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File: baaf8d1e35f0b8a⋯.png (426.25 KB, 1911x1077, 637:359, gnustep.png)

File: 64f30ffb288627f⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, gnustep-windows.png)

File: 6d84bcc44b24fe9⋯.png (137.64 KB, 800x480, 5:3, narcissus-02.png)



>still using trainwreck GTK and QT-compiler

>not using the proven, stable, and stylish cocoa APIs

>not using the modern and elegant Objective-C

>maintained by professionals behind CUPS, like Rob Pike, who don't throw temper tantrums like Gnome Devs

>favored toolkit by the FSF

NeXT was kind enough to let Free Software world have this gem long before XDG was a thing, and instead we went with that horrible GTK instead (it used to even be many times worse).

Why aren't we all using GNUSTEP and Objective-C?

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TUI is true stockholm syndrome.




Did you even read the article? If you would, you would have realized that the article is literally bashing Enlightenment. Maybe it was telegraphed by the facetious prose or the article name or even simply the website address itself, but you were so eager in your rush for alpha nerddom that you didn't even take the time to click the link before you made your kneejerk comment. Congratulations, you are that stupid. You are so stupid that you are having an argument with someone who has said literally nothing to contradict you. Someone who made a concerted effort to share an amusing article with everyone in hopes that maybe someone my get a vague chuckle out of making fun of how abysmally bad Enlightenment is. But you're so vain and lazy you completely missed that in order to attain some pathetic validation from your Internet peers.



I don't know if it's stockholm, but I find myself spending more and more time in the framebuffer in Emacs between x.org sessions for miscellaneous reasons like reconfiguring fvwm.




Emacs doesn't count.

File: c0626a7714e8789⋯.gif (2.97 MB, 200x180, 10:9, 1454996451742.gif)


Cryptomarket just shrunk by more than a quarter of it's value, and coinfags are literally overwhelming suicide hotlines.

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zcash is crypto, it is hidden




Found it. If it were crypro I wouldn't have been able to find it. Also notice that it describes itsels as cryptocurrency.



Not that cryptography describes itself with the graphy part. If cryptography was really crypto then why can I find wikipedia pages on it.




File: 1921437969c3dbf⋯.png (303.21 KB, 744x423, 248:141, robot.png)


THis shit is cool. this is what technology is all about

they program the bots to perform certain things (i think they have cameras. They also can be preprogrammed to fight different people with different tactics


i dont know how to embed yet

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Granted, Blendo ripped Biohazard's front panel off in the first hit, but what good does it make if you stop working after delivering a single hit?


File: ecacdc0a84200ac⋯.jpeg (4.99 KB, 180x134, 90:67, 180.jpeg)


There were some bugs, and the Blendo platform should have been improved as every other robot gained mass and power... but the basic platform is undefeatable.

Blendo is like Linux, roughly speaking.



>Blendo is like Linux, roughly speaking.

Ugly and bloated?


/tech/ battlebots meetup when?



>the basic platform is undefeatable.

Shock-mounted thick armor is what it takes to have any high power horizontal spinner destroy itself from its own weapon kickback alone. Also, the weight of the shell makes fullbody spinners have a very long spin-up time, when facing them, play aggressively and hit them before they're up to speed, and there's little they can do to you.

File: b76fc7bdf95a093⋯.jpg (125.84 KB, 740x598, 370:299, cache_2464733269.jpg)


I got my amateur radio class mostly for college, but is it worth getting a full setup and talking to people abroad now that the internet exists?

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File: 962d7f4f2f2a5dc⋯.jpeg (31.84 KB, 650x277, 650:277, hytera_batsave.jpeg)

File: 05219796f355b1d⋯.jpeg (55.41 KB, 667x225, 667:225, DMR-TDMA.jpeg)


>shit codec

It does sound like shit. But it won because its an open standard. ICOM, yaesu, and Kenwood where greedy kikes and each tried to own digital with their own incomparable proprietary codec's. A few people actually fell for the D-Star meme.

It also helps that there is a ton of MotoTRBO gear out there and now the chinks are making DMR radios for 70bux.

Here is the netwatch on one of the bigger DMR networks. During the day it's jamming wile the FM repeater networks are ghost towns.


The simplex data and "texting" capabilities is one part of DMR that is not completely shit. The TDMA part is completely not shit. Being able to run 2 separate voice conversations or voice and data at the same time on a single freq is neat.






File: 85132143a052076⋯.jpg (309.54 KB, 1200x742, 600:371, 20180212-195529-ft8.jpg)

File: 7fcd5aeae90ac97⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, ws.png)

File: 5b634cd0f932c5b⋯.png (84.76 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ws1.png)


You've done the Australian Foundation Licence, I see.

Something neat I go up and going last night-- all the click-and-drool... I mean.. cool kids.. are flooding the air with the FT8 mode atm. There's nothing anything really new about it-- except giving a One-Click-Install download for Windows users. (There's a QRSS guy crying because his area of the hobby required a little bit of /effort/ to start with.)

Anyway, I'd been ignoring FT8 because of its Normie Fad appeal, but I did have a go at trying to compile the source for WSJT-X, and actually got it to build. (Which was unexpected, given that Hams always use some fucking shit Windows IDE/environment. Something I looked at a few days ago was written in 2017, in goddamn Borland Turbo C++)

Okay, I am slightly impressed now that WSJT-X could get Russian and Spanish stations with just a cheap handheld SW radio using its telescope antenna.



Kenwood hopped on the dstar meme now too actually.


>I got my amateur radio class mostly for college

..for college? I'd like to know what that's about. (Admission credit?)

File: c228d0a51fc7695⋯.png (16.97 KB, 800x800, 1:1, cancer.png)


Alright. I've fucking had it with this abomination.

>decide to try out react because i want a job

>version from packet manager is outdated

>install obscure other packet manager to install node and react

>takes 10 years and 200TB of storage to install

>use react to create a new project

>everything breaks

>look into the dependencies folder

>800 packages

How do people put up with this shit? Why is a language that was meant to do frontend shit now used for the backend?

When did it all go so wrong?

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Get on my level.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


This thread is why i steer clear of webdev.



it's like a bunch of spergs who love free software can't get anything done.



Is this a bot?



>humongous black box classes

>configuration via obscure XML files

>obscene abuses of reflection

<I don't know how to use a tool, therefore it's bad

File: 9f2a53c884742ba⋯.png (276.23 KB, 980x557, 980:557, voltablockdiagram-980x557.png)


We can mold pretty massive chips now. Is it possible to etch storage, running memory, and processing cores in the same silicon wafer? So you have say 10GB memory, 1GB RAM and 500MHz processor on one single chip?

I realize it would be retarded inefficient, just asking if its possible.

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Yea. Fucking good scene.


File: 1de1548e708c3ee⋯.jpg (144.05 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Multiple Chip Module (MCM).jpg)


In theory, yes. But processors like CPUs & GPUs benefit more from smaller fab processes than memory like RAM or flash, so (much like stuffing so much cache on-die without an off-die L3 interface IMHO) it's a waste of the newer and smaller fab capacity. MCMs where dice from different fabs are combined into a single device with the short fine-tolerance traces of a single die, however, are increasingly common.



*slightly bends a pcb*

nothing happens

*slightly bends a solid chip*

heh, nothin personnel kid


Stop larping. When you upgrade a PC, you also upgrade all buses. ISA to PCi to AGP and PCIe. USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 to USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt. You can stick Thunderbolt 3 controller into 2008 PC, but it won't run at full speed because an obsolete PCIe 2.0 interface is the bottleneck. So what's the point of having gazillion chips running at gazillion hertz when you only have a 100 mhz bus and 4 slots?



What's the point of having a Thunderbolt controller when the only thing on the other end is an obsolete iPod?



>. In reality you would have to be extra careful about way you do it due to various patents

But who cares about your cUckSA problems?

File: 0fda2af0186f765⋯.png (15.18 KB, 523x226, 523:226, Untitled.png)


Is 8chan's javascript free software?

Do you allow 8chan's Javascript to run? Obviously since you're seeing this, I successfully made a thread with JS disabled.

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I have seen things on it on some sites but I have never needed to allow it for functionality. Thats why I'm curious about what its for.


File: 230382c35590c74⋯.png (11.84 KB, 821x82, 821:82, ClipboardImage.png)



>You should have said that in the first place.



It must be for network resources that the web page will request but isn't already covered in the non-other columns.



i know anon, i didnt wanna tell them,lol. i dont like making people look like fools


it better for people to notice their foolishness them selves cause id asume they would learn from it cause they wouldnt be mad someone else pointed out their foolishness

>im interested in phycology as well as physics

File: 0eba4f0c0ee55de⋯.png (266.07 KB, 640x796, 160:199, c2d35d23-8041-4195-9a0c-41….png)


What the actual fuck!?

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My nigger.



Most of the normalfags I know use tablets, smartphones, and Chromebooks these days. Barely anybody actually uses Windows outside a typical office setting and that is also becoming rarer.



>why the actual fuck would anyone use manjaro in the first place?

too retarded to install arch without a gui



>installing arch is hard or somehow indicative of being 'down' with technology

millennial who never did his own LFS detected




People just have other things to do, like writing desktop applications with js you now.

File: ed51ab221a1bfa3⋯.jpg (914.59 KB, 2000x1379, 2000:1379, happening bomb.jpg)



your modem light stopped blinking

your phone flashes no service

your rightfully retired landline has no beep tone

What youll be doing now, /tech/? You've made plans for this by now, right? Dust off those baofengs and SDRs.

Show me.

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I don't think it was technology that made society sick or decadent. Society has no problem being sick and decadent without modern technology.


How do i obtain free internet in the woods



ethernet port behind mushroom


File: 3ea6260131eea1a⋯.jpg (136.36 KB, 864x486, 16:9, 43d33adec90936146248daa3b1….jpg)


You just reminded me I should print off some of my horrible, degenerate porn.


an hero

File: a6de6db1ecae76b⋯.png (1.19 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, programming_challenges_v4.….png)



Working on code? Post it here!

Not working on code? Open your sh-compatible shell and type `echo $(( ( RANDOM % 145 ) + 1 ))` to choose a challenge. If you have any more of these programming challenges images, please do share.




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got it.


What happened to the prog fags? Board is dead. Only chan I know of that has a somewhat active board is lain. Is that it?


File: fa4059d217cba28⋯.jpg (128.06 KB, 1169x750, 1169:750, 1517706187441.jpg)

sup guys. NOOB here, I need YOUR help.

I am not new to programming, I programmed back in high school with c# and made little programs. I stopped for 2 years and now I want to get back to it, so I can prepare myself to enter a computer science degree in university. (right now i'm doing biology, and no, I don't want to do bio informatics)

Where should I go to learn? SICP looks pretty fucking old and heavy to me, is it really the only way or is it only a neckbeard meme?



post on >>>/byte/ and bring the legend back to life.



If you already know some c# learn c#, simple as that.

Sicp is a amazing book, but it's only helpful in its ability to make you learn some language other than scheme better.

Also for future reference, don't derail a thread with hardware/software questions. put that shit here >>733048

File: 1e48fe6a0a114e8⋯.png (378.52 KB, 801x501, 267:167, aeaih.png)


Anyone here run FreeBSD on hardware?

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>muh x264 bit into muh proprietary CPU



Generally, communists are mentally challenged.



No wonder the FreeBSD community elite were so hostile traditionally, they're AIDS-riddled faggot satanists. Doing the math on that I wonder how many of them are child rapists.



What are you using FreeBSD for? What's the first FreeBSD version that you've tried?



at least they are not communists

File: a50e4578490acda⋯.png (2.97 KB, 190x50, 19:5, pureos-logo-small.png)


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File: ecf125cdc4f8898⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.38 KB, 584x960, 73:120, when-it-hits.jpg)


>Lennart looks like he sucks a good nigger cock

>he's probably been raped by a gang of niggers in Germany



>"""libre""" laptops

>visit website

>can't find a button to download circuitry schematics and gerber files

How is this better than a late thinkpad with same shit keyboard, same shit 1080 screen, shitty fagbook-esque looks, cheap chinese ODM body design, coreboot, me_cheaner and available schematics for repair that can actually be downloaded from russian FTP servers.

>inb4 muh webcam switch



>webcam switch

Thinkpads have that one too





I agree we have truly reached GnU/systemD aka GUD.

File: c1599e25e3be3f5⋯.jpg (646.63 KB, 1600x875, 64:35, 15151541545.jpg)


I recently turned 18 and now I have a little question, do you think we are gonna live in a Cyberpunk society in our lifespan?

To be honest I love the Cyberpunk aesthetic but I don't know if in 25-30 years or so we are gonna live in a place with such aesthetic.

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is that the car from iRobot?



>You'll have a chip implated into your brain

Looking at their "no local storage" policy, it seems like they plan to surgically remove the parts of your brain that hold memories. That's very sensible actually, that way you won't have to worry about infringing on their patents and copyrights and illegal memories can be immediately deleted and replaced with a history of legal memories. Very sensible.


The thing about 5G is that when everyone adopts it, we'll all have high-speed internet on the go, but most of us will die from EMF poisoning, brain cancer and the like. Invest in lead.




eh, wrong thread



2010 is calling.

File: e3c14c59c752c0a⋯.jpg (44.33 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1024x1024sr.jpg)


How can we use applications that protect our privacy while all people use whatssap?

12 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



By accepting that you'll be using them all alone.


I don't use shit like whatsapp. If people need to contact me, they can either call my phone number for time sensitive matters or just send me an email.



>I live in a country the size of a single American state



<asking this question on an anon image board

it seems your problem is you dont feel safe without the other sheep around and in that case youre already in the wrong place



This. A thousand times. Need me? Call me. I need you? I call you.

File: 9c7c7123e9bf97e⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 2100x1438, 1050:719, The-Wall-Modular-MicroLED-….jpg)


Micro LED

So, after they burned OLED, AMOLED, QLED, LEDLCD and everything else they got, they're finally revealing the true stuff.

Actually, the true stuff would be Micro LETs, but whatever

The shit is also modular, which makes multiple-monitor faggots go on suicide watch.

And finally, they killed the curved screen faggotry gimmick with this as well.



PS: Why don't they make a LED/LET that can vary its colors by itself instead of still using 3 for RGB? This technology already exists, for fuck's sake.

110 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d1e6b5b7ef721bc⋯.png (7.78 KB, 812x229, 812:229, 24p-playback.png)

File: 2df65908ca14a10⋯.png (704.72 KB, 824x578, 412:289, Ghosting.png)

File: 3fb330084732d32⋯.png (32.53 KB, 640x600, 16:15, motion_blur_from_persisten….png)


Rereading your posts, you seem to be referring to one of two things unrelated to what I'm talking about:

>a) Mismatch between content framerate and playback framerate without commonly divisible factors, on any display. For instance 24FPS being played at 25FPS or 30FPS, which results in some frames being displayed for different amounts of time (judder), the wrong average amount of time (desync), or dropped (stutter). None of these problems cause motion blur.

>b) Mismatch between playback framerate and display framerate with commonly divisible factors, on a flickering display (film/CRT/plasma). For instance, 24FPS or 60FPS playback being displayed at 120FPS, which results in perceptual ghosting, but also decreases motion blur and flicker (also, note this ghosting caused by displaying the same frame repeatedly is a perceptual illusion occurring in the person watching, and isn't the same as physical "crosstalk" artifacts where the display actually shows simultaneous ghost images). Ghosting and motion blur are not the same thing, though very large amounts of ghosting can appear similar to motion blur.

I'm talking about a third, totally unrelated effect, whereby "sample & hold" flicker-free or low-flicker displays cause you to perceive motion blur.



Ok, you finally understand me and I got your point.

Now, my solution is different from yours: to me, it should be the case where all monitors become flick-free (like ViewSonic) and the content adapt to it by increasing the frame rate.

Also, display persistence is hardly a problem - 7 is too much, but you can have top class IPS today with 2 (I've only seen 1 in TN and never saw 0).



>the content adapt to it by increasing the frame rate

Like I said before, there's only two ways to do this: Either synthesize fake frames using a computer (software like SVP), which will of course result in artifacts and latency, or originate and store content at a higher framerate (MUCH higher, like hundreds of FPS). If you have low-FPS content and don't want artifacts or lag, flicker is the only solution.

>you can have top class IPS today with 2 (I've only seen 1 in TN and never saw 0).

I don't think LCD manufacturer figures are credible. For instance, while this was back in 2009, an LCD rated as "8ms response" yielded 2x-4x that much lag, depending on GtG conditions, when actually tested:


And attempting to get around this by switching from slow laggy tech like IPS to something faster (less slow, really) like VA, TN, or BPM, means sacrificing even more of LCD's already inadequate color/tone performance. LCD is just absolute garbage in every way.



I don't think it would be so much impossible. You see, there are 3 things:

>OS and programs


>Rendering (games included)

OS and programs run native, so no problem.

Rendering would just require new APIs (or not even that) to remove any fps cap things might have and just boost it all. 120fps is enough for that, and achieving it in 1080p today is done easily. If it's static like Autodesk stuff, then there's no problem here either. Hardware power could solve this - for very old stuff, like 90s games and such, either make an update for the cards to override their limitations or rely on future patches or revision versions of the game.

For video, I don't think there's any solution apart from that horrible "motion flow" stuff present in TVs.



Yeah, native content or other CGI with source files available obviously wouldn't be a problem, except as you noted for some legacy (especially emulated) or badly written stuff that's too hard to reverse-engineer. "MotionFlow" is Sony's consumer branding for the computationally interpolated postprocessing I referred to. Even on the matter of future content, interframe compression means the storage/distribution penalty for higher FPS video isn't necessarily that bad given well-optimized CODECs. Keep in mind, however, that going totally flicker-free would require very high-FPS displays, faster than any LCD on the market right now, and rendering stuff like games at typical resolutions (2k+) in realtime would max out a $1k PC.

Without such a hundreds-of-FPS setup though, you're right back at the binary choice of "flicker or motion blur".

Oh, and I noticed a moment too late I didn't read that article I linked quite closely enough, since the "8ms" figure was for rise/fall response, while the test was just for single-transition, so the manufacturer was actually exaggerating '''4x-16x slower" response.

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