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New Volunteer

File: 9a881de50b96dd3⋯.jpg (38.81 KB, 450x650, 9:13, Jim Jong Un.jpg)


What are the things you do most often on your computer(s)?

How many computers do you own?

How much time do you spend on a computer per day?

What OS are you using?

Disclaimer: I work for the NSA

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If you can fix them and use them, go for it. If there are some you can't use, then I would take all the working parts you know out of them (like the HDD, RAM, maybe even CPU, but not stuff like the screen or kb) and sell them to someone who can refurbish them.

It sounds like most of them however that you can repair and use though.


>>What are the things you do most often on your computer(s)?

music, programming, research, web, movies and books sometimes when the screen doesn't kill my eyes.

>>How many computers do you own?


>>How much time do you spend on a computer per day?

Currently on vacation so all the time I'm awake and at home.

>>What OS are you using?

Look at me! I use arch linux


fucking your mom


30 minutes

Wangblows 10



You don't need a komputer for that, retard.



I don't need a computer to display 2D tiddies either but that doesn't stop me.

File: de2a7a0540553ad⋯.png (3.37 KB, 1234x189, 1234:189, BOTNET.png)


>every PC is backdoored ===BOTNET===

>every mobile phone is le backdoored ===BOTNET===

>all the

>the NSA CIA FBI KGB OMG WTF BBQ can access all hardware remotely and actively listen and monitor all the shit you text in your phone and all the conversations you have around phones

>somehow they still need to use other methods (zero-day exploits, social engineering, physical access to a machine after the owner has decrypted the contents of the drive, forensics, etc.)

>all websites and social media and databases are controlled by them and they actively monitor them

>all this using a super computer that is located inside the Illuminati headquarters, beneath Rockefeller's grave

So either they waste all that time catching criminals and trying to stop terrorist attacks for shits and giggles, or they actually can't and don't monitor everything that is done with PCs and mobile devices.

Digital surveillance exists, it is a big problem and it may lead to a surveillance authoritarian state; but you guys are being ridiculous with your claims.

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(You) (Need to chill out)



It's a separate processor that's always active (provided there is a source of power connected), runs a MINIX3 fork, has the highest privilege levels (well above your OS), and is designed for remote administration. What's so hard to believe that cianiggers can use it to access any modern Intel system? If legit sysadmins are using it to manage their infrastructure, what's to stop people with top-secret clearances who have access to all the relevant Intel details from doing the same? The fact that you're not on their radar doesn't mean your hardware isn't already compromised out of the factory. It also doesn't mean that police and FBI have access to the same details, so they have to rely on Windows 10 spying or use exploits like regular plebs. And even the cianiggers can't do much about systems that don't have Intel ME, but exploits will still work.



You have a childish conception about how these exploits work and what they are used for. Go back to lurking.


You forgot jews from intel holding all the good toys for themselves, and you get 10% increase in performance.



That'd be really spooky if it were true that they ever told you why you were denied clearance.


>On June 20th, board members of the „Zwiebelfreunde“ association in multiple German cities had their homes searched under the dubious pretence that they were „witnesses“ while their computers and storage media were confiscated. The Augsburger CCC offshoot „OpenLab“ also had to contend with a search of their premises.


Mozilla raid when ?

Besides shitpost this is a not good.

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>browning your country


I guess she doesn't want to conserve Germany's European population.



When the tripfags showed up.



What do you not understand about the term 'conservacuck' (or sometimes called 'cuckservative')? Are you new here?


saged because politics thread

uh oh

Can't wait for copyright-loving McEU to start banning encryption. Thanks Christian conservatives and neoliberal-"left" dictatorcucks.

Time to strengthen i2p.



He is implying the cucking is so hard that calling her a "cuckservative" at all is too much

File: 9628470dafd65f4⋯.png (9.46 KB, 920x500, 46:25, intel-look-inside-logo.png)



New Lazy FP State Restore Vulnerability Affects All Intel Core CPUs

By Brian Fagioli

>What a horrible year in security for Intel. First we had the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that never seem to go away. Now Intel has announced a new speculative execution side channel vulnerability involving "Lazy FP state restore" that could allow a malicious program to read data being used by other processes.

>According to Intel this new vulnerability affects all Intel Intel Core-based microprocessors and is a bug in the actual CPU, so it does not matter what operating system the user is running. It could be Windows, Linux, BSD, or any other operating running an an Intel Core-based CPU and using "Lazy FPU context switching".

>"Lazy FPU context switching" is a performance optimization feature used by operating systems that only saves and restores the FPU (Floating Point Unit) registers, which are locations in the CPU that are used to store floating point numbers, when needed. A bug in the actual Intel CPUs allows another process to access these registers and the data within them.

>The problem is that these numbers are used for a variety of tasks, including cryptographic equations. This could allow an attacker to sniff out numbers that make it easier to crack an encryption key.

>Thankfully, researchers state that this vulnerability would be difficult to execute via a web browser, so its impact is less than previous speculative execution vulnerabilities such as Meltdown.

>Intel has told BleepingComputer that this vulnerability has been addressed by operating system and hypervisor software for many years.

<"This issue, known as Lazy FP state restore, is similar to Variant 3a. It has already been addressed for many years by operating system and hypervisor software usPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Power isn't better. It's all shit! All of it.


You run away from one shithole to find yourself in another one.



The gayness came later, after they went x86. or at least that's what I tell myself.



Your life is full of constant mistakes.


Little by little, the performance gains are reversed. I wonder if it will reach a point where it's comparable to alternative architectures. Would be hilarious if that happened.

Whatever happened to optimization that doesn't change program behavior?

File: 0bd8786b05af422⋯.png (811.48 KB, 1080x1406, 540:703, Screenshot_20180112-191838.png)



>Tl;DR: AMT is remotely vulnerable via default passwords

Tech was right again!

Sorry I keep posting ET; they're just my favorite site

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There are plenty of options for that, but they're all old. PPC Macs are safe and run OpenBSD just fine.





>chink craps vs pajeet crap

no thanks.


File: 07e07d266f0cba6⋯.png (396.81 KB, 660x629, 660:629, 07e07d266f0cba613124bba638….png)

Can they just leave my thinkpad alone. please?



Time to get one of those Ryzen thinkpads.


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How so?




what's the deal with these psychos putting in these extreme strict code of conduct rules everywhere and then never actually following them?



Except sometimes it's required. I HAD to install the nvidia proprietary drivers because my GPU wouldn't work with nouveau. I am sure there are similar stories with AMD GPUs and other assorted hardware. Not to say the guy wasn't assblasted, just to say sometimes you can't help being cucked because that's how these companies like it to be.


When shite like this started appearing in FOSS (around 2014 maybe?) I thought it was just a trend, but now I'm worried it might never go away.

Hasn't everybody realized by now that these people are not being genuine? That they're just trying to impose corporate culture on free software? That they're just developing their "personal brand" at the expense of people who actually make all the software? Why do we even listen to them?


File: e4c39293741ba79⋯.jpg (66.56 KB, 516x768, 43:64, captcha.jpg)


I don't listen to them. I used to have github account, but closed it after I found out what goes on there. I also stopped using google services (except to grab something with youtube-dl sometimes). And I never bothered with the social media stuff like facebook and twitter, so basically everything I hear from them is second-hand, like when someone posts a screencap here.

Actually I outright block some of those domains in my local DNS. On this site, there are sometimes headlines about censorship or "X got deplatformed". Well, I basically did the same thing to their asses. I don't recognize any of those "platforms" or the self-appointed authority of the people who run them.

Even some of the "big" sites that I once visited (flickr, for example) have greatly changed and now require botnet javascript browser, so I don't even bother with those anymore. I don't really have any feelings about this, other than to accept that the mainstream web has become totally subverted at a fundamental level, so it's easier for me to simply shrug and move on. The way I see it, if other people want to jump through their hoops and put up with their bullshit, well that's their own problem.


Any of niggers run LAMP stacks often? I want to fuck around with MediaWiki but have very little experience with site hosting besides some localhost fuckery with XAMPP. How do I learn how to master that so I can host a low resource wiki I can mess around with?

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You brought up a fucking forum as your example of 'incredibly fast' you niggermonkey.



I'm not whoever you think I am,





are me.



imo it's just a lack of understanding of the tech and why it's unsafe and doesn't scale.

Example: with sqlite, it mmaps the database so any errant pointer can potentially completely destroy your data on disk. It tries to protect this with an 80% solution of mprotecting all the pages then unprotecting the ones it's working on as needed (this is why it's so heavy on syscalls). That only lessens the odds of losing everything, it's not a fix. If you're using it in a language that isn't bounds checked, as is usually the case with stand-alone apps using libsqlite, and you haven't built a message-passing system to execute queries in a separate process and serialize the result back to the caller (I feel like I'm the only person to have ever done this), you're playing with fire.

As another example, libsqlite blocks and can't be trivially converted to network-style non-blocking like libpq as it's filesystem-based. If you're writing something that needs to be responsive and not choke when the disk is being used by something else, you have to build the message passing system I mentioned above along with your own system of futures. The only libraries for this I know of are from webdevs in webdev languages, you'll have to write your own for standalone apps using libsqlite. Note that asyncvfs is not a solution, if you don't know why, read about it until you do.

It's deeply into mistake territory to use it when you could have used PostgreSQL.



>shitty non-portable Linux clone

Ah, so you're retarded.




Defend vmd. Tell me lies about how you'd use it for real servers. And are they still unable to use OpenCL/CUDA? It's pretty funny that a "security focused" OS can't even run hashcat. It must hurt their butts that they need a Linux box to verify user password strengths. They probably just don't bother..


It barely works even on a regular x86 desktop as it has so few drivers. See above.

>Linux clone

Oh it's totally not a clone as sosplice() is different than splice(). And vmd is different than KVM. And O_CLOEXEC is different than O_CLOEXEC (b-but that was later standardized by POSIX so it's ok). And virtio is different than virtio (b-but that was later standardized by OASIS so it's ok). And QoS is totally different and algorithms like CoDel weren't copied from Linux many years later.

They're innovators in the OS space and in no way owe all modern features to copying from Linux. I'm sure when they get around to cloning ebtables it will be the most innovative clone yet.

File: 8d6031920fcb1c8⋯.png (296.72 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, dahl.png)


The guy that created Nodejs (Ryan Dahl) just started work on "Node 2": Deno.

In short:

>Sandboxed by default.

>Typescript is the default language.

>No node_modules and no require syntax, just import files (that could be local or on the internet, like Go).

>No package.json

>No centralized repository.

>No more local dependencies, everything is installed to a global $NODE_PATH directory (like Go).

>Proper promises/async-await support.



67 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



It has neither of those things, you liar. Sweet.js can be used for macros, but that's not part of javascript. Typed arrays allow you to store arrays of integral or floating-point types of various sizes, but there is no primitive integral data type. Rather, there is just "Number."



Pike's about a week from cutting his penis off for progress. Hail Theo.



Theo is a swap german and a cloghumping virgin cuck rat



It took node almost a decade to be not-shit


The cuckening



In a few hours, the EU will give the last vote on a copyright reform.

Said copyright reform has nothing to do with copyrights at all, and DEFINITELY affects people outside the EU.

It basically requires an automated upload filter to enforce copyright laws. This filter not only stops creative works under

fair use, but can easily be tampered with to stifle dissent. It is full-stop Orwellian.

Democracy absolutely requires that the people have unrestricted access to information to make decisions. If the government

controls information, it can safely keep inhumane and bigoted practices under the hood. It can manipulate popular opinion to

bolster harmful behaviors. It can give even more oppressive influence to the highest briber. The unaware population has no

way whatsoever to keep the government in check.

Democracy weakens to the point of complete irrelevancy, becoming indistinguishable from dictatorship.

We must bang pots and pans now, and later too. Tweet famous people, talk about it everywhere on internet and out of it.

Translate this to languages in the EU and send post on european forums.

Do something. Do anything. Do now.

14 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1169123fb816f80⋯.png (394.8 KB, 635x651, 635:651, Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at ….png)

Update: The current form of the bill has been rejected, but they're planning on voting again between September 10-13th.


They'll have a better shot a passing it next time, since most of the public will have forgotten about it. Also, they'll probably slightly change it, like making article 13 sound less bad, and be able to sneak shady stuff in.

Read it for yourself here:





>Normies have a browser fetish that's quite frankly annoying

Yeah, they'd better expose their PCs to software which runs under 1 common user without any sandboxing. That would allow us to mine more data out of them, and be able to threaten to delete their files too.


>/tech/ - activism

you faggots are just as bad as SJWs. Take this shit to /pol/. It's not interesting.



Yup, they always do a little dance like that in controversial issues with lot of opposition. Then there is that anything Parliament votes against never truly goes away. Commission is the sole wielded of legislative initiative, so they can just throw it back at Parliament and see if it passes. If not, try again. This is also done with member states.

Most notable was Lisbon Treaty, which required all member states to agree with it. So every time member state voted NO, they made them vote again until they voted YES.

File: c531bc3f074dd6b⋯.jpg (159.29 KB, 900x600, 3:2, JohnTitor_Diagram1.jpg)


*unique/interesting/creative ideas are welcome

*posts must contain lofty explanations

*if you feel the urge to crack a joke take it to the planetary threads

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Fun fact. Super massive black holes radiate less energy than they take in from the cosmic microwave background radiation due to their surface area to mass ratio. So they will outlast all the stars in the universe.

The surface area of an event horizon is proportional to the entropy of a black hole.



What a bunch of masturbating monkeys. Nobody has (conclusively) proven a black hole to exist.






bumper sticker

File: f324d114e50cd32⋯.jpg (814.93 KB, 1171x1600, 1171:1600, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)


Blizzard released a SC2 API (C++) last year for AI devs at Deepmind and hobbyists, and there are plans to open a bot ladder. Check it out:



Anybody here working on a bot?

11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Name it W3WantLAN


I thought blizzard banned people for botting



My man.


Piece of shit



File: 7ed12f00d0fab8f⋯.gif (4.5 KB, 152x50, 76:25, tmp_24850-jython-new-small….gif)


What's the point of jython? Why would someone want to smash these two languages together?

32 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



As a C progammer, I can ./configure && make && make install 20 year old C projects and expect them to work. But getting anything modern in Java to build is a nightmare. Gradle seems to barely be maintained and is falling apart, everything needs a specific JVM version and everything needs a different specific JVM version, there are a ton of build tools that need to be understood, it takes a long time to set up a proper build environment, etc.. It's insane. What a fucking mess.



Really? I have a few old Java programs from 2000~ that still run fine now. I also have old C programs that still work too. Don't know what to tell you anon.


Do you have any real arguments? I have personally found Python to be great for writing quick scripts to do tedious tasks.


I used to hate Java, but after using it for awhile, I prefer it now. If I need a GUI and I want it to look native to the OS, I just use SWT.


oh noooOOOOOOOOO the two worst languages!




> Gradle seems to barely be maintained and is falling apart, everything needs a specific JVM version and everything needs a different specific JVM version, there are a ton of build tools that need to be understood, it takes a long time to set up a proper build environment, etc..

First of all, it's pretty obvious that you checked out the source of a large project and were overwhelmed by a toolset you aren't familiar with. There's nothing easier than installing a JVM and using a dependency management tool like Maven or Gradle to get a project started in minutes. And this:

>everything needs a different specific JVM version

Bullshit. Give me one example of some old Java code that won't run in a modern JVM.




Just out of curiosity, why SWT and not Swing with the UIManager setting the system look-and-feel?

File: 62cb13b5aadfb3d⋯.jpg (147.98 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, gdpr-data-protection-laws-….jpg)


>there are programmers defending GDPR and ignoring it will destroy European internet

Are those programmers cucked or they just hate Europe?

387 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Because the Jews control the media, and this was an act of Jews.


File: 1d44ad6de9bf24d⋯.jpg (42.98 KB, 393x395, 393:395, 1d44ad6de9bf24df6dc1f30117….jpg)


>A gabbai (Hebrew: גבאי‎‎), also known as shamash שמש (sometimes spelled shamas) or warden (UK, similar to churchwarden) is a beadle or sexton, a person who assists in the running of synagogue services in some way.

>The word gabbai, is (((Aramaic))) and, in Talmudic times, meant collector of taxes or charity, or treasurer.[1]

>The term shamash is sometimes used for the gabbai, the caretaker or "man of all work," in a synagogue. An example from literature is "Moshe the Beadle", a character in Night by Elie Wiesel.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabbai https://archive.fo/zdcdj

The more you know....



It seemed to be the most recent one that mentioned it, and I wasn't sure I should bump the two day old thread.

Wasn't sure you guys wanted two threads about EU shenanigans.



As long as you're adding to the topic, I don't see why not.

This is a slow board anyway, some topics last forever.



Is everything a jewish word now? Next thing you know, google's going to be Yiddish for human sacrifice.

File: b07801523a6f819⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 2379x1798, 2379:1798, IMG_0666.jpg)


Was there any particular piece of technology that downgraded throughout the years and was at a higher level lets say in the 80s-90s?

i am talking about anything general like radios,radars,eletronics e.t.c

398 posts and 68 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: dbce9646d7a8125⋯.jpg (153.71 KB, 500x332, 125:83, hp15c_th.jpg)

Nice calculators. Now I'm sure they still sell graphing calculators (which will soon just become apps running calculations in a cloud), but it used to be easy to find a good quality HP RPN entry calculator, as a kid, I'd collect calculators for the fun of it. Now, if a store sells any, it will be the higher end graphing calculators and cheap chinese crap ones that cost 3 cents to make.



those will sound even better if you put modern technology in there.



I just want a modern programmable calculator

My FX5800P is getting old.

And the saddest part is that Casio scientific calcs are almost, ALMOST, programmable, they only need a interrogation key for asking for a variable and you could program a lot of shit.



Yeah programmable is fine (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP-41C god tier), but I find graphing calculators fulfil a middle-ground I just have no need for; I want a pocket-sized calculator for quick equations, but for more complex work I prefer something like Mathematica on a computer.

I will say, for the iPhone PCalc [https://www.pcalc.com] is actually pretty decent, but owing to a extreme dislike for cellphones, I'd much rather just carry a dedicated calculator.

I might get one of these,

https://www.amazon.com/SwissMicros-DM41L/dp/B01DYUMR4E/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1531088733&sr=8-2-fkmr0&keywords=hp+rpn+calculator It's a modern reimplementation of the HP-41C.



I like the programmable ones to keep some useful algorithms on memory, it comes very handy when I have to calculate the same thing various times changing some variables, it's just, run->insert variable->insert variable->black magic happens->the result shows up, way faster than fiddling with the arrow keys and the delete key to replace two numbers.

I'd never use a phone application as the main calculator, even more, I only use the phones calculator if it's the only thing available, just having tactile buttons makes it worth having a small one in the pocket.

That Swiss Micros looks really nice, and the RPN sounds interesting, I'll have to keep an eye on that thing.


Just like OAuth 2.0 https://hueniverse.com/oauth-2-0-and-the-road-to-hell-8eec45921529

2017 POSIX is kill thanks to the influence of corporations:


10 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>like laser printing, windowing systems, garbage collection, mice usage, and networking

lol no. sorry lispfag you are mixing up Symbolics with Xerox Parc.



Okay, thanks for reminding me of Xerox Parc, I retract my remark on the pioneering accomplishements of Lisp machines except for garbage collection: Lisp machines still deserve credit for that.



Don't forget dynamic typing/lexical scope. There's also nothing on the market today with lambda as a hardware primitive.


OAuth was never good. at a conceptual level.



>There's also nothing on the market today with lambda as a hardware primitive.

Because doing beta reduction in hardware is incredibly slow and a terrible idea.

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