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File: 9d232e96794622f⋯.jpg (29.04 KB, 698x294, 349:147, notokay.jpg)


This is NOT Okay

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c/c++ has 4 different main compilers that all work together. intel, gnu gcc, apple llvm, microsofts whatever the fuck they use.

the fact that there are multiple implementations is no excuse



javascript actually is not backwards compatible. neither is html. they introduce features all the time that don't work at all in old browsers. and your code just fails to work without clear errors.



If I write C code that's only going to be seen by me then it's fine if it only compiles under GCC. I only need to compile it with GCC.

If I write javascript that's only going to be used on my own website then it's not fine if it only works in my own browser. It needs to be interpreted over and over again.


If Javascript had to be backwards compatible with all browsers ever, it would NEVER mature or progress as a language and would in all likelihood degenerate into a bloated mess like Java did.



I should also point out that HTML and CSS suffer from the same problems, and infact the single biggest culprit of browser compatibility problems isn't Javascript or HTML, but CSS. If you think interpretation of Javascript was bad, wait until you look into interpretation of supposedly static rules like CSS where shit like transform(-50px) makes something go up in one browser and down in another browser.

File: 933d8e39b212c77⋯.jpg (607.09 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, photo-original.jpg)


At first it was BBS, then it was forums, now it's imageboards, what do you think is going to be the future of shitposting ? Some kind of anonymous twitter asymmetrical 140 char shitposting warfare or a more reddit like approach ?

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File: 71161965436388a⋯.png (4.92 KB, 640x400, 8:5, trade_wars.png)


One thing I miss from BBS days is MUDs. How nobody has thought to implement them on imageboards is beyond me.


File: 4d7b46afa999f2e⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 280x210, 4:3, 1460038377726.gif)



Persistent site, or board-wide, IDs allow for faggots like yourself to go trawling around the entire board finding people who disagree with you so you can sperg out in every thread. You may as well join a fucking forum at that point.

Thread-persistent IDs make somewhat more sense, but even then, you're going to have limp-wristed homosexuals getting worked up about independent posts because that same user said something mean somewhere prior in the thread.


forums haven't been replaced

egyptians were slaves



go home /o/



If only.


>everyone else who actually works for a living spends more time on a mobile devices.



Yes, they would, and it sucks. They lose much freedom of movement when using such a shit interface.


Hopefully. A return to telnet or usenet would fit right in for imageboards.

File: fe0a7d8e790c5fa⋯.jpg (489.28 KB, 984x1080, 41:45, Worth.jpg)


Every website you have visited with Facebook logged in.

Every website you have purchased goods using a FB log in with.

Every Meme video you have liked casually while giggling.

Every micro-targeting company, from YouTube sluts to hosts like Steve Colbert.

Every game or app you used with Facebook or liked.

Every company you have liked in your local community allowed others to piggy back their target data.

This is the Internet digital fingerprint. This is how they know you better than you know you. A single click on your web journey created a whole universe of ads for your next set of minutes. An innocent email register at a social community website turned into a spawn of 10 ad companies that target you for your interest in Android software.

Watch one vice video, like one vice video, congrats, you are on Vice World Payroll. Vice France/USA/Germany/China/Japan/UK/etc. goes all over your ad info.

They used to say that our value online was 23 dollars. Welcome to the chaos of bots and algorithms, where the mastermind nets in $1,000 worth of targeted ads on you. Every like you give back is a feedback to their ad system to target you again with a new company.

People that play social game apps, like the average "MY LIFE IS UNIQUE, EXPRESS YOU WHO YOU ARE, TWO PEOPLE WON'T SHARE THIS, PROVE THEM WRONG! LIKE AND FOLLOW MY FACEBOOK PAGE LOL XDDD!!"-post and unironically shares it to their families and friends making them second hand ad potentials when their timeline goes dry, people who watch cat viral videos and actually likes them or worse: comments on them with their friends' names in tags so they can get more of advertisement; are all doomed to be worth millions of dollars worth of digital value. This was the end game, the one that kicked the bucket. When is FaceBook country coming? World's largest population and will soon be recognized as the secret demographic that shows exactly who each and everyone is.

This is why we need freedom. Even though a company/developer might not be full RMS freedom, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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you're an idiot too


How about Request Policy Continiued?



It looks decent but mostly does the same as umatrix. Those subscriptions might make it less of hassle.


Who even uses facebook anymore?

Been years since it's irrelevant even among my normie friends.


File: aeba24a86480b3b⋯.png (5.62 KB, 220x92, 55:23, ClipboardImage.png)


Boomers and women.

File: 713f7c33cad9895⋯.jpg (41.59 KB, 411x547, 411:547, booster zucc.jpg)


>no talk of the Zucc "I need a booster seat" Cuck

famalams, me ashamed

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Underrated content and meta-dubs.


File: a4bcffabb5cee2f⋯.jpg (101.33 KB, 800x511, 800:511, denton.jpg)

File: 933f03207b8e5e2⋯.gif (279.99 KB, 400x330, 40:33, 778523863698.gif)


better than this guy




printf("%hhd", zucc_height);


Mark fuckerberg looks like a goddamn wood elf

File: b4e8a1e9f821f52⋯.jpg (32.55 KB, 711x387, 79:43, os2.jpg)

File: ba07d017cb9f805⋯.jpg (52.9 KB, 500x571, 500:571, BoyWithKittenOnHeadAww.jpg)


Let's talk kernels, /tech/!

So let's start this off with a common argument i've seen from BSDfags and some others. "The Linux Kernel is bloated!"

But honestly, I don't see how that can be possible. I'll give ya the coreutils. Those should definitely be reworked, or better yet, fully replaced by busybox. But the kernel HAS to be as big as it is in order to have driver support for all the hardware that it can run on. If it was smaller, it wouldn't be able to have the amazing level of compatibility that it does, far superior to *BSD, and only beaten by Windows due to manufacturers being kikes.

I mean, if we're talking about microkernels, that's a bit different because you'd want the kernel to be as small as possible and all the drivers to be in userland, but for any monolithic kernel, it makes no sense to start crying bloat when there's a perfectly acceptable reason for it.

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linux is corporate behemoth, so it has to be bigger in order to support hardware out of the box

bsd is corporate carrion, so it has to be concise in order to be ripped apart and salvaged into product



>SeL4 is the future

imagine being this out of touch with reality



File: 325d291c320cd3d⋯.jpg (53.67 KB, 720x712, 90:89, 1514935516761.jpg)


lmao wtf is this beautiful disaster?




>Plan 9 is supposed to be "everything is a file" taken to the next level

>directories are supposed to be files

>the program for copying files can't copy directories

File: a5d45fe77119bd6⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1919x1078, 1919:1078, revision.png)


https://www.twitch.tv/revisionparty (sorry, no "better" stream providers AFAIK, use livestreamer or streamlink to watch)


Revision is a big, traditional easter demoparty with competitions for all kinds of demos and multimedia on all kinds of platforms, including Commodore Amigas and 64s.

Basically, demoparties are computer creativity meetings/competitions, where many programmers, musicians and graphicians have fun, socialize and show off their skills.

The first compos are beginning shortly, including the PC 64 kilobyte competition which I highly recommend everyone to see!

Discuss, ask questions, and comment the compo entries here.

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I was doing mental math, but yes you are right. I'm saying the anon there was technically right in saying it was less than 1 percent.

The larger demo competitions are 64kilobytes. That is tiny! Yet for these guys they make it into so much. It is something amazing.




I meant the perfomance not the size... not every pc demo is 64kb. Obviously for a size production you wouldn't use sdl...



More over, I said one could use SDL to have a portable demo, which would mean that the size of the library would not be included (unless you want to include all versions for each OS / platform). Small PC demos use directX or openGL, obviously, I think SDL is on similar level, it could have been just installed on the system and ready to be used by your program.

And even if you want to include SDL in your program, say, you want to compile it statically with your code. Remember that SDL is really broad, it can handle lots and lots of screen formats, different color depths, planar graphics... And I proposed to use SDL just to get a framebuffer in a normalised way, all your bliting routines would be yours (you can use SDL's but writing your own software renderer is half the fun). SDL is open source, it's quite small and organised, it's licence allows you to compile it statically. It's quite easy to just take a part of it that you want, for example, said creation of a window and frame buffer. That's a tiny part of (compiled) code.


Dynamic linking or dlopen()ing SDL is fair and square on non-windows OSs IMO. Windows has win32 for really efficient windowing, and since "Linux" has no official API besides syscalls, it's just fine to treat the most common installed software stack as part of the "base platform" in this case. Even the last party I attended has "allowed to link to common system (for example glibc, OpenGL and SDL)" in the rules https://instanssi.org/2018/kompot/#96 and another pretty big local one has "Latest Ubuntu (18.04)", whatever that means, and I sure as hell hope it means the "average ubuntu after installing a few common applications and games" (SDL2). https://www.assembly.org/summer18/demoscene/rules



What the fuck are you talking about? are you one of those markov chain bots?

File: 83723273dc20283⋯.png (3.67 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 800px-Xiaomi_logo.png)


If this is true what should I do. i have a xiaomi phone.

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>probably only a factor if you aren't white though

Then it's not the flip phone. I doubt a tatoo-less, clean shaven middle aged man in formal clothes but with a flip phone would be mistaken for a drug dealer.



I have a GNU tattoo on my butt-cheek.

Does that make me look like a drug-dealer while I use my T400?



Get rid of the MIUI OS and install some other OS like Lineage or Sailfish with no google apps.



do literally what spy on our data?



if you're using some webscale bullshit that pings anything related to google it's not secure or private in the first place, regardless or whether the G is involved.

File: 0b007aeecf2f739⋯.png (107.97 KB, 645x968, 645:968, 1517276432893.png)


>try to learn programming with Harvard CS50 from Edx

>literally had to look up the solution to the first problem set, did not even understand completely how the solution actually works

Should I just give up? Am I too much of a brainlet to learn programming? Why is it so hard to go from the theoretical basis to actual practice?

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Why have so many decades passed yet we still use Unix?




>requires JavaScript


What shit.



Do not frustrate yourself. Learn everyday a little bit and soon you will be good at it.

Most users drop good gnu/linux distros because of the impatience.

The above sentence is to be taken as a analogy. You should be patient and learn things from the beginning. Do not engage into very complicated and complex projects at first.

The one good thing that helped me is the following: teaching.

If you try to repeat the process of learning while transmitting the learned you learn it way faster. If, like me, you are too much of a hikkiko, record yourself doing it.


File: 995e4649534a3de⋯.png (91.7 KB, 251x251, 1:1, 995e4649534a3de0d6f834ab70….png)


Learn scripting language like Python or Perl first. Also git gud at the Bash shell. Learning how to use Bash and I/O redirection allows you to make the computer your bitch. You can human-centipede you programs with Bash and become a god.



this is good advice, along the same lines I think going through a book like "Introduction to Programming Emacs Lisp", since the payoff with both of these strats will provide immediate utility, along with utility for the rest of your life, even if you don't become a programmer.

and pedagogically, I think cs50 sucks compared to the "Systematic Programming Design" on EdX, which begins with "How to Code: Simple Data".

File: 51847abc4ca4e75⋯.png (49.47 KB, 1100x324, 275:81, retroshare.png)


Retroshare thread? It's been a while since one of those. Retroshare is a decentralized sharing network. You just share your certificate with your friends, and there you go! Just like Facebook except it doesn't have the cancer nor the NSA nor the vapid girls nor your uncle.

My certificate:


5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>it doesn't have the cancer nor the NSA

Yea sure, because glowinthedarks totally can't joint it just like anyone else. Where does the silly conception that """open""" things are safe from corporate/government/TLA etc. infiltration? They are not, quite the opposite, by """virtue""" of them being """OPEN""". Not only to anons, but to anybody.



You totally have no idea how decentralized and encrypted networking works.



Remember to keep your Retroshare on most of the time. The initialization is quite slow. I sent you a message.


How's Retroshare better than Tox? I've always found it slower and more bloated.


File: 23adc65f4ef47af⋯.png (8.05 KB, 503x32, 503:32, ClipboardImage.png)


Thanks! I haven't got it yet.

File: 570103f57c19ca0⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 0ad-wallpaper-stripeshoriz….jpg)


>What is 0 A.D.?

0 A.D. is a free as in freedom, open source game, inspired by Age of Empires 2. It's avaible for Windows, OSx, GNU/Linux and BSD

>Why should I care?

Because it's one of the few good FREE games, it promotes historical accuracy, it's fun to play, it has multiplayer and anyone can contribute to the game, for example if you're an historian you can check the accuracy of the civilizations, propose and help create new ones of the time period, if you can program you can help the team or create a mod yourself, if you have 3D modeling skills you can create new models for the game, etc... without having to ask permission to anyone. The game has a free p2p multiplayer.

>Why do you posted it in this board?

To BTFO all the "hurr durr there is no gayming or leenooks!!!!!".

Personally, I'm not affiliated to the team, but I think the development would be faster if more people play and contribute. Also, it would be nice to have more opponents in multiplayer.


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Gamenight when



>As far as I know, Europa Universalis isn't under SJW fire

EU literally has a "Women in History" DLC, which adds laughably overpowered female rulers and generals by events.



> they made this for free

There's a funding campaign you twat.



Every game should have DLC like that. Then we could just not buy it and play the game in peace.



For infrastructure costs like running the website, you retard. None of the devs earn money from their hobby.

File: 215f5e0f4bcce35⋯.png (168.84 KB, 2142x2093, 306:299, 2.0Logo.png)


LynxChan is an imageboard engine I started developing in 2015 with performance and flexibility in mind. It now powers several chans, with some having a good amount of traffic, like http://mewch.net and http://endchan.xyz

LynxChan 2.0 has entered it's beta with a stable release scheduled for 19/05.

It brings easily the biggest changes ever made in the project's nearly 3 years of existence, having completely changed templating and caching.

Now offering around 5 times better performance when serving pages and 50 times better performance when building pages it is trully deserving of a major version bump.

Along with these optimizations it includes the following features:

Links to board staff on board moderation page.

Page with details for media files, including a list of posts that use the file.

Implemented "remember me" on logins.

Thread's bump order is adjusted when replies are deleted.

Setting to configure the cache expiration of static files.

Optional headers and footers on pages.

Setting to completely hide unindexed boards.

E-mail confirmation.

Terminal command to change account's password.

E-mail notifications of reports made to content you can moderate.

Configurable limit of board message sizes.

The project's repository is at http://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan and my demo site is http://lynxhub.com

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IP banning when VPNs, Tor, Modem resets, etc exist. What a retarded idea.

>Lol just ban basic functionality for anyone on tor / vpn

great solution real nice bud



captchas suck. i'm most definitely not doing a captcha for every post.



Yeah captchas do suck, which is why you should do them all in one go so you never have to again.



Nah. If I'm getting annoyed I will just leave your site.



Legacy captcha maybe, but definitely not training google botnet for 5 minutes with every post.

File: ad204feacaffd32⋯.jpg (116.23 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ad204feacaffd322c126bb44a5….jpg)


Since 486/Pentium is free game to emulate and powerful enough to run doom, why hasn't anyone ever tried to port an emulator to hobbyist architectures like PIC32, RISC-V, or ARM, or at least take advantage of x86 emulation?

33 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>The NT kernel is the best possible platform and when it got 95's UI and Plug and Play and DirectX the competition was shut

It was in 2001 with XP that NT and 9x were completely merged, and XP was mature by SP2 in 2004 (reflecting this, Microsoft reset its lifecycle so its mainstream support lasted til 2009 and extended support til 2014, rather than 2006/2011 as originally planned). Still, only a few years after many if not most good things about NT5 were thrown away with Vista, and a de-evolution (somewhat alleviated by 7, but just temporarily) began.

To keep living in interesting /tech/ years one would need to go from Dec 31, 2006 back to Jan 1, 1990.



Sure, that's fine. I'd just stock up on Amiga 3000's and never touch a PC again.



Raycasting "2.5D" 3D graphics like Wolf/Doom were basically impossible on Amiga/Atari due to their "planar pixel" video chipsets. Great for 2D, but "chunky pixels" were the only way to go for 3D.




I believe this is from a time when Copy Protection used to fuck with floppy discs hard, making them unusable much of the time, to the point where a lack of copy protection was a feature.



Because that was the time when idiots started buying computers.


I know this is old, but have you heard of project ORCHESTRA? This video talks about the NSA creating FOSS vulnerabilities and mitigating encryption on the internet. I think everyone should see this.


2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>it's real but fictional

Everybody's just paranoid right?



FOSS doesn't need the NSA to have vulnerabilities



No, the NSA needs FOSS to have vulnerabilities dumbass.

You got it ass backwards as usual for a glow in the dark shill.



Oh shit. Thanks anon. Now I feel like a fool.



It's good to be paranoid to some extent. This sort of thing very possible, we've had things like the attempted Linux backdoor, a lot of the software we use could be backdoored for all we know.

File: 6bb23dd69a4e95c⋯.gif (761.41 KB, 810x657, 90:73, QmdJTmCxwcpoGbEVfT6b9j4RZJ….gif)


Your node is exposed as window.ipfs on every webpage. The API aims to be compatible with interface-ipfs-core, which means websites can now detect if the property exists in window context and opt-in to use it instead of creating their own js-ipfs node. It saves system resources and battery (on mobile), avoids the overhead of peer discovery/connection, enables shared repository access and more!

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>implying any normie uses browser extensions beyond maybe adblock sometimes


because replacing ISPs is trivial, amirite


Is there a way to download the plugin over IPFS with a ipfs.io official hash? Instead of trusting mozilla or jewgle men in the middle for no backdoors?


>I'm not particularly thrilled by the browser dependency

The 1.x branch works with XUL if you want to use older Firefox forks.


Compile it yourself. https://github.com/ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-companion



That's true, but there are to facets to p2p: obfuscation and distribution. Ipfs is a protocol that is concerned with solving the latter. Even if the former isn't resolved, that doesn't mean i2p can't lend itself to that in other ways, nor does it mean that ipfs wouldn't affect things like infrastructure and consumption.



>The 1.x branch works with XUL if you want to use older Firefox forks.

Is it missing any features over the 2.*.* branch?

>Compile it yourself

First fuck nodejs, second is there a way to download the source code without trusting niggerhub?


>That's true, but there are to facets to p2p: obfuscation and distribution

IPFS solves distribution and using TOR bridges with a obfuscation protocol making your traffic always look like http traffic solves obfuscation. Use TOR.


>because replacing ISPs is trivial, amirite

It is actually. But your choices are equally shit. Don't like your comcast/compromised broadband modem provider over a physical coaxial line? Switch to a phone/DSL line. Don't like the entirely wiretapped by the NSA system of phone lines? Get jewgle fiber. Don't have/trust jewgle fiber or their equally compromised, with few exceptions, hardware of openwrt routers? Get satellite internet. Don't like the CIA sending your data to several worldwide centers in real time over satellite or the severe lacking in openwrt modems that support your provider? Get a cellular modem/phone for internet purposes. Don't like the fact that every single phone in existence is PWNED and fucked as a internet access point? Get a ham radio and use that to communicate with someone elses compromised access point. Don't like the slower then the phone line speeds of ham radio or the FAA intercepting and storing all waves you ever transmit? Well then you better get a pitch fork and deal with all the other forms of internet access all of which are compromised or equally shit.

File: f815129f202a588⋯.png (71.82 KB, 1209x362, 1209:362, Screenshot at 2018-04-01 0….png)

File: 17427da6492b0cb⋯.gif (537.3 KB, 500x281, 500:281, cool ass skelly bro.gif)





37 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Pajeets are physically unpleasant, chinks are not



I'd guess Indians might be better at communicating, not really at programming itself, but whatever.



Apparently there is going to be exclusive games and software for it but that's about it. And I bet it wouldn't take too much effort to run them on a standard GNU/Linux distro.



Q predicted this



Somebody please explain to me why I need to get one.....this is pathetic. I can make this shit tier garbage with a raspberry pi and some duct tape. Fuck my life.

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