯.jpg (54.69 KB, 800x450, 16:9, reverse_engineering.jpg)


Anyone of you guys know something about it? Is it possible to, while playing a video game, determine from which file is its music coming? And perhaps even rip that. Or any other way of ripping video game music out of unknown formats.



I'm trying to reverse engineering zlib, it seems to be obfuscated in some way.


i'd think it would be easier to look at the files in the game folder. but i have no experience so this post is completely meaningless lol


I know how but I'm not going to tell you.



The files are often contained and compressed into some type of zip folders. You have to look at the hexdump and see what type of compression it has, then unpack it.

File: c1c72a1dc8c7e0e⋯.jpeg (174.99 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 2ktan2.jpeg)



>Microsoft has announced that it is bringing its latest API, DirectX 12, to Windows 7 and the first game that can take advantage of it is World of Warcraft.

>Microsoft has also stated that it is currently working with a few other game developers to port their D3D12 games to Windows 7, and it will make further announcements about these plans in the near future.

>Microsoft claims that the best DirectX 12 performance will always be on Windows 10, and that’s because Windows 10 contains a number of OS optimizations designed to make DirectX 12 run even faster.

I guess it's a good thing but I can't help to wonder why they're doing this now. Aren't there only like 6 DX12 only games? How long until WINE has support for DX12?

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this meme sucks



Develop a noose and kill yourself






Nah, he's still a dirty currynigger sociopath (oxymoron I know).

They won't be releasing a general purpose DX12 runtime installer. Support will be embedded in only a few select games,and only for Windows 7, no 8 or 8.1 - though I expect the community might be able to hack in support for these versions, too.

Unless this changes and they release a general purpose DX12 installer that's also compatible with 8 and 8.1, pajeetsoft is not based at all.


File: 7a2d8ea6b29a92b⋯.webm (5.3 MB, 240x180, 4:3, Developers-KMU0tzLwhbE.webm)


>not posting the original from macaddict

File: ba6ed7b2bb92dde⋯.jpg (46.86 KB, 751x565, 751:565, fc99a1c7f55d775da3db9ff69a….jpg)


I am tired of attempting to find work. I have decided to become a small-buisness owner and make my own computer repair store. I wish to run this out of my own home.

I plan to make a website tomorrow. However, I am looking for some advice on this.

What is a good price schedule for computer repair? Would having customers mail their computers to me at their own cost be a deturrent? I live in a gated community and don't think I could have people physically enter my property (let alone safely). How would you personally start this business?

I'll come up with more questions eventually, but this is all I have at the moment.

PIC not related

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a windows install can be automated almost completely too so it should not really matter what you have to install as long as you get paid for it. for someone like me it feels really weird that someone would pay anything for a os reinstall.



My family sure as fuck couldn't reinstall Windows if their lives depended on it. And they're not the worst users I've seen in the wild.




Sometimes I feel like I would actually want to pay someone to install Windows just so I don't have to put up with that shit. If it's one of those (((free))) student licenses you have to register at like five different places to get that key, and the procedure seems to change every year, so every time you want a new key you have to go hunting for it again. Installing Linux is like a therapy session by comparison.


File: f66fe12353d0786⋯.jpg (40.86 KB, 750x600, 5:4, computers.jpg)


>not the worst users


>(((free))) student licenses

Just install Server 2019 and use the 38 year activation. If you don't know what I mean just look it up.

File: 0c74faf01342593⋯.gif (466.18 KB, 279x281, 279:281, 0c74faf01342593f30a5fa3fc7….gif)


I have a technological computer and I'm using it as I type this. Yeehaw.


plan 9 desu?


File: 4920bbf90da9040⋯.png (75.7 KB, 235x334, 235:334, 235px-Th16Cirno.png)


Plan 9 is this.


well, ouch~

File: 7cf16486bfa0f71⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 400x516, 100:129, pepe.gif)


Exam 1:

1) why does 3d animation use quads and game design use tris :
a. game engines cant handle quads
b. quality vs speed
c. both

2) what is the common perspective matrix dimensions :
a. 4x4
b. 3x3
c. 4x1

3) ∬ 2x - ln(e^y) dxdy where π > x > 0 , ∞ > y > -∞ :]
a. (xπ^3)/3 - (y^π)
b. (yπ^3)/3 - (y^π+1) + C
c. (xπ^3) - (y^π+1) + C

4) x Deg to Rad :
a. x180/π
b. x/1 * 180/π
c. xπ/180

5) purpose of 0x00 in a byte array on an x86_64/32 machine :
a. sig end of array when no size iteration is used for termination of access
b. sig for pointer to array in chain
c. sig for interpLang(i.e. python) to decide data type

6) dy/dx [e^x] :
a. e^x
b. 1/ln|x|
c. xe^(x-1)

7) 'if i := 0 ,while i != 25, do i = i+2'
when will this statement end? :
a. in 5 cycles
b. in 24 cycles
c. in ∞ cycles

8) orange is to __ what red is to green :
a. magenta
b. blue
c. yellow

9) how is animation learnt :
a. by practicing it practically
b. via tests
c. watching videos

10) what is required to be a game designer :
a. learning to program on an acceptable level
b. learning only what is acceptable by industry standards
c. both

11) n choose k formula :
a. n!/(k!*(n-k)!)
b. n/(k!*(k-n)!)
c. n!/(n*(k-k)!)

12) Nate algorithm is 2^(1^(1^... :
a. 2
b. 3
c. -1

13) 'n*( (2atan(|x/y|)/π)î*(|x|)/x)+(1-2atan(|x/y|))/π)ĵ*(|y| / y))'
the folowing equation draws a vector feild of what nature :
a. swirl
b. curl
c. radial

14) what is the best way to get the direction of a dynamic curve,
so as to drive an object along the tangent :
a. trig-function
b. calc-function
c. manual set keys

15) why choose hard surface style in modeling :
a. preference
b. its easier
c. i
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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3) is not B sorry guys

(yπ^2) - (πy^2/2) + C


Why is anyone replying to this shit thread when even the first question is absurdly retarded?




>1) why does 3d animation use quads and game design use tris :[Answer = B]

Quads are a core part of good topology, especially face topology, in game models because they deform better and are triangulated down during rendering you stupid faggot.



yes but during modeling they remain as different polygons for deformation dumb fuck

File: 497a80c7934c26f⋯.jpg (68.88 KB, 330x330, 1:1, devil_bsd.jpg)



This list is for desktop oriented operating systems. List is ordered roughly by developmental stage.

BSDs - finished, werks:

Name: MidnightBSD

License: Simplified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic

Name: OpenBSD

License: Simplified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic

Name: NetBSD

License: Simplified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic

Name: Dragonfly BSD

License: Modified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic/Hybrid

Illumos - mostly server oriented, compatibility layer is there "but haven't ported it yet":

Name: OpenIndiana IllumoS

License: CDDL License (MIT resemblence)

Kernel: IllumoS Monolithic

Name: ToaruOS IllumoS

License: UIUC License (MIT resemblence)

Kernel: IllumoS Monolithic

Name: Tribblix IllumoS

License: CDDL License (MIT resemblence)

Kernel: Illumos Monolithic

AROS Systems - Amiga-based niche OS, mostly justwerks:

Name: AROS Research OS

License: AROS Public License (Mozilla resemblence)

Kernel: Exec Microkernel

Name: Icaros Desktop

License: AROS Public License (Mozilla resemblence)

Kernel: Exec Microkernel

Name: Aspire Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Just use Void Linux with the grsec kernel. Archfags gtfo



>why use freebsd

There's literally only two reasons. The first is because it uses opensound system by default making audio quality and latency the highest on any OS available by default. Second because it supports using bluetooth headphones over OSS which no other OS does. Other then that its a insecure, ineffiecient, and horribly maintained SOCJUS garbage. But its awesome for those in the field of audio to just install and just werkz TM. You could feasibly get OSS working on other OSS's if you compiled it and everything else needed for it yourself, so gentoo. But it doesn't support bluetooth audio except on freebsd, for now.....


What about plan9 and GNU/Linux


No BSD OS is certified by RMS, RYF, and FSF. And BSD is shit, because of it's liscence



This. BSD cuck license allowed Apple making huge money, while giving back nothing to the free software community, whereas when Apple wanted to use GCC, they had to give the source code of their modified version thanks to GPL.

BSD systems aren't worth donating money nor writing a single line of code.

Waiting for GNU/Hurd

File: c549ad9339d0bcc⋯.png (40.5 KB, 2000x1641, 2000:1641, VeraCrypt_Logo.svg[1].png)



Instead of using an hidden volume for plausible deniability of the existence of an encrypted volume, wouldn't it be also possible to use a file container and and hide the file as something unremarkable?

The encrypted container can't distinguished from random. You could name it "004.dump" or "mem.log" to make it seem like it's just a blob of uninterpretable binary.

Are there any programs which generate big files of data which can't be distinguished from random afterwards?

23 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



That's just shooting yourself in your foot. Cops and media will be all over the "hundreds of encrypted files that he claims he lost the password to" You're basacally tying the rope around your neck yourself. Not that you larpers give a shit. everything for a (you)



>when they ask about them just say

When "they" ask questions, you don't answer. In the U.S., you have the right to remain silent, and it's really stupid to do otherwise unless a lawyer you trust says it's to your advantage to do so. Cops aren't on some kind of dispassionate search for the truth. If they've obtained a warrant to confiscate your electronics, they're there to fuck YOU in the ass by any means necessary. Don't acknowledge that the computer is yours (they'll successfully make that assertion anyway, if it's in your home/room), don't acknowledge that any of the files are yours, and don't say anything that indicates that you have any knowledge of anything that's on the hard drive. Don't say "Neener neener, I'm not going to give you my password!" Don't play coy and say, "Password? Why, what password, detective?"




Fucking zip it. Then it's their job to make their case, and if your lawyer knows what he's doing, he's going to make them look like fucking fools on the stand claiming that a bunch of garbage data that they don't have ANY information about (even the certainty that it's actually encrypted and not just random shit) is really leaded trade secrets/revenge porn/CP/whatever they're claiming it is.




It has been the single most important piece of advice for years. Yet people are stupid and talk to cops. The cliche is actually true. No one is smart enough to talk to cops. Even fucking lawyers can screw this up.



Sure, don't talk to the cops. Your lawyer is the only one who talks to the law enforcement. Having a good alibi is better than not having one, tho.

That's why vc has hidden volumes. You can hand over the outer volume passphrase, but they can't prove the hidden volume even exists. Plausible deniability.



Yep, giving no information is better than anything else. You are not a trained interrogator. You may have seen some interrogation techniques but you are likely not familiar with them at all. Have on standard line "I plead the fifth" or "No comment" or whatever and answer EVERY question with it. From whats your mothers name to do you want coffee? It will be much, much easier for you to stick with almost automatically saying a single line over and over again in a very stressful interrogation than for you to keep a lie going. Even if you manage to keep the lie going, you really didn't gain much over simply giving them no information.

Remember its not the police that decide your case, its the court. There is nothing you will ever say to the police that will help your case when you get to court. A exception might be cases like a very clear alibi, which would stop them from pursuing the case against you in the first place. But even then, you should not bring it up in an interrogation. Know the exact time/date/place you have an alibi against, get your evidence and provide it to them afterwards. Say nothing in interrogation.

It is also a good idea to, if your lawyer isn't actually preset yet (for example a first, short interrogation, you likely do not have the funds to keep lawyers present at all time), record the complete interrogation. Especially if they do not know you did. This can be done for example with a smart watch or whatever that isn't too visible. This can help yourself afterwards to spot moments they are lying to you. Because they will likely try to make you break bonds with people you trust. Because you being angry at them means you are likely going to start saying stuff. They can and will lie if they think it will help. Never say anything.

File: 1f382c1f3eb22c2⋯.gif (100 B, 18x18, 1:1, y18.gif)


i really, REALLY want to start participating in /tech/like communities online. im sick of being a part of the norm.

but what are thriving places? where do you all go? what forums do you shitpost at, what games do you play, where do you watch videos?

86 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



"Normies" is pointless argument. Full chan has all the freedom in the world (- rare pepes) is relatively censorship free , has no registration required, no persistent identity. Anybody can discuss anything, and out of that comes what?

Virtually everyone admits that no one on /tech/ knows anything - Outside a small collection of people with hyper-narrow interests (Unix Hater) who shill every thread (but at least with some knowledge). The vasts majority of posts are meme tier reposts, the same advice given hundreds of times daily by people who haven't taken their own medicine - Install Gentoo, Learn Computer Science and variety of boring hate speech that derails threads.

Meanwhile, Norman communities like hn, actually do in-depth discussions in a non-confrontational way and are interesting to read.

Why can't anonymous, no persistent identity, forum do the same ?



>The problem is everyone wants to be the next rising star on 8chan, a consistently rising number of people that have less and less original things to say. This endless tech-larping and promotion of gentoo is what really destroyed this side of the internet.



Your posting a ludite manifesto on the internet on a technology board.



>UNIX hater


Next you'll be telling us how smart the niggerpill fag is

>hn has in depth discussion

I've waste many hours scrolling through hn when I had nothing better to do. They have a much more diverse group of people, Ill give you that. But their interest and knowledge is limited to normal fag shit, they have very little that is particularly interesting to say. The best I can say about them is that they sometimes link to good stuff, but no one on there is producing it.

>Why can't anonymous, no persistent identity forum do the same?

We're too focused on OC posting. No one is allowed to have merely read a good opinion, you have to have one yourself, ideally won through personal experience. Maybe we should have a thread where people can post good blog posts and wiki articles or something.



>UNIX Hater

He is frequently wrong, and some how doesn't understand the difference between plaintext and XML, but at least his posts are interesting.

> But their interest and knowledge is limited to normal fag shit,

What is not "Normal Fag" shit? Its somehow both hn content, and instagram/facebook posts. Whats unique on full chan other than "NIGGERS" + Install Gentoo. In some ways, its kind of hilarious, but it ultimately doesn't produce useful skills of any kind.

>We're too focused on OC posting. No one is allowed to have merely read a good opinion, you have to have one yourself, ideally won through personal experience. Maybe we should have a thread where people can post good blog posts and wiki articles or something.

This might be a cure!

File: 055e8a9d0d0367e⋯.png (31.58 KB, 250x217, 250:217, freebsd-logo.png)


This is a reminder that FreeBSD still doesn't have basic exploit mitigations like ASLR in the year 2019.

20 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



The "industry" is using Java everywhere. The fuck you smoking?



>look mom I posted it again


Java is a terrible example because it's fairly slow and full of vulnerabilities.



>consumes all memory and crashes

look mah, I'm memory safe




yeah and your insurance company and bank use it so it must be secure.



Stop shitposting. You know those businesses prefer the convenience and cost of java over security.

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