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File: d6ecc681ccce18b⋯.jpg (236.53 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, poettering.jpg)





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he's correct you dick fuck



>SJW pushing Rust finds an opportunity by blaming SJWd on C



dat Cortex-A53 branch predictor tho



>East German heritage




>East German heritage

wtf i love poettering now


is it ded 4eva?

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keep telling yourself that



do you have many problems in life from your autism?


Is cock.li back? I just tried to send an e-mail and it filed. >>1009180



oh yeah baby



Good. My email finally have been delivered.

File: dc2ccc6142239fa⋯.jpeg (4.69 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 3e32551542c3e5914cf402b6.jpeg)


Anons, why don't you use C and Cello instead of C++?


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You can embed C code into Common Lisp with this library, so close enough:




No generics == instant fail.



> HTTPS Everywhere noticed you were navigating to a non-HTTPS page, and tried to send you to the HTTPS version instead. The HTTPS version is unavailable. Most likely this site does not support HTTPS

To the trash it goes.


Is it just a library?, how?, is it just a fuck ton of macros?



C++ is another trash moden style general language.

With C at least I can actually read exactly what the code is doing. Python, C++ and other niggerlangs you can use for years then open someone elses code and have no idea what's happening.

File: 26c190789385926⋯.webm (3.99 MB, 540x960, 9:16, nyannyan hard times.webm)


I seem to be one of the few people around who can write and understand regex, I also enjoy it alot, how do I turn that skill into money?

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He's right though. At least with Perl you don't have to escape every other character.



/thread and sage


I know a guy who wrote basic regex shit, first in excel then simple vb for filing. He just got a multi mil contract organising healthcare files, seriously the guy isn't a great programmer but he's making mad bank.



That's what I thought. It is indeed you who is the normie.



normally you are pretty based and post based quotes, but this time the quote is aboslute shite.

unbased and saged

File: f8b30639f2f39ee⋯.jpg (150.61 KB, 1331x2000, 1331:2000, jioytp17pnn11.jpg)


Is there any real reason to make the switch from Linux to *BSD?

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More pics like OP and I will respond.


Yes, so you can enjoy macos and tyrone's dick :D


You can see this wig line. What kind of person spends hours posing in front of the camera and buying wigs.


File: 8682f958125ae58⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 427x320, 427:320, i.jpg)

File: c652221ae6ccf7c⋯.gif (1.39 KB, 289x109, 289:109, logo.gif)



>no tox thread

Get in here, fags, let's have a Tox thread.

Looking for Rudolph edition

>favorite client?

>is irungentoo ded?

>will file transfer ever just werk?

Let's share our Tox IDs too. I'll start:


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most people use im on a fucking phone

tox can't support offline (p2p),so is fucking shit


apple doesn't allow background app network access,unusable trash


drain battery and using a lot data





>Servers are single points of failure that can be abandoned, shut down, or raided.

<tox uses centralized servers (bootstrap, dht)

>Bootstrap nodes, that are plentiful, can be run by anyone, and are automatically discovered and added.

>automatically discovered and added

<central servers


the point is tox is not fully p2p, it's decentralized, there is a difference.

there is a reason your not entering ip addresses when your connecting to people.



What is your definition of "full P2P"?

File: c2f8e61ac374082⋯.png (647.52 KB, 667x670, 667:670, seriously?.png)


>start reading a scientific paper on neural network that can crack captchas

<"Hmm, always wanted to learn more about neural networks and this project might give me enough of a push to do so"


>make dataset by modifying open source of some old (but still widely used) captcha

>little fidgety at start but starting to get a hang of things

>start implementing hyperparameters

>building layers of said neural net

>finally coming to training phase

<"Error: You can't combine Convolutional and LSTM networks, you dummy

am I a brainlet or is it that people have started lying on most NN science papers because others won't call them out and test their theory

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most of the NN bullshit are just hype train.

remember that robot that wants to kill all humanity? meant as a joke but it's just for attention. the guy was bullshitting and would violate the law of robotics so he should be jailed though it's just an entertainment shit.

NN is just hype bandwagon and only works if you have like IBM and intel supplying you with all the needed computing power then in the end it's really just for show and you're only doing it to advertise those companies to fuel more hype until you've made the geek version of the cheap gaming community.

AI tree diagrams is the future.

also, you should be doing tesseract stuffs.



Is it possible to make a DNN for detecting Jews?



The future is utilizing the matrix multiplication potential of learning in combination with a symbolic representation created by humans.

Compiling code into a RNN and then further training the RNN, and then decompiling it back to a human readable representation.



>violate the law of robotics

>should be jailed



Its not magic

Modern artificial intelligence is just simple subtraction

same way that computers are a series of on off switches

File: b5511c681a8a7de⋯.png (315.63 KB, 549x681, 183:227, Pin me down.png)

File: 343309e623cd2d2⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, HD 6XX.jpg)



What AMPs are you faggots using? I'll be getting an HD 6XX soon and is currently looking for an AMP. I'm currently looking at the Fiio E10K and the K3 but don't know the difference between the two. Any amps you'd recommend?

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Because speakers (with proper amps) are 8-10× more expensive than headphones of the same sound quality level, and headphones we are talking about are already damn expensive enough for a mere anon.



>How can they even use them when they're hanging around in some dirty place in the streets with their smartphones?

A wheeled cart, some 12V car batteries and Bluetooth?


File: c68ad8cbf34992a⋯.jpg (259.44 KB, 1600x1029, 1600:1029, we.jpg)


>What AMPs are you faggots using?

Older onkyo tx8511 (2x100watt rms)

I use some Yamaha bookshelf's normally on the A side but have a set of old BIC 15's hooked to the B side if I want to do some damage.


>Technics gEQ

>Sony pst1 TT

>technics 887 5 disc changer

>HK td391 deck

>Sangean hdt20 HD Radio

>Chink DAC (toslink to rca) to feed the stack from the PC


File: b583ea3d68cb8c3⋯.jpg (80.79 KB, 450x321, 150:107, fe168ez.jpg)

For HiFi in the cheap, not counting headphones, high efficiency, full range drivers are hard (impossible) to beat.. eg. Fostex style. Couple with a nice flea amplifier and a decent source, you've good amazing sound for fairly little money. You can get ear splitting sound out of 2 watts. Very pure, clean sound. Not great for heavy bass, but for everything else, great sound. Acoustic guitar is crazy good. Generally speaking, "full ranger drivers plus a flea amp (tube!) plus a decent source" sounds way, way more expensive than it is.


Here, for example, this guy (whose speakers are really well regarded but maybe a bit expensive) takes relatively inexpensive Fostex speakers, puts them in a custom box, and sells them for $1K. The sound you get from these, with appropriate amp and source, will just destroy most audio MOST people have ever heard.


You can build a (shoddier/simpler) box that will still sound great for way less, or go even simpler and do "open baffle" speakers. Speakers without cabinets. This stuff here (full range, high efficiency drivers) are the mortal entry point to HiFi, you can get into it without selling a kidney, don't need high power amps, no crossovers, etc.. just 2 speakers, speaker wire, amp, source.. tnt-audio is probably the best place to read about this .. doing hifi on the cheap. diyparadise is interesting reading.

File: 597df4418798032⋯.png (418.7 KB, 800x600, 4:3, olivermath-2018.11.10_01.1….png)




you have to compile the game in order to test it

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>clone of Warcraft from a quarter century ago

>"it's finally here"




Before the lamers came to subvert Linux and turn it into Windows clone, there was WarCraft clone "Craft".




If you consider Crash Team Racing and every kart racing game ever to be clones of Mario Kart, then sure.


Does it have Vulkan support yet?



If you want to start racing in Gamecube Mario Kart, you have to hit start/A ten times. True story, I counted that in 2003.


When you have switching camera perspectives like in Resident Evil, tank controls are necessary to prevent your character from spazzing out whenever moving from one screen to another.


I agree it's bloated. I don't think a fun racer needs more polys than a N64 game to be fun, it needs personality. And design that is a patchwork of randos all over the world who contribute whenever they feel like it doesn't have the coherent feel of a small team doing it full time, but that would require paying people. My hope is that maybe some super-autist somewhere has been working the past twenty years on his own secret free fun racer, with hand-drawn sprites and voxels and shit.

File: 7e9949e7b1c3fdf⋯.jpg (27.23 KB, 455x679, 65:97, jfk.jpg)


I forgot my password on an old laptop with Vista, was going to upgrade it to Windows 8.1 anyway.

I haven't upgraded an operating system before (usually just keep whatever was preinstalled) but there's no files on it that I need.

Will I still need to get a password removal/retrieval once I've upgraded it using my Windows 8.1 DVD, or will it simply be like a factory reset?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


Windows doesn't encrypt the disk unless you tell it to so you should be able to pull the drive and read off any files you'd like to keep on another PC if there are any at all, it'll be no problem.

But you should install OpenBSD or 9front instead of Windows.



Replace the hash in the sam file you noob


Get a live CD and transfer the files to external storage.


Use the fucking sticky.




This. if the disk isn't encrypted, the password might as well be a shitty padlock you can cut off with a bolt cutter.


Could the government ban the use of Tor and crypto? Could they allow only a select few websites to operate?

Say it was going to happen tomorrow, what data would you hoard before they shut it down?

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>gentoo'd thinkpads didn't bring salvation



>not knowing that HAM radio doesn't necessarily use microwave frequencies



They present no heat?!?!?!!





this is satire right?


Wow this thread really got shat up.

File: 092eb26d661c802⋯.png (42.11 KB, 800x283, 800:283, not even all of it.png)


I have a fuckhuge imageboard folder and had an idea the other day to make a system where I could expose my collection to the internet in a way that would allow other anons to download stuff and help organize it by submitting tickets to suggest changes (add, remove, move, rename).

So my question for you is this: Are there any existing solutions that I could set up that would accomplish this or would I need to cobble something together?

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>using directories instead of tags

You have to have 10K+ memes collected in order to post in this thread, newfag.



Then fork it, rip out all the stuff that communicates anywhere, or go harass the dev. Wasn't he doing a strawpoll recently about what to implement next?



File: 4d433fc9234cc20⋯.jpg (22.85 KB, 546x364, 3:2, b57c34c8ae97a2b9a1e4889d05….jpg)


make a booru


File: b807b8e9734173e⋯.pdf (5.16 MB, The-Future-Was-Here-The-Co….pdf)

You should go through your own trash. You will also be a lot happier when you trim off the fat and stop hoarding shit you don't\won't use, and only keep what you actually will. Personally, I've been organizing and adding to my document collection

For now, you can find any information you want on the internet... but it won't be that way forever. Would be a shame if you wasted this time collecting reaction images for a dying medium.


Pretty much what OP wants.

File: 1dd5f9139d19845⋯.jpeg (106.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, EF36958F-AFBF-4E8C-89C3-9….jpeg)


do you think its possible to get a virus from clicking on free anime/porn sites?


All browsers have thousands of backdoors and ACE bugs so yeah but the people who discover them are unlikely to waste a good zero day on weiner-tugging weebs so nah.





What? I thought that was impossible.



>I thought that was impossible

no, it's not impossible.


I want to take her mochi and step on it.



security is a concern for every single OS that exists

ever heard of CVEs?

freetards are fucking stupid

File: 895b830ca761b5b⋯.png (484.08 KB, 720x430, 72:43, Joker with floppy.png)


This is insane, I'm so sick of trying to build reliable software and being told it's 'out of scope' until it eventually bites us in the ass. Clients are idiots why the fuck do we have to be at their mercy? You can't block us for months and then suddenly expect us to pull some magic out of our ass for your barely documented, proprietary, legacy system when the contract's almost up and you finally decide to reply to an email. Add to that the fact that oops you also forgot to mention a piece of critical information you can't launch without.

This stuff should be known upfront. If you don't know what you want you have no business getting a system built.

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File: c1b80a08818201c⋯.jpg (45.22 KB, 720x628, 180:157, OHHHRLYYY.jpg)


>People are responding to your hackneyed scenarios.


>This stuff should be known upfront. If you don't know what you want you have no business getting a system built.



They might not use waterfall, but something like RAD seems much more reasonable than Agile. At least this way it's likely you'll actually ship something on time.


File: d06e74f59b534de⋯.png (90.43 KB, 200x200, 1:1, grin.png)


>female derivatives



Use the right tool for the job. RAD has its place, as does Agile.


Probably helps if software developers and QA are sent on Agile courses. It helped me. No system is perfect but as long as everyone agrees (Product Owner, Scrum Master and Dev/QA) on what the deliverables are each sprint generally it should work. Whatever doesn't work needs to be raised in retrospectives.

If Scrum isn't working for the team, consider Kanban.

I find Agile fails if the team is bad or you have a bad scrum master (my current situation).

File: 8fcc1ae52f38624⋯.jpg (129.89 KB, 1814x1248, 907:624, thelio.jpg)


Is this pretty much the only acceptable pre-built? It's made in the US, loaded with GNU/Linux, has little innovations here and there and actually looks nice. I'm thinking of giving this for Christmas and getting one for the living room. Does anyone still buy pre-builts, though?

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>This is like bitching that a Corolla can't go as fast as a Corvette.

Bad analogy, Corollas are cheaper than Corvettes. System76 is more expensive than better laptops.


File: 8db4295c96df660⋯.png (34.78 KB, 584x359, 584:359, 7b60dbbe392b46068500a3a0f0….png)


>waaahhhh I don't like his post

>I know! I'll say meanie word like those goyim use!



76, is the abbreviation of 1776, which was the year the declaration of independence of the Untied States was written.



>I would say China is worse, and I like to buy American.

Nothing wrong with buying "local", but it's hard to imagine anything worse than nsa/cia glow in the dark niggers. No, not even China.


File: 6baf826a1faa8b5⋯.webm (2.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, peni.webm)


Clearly supporting the violation of your citizens rights by (((israel's greatest ally))) is what the Jews don't want.

you're either a retard or a shill

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