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>Microsoft has announced two new Linux distributions for Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux (WSL), including the first paid-for Linux distro called WLinux. WLinux is a Debian-based distro available for $19.99 from Microsoft Store. The company also announced Ubuntu 18.04, which will be available through the Microsoft Store, as well.

>While Windows 10 October 2018 Update is still to recover from the data loss bugs and its rollout process is yet to be restarted, Microsoft has today shared how the latest Windows 10 version 1809 will bring more support for Linux distros through the WSL. WSL enables Windows 10 to run various GNU/Linux distros inside the operating system as apps, offering access to Ubuntu, openSUSE, Debian, Kali Linux, and others.

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Literally never in my life have I needed support or took any damages from software, the only thing businesses need is to not get sued for piracy.



When you're a business, you ask support how to do shit instead of looking it up yourself on stack overflow so if something breaks, you know who to sue.



>When you're a business

You generally have an IT for that. Or you hire an independent/freelance IT when you are a small business.



>Literally never in my life have I needed support or took any damages from software

You aren't a business, and a bug with in the software yuou use is not going to destroy your income.

For any business, spending thousands of dollars each year is cheap insurance to avoid losing several millions out of the blue.

>the only thing businesses need is to not get sued for piracy.

And not getting sued for failure to deliver, which can happen if the software needed for the job stops working or malfunctions in another way.

Also not wasting materials, time, and customers' trust.

So you get insurance, and business-grade licenses are some of that insurance.


You can't find any IT willing to be sued if your business software stops working.

You can find a few desperate pajeets that will lie about being IT, and they are too poor to be worth suing of course.


WLinux as in Windows Linux? I've lived to see the day...


Is 9front worth a try? It has been cucked by a COC and the dev team are kinda cringey but I've heard the actual OS is pretty nice. Where do i start?

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We should all be using Smalltalk, /userdeveloper/ style.



Refresh it like two three times and it comes to the sjw coc that is actually enforced by the community. It's a cock disguised as a joke, not the other way around.


No, this should be obvious if you've been lurking for more than 2 days, but if you haven't got it by now: OpenBSD is the least meme alternative, Haiku is a better OS but is a little more meme. Those are your only choices.



Proof, faggot?


Haiku is not a better alternative to OpenBSD.

File: af2a0c7f7783546⋯.png (29.42 KB, 741x568, 741:568, af2.png)


Would it be possible for a hacker with enough hacking skills to delete the entire internet off of the internet all at once? How could something like this be done? If it could be done?

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Well, I tried. I guess this place is >>>/g/ now.

if the BO doesn't give a shit, why would I give a fuck about saging faggot?



You show us, anon. Be the hero we deserve.




it is physically possible. maybe that is why we are fucked like all the other aliens.



True, but there is a heavy reliance on certain devices, like Cisco IOS routers on most tier 1 networks. One or two IOS 0 days that get into the device, then spread to all the BGP neighbors, then brick the device and you'll see a huge chunk of the internet go offline. At least, temporarily.

File: 59196b79525243e⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 964x912, 241:228, sweatingpepe.gif)


>technical writing class

>30 page COC due on monday

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A simple degree doesn't mean someone is an expert, it means they're not completely brain dead. Unless they're a nigger, then it may still be retarded despite the degree thanks to quotas.



>A simple degree doesn't mean someone is an expert

Perhaps I articulated myself incorrectly. I was trying to convey that a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering has no correlation with a person's competence in software development/engineering, and that because of this, I wish I would have pursued a different path.



Doubly linked lists are easier than singly linked lists.



Well at least that lectureer is doing it right.




You should definitely listen to the following lecture, where he talks about his experiences at Los Alamos. It isn't really a scientific lecture, but I think it gives you some nice insights about the people working there.


File: 7ee912997363b8d⋯.png (63.4 KB, 532x488, 133:122, Screenshot_2018-11-08_12-0….png)


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>can deliver altered source code

like others can't?



I don't mind this so much, I've seen a few projects where a lot of people use issues because they don't want to RTFM and the project maintainer doesn't want to run a mailing list.


GitLab is SJW infected, but if you don't mind that over corporatism, your call I guess.






What reason is there even for this to exist?

Other than deleting security vulnerability reports and not fixing them, that is.



people are offensive ;_;

File: cf93498dc6e9ea6⋯.jpeg (163.78 KB, 750x1024, 375:512, xlarge.jpeg)


Gallium 9 is now included in Ubuntu going forward. This means older Windows games will run a lot better in Wine since G9 is nearly native.



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You can run games bette- oh, wait...



that's just the skirt folds


If you had any integrety for privacy and freesoftware, you'd uninstall wine right now.



Wine is F/OSS.



I mean, there ARE games on Linux now, but the point is that VERY few games NEED more than a mid-tier card.

File: b176a3f3b50570e⋯.png (12.08 KB, 350x350, 1:1, and.png)


>depreciates your dmenu


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you forgot to sage. stay on 4cuck, faggot.



disown is a bash exclusive though.



Is it though? It seems to work on zsh and mksh too.



zsh even has &! for background and disown.


File: 13f66d5b7c22b65⋯.jpg (207.68 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1536341459597.jpg)


fugging based XDDD

File: 497a80c7934c26f⋯.jpg (68.88 KB, 330x330, 1:1, devil_bsd.jpg)



This list is for desktop oriented operating systems. List is ordered roughly by developmental stage.

BSDs - finished, werks:

Name: MidnightBSD

License: Simplified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic

Name: OpenBSD

License: Simplified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic

Name: NetBSD

License: Simplified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic

Name: Dragonfly BSD

License: Modified BSD License

Kernel: BSD Monolithic/Hybrid

Illumos - mostly server oriented, compatibility layer is there "but haven't ported it yet":

Name: OpenIndiana IllumoS

License: CDDL License (MIT resemblence)

Kernel: IllumoS Monolithic

Name: ToaruOS IllumoS

License: UIUC License (MIT resemblence)

Kernel: IllumoS Monolithic

Name: Tribblix IllumoS

License: CDDL License (MIT resemblence)

Kernel: Illumos Monolithic

AROS Systems - Amiga-based niche OS, mostly justwerks:

Name: AROS Research OS

License: AROS Public License (Mozilla resemblence)

Kernel: Exec Microkernel

Name: Icaros Desktop

License: AROS Public License (Mozilla resemblence)

Kernel: Exec Microkernel

Name: Aspire Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 25d7ba34076af97⋯.png (822.78 KB, 884x500, 221:125, mark8.PNG)


At least you've got a screen, keyboard and "operating system". I still haven't figure out how to hook mine up to a television.



my sides


So my Linux drive is old as shit (2011) and I've been considering updating (mainly because new sources no longer compile due to old-as-shit gcc and openssl) but don't want to fuck around with systemd.

(only use Linux in a VM for routing purposes. Long story short: use VM as a wifi router sometimes. Used to use bt5 for this purpose)

Looking at MX Linux and Devuan. Any thoughts?



hahaha, holy autism!


File: 51bba2486af37bd⋯.gif (296 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2b7a986677c883f2d3da0ef3ad….gif)

I'm a *buntu user here. Xubuntu has been my daily driver for years.

Which is the best daily driver BSD, productivity and some retro gaming/etc? Willing to do a clean install, just really new to BSD in general.

File: 97802f565f2ffd2⋯.png (2.36 KB, 48x48, 1:1, icon.png)


Let's have a thread for textadept. A free open source text editor written in C that uses Lua for scripting.

It has prebuild binaries for linux, windows and macos but can easily be built by yourself.

It supports normal hotkeys, vim style editing (if you add or use one of the existing modules) and emacs like key-chains.

Textredux is a module for Textadept that basically turns all windows into buffers that are displayed within TA, very handy and recommended.

tl;dr a free oss alternative to bloated editors



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I don't see gentoo threads in the list



ur mom's pussy with my cum







File: feab21c1a3da8ea⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 3072x2048, 3:2, Iron-man_2008-1-1200x707.jpg)


What is the best possible first language to learn? I want to start with solid foundations. Ultimate goal is becoming real life tony stark.

I heard scheme/lisp is the way to go and if i can learn that first it would be way easier to get a hold of other languages since i would be able to understand the philosophy.

But i'm not %100 sure because MIT uses python rather than scheme for its computer science program.



So what do you guys think?

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Those other languages are abstractions that don't teach you how the computer works. You need machine language (by itself or via asm) and you need to delve into the electronics layer. Then you'll actually understand how it works.

The higher level languages don't help as they only bring in abstractions that obscure what's actually going on in the computer. Fine if you want to write software, but not for this learning purpose.



well not just for understanding computers, but to become more complete engineer at the end of all the learning. and ideal first programming language would help me learn other languages more easier.


>he's not using ArnoldC



Ignore this post, it's silly.


The people that hate C and hate Unix make me curious. It's kinda amusing and not all that disagreeable. What do you people actually use? I dislike Unix as well, but it's barely optional at this point. I don't mind C too much, though it is probably better to go a little higher level most of the time, or just use asm like people did in the past (C is not a low level language, that is complete bullshit, it's just awkwardly low level compared to other high level languages because of the features that it lacks). It seems popular, but I personally don't like the Lisp syntax. I don't like prefix notation (postfix isn't intuitive either, but I would prefer that, just because I used it in economics... but I think only Forth uses that, and Forth is crazy) and I don't like all the parenthesis all over the place. It's kind of a mess.


>Those other languages are abstractions that don't teach you how the computer works.

Correct, that is the whole point. Higher level languages are meant to allow you to program without having to think about how the computer works all the time. They are good to learn how to program, not about how the machine itself actually works.

File: cadff88b8e415e0⋯.jpg (31.49 KB, 640x295, 128:59, DpAQw_GWwAE8vre.jpg:large.jpg)


Are there any good resources I could look at for compiling the Linux kernel myself if I'm wanting to squeeze a bit more performance out of my toaster?

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just use distcc



well, in archlinux the ramdisk is loaded by grub. my fstab only contains an entry to /dev/sda1.

i removed ramdisk support in my kernel and just added native XFS support so it loads my partition directly without loading a ramdisk with modules first



<archlet doesn't use FDE

as expected



You mean initramfs, right? Ramdisk usually refers to tmpfs for GNU/Linux.


I suspect there is not much to be gained from kernel tweaking as the kernel is not all that resource inefficient to begin with. There are however few things that could at least be tried:


Even on faster more modern systems cache misses are quite expensive and on older systems with slower memory even more so, by trading some code execution speed in order to fit more into caches the overall performance could in theory get better, or worse, depending on workload and the cpus cache setup.


To enable this kernel needs to be patched, but it is a thing and there really is no downside to using it. It is going to produce better code for this particular system, but probably not anything noticeably faster >CONFIG_IOSCHED_DEADLINE



If still on spinning disk JFS+Deadline is still a great combo offering ok performance with really low cpu overhead. In practice this is quite meaningless however as the overhead from disk encryption completelly overshadows any scheduler or filesystem cpu usage

Some basic debugging options or things that fall under CONFIG_EXPERT could also be used to shave off few k of memory usage or code size, but unless it is some embedded system where every k counts it really is not worth the effort

File: fc47d362f1bee8b⋯.png (580.38 KB, 1277x976, 1277:976, I_feel_sick.png)

File: 6f00202b2bf673d⋯.png (99.09 KB, 790x487, 790:487, very_traumatic.png)


Don't let the beta bitches and the surrender monkeys to allowed this to happen.

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There's >>>/byte/ I suppose


File: 03ec685846960c2⋯.png (16.37 KB, 251x221, 251:221, NO.png)

Set your own price!

in addition to the price we have already set for you



Report the thread you nogger


Just sage

File: a282a0c9178e943⋯.jpg (108.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, JABCode.jpg)

File: a34a72878d8ab85⋯.png (93.26 KB, 403x348, 403:348, Samples-of-high-capacity-b….png)

File: 4a2b907b764654f⋯.png (27.67 KB, 612x506, 306:253, CobraKing.png)


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Baudot code or ITA2.


There are numerous protocols currently in development and they all have unique abilities. One is even challenging wireless protocols like NFC in terms of throughput. The main thing is being able to decode with a 99%+ success rate in ANY lighting. The next few months should be interesting, I mean, serving data off your screen like its some kind of antenna, that's freaking sweet. Good luck fellow developers, let us make this a good run. - JP


File: 29bf696fba863f7⋯.png (572.07 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, JessicaJones.png)


I want to ask you a question: I want to set up a doxxing service. Something like a private investigator online. It's very far-fetched? It is very easy to do a good (with depth) doxxing? And if the previous answers are optimistic, some tips to start (where to advertise, how much to charge, etc)

19 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>First of all, there's no cameras in the street around here

>First of all I've not noticed the hidden cameras in the streets round here...

The old idea of two spies meeting on a park bench for a private conversation are long over, especially in cities. There are hidden microphones as well as cameras.



There aren't big obvious cameras every where but shops have security cameras in case of a break in. People other than you carry phones which often have google or amazon voice activated functions.



Kek. You have no idea what it's like where I live. It's mostly old people and they don't carry cellphones. There are no bars or other happening places nearby, and no nightlife to speak of. All shops close at 9 pm on average. And it's all residential streets from here to the small grocery store I go to once a week or so. I hardly even pass anyone on the street (usually just see some old folks working in their yard), and there's almost no traffic at the time of day I go. So basically there is no surveillance here, except maybe via military satellites. There is camera in the grocery store, and that's basically it. Otherwise what ever I do is unrecorded, just like decades ago.

Anyway like I said, this still has nothing to do with what an SJW will find when he tries to "dox" someone. Unless you're actively maintaining an online presence, they have very little to go by.


Is there a 4chan influx?



2 things

People could try to dox you and tru real fucking hard

Only accept crypto as people will try to kick you off paypal

File: 7c24b7279a4b406⋯.gif (2.51 KB, 201x342, 67:114, 7c24b7279a4b406facd933d87b….gif)


What are the best resources(s) for learning Objective C? Not a macfag, I want to write applications using GNUstep.

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File: 3bce10fa2aa3e3d⋯.png (104.69 KB, 792x1023, 24:31, 792px-The_C_Programming_La….png)


Objectively the best C book



Can you fucking read? He's asking about Objective C dumbass



>The joke

>Your head


File: e755fca7c3937e7⋯.jpg (4.92 KB, 200x134, 100:67, 1539027865356.jpg)


File: 7de13c8609f6de9⋯.png (473.66 KB, 680x435, 136:87, Cruise.png)

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