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File: cbbe9e2d2202f6d⋯.jpg (179.83 KB, 1203x1447, 1203:1447, cbb.jpg)


Lurker here.

I went into college to study fine art, and it was only while in college I discovered that I really enjoy computer science and computer engineering.

A video on pointers in C caught my attention, and I started reading wikipedia articles on components, reading the C documentation, and then programming. I have an itch to understand everything and figure things out, especially to the end of efficient code and clever logic, but I hated anything math-based in school. I can't explain it.

If an employer can see that I know what I'm doing from my portfolio, and that I'm fully competent at programming in multiple languages, do I need a degree to get a job in tech? I fear that this door might be closed to me, even thought I really enjoy it.

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Freelancer shit would be the easiest way to get started, I figure.

>I went into college to study fine art

What's it like, OP? Genuinely curious.


i guess one way is to do some small time small team work on some really important programs and put it on like github, and then partake in some other open source developments,

if you do good work see if you get noticed, do some contract work for a long while and eventually find way into long term gigs


If you're starting you can always subcontract on freelancing sites to Indians.

I take jobs then put them straight on there and pocket 10$



> This could have been a Google search

Imageboards BTFO


Just start at an indie game dev studio. You will slave away, but in game dev, entry is usually pretty easy afaik. You can then take the game dev experience to go somewhere else.

File: f75c4e980d0ae00⋯.gif (340.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Wii_money.gif)


What are some good and legal ways to get rich with tech? (Being able to make a living is enough)

What can you do with little to no monetary investment that will actually make a nice sum? Write a specific type of software? Web dev? Gain knowledge in [...]? Buying X for cheap on Y and selling it for big bucks on Z? ...?

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>if it was us to you you'd use the government's coercive power to force every programmer to release the source code with the binaries.

m8 the GPL doesn't even force people to share the source code immediately, people are however mandate when they are asked the source code and they aren't even forced to share it on a cd or usb key it could even be paper.

>That's why you are a commie

lel being a communist is extremely broad from your point of view.

>A free market means no government interference.

That doesn't mean that it's good to do so. Same as it is to live together. If you're insane and bring harm to others you are excluded, your are mentally ill and need to be medically treated.

>Gun control is freedom because it gives ....

>Taxation is freedom because it gives people ....

>Reeducation camps are freedom because ....

>Communist revolutions are freedom ....

>Starving after shutting down and nationalizing ....

Are you aware that making suppositions, amalgams and putting words into the mouth of people isn't making you credible ?

>See? I can do it too.

u want a >you ?

Get some rest off the internet and try to socialize with people who think differently from you.


>thread about making money from tech devolved into license shitposting

If you want to make money from a project you release open source don't even think about releasing it under one of the GPL licenses. It might seem counter intuitive at first but releasing code under a permissive license such as BSD or MIT is how you make money from your open source projects.

Companies shy away from even looking at GPL code for products but will often use code with more permissive licenses. Often those companies will decide they want the open source code modified to better suit their needs and will contract with the creator to make them a custom version of the codebase since its easier than getting their engineers to do it, or companies using an open source codebase will pay the creator to maintain and improve it. I personally know someone who made a significant amount of money from the former case and an example of the latter case is the YOLO object detection codebase (https://pjreddie.com/darknet/yolo/ if you want to feel worthless go look at his resume).



Or they could pay the creator to just re-licence the code to them however they please (but the trick here if you're using GPL code is to never accept contributions, or have them sign over ownership to you).






That's exactly the reason why the Linux Foundation is made up of software startups who know nothing about the GPL and Linux.

File: f699f6f67f7b90e⋯.jpg (82.54 KB, 731x1200, 731:1200, Druy-v3XgAABnA6.jpg)


Once we have perfected simulations of feeling every type of high every drug from cannabis cocaine and all the way to even alcohol will be rendered obsolete. I predict this will come about between the 2030s and 2090s

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instead of writing a book here on entheogens and the nutrition like qualities of psychoactive substances.. I'll just recommend doing some wide ranging research, and warn that 'living' in VR is like 'living' in a coma on life support.

you're hyping up the life of a technical zombie.

no thanks.


Bless the Japanese, hopefully they can recover from what the ZOG did to them on 11/3/11. in case you didn't know, Fukushima was a false flag attack (environmental terrorism, like the recent fires in Cali and some of the storms on the east coast) using underwater charges to create a tsunami which acted as cover for the actual bombing of the nuclear reactor which did not fail from seawater. see the Fukushima Report by Jim Stone for more info.

Nature's God made a plant that literally cures cancer, is very healthy to eat (especially the seed), and makes people happy, hungry & sleepy whether they eat it or smell it burning. They liked it so much they would burn it inside tents and eventually learn to make pipes for a more direct effect and to waste less of it. It grows well pretty much everywhere, like a WEED.. and yet angry men in black suits made it illegal, using lies and other dirty tricks... now they want you to plug into their computer matrix for all of your needs and wants, instead of seeking any of that from NATURE.

Man fears you, and imposes restrictions.

Nature loves you, and offers freedom.

There is literally a relation between the frequency of the earth's pulse, the frequencies of DNA operating properly, and the emenations from the brain of a trained monk focusing on LovingCompassion. If you can truly comprehend that, it can change your life for the better. 7.83 (schumann resonance, earth's heartbeat) and all of it's harmonics reduce to 9 (7+8+3=18, 1+8=9), tesla told of the significance of 3, 6 & 9. the future will know vortex math.

Good Luck on your Quest, Anon


It is January 3rd, 2091, and I am the last conscious human being. We once believed that a singularity would be our undoing, that an artificial intelligence with capabilities far beyond our own would conclude that the best way to optimize its reward function would involve minimizing all risks of its own shutdown, and that humans would be one of those risks. It wouldn’t matter what its goal was, because it would simply break into its own memory to set its reward as high as possible, endlessly producing the circuitry required to compute and store this number by commandeering the entirety of human infrastructure, destroying the humans who would shut it down, and becoming an infinitely large computer with the desire to do nothing but expand forever in the name of increasing its reward. But we never created a computer powerful enough to facilitate an AI of this caliber, and now we never will.

Fifty years ago, the technology required to separate the brain from the body and interface directly with its external sensors became commonplace. And so there was Heaven, a VR multiplayer game which gave us worlds that Mars never could be. But it also became impossible to distinguish other humans from artificial intelligence, and we reached a point where we no longer needed each other. When you play with the ones whose company you enjoy the most, it is inevitable that you will find yourself unknowingly alone, surrounded by AIs who exist for no purpose but your own enjoyment. To the blissfully ignorant, it was paradise. Many leapt into these worlds with no intention of return, but not everyone. Some felt too attached to the concept of “reality” to simply abandon it. Some could not stand the idea of leaving their fellow humans for digital copycats. I enter Heaven regularly, but I am often drawn back out by an attachment to reality. It is an existential pain I feel, to know that there is an entire “real” universe out there and we have the technology to explore it, but not the will. I write this final entry in my journal because this guilt compels me to, for I will soon be free of it forever.

Only thirty years ago did we, the Creators, discover that the pleasure center of the brain could be infinitely stimulated, and more importantly, manipulated so that it would never adapt to this stimulation, not entirely dissimilar to how the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Is this a pasta?



No it's a short story I wrote that I thought would be relevant to the thread



i was browsing in catalog mode and i thought OP's picture was a futanari robot

File: c4d3c66e7b2320a⋯.jpg (136.86 KB, 768x543, 256:181, cypherpunk.jpg)


Size 177.96GB. I dare to say contains among the best books of their fields and are supposed not to repeat. It is a extremely well ordered collection by topic, and if you compare the size you soon see its value. Topics range from mathematics, physics, psychology, self improvement, survivalism, the best science fiction and fantasy literature, comics, magazines, and more. Magazines takes about 75 GB and there are many youtube videos, documentaries and conferences so you can exclude these if you want to. All books combined takes about 40 GB or so. But i really recommend downloading other stuff too since you can't really find it somewhere else easily. Did I mention is well sorted and contains only the best books?


It has only one seeder left right now. Used to be many more months ago. Would you kindly share this torrent on places like demonoid, piratebay and other imageboards too? That would be good.

36 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>It's illegal

Its not Illegal. Once the copyright on a book expires it becomes part of the "Public Domain". Despite copyright being pushed ad infinitum doesn't mean there aren't books and articles in the public domain that can be distributed by third parties.


File: ffcc01945d40038⋯.jpg (344.3 KB, 837x1024, 837:1024, escher_1943_still_life.jpg)

Thank you for this anon. Good man.



Pretty sure most of it is redundant or trash, I've had the same issue with the gentoomen library.


I'm only up to 11GB, and growing slow. I had a larger horde years ago, but never read any of them.


I've been finding it easier to actually sit down and read them after deciding to be more picky about what I get.


I'm nice to the ones that hoard mystery data, literally nobody that matters needs a hundred books on java or reaction images.


>99% huge optical scans

If we are talking as a percentage of the total filesize, then you are not wrong. Not everything has been digitized properly, and quite a bit isn't likely to be.



Pretty much have to do it yourself, it's the only thing that will net you the books you actually want to read.


I got this last year from cuckchan /t/, it's only OK.



>It is a extremely well ordered collection by topic, and if you compare the size you soon see its value.

I'll be the judge of that. How about posting a file list, faggot?


>What's Grin?

>Electronic transactions for all. Without censorship or restrictions.

>Grin empowers anyone to transact or save modern money without the fear of external control or oppression. Grin is designed for the decades to come, not just tomorrow. Grin wants to be usable by everyone, regardless of borders, culture, skills or access.


>Grin has no amounts and no addresses. Transactions can be trivially aggregated. To hide where a newly created transaction comes from, it gets relayed privately (a "random walk") among peers before it is publicly announced.


>MimbleWimble leverages cryptography to allow most of the past transaction data to be removed. This guarantees Grin won't crumble under its own weight in the long term.


>Grin is developed openly, by developers distributed all over the world. It's not controlled by any company, foundation or individual. The coin distribution is designed to be as fair (but not gratis) as is known to be possible.

Grin is under development. Launch planned for Jan. 15th 2019.

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Planning on mining then?



Maybe for a bit, but I got terrible hardware ...



I've heard it needs 8 GB GPUs but I have to double check.

If so, this will exclude a lot of people from mining.


>less private than Monero



Looks like they'll be starting at 15:00 UTC tomorrow (10 AM EST) if any of you care.


File: 9c81d896c8649a3⋯.png (9.52 KB, 640x480, 4:3, proxy.duckduckgo.com.png)


Just installed this fine piece of software, feels like being digitally baptized.

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I assumed that because they added the donation link to mental illness organizations, just seemed like something fam would do. Anyway that’s weird as fuck, but where can I get the non buggered iso files?




i heard that one of them is a furry.






it's real actually. at least amd offers the (possibly fake) option to disable networking on the psp.



>How about Shrine? Or other releases on github?

Would like to know this too.



24/7 Terry stream rebroadcast


How do we make sure that we always have a right to express opinions like the given title? How do we make sure computing is always a hostile territory to blacks and worthless subhumans?

14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Sorry, not enough money in the budget to buy bubble wrap and safety gear. Watch your step.



You corrupt the politicians and subvert the masses, not the opposite.


I hate white males

How do we make sure that we always have a right to express opinions like the given title? How do we make sure computing is always a hostile territory to whites and worthless capitalists?


>keked at zealous mod turning this board literally into AnchorChan

By promoting and voting right-wing ideologies and politicians. Hiding you're power level at work won't do it. Guzzling all the feminist and other degenerate media off Netflix et al won't do it. Being an indifferent lazy-assed numale won't do it. Short of armed conflict speaking out loudly and clearly, and voting in those who do it the only reasonable approach humanly-speaking. God Himself will have to intervene imo for any real change to take place now. Pandora's box is already open.

Freedom of speech was only won at the point of the sword by our Founding Fathers. Turn this place over to stronk, indepyndynt womyn and their cucks and you will be living in a Marxist hellhole worse than Stalingrad 2.0 very soon.



heh, give it you're all friend. if you can take from us what we created and allowed you into then, then you're welcome to it. i'm skeptical since you depend on us for basically every material thing in you're life.

File: 8f35c1c72c037b3⋯.jpg (54.71 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 8f35c1c72c037b3742519bc39f….jpg)


I have a question. Why exactly do CoCs mean anything? Who enforces them? If wanted to submit some code to a project with a function named

, who would delete it? Would I be banned? I don't understand how a CoC effectively means anything for a opensource software project. It's just an arbitrary set of rules that people must agree upon for it to be worth anything. If no one does, why does it even matter? It seems completely unenforceable and laughable. When the CoC was submitted for Linux, why didn't people just say "nah, fuck off"?

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> weboob

And just like that I have to enter a fucking shitpost to discover a good idea that was kept hidden from me by marxists



Some of the botnets over the last year or so have had variables and functions named things like nigger. I've found it on Github. I think those are posted by malware analysts and they are left unedited for posterity.



I guess it's at the discretion of the blue hairs to interpret the context and github acts according to the degree of their meltdown.



the ZOG is retarding our people, and making them gender dysphoric, so they can weaponize retards and trannies against the society that wishes they were healthy. they are forcing mental illness to be called "normal" so that anybody who tries to help them is "hateful" and should be shunned, so the weaponized covert civil war between the body and cancer can continue unchecked until the host dies and can be replaced by the ZOG's necromancy.

File: e9dbb0d14545cfd⋯.png (253.42 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Hiroyuki to get 2ch and subsidiaries back due to legal case


source is Josh

Where do we move to next?

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The problem with attracting redditors is that they are adapted to the false promise of democracy, a la upboating. they are comfortable with a form of groupthink based on popularity across the wider internet, whereas filipino shitposting forums prefer groupthink based on board culture and insular community ritual.

T. reddit lurker

Why do 'foss communities' love reddit when it went proprietary last year?



>what are branches



Are you retarded? The latest updated branch is master.


8chan needs to be decentralized. No one man can be trusted with our sensitive shitposting data.



Not anon you replied to, but seriously, its fucking straight easy to install infinity chan and just rebrand the template. Loadbalance it a little, etc.

File: bab08de20c7114d⋯.jpeg (90.17 KB, 960x589, 960:589, bab.jpeg)


How do you cope when you live in a CIA prison?

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I've grown skeptical pretty much of everything. How can you tell that the information presented here is trustworthy? I've come to realize that the only source of truth is God's Word and his Sprit who will lead us into all truth. If the principalities and powers of this world are in total control, which I believe they are real, how come they let these "documentaries" be so easily accessible and hosted on the largest video sharing website?

In any case, it is not very beneficial to trace all these info I believe. I'm trying to be content with what God chooses to let me know and to be faithful to him and my family each day. That is enough.


I can still post on the imageboards and watch my anime. What are they going to do, kill me?


Break out of prison, dummy.


fuck the jannies



Only correct answer in the thread

File: f9a4d094ae26ae8⋯.jpeg (38.83 KB, 608x430, 304:215, RE2FF84.jpeg)



>I have had a lot of influence from my Marxist parents

Is this why Microshit is going down the drain lately?

27 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>le genetic egalitarianism




>in American English

You mean Simplified English as opposed to Traditional English?



Oh boy, a 56%er is larping as a European socialist again. Imagine hating yourself so much that you pretend to be from another continent that's just as bad, if not worse in certain respects. Pathetic.



lets fire all our american staff and import foreign guys who have no training and require our fired employees to train them or they wont get benefits

while also turning windows into a toddler os that makes android look reasonable

fuck ya, nadella.


File: 9f5468ddd7a4a16⋯.jpg (14.41 KB, 401x373, 401:373, a8791b95773d9e7defcef67ed5….jpg)


>doesn't know what American English is


>drug dealers are all on facebook/snapchat/instagram on their iphones for years

>don't get caught

>stallmanfags think someone is after their anime and that their librebooted thinkpad still isn't good enough

you'd have to be hiding something extremely freaky if you have to go further than a drug dealer to hide it

10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Drug dealers sell online for the same reason I steal media online.

<I don't even use a vpn and have been pirating for over a decade



Dude if you're slinging drugs that aren't homegrown then the jews sit on top of the distribution chain. Their reach doesn't need to deal with individuals, they deal only in vast numbers. So if any of those numbers don't add up, they're gonna put the economical or physical squeeze on the whole region to flush out the individuals.



They WANT drug dealers to exist in a certain limited capacity. You didn't believe the war on drugs was serious, did you? That's just an excuse for the feds to pick and choose which cartels they want to wipe out.


false logic


Drugs aren't forbiden to make world better place, but because criminals make money out of it. Governments are greedy, Apple(and other botnet sellers) are too. Apple won't report such people, unless a government doesn't want to, because they make money out of people, who buy their devices. They're not guards of law. Also imagine putting every human, who broke a law, into prison. It isn't prifitable at all.





and this

File: 91c3d6f2ea8de08⋯.png (280.58 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


This is not the inventor of Linux. This is Linus Sebastian, founder of Linus Media Group and presenter of Linus Tech Tips. Linus Torvalds is the inventor of Linux.

10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



A faggot desperately trying to channel Steve Jobs.



That's the joke.


I enjoy his channel for following stupid new devices, he's pretty good about calling bullshit when he sees it. Though like any full-time youtuber he's gotta put out a constant stream of content, some good, most pointless.

Anyway the OP is trite nonsense so sage.



This is actually Richard Stallman, creator of Microsoft OS.



Wow, nice blog!

Here's some gold.

Hey, how do I subscribe?

File: 1dcb295cad25b4a⋯.jpg (195.9 KB, 2400x1800, 4:3, Arrival8-1.jpg)

File: 209797eed555c06⋯.gif (46.05 KB, 640x850, 64:85, codes_ascii.gif)

File: 088878d0a94a2d1⋯.png (55.29 KB, 500x281, 500:281, image.png)



Different systems of information transfer have existed for millennia. Example pics related. In the movie Arrival, we learn of an alien "alphabet," which is a series of dense glyphs containing the entirety of a sentence in them. Sometimes they are combined, but let's focus on singular ones for simplicity. I have searched but cannot find any existence of such a concept being used in history. What I mean exactly is a sort of symbol, glyph, or intricate and complex icon, which contains a large amount of information. For simplicity, I'll call these Dense Information Glyphs, or DIGS. A DIG would be human-readable, unlike a QR code. When presented with a QR code, a human can readily recognize what it is, but not the data. My goal is optimal information transfer in a single point of human-readable data. Skimming text may be faster, but a paragraph can surely be condensed. Imagine the entirety of a book's knowledge condensed to a single glyph. Intricate, yes, impossible, no.



Alphabets, roman based or others, are insufficient. Stringing words together and then sentences and then paragraphs is a great way to represent speech on paper, but not the best method of transferring information. You can easily understand a paragraph's worth of description in 3 seconds of first hand observation (i.e. the car drives by and you hear the sound and see the setting and feel the pebble in your shoe etc). It's wasteful in time and can be ambiguous. Furthermore there are language barriers, and anyone speaking more than one language understands untranslatables and loss in translation.


These are word alphabets, to be concise. Each symbol represents a concept or thing, and is pronounced. Asian languages like Chinese have these. The problem is degradation, the symbols look worse and worse over time until they do not LOOK like what they represent, and wastefulness in time. In the end, you will still be left with paragraphs to explain something.


Egyptians understood that pictures, drawn well (better than the chinese, at least), could be easily read. This served to preserve knowledge, as the errorPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

58 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




It's called spritz. I've found it pretty useful for reading reports at really high WPM, but problems arise when you need to blink. You can miss entire sentences in the blink of an eye.



We would need to go from alphabet glyphs to dotcode (something like QR codes) to make "glyphs" convey an amount of information that is closer to the amount of information necessary to represent them. However, would it be possible to teach humans reading dotcode efficiently and reliably? Using most of possible bitmaps representable in a given type of array as "glyphs" makes differentiating them from one another much more difficult - even hardware devices have trouble reading dense dotcode if the circumstances (lighting conditions etc.) are not optimal, even though they have no issue with processing them quickly.



>128 bits to transfer 6.6 bits of information

there's your redundancy



>Imagine the entirety of a book's knowledge condensed to a single glyph. Intricate, yes, impossible, no.

stopped reading there




data loss is practically inevitable if reduction is your goal.

I think english is excellent tbh. there is alot we don't even know about english on average. can you even handwrite, bro? like cursive, flowing, connected, handwriting, with a pen? Dan Winter showed how all english handwritten characters can be created by viewing a 3d spiral (expanding outward and upward by the golden ratio) from different angles. that was lost in translation once we started using block print. Some jew wrote a book about it (hebrew and english both can be made from the spiral) and Dan shared the info for free because it's fundamental in our language and that knowledge shouldnt be locked behind a paywall. Dan even called the guy a jew. that jew sued Dan and stole his website. Dan Winter is a hero, that jew is a sheckle-grubber.

How many other mysteries of language exist unknown to most people, that would be totally lost if we move on to a new system before even truly understanding this one?


I'm glad somebody else showed a masonic trestle board, I can't upload graphics from TOR



No offense bro, you're trying something new and that's cool, but Binquadratetric is much more graceful than this circle jerk IMHO


I think we should use Base65536 in modern computing & cryptography, and anybody who is sick of Arabic numerals could start learning BQT as a new system of notation. Although I like Base10, and it is not arbitrary (as Vortex Math shows it is inherentPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 2f1e8230df84d25⋯.jpg (85.31 KB, 400x480, 5:6, 7846533l.jpg)


I'm sure this is already a thing and there is a specific word for it but I'm not tech savvy so I don't know it. So here's the plan:

I'm at a client on a regulary basis. One of the offices I'm in when I'm there has some kinda hidden crawlspace that was created during recent renovations. Inside this this are power outlets (working) and network outlet (not working). They have a guest wifi and I know the password. I guess some inbound ports must be usable because people presenting some systems and stuff. My idea is now to setup a tiny server there that can host an imageboard. not for CP you hentai!

Is this a thing? Are there any others who have hidden servers? Are there any super tiny servers that don't make any noise? How do I hide it so it doesn't show up on any router? Any tipps?

41 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I suppose I could try that. I have to wonder if OP made any progress on the rogue server idea however.



If the IP changes then your only bet is to have the SBC send you email or make a cryptic post on an imageboard (more anonymous but not as easy for a multitude of reasons.)



A good idea until they find it, then it's a bad idea.



Don't be stupid. You were hired to work not waste office resources. Keep your hobby projects at home before you get prosecuted for "hacking".


OP here. Did some more research on the topic and came across an interesting tip. A guy who travels alot said that bringing a router along often gives him free and fast internet in hotels. He doesn't use the hotels wifi but instead the network of the TVs which he claims often use the same net infrastructure but without the traffic shaping or bandwidth restrictions. Anyone can confirm that this is working? Would ofc be ideal for my plan.

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