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File: c1b6340ce8aa86d⋯.jpeg (177.31 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, rpi3.jpeg)


I got a pi3 awhile back to make a retroarch setup. It was fun, but I got bored with it.

Does /tech/ mess with these things? What projects have you made? Are arduinos better?

I'd like to get some ideas to make this thing useful.

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you can run a bbs telnet



For what I made, not all in one place. But this it what my base inspiration was.




Mumble, XMPP or Matrix server.

noTrack or piHole.

Tor relay or exit node.

Tor VPN/router.

Storage or media server.

House monitoring/camera device.

Home automation device.

Does anyone know what's the power draw and performance of those W5 Compute Sticks which cost 90-100$ compared to a rPi? I have an HDMI device to spare and don't need my pi to be connected to it anymore.


Well it's not wrong since rPi is the worst of the sbpcs and has shit networking and no EMMC. Android has the Linux kernel and you can install debian/ubuntu/arch alongside it in Termux and do almost anything you could on an rPi.



Use them as ubiquiti ap controllers at work. Ubiquiti's cloud key is about double the cost.



set up a bot. You can do a youtube view bot and you can sell views. you can use a method to abuse adfly links to get free money. You can set it up as a shit server as well.

File: 549e6e20ecdee7d⋯.jpg (73.12 KB, 908x577, 908:577, buddhnet.JPG)


To attract young worshippers, an ancient Japanese temple engaged an AI monk - Android Kannon - to deliver religious sermons in multiple languages.

The $900K robot, which was a collaboration between Kyoto’s Kodaiji temple and Hiroshi Ishiguro, an Osaka University intelligent robotics professor, provided its first sermon at the religious landmark on Feb. 23, The Daily Mail reported.


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File: 5c71c3a8223e158⋯.mp4 (6.95 MB, 320x240, 4:3, The electric monk-qJq8QjLI….mp4)


File: 0971b99f7221deb⋯.jpg (37.93 KB, 908x577, 908:577, 549e6e20ecdee7d6d23b422355….jpg)

>Unoriginal content! You have been muted for 0 seconds.

lmao we /tech9k/ now



You're wrong. I don't look like that, and the few people I've met IRL don't either. Also, meetups aren't full of people that look like that.



>Jim Watkins owns a pig farmer in the Philippines.

That can't be legal.

File: 87d975bbc7e149e⋯.jpg (2.46 MB, 1904x13984, 119:874, SpeedGate.jpg)



SpeedGate is a sport that some AI faggots came up with. I wanted to archive the website and link that here, but the website is generated from JS in real time (because that's apparently necessary to describe a sport,) rendering archiving useless. Eventually, I had to screencap the website 18 times and stitch the parts together in GIMP to create pic related.

The game seems alright for backyard fun; thing is, it really wasn't that much work on the part of the software. The sport was dreamed up by a series of ANNs that were being run on an (((Nvidia))) cluster along with many other possible games and this one was the one that made the most sense (others were games that involved exploding frisbees and underwater freerunning.)

Although the sport seems decently fun, it seems that the creators are complete faggots. I'm not sure about my own opinion of this sport, but it at least seems like a technically impressive feat.

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Artificial insemination?


Looks fun. More people need to go out and do physical activity more.


More like SpeedGAY



Why did they need a computer to invent this, though?


Yeah Right...

In the words of George Raymond Richard Martin:

"You just took a lot of pills, mashed together a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy clichés and crapped out a 2000 page turd."

File: 2d766868b6184d7⋯.png (3.96 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, untitled.png)


I have no motivation to accomplish anything, /tech/. How do you all stay motivated?

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Where the fuck did you get this image, OP?






stfu fedora tipping faggots



passively and subconsciously motivated to shitpost



Wrong intention. Wrong action. And worship of an overly simplistic perspective. "Get off your ass instead of talking about it" is absolutely valid, but it's not the end of the question.




Masturbation makes you docile effective immediately, and social media saps your attention and time, take both of those away and you will have a better attention span, more free time, and a will to fuck things (figuratively in this instance)

>>1058122 this helps with the other two, your discipline will also become stronger over time the more you train it, discipline and restrain actually grant you more freedom, as you are no longer enslaved by your desires.

Either you become the master, or you will be the slave, there is no other option.


What's the difference between an algorithm and a logarithm? I've been trying to finally solve this problem and spent all day looking it up. Someone here has to know.

I think it's something like algorithms run in PSPACE and logarithms only apply to the quantumn domain.

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One is an anagram of the other


i don't drop algorithms into the toilet


the jews did both



The word "algorithm" is derived from the name "Al-Khvarizmi", a medieval arab mathemiatician. Logarithms were invented in the early 17th century by John Napier.



PS the first one was a Persian, the second a Scotsman.

File: 57a92f586fbd8ac⋯.png (21.26 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Private-Internet-Access-VP….png)


This VPN that is being advertised here is a honeypot and Jim is cooperating with glowniggers by being sponsored by them.

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>the real problem with tor is how there's fucking nothing on it

Except for fake Albanian mafia websites run by british Deep State.

Seen them and had that suspicion right away, but here's a report srsly worth reading:


>and much of the clearnet blocks it

You mean cloudflare encumbered websites where the admin failed to change the default settings?

Can you give an example of where that's relevant?

Because if its a news website I'll just read the story elsewhere and in the rare case where there is no alternative there are proxies, pici.picidae.net, archivecaslytosk and whatnot.

https://web.archive.org/web/<year>/<url> is pretty cool too, you don't need to enter the full timestamp to jump to a snapshot.

Btw we should start saging this thread, seems like BO is still a corrupt asshole who will eventually have his identity revealed, just like all shills and their friends.


> TOR has nothing on it

Like wtf, maybe you haven’t used it.

Most stuff that happens is between people who have met IRL or on the clearnet and moved ops to TOR for “real work”

And I found some great archives of old media and censored info on certain foreign governments, just need the right tools




Any government can just ask the VPN businesses if they need any info on their users. Also a majority of VPN's log everything. The only way to get a good vpn is to create your own in africa.


torrenting popular stuff when people get paid to report IP addresses seededing the torrent.


not using Tor or something equivalent is a crime against the internet. if there's noone to flex the right to not be identified, the internet will slowly become botnet, as it has as cuckflare took over most of it. VPN is okay but you're putting all your trust into one person who is a capitalist cuck and can be bought

File: a45ae410c1107f5⋯.png (172.59 KB, 1097x444, 1097:444, windows 7 end.PNG)


Fuck me in my asshole right now. I don't want to move to shitty Windows 10 and I don't want to switch to some backwater OS that has next to no mainstream software or vidoe gaem support. I don't want to become a script kiddie, Linux-using /tech/ faggot. I want my Windows 7 forever for eternity without compromised security. How can I make this be the case after January 2020?

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Just stop using computers faggot.

Google/Apple already has you pozzed out the ass anyways.



> ReactOS

Or just fucking use GNU/Linux and get Wine?



>Or just fucking use GNU/Linux and get Wine?

I said just that. Can you read?




>Or just fucking use GNU/Linux and get Wine?

Yes, you could. hypothetically, do that.

File: 2a19c1ce1ca436b⋯.jpg (205.85 KB, 1803x1335, 601:445, 44e26525b09cf5ba43ae9d0a85….jpg)


Do we need a higher resolution than 640x480? Why? What is the ideal resolution?

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Why was this weird 5:4 resolution a thing? why no 1280x960 or 1366x1024?



Ahh, well that's OK then. For a minute I was upset but then I'm fine. Chrome-TAN is plainly for rapes, not gropes.




2103x1183, 2351x1323 and 3325x1871 are the only acceptable resolutions if you dont use one of these resolutions you're an idiot


those are both 4:3, i thnk ive seen crts with these modes listed in their EDID


File: 4e29bf32088f4cc⋯.jpeg (54.84 KB, 594x371, 594:371, BFC2E036-00DF-4D21-8BE2-A….jpeg)


Alright so how do I bypass error 6118 on command prompt? Yeah Ik I sound like a boomer and probably shouldn’t ask /tech/ this retarded question but I’m getting desperate :(


did you actually set up your workgroup?. it's obviously won't show a thing if you're connected to one



Workgroups in Windows and generally SMB file sharing has always been known to be somewhat flaky and finnicky, with shares being invisible/inaccessible from some other node for unknown reasons, with wierd error messages like that etc.


File: 88f44f87858f775⋯.jpg (47.04 KB, 580x346, 290:173, p.jpg)

so you didnt see the sticky thread..

File: 58193e53f7fcb67⋯.jpg (45.15 KB, 800x510, 80:51, super_retro_boy_details_th….jpg)


What the heck is with this trend of taking a modern computer and using it solely to emulate a 40 year old microprocessor? It's just a damn pi every time. It would be interesting to see a retro-style console made from actual hardware, but this? Even chink hackers are more ambitious than these 'makers' and their pi shit when they make their plug'n play consoles.

31 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



240Hz vs 144Hz vs 60Hz is no joke.



>It's sad that the entire industry now operates on the level of a child in the 90s messing around with Clickteam software like The Games Factory or MMF.

Yeah, it's very sad that no one makes their own engines anymore. Games made with an in-house engine often have a lot more soul, even if the game itself is shit. I can often tell if a game was made in Unity or UE4 just by looking at a few screenshots, and games made in these engines also often have very similar physics even if you compare games of completely different genres.


File: 7ea2cc2e0be2c8b⋯.jpg (88.4 KB, 800x616, 100:77, MiSTer.jpg)


>Only thing I can think of that strives for accuracy is the Analogue Nt has a custom FPGA which is super accurate on a hardware level, but that costs a ton and is always sold out.

<look it up

<altera cyclone v with snes softcore


<predecessor was nes softcore for $400


The open source MiSTer project uses the same FPGA IC, and is designed to work with numerous other softcores, for half the price:


Why are scalperfag FPGA products always so overpriced? Even something as simple as a flashcart, built around a $10 FPGA, usually costs over a hundred bucks.



In-house doesn't even exist any more. Game creation is now using media libraries for everything from sound to character models. Devs go to 3d model online stores, grab the body size they want for 10 bucks and then retexture it as needed for the NPCs. For the playable characters they do motion capture and scan people's faces in then adjust them to work with the games art style.

Game development and CGI movie making is now almost the same thing production wise. There's very little creative work left which isn't level design (just use a real world map if it's open world) or fashion design (got to design those gold gun textures goy).

The majority of work left to do is rigging, textures (which also replaces a lot of modeling) and level design.



I agree with the children's market part.

File: d0329711b9717fc⋯.png (34.64 KB, 193x410, 193:410, Samsung_Galaxy_S8_Black.png)


I do not like smartphones. The whole concept and idea of smartphone seems completely stupid for me. This device is just shitty computer, shitty mobile phone, shitty camera and shitty navigation combined into one shitty and in practice totally useless device.

However smartphones are very popular and I do not know what does it mean. Why there are so popular? Are these devices have any future or there are just temporary fashion?

Note for retards: I enjoy classical mobile phones and even feature phones, these ideas was pretty good, but smartphones are in my opinion mistake

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Smartphones are kiketech made for niggers and retards. Full of ads and spyware. Ever notice how every attempt to make a libre hardware phone turns into vaporware? (((they))) don't want you to have it.



>what about mobile businesses?

Laptop works perfectly.

>you give google your consent for them to track you

Maybe you do but I certainly do not.

>my smartphone has 250+gb of music and local media

Great. Again use a laptop. If you're specifically talking about listening to music in your car because of "mobile businesses" then you don't need a smartphone for that. Most automobiles, for almost a decade now, allow you to play music from a usb thumb drive because they have a usb port near the dash and/or in the center console.

>you can root your phone and get rid of google services (not all botnet, but all of the bloat)

You still have all the botnet. You cannot turn on that smartphone at all without loading non-free shit to load the cellular radio. Fun fact, the cellular radios are tied to the CPU so they are always able to be turned on and load their bullshit.

>I travel for work and 90% of my emails are done on my phone.

Good for you but let's not pretend this is only possible with a smartphone. Additionally, just because this is specifically convenient for you, does not mean that it is for others. Consider other solutions whose sole value is not just convenience.

>Just because you're slow at typing doesnt mean it takes me 30 minutes for an email. gmail has a slide to complete function.

I am not slow at typing on a smartphone, I've used swype on every android phone I could. This slide functionality you're referencing, called swype, is not gmail's functionality. It is the functionality of the android operating system. It is one of the keyboards that ships with the OS by default. This just shows how much you know about the technology you use which is obviously very little.

>but everyone has to go into this gay real world for stuff. theyre a great utility for getting shit done.

If you think that the only ways of getting things done are the methods that are the most popular, conveniePost too long. Click here to view the full text.




airplanes? trains? subway? audiobooks?

I can load every single document I would ever need on my phone. edit live spreadsheets for teams, etc.

>I am not slow at typing on a smartphone, I've used swype on every android phone I could. This slide functionality you're referencing, called swype, is not gmail's functionality. It is the functionality of the android operating system. It is one of the keyboards that ships with the OS by default. This just shows how much you know about the technology you use which is obviously very little.

no no no. gmail has an autocomplete feature to slide on the text field and complete the whole sentence based on what you usually say or what people usually say.

I start to type: Please l

and it completes: Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,

Look, my argument is that if you are doing business where you're constantly on the go, you cant just whip out a laptop and find wifi all the time. it isnt practical. the losing competition does that. If you're in another timezone you don't have the convenience of time to "get back to the office," because you may be ahead or behind your client's. If you need to get something sent by 5pm their time, for example, you can easily miss it if you can only do so on a laptop. without doxxing myself, I have a type of work that pops up sporadically with new projects and clients. Trust me, I don't like being connected all the time, but I have to be to perform well. I can, within the minute, start managing an order or sending documents to someone, among other things. It's basically a laptop, like you mention, except I truly can keep it with me, and it has internet everywhere I go.


as stated, I hate being connected all the time. when I take vacations I leave my phone off or at the hotel or whatever. rfid blocking sleeves would be cool. botnet sucks but you have to manage with the cards you've been dealt. I'm not going to say no to success over botnet concerns. on my personal laptop, I can sperg out on systemd-less artix and other crap allPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>you cant just whip out a laptop and find wifi all the time. it isnt practical

I didn't know about this. Thanks for the correction.


>you cant just whip out a laptop and find wifi all the time. it isnt practical

Which is why they have made laptops that accept sim cards and mobile broadband modems for the last two decades. Business laptops have had them built in for years too. They have even had them as usb plug n play devices for a long time as well.




Just gonna fix my gay shit.


>no no no. gmail has an autocomplete feature to slide on the text field and complete the whole sentence based on what you usually say or what people usually say.

I didn't know about this. Thanks for the correction.

>>you cant just whip out a laptop and find wifi all the time. it isnt practical

Which is why they have made laptops that accept sim cards and mobile broadband modems for the last two decades. Business laptops have had them built in for years too. They have even had them as usb plug n play devices for a long time as well.

File: 8ab11162cad339a⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 401x367, 401:367, hold on, she doesnt even h….jpg)


What are some good sites that respect the client? (regardless of the quality of content on the site)


- Google captcha

- completely non-functional without JS

>crippling penalty:

- banning/captcha-walling Tor or VPN usage

- Cloudflare

- not e2e encrypted

>hard mode:


- aesthetically appealing

>beast mode:

- interactive forum with regular activity

- popular

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At least post the onion link you newbie http://lfbg75wjgi4nzdio.onion/


Hapas are insignificant and the post below me changes nothing about that.


File: 7b9e7591f472600⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 7b9e7591f4726001f1198a2e1e….gif)

Not an example of a good site (so I'll sage) but: https://support.allegorithmic.com/documentation/spdoc/udim-144310352.html

When I first clicked on the page, I thought I saw something loading but then the screen became completely blank and said I needed to enable javascript. Turns out, you can go into your DOM inspector and hide the div labeled "ht-loader" and the entire page becomes visible. It doesn't even look broken or non-functional too.



Like me when I was 10 and deliberatly put loading screens or progressbar to my software so it looks like its doing something






Someone made an open source steam emulator. How long until they shut it down?

12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



This. /tech/ really gets more pathetic each day.



If I'm not mistaken this is the first one that is open source and emulates steam online features.



SmartSteamEmu already does all that (including emulation of Steam multiplayer servers on LAN), and its first version was released in 2013.



SmartSteamEmu is closed source and is abandoned.



>and connecting with friends.

The heck is a "friends"?

File: 073abc2fbdb411d⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 544x564, 136:141, gmailmason.jpg)

File: 00b9f9dd2842e36⋯.jpg (51.15 KB, 705x455, 141:91, tubalcain.jpg)

File: a0548584129e472⋯.jpg (61.59 KB, 600x521, 600:521, moresymbols.jpg)


"Top tech companies have based their main logos on luciferianism and freemasonry"

pics related. what are your thoughts about this? do you have any other examples like these? discuss.

(pics from jimstone.is where i found this whole story)

60 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


based and, dare I say it, redpilled



Imagine being this retarded.


File: c1f9e9fe53cfb27⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 439x331, 439:331, stop.gif)



I hate both these people. When I design logos, they're always esoteric and use sacred geometry, they're not just random doodles. How many swastika you can hide into a logo is how equal to how good it is.


This thread is still here, i guess there isn't any hope for this place anymore



you are but am i?

File: 7302db6f1b10b13⋯.jpg (164 KB, 1567x741, 1567:741, Tired.jpg)


So I am looking to automate some task but I am having trouble finding what I really need on Google and dont really know where to begin otherwise.

At the job I work at, I receive automated text messages everyday asking if I'd like to pick up an extra shift. The problem is that they only give out extra shifts to so many people before locking the form.

What ends up happening is

>get text message containing web page to accept available extra shift.

>click on link

>opens chome

>login in

>click shift form button, click accept, click confirm

>all spots have been taken, try later.


On top of not being fast enough to open the link, the company sends the once daily text at random times during the night and day.

What I need is something that

>automatically detects text messages received from a specific number.

>opens link in most recent text

>auto login to webpage

>accepts the shift for me

I'd like to set this up and forget about it. An on/off switch would be nice for those days I don't want to work a double shift.

I don't know how to code and I'm not familiar with any coding apps.

If I knew how to pull links from the text messages on my phone it would be a lot easier.

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.




>You will have to figure out how to make the browser find shifts and how to select a shift.

If the page always looks the same it would be easier but slower to have xdotool do it.

Defcon talk kinda related to your problem OP



Download the form page html of several message links.

Compare differences

Create your own version to submit data

Add functionality if needed via jquery

Steal cookies if needed

Add trigger event/daemon/etc to fire when SMS recieved

You may find the form accepts GET instead of POST so you could simply parse the SMS and construct a 'submit-in-URL' to open and register automatically.


Vague shit is vague. You probably can't find anything related because you haven't broken down your problem into an algorithm, as you should.

1. You receive the text message. I'm assuming it's on your phone? If so, a script can be launched from Termux but I suppose you'd have to give it more permissions. Another option would be to make your own program (in case of Android, Kotlin would be the way to go).

2. Do you fiddle with browser automation or do you work with web requests directly? Open up the inspector and take the page apart, specifically: how the page is loaded (any extra content loaded via JS post-pageload), how the login form works and is organized. If it looks simple enough, working with the web directly is less problematic.

3. Click Accept/Confirm. Again, take the page apart with inspector. Is the confirm button a pop-up? Does clicking accept send any AJAX requests or is it all just hidden/visible elements sending forms again. In case of the latter, working directly with HTML is better.

If you're going the Kotlin way, there are bound to be resources on HTML parsing and receiving/sending requests. You'd also need to look up managing permissions and hooking up a daemon to watch for incoming messages. Otherwise, a script in a language of your choice (Python/Go/whatever) that checks message storage and does the same, provided the program running the script has access to them.



If you receive the message on a email account, you can use python and selenium to login to the page and refesh every 5 seconds and get your bot to fill the form for you. This video is a bit low quality but it explains it nicely:


This one gives you the basics:



OP here

Thanks for all the advice guys. Seems I'll have to do quite a bit of homework to understand all this.

I Archived the thread for future reference. http://archive.is/ZNPjK

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