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File: 576a7efc8168e0c⋯.jpg (117.88 KB, 1024x669, 1024:669, Diver_Checking_Underwater_….jpg)


Do you believe thousands of kilometers of cables were placed under the sea by boats? Seems like a huge endevour, hard to convince governments to do without a very good reason. It seems it would be a huge task, a big deal, with movies about it, but it's barely discussed.

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Anything is possible these days, so i wouldnt be surprised if this was true, dear OP.



>t. hasn't left his parents basement ever



its true tho. most things on it are not related to the real world in any way. some dumb newfag might even believe the things that they see. its all a jewish operation thats supposed to make people think in certain ways.



You changed my mind!



>you are the only person that exists in this simulation

Both relieving and terrifying.

File: 644bce836ff87e0⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 61311441_443598339791479_3….jpg)


how can i get rid of reCAPTCHA

i wanna bypass captcha (google version) to creat a script that unban my server ips that i use to send emails :D

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Yes, it is retarded and bad and wrong. I agree with you there. I never claimed it was a "fair and reasonable escalation", nor did I even make any references to spammers. I was addressing why any normal user would intentionally do something to make the situation worse in the future for some temporary convenience right this second. I already mentioned the only foolproof way around captchas: we refuse to do business anywhere they're used. What else are we supposed to do? We can't force hosts not to use them. I'd ask you to name one solution to this that does not involve just postponing the problem for a month or two so that it can be even more fucked up and hard to deal with next time we encounter it. You certainly aren't the person writing the code to skip them, so why do you feel entitled to mistreat the fruits of his labour and force him to work again in the future at your behest to offer you a luxury for free? Have you considered that at all?

It's fucking shit and terrible, but unfortunately, as long as people implement them we are stuck with them. If you practice even babby's-first-faux-VPN tier OPSEC then it doesn't even matter and is of no threat to you. We had a captcha per every post on this board for a month or two because of one spammer the BO was too lazy to just subnet ban, and look at the results it had; user count barely went down by a figure of less than ten, and only temporarily. Obviously it is really not as huge of a problem as people like to act. This isn't a defense of captchas, it's just realism - we have bigger shit to worry about if we actually know anything about technology.


File: 5078792915333f7⋯.png (1.89 KB, 256x240, 16:15, circus-charlie_2.png)


> user count barely went down by a figure of less than ten, and only temporarily.

Not OP, but I made one (1) post during that time. I outright left 4chan for good when their new captcha was enforced. And I left an old 90's era gaming forum when they redisigned site to be Web 2.0 whorehouse with javascript needed to login/post. So I guess it comes down to how many hoops you're willing or not to jump through. For me, not much unless it's just some kind of game.



That is ultimately what it's about, isn't it? For me the experience of at least this site and at least most boards is worth the 24 hour captcha, and I posted here while the every-time captcha was on... but honestly, 8chan has gotten really fucked up in the last year and every board is full of shitposters and nobody discusses anything. I might just go to lurking if another widespread event goes down, and frankly, I find it unsatisfying to lurk without ever posting, especially if the average post content is on a slight but constant slope downward.

I'm worried, anon.


today i will remind them



Mechanical turk. Pay a pajeet 0.001 cents to do it. Or use a CNN & a bunch if image processing techniques. Honestly, the first is less effort, pajeets intended use is to be nearly non-sentient & extremely simple components in a software system.

File: 472379b2a3eb032⋯.jpg (73.92 KB, 800x533, 800:533, index.jpg)


dear /tech/, I have a feeling.. I feel bored by programming lately. I need to respark my zest. I want to feel the same excitement I used to feel when I made my computer actually do things I wanted to, like back in the 80s and 90s. You know that feeling I describe? That "it works!" feeling. Work lately was endlessly boring. The code bases bloated, the languages ugly, the codemonkeys smelly and indian. There is no joy in that. There's no point in such a life. I need to find something /tech/. I need to find an aesthetically pleasing programming language. It also has to be efficient, as it cannot be slow or difficult by the computer to process, as that by definition cannot be aesthetically pleasing.

I've spend a lot of time today to look at the top programming languages and those farther away from the top but to be honest, a lot of them are very similar. Scripting languages seem interesting. Lua has something elegant, but some of the syntax is bizarre. Luajit is very fast. Tcl seems nice, but it is slow. I don't think I can go back to Fortran, it's a dead language and to be frank seeing it for what it is in my current state... it might kill me. So tell me /tech/, what do you use and what do you program for fun with it? Why does it please you? Don't tell me to kill myself, because I just might.

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well that's true I suppose. To be honest, I was a bit surprised myself. I know python is slow, but couldn't possible imagine it's that much slower. From all I read online, python should actually be somewhat faster than lua. It's python 3.6.5 on gentoo. I don't know enough about python to make any educated guesses, but I only set the system up the other day. I'm gonna investigate what's going on, maybe some misconfiguration. Thanks for the hint.



ok, tried it on several systems up to the fastest I have available right now. (ryzen 5 2600) python-2.7.15 with xrange is the fastest at about 700ms. lua is still significantly faster but the gap gets smaller and smaller the faster the system get. Interesting.



Why not try your hand at hardware design? It's quite exciting, since there's tons of material to learn. When you finally get something working on an FPGA it is a great feeling, especially as you progress to more and more complex designs.



Most of the time spent in that test is probably loading the big interpreter from disk and initializing it and compiling the bytecode for the program. If you have a faster drive or had a bigger ram which allows you to have the interpreter in ram already then you will see an increase in the speed of the test.

The right way to run that test would be to measure the speed from inside the code itself, not from the time you launch the command. Python is not particularly designed to have routines be individually called often from shell.

But yeah, it's still pretty slow compared to other languages.



This is the best your gunna get these days anon

File: f3eb58d69a04a41⋯.png (22.23 KB, 770x155, 154:31, fuckbons.png)



>Golang is a community owned project

>It's a Google project so we won't remove the logo


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File: dbdda268d3762f0⋯.png (56.25 KB, 261x243, 29:27, camelia-logo.png)


Miss me yet?



write some code to convince me



Courtesy of Damian Conway

# All the primes...
constant p = [ (1..∞).grep(&is-prime) ];

# The definitions of "strong" and "weak"...
sub strong (\n) { n > 0 && p[n] > p[n-1, n+1].sum/2 }
sub weak (\n) { n > 0 && p[n] < p[n-1, n+1].sum/2 }

# All the strong and weak primes...
constant strong-p = p.kv.map: ->\n,\pₙ {pₙ if strong n};
constant weak-p = p.kv.map: ->\n,\pₙ {pₙ if weak n};

# Print out the first ten...
say 'strong primes: ', strong-p[^10];
say 'weak primes: ', weak-p[^10];
say < Rust Go C C++ Java Python Haskell Ruby ATS >.join("Niggers BTFO\n");




>reddit spacing

Of course the retarded Gopher is from reddit.

>The key point here is our programmers are Googlers, they’re not researchers. They’re typically, fairly young, fresh out of school, probably learned Java, maybe learned C or C++, probably learned Python. They’re not capable of understanding a brilliant language but we want to use them to build good software. So, the language that we give them has to be easy for them to understand and easy to adopt.

>It must be familiar, roughly C-like. Programmers working at Google are early in their careers and are most familiar with procedural languages, particularly from the C family. The need to get programmers productive quickly in a new language means that the language cannot be too radical.


File: aab4e3a58e8ff67⋯.jpg (125.32 KB, 1200x825, 16:11, jewgle_congregate_of_menta….jpg)


>Jewgle employees are fucking idiots

I wonder how this situation could have come around.


What are all possible dwellings or places to live/sleep/eat? I am asking about both immobile like houses, flats, tree houses, and mobile like living in RV.

Post your ideas for housing and living, how much does it cost, it's pros and cons, how to build it. Let's do a tutorial how to fuck jews and their mortgage and slavery.

you can also post some new ideas and technology that is not yet used

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>if cob houses are so great and cheap, why aren't they popular?

They're only cheap if you do the work yourself. You build them layer by layer, with freshly mixed cob, smoothing it out, etc. Takes a while.

They were also seen as poor man's houses since richfags always had used bricks and stones, and when bricks became cheaper, poorer people moved away too to not seem poor.


>do you live in cob house?

Not yet, but I plan to eventually.

>how to have hot water in cob house?

By putting in water pipes and a boiler. Like any other house.

>where do you shit and piss?

Presumably in a normal toilet, unless you don't want to put one in and instead LARP as a medieval peasant.

You can put any modern shit you want in a cob house.




It's illegal if you don't have development approval to erect your house on your land. The solution is to buy your own land and get development approval for the house.




>They're only cheap if you do the work yourself.

time is money. if you need a lot of time to build cob house, then they aren't cheap

>Takes a while.

how long

>By putting in water pipes and a boiler. Like any other house.

>You can put any modern shit you want in a cob house.

to have plumbing, electricity and other shit you need a land. not remote land but land where you have this infrastructure. it will be expensive land



Then buy some land. People are doing this every day.

File: 8ed18589eb88626⋯.png (14.59 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Signal_Blue_Icon.png)


Recently, in an effort to move my normy friends/ relatives away from WhatsApp/ Facebook Messenger/ Snapchat/ Instagram/ BotNetServiceOfTheMonth, I've been recommending them signal and taking a firm "I'll either be on signal, irc, or email and that's it" stance. I chose to die on the hill of signal for its obvious reasons, that is supposed client-to-client encryption, open sores, etc.

Anons, what's your opinion on the Signal Protocol? Furthermore, is there any reason to not to use their service they provide, for insecure, non-misson critical discussion?

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The fact they have an "Ephemeral Messages" messages category is concerning. Self-deleting messages are pure security theater, it really should not be listed.

The "foolproof" category is a good idea, but should be called something less sensational/deceptive; maybe "always-encrypted"?

Still, interesting list, worth a look-through.



>Keybase adds "exploding" messages (ephemeral). Note these messages do use perfect forward secrecy, however regular non-ephemeral messages do not.

I'd really want to see what's their reasoning behind this





Every celebrity "hacker" is an informant. Wasn't this guy infamous for something before signal? I feel like I remember his name from way before then. Of nothing else, having puff pieces written about you before you've even done that much in your career warrants suspicion.


PGP over email is actually pretty OK. Dead dropping encrypted text on an image board is probably viable. Really, it's not like you can't have discreet comms, but you can't do it on some whiz-bang Google/Apple/Amazon/Facebook service. We don't have to actually reinvent anything.

The signal app ignores the fact that Google or Apple has access to your input at a hardware level. Google keyboard doesn't care if what you typed gets encrypted later.



I used it back when it was Ring. It's pretty shit: the video call would only properly display one side (the other had a static image instead), the video quality was dogshit, and some of the messages would get dropped. Not recommended.


File: 38781f85e249675⋯.jpg (118.22 KB, 360x569, 360:569, obscura1563219643905.jpg)

Ok so if signal is so baste redpill me on this


File: 5537caa655a58d5⋯.jpg (43.1 KB, 360x640, 9:16, obscura1563238336835.jpg)


Oh also this. I why the fuck should I enable this.

File: b3819525dd7afa0⋯.gif (973.26 KB, 500x289, 500:289, moss throwing computer.gif)



>We made a video about launching fireworks over Wi-Fi for the 4th of July only to find out @YouTube gave us a strike because we teach about hacking, so we can't upload it.

Time to archive Defcon and Blackhat, the dark age is coming.

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Even if it's removed on YouTube, the Internet Archive should still have it: https://archive.org/details/bitsandbytes


oh, why the fuck would i want to watch another kali install video in hindi? seriously, flooding mainstream with shit teir info? for one thing.. a video, rtfm newfag. for 2, spoonfeeding, 3, its youtube its meant for "how to shovel poodle shit for yuppies" not stealing british comedy with your fta box. brush your teeth and get a job.


you shouldn't have used 5 types of adblocker, a sock account and tor to view them. now angry grandpa gets it all.


File: 5db2a5828780d04⋯.jpg (60.6 KB, 768x576, 4:3, trs80_curse_sasquatch_star….jpg)


There's always going to be low-end stuff like microcontrollers and ARM boards with their own small flash storage. So just learn to get comfy with those and not need anything more.



Stfu drooling retard. I'm pretty sure people more knowledgeable than you go to professional conferences to be "spoonfed", some of which are uploaded to youtube. Please stop spreading your retardation.

File: fbd4822a033f94c⋯.jpg (141.64 KB, 1025x709, 1025:709, 145246634.jpg)


Just watched a talk about the degradation of technology over time (https://youtu.be/pW-SOdj4Kkk), and it made me want to start taking what I do more seriously. But when I think about it, I really have no idea where to even begin looking for information or even what to look for.

What can we do to improve the spread of information and ability to learn/teach /tech/ properly? For example deep systems-level understanding of computer software and hardware, not python scriptkiddy-tier shit. How to compile a program, how to draw shit into the monitor, how operating systems work and what it would take to make one, how to do networking, how to make your program enjoyable to use, how to make a decent GUI, how do you "hack" or mod other programs, how would you replace a given part of your Linux distro with another or even your own, how to install 8chan into your computer so you can modify the source code, how to contribute code to other people's projects...

I run into this problem very often where I want to learn something or teach other people about something but it's so hard to find information that's comprehensive, easy to understand, not sunken into a sea of useless "information" (like what books tend to have), and is shared by someone who's clearly competent and personally understands the topic well and doesn't shove retarded opinions that are clearly questionable down your throat.

Try to search something in a search engine, and you're more likely to get some javascript retard from stackoverflow telling you to not do what you wanted to know about and instead do a different thing. Try to learn some fundamental programming topic and you'll end up in places where you're told to install visual studio right before being asked to import a bunch of libraries into some hideously convoluted OOP machine. Search for games in steam and you'll get all kinds of bullshit that have nothing to do with your search query, if you search for RPGs right now you'll literally get a bunch of porn and visual novels. There's something fundamentally wrong with the way the logistics for obtaining and sharing information is currently set up.

Now I don't play enough games to care about tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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This infographic is retardation


File: b12c85441cfd8b7⋯.png (300.85 KB, 1079x768, 1079:768, DEXATI20190715152139.png)


File: 4d7dda9ed38c3f2⋯.jpg (62.26 KB, 327x346, 327:346, cia glow niggers.jpg)


No shit, anon, I didn't make it, I just culturally appropriated it from normie twitter. It is meant to be disseminated among thier kind, not ours. For actual OPSEC in the electronic realm, the best I can think of is encrypted and coded mailing lists among small groups.


>One shekel has been deposited into your account.


File: 3e35ef06b79cd0e⋯.jpg (9.04 KB, 429x271, 429:271, kys faggot.jpg)


>Not realizing DuckDuckGo still sells information

>Not realizing that Gab.ai is not free-speech defending like it claims

>Unironically using Vox Day's Infogalactic garbage



It depends on if you subscribe to the NPC hypothesis. I do, though evidence one way or another is scarce, so I'll be coming from that angle.

It's not so much a game of having everyone in the population being technologically savvy, but having them see us as a sect that knows what we are doing and take their information from us instead of the Apple commercial they just saw.

File: 03a7d39f3666e57⋯.png (214.46 KB, 1274x1046, 637:523, grafx2.png)


In the spirit of programming tutorials, we’ll start by creating a very basic “hello, world” texture that can then be loaded with SDL. Here, we will use the free tool Grafx2 on Windows, but any and all graphic tools that can save BMP format will do.

In this tutorial I’ll use the Terminus font with the gq2 and td1 variants. For Windows it comes with a neat installer that allows you to choose the patches easily.



grafx2 is extremely my shit. If you compile libsdl with framebuffer support, you can run it without X on linux.

That is an extremely shit tutorial tho.



>Hello World Texture With shitty deluxe paint clone

amiga is dead - get over it

File: 30a65911593a6c3⋯.jpg (106.37 KB, 1280x1207, 1280:1207, 701.jpg)

File: 40194a250f195be⋯.gif (7.85 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 701.gif)


Share your dream computer, /tech/:

>ThinkPad 701c Body

>4:3, 1080p, small bazel, Matte IPS, can tilt 180 degrees, brightness sufficient for working outside during the day

>USB-A 3.0 ports, one USB-C (charging, data transfer, DisplayPort and HDMI), HDMI, a full-size SD card slot, a headphone/mic port, an Ethernet port, VGA and a charger (two charging options)

>Two hardware kill switches, microphone/camera and wireless/bluetooth

>8gb DDR4

>Risc-V Microprocessor, fanless



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A laptop I can 100% (no ceiling) can prove mathematically it's fsf-approved



For a computer that old, it shouldn't be hard to modify TempleOS to work on that.


Whatever Apple chooses to release. I pay them to let to build the trendiest computer for me, so I can be free to experience all that life has to offer. It is liberating not have to spend my life pouring over tech reviews and benchmarks just to determine the hardware I'm going to collaborate with. Apple understands how I work in ways other companies cannot.


File: 14eeb08f3b3252f⋯.jpg (269.26 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, crapbook.jpg)


>Netbook similar to pic related in size and shape except add a trackpoint.

>AMD Ryzen 3700U


>The biggest battery the case can fit. The 2.5" drive bay could be done away with for more battery space. Just put in an SD card slot that can be booted from and I'll be fine.

>1440x900 OLED display

>Wifi card, microphone, and camera that can be physically disconnected from the computer on demand with an external switch.

>Solar panels on the lid


>DB9 port because ham radio



>Amiga 4000T body

>16:10 1600p matte EQLD or SED display, 6000000:1 static contrast ratio at 0.5ms pixel response time

>4x USB 3.0, 2x USB-C, SD card reader, 1x BD and Floppy drive using FOSS firmware, headphone+ethernet port, DVI-E+VGA+SCART, 2x PS/2 for good measure

>4TB NVMe MRAM with a microwave killswitch

>8 core 4Ghz RISC-V CPU, some flavor of AMD GPU with Vulkan support and nonbotnet firmware

>optional FPGA for autism purposes

>pimped out free as in freedom BIOS capable of booting 3TB+ GPT partitioned drives

>Spark gap transmitter instead of onboard wireless to attract glownigs for the purpose of vehicular manslaughter


File: c90cec0cb5c29e1⋯.jpg (59.03 KB, 600x701, 600:701, jewbasic.jpg)



>The FBI wants to gather more information from social media. Today, it issued a call for contracts for a new social media monitoring tool. According to a request-for-proposals (RFP), it's looking for an "early alerting tool" that would help it monitor terrorist groups, domestic threats, criminal activity and the like.

We all know what (((early alerting tool))) means. But whats more worrisome is they have finally united, big tech and government. I deleted my Google account several days ago but I dont think they will delete all my data from their servers. Has anyone or can anyone create a script which browses random websites, therefore poisoning jewgle and amazon trackers?

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Ok boomer.



>I don't care if the *host* I connected to gets my user-agent

why? your lynx browser is unique, so how do you download and share child porn with it? how do you tell people to blow up federal building?

>which anyway can be changed as >>1077621 pointed out.

but everything else will be different than Tor Browser

>a) Tor browser is a bloated shit with huge attack surface, and I'm more concerned about security than privacy.

it is, but on High security setting it's safer than other big modern browsers

>b) Tor browser will run like shit on a non-botnet hardware, such as my A20 SoC (non-speculative CPU) that was carefully picked to require no closed firmware or driver blobs

yes. why won't open source community make it work on slow hardware?


File: 5d736b8e22bf93a⋯.png (422.67 KB, 1586x950, 793:475, Elan Carr hates White Peop….png)



user agents are not unique. everyone who uses that browser has the same user agent.

File: 9eb6ea5fcf1bf7c⋯.png (10.31 KB, 282x265, 282:265, larry.png)


I don’t want to start a distro war or anything like that, I just want to know the benefits of gentoo over say arch. Arch is also a rolling release, I always have the newest versions of any package I can ever want to use (especially when using the AUR), the system is incredibly stable, and the installation is painless.

137 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 91ea1c106e72aea⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1400x1400, 1:1, Chirno_laughing.png)


Install a font (a typeface) that supports Japanese (See https://packages.gentoo.org/categories/media-fonts)

For writing Japanese, pls follow these simple steps:

(0) Install Gnu Emacs (with X11 support. I recommend enabling motif USE flag on app-editors/emacs) and open GNU/Emacs.

(ProTip: you can get help (with using Gnu Emacs) anytime by pressing C-h ? If you want to start the tutorial, type C-h t If you require mental help (recommended), type M-x doctor)

(1) M-x set-input-mode

(2) Type japanese into the minibuffer

(ProTip: try pressing TAB)

(3) C-x b

(4) Type shitpost into the minibuffer

(5) Type your post

(6) C-x h

(7) M-w

(8) Paste the contents of the shitpost into your browser

(9) Stop being stupid

rember that locale isn't the same as localization



Install gentoo



>already have kochi fonts installed

>still doesn't work

nigger, please.



>Install Gnu Emacs

oh... braindamage, I see now...



at least its not vim

File: 372416a04d5ffc9⋯.png (47.68 KB, 1200x1289, 1200:1289, 1200px-Mastodon_Logotype_(….png)


I just stumbled upon mastodon an open source microblogging (aka twitter) replacement. As far as I can tell the users of this software stack are either foreign (specifically Japanese) or from the LGBTQ. Why haven't conservatives or the "alt-tech" people tried using this platform yet? It seems to be fairly open, and obscure.

36 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Oy vey people having different world views than ours? Shut it down!



it's nextchan all over again



fixed sizes are gay. it may look nice on your screen but a non % value might looks shit on someone elses screen.



I don't like Gab or the people behind it, but I'm quite enjoying the SJWs of Mastodon melting down that their work is being used by "NAZIS."

>W-We like free software, but not THIS kind of freedom!!!!!



Stop Gab now

File: 7367b372bdd35da⋯.png (1.85 MB, 2326x1328, 1163:664, silicon valley.png)


What's a scripting language that doesn't suck?


90% of the stdlib is unusable, the syntax is sensible, it's completely useless for anything other than its logical operators which literally anything can do better. For instance sh has a large amount of different kinds of expansion you can use to augment your logic.

Because at least it can get you there with logical operators and whatever you should be using it for will be providing you with nonstandard functions, at least it can be a garbage (but less so than the alternatives) extension language which was its original goal.

Also one of those things that are basically undocumented, and no the horrible manuals on the website or the cashgrab books (thank fuck I pirated them) don't count.


Best syntax except for the fact that even in POSIX builtins it's completely ignored by half the commands (look at getopts syntax for instance). Otherwise you can literally just say "do thing" and it does thing, WOOOOOOOW. No idea how everything else screwed this up so bad.

The ksh manual for instance is 2000~ lines and after that you already know POSIX shell + some bourne/korn extensions, and how limited it all is sadly.

Can't even fucking do argument splitting without requiring you to write an incomprehensible dirty hack, specially if you want to have long opts and will turn into a dirty hack one way or another if your script does anything but run commands in series.


Go back to India.

I'm going to try perl now and if it's shit too I'm not aware of another scripting language.

I don't know what else to try, everything so far is unusable, at least sh works sorta, unlike python and lua which are too shit for even that.

91 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




Fuck off.


I find that rc solves many of the inadequacies I've had with sh (posix or otherwise). Lua also solves many of those issues.



What a shit taste you have. sh is the only good scripting language.


>nitpicking armchair developer bitching

Lua and js are great, get rekt.

File: e25ebc11d2fe00e⋯.webm (366.75 KB, 640x360, 16:9, CIA-GLOW.webm)


SKS Keyserver Network Under Attack

>In the last week of June 2019 unknown actors deployed a certificate spamming attack against two high-profile contributors in the OpenPGP community

>This attack exploited a defect in the OpenPGP protocol itself in order to "poison" rjh and dkg's OpenPGP certificates.

>Anyone who attempts to import a poisoned certificate into a vulnerable OpenPGP installation will very likely break their installation in hard-to-debug ways.

>Poisoned certificates are already on the SKS keyserver network. There is no reason to believe the attacker will stop at just poisoning two certificates.

>There are a few major takeaways and all of them are bad.

>If you fetch a poisoned certificate from the keyserver network, you will break your GnuPG installation.

>Poisoned certificates cannot be deleted from the keyserver network.

>The number of deliberately poisoned certificates, currently at only a few, will only rise over time.

>We do not know whether the attackers are intent on poisoning other certificates.

>We do not even know the scope of the damage.


>High-risk users should stop using the keyserver network immediately.

>Users who are confident editing their GnuPG configuration files should follow the following process:

> Open gpg.conf in a text editor. Ensure there is no line starting with keyserver. If there is, remove it.

> Open dirmngr.conf in a text editor. Add the line keyserver hkps://keys.openpgp.org to the end of it.

>keys.openpgp.org is a new experimental keyserver which is not part of the keyserver network and has some features which make it resistant to this sort of attack.

>It is not a drop-in replacement: it has some limitations (for instance, its sePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

29 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>>hurr durr ify is a meme

that doesn't even make sense, that's not what i said

you're just proving my point

>>look i found ify website

and this also makes no sense. search engine mainly only yields the webshit site, not the crypto tool






i cant even comprehend what level of misconception you're on at this point. i'd need to work it out on paper. this is either some next level trolling the most retarded shit ive ever seen. im done replying.



>trying to claim the high ground after exposing himself as an absolute retard




>oy vey! I have been found out!!

I wonder who is behind these posts....

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