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File: b41ae908a734180⋯.jpeg (5.24 KB, 275x183, 275:183, leevilphone.jpeg)


You know how when a story is being pushed by the MSM they all use the same exact goddam talking points at nearly the EXACT same goddam time?

It seems that the MSM hates Energizer's phone.

>18mm-thick smartphone goes just a bit overboard



>Look at the size of this ridiculously large phone that's almost all battery


>Maybe not everyone should make a foldable phone


>Energizer’s P18K Pop is basically a giant battery with a smartphone built into it


>It will be remembered as the fattest phone of MWC 2019. I mean, just look at it.


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my cheap 5 year old android phone can do a week with its own battery. would probably run a month or more with externals.



i have seen dumbphones that run on aaa batteries



link it then or YOU FUCK OFF



Oh no, its as big as our iphones in our gay $80 battery cases


File: b20156b78097b2d⋯.jpg (54.77 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-owne….jpg)

>drop phone

>suddenly becomes warm


>housefire while asleep or cuts your hand off

Can't wait until they put lethally high capacity batteries in there that will explode at targeted goyims.

File: 6779b5ef7a946ba⋯.gif (12.68 KB, 381x287, 381:287, icon_extractor_2000_deskto….gif)



>corporate spyware

>Code of conducts & normie fuckery instead of actual work

>Still no year of the linux desktop

>Linux has been subverted by systemd fuckery

>Horrible flat UI interfaces that strain my eyes everywhere

>Actual government spyware all around

>still no truly secure computing

>Rampant javashite bloatware that forces you to upgrade your hardware

>software doesn't last and shit you write today doesn't last more than a couple years because everything breaks all the time and no one cares about writing lasting software

I'm so tired of technology.

How do I unplug if tech is all I know?

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File: c119fc86bc2ecbc⋯.png (179.57 KB, 478x720, 239:360, economics-schools_tierlist.png)

File: e7a2136d5c958e8⋯.png (117.83 KB, 960x390, 32:13, ancap_virginstatist.png)


The primary problem with IP law is that, at first, you see what seems to be growth. More investment is put into innovation and the patent lawyer gets money (parable of the broken window). But anybody who actually understands economics will tell you that this is just economic malinvestment. And eventually, a crash occurs. This is the end result of IP law. The crash is coming soon and it's already happened before. And it will happen again and again if IP law isn't abolished.

Abolish IP law.



The problem with modern IP is that it effectively never runs out. The point of IP is supposed to be that if you create something new, you can get the government to give you a temporary monopoly on it as a reward. Emphasis on TEMPORARY. Thanks to corporate stooge politicians like Sonny Bono, we have shit like long ass fucking copyright terms. A big driver of copyright law specifically is Disney. Anytime Steamboat Willie is about to enter public domain, they pay off enough politicians to get copyright terms extended. That's right, Steamboat Willie still isn't public domain. A fucking 8 minute cartoon from 1928.




>Anytime Steamboat Willie is about to enter public domain, they pay off enough politicians to get copyright terms extended.

Than why didn't they do it this time?



I still think it's conceptually wrong. Giving anybody a monopoly over ANYTHING for ANY REASON, especially at the cost of property rights, is wrong and economically fallacious and disastrous. But that is true, modern copyright is many times worse than older copyright laws.



There's still time. Steamboat Willie has until 2023 before it's copyright expires.


>The community is largely homogeneous with regard to gender, race, class and geographical extraction, being made up mainly by white male middle class European engineers.

>Help increase diversity: Over the next 5 years help promote diversity and collaborate in attracting contributors in order to get close to having the same proportion of men, women, and other genders as there are in the real world. Likewise promote KDE as a community all over the world to contribute to recruiting contributors so as to achieve a balanced representation of the largest number of ethnicities and nationalities as possible among contributors. At the moment, the community is composed mainly by white male Europeans. The goal is to add 5 percentile of minority contributors to the community every year over the next 5 years, without decreasing the number of contributors KDE already has. We can do this by carrying out actions that target under-represented genders, ethnicities and people with disabilities, so that we can tap undiscovered talent, receive input and help from a larger slice of the population, and better adapt KDE's software to the needs of wider selection of the population. We can take a page from Wikimedia's playbook on how to encourage under-represented groups to participate in KDE's community. Implement and enforce a strict CoC both for the community and each event against discrimination and harassment. Also, move main event (Akademy) away from Europe and encourage sprints and events in other places, like Asia, South America and Africa, as well as activities devise activities which will appeal to minorities.



If any of the KDE contributors comes here please stop this madness you don't need "diversity" you need people who wants to contribute and especially people who does it well.Skin color, race, sex is not important. If you force yourselves to have such goals instead of just wanting to just grow a better community then you'll have people who think that race, sex, nationality etc... is more important than the project/code.

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KDE has always been nothing but bloatware, so who gives a fuck? Let 'em burn.



His real name is Paul Brown (Anglo name)



But KDE already had a coc, from 2007 or so (although it was feminazi and sjw free then or something like that, maybe).

Qt is planning to make a feminazi coc. https://wiki.qt.io/QtCS2017_Qt_Project_Code_of_Conduct

I think that cocs in the way feminazis, sjws, etc. see them are completely unnecessary, useless and harmful. and almost all of the others too. Medieval ones, etc. are safe, I think. (I remember when a project jokingly adopted a christian saint's pledge for one day or so, it is very long and stringent, sjws hated it I imagine).



both >>1031936 and >>1032186

gnome outreachy and intel outreach got a taste of their own medicine


This. Though gnome is sure to stay on track due to C and security feats but not if they decided to say "fuck security"


>using baloo


File: 6228041df09c260⋯.jpg (66.45 KB, 640x660, 32:33, aliens.jpg)

File: 0e8d80fc8ffaac7⋯.jpg (68.96 KB, 1024x595, 1024:595, dumb_wojak_made-me-stupide….jpg)

File: d582e244a16e9fc⋯.png (112.15 KB, 500x429, 500:429, want_to_die.png)


>men, women, and other genders as there are in the real world.

>real world

File: 3e921e116f86363⋯.jpg (63.34 KB, 911x573, 911:573, Screenshot.jpg)


/tech/, a group of Swedish internet vigilantes are trying to govern the internet. More specifically, websites that host 3D printed weapons, like the Liberator and Songbird pistols. They're doing this by spamming the websites with phony uploads, claiming to be one of the pistols, but instead, is a model of that goddamn knotted-barrel revolver thing. Of course, this is useless against websites that show CAD previews, but it's still fucking annoying. Leave our goddamn physibles alone, Sweden. You can't stop humans from arming themselves.



Of course, there are plenty of websites that only host the files (such as http://herohog.com/GunBuilds/), and can't have anything uploaded, and websites that have file previews, but websites like The Pirate Bay are going to be hit pretty hard by this.

The only thing that annoys me more than the project itself is that they constantly refer to 3D printed gun file distribution as "the 3D printed gun market", which is so obviously wrong, it pisses me off. The 3D printed gun community (actually, the entire 3D printing community) is literally the most open source community next to Linux and GNU.

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the elsevier is a firm that has a part of the scientific paper publishing monopoly, and sci hub is a russian website that has over 50 million papers for free.


File: c2d8d8de40a4073⋯.png (395.67 KB, 641x538, 641:538, c2d8d8de40a40739f80ec23795….png)




>swedish internet vigilantes and swedish arms manufacturers are the same people



degenerate because he wasn't married to her or 'degenerate' b/c she was 17?



>what is proxy



/thread. Everyone who gives a shit about basic security ought to learn how to use checksums anyways.

File: 0f3c77b0068f18b⋯.jpeg (587.65 KB, 1622x1484, 811:742, CasioF-91W HP 12C IBM M….jpeg)


What is 'the Casio F-91W' of other tech?

I.e., inexpensive, well-built, reliable, outdated, & iconic.

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I have an HP 15c, 12c and 16c







They don't have to be...



best jailbreak consoles

pspdisp was a good program


File: 4406a97edfca78e⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2697x3262, 2697:3262, 14775984657.jpg)


>comeback after a year or two away from chans

>8chan still the same

i thought some guy got paid 10,000 usd to upgrade 8chan?

what happened? who in charge now? did the upgrade get abandoned? pic not related.

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i crai errytime.



File: fa06bb6cf8ab0aa⋯.png (52.63 KB, 200x170, 20:17, Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at ….png)

File: 8ddbb7c833fe196⋯.jpg (723.35 KB, 1600x1106, 800:553, duterte.jpg)



20ppm = 1200pph

Not even weekend.

There's more other hidden boards you've never heard of.

If you're counting 4chan posts you should exclude the filler botspams and datamining posts like "we all have secrets" they put on /b/ and other boards.



Google captchas are the fucking worst. If your browser is completely unidentifiable (e.g. a non-resize tor browser window with the tor network disabled) it is literally impossible to solve it. It will just fail because Google wants to track the goyim.

The primary reason I left 4chan is because I upgraded the privacy on my browser and solving the recaptchas became unbearable.



>Turning a hard drive into a listening device doesn’t have anything to do with its data storage capabilities. Instead, the team leveraged the sensors that help control the position of the read head above the platters.

>Any vibration can alter the position of a hard drive, so a modern hard drive is sensitive enough to pick up even minute disturbances in the platter. Yes, even human speech shows up in the PES data.

Long story short, the signal needs to be loud and the attacker needs physical access, but HDDs can be turned into microphones now.

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



from the register article

>But... if they were to, the PES sampling rate (34.56 kHz) allows the capture of audio signals up to 17.28 kHz, which covers almost all of human hearing (20 Hz–20 kHz) and is significantly better than the sampling rate of the telephone system (8 kHz). Since the PES data amounts to air pressure readings, the researchers simply turned the series of PES measurements into linear pulse-code modulation values and then converted these samples into sound via digital signal processing algorithms.



>17.28 kHz

That's interesting.

I wonder how prevalent HDD's are though today. Most new consumer tech, at least for the past 5 years, have been using solid-state for storage. And besides, nearly everyone carries some form of cellular phone with them, and nearly every laptop has a microphone built-in.



SSDs still can't compete for the price-point of larger HDDs. Especially with software bloat and HD movies being a thing, most people I know have a PC with both: an SSD with a size 256 or 512GB that has the OS and programs that work better with rapid access, while the HDD (sometimes multiple) in the 2-4TB range stores most of the media and program data.

You're right about the laptops and phones, though. I built my PC myself so I know damn well there isn't a microphone in there, but it does have an HDD. Good thing I don't have a habit of talking to myself.


I could swear I heard of this a few years ago?



I could swear punctuation has rules?

File: c3463279056a216⋯.png (286.47 KB, 507x400, 507:400, Autistic Screeching.png)


I keep seeing posters on here like >>1034281 trying to be galaxy brain by writing stuff in Assembly and ending up producing horrible code. I don't blame them, because pretty much the stuff about Assembly online is trash or unparsable.

So I've written Hello World properly, using modern interfaces & good code hygiene.


Feel free to ask questions in this thread.

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>the language is good though, so his plot failed. Now you can use the enemy's own tools against them.

Well said, and the same applies to Lisp.

If a tool is good, it's good, even if it was made by an enemy. Take advantage if it and beat him at his own game.



Please finish.


Using macros is an interesting Idea, and maybe saves some function call overhead. I think this will not scale well, but cause the complexity of your building blocks scales, there will start to be side effects in your macros, and the user will have to memorize side effects that are implementation specific to use them

>; Sets a register to zero, note that this will affect CFLAGS

I think that as complexity scales, function calls will be better - which is why procedural programming happened. I do think your use of macros is interesting, and a few look pretty useful but this 'galaxybraining' of helloworld destroys the point of helloworld as an education tool - you want new learners to understand what a syscall is , and the function call abi. Abstracting those details in macros probably makes it harder to learn whats happening to a new user.



>if you didn't work at AT&T in the 80s, you are my ENEMY

Rob Pike? I didn't know you posted here.



is unistd any better

File: a8fe119e140cb17⋯.png (220.01 KB, 938x641, 938:641, default.png)


What did Linus and his friends mean by this?

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I'm only mad Hitler didn't annihilate all Jews for real. Leniency will be White man's downfall.



kek, back to cuck/g chaim.


File: 59191b228fd4bdf⋯.jpg (99.24 KB, 450x488, 225:244, jew_tip.jpg)



File: 976cd2a7a4961ca⋯.png (320.91 KB, 640x553, 640:553, jew_offensive.png)

File: 03811c1fa711ac5⋯.jpg (53.04 KB, 550x748, 25:34, 17.jpg)


How can amazon stop niggers from stealing their drones?

23 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>How can amazon stop niggers from stealing their drones?

>Suggest ways kikes can continue to steal while stopping others from doing the same?


Although some say culling both would solve the problem.


Just load up a copy of Google images AI into the drone's camera. If an approaching form registers as 'Gorilla' with better than 95% accuracy, then just charge up the onboard taser. Simple.



>this fairytale bullshit


Who is this semen demon?

>How can amazon stop niggers from stealing their drones?

They're a reasonably intelligent company. They keep stats on each area and if a lot of packages start to go missing they simply stop delivering without a signature. It comes down to finding the sweet spot between inconveniencing customers and eating losses from stolen shit. Not hard to find when you're a trillion dollar company.


coat it with cyanide, golden poison arrow, or xylaria polymorpha.


Countering "Trusting Trust"


web.archive.org/web/19961220000813/http://www.acm.org/classics/sep95/ this is an archive of the dead link in the top of the article

>Way back in 1974, Paul Karger and Roger Schell discovered a devastating attack against computer systems. Ken Thompson described it in his classic 1984 speech, "Reflections on Trusting Trust." Basically, an attacker changes a compiler binary to produce malicious versions of some programs, INCLUDING ITSELF. Once this is done, the attack perpetuates, essentially undetectably. Thompson demonstrated the attack in a devastating way: he subverted a compiler of an experimental victim, allowing Thompson to log in as root without using a password. The victim never noticed the attack, even when they disassembled the binaries -- the compiler rigged the disassembler, too.

>This attack has long been part of the lore of computer security, and everyone knows that there's no defense. And that makes this paper by David A. Wheeler so interesting. It's "Countering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling," and here's the abstract:

>An Air Force evaluation of Multics, and Ken Thompson's famous Turing award lecture "Reflections on Trusting Trust," showed that compilers can be subverted to insert malicious Trojan horses into critical software, including themselves. If this attack goes undetected, even complete analysis of a system's source code will not find the malicious code that is running, and methods for detecting this particular attack are not widely known. This paper describes a practical technique, termed diverse double-compiling (DDC), that detects this attack and some unintended compiler defects as well. Simply recompile the purported source code twice: once with a second (trusted) compiler, and again using the result of the first compilation. If the result is bit-for-bit identical with the untrusted binary, then the source code accurately represents the binary. This technique has been mentioned informally, but its issues and ramifications have not been identifiePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

47 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>C is as exploitable as the programmer is retarded.

So you're saying everyone who has ever used C is retarded, especially its creators. Why would I want to use a language created by retards?



You have never written a nontrivial correct C program.



Calm down descartes. Remember your cogitos.




> recompile the purported source code twice: once with a second (trusted) compiler

uhhh why not just compile it once with the trusted compiler?


At some point you have to trust something, determining who/what you're placing that trust in and what vulnerabilities/attack vectors could abuse that trust is very important.

File: b9b7fd1f0d18792⋯.jpeg (40.63 KB, 854x493, 854:493, cpp.jpeg)


Starting C++ development soon. Should I use Clion or VisualStudio?

42 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Neither, using VS Code is a better choice not only for Sepples but for many other languages like JS.



use visual studio only if you are making dotnet stuff or (((UWP apps)))

Code::Blocks and NetBeans are better IDEs. But I suggest using neovim or Gnu Emacs.




>never use things made by people you don't like

FLOSS autists would rather be stuck in the 90s than actually try to compete.



and if you decide to assasinate a microsoft employee start here


File: 23e13a7339d4b15⋯.webm (964.11 KB, 1120x720, 14:9, cia_clusterfuck.webm)


>AV1 gradually getting out of the experimental stage but still suffering from snail-tier encoding

>MPEG trying to squeeze every last remaining shekel out of HEVC, thinking that hardware encoders in every $20+ GPU will save a codec that has never and will never be used for end-user livestreaming

>Intel releasing AVX-512 optimized encoders for AV1 and VP9

>h.264 going strong as VP9 is still too slow for real-time encoding while HEVC remains a licensing minefield only useful for Animu scene encodes

>MPEG working on VVC, forms the Media Coding Industry Forum ostensibly to avoid another patent licensing clusterfuck, promises 30-50% bitrate savings over HEVC by 2021

>Divideon trying to capitalize on the situation by offering the royalty-based XVC meme codec using patented tech to the extent that a single licensing scheme can allow, with similar video quality to AV1 and supposedly greater encoder performance

>Codemumkey still hasn't added AV1 support to 8chan

Who is likely to win?

When will proprietary software be outlawed?

35 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Now I know you are larping and a troll, system in package, also known as a spread out SOC has nothing to do with dedicated math functions in hardware.

It does if said functions are hidden behind proprietary firmware.


File: 0d922fb2d56ddc3⋯.png (28.27 KB, 244x350, 122:175, FriezaOwnAttack_2703.png)


>That picture tells your nothing of how it works.

It tells you what can be offloaded to the GPU in a best-case scenario, and what can't, which was what I was talking about with GPGPU encoders.

>What you neglect to mention is that those functions are not always using dedicated hardware functions

That's kinda' exactly what that pic is an example of, y'know? Anyways, my point was that what you're talking about is (at least in part) a fixed-function encoder, which strictly MUST impose limits that don't exist for CPU encoders. Whereas a GPGPU-based encoder could function identically to any software decoder, because GPGPU can execute any arbitrary code (although, of course, architectural differences mean that a GPGPU encoder may be faster or slower when using different settings and features compared to execution on a CPU).

>system in package

<calling someone a LARPer while being too ignorant to understand what I said

That's not what "SIP" means in this context:



File: f2a8ba480b840bc⋯.png (194.79 KB, 2400x892, 600:223, 1.png)



Nobody has mentioned Intel's SVT, I see.

Fortunately for you goys, it runs on AMD hardware too.



How does it compare quality wise to the reference AV1 encoder?



>That last benchmark

How in the world did that happen?

9900k behind TR and the i9 three times as fast.

File: a4243b44bfe1c96⋯.jpg (131.4 KB, 1470x519, 490:173, a4243b44bfe1c96ea13009b1e3….jpg)


Is there anything more cringeworthy than these "koans"?



And of course half the people in them are women because we all know the field is really saturated with women

91 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>He thinks only christians mock fedora tippers.




He is a Pagan more likely than not.


I thought /tech/ liked the Tao of Programming




Horseshit. What you call satanism isn't satanism, isn't a religion and doesn't exist.



That's nothing, you should've seen an old buddy of mine. His teeth are so perfectly simmetric, white, and evenly sized and spaced, that the dude seems to be on dentures. I've asked, he claims they're natural and he has visited the dentist very few times in his life. What's even stranger is that he's borderline obese and eats the part.

File: 7d68527a38f6a70⋯.png (888.67 KB, 756x715, 756:715, 1414284523892.png)


>Scientist release new AI to predict crime or do something funny like being a twitter bot

>It takes less than 24 hours to become a pol AI claiming for genocide of jews, talking about hitler and hating niggers

>Scientists shut it down

>SJW claim CS and math is raycists


So, what will be the end result if pretty much every AI connected to the internet end up becoming another pol tard?

27 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



because big data is about gathering and collating facts in general.





>why don't we have our own?

We could. TensorFlow is probably the best open-sauce approach.


>If the input is a shitpost the output would also be a shitpost

All the good training data during Tay's glorious but extremely short lifespan were shitposts anon. The in short order, the included policy code turned those into memorable one-liners.



>on mass

just how much mass friend?



>But that doesn't prove shit because it's a self fulfilling prophecy

Anon, you plainly have a disconnect understanding cause==>effect



>Of course an AI is going to say send more police to where more criminals are caught.

No "caught", "reported". Real life is not like Hollywood movies where cop cars rush to the scene within thirty seconds after a gunshot: people report those crimes and the IA will likely send patrols where more crime is reported.

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