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File: 57a92f72a17d2ae⋯.png (33.09 KB, 337x511, 337:511, nano.png)

File: dec96a10cd080ee⋯.png (198.39 KB, 1000x662, 500:331, 2019-03-01-124321_1000x662….png)


Old thread hit 400 replies: >>996935

Nanochan is a tor only imageboard written in lua:


Source code:


Changes since the last thread:

>the old v2 onion address has been redirected to the new v3 address

>is there gonna be another /tech/ thread needed after the current one hits 400?

<I'm not going to make one. In retrospect I actually think it was a mistake to advertise on pigchan in the first place

Discuss alternative imageboards, web dev best practices, and call each other faggots

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hapase just announced that your're a faggot anon




What was said?



Mindless faggotry shill detected



he's bullshitting nano is online and active




File: da67a08f44e52b7⋯.jpeg (5.41 MB, 4200x2732, 1050:683, serveimage.jpeg)


>What TV/Receiver/Projector are you using?

>How many speakers do you have?

>What are you buying?

>What are you watching/playing?

I just got an LG C9. Other then being disappointed with eARC, it looks and performs great! Now I'm looking to get a receiver with HDMI 2.1 and a PC that'll be able to do 4K @ 120hz.

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Is there anything I can get/build that will do Atmos/TrueHD, HDR10 and Dolby Vision? The smartTV apps on my TV will do HDR/DV but won't decode TrueHD



Is that guy being ironic? I have no idea what I'm looking at.



He's the guy for the biggest gape, the bing bing wahoo is edited.


File: c217744f679a3c4⋯.png (376.06 KB, 800x930, 80:93, 1342466089585.png)


Is that satire? Too much effort for pre-teen or actual retard, too dumb for anybody else.



Thanks for the context.

File: d4405afd9377915⋯.jpeg (224.92 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, k3h98jilhfplzozdd8l5wglm0….jpeg)


Did he win?

>systemd is now the default for most Linux distros

>alternatives to the components of systemd are dying

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>Then why is everyone acting like its the end of the world?

Because people who think this are autistic. You should be more worried about the backdoor in your Intel CPU than some piece of open source software.


File: 5c35fde0f96b4b2⋯.png (57.78 KB, 343x400, 343:400, 1deedfd47d2210733b3d2ff7f4….png)


Lol you think people here don't know that judaic spooks are capable of running a su root vm without user awareness in most jewtel and newer amd cpu's?

Anyway your argument is shit, it doesn't mean systemd isn't a horrible mess made by (((redhat))), you know those totally honest people that never work for federal government contracts, ever! :^)

nevermind shit like https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/CVE-2018-16864

Nothing wierd at all! It's good code by design goy, you should trust them!! even though the people who made it are seasoned government programmers who work with it for a living


File: cfa44e98fa6ed42⋯.jpg (93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



btw very cool board now with the captchas every post, keep up the GREAT work faggots.



It's not the distros breaking compat, it's the software.

>add bad patch

>break compat with versions without the patch because "everybody upgraded right? :^)"

>people who don't watch out for this shit are now stuck with the bad patch

You could see this with GCC5 and idiot "optimizations" too.


All I know is that whenever I run # pacman -Syu on the arch rig I have and there's a new systemdicks version to be updated it feels like playing a game of russian roulette, every other version of this crap seems to come with a surprise severe critical bug embedded into it. Poettering and his crew don't have any idea about what testing and QA are.


Is there a non-invasive OS I can use on my phone and my tablet?

I don't trust nor want this android crap, but I don't want to be screwed either. I want to be able to still make calls and send texts. I want to browse online without every keystroke and website being monitored.

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This thread is about non-invasive phone/tablet OS's which firefox OS exists and fails at. If you want a browser thread go to one of those. If you want a non-botnet browser use a text/command line based browser. Now that said if you want a GUI browser with the least/easily removed botnet use palemoon 27.9.4 as it has much less of the intentional javascript memory leaks but still some for web compatibility and all the about:config options can be changed without hinderance. It also doesn't have CSS3/always on javascript or telemetry or inability to disable addon update checks. and I don't think it has the security.turn_off_all_security_so_that_viruses_can_take_over_this_computer bullshit. But even so compile it yourself using all up to date system libraries and remove as much bloat like dbus as you can. Also someone needs to fork that codebase and remove the remaining botnet from it. palemoon 28+ is a fork of firefox 52 ESR so

Firefox has all the botnet listed above. So don't use it. Don't use webkit/chrome forks as they have countless backdoors themselves webkit/chromium is where firefox is copying all the intentional memory leaks from, amazing (((coincidence))) they share the same leaks eh? and are fucking botnet.




Allow security.turn...this_computer only if MOZ_DISABLE_NONLOCAL_CONNECTIONS is set

This specific option is supposed to be set when a different security option is also set. You said that memory leaks in intentionally crafted Javascript can flip the setting. This means running untrusted Javascript code. You can avoid this by not running untrusted programs by default. Instead you disable by default and authorize Javascript programs through a whitelist.



Hi mozilla/george soros, fuck off.

>Instead you disable by default and authorize Javascript programs through a whitelist.

Why isn't that the default for all firefox based browsers then? Disable javascript and only enable via a whitelist? There isn't even a whitelist for selectively enabling the disabled javascript by default you faggot. Even then javascript is always on and accessable via css3. So get the fuck out you pajeet mozilla shill and or kike shill/AI.

Even so beyond all that, why is there an option to enable priviledged javascript access to internet read c/c++ mozilla API's such as access to HAL? Well the answer is so keyloggers can be installed and pictures taken of your browser without you even knowing it should some bad actor wish to do so. Why hasn't mozilla removed this option since firefox 19? Cause some (((security researcher))) requested it as a backdoor and it got added with no questions asked.



Is there no hope of buying any tablet model that is reasonably trustworthy?



build one yourself

most libre sbc as of today are olinuxino a20 and eoma68 (or i.mx6 if you manage to get one)

don't use {2..4}g botnet

File: ef965ef3ab2f7c6⋯.jpg (815.86 KB, 2576x1936, 161:121, 20190219_001.jpg)


Dell Precision edition. As usual, the old one hit 400 posts again.

>tfw your M6500 died and all you're left with is this M4300 and two Pentium era Precisions

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can the speakers on thinkpads work at the same time as headphones or something is in the port? i just feel paranoid about it and want to physically remove the speakers


File: beeced8933d5d5f⋯.png (3.42 MB, 2927x1080, 2927:1080, gang.png)



I wouldn't brag about buying bargain bin Koss electrostats.



They don't look bad. I had a dream about earphones recently, but meh.. still a bigger fan of earbuds, I don't think people truly appreciate how much the technology has advanced on those tiny things.


New thread: >>1063380

File: 7e8528cd6c16b54⋯.png (8.6 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


[https://archive.ph/4v4gt] https://newspunch.com/microsoft-release-word-politically-correct/

[http://archive.fo/L9BsS] https://www.foxnews.com/tech/microsoft-ai-word-politically-correct

>Bill Gates’ Microsoft is set to release a new version of Word that will use artificial intelligence to ensure you remain “politically correct” at all times while writing.

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>you just lost 100 citizen points.



Why haven't the Chinese started colonizing Linux yet?


File: 4e3e386491df489⋯.gif (1007.95 KB, 327x251, 327:251, LeanUnderstatedIsabellinew….gif)



I don't know. Does serfdom count as being part of a society?



I ordered some hardware off Aliexpress that came with linux-specific drivers. It's already underway.

File: 015078fdd50c916⋯.jpg (254.32 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Clover_02.jpg)


How would you create the next generation of imageboards?



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Design an imageboard protocol for clients and servers to implement.



It's called HTTP. It's a bit UNIX braindamaged though.


Blockchain could be the key to free speech online, but it would need to be easy to replicate for normalfags so that real anons can become lost in the noise (or encryption). Even in a "distributed" network you're going to have problems related to energy costs, ports, traffic patterns that can be blocked by government controlled ISPs, etc... but layers of mitigation are what opsec has always been about.

Imagine, for example, a post that is replicated across the internet... validated like a transaction across 100,000 nodes all over the world, incapable of being erased or censored. Now imagine that participation in replicating this post yields you money. Now imagine that when someone posts to this medium they understand that it's going to ripple through the network and never be deleted. Now imagine you're a government who wants to shut this down. Now imagine this government flooding it with noise whether it be disinformation, shill posts, or even subversives who are trying to embed themselves as deeply into "the core" of the philosophy as possible merely to feed information out of it and subvert it. Imagine now there are vans rounding up people, as a demonstration, people who participate in this network.

Normalfags are just going to use jewbook. This could just be my very low esteem of humanity but I seriously doubt people would even give a fuck.




stopped reading right here



>free speech online, but it would need to be easy to replicate for normalfags

Normalfags will turn it into Facebook, you fucking 13 year-old retard.

File: 243d861bffeb260⋯.jpg (6.79 KB, 190x265, 38:53, images(6).jpg)


>ctards and lispcucks still don't know what the best language is

Have you mastered the STACK, yet maties?





80 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 0f99ba87d0bdec5⋯.jpg (39.44 KB, 474x600, 79:100, 911 shirt.jpg)

>this is the only thread where our beloved vols delete Lispfag posts



Is there a text editor written in Forth?




Old versions of Forth came with their own editors, actually. Starting Forth even teaches you how to use it. I still have to try that stuff in an emulator at some point. Still, Chuck Moore himself said that you should just write your own editor. I think he's right. That should be one of your first goals as a programmer. You will never find an editor out there that will be better for you than the best editor that you could write for yourself. Forth is very compatible with that kind of attitude, but of course, this goes for any language. If you don't want to do that kind of thing, Forth is probably not for you, because it is more of a dead language. It's useful for certain applications and especially for learning purposes, but for the most part it's dead. Maybe it could theoretically be the ultimate programming language, but that's not its current state, so be realistic.

File: b5511c681a8a7de⋯.png (315.63 KB, 549x681, 183:227, Pin me down.png)

File: 343309e623cd2d2⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, HD 6XX.jpg)



What AMPs are you faggots using? I'll be getting an HD 6XX soon and is currently looking for an AMP. I'm currently looking at the Fiio E10K and the K3 but don't know the difference between the two. Any amps you'd recommend?

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I have read a couple of reviews on the swissonic and the 202hd, and many complain about drivers, any experience with that? Which one do you have? And what about linux?



About the sub, don't bother unless you plan on buying it from the start because the crossover will make the low end of your monitors completely useless.

This means that you usally either buy "big" (>= 6.5") monitors OR small ones (which will reproduce mids better due to their small driver size) and a sub.

Subs also have some inconvenients, which is being just a mud cannon unless you spend some real money, making the sound come from two different sources (making room treatment and correction a nightmare) and the monitors not being made from the beginning with that usage in mind (bass woofers aren't the same as mid woofers, which are usually domes instead of cones). That's why a 3-way is always superior to a 2.1 setup.

If you still plan on buying one, take the 5" or smaller monitors (3" being the ideal size for a mid woofer) and from the same brand as the sub (Yamaha HS8s + HS5 pair or Presonus Temblor T8 or T10 + Eris 3.5).

By the way, maybe you lived in a rock for the last decades, but buying Japanese (be it cars or audio) is what intelligent people do these days; at least if you want reliability/good QC and generally less scamming.



I'm using the swissonic on Gentoo. No problems since it's a class compliant USB audio device.

Just laugh at the windows plebeians while reading comments.

By the way, https://en-de.neumann.com/kh-310-a is the endgame as far as near/midfield sound quality goes. See https://en-de.neumann.com/product_files/1719/download if you want detail.


File: ecb0606df8a678c⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1487x1080, 1487:1080, ecb0606df8a678c9fb9d54934f….png)

Koss ESP-950 just arrived


Have the Fiio E10K. Use it to drive some 150Ohms headphones, gets pretty demn loud. Bass boost function is nice, analogue so it doesn't clip. Line out is clean. Class compliant, works pretty much out of the box


Countering "Trusting Trust"


web.archive.org/web/19961220000813/http://www.acm.org/classics/sep95/ this is an archive of the dead link in the top of the article

>Way back in 1974, Paul Karger and Roger Schell discovered a devastating attack against computer systems. Ken Thompson described it in his classic 1984 speech, "Reflections on Trusting Trust." Basically, an attacker changes a compiler binary to produce malicious versions of some programs, INCLUDING ITSELF. Once this is done, the attack perpetuates, essentially undetectably. Thompson demonstrated the attack in a devastating way: he subverted a compiler of an experimental victim, allowing Thompson to log in as root without using a password. The victim never noticed the attack, even when they disassembled the binaries -- the compiler rigged the disassembler, too.

>This attack has long been part of the lore of computer security, and everyone knows that there's no defense. And that makes this paper by David A. Wheeler so interesting. It's "Countering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling," and here's the abstract:

>An Air Force evaluation of Multics, and Ken Thompson's famous Turing award lecture "Reflections on Trusting Trust," showed that compilers can be subverted to insert malicious Trojan horses into critical software, including themselves. If this attack goes undetected, even complete analysis of a system's source code will not find the malicious code that is running, and methods for detecting this particular attack are not widely known. This paper describes a practical technique, termed diverse double-compiling (DDC), that detects this attack and some unintended compiler defects as well. Simply recompile the purported source code twice: once with a second (trusted) compiler, and again using the result of the first compilation. If the result is bit-for-bit identical with the untrusted binary, then the source code accurately represents the binary. This technique has been mentioned informally, but its issues and ramifications have not been identifiePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Those kind of bugs predate UNIX, you MIT reject




Because that's not what it means. It's revisionist bullshit to pretend /usr wasn't really a disk for user home directories. One of the things I hate about UNIX culture is that they shit on real history and hate when people know the truth. It's not enough that they made a shit OS and a shit language, they have to pretend better ones didn't actually do what they really did. That's why they say the hierarchical file system came from UNIX and not Multics, because it would get people looking into Multics and comparing it with UNIX. They made up this myth that Multics died in the 60s and didn't do anything besides influence UNIX.


>Computer aided design, manufacturing control systems, laboratory simulations, even the Internet itself, all began life with and because of UNIX systems.

That's all bullshit, and that's the official UNIX site. For some reason, only UNIX weenies do this, then they say truth and historical accuracy don't mean anything when you call it out. Another thing they do is only talk about popularity and how widespread UNIX is. Never once do they mention technical aspects, like how some innovation in C or UNIX improved programming or made things easier or more reliable. Their whole "argument" is that UNIX is "good" because it's popular and replaced operating systems and languages that were originally used for the same things, then they complain when anyone wants to replace C and UNIX with something better.


Monopolies and monocultures are bad for security, but especially when they're based on an insecure OS written in a known bad language. Computer companies used to have multiple hardware systems each with multiple operating systems. It would be a lot harder to "take down the Internet" when people aren't all running the same thing.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




There's nothing better.







unbased and LARP

File: aa233ab429cd7e3⋯.png (18.86 KB, 728x380, 182:95, android-botnet-malware.png)

File: 752773e360a5f3e⋯.jpg (263.75 KB, 810x456, 135:76, China_spy.jpg)


Call me a BotFag for actually making this thread, as I already know owning an Android is a terminal illness (all phones are, so it's meaningless), but if you had a list of Android phones/manufacturers you'd rather stay from, and some you would actually recommend, I'd be inclined to see your list and why.

These are the rules if you want to recommend a Good Android Phone:

>No Chinese Companies (Taiwan doesn't count)

>No Foreign Companies bought out by China

>No absence of Headjack (obvious, and also de-facto no phones thinner than tin-foil)

>Easy Root Activation Process

>Has to at least work (no processors under quad-core)

>Bonus points for ability to change the OS

But hey, what do I know, I'm just a dumb-ass for not wanting to look it up, entertain me...

13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



But their website is very corporate and they list a lot of high tech sounding companies as 'partners' in their technology...

Surely a childish delusion wouldnt result in all that?



Motorola was sold off to China (Lenovo specifically) since Google gave them 5th class treatment over the years.

I don't trust them with my personal data, not anymore...



>All phones are inherently insecure.

This is primarily because both Android and iOS are inherently insecure. Doesn't matter where your hardware came from (protip: China, it all came from China), the OS is pozzed.



All operating systems will be inherently Flrapm until the computer programs itself. Privacy and security is nuanced, and what we got is what we got, every enhancement counts.

Samsung and LG are from South Korea.



>OP says no phones with chinese parts

>still menctions china

The idiocy.


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>Does everyone create their own dictionary, or is there some sort of translation algorithm?

There is a main dictionary for the Plover project based on steno theory and the adaptations of one of the dev team users. The dictionary is a long JSON file that matches a chord like "STPH" to some output (I forget, maybe like a word like "staff"; "STOP" is in order and would output "STOP" I think). The chords are based off of steno theory which is phoentic I think, so once you know some of the rules you can guess and often figure out the word. I'm going from memory after not doing this for a while but I think like "STEUBG" would be "stick", "EU" often becomes "i" and "BG" is used for "k" endings. To do long words or phrases, the program can recognize and replace multiple chords in a row.

>some of these briefs are pretty crazy

Yeah, that's what made me hesitate a bit. I think that chording is a great idea, but I didn't want to have to learn this outdated language that was created for physical steno typewriters. But it seems like an imperfect improvement on touch typing so it's really "good enough" for now. I think the future might be able to rearrange everything to be much more efficient.

You're also tied down to one language kind of as well (English, versus like Spanish or German).


Keyboards could end up being cheaper and taking up less space eventually.

here was another attempt at a chorded keyboard arrangement: https://sites.google.com/site/ploverdoc/kinglet-a-letter-based-stenotype-system

and another: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VelotPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>There is a main dictionary for the Plover project based on steno theory and the adaptations of one of the dev team users.

She is more of the project leader than a developer. Before creating the project she already used steno and was a contractor offering services for realtime transcription. The software she had to use then were proprietary, bloated, and limited in what they could do. That's why she wanted someone to create a piece of software like plover.

>I didn't want to have to learn this outdated language that was created for physical steno typewriters

What do you have against the layout? It's not like with typewriters where they had the limition of spreading out keys so it wouldn't jam. Steno machines did not have this limitation. This is because each key was given a designated location as opposed to a type writer always trying to hit the same location. The problems of the physical machine are things like not having an undo and being more strict on the way you do the chord. Obviously they are not realtime, you have to go back and translate all the shorthand to the actual transcription.

>You're also tied down to one language kind of as well (English, versus like Spanish or German).

Though you can finger type words if you need to.



that would be nice but usually the reality is that you pay more for less. like with $100 you get a keyboard that has less keys and no letters on them but with $10 you can get a keyboard that has all the normal keys and has the letters on the keys.



>How good is it for programming?

It's better for programming than writing since programming languages have a smaller vocabulary and simpler syntax than natural languages.



Kudos to Op, I discovered Plover and the realm of stenography thanks to you. Writing this at a snail's pace but learning the ropes for a while now.

Typing like this can be relieving to my brittle fingers, given I know the cords, as long as they don't use too many keys also.

I don't recommend diving too deep into this rabbithole without a suitable keyboard for the task. My mx browns are way too heavy for prolonged (and speedy) cording. On the lookout for a 40% ortho type affair myself. Fits palan layout and is a functional miniature keyboard otherwise.

The software is in its infancy with regard to translation behavior, it breaks when you tamper with the form content. Maybe it is just impossibly to integrate better?

File: 4bd15d4d90ce7e9⋯.jpg (106.89 KB, 418x418, 1:1, vicious linux bird.jpg)


>Librem 5 dev-kits making calls to each other

>PinePhone dev-kits sent out



I can't wait for PostmarketOS to start making calls on those devices.

Complaining about smartphones thread: >>1045136

56 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Wow, the stench of cuckchan that's coming from this post is physically painful.




>desktop operating system



Pal, you can onanate over how private your Replicant gewgaw is, it's still a smartphone with a proprietary modem, borderline unmaintained at this point. I'd rather use something that is secure - because phones are not private. I know every greasy NEET LARPer on /tech/ likes to purity spiral, but give it a rest.


File: 4d74d2be533b21b⋯.png (102.96 KB, 225x225, 1:1, kill yourself you cia nigg….png)



Your posts are glowing.



>Yes but it doesn't mean that they need to be able to access the content...by hacking your device.

That makes sense to me, although personally for this "project" I would really only use voice calling and SMS messages. I don't think I'd have anything else on the phone itself apart from contacts and such.

I am worried a little about someone being able to use the GSM module to gain access, but like I said I don't think it's a great risk. you're right though. I wonder if I wrote good code it would mitigate the microcontroller being abused over the GSM connection?

>Galaxy s2/s3 chipset

I'll look into it, but I don't know if I have the know how to make that work with my idea. Looks like they're pretty cheap on eBay, though. 10 bucks for an s2. I don't suppose it would be as simple as just connecting TX and RX pins and using it as a serial connection to a microcontroller, though, would it?

>Desolder the components and solder them back onto the device you wish to use via appropriate ports. Just make sure you have a way to upload the software to run the modem onto the modem or it won't work.

that makes sense. I guess if I could get a hold of the documentation I could actually make that work, but like you mentioned about the software I'm not sure how I'd do that given my limited knowledge. I was under the impression that the modem chip would not require external software (I would assume it has whatever it needs in EEPROM or something).

>If you are just doing this as a throwaway hobby project to learn about the various components then consider yourself more learned. If you are actually going to put this to serious use then fucking get a modem off a galaxy s2/3 or its fucking botnet.

It is mostly just for a project to do, although I wouldn't really throw it away. Right now I use a fully botnetted phone to call people anyway, so I figure that at worst nothing changes. At best I have a fun device I can use to call and text and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: d983bd0fc670786⋯.png (19.15 KB, 485x296, 485:296, 2019-04-30-170723_485x296_….png)


>Purism isn’t only about designing and producing secure hardware and software, and we have just added a neat bundle of services to our offer:

>Encrypted chat – simple end-to-end encrypted chat, VoIP, and video calling.

>Encrypted mail – easy to use, end-to-end encrypted email.

>Encrypted VPN – toggle your connection to a secure VPN tunnel.

>Public social – safe and privacy-respecting social media account.

>At Purism, we are a Social Purpose Company. We don’t exploit you (and, by our own philosophy and contract, we can’t exploit you). We don’t offer advertising services to third parties. We don’t track users. We don’t look at, sell, or share anything – we offer a simple subscription model.

>Librem One is a subscription service, using open standards and free software, and it is available for $7.99/mo, or $71.91/yr for the four services. Librem One does offer a basic tier, with encrypted chat and public social, for a pick-your-price from free to $5.99/mo. Librem One bundles popular, convenient services into a single, easy-to-use account – with more services are to be added over time.


17 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



So what is this autism? Are they seriously asking some random company (purism) to give them money so they can create a furfaggot safe space?



No one cares that they know where it's going (if they can ever do so), only what it is and how to read it, dickhead.

Sending message over Tor = see message leave, encrypted, sent into a fucking hive of thousands of other messages, and you don't get to find out where it goes next because the next hive doesn't know who you are and tells you to fuck off...

Meanwhile you think:

>Sending letters in mail = open letter, read paper

Is a smarter idea...good luck encoding by hand and avoiding them simply getting into YOUR network to grab the encryption key(s).


for posting on /tech/ a lot of you people know surprisingly little about tech. What happened? Did some subreddit go on a toughtcrime-ban spree?



/tech/ has been full of LARPers idiot fanboys for years now. Lots and lots of hot opinions, but nothing to back them up.



>People should host themselves and not use this shit.

>All of these services can be hosted on an affordable VPS and you'll have total control.

there is no way to buy VPS in private and anonymous way

also, if you have VPS or dedicated server, you don't have physical security of the server, anyone (police or server owner) can steal data from it or plant malware

File: 5c3fc14cd19d499⋯.png (24.12 KB, 414x227, 414:227, no escape.png)


Is this the future of the internet?

55 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Basically that, if all goes according to plan google will be able to transform the whole internet on its social media platform around 2030



Uh more likely does that because of high bot activity on an IP. It shouldn't do it at all of course


File: 0f32e85ae223894⋯.jpg (68.6 KB, 699x637, 699:637, 1431197224897.jpg)


oh its some tranny that works at google



That's not an argument you dumb fucking cunt. I am >>1062670 so of course I don't work at Google. The /pol/nigger is why we can't have good things. You can't even argue against recaptcha properly. I highly highly doubt they block you for selecting wrong images.

Bump so everyone can make fun of you and proceed to kill yourself.

7 captchas were solved to make this post. im in a thread explaining why recaptcha is shit and using the worst captcha system on earth for eachp ost



And tineye reverse image search require capcha too.

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