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File: 105e1b6553c1055⋯.jpg (177.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Which is the only acceptable writing utensil?

Wooden pencil?

Mechanical pencil?


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Pilot G2 in blue for damn near everything. If it's something I'll need to erase I have a Zebra pencil 0.5mm with a polymer block eraser.




The iPad Pro looks like that?



Every man should own a decent fountain pen and wrist watch, the only acceptable pieces of jewelry for a man (besides cufflinks and maybe a tie clip or wedding ring, but not everyone is married or wearing a suit)



This is not a wacom. Even a Toshiba Tecra M7 has a better stylus.

With presure sensitivity and no charging required. You don't know shit.



Don't forget the necklace, the ear rings, nose rings, bracelets and foot chain. These are the true essence of a man.


Redpill me on dot matrix printers anon. Why are they better than inkjet? Why 24pin is better than 9pin? Why are they so sexy?

Also general dot-matrix printer thread.

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There's an awful lot of pseudo-intellectual idiots on this weeb site.


I have the same dot matrix printer since 1987. The ink bands cost like 4 bucks and are still made. It needed to have it's print head replaced once in the late 80s. (apparently the original one was kind of a fluke) Since then, everything worked fine. That should tell everything about reliability. I did scrounge a few new print heads from eBay just in case over the years though. it's connected via parallel port which isn't even that big of a problem on new computers. (it was for a while) Nowadays you can get USB to parallel cables for that. to print something in linux, you don't need CUPS or anything like that. It's a device in /dev, you can literally send text to it like to a file, and you can send command sequences to it too. It has it's own inbuilt fonts.You can also set up CUPS and print graphics with it. I haven't used that function often, the resolution is not really all that nice.

If you want to feed it with endless paper the paper is kinda expensive for what it is. It can also deal with normal, non-endless paper though. It's enough to write the occasional letter I do have to write. Contrary to the produce of normal inkjets, the printouts are store-able and last pretty much forever without fading.

If you want to use endless paper and want a printer which literally lasts forever, they are nice. They're only really good for text, though.



Doesn't mean it's wrong. People using "redpill me" unironically are usually retarded.



It's just shorthand memespeak for "educate me on". It means the same shit, and you must be new to imageboards if the usage of that type of language surprises you




This is like one month after GamerGate started and before Wikipedia bias and narrative forming became blatantly obvious.

File: f79f4f0f9dc8710⋯.jpeg (8.17 KB, 251x201, 251:201, eye eye capn.jpeg)


How can I improve my eyesight?

>inb4 glasses, contacts, lasic

*How can I improve my eyesight without using common methods? are there any technologies I can use to improve my distance vision?

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>ultrasonic cleaner

Oh, there's something like that? I always stayed away from lens for fearing fucking up cleaning them and developing some kind of infection.


File: e2165a1e9fb677e⋯.png (5.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Impossible_Colors_Blue_and….png)

File: b7bf17fa5dfea29⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1196x1068, 299:267, like this I guess.png)

File: 562b692f94386bb⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 800x800, 1:1, Phosphene.gif)


Thanks for the information healthy vision Anon. (and other vision Anons)

>Try squeezing your eyelids closed without scrunching up any of your face muscles for example.

I'm curious if you have any remarks about my own anecdote.

My vision context: I can't usually read street signs that are 4 feet away.

When I meditate, I often close my eyes with the intent of "not seeing black, but turning my vision off". Whatever I'm subconsciously doing to achieve this abstract goal, triggers some kind of phosphene effect. Specifically what I envision is like changing color gradients that look kind of like fat moving worms or waves. The colors look almost like what happens when you do these "impossible colors" cross eye things, but not as extreme. But not as gradual as how some people describe color blindess gradients changing colors while looking at a static gradient.

When I "come back to reality", I feel like what I'm doing is involuntarily crossing my eyes towards the nose (like double esotropia) and I assume this is bad because I feel a sensation of pressure on the side of the actual eyeball towards the nose on each eye. Originally I thought my eyes where rolling into the back of my head but I don't have any idea what direction they're actually facing as the whole point is to try and ignore my sensations.

I don't force this, it just happen when I stop thinking about my senses and focus deeply on audio and then later, my own thoughts (leaving my hearing behind as well).

However, recently I began to force my cheek bones down and my eyebrows up (no other muscles) to elongate my face before going into some deeper mental state. Both the phsophene and pressure I mentioned before doesn't happen in this scenario.

As for the eyeballs I feel like they're in the opposite state as before (exotropia). In reality, I can't actually tell what direction they're facing since the lids are closed and if I try and think about it, they recenter anyway. It's rare that I'vePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: f2570062c563eb0⋯.pdf (2.16 MB, No BS guide to Vision Impr….pdf)

Most people eye problems were originally just an issue with constant close focus strains the eyes, which causes minor blurriness. Glasses are then used to "fix" this, but all it does is exacerbate the problem. more and more, leading to progressively worse eyesight.

The process however can be reversed by basically reversing the above.



>When I "come back to reality", I feel like what I'm doing...

What I mean to say is:

When I am done meditating, I reconnect with my sensations and what it feels like I've BEEN doing is crossing...

As in the whole time, not in that instant.



> I always stayed away from lens for fearing fucking up cleaning them and developing some kind of infection.

Cleaning contact lenses is simple, just pour some of the cleaning solution on the inside while rubbing the inside. This is just to get the mucus from your eyes off the lens. Then leave it in the container over night as per instructions, and the next morning rinse them off with the cleaning fluid again before putting them in. And of course wash your hands with soap before handling lenses. If you happen to drop a lens during the day and have no bathroom access throw it away, it's better to be with only one lens than to put it back in with dirty hands.

File: 8cce234bb224403⋯.jpg (46.93 KB, 308x331, 308:331, TohouProjectInterviewSPOT1.jpg)


Since college is a scam, what would be the necesary CS topics to be a top tier game programmer?

I will take note and self study those using books from libgen.io.

Will start from the basics, since I hated math in high school.

>High school math (pre algebra, algebra I II, trigonometry, precalculus)

>College math (calculus I II, linear algebra, discrete math)

>Data structures and Algorithms

>Languages (ASM, C, C#, C++, Lisp, racket, haskell, python, go, java, javascript)

>How a language work (make a compiler)


>Computer graphics (will be one of the last topics to study)

>Fourier transforms and signal processing

>Computer Hardware and Operative Systems

>AI (stats, neural networks, heuristics, fuzzy logic)


These are the ones I imagine every computer scientist should know.

I would appreciate any advice regarding this curriculum.

Right now I feel so angry towards my own ineptitude I decided to properly spend my time self teaching this, doing all the book exercises and I'm determined to not waste more time and actually doing something usefull for my life.

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File: 141058ae81ad2ee⋯.jpg (123.34 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1455056861429.jpg)

Apply lube and rub vigorously.


File: a2b50945e085b2a⋯.gif (53.07 KB, 700x921, 700:921, a2b50945e085b2a7247277caa7….gif)


I had a lot of that stuff in there (more variation in concepts, taking breaks, not being afraid to go back and review the basics) but I hit the character limit and decided to cut it down to essentials.

There's a lot of great talks and materials out there, it's just that sorting through it, finding the best or most worthwhile stuff, and prioritizing accordingly is a skill unto itself.

Hard to make general recommendations because people range from having no ability to do stuff without guidance and having a curriculum structured for them and some people just drown without 100% autonomy. A lot of people are in-between. Recognizing where you are and getting yourself to where you want to be is something people need tailored to them and it's best if they figure it out and do it themselves.


Depends on what you mean by "specializing". Some schools save the electives for the last year, but others do more to prioritize doing all your general (outside of major) coursework alongside major stuff, and the major stuff eventually has to turn into electives. How many slots and how the prerequisites are structured varies a lot between schools, even "top" ones.

And "top 10" is such a nebulous term. Almost every school approached computer science differently and the rankings on most lists are focusing on particular aspects. Some schools with a big name will get ranked above better schools for the major because all else being equal a degree from there sounds more impressive, which is a stupid metric but it's how a lot of universities are clinging-on to their reputation at this point.


Yes and no. Understand that the appeal of OpenStax is that it's an open source, collaborative, and above all else FREE resource that mimics traditional textbooks but isn't beholden to changing things just to sell a new edition each year. GreaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>One should work up...

>Also ask yourself whenever your struggling:


File: 4612cb986ff5c3d⋯.jpg (211.85 KB, 950x675, 38:27, vintage gamedev.jpg)


>Since college is a scam, what would be the necesary CS topics to be a top tier game programmer?

Just read some books and make as many small projects as you can. I say many small ones because those are the ones you'll finish. Big ones you'll reach halfway through and give up.

You don't need to be a genius or read a lot before getting started. Just start doing something, even if it's silly. Do something, and then keep doing it. Then do more things. The wisdom will come by itself.



The MULTICS nigger strikes again.



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That's British for "all correct".


It used to be if you spoofed your user agent as nintendo wii or sony psp it would give you a version of the site that worked without exploitscript. They got rid of that as far as I can tell, I think they are detecting browsers another way because it redirects me to desktop version when I spoof mobile user agents (yes I cleared cookies).


This is a good way of doing it.



You are giving them your screen size.


what the fuck are you guys talking about? I use youtube with w3m regulary and never ever had problems with searching the site. It works fine without javascript.



It already was

File: 135cbc32aad9ae3⋯.png (991.07 KB, 1919x1080, 1919:1080, Solus_3_with_Budgie_Deskto….png)


Solus is an independent desktop operating system based on the Linux kernel. It is offered as a curated rolling release model under the slogan "Install Today. Updates Forever". Solus contains a wide variety of desktop environments depending on release chosen, options include Solus's own Budgie Desktop, GNOME, MATE and soon KDE Plasma.

How come i never heard of this?

Is this good? Anyone use it yet? Or is it botnet?

It even comes with a meme url


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>A new from-scratch distro with snowflake package management that developers will have to deal with.

"Hey GNU/Linux users. I noticed that there weren't enough package managers and conventions out there, so I introduced another one :)"

I do not understand the point. It looks cool, but ultimately seems like a new way to further complicate software support on Linux.



Portage should be the standard. We have enough computing power to justify compiling everything on the user's machines these days.



As much as I am able to compile software, I'm perfectly happy to make use of other people's compiling time to compile general purpose versions of programs in order to save my own time.



I like Mint, but its problem is some of the packages in the default repo are critically out of date. Not a problem for most users, but gayman (especially emulation) will run into major problems.




Portage supports binary packages.


Redpill me on dot-matrix printers anon. Why are they better than inkjet? Why 24pin is better than 9pin? Why are they so sexy?

Also general dot-matrix printer thread.


It is only psychological, DICKHEAD.


Redpill me on dot-matrix printers anon. Why are they better than inkjet? Why 9pin is better than 24pin? Why are they so sexy?

Also general dot-matrix printer thread.

File: 092eb26d661c802⋯.png (42.11 KB, 800x283, 800:283, not even all of it.png)


I have a fuckhuge imageboard folder and had an idea the other day to make a system where I could expose my collection to the internet in a way that would allow other anons to download stuff and help organize it by submitting tickets to suggest changes (add, remove, move, rename).

So my question for you is this: Are there any existing solutions that I could set up that would accomplish this or would I need to cobble something together?

37 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



If you could upload these to archive.org for now and work out the details of a distributed system later, that might help kickstart interest once we know what's available. Pack them into zips of 1gb each or by subfolder and upload, they accept any size, anytime.



Isn't anything better than hydrus

A program that doesn't lock you up on it and doesn't change folders/files structure ???



Nginx+tor just make a bare-bones basic webserver with a hsv3 onion

File: e415f48cff9f89f⋯.png (94.96 KB, 706x686, 353:343, Unix_manual.png)


I need some help writing a .bash file for Mac that backs up photos on a extern HDD. I have some criterias:

- I should only need to run one single file and then it does all the backup work for me

- I want it to run in the background

- It shall search for all photos (.jpeg types are fine unless Mac uses different file types as well) and back them up in their original folder structure

- It should only search for places you would usually place your photos in a Mac (like a photo folder, the desktop folder, different drives etc.)

- If a single file or more fails to backup it shouldn't give me a notice and just keep on going (again I want it to run silently in the background)

- It should back it all up on the extern HDD I've attached to the Mac under a folder called "PhotoBackup"

- It should copy hidden files as well

- Each time I run it it shall only add photos added since last time it was run

So basicly it's just a backup code that makes sure that all photos I have on my laptop is copied onto my HDD with the same folder structure. I've made this for PC, but I haven't got the skills to do it with Mac. Here's my .bat code (notice I have a script making it run as a hidden process):

@echo off

title Checking file integrities...

:: variables

SET odrive=%odrive:~0,2%

set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /h /i /r /y /exclude:%drive%\excludelist.txt

echo off

%backupcmd% "%USERPROFILE%\*.jpg" "%drive%\backup"

%backupcmd% "D:\*.jpg" "%drive%\backup\drive D"

%backupcmd% "E:\*.jpg" "%drive%\backup\drive E"

@echo off


If someone can make this work I would be thrilled. I'm even willing to pay for your trouble...

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then use -iregex option instead



Or just grep -Ex, you know.



I wouldn't start find from root either. He's probably better off using rsync and keeping his images in the right folder.


man rsync


I recommend something like `find` to search and filter a list of items to `rsync`. Once you've got this working as you'd like, you can make an agent for `launchd` (the mac's reinvention of `crontab`) and run it on a schedule. This will be the most portable and extendable (e.g., it could be added into another script) solution.

Do NOT use TimeMachine or any GUI program to do this. You will end up with your data trapped in proprietary containers using proprietary file-formats, and the results will be less usable and probably slow to make any use of.

This is really a perfect way to introduce yourself to some shell-scripting and the command-line. It may take you two months to solve the problem on your own, but it'll save you years and thousands of dollars in the future when you've learned to do this kind of thing on your own, to solve all sorts of little problems like this, routinely.

Honestly, I'd recommend you still use the same resources/commands (at least `rsync` and `launchd` if needed) I've mentioned above, only I'd try to get familiar with Python and write a script using Python instead of Bash. If you don't end up writing many scripts in the future (unlikely), debugging an old bash script will be like reading hieroglyphics, whereas, a well written [and concise] Python script can be dang nigh close to English. The real advantage of using Python will be handling command-line arguments (if necessary), parsing strings and finding and filtering the files you want without esoteric shell commands whose options and arguments are going to be troubling to understand because their explanations will often be too formal. Personally, I find developing a script like this to be the most practical and efficient to do in Python; it's so easy to see the functions and methods and get some quick, offline help via the interpreter (using Python3 and tab-completion). Finally, you can also use Python on Windows (easier than bash). While I'd recommend a cursory familiarity with bash scripting because it'll basically be the language you speak to your computer when you've become accustomed to the CLI, writing scripts in Python has far greater utility and leverage.

You've already laid out your criteria, so it seems liPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 73b5e663dd77fdc⋯.png (1.02 MB, 940x706, 470:353, jones.png)


So we all know about the Intel ME, AMD PSP, proprietary UEFI and platform initialization implementations, binary blobs in general, etc right?

These things are major blocks in the road towards a truly free and secure operating environment, but so far progress has been slow in terms of removing/mitigating them.

This got me thinking. I know that hackermans will disassemble proprietary software to find ways to exploit it and shit, so why haven't we started doing that with these troublesome blobs?

Why hasn't someone taken IDA Pro or radare2 or that new NSA GHIDRA thing to them and looked to see what's really going on or how they can replicate/replace them with clean, verified libre code?

I can't do this myself, as I lack knowledge of x86 assembly code, but I know other freetards do, and I wonder whether this would be even remotely doable, and if so, why nobody has attempted it yet.


30 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You probably share all your data to Faceberg too, don't you?



Thanks for providing the onion link.



Unironically, not breaking copyright law.




Is there any news about this?

Fully remove IntelME on Sandy Bridge and above would be execellent.. Cheap boards & cpus everywhere.

I can't believe he would just stop digging down the rabbit hole because Jewtel told him to shut it down.

I've heard about Talos systems but you need to add a non-free GPU (there is no free vbios for any nvidia & amd cards afaik) and it is fucking expensive as well. (with custom fees if you are in Europe..)



>I can't believe he would just stop digging down the rabbit hole because Jewtel told him to shut it down.

maybe they offered him this choice:

a. you shut it down

b. we suicide you

this is why such things shouldn't be done with your real name, they will kill you

we need to be anonymous terrorists


Three simple words send squatters into a frothing rage

>GPL is revocable



You're a faggot and a LARPer, mikee.


File: dbc0d02d4b6783d⋯.gif (822.37 KB, 600x366, 100:61, 1502909904211.gif)

>he keeps trying

>Mike will never ever stop shitting up imageboards


When will you just kill yourself MikeeUSA? You're worthless garbage. No one gives a shit about your stupid slot game, no matter how many fucking threads you make. No one will ever care about any code you write. It's worthless, useless, forgettable garbage that doesn't solve anyone's problems. You're an autistic narcissist pedophile, probably a rapist too. Hopefully you get a big dick shoved up your ass in jail after you get caught fucking more children. You'll die alone, with cheeto crumbs all over your 300 lb stank ass belly, shit in your adult diaper, loli posters on every wall, with your micropenis all shriveled up from furiously masturbating to child porn 10 hours a day.



This, tbh.


Three simple words send squatters into a frothing rage

>GPL is revocable



Thanks for your 4,164,346th post on this, Mike!


Please don't link to fucking 4chan of all places, Mike. You'll make people hate you even more than they already do.


>it's another mikee thread

File: 6f86065b081785b⋯.jpeg (71.46 KB, 750x739, 750:739, 148961509.jpeg)


Как пропатчить KDE2 под FreeBSD?



Now that's a classic meme.


я не знаю



File: 36eb99314bf8722⋯.jpg (80.12 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1445772108503.jpg)

File: a3802e74296ed70⋯.png (69.86 KB, 959x681, 959:681, proxy.duckduckgo.com.png)


Just installed the new 'dipshit 2019' update! More ads and spyware have been installed, and Bill personally made it harder to modify the desktop environment. Toolbar colors are now locked into a pool of 16 choices, and you can no longer change its position. I really enjoy the sterile, flat colors, and microsofts pledge to stick to the interface paradigm that they have since 95. Using Linux, there is just too much choice in interface control. Thank god that has been taken away from me, it makes my brain hurt.

I was dumb enough to remove the ads from the windows(tm) smarttile(r), so they have been put back! Can't wait to look at the cool candy crush logos while I'm trying to search for an item off the super menu, which for some reason takes several minutes. I actually remember the function being faster on xp. Maybe it's bill's little way of saying "stare at the ads you fucking consumer pig. look at the groove(tm) music ad, that looks good doesn't it? Did you know that artists can make .001% of every sale?"

If you do want to disable the tiles adware completely, don't worry! It's as easy as : gpedit.msc => Local Computer Policy => User Configuration => Administrative Templates => Start Menu and Taskbar => Notifications. => navigate to sidebar => turn off tile notifications

Then, simply:

Go to regedit => HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\PushNotifications => click on NoTileNotifications => modify dword => change base hex value to 1

(not kidding, you actually have to go through all of this. I could not make up something this user-unfriendly)

Do you guys have the update yet? If not, Microsoft will install it for you the next time you leave your pc for half an hour. Remember to save your work!

19 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



But what about all the shitty games no longer compatible with Windows 7?



what's wrong with ddg? i don't really use it as i run my own searx instance, but i'd rather people use it than the bigger (and shittier) search engines.



>and Bill personally made it harder to modify the desktop environment


>not Satya

You wish Gates was still around.

Windows is literally PajeetOS nowadays, why do you think this pos is getting more broken and disfunctional with each new update.




Bill is away from MS for a long time now. It's like complaining about Apple by saying Steve.

I never used Win10 and for all small/mid business I recently worked with, all of them used Win7 for workstation and some *nix on the servers.



DuckDuckGo creator’s last project was the absolute antithesis of respecting users’ privacy. That should be more than enough of a red flag.

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