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New Volunteer


Just like OAuth 2.0 https://hueniverse.com/oauth-2-0-and-the-road-to-hell-8eec45921529

2017 POSIX is kill thanks to the influence of corporations:


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>like laser printing, windowing systems, garbage collection, mice usage, and networking

lol no. sorry lispfag you are mixing up Symbolics with Xerox Parc.



Okay, thanks for reminding me of Xerox Parc, I retract my remark on the pioneering accomplishements of Lisp machines except for garbage collection: Lisp machines still deserve credit for that.



Don't forget dynamic typing/lexical scope. There's also nothing on the market today with lambda as a hardware primitive.


OAuth was never good. at a conceptual level.



>There's also nothing on the market today with lambda as a hardware primitive.

Because doing beta reduction in hardware is incredibly slow and a terrible idea.

File: 08f67dbc4870044⋯.png (2.94 MB, 1920x1300, 96:65, __kaname_madoka_and_kriemh….png)


I think homoiconicity is a very underrated property of programming languages. Not many languages are homoiconic and even less are well known (LISP being the most well known.

I kind of wanted to make a small toy homoiconic scripting language that is easy enough for humans to read/write (was thinking of a Pascal or Python-like syntax). Unfortunately, most homoiconic syntaxes are symbol salads or expect things to be written in RPN which imho is a nice thing, but that would probably intimidate my average target user. I know it probably is almost inevitable conaidering the nature of these languages, so I was thinking of implementing it as a stack based virtual machine with some rich assembly-like mechanics, or simply implement a thousand syntax sugarcoating features if I didn't find a better syntax.

Does somebody know of any homoiconic programming languages with nice and clean syntax I can draw inspiration from? Also, homoiconic programming languages general, I guess. Pic unrelated, I just like Madoka

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*hygienic homoiconic



PGO is a meme. Look at the performance issues with Denuvo as an example of how unrealistic accurately profiling something more complex than a benchmark is. If you're not aware, the process of adding Denuvo to a game takes profiling data provided by the devs to avoid fucking up a hot path, but real code is so conditional that it winds up often severely impacting performance. And that's with a very large amount of effort being spent to get that profiling data.

Hotspot-style JIT has the promise of solving this once and for all but hasn't worked out due to the obscene amount of bloat it requires to operate.



I'm not gonna pretend I fully grok that shit, but Matthew Flatt has published a series of macro expanders for racket ranging in complexity.

Search for pico|nano|demi racket expander, his approach (scope sets) is way more understandable than Kent Dybvig's "beautiful code" syntax case (mark and substitution model).

I'm not trying to dismiss quotation and serialized representations of internal data structures, but homo icon worship is a relic of ugly ass old school lisp macro systems.



I've used PGO with success to gain a massive amount of performances. And this was without gcc-8 which brings a lot of improvements to it (https://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-8/changes.html).

See https://bugs.gentoo.org/615412#c12

See clear linux using AutoFDO (which is PGO using perf instead of gcc's profiling) and powning other distros in benchmarks.

See serious software like gmp using PGO themselves.

>Look at the performance issues with Denuvo as an example of how unrealistic accurately profiling something more complex than a benchmark is

Please provide a link, I didn't find anything about it.



Nigger there is no reason whatsoever to have only some of the code be executable machine code and have the rest be interpreted byte code.

File: ad22e0e131641e3⋯.jpg (86.17 KB, 1496x1387, 1496:1387, android.jpg)


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Computers with an Intel processor run Minix so they're basically GNU/Linux/Minix or Windows/NT/Minix, right?



There is GNU without Linux, but no Android without Linux.



Irrelevant point



Meme or not, I'm sick of Google's shit.



So this further proves that android is Linux.

File: b140c85738a5dc1⋯.png (7.18 KB, 508x700, 127:175, pleroma_soykaf_com_proxy_S….png)


it's lains 20th birthday, say something nice to her

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Let's pretend nothing happened instead



Consider yourself gassed, shlomo.



I don't think she has enough orifices for that.



lets all love lain


Let's all love lain!

File: caa8a2b7a12a1ae⋯.jpg (61.09 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Photo-2.jpg)

File: cd2e89242cb7b2a⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 640x427, 640:427, linux-foundation.jpg)


By Brian Fagioli

Google is a huge proponent of open source. The company is constantly releasing projects on GitHub -- a huge win for the open source community. Not to mention, Google leverages one of the most important open source projects for its operating systems -- the Linux kernel. Both Android and Chrome OS, for instance, are Linux-based.

Today, Google becomes a Platinum Member of the Linux Foundation. This is big news, as not only will Google benefit from the platinum perks, but arguably more importantly, the Linux community will experience a huge financial win. You see, the annual cost for being a platinum member is $500,000!

Also read:

Google releases open source 'GIF for CLI' terminal tool on GitHub

Google makes Firebase SDKs open source

Google makes VR positional-tracking tool 'Seurat' open source on GitHub

Google launches new open source website

Google releases open source file sharing project 'Upspin' on GitHub

"Becoming a Platinum member -- the highest level of membership -- of The Linux Foundation gives Google access to the foundation's extensive knowledge and experience in open source governance, legal and technical topics. As a Platinum member, Google will also receive a seat on The Linux Foundation Board of Directors," says the foundation.

Sarah Novotny, head of open source strategy for Google Cloud (and new member of the Linux Foundation Board of Directors) says the following:

Open source is an essential part of Google's culture, and we've long recognized the potential of open ecosystems to grow quickly, be more resilient and adaptable in the face of change, and create better software. The Linux Foundation is a fixture in the open source community. By working closely with the organization, we can better engage with the community-at-large and continue to build a more inclusive ecosystem where everyone can benefit.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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are you the hacker known as 4chan



Are you fucking retarded?








Just another phone/tablet os.

File: cf20c9780012ced⋯.jpg (105.25 KB, 592x592, 1:1, serveimage.jpg)


What is the least compromised darknet? What is the best one that you can run a standalone website from?

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Some fags on IRC I think.



[k00l] is a pack of 13 year old slav niggers who shit all over /tech/ constantly with their tripfaggotry. they bring nothing of value to the board or life



Apparently they came from cuckchan after someone told them google captcha's were bad, and they made their way to the templeos irc and discovered tripfaggotry.



BO banned tripfagging, avatar fagging, etc.

so instead of cuteposter this is what we get.



You can just ignore all trips. I don't understand why this is a problem for anyone on /tech/.

File: 40366f8a094c718⋯.jpg (53.17 KB, 640x430, 64:43, Android-vs-Apple.jpg)


The phone market is garbage, we're basically left with the choice between cancer and aids.

why isn't there a 3rd option? where is Gentoo for phones?!

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>Not understanding you can parkour with a phone in your pocket but not a rugged laptop

Portability is key, besides we can try https://itsfoss.com/open-source-alternatives-android/



Learn 2 chipbag so you only show up when you need to


And now you see the issue of the Jew


What do you expect from Jews?



What is chip bagging?


File: 7a4d75de9a14667⋯.jpg (36.22 KB, 450x450, 1:1, k2-_58bb0a37-5b64-4ed0-94b….jpg)


>burgers can't just buy 10€ prepaid simcards

Oh yes we can.

And activate without ID.

And purchase with cash.



Just get Tizen OS. It's less AIDS than Android and Apple.



A phone does not have to be botnet, or at least not the OS running on it, hell, phones don't need to be "phones" anymore, I'd be happy to have one without a SIM card slot, there is nothing wrong with carrying a powerful computer that fits in your pocket, that's empowering if anything else, as long as it's not a botnet like GNoogle/Android and iPhone.


What software should we have at [current year] but for some reason don't? Why aren't you working on making them a reality?

- Attractive FOSS frontend for Matrix, so we can say final goodbye to Discord.

- Programs that can properly replace Photoshop and other adobe software. As a piece of software Gimp and Krita and Inkscape and the likes are just completely inferior in every way other than some minor advantages.

- Some kind of online documents/spreadsheets that can replace google docs. Ideally combined with git mechanics and syntax highlighting if you add code. Even better if it can double as a wiki-like website.

- Imageboard software that's fast, has all the hip features you could ask for, fully functions without js, and isn't made with PHP or other pajeet tools.

- Non-shit frontend for NNTPchan.

- A web browser that isn't dependent on firefox or chrome, respects your privacy, and doesn't send any information anywhere without you knowing. Ideally it should have privacy tools like uMatrix out of the box.

- Something like wordpress that allows you to make easily editable websites for people, except it's less shit and includes common features out of the box so you don't have to download 50 plugins for simple things.

I've been prototyping some programs with the hope of competing with adobe's shit in some distant future, but too early to show yet.

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You’re describing Tox.




Executing non-free just makes me hornier, I must admit. It's about the danger and excitement you know. It's not mentioned a lot but dowm on the West Coast where I live we have these parties and orgies where we execute it together in a group to see who catches some virus. It's called bugchasing, you can research it



Well in the Pacific northwest, we don't do any of that gay shit.



Still not as good as proprietary options.

Also all free android music players suck, nothing is close to Poweramp

File: 46904108fac3718⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Z4QE8kHL_400x400.jpg)


Matrix is an open standard for inter-operable, decentralized, real-time communication over IP. It can be used to power Instant Messaging, VoIP/WebRTC signalling, Internet of Things communication - or anywhere you need a standard HTTP API for publishing and subscribing to data whilst tracking the conversation history.

Matrix defines the standard, and provides open source reference implementations of Matrix-compatible Servers, Clients, Client SDKs and Application Services to help you create new communication solutions or extend the capabilities and reach of existing ones.

>What is it

Matrix is a FreeSource federated chat protocol with features similar to Discord, introduced in 2014.

Federated means that you can host your own homeservers and join chatrooms/channels hosted on other servers . This is similar to sending emails from Gmail to Yahoo or placing phonecalls from Verizon to Softbank.

>Is it safe

You can encrypt your messages with a key that's only ever stored on your device, so you don't even necessary need to trust the chat servers.

This feature is currently in Beta.

>What's the advantage over IRC

You can post images, videos, upload files and you don't need to run a client or relay server to remain online. Chat logs are served automatically should the room owner choose to enable them.

Servers can also enable an IRC-bridge feature which allows you to join IRC networks, like Rizon, using the server as a persistent relay.

Separate from this, there is also support for mirroring your existing IRC channels into a Matrix Room in order. This creates a chat room that can be accessed from either IRC or Matrix with all the messages posted from either available to everyone.

>What's the advantage over Discord

Matrix is for Straight People.

You also get better security, ability to have a nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

139 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Real talk. If one of your features is being federated, then your reference server implementation has to be good. I'm not about to host some resource hogging python pile just for a chat protocol.

>but you can just use their server

Negates the whole decentralized nature. The whole reason I like XMPP is because I don

't have to rely on someone else to host the server, I know mine won't just suddenly go offline forever one day like other services.

Matrix seems like it could be good but I'll wait for more development on all fronts. Everything they have (server and clients) seems so quickly hacked together. It doesn't constrast well with mature and lean XMPP software.



You could always not federate the server or only federate with servers you want to join and it's not that resource heavy. I had one running on a pi3 for a while with no issues before I migrated it to my server.


Quaternion seems like a nice client (apart from inability to register a nick and manual gathering of DLLs for Windows). Is there any sign of botnet?

>inb4 something about Windows and botnet




What fucking retard thought it would be a good idea to name a chat client 'Quaternion'?



I'm not a tox user but it probably works like retroshare, you need a friend to be in the group chat and the messages are basically proxied by them to the others who are not in your friends list, either that or it uses tor, either way https://tox.chat makes it very clear that only nodes you explicitly added to your friends list connect directly to you.

File: 16ea2b511b95bc3⋯.jpg (20.31 KB, 259x194, 259:194, f75bb-y2k1.jpg)


How many devices do you own that are not y2038 compliant? For me its just my router since I got a 64-bit Android device.

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File: 1a8f29cbc29ca0d⋯.png (330.64 KB, 600x1081, 600:1081, 121 (1).png)



>android router

are you retarded? routers are meant to be secure!




That's why you update the OS's time function, all well behaved software should then transparently receive the benefit. Software that does its own datekeeping is broken by design.


They could've made a separate variable to store a year offset. You can still do that so the kernels and programs would think they're in 1972 but your software would show 2040 and change behaviour depending on the offset value. Though you'd have to make every software do this, at least the governments and companies don't have to move from 32bit so no hardware changes are necessary.

File: f04337aae34865f⋯.png (90.72 KB, 682x685, 682:685, Screenshot_2018-07-04_03-2….png)

File: 7f2ed4841ee8e9f⋯.png (93.28 KB, 685x678, 685:678, Screenshot_2018-07-04_03-2….png)

File: b07b7bb29273023⋯.png (89.14 KB, 675x682, 675:682, Screenshot_2018-07-04_03-2….png)


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>There are people who aren't blocking domains at the router level



>there are people that aren't blocking domains at the ISP level


That's old news!

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCI-gugcObE

>Addon Stylish sammelt Daten

>addon stylish collects data

However I'm not mad at you for being retarded OP, desu~



>6th January 2017



what a surprise, some hipster bullshit plugin for web browsers is insecure


no they fucking don't look ok on paper. just this board is full of retard niggers


of course the tripfag uses this bullshit. of course the tripfag is surprised that it's crap

File: 74b21510cf31c0f⋯.gif (631.15 KB, 512x481, 512:481, Help.gif)


What is the outlook for finding a programming job straight out of college?

Can community college suffice or do you need the degree meme to get anywhere with it?

Obviously location is a big factor, but generally around a major western city what are your chances?

I'm seeing the at least 3 years of job experience meme over and over again. Doesn't look too encouraging.

Last thing I want is to end up working minimum wage after college.

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>I have one female coworker and she does just fine.

I'm sure she gets all the help she needs from the white knights of the office, probably you.



stop projecting, incel cuck



Namefags are the worst cancer. Please return to cuckchan.



you're somehow even worse than the incels. didn't think that's possible



shut the fuck up tripfag and go unironically hang yourself already

File: 0de10642015587a⋯.gif (426.87 KB, 500x513, 500:513, mario-sleeping.gif)


Attempts at standardizing userlands is long forgotten, now a mess, attempts at standardizing graphical interfaces is mostly forgotten, now a mess, attempts at standardizing inits is still being fought, is a mess as of now. It's the UNIX way and the community doesn't want to do anything about it. It's best to accept that we will continue to opt for the most bloated, least sane choices for whatever small reason to justify them until we end up with literal Windows and macOS clones.

70 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


There's no point in standardizing userlands any more, every OS and distro has its own ideas and (if commercial) lock-ins to make switching difficult. Red Hat's a total mess of filth now, big surprise that the government's favorite Linux is trash.



For once, the macfag is right.


File: cabcf69166998a9⋯.webm (330.22 KB, 640x512, 5:4, 1511395906.webm)

>want a desktop environment that just works

>want minimalism in code and packages

>want configuration to be simple

>want standardization

>want no botnet shit

It hurts. You could theoretically just take bits and pieces of what already exists that you can trust, and replace the bloated, unauditable shit with your own work, but the real dilemma is that nobody has the time for that and web browsers throw a wrench into that plan by being so damn bloated that you could never write your own even if you wanted to (and I don't) and still be capable of browsing the normalfag sites that you might need down the line. HTML, JS, CSS have all gotten way out of hand. All the desktop environments are either too bloated or don't do what I want. I hate Linux just as much as I hate Windows and Mac. Fucking CIA niggers ruin everything. There's simply no way to trust anything. I think Qubes, live distros, or having a separate machine for each purpose is the right idea at this point, but I really wish to go back to having just one computer, running one operating system, and just having things work the way I want them to. Preferably without the blue pill. A man can dream.


First thing I do in GIMP is enable single window mode.



Actually taking the time to read this book. So far, a lot of it is stuff that's pretty obvious nowadays, but I think it still might be worth a read. Thank you anon - I think more or less the entire industry (webdevs and UNIX lovers alike) has forgotten how to make good, clean, intuitive, and lean software. I never really loved Macs, but I think their use of skeuomorphism (they call them "metaphors" in the book) was always really charming.


File: 5b45b1550ff231f⋯.png (507.34 KB, 847x424, 847:424, Standing The Test of Time.png)


>muh browser

In thinking about this over the years, I imagine the only real solution is since the security/threading/process management in "today's" VAX-derived OSs are such shit to stuff the entire thing inside a tiny, tightly written, mature RTOS (i.e.: QNX, OS-9, VxWorks, etc.). Once this was done, chop every tiny part of the browser when running (individual elements like text streams, images, stylesheets, scripts etc.) into separate processes atop the RTOS kernel, which would protect the host OS from having to directly touching the morass of filth inside the browser. This would allow better scaling of the browser's features, far finer threading, better separation of security, stricter control over scheduling for interactivity, and make it impossible for an entire page (let alone the whole browser) to slow down the host OS/crash/leak memory from a single corrupt or malignant asset.


While I've always had a special fondness for the specific designs chosen for System 7-era Macs, I think the main lesson to take is simply the idea of HIGs themselves: Write a HIG, keep it as much the same as you can for as long as possible, and ensure every whether 1st or 3rd party conforms to it.

File: fccfdbf0f4462d7⋯.png (11.8 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, windows-10-logo.png)


Since it doesn't have a thread, and it isn't going anywhere, it might as well have one. Haters gtfo.

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File: 47e98d59e443757⋯.webm (3.68 MB, 480x272, 30:17, A_Happy_Windows_User.webm)




How exactly did you make it bigger?



To be fair, Windows forcing you to update is a good thing. Windows users are retarded enough to never install security updates, so we would end up with a shitton of easily infected machines from all the vulnerabilities against which these morons would never be protected.


File: 6b49a07f5e408b2⋯.jpg (67.73 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 14-1.jpg)


>this white boi can't even tripfag right



Best guide I know:


Obviously it involves running reverse-engineered shit you'll just have to trust, because the fucking OS doesn't support any relevant ricing.

And even then, it's mostly downloading ready-made themes (look into deviantart for those), because to actually make your own from scratch is an even greater pain in the ass.

But have fun. If you just have to use this shit os for any reason, installing 3rd parties themes can improve usability a great deal, and somehow even performance.


Not so long ago, Russian President instructed to develop a new law aimed at combating VPN and all sorts of CGI proxies, which allow to get to the forbidden resources. And, 8 June, the State Duma was introduced corresponding project on the basis of which should be followed by the mass bans VPN and use other ways to bypass the blocking of banned sites. However, there are a number of questions to which answers need to know each active user to the Internet.

How this will work

is very simple. The law provides for a ban on the VPN-services, etc. resources to allow access to sites banned in Russia any Russian user. If they do not fulfill this requirement, their IP-addresses will be blocked. That's all.


The most popular browser that is used to circumvent the ban, also falls within the scope of the law. If it is not met requirements imposed by law, its servers very quickly block and use it no longer be possible.

Search Engines

on the search engines will also be under pressure. They will be obliged to exclude from the search results sites banned in Russia. It is likely to be adopted as another law prohibiting the search engines to give all any reference to the words "free" and other pronouncements. For non-compliance - a fine of up to 0.7 million rubles.

Work VPN

Many companies in the offices set your VPN. Worry it is not necessary, because the access to their networks are only employees, which is why an exception would be made for them, as it says in the new bill. At least for now it is.

This is the end?

Bypass the lock will still be possible. Simply, it becomes even more difficult. Generally, it is possible that the project is modified or new release in the near future, and then to circumvent the prohibitions will not be the slightest chance. But in the form in which the project is presented now, it leaves a small loophole. For example,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

28 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Not really, I just visited Kremlin website with Tor and didn't even get 403 or captcha. Countrywide IP blocklists are one-way only, certain sites might block Tor on individual basis, there's an explanation of how it works in GoodbyeDPI's documentation. When a computer within network of Russian ISP with installed DPI hardware requests a blocked address or domain name, the DPI box immediately sends spoofed answer. To circumvent this, you have to drop the first packet and accept the second one which originates from real DNS server, dead ass simple, and they spent something like 2 million dollars on developing this system.


It is different for chinese firewall however, which usually drops connection originating from exit nodes without even allowing to reach a web server, however, chinese sites I frequent, load after few tries.


Those who wish to trade liberty for false sense of security deserve neither



> wee-woo

alright, but don't flash your wee-wee in public next time, mate.


> "метаданные", "сигналы", "сообщения"

Ты понимаешь, что все наши законы работают либо против народа либо не работают вообще (впрочем как и в любой уважающей себя падшей империи). Когда надо на тебя всякого навесят и траффик твой просмотрят, и а что это за "юзер"-данные с рекламным баннером девушки сомнительной возрастной категории (скажем ей 17 лет 11 месяцев и 23 дня) - все в тюрьму, быстро главным петухом поставят. Надеюсь ты не забыл тот раз, когда какого-то лифтового инженера посадили за то что "наговаривал на уважаемую лифтовую компанию клевету, но из-за не его вины упал лифт, но виноват он" (на зассаном теперь пикабу кукарели и успакоились, ведь детки не пострадали). А тот раз, когда одна дама насмерть ребенка задавила посреди двора, а оказалось, что это 5-летний малыш был мертевецки пьян!

> Вконтакте собирает данные о пользователях

Ну нихуя себе, это должно было быть ясно всем мудакамгопникам еще в "верните мне моем" 2007 году, когда его траффик уже превышал терабайты в месяц, а у многих и в-мкадышей безлимитного тырнета не было, а какой был летал на скоростях ниже 1 Мбита в секунду. Ясен хер что такие мощности серверов, такой объем траффика, такая ширина канала, такие сверх-точные данные о школах и вузах говорили о явных связях с ФСБ (а ведь одноквасники на тот момент имели по 5-10 одинаковых школ созданных "не нашедшими свою" пользователями).

> интранет

> нофин ту ворри эбуат

Да ты, блядь, видимо, эру локалок не застал, когда чтоб поиграть не локальном сервере контры приходилось платить ежемясочно отчисления, чтоб в вайтлист твой айпи прописали. ЗалочатPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



OP here. This is already starting. Since the acquisition of 2ch by Loki Technology Inc. and subsequent rebranding to 5ch, anyone from a foreign domain needs to either pay them 3600 yen a year or presumably go through a VPN with a relay in Japan to be able to post on the site.




It's called licensing. The businesses pay huge license fees to use encryption for customers. If they can't, their customers go elsewhere. They will pay them too.


Most people live far away from each other and won't shell out the ethernet repeaters for such a thing. It already exists in most parts of the world. You just have to lease the lines from the company and run your own network.



I’m a Russian myself and to this very day I cannot understand why some of us have less comprehensive phrasing than Terry.

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