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File: caad10e4c7657ae⋯.png (8.02 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


So Google just shot themselves in the foot for some unknown reason. They made some deal with Getty Images to allow their images on Google Images in exchange for removing the view image button. For some reason, Google seems to believe that anyone at all gives a shit about Getty Images.

Is there any hope Google has reached the point where they begin to implode from being too big? Why would they make a deal with some irrelevant company that requires them to make such a big change to Google?

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Did you mean to reply to >>870662



nowhere near as bad as Google and others, so i still recommend DuckDuckGo



>are they botnet now too? since when?

Since always you fucking mong.


File: 0922303d1f66b55⋯.jpg (136.71 KB, 625x790, 125:158, ABORT-origional.jpg)


>There's no confirmed proof that DuckDuckGo is violating your privacy

really made me think, switching to bing now



Nice cherry picking retard.

File: ef6adb9257f8732⋯.png (67.27 KB, 804x906, 134:151, 4073897D-B70F-4A08-AFC4-6B….png)


Been a CrunchBang/BunsenLabs user for 6 years, switched to ArchLabs exactly 1 month ago

>0 stability issues

>AUR support

>pacman is a lot faster than apt

>up to date packages

>i've finally fallen for the meme

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literally who?


literally who?


literally who?

>AUR support

literally who?



Damn you, cloverOS dev, I demand a version of clover with infinity logos and branding for /tech/, and I'm too lazy to do it myself.



Does it use X11? I can't stand a Linux distro that relies on that ancient piece of shit library. You literally can't programically move windows around the screen because X11 treats that as hints.



Do you often use FileZilla? Why?





Let's say you made a recipe for (mom's) spaghetti for a very well respected restaurant and didn't want anybody else to know the exact ingredients in the spaghetti, would it be unethical to lock it away in a vault so nobody would steal it and make money off of your creation? No, of course not. The same thing goes for proprietary software. If you made a game that took years and hundreds of dollars to make and you didn't want somebody to steal all the code and make money off it would it be unethical to hide the code from the user? NO.

Proprietary software is only bad when it exploits the user or hides the code for malicious reasons, take Chrome for example.

Proprietary software also does not "control" the user, the software controls itself and protects itself.

Richard is wrong, it's time for us to realize that.

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Tell that to my college, they literally got everyone to install Libreoffice cus of its database suite.



>Don't most use the catalog?

i cant speak for everyone, but i certainly dont, at least not usually, and considering it was off the front page for several hours before that reply, the evidence points to most people not using the catalog.


the number of bumps in this shit thread is too damn high!



>comparing software to recipes

A goddamn bowl of spaghetti is not going to upload 'telemetry data' (read: your information and related metadata) to the 'cloud' (read: someone else's server). It's also not going to get remotely hacked and leak information to other parties. And you can choose not to eat it, whereas people are often required to use certain software to accomplish a task.

Additionally, when you eat out you're paying for service, not just the 'recipe', and anyone can make their own spaghetti for like $2. Practically no one has spare time to make their own operating system/web browser.

>so nobody would steal it and make money off of your creation

<implying building on the work of others is not a good thing

<implying it makes any difference whether software is free or proprietary

If people want it badly enough, it's getting 'pirated' either way. If it's popular enough, you might even have people reverse-engineering it. The only 'upside' to proprietary software (for right holders, that is) as you said is hindering competition and impeding interoperability, both of which are at odds with the user's interests.

>Proprietary software is only bad when it exploits the user or hides the code for malicious reasons

And when...

<it spies on you, collects, and uploads your data

<it's insecure and can't be fixed (e.g. hardcoded insecure settings) or replaced

<it can't be ported to newer operating systems (see Paris's 2 main airports collapsing when a Windows 3.1 machine crashed)

<it has malicious anti-features (e.g. forced updates, unwanted features (e.g. can't uninstall certain 'pre-installed apps' from your devices), phoning home, any kind of DRM, deliberately limited functionality (see Nvidia gimping double-precision float calculations on consumer GeForce cards)

<it doesn't allow you to have control over your data (see can't export messages from WhaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Still bait

>If people don't cook all their own food they don't have control over their life.

You don't need to cook to know how to chew a leg.

>The user has full control over every instruction their computer executes

obvious bait is obvious

> Just because they don't bother looking at the instructions does not mean they don't have full control.

True but not having at all the instructions means that they can't at all have control even if they wanted to.

>Where is that diable 3 hack then?


>The user control what software they run

They control the installation (at some level) not the execution.

>The instructions are in plain form for the user to inspect if they wish.

sure go read the full magic numbers of a network card from marvell you'll be sure to understand what it does without any manual or details.

Again bait you need to get out.



why the fuck are you bumping this garbage again?

every time its gone from the front page someone has to bring it back,



what partitioning do you have on your hard drive? And what folder structure?

How many partitions you have and what you store on each partition? what is size of each partition? what order of partitions you have (especially important for mechanical HDD's as they are the fastest at beginning of drive, slowest at end)?

One drive or more? Do you use external drives? For what purpose?

What is your folder structure on your hdd (root/main directories)?

What kind of things you store on your hdd? (like games, programs, music, movies, documents, books, virtual machines, porn, your personal video recordings, etc)

Are all of your disk encrypted? With what tool and method?

inb4 datamining - if you think it is, just answer questions that don't invade your privacy

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If you don't care with compliance to what OS installers and tools such as fdisk expect, you're on your own. Don't complain if by any chance shit breaks or gets corrupted somehow. Good luck.





>While creating a filesystem on a whole disk is possible, I don't recommend it.


I have to create my zpool on unpartitioned disks because Solaris is 1970s technology where a partition table defeats their block cache.



Why use 70's tech then?

File: 0b007aeecf2f739⋯.png (107.97 KB, 645x968, 645:968, 1517276432893.png)


>try to learn programming with Harvard CS50 from Edx

>literally had to look up the solution to the first problem set, did not even understand completely how the solution actually works

Should I just give up? Am I too much of a brainlet to learn programming? Why is it so hard to go from the theoretical basis to actual practice?

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>try to learn programming

>with Harvard CS50 (a computer science course)

I've identified your problem.

Computer scientists sometimes program, and programmers often use insights from computer science to write better programs, but computer science and programming aren't the same thing. "Computer" science is something of a misnomer; you can do computer science without a computer.

If you want to learn computer science, a branch of mathematics, give CS50 another try.

If you want to learn programming, take any of the advice you've received in this thread on getting up to speed in a practical sense with a modern programming language. You can always tackle CS50 again after you've intuited some of the concepts via actual programming experience. One of the most enlightening experiences I ever had about algorithm design came from solving a Project Euler problem badly, then solving it again in a much more efficient way.

Good luck.



The existence of black holes is unproven, Tyson.



This right here. Make some small things, learning as you go. When you know a bit more(functions, variables, control structures, arrays, objects) you'll be set to learn how to do these same things in any arbitrary language.


Learning C will teach you how not to program.

Some Andrew weenie, writing of Unix buffer-length bugs, says:
> The big ones are grep(1) and sort(1). Their "silent
> truncation" have introduced the most heinous of subtle bugs
> in shell script database programs. Bugs that don't show up
> until the system has been working perfectly for a long time,
> and when they do show up, their only clue might be that some
> inverted index doesn't have as many matches as were expected.

Unix encourages, by egregious example, the most
irresponsible programming style imaginable. No error
checking. No error messages. No conscience. If a student
here turned in code like that, I'd flunk his ass.

Unix software comes as close to real software as Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles comes to the classic Three Musketeers:
a childish, vulgar, totally unsatisfying imitation.

> ...
> There's nothing wrong with C as it was originally
> designed,
> ...


Since when is it acceptable for a language to incorporate
two entirely diverse concepts such as setf and cadr into the
same operator (=), the sole semantic distinction being that
if you mean cadr and not setf, you have to bracket your
variable with the characters that are used to represent
swearing in cartoons? Or do you have to do that if you mean
setf, not cadr? Sigh.

Wouldn't hurt to have an error handling hook, real memory
allocation (and garbage collection) routines, real data
types with machine independent sizes (and string data types
that don't barf if you have a NUL in them), reasonable
equality testing for all types of variables without having
to call some heinous library routine like strncmp,
and... and... and... Sheesh.

I've always loved the "elevator controller" paradigm,
because C is well suited to programming embedded controllers
and not much else. Not that I'd knowingly risk my life in
an elevator that was controlled by a p
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



OP, could you at least post examples of those problems?

File: 64e8f5a4edfbbc5⋯.jpg (254.12 KB, 576x816, 12:17, BurkeOReilly130227.3_48.jpg)


Tim O’Reilly’s crazy talk

While the brightest minds of Silicon Valley are “disrupting” whatever industry is too crippled to fend off their advances, something odd is happening to our language. Old, trusted words no longer mean what they used to mean; often, they don’t mean anything at all. Our language, much like everything these days, has been hacked. Fuzzy, contentious, and complex ideas have been stripped of their subversive connotations and replaced by cleaner, shinier, and emptier alternatives; long-running debates about politics, rights, and freedoms have been recast in the seemingly natural language of economics, innovation, and efficiency. Complexity, as it turns out, is not particularly viral.

Fortunately, Silicon Valley, that never-drying well of shoddy concepts and dubious paradigms—from wiki-everything to i-something, from e-nothing to open-anything—is ready to help. Like a good priest, it’s always there to console us with the promise of a better future, a glitzier roadmap, a sleeker vocabulary. This is not to deny that many of our latest gadgets and apps are fantastic. But to fixate on technological innovation alone is to miss the more subtle—and more consequential—ways in which a clique of techno-entrepreneurs has hijacked our language and, with it, our reason. In the last decade or so, Silicon Valley has triggered its own wave of linguistic innovation, a wave so massive that a completely new way to analyze and describe the world—a silicon mentality of sorts—has emerged in its wake. The old language has been rendered useless; our pre-Internet vocabulary, we are told, needs an upgrade.

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>request to prove a negative

The absolute state of leftists in 2018. #Trump2020 is a lock I do suppose.



back to /r/thedonald

It has been proven, but Big Oil told you it is actually a communist plot so you just ignore all evidence, no matter how much of it is presented. You identity politics retards are too easy to play. I do hope Trump gets reelected though, America can't crash and burn fast enough.



No nigger I grow pot and know how plants need co2 to breath. Go back to 2008 with your bullshit claims about how you think nature works and how we'll all be underwater by 2012 if we don't act immediately. Remember, literally every scientist agrees.Don't think I overlooked how you ignored the request to prove a negative niggerbrain



File: b6f050cf7a32632⋯.jpg (15.36 KB, 299x168, 299:168, pol.jpg)


It's always funny to see the idiots watching Fox news in action. The effect of greenhouse gases is explained in a picture in this very thread, and its release is a result of the chemical reaction that occurs when oil is burned. But keep spouting simplistic racist slogans to make you feel like you have any worth by likening yourself to your betters. You are worth less than shit and so are your opinions.


>No nigger I grow pot and know how plants need co2 to breath.

holy shit


File: dc66205e15fc4e4⋯.jpg (75.07 KB, 962x768, 481:384, dc66205e15fc4e4d5038f5f8f5….jpg)


Fuck off, you retarded cuckchanner

File: 29b87eacf7e58ad⋯.jpg (32.83 KB, 442x223, 442:223, d.jpg)


i used tlp and it makes my battery much better

this is a little bit old 9 cell battery on a quadcore 4600m with 8gb memory running lubunti 17.10


File: da0033916c59b17⋯.jpg (154.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>what kind of battery do u have and does it last


File: 712b9e84ad09d69⋯.png (7.73 KB, 436x137, 436:137, ClipboardImage.png)

Dell XPS 13 9360R running Gentoo, definitely accurate


6-cell t500 battery. lasts about 3 hours on windows 7

File: 46c441ed48f04e4⋯.jpg (221.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, code.jpg)


Can you just teach yourself how to code with online tutorials or read programming books?

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That's yet another thing. After menial/physical labor is fully automated, will all people without a university degree become literally unemployable and will either have to rely on some kind of neetbux (if at all available) or else turn to the dindu ways to make ends meet?



>the turk ar jerbs!!1

kill yourself and never post here again



you're calling people niggers and yet you think programming is "computer science"




I'm not that Anon but at least his rewrite made it obvious that "knows" wasn't some sort of megatypo for "now."



This. Those retarded used up whores are pissed that someone can be successful without a degree when they can barely compete with one. Unless you are a glutton for abuse, don't even bother applying to large businesses and corps that use HaRpies. Think of it this way, they don't deserve your talent if you have any.

File: 7102036673c210f⋯.jpg (222.26 KB, 1080x1620, 2:3, 7102036673c210fc9e9e093890….jpg)


Hey /tech/ what would I require to make a desktop computer from scratch, not assemble, but make.

the lower technology we can get the better, so I'm looking for a pipeline to build up from as low tech as possible up to a working, and as quality computer as possible.

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That only works if you own the land the sand came from.


File: fdf672456a0fc59⋯.png (9.94 KB, 370x320, 37:32, akko-is-confused.png)

How can i create my own Universe where i can get my sand for the silicon front? Genuine question.



If you wish to make a desktop computer from scratch, you first must invent the universe.


>proprietary universe wants me to starve

File: f92c7673de3bca1⋯.png (111.86 KB, 815x783, 815:783, fonts.png)


Font thread!

Post your favorite fonts, for every font you like post another one! The purpose of this thread is to get the best fonts flowing faster. Discuss your favorite fonts and feel free to share your opinion on fonts you dislike. If you have the skill, make your own!

Font renaissance inbound!

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Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.


File: bbd894b1eef7af0⋯.png (162.51 KB, 1200x1440, 5:6, Gentium.png)

Gentium: produced by a religious organization to render the most beautiful and readable print material - particularly the Holy Bible - in pretty much any western language. Supports Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts, with thousands of characters and glyphs.




If his screen has enough dpi, anti-aliasing for fonts is meaningless.



A worse Helvetica, abandoned even by Google.


File: 542db1459358a98⋯.png (38.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Lawyer.png)

File: f1b6480866a678c⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1600x980, 80:49, chattanooga.png)


>Chattanooga rolled out a fiber-optic network a few years ago that now offers speeds of up to 1000 Megabits per second, or 1 gigabit, for just $70 a month. A cheaper 100 Megabit plan costs $58 per month. Even the slower plan is still light-years ahead of the average U.S. connection speed, which stood at 9.8 megabits per second as of late last year, according to Akamai Technologies.


I think municipal internet is good because entrepreneurs can move to cheaper areas to set up their businesses, which gives money to local economies in desperate need of it. It also gives California and especially Silicon Valley and their street shitting code monkey slaves a big middle finger.

Privacy would be at risk if the government were behind it. They can monitor your usage more intensely than ISPs do.

Any other arguments, thoughts and opinions?

can you believe such a beautiful city is 40% filled with melanin enriched kangz?

11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



It's called privatization and exactly what the ancaps want, this is a problem caused by corporations having too much money that lets them buy the politicians. If it stayed in government hands you would have much better service at lower prices, but no profit for businessmen. This is why South Korea has world-class internet while in the US it is approaching third-world tier. But keep twisting reality to fit the narrative fed to you by the corporations who are fucking you over, /pol/tard.



It would be interesting to check the background and connections of the people who ran it to the ground. If they were all in on it, they came up with a very profitable scam. The Jews know how to manipulate things to suit their purposes. A good example is the nonprofit Susan G. (((Kohlmann))). Have volunteers make up the bulk of your labor force, pay low salaries to your managers but don't you feel good you're doing something to better the world goy :^) then pay yourself as CEO $500,000+ salary because it's hard work running an empire and G-d's chosen deserves it.


I'm sure there were private ISPs there. Municipal internet is supposed to be a better alternative because any profits made go back to your city in the form of jobs, expansion to rural areas and maintenance.

I just thought of something. If internet were cheaper than private ISPs, what's to stop politicians from taxing it to fund other programs like gibs for the kangz?



>corporations having too much money that lets them buy the politicians.




That I agree with but see


>If internet were cheaper than private ISPs, what's to stop politicians from taxing it to fund other programs like gibs for the kangz?

sorry for not finishing the last post I'm jumping between tabs



>google is not ran by government three-letters


is it really possible to live in a van or other big vehicle? Or caravan?

I am trying to outjew the jews. I don't want to spend a lot of money per month for rent. I would rather save that money and invest it later or multiple that money.

Why would I need to rent apartment or room? I only spend my time on computer and eating food. I could do that in a bigger van. I only need small bed to sleep.

But how about water and food? I would need to be buying bottled watter I assume? Food would be kept in some small fridge connected to car's battery? PC should be connected to car's battery too? Wouldn't it be expensive to get electricity from petrol?

How about temperature and heating? Won't I freeze if van will be turned off during the night?

How about police? In what countries it will be legal or police won't care about me?

How to get shower, I only need it two times a month. But where to do it? In public pool?

But how to get mail and have official address if you live in a van?

Where to shit and piss?

How to wash your hands or prepare food?

Any other tips?



23 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>I am trying to outjew the jews.

>Why would I need to rent apartment or room?

Instead of being a fag why not find an apartment with electric included in the rent and start mining crypto?



living in a van you can go stealth camping. which is perfect for wardriving. even better is a truck with a truckcap, make it comfy inside and fit high gain directional panel antennas flush with the truckcap so you can aim the truck at good signal locations.



It's far easier to do in Australia than what it sounds like it would be in America.

I live in a self-owned caravan in a caravan park. There's quite a few people in their 50's who semi-retire into these places, and rent out their own homes for extra cash (empty nesters). It isn't mentioned much because everyone is obsessed with tiny houses or other unconventional living arrangements, and the "trailer park" mentality still exists - you'll find most caravan parks for long term residents will make you interview first to ensure you aren't a dero.

Water is fine, as there are so many grey nomads around, there are always places to refill water containers for free. Your caravan will have waste storage (likely via a cartridge) that you can dump in a free waste disposal point.

The hardest part of caravan living is learning to reliably reverse the damn thing in tight spots.



not if you intend to drive it too, again you need an address to put on your license, and if you dont intend to drive it then good luck finding a place to park forever thats not your own property...



>I would need to be buying bottled watter I assume?

It's always surprising to read amerifats and other breeds of diabetic fatasses don't already drink bottled water.

Public water supply is lowest tier poison. Barely fit for human consumption.


What is Millchan?

A decentralized imageboard engine for ZeroNet.

What is ZeroNet?

A decentralized network that distributes content using the BitTorrent protocol.


Millchan is being written using the Vue.js framework with the aim of being simultaneously reactive and safe (as feasibly possible).

Things that have been implemented so far:

-A system that allows board creation

-An anonymous system similar to 0chan


-Upload of multiple images in a single post

-Upload of mp4/webm

-Text formatting

-Basic moderation options (blacklist users/posts)

-Allow users to ignore blacklist and render all posts

Working instance:



69 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Interesting how ZeroNet threads are the only ones that get spammed with retarded disinformation as if there's some sort of ((((((incentive)))))) for doing so.




It's time to stop anon.



Why do the faggots push this disgusting meme? It shits itself on Tor browser. In contrast, I can browse GitHub with no hiccups in the same browser.



GitHub might work for browsing but it doesn't work if you want to host a repository there, anonymously.

They also have a historic of deleting repositories for random reasons.

GidGud/Gitlab use Javascript to dynamically load some of the information that is displayed in the project's page while GitHub all of the work server-side.

If you don't want to enable Javascript you can just git clone the repository and use your favorite IDE to see the same information that you've seen with Javascript enabled.

File: f0c0a8906db4bfb⋯.jpg (187.67 KB, 1280x971, 1280:971, UnixTimeline.jpg)


>What are some things the more obscure Unices do that you wish more popular ones like GNU/Linux or BSD did?

>What are some things that GNU/Linux and BSD do that should probably be taken out?

>Do you have any experience with the System III and V family? How are those like?

>Do you think any of the Unices that are currently proprietary will be open-sourced at some point?

>Some person I was talking to was predicting that because they are continuing to open-source more of their stuff, Microsoft will at some point come out with their own distro. Do you think this will happen? If so, do you think they will revive the Xenix name with it?

9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: a2f833346684ad6⋯.jpg (84.59 KB, 914x630, 457:315, advanced_mount_2.jpg)





There's no such thing as a good UNIX. The world was a lot better when UNIX was considered a bad rip-off of Multics.

Q.  How can you tell when they've cleaned up UNIX?

A. When there's nothing left.

I don't regard it a "real" UNIX, then again I wouldn't buy a
"real" UNIX, 1970s software technology is not something I
would want to buy today.

Getting caught up in the "pure" UNIX war will lead you to
restrict yourself to "pure" SVR4 implementations, in the
mainstream camp *only* SUN have gone for this. That in my
view does not make it much of a "standard".

If a vendor decides to do something about the crass
inadequacies of UNIX we should give them three cheers, not
start a flame war about how the DIRECTORY command *must*
forever and ever be called ls because that is what the great
tin pot Gods who wrote UNIX thought was a nice, clear name
for it.

The most threatening thing I see in computing today is the
"we have found the answer, all heretics will perish"
attitude. I have an awful lot of experience in computing, I
have used six or seven operating systems and I have even
written one. UNIX in my view is an abomination, it has
serious difficulties, these could have been fixed quite
easily, but I now realize nobody ever will.

At the moment I use a VMS box, I do so because I find that I
do not spend my time having to think in the "UNIX" mentality
that centers around kludges. I do not have to tolerate a
help system that begins its insults of the user by being
invoked with "man".

Apollo in my view were the only UNIX vendor to realize that
they had to put work into the basic operating system. They
had ACLs, shared libraries and many other essential features
five years ago.

What I find disgusting about UNIX is that it has *never*
grown any operating system extensions of its own, all the
creative work is derived from VMS, Multics and the
operating systems it killed.



Probably pretty similar, but development would be farther ahead and we would have less WONTFIXs and more general acceptance of GNU/Linux's svchost due to it not being led by Poettering. I mean it would have happened anyway even without systemd, centralization is the trend of all things.



>Probably pretty similar, but we would have less WONTFIXs

Sounds great!


>macOS not OSX

Fucking Tim Cock

File: c8967a5b0666a03⋯.jpg (26.05 KB, 250x282, 125:141, claws-mail-logo.jpg)


What email client do you use?

65 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


acme's upas/fs mail



Mutt, offlineimap, spamassassin, getmail, procmail.

I think that's all the components I use.



>What about FREE email providers?






wait what?

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